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The Compound

Part 2 The Tour Begins

                        "THE COMPOUND"

                    Part 2 - The Tour Begins

  After lunch, Renault led the way across the grounds towards the
large building next to the visitors' quarters. As they were walking
Laura heard the same moan that she had heard earlier when she had
first arrived. She looked at Renault and cocked her head
questioningly. He smiled and led her off to the left to the edge of
the jungle. He pushed away some ferns and motioned for her to
follow him as he stepped through and disappeared. 
  Laura went in right behind him. They only went a few paces when
they came to a small area that had been cleared away. In the center
of the clearing was the source of the moaning. 
  The ground had been completely cleared of grass. Lying there in
the middle of the clearing was the writhing form of a nude woman.
She had been spreadeagled and staked out on her back. Her arms and
legs were cruelly stretched so tightly that all she could do was
wiggle her fingers and toes and thrash her head and hips. And
wiggle them she did... Laura gasped audibly at the incredible
torment that the indecently spread woman must be experiencing. Her
milk white body was covered with what must have been hundreds of
insects. They were like black patches clumped around her pussy,
armpits, and both of her quivering breasts.
  Renault explained that she had been staked out like this since
morning. Honey had been applied at those places where he
particularly wanted the ants to congregate. The sweetness led them
there and once on those most tender of spots they drove the poor
woman half mad in torment. Those particular ants had tiny stingers
which they used to pinch and inject their venom into the warm white
skin of the helpless woman. For humans, the venom is quite mild,
however it does cause a maddening itch to develop around the area
of the sting which lasts for several days.
   "This is Ingrid. Please excuse her if she doesn't stand up, but
she's currently... err... preoccupied!" Renault seemed quite
pleased with his introduction. He clearly enjoyed his profession
  Ingrid's hips were rotating as much as her tight bonds would
allow. Every second or third revolution she would strain them
upwards and tremble as her head moved back and forth in agony. Her
poor tortured breasts and nipples did not even have that much
freedom. She was blindfolded but when she heard their presence she
began to plead pitifully for release. Other than her little
stinging friends she was quite alone. Renault explained that one of
the matrons came by every hour or so to check on her and apply more
honey if necessary.
  "Ingrid was a notorious tease in Stockholm up until a few months
ago. That was when she had the misfortune to tease the wrong man.
A wealthy businessman whom she had toyed with and eventually made
a fool of decided to have the last laugh. It cost him a small
fortune but Ingrid will be our guest here for the next two years.
He specifically requested that her punishment be one of prolonged
and unendurable torment, and that she spend most of her waking
hours pleading. The ants were my idea. Like it?"
   "My God!" she gasped. "It's... It's unbelievable! How can she
stand that!" Laura involuntarily shuddered as she turned her head
away from the scene.
  "She has no choice" Renault offered. She'll be like that until
sundown. In another hour a matron will begin honeying her anus too.
I tell you, THAT'S when you'll see some REAL thrashing!" He licked
his lips as he surveyed the scene. "After tonight she'll be kept
tied on a cot in the main dormitory. The itching from the stings
will reach a peak tomorrow and, of course, she won't be allowed any
relief from that. In about five days the itching will finally begin
to stop. We'll play a few games with her and then the next morning
she'll be right back out here in this special clearing we've made
just for her, and the whole cycle will repeat. Over and over....
for the next two years..."
  Laura nearly choked but tried to maintain a calm exterior.
  "V-very ingenious, Renault. Th-this will do fine for my own
purposes too. So far you've managed to impress me."
  Renault bowed his head in acknowledgement, and motioned with his
open hand for Laura to follow him back to the compound. Before
leaving she took one last look back at the squirming nude woman on
the ground. "Yes, this'll do nicely... for starters..." she mumbled
to Renault, who merely smiled but did not look back himself.

  By this time Laura thought that nothing else she could see would
shock her. As soon as she entered the main building she found out
that she was wrong. She was immediately greeted by a high pitched
shriek and then a scampering sound made her snap her head to the
left. Another naked woman, this one a bit older than the first two,
came scampering over to them on her hands and knees. As soon as she
reached them she threw herself around Mssr. Renault's ankles and
began kissing his feet fiercely. She was sobbing and smooching
loudly on his shoes at the same time.
  "Say hello to our guest, Stacey." Renault said in a soft voice,
as if he were addressing a child.
  Stacey immediately released Renault's feet and proceeded to drape
herself around Laura's ankles, kissing them and licking for all she
was worth.
  "That's enough, Stacey. Show Ms. Buckley what you want."
  Stacey paused, her shoulders heaving for a moment. Suddenly she
flipped herself over onto her back, her legs spread as wide as she
could get them, her knees bent slightly. Laura looked in horror at
the woman's face. She was like a maniac. Her eyes were wild and her
mouth was wide open, sucking in huge gasps of air. Laura could see
that her naked pussy lips were swollen red and her inner thighs
were shiny with cum all the way down to her knees. Stacey had one
hand feverishly rubbing away at her gaping cunt as she looked up at
Laura and shivered.
  "Please! Watch me cum! I can do it, just wait! I'm cumming!! I'm
cumming!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!" Her whole body went board stiff but the
fingers on her right hand kept frigging madly. Finally she shrieked
and Laura could see the juices oozing out over her bare pussy lips
and dripping on the floor. She had a crazy look on her face as she
grabbed both of her nipples in her two hands and pulled and twisted
on them while she groaned and continued pumping her hips. When she
was finished she nearly collapsed on the floor, panting like a dog.
  A matron came up and shook her, giving her a large glass of what
looked like orange juice.
  "It's to keep her fluids up." Renault explained. She cums dozens
of times a day. She can't stop, or even help herself. Part of the
problem is the juice itself. It contains an extremely erotic
stimulant that takes effect almost immediately. Watch..."
  As they were watching, Stacey accepted the glass and downed it
all. Laura noticed that the matron who brought the glass also had
a nasty looking whip hanging from her wide leather belt. Laura
presumed that its mere presence commanded instant obedience from
her charges.
  After downing the juice, Stacey continued to pant and rest for
awhile. Suddenly her nostrils started flaring and she began to get
that same crazed look on her face. Both of her hands flew to her
still dripping pussy and she began rubbing for all she was worth.
  "Not now, you bad girl!" The matron admonished, taking her whip
off her belt and striking at Stacey's flying fingers.
  "I said not now!" A couple more hard whip stings on her fingers
and Stacey pulled them away from her pulsing cunt.
  "Get up, come on."
  Stacey was back up on her hands and knees. The matron slapped the
whip at her ass and led her over to the side of the room. There was
a short stool sitting there with a board leaning against it. The
board was about six inches wide and covered with white fur. Its
bottom was on the floor and top leaned against the top of the
little stool so that it was about a 30 degree angle with the floor.
The matron ordered Stacey to straddle the board and grab onto the
top edge with both hands. Stacey grunted happily and practically
jumped on, as if she were used to this routine. With her legs
straddling the board she now began humping the fur covered board
like crazy. She was half groaning and half laughing madly as she
rubbed her nipples and pussy against the inclined fur board at the
same time. The matron began lightly whipping her round buttocks as
she humped, at first lightly, but getting harder and harder as
Stacey's own rubbing strokes increased in frenzy.
  "Th-thaaaank you, Missstress... Ahhhh! Th-thaaaaank you!
Ooooohhh" She nearly slobbered the words, humping her nude body for
all it was worth.
  Renault noticed that Laura's own mouth was hanging open and she
hadn't said a single word. He appeared pleased with himself.
  "Stacey is the woman that I mentioned earlier. The one that the
syndicate had sentenced to five years? Well, she's just completing
her fourth year now. Only one more to go!" He chuckled as Stacey's
humping and grunting got more and more urgent.
  "She was full of pride and arrogance when she first arrived. It
didn't take long to turn her around. It never does. The syndicate
gets a videotape of her progress once a month. They seem especially
pleased with her progress. When her sentence is up she is to be
released to their custody. God only knows what they have in mind
for her then..."
  "My God!" Stacey whispered under her breath. Briefly she wondered
if somewhere in the other compound a male prisoner was being
subjected to the same sort of punishment right now. Stacey was just
reaching another orgasm. Perhaps her fifth of the day? Or her
tenth? Or her twentieth? Who knew? Laura shuddered but had trouble
pulling her eyes away from the pitiful sight. Renault noticed her
reaction and made another mental note.

  They passed into several other rooms where there were women of
various ages and nationalities being punished. Renault explained
that in most cases the client merely specified a term and an
intensity of punishment, as opposed to a specific regimen, which
was the case with first three unfortunate inmates they had seen. 
  In the next room they saw a Black woman with her arms stretched
and tied behind her. She was nude, of course, and seemed to be
leaning back against a slightly curved surface, like a large wheel.
He arms were pulled tightly back, which had the effect of jutting
her rather large breasts forward. Her well-muscled thighs were also
spread and pulled backwards, her ankles bound to the same anchor
point as her wrists. She was, in effect, supported on her back and
her bottom. Her nipples were huge, and her well-formed breasts were
pointing slightly upward. 
  Another matron stood before her with a short black riding crop.
She was whacking the crop against the tips of the bound woman's
brown nipples, causing her to moan in agony. Laura remarked on how
so many of the staff seemed to be women. Renault said that while
there were a number of men employed, he always felt that the best,
most knowledgeable torturer of a woman was another woman. Laura
tended to believe him as she saw the smug look on the woman
wielding the crop before her. Her teeth were clenched and she
smiled each time a flick of her wrist would send the bound Black
woman into contortions of agony.
  As it so happens, the next room contained a rather large and
good-looking man. He had a petite Chinese woman draped across his
lap in the classic spanking position. As his large hand descended
on her tiny ass it practically covered all of it. He was varying
the tempo and severity, but from the looks of her ass he had been
at it for quite awhile. The Chinese woman was sobbing
uncontrollably and twisting madly on the fellow's lap, trying to
avoid the blows. His big meaty left arm was draped around her as
his hand held her pinned at the waist. Again and again his right
hand slapped downward. Each loud crack of his palm was echoed with
a wail and a sob. He paused occasionally to grip both of her tiny
ass cheeks in his one hand and hold them still. Her red cheeks
looked shiny and you could almost feel the heat that must be
flowing through them. Most of the women were spanked daily, Renault
explained. As a matter of fact, Laura hadn't seen an ass yet that
wasn't either pink or welted. 
  Through one of the large windows Laura saw an amazing sight going
on just outside. Renault noticed her gaze and led the way outside.
A small spit had been set up over a set of coals. A young woman
with short-cropped blonde hair was lashed to the spit and being
twirled like a rotisserie over the coals. She was lashed tightly
with ropes, her back against the spit. About three feet from the
end the spit there was a rounded barb jutting out at a slight
angle. This barb was lodged tightly in the poor woman's anus and
Laura could see her squirming around on it as she twirled. It was
easy to see the rubbery ring of her anus sucking on the barb
because the woman's knees were folded up under her and spread wide
to expose both her skewered asshole and gaping hairless pussy to
the heat of the coals. Her medium sized tits dangled below her each
time she was rotated downward. She was gagged with a large apple.
  "Y-you'll kill her!" Laura said, shocked.
  ", Ms. Buckley. We don't kill our inmates. It's much
more satisfying, and profitable, to keep them alive through their
entire sentence. This particular young lady was a real spoiled
brat. She spent most of her time sunning herself by the pool in her
string bikinis. Always working on her tan. Her spurned lesbian
lover had her sent here. She suggested this unique way for poor
Cheri here to work on her tan while serving her one year sentence.
The coals are not hot enough to do any permanent damage, but they
do heat her up enough so that you could practically fry an egg on
her rump. She also gets fucked at the end of the day by at least a
dozen of our male guards. Being a true lesbian, she doesn't get the
pleasure out of that that you might think. Quite the reverse..."
  They continued to gaze for awhile as Cheri was twirled over the
coals. The young man whose job it was to twirl the spit paused
occasionally and used a small basting brush to lightly brush the
woman's puffy cunt lips and erect clitoris. Renault particularly
enjoyed the sight of her anus as it appeared to grip and suck on
the tiny barb that impaled it. Although the apple effectively
gagged her, her eyes were large and pleading and spoke volumes...

  Renault led the way back inside for the last stop on their tour. 
  "This is my favorite stop of the day" he said eagerly, rubbing
his hands together as he nodded his head towards a door on the
left. He preceded her then held the door open and invited her
  It was a fairly small room. Laura saw a slender nude woman
kneeling and facing the far wall. A large man, her guard, sat on a
folding chair in the corner observing her. The woman wore only a
black leather belt. Her arms were at her sides and attached at the
wrists to her belt. Attached to the wall was an array of phalluses,
each spaced about two feet apart. They were an assortment of sizes,
shapes and colors, and mounted such that they were at chin height
to the kneeling woman. Laura looked closer and saw that the woman
was wearing knee pads. The kneeling woman did not acknowledge their
entry. She was preoccupied by the fellatio which she was giving the
second phallus from the left. From the licking and sucking sounds
she was making, and the bobbing of her head, Laura could see that
she was performing the act most eagerly and expertly.
  Laura moved a little closer and examined the phalluses. They were
remarkably life-like, complete with simulated veins and even a
little pee hole in the tip. Laura felt one and the silky smooth
latex over a stiff inner core made it feel quite authentic.
  "This is Margaret. She's a very proper Englishwoman. She has only
been with us about a month but she seems to be coming along quite
wonderfully. Her ex-husband complained that while they were married
she steadfastly refused to perform this most intimate act of love
and affection on him. She claimed it was dirty and disgusting. The
more he pleaded with her, the more she reviled him. It eventually
played a major part in the rather nasty breakup of their marriage." 
  "Several months after their divorce, Margaret's ex-husband
arranged with us to have her picked up and brought here for some
rather specialized training. Margaret spends eight hours a day,
every day, in this room giving the best fellatio she can to this
assortment of conveniently mounted dildoes. You'll notice some
rather nasty whip marks on her buttocks. Margaret is monitored
constantly and if she ever fails to maintain a level of enthusiasm
which we consider adequate, she is pilloried in the main yard and
whipped for a full fifteen minutes. At the next meal break each
woman in the compound is informed of Margaret's failure and then
ordered to bend over to receive twenty hard strokes with a cane.
  Margaret is left on display in the pillory for the next hour
while her bruised companions are encouraged to demonstrate to her
just how much they appreciate being caned due to her failure. It is
an ordeal she has gone through several times and will do anything
to avoid repeating. For this reason she spends her day moving from
phallus to phallus, at her guard's command, giving the best, most
enthusiastic head she is capable of. At any time, any one of the
male guards at the compound is allowed to drop in for a visit. She
is expected to accommodate him eagerly and expertly, or suffer the
consequences. If you'll pardon my rudeness, Ms. Buckley, the sight
of her right now is making me truly uncomfortable..."
  Laura's eyes widened as she saw Mssr. Renault unzip his trousers
and pull his semi-hard penis out through the fly. Margaret
immediately abandoned the phallus she was working on and turned to
kneel before him. She didn't have the use of her hands so she
leaned her head forward a bit and took a light swipe at his penis
with her pointed pink tongue. Renault groaned once and his penis
immediately sprung into full hardness.
  Laura was amazed that she was expected to stand there and watch
as Renault received a blowjob from one of his prisoners. His eyes
closed to slits and he inhaled and exhaled through his teeth.
Margaret was alternately licking all around his penis and taking
the entire thing in her mouth. She would bear down till her lips
were at the base of his shaft and then lightly shake her head like
a dog. As she pulled her head back she let her lips rub over his
veined penis like a windshield wiper on wet glass. Her tongue
snaked out and caressed the underside of his penis and lightly
licked at the glans under its head. As Renault continued to moan
she wrapped her lips just around the head of his penis and held it
there while she watched him for a reaction. She was actually
massaging it just behind the head with her lips and she looked for
the telltale signs of his impending orgasm. When she saw him begin
to stiffen she bore down harder on his cock, milking it with her
lips for all she was worth.
  Renault gave a gurgling sound and went stiff as a board. He
started pumping his seed into the greedy mouth of the kneeling
woman, who gobbled it up like it was nectar, gulping it down and
trying to milk more from each spasm. When he finally finished
pumping she cleaned him all off with her tongue. Without another
word she turned and immediately resumed fellating the next phallus
on the wall.
  "My apologies for what must seem like rude behavior, Ms. Buckley,
but I really needed that! And besides, I AM the king!" He snickered
as he arranged himself and zipped up his fly.    
  Laura stared at him disbelievingly and just shook her head as he
smiled and guided her out of the room. Once they had departed the
room he continued:
  "At the end of her sentence Margaret will probably be the best,
most experienced cock-sucker in the world. When she is returned to
her ex-husband and his friends it will be made clear to her that
any failure to live up to that expectation will result in her being
returned for a much longer and more severe sentence. She's seen
some of the other girls' agonies and knows that if we want her,
nothing will prevent us from getting her. She doesn't even know
exactly where she is right now." Renault shook his head slightly
and looked sad. "It's a pity that she'll only be with us for six-
months. We're all getting used to visiting her every day and her
improvement in technique has been remarkable! Perhaps I should see
about replacing her when her time is up..."
  As they were walking back through the building Laura was able to
glimpse Cheri through the large window, still twirling on her spit.
All around her were the sights and sounds of women being punished.
As Renault led the way to the front door she could see Stacey off
in a corner, still humping away madly at her fur-lined board,
rubbing her tits on it at the same time and grunting like a bitch
in heat. Was this still the same orgasm she was working on? Was it
her 10th?... her 20th?...


Review This Story || Author: Dr. Phil
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