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V Is For Victim - The Organization Series 2

Part 1

V is for Victim

By slave ruthie

Chapter 1

Vikki's nightmare started late in October - in a room at a very high-class hotel. She had been invited to Liverpool for a job interview after having replied to an advert for a Personal Secretary. She was not to discuss the post with anyone, as it would be for a prominent celebrity. It was very exciting and her first chance of a good job since leaving school. She felt very grown up even for 17 but managed to keep it all a secret, even from her family. She had told them she was going to a pop concert and staying over with a friend. The train ticket arrived by post to her home and she was told to go to the hotel where the interview would be conducted next day. Vikki arrived too late for dinner but had a light snack sent up to her room. She decided to have a relaxing bath before turning in. She felt very tired and stumbled onto her bed without bothering to get undressed. In moments, Vikki drifted into a deep sleep...

...She slowly came to, slipping in and out of consciousness, and realized she was lying on her side on a mattress in a bare metal cell! She tried to get up but failed - her arms were stuck behind her back. Groggily, she felt her wrists with her fingers. She became aware of steel bands and chain - she was cuffed! There was something in her mouth too. Vikki felt with her tongue and realized there was a round object between her teeth. She groaned in fear as her shocking condition dawned. There were more cuffs pinning her ankles together. They were shackled tightly around her ankles and secured, like the wrist cuffs with padlocks so they could not be worked loose. Blinking in the harsh light, she twisted to look down and suddenly felt something tug against her throat. Oh God, she realized. It's a metal collar! Her eyes widened as she saw her body. She was completely naked, except for her panties. She whimpered and pulled uselessly against her restraints. There was no escape. The collar round her neck was chained above her head. There was a chain down her back to the cuffs, preventing her from moving her arms below her waist. There was another chain from the ankle cuffs to a ring on the floor. She could not pull her legs up and was forced to lie stretched out.

The metal door of the cell swung open. Vikki recoiled in horror at the sight of the man who entered. He was a tall, powerfully built man. He was only wearing a black leather mask and a black g-string pouch that barely covered his crotch - the bulge of his stiff penis was straining against the flimsy garment! He set down a sack next to her head. Pausing to release the chain from the ring to her ankle cuffs, he reached into the sack and lifted out a frightening device. Vikki mewed piteously at the sight - it was a short metal pole with two wide steel bands at either end. The man took hold of her left leg and padlocked one of the bands tightly above her knee. She struggled briefly as he forced her thighs apart and secured the other band above her right knee. He dragged her ankles back down to be secured to the ring so she could barely move without choking on the collar. She moaned desperately as he hooked his strong fingers under the front of her panties. With one swift yank, the sides ripped apart and he dragged the ruined cloth from between her thighs. Vikki shrieked as she was stripped bare and fully exposed. The next item out of the sack made her eyes widen in fear - it was a large black vibrator! She writhed and twisted in her restraints as the man switched it on and rubbed the whirring tip against her cheek. He slowly ran it down her neck and across each of her swollen nipples. She shivered in dread as the vibrator slid down her stomach, over her navel and towards her opened thighs. When it reached the cleft of her cunt, Vikki arched her back and tried to tense herself for what would follow. The tingling vibrator slid briefly across her clit and reached her waiting vagina. The man slid the tip of the vibrator just inside her pussy then pushed it hard into her cunt. Unable to resist, she squealed at the sudden deep penetration of her private parts. Her tormentor slowly withdrew the vibrator until just the point nuzzled between her moist cunt lips. Then he repeated the swift plunging and slow, near-removal until her moans became more frantic and her struggles wilder. Vikki screamed and shook. A violent spasm coursed through her groin - she had fought against the growing orgasm without success. Her whole body throbbed helplessly as wave upon wave of erotic pain coursed through her nervous system. Vikki bit down on the ball gag, her tear-filled eyes tightly shut as the man kept on abusing her private parts, making her come over and over again.

Finally, he stopped and left her weeping on the mattress. She watched him take two short metal rods out of the canvas bag. Vikki shook as he released her ankles from the floor ring then attached a pole to each side of her collar. Reaching down, he forced her to bend her left knee up towards her chest. One of the short poles was soon clipped onto the end of the bar between her knees. When he attached the second pole, Vikki was being kept bent at the hips! She mewed frantically as the man turned her over so her head was facing the floor. She was forced to kneel with her backside exposed and thighs spread apart. He stood at her feet and knelt between her legs, the weight of his shins pressing on her calves - he was going to rape her!

She tensed her body and cried out as he suddenly drove his penis deeply into her cunt. He teased her like he had with the vibrator - slowly withdrawing until only the tip of his member splayed her cunt lips then quickly thrusting the full length of his shaft. Unable to resist, Vikki shuddered as a powerful orgasm raged through her taut body. He stopped and withdrew. Then Vikki felt something pressing against her anus. Oh God No - he was penetrating her ass! Vikki cried in pain and shock as he forced himself inside her back passage. The agony was made worse by her humiliation - she felt degraded and used like a filthy animal. She felt him ejaculate and withdraw.

She had stopped crying now - silent tears trickled down her face onto the rubber mattress. He held a thin cane with a leather handle close to her face - Vikki realized it was a kind of whip! There was nothing she could do as he stood above her with one leg on either side of her waist. There was a swishing noise and the crop suddenly lashed down on her backside, the thin edge reaching in between her buttocks and outer cunt lips. Vikki yelled and struggled wildly against her cuffs and chains. He rained a series of blows inside the cleft of her cunt, varying the interval between each strike so she could not tense herself quickly enough to lessen the extreme pain. After several minutes, the beating stopped. Her abuser left the cell and locked the door.

Vikki wept in pain and anguish. She had been violated, raped, and beaten. All her efforts to free herself had been useless. She had only managed to twist over to one side but couldn't move any further. Her body ached. The fierce burning sensation in her private parts was excruciating.

The door swung open. She gasped and frantically tried to roll onto her front. The man grabbed her ponytail and forced her onto her back. He swiftly removed the metal poles from her collar to the thigh-spreader and unfastened the cuffs above her knees. Her ankle cuffs were separated but re-attached with a short chain. Another chain was clipped to the front of her collar - it was a lead! Once the collar was freed from the wall chain, he hauled her upright and fitted a tight leather blindfold over her eyes. Vikki had no choice but to stumble helplessly behind him. The hobble chain forced her to take quick small steps in an effort to keep up. She had no idea where she was or what was going to happen to her next.

A heavy door slammed behind her. Vikki's blindfold was removed. She blinked in the harsh light and stared at her new surroundings. It was a kind of shower room. Two more men stood in the room, holding whips.

One of the men spoke. "Listen carefully, cunt. You will obey all instructions. You must not speak or you will be punished with this..." He held up a small rod with metal points and pressed it against Vikki's thigh. As he pressed a red button, she was suddenly jolted by a powerful shock that made her jump. It was an electric prod!

"It is set on low, but at the highest level it will burn the skin. You can imagine where it is used on disobedient bitches!"

They freed Vikki. Once the collar, cuffs, & gag were removed, she was made to shower her body and hair. After she had washed, the men made her stand against the wall with arms above her head and legs spread apart. Vikki cried as the end of a hose was pushed up her cunt to flush out her vagina. Then they forced it into her anus and rinsed out her back passage. She was hosed clean and ordered to dry with rough towels. Vikki had to brush her hair and tie it up in a tight ponytail. She was told nothing about what was happening but the men wanted her to hurry up for some reason. One of the men left and returned shortly with a plastic sack that he emptied on the floor. Seconds later, she was swiftly handcuffed behind her back and her ankles were braceleted together by more cuffs on a short hobble-chain. A metal collar was locked around her neck.

"Open your mouth, slut!" Vikki gasped as a thick black penis-shaped gag was pushed between her lips, then firmly buckled behind her head. A short chain was being fastened to her handcuffs then her arms were yanked up her back while it was secured to the back of her collar. Without warning, she was grabbed from behind and held while the other man came forward, grinning cruelly. He bent down and slid a finger inside her pussy. Vikki squealed in anguish as she was forced to open for his pleasure. He began to push his finger deeper into her cunt making her groan in despair. Her wails of pain and anguish were ignored as her tormentor finger-fucked her ravaged cunt. When he had finished, she was left sobbing and shaking while a tight metal band was cinched around her waist and padlocked shut at the sides. Another band was pushed up between her legs. It was sharply ridged and studded along its center. Vikki squealed in terror as it rode into her crotch, splitting her labia apart when the ends were brought up to be padlocked to the front and rear of the strap around her waist. It was an excruciatingly tight fit and she writhed in agony as the spiked ridge worked deeply between her pussy lips.

The men used two tight chains to connect her collar to her waist then dragged her out of the room. She was hauled across to a frame on wheels and her collar was fitted by a short chain to the overhead bar. Vikki was in agony. The chain on her collar was too short to let her feet touch the floor - she was forced to stand on tiptoes to relieve the dreadful pain between her thighs. Two of the men pushed the frame behind her, forcing her to walk forward on her toes. Each short step brought further torment from the chastity belt. She slipped and stumbled but was held up by the chains and cruelly tight band between her legs. The length of the corridor was a slow procession of dreadful torment. Vikki gasped as they neared the door - she could hear a girl screaming desperately on the other side. Vikki began to struggle and mewed piteously in dread. They ignored her wretched pleas and dragged the frame forward...

Review This Story || Author: slave ruthie
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