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Review This Story || Author: Subher

She Who Is His

Part 7


	"Your slut ass is going to get ripped open tonight," he said as I was
led upstairs to the bathroom. I was told to spit the paper in the garbage and
was bathed properly by the two women. Afterwards Lily just pulled my chopped-up
hair back into a ponytail and she brought me into the bedroom. She left and Sir
pointed to the bed and said dress. I grunted as he sat in the corner and watched
me put on white 5 inch heels. "I hope you can walk in those like a good whore,"
he said as I grunted and slipped on a tight t-shirt and a very short, stretchy
jean skirt. He stood up and looked at me, laughed and went over to the bed and I
followed as he grabbed something and turned to put wrist cuffs on me. Then he
slipped a blindfold over my eyes and said, "That's right you're not going to see
tonight pig."

	I grunted my reply and he said, "Fucking whore," as he put a collar
around my neck. My mouth was filled with a cock gag and fastened. He told me
that he was pleased with how the slut delighted his gardeners but that didn't
mean he was impressed with the fuck holes yet. He then said, "When the gag comes
off you are to address me as Sir again and if you impress me this evening I'll
give you the night off tomorrow, OK whore?" I grunted through the gag and he
pinched my nipple hard. "Good slut," he told me and smacked me on the ass. He
led me down the stairs by my leash and said, "I want to see if the cunt could
walk in the high-heels and the blindfold and the slut is actually doing well for
a stupid pig." He then told me that I was going to be used tonight by his
sadistic friends, "So you better relax and brace yourself cunt. They like some
sick shit and I'm handing you over to them for the night cause of your

	I heard voices get louder and heard rowdy greetings as we obviously came
into the room. I heard hoots and hollers next and hands pinching my ass and
pawing my tits and pussy. I was pulled and bent over and forced to my knees as
my hands were put to the outside of my legs. I was bent me over with my ass high
and my head pushed to the ground as rope fastened my wrists to my ankles and I
was lifted and set down. My hair lifted my head up and the gag was taken out and
I felt something go into my mouth. "Eat," a voice said and I bit down and chewed
and swallowed what tasted like chicken. I was fed like this for a while and
forced to drink shots of whiskey as I was smacked, teased, probed and laughed

	I started to feel tipsy after a couple of drinks as the voices and Sir
discussed that Event thing again and if the slut would be ready. Sir answered,
"That's why I'm giving the slut to you guys tonight, I'm really trying to train
the slut well before then." More talk about not having much time and less than
three weeks just isn't enough followed, leading into one of them asking Sir
where the slut's problems are so far. "Well you'll see," Sir said as I was
forced another shot, "The slut's holes are ok but I really want her ass to take
more." "Aaahh" one of the voices laughed, "No wonder you called us, how is its
attitude?" "She thinks," Sir said and the voice replied, "Should we get to work

	I heard rustling and then I was lifted and turned over and carried down
some stairs and set down on my back with my legs and wrists still bound together
so my holes were open and exposed. Another shot was forced down my throat and I
was asked if I was buzzed or drunk or close to drunk and I answered, "Close
Sir." "I'm not your Sir," the voice said and I felt a hard smack on my ass.
"Don't you even know your master's voice cunt," he said as another voice said,
"Shit she is a insolent cunt isn't she." "See," Sir's voice said as fingers
started probing my holes, "I really don't know what to do with her." He started
telling them about the gardeners and they all agreed that he should have let
them all fuck my holes longer for some practice. That's the problem one said,
"Your not fucking the holes enough," and they laughed harder.

	Another shot went down my throat and I started to feel the alcohol even
more as a voice said, "If we ask you questions, cunt you're to address us as
rapists," and they all laughed. "Yes rapist," I squealed, as something was
jammed into my pussy hole. I let out a yelp and they all laughed again. "Good
little cunt, it's tight, I wouldn't fuck with that one too much." Another shot
and now I was drunk. My mouth was probed and I was told to suck. "Good mouth,"
he said and then it came out and a fat, long object was shoved all the way in my
mouth and I took it all down my throat. "Very good mouth," he said again, "She
can take it all in that's a very good sign, good suck slut."

	I was then lifted and flipped over and placed with my ass up and I felt
dizzy and started to fall over. "That's a good sign too," one laughed, "She gets
drunk easy," and they all laughed again as I smelled cigar smoke. I felt a
liquid drip onto my ass as a voice said, "You're a little dirty, cunt pig aren't
you, slut," as he eased his fingers into my ass slowly. "Yes rapist," I moaned,
as my hair was pulled throwing my head back and another shot was forced down my

	My head was spinning now as I heard a voice say, "Yeah here's your
problem, her asshole is way too fucking tight. A tight pussy is nice but a pig's
asshole should be ready for anything. She'll never pass the chair test. He
continued, "I've only got three fucking fingers in here and they're getting
squeezed to death." "Well," another voice said, "Maybe you could just put her in
the animal section this time and train her up for the next one, or even the suck
room," he added. "Yeah," Sir said disappointedly, "You really don't think we
could get her ready in time." "Well, it won't hurt to try," the voice said,
"Will it cunt?" "Yes rapist," I replied, "It's worth a shot rapist." "She is
drunk," he said and they all laughed, "I think she's ready." Then the voice
whispered in my ear, "Are you ready to please your master tonight slut?"

	"Yes rapist."

	"Are you ready to do absolutely anything for your master cunt?"

	"Yes rapist."

	"We're going to rape you slut and your going to beg us to stop like you
don't like it cunt, you hear me?"

	"Yes rapist."

	"Your going to fight us and get hurt and you might even pass out, cunt
and your master is going to watch us. Are you ready pig?"

	"Yes rapist."

	I was given another shot and then untied and told to stand.

	I was wobbly from the liquor but I got my balance as the blindfold was
removed and I saw three huge men in leather and Sir sitting in a corner drinking
brandy, smoking a cigar and watching. "Now dance!" One of the men ordered and
music was turned on and I danced one of my old strip routines I used to do but
without taking any clothes off. One started throwing money at me and they
laughed as Sir pointed at the biggest one sitting in a metal chair and laughed,
"Give him a lap dance, slut." They all laughed again and I walked over to him
and said, "Yes Sir," and turned around and straddled his legs and leaned on him
as I humped his lap like I used to do at work. I turned around and did it facing
him and he said, "What a little dirty whore," and he picked me up and handed me
to one of the others.

	I started kicking and screaming and my hands were tied together and I
was hooked on a ring in the ceiling as I yelled, "Please, no, stop, don't." I
begged and pleaded as my legs were clamped to a spreader bar and tied to a hook
on the floor so my ass was sticking out. One shoved a rag in my mouth as I
started to cry and shake and the big one came up to me and showed me his huge
rock hard cock and I screamed through the rag. He poured lubricant on it and
said, "Guess what I'm going to do with this." I shook my head and cried and
writhed as he came around behind me and said, "Well I ain't gonna fuck your
pussy with it that's for sure," and they all laughed. He smacked my ass and
shoved his cock in so hard I screamed and I caught Sir's eye and he had sat up
and was watching intently. He fucked me hard and fast as one of the other ones
grabbed a big bumpy dildo and held it up to me.

	I screamed from the cock in my ass and cried and shook my head no trying
to pull away from the pain behind me. Just then he shoved the dildo into my
pussy and I threw my head back and shut my eyes screaming and biting down on the
rag. They fucked me so hard for a long time tears and drool streaming down the
front of me. I felt the t-shirt rip open and clamps go on my tits as I squirmed
and kept shaking my head, crying, for their amusement.

	The one that put the clamps on me was standing there jerking off,
rubbing his cock on my skin and getting it wet from the juices running down my
legs. I was screaming and crying as his cum shot up onto my face and dripped
down onto my tits. The one behind me started grunting louder and came in my ass
and took his cock out and his cum ran down my legs. I was whimpering and the
dildo came out of my pussy as I was unhooked from the ceiling and hooked onto
rings in the floor so I was on all fours. The one that was fucking my pussy took
the rag out of my mouth and said, "What do you want cunt," and I begged them to
stop. "Please don't hurt me I'll do anything," I cried. "You'll do anything
anyway," and as they all laughed he smacked my face hard and shoved his cock in
my mouth and said, "Suck it good bitch."

	He fucked my face and throat as the one who had jerked off strapped on a
huge dildo just below his even bigger cock and said, "Watch this." He poured
lubricant all over both and then shoved his cock in my ass and the dildo into my
pussy. He leaned into me as I gagged and choked and begged screaming for them to
stop. The one in front of me grabbed my face and fucked it hard as the one
behind fucked me so hard I felt like dying. "Don't pass out now cause we'll just
keep going, slut," I heard as my ass was ripped open wider and wider with each
thrust. The one who had fucked my ass earlier was standing there jerking off and
said, "The holes would be ready in time if they were worked like this every
night." "Good idea," I heard Sir say as he got up and came over to watch closer.

	Sir kneeled down and turned the screws on the nipple clamps and said,
"See what you forced me to do, cunt? Just because you were never properly fucked
right in your life, you stupid whore. With all your small cocked boyfriends and
pimps that only want you to lick their assholes. You are such a fucking pig,
slut," he said as he stood up, leaned on the wall, smoked his cigar and watched.
Just then the one jerking off came on my ass and the one fucking my ass started
fucking harder and harder. I was grunting and groaning and crying and they were
fucking my holes so fast and hard laughing at me as I sucked the cock in my
mouth in a rhythm with it all and screamed and drooled all over it. The one
behind me came in my ass and leaned into me as the one took his cock out of my
mouth and said, "My turn."

	The cock and dildo came out of my holes and the dildo was strapped onto
the new guy as he went behind me and shoved his cock in my cum-filled ass and
the dildo in my pussy. His cock was the biggest of them all and it stretched my
ass out even wider making me scream and writhe and cry for them to let me go. I
begged for them to stop and one laughed and said, "We haven't even started yet."
"Oh, you're a good little fuck slut now," Sir said as he shoved the rag in my
mouth to shut me up. "Always filled," one of them said and took the rag out of
my mouth and shoved in the cock gag as they hooted with laughter.

	"Look at that cum slut," one of them said as the other two started
jerking off in front of my face holding my head up by my hair. Drool and cum
dripping from my mouth as my ass and pussy are ripped open yet again. "God
that's a tight ass," he moaned and fucked it harder and faster for so long as
they all brought themselves to their peak yet again. The two jerking off each
came on my face in time and the one fucking my ass unhooked the dildo, pulled it
out and reached over and unhooked the gag from my mouth. They unhooked me from
the floor and flipped me over on his cock and then he pulled it out and jerked
his cum on my face and tits.

	They left me on the floor moaning quietly as they smoked cigarettes and
drank some shots. "Look at that filthy cum-covered fuck hole. You've got your
work cut out for you," I heard as I drifted off into unconsciousness.

	I felt a smack on my face and the whiff of salts to bring me around. I
was lifted to the table and placed on top of one of the men lying there, his
cock hard and throbbing between my legs. He smacked my ass hard. They lifted me
again and my pussy was spread and placed on his cock, I let out a moan and shook
my head as the one with the biggest cock stood next to the table with a smile on
his face, laughing as he poured lube on his rod and got up on the table behind
me to put it in my ass hole. Then the other one poured the whiskey on his and
they all laughed as he stepped up on the table and grabbed me by the hair and
said, "Tell me how bad the slut wants to suck this cock." I told him,  "The slut
wants your cock in her mouth," as my other holes were pounded and he shoved his
cock in it.

	I felt the cock get shoved into my ass harder and harder and I moaned
and slobbered as cocks got shaken and shoved into all my holes. I was fucked
like that for a while as they called me names and humiliated me; "Fuck slut and
good-for-nothing holes. Dirty cunt pig and not even worthy to get fucked by a
dog," they said as they fucked all my holes. One of them said, "We should fill
her ears and cover her eyes then all her holes would really be filled," as they
laughed and shoved their cocks deeper and deeper into me as I whimpered and
cried. One said, "She should get fucked by the dogs upstairs, like that other
whore," and Sir said, "I have that in mind if the holes don't work out for me."

	I felt like I was passing out again and I was forced to smell the salts
in Sir's hand and he said, "I'm going to reward you for this cunt." They kept
fucking me so hard and I kept whimpering and shaking. Each of them came on me
and I was lifted and thrown on a dirty mattress in the corner and they unhooked
the spreader bar. I heard them laugh and discuss payment as I slipped into

	I woke periodically throughout the night to them fucking my holes and
playing with me. At one point they were so drunk yelling at me to stroke and
placing my hands around two cocks stroking them and another got shoved in my
mouth. I woke again to them screaming and laughing and placing me in a pose with
my ass up and my thumb in it. Then they fucked my ass again and I begged Sir for
forgiveness through my crying. I couldn't keep myself awake as though my body
was dead but I could still hear and feel. The last thing I remember was Sir
standing over me jerking off, saying, "Your reward cunt, my cum on your skin,"
and he came on my face and then left the room.

Review This Story || Author: Subher
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