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Baby Jenny

Part 3 Jenny gets a new Uncle as well and learns the facts of life.

Baby Jenny by BJ
Keywords diaper, scat,  enema  nc  sex  wet   


Jenny is an attractive 24 year old Blond.  However she has a mental age of 10 and is seriously 
taken advantage of.

In Parts 1 and 2 we saw Jenny learn about sex from a "Boyfriend" become diaper dependant.  
In part 2 she met a "Mommy", who befriended her and took advantage of her simple nature.  
The Mommy finally used a cunning plan to let Jenny think it was her idea for Jenny to move 
in with Mommy.

In Part 3, Jenny gets a new Uncle as well and learns the facts of life.

Hello, I'm Jenny, and I want to tell you about my life after I moved in with my new Mommy.

The first night in my new crib was wonderful. I felt on top of the world.  Me, a silly 24 year 
ld girl with a 10 year old head, had talked my new mommy into taking me away from my lonely 
room and fixing me up with a lovely Nursery and Crib.  I was so lucky. 

My mommy came and woke me early in the morning.  She felt my diaper and said that I was very 
wet and poopy and needed changing.  She opened the gate on my crib and helped me out.  She 
took my hand and led me over to the funny looking changing table.  She told me to climb on 
the table and lie down. There were some straps fixed to a bar over my head, and mommy said 
these were to hold my legs open when she changed me and fixed them round my legs.  Then she 
pulled the straps up and my legs went with them.  Oh boy, was my diaper messy, I must have
really pooped during my sleep.  Mommy took it off and it really smelled bad but she just 
laughed and threw it in a diaper bucket,  and said she would get a cloth and wash my cunny
and bum for me.

She gave me a really good wash and rubbed my cunny, which made me feel very excited.  She 
said that she would put a new diaper on me and then we would go and get some breakfast.  She 
said that my cunny looked a bit hairy and she would need to get her shaver and take them off.  
Her shaver was in a bag on the table and it made a buzzing noise when she rubbed it over my 
cunny and my bottom.  She said that I was a good little baby.  She put some powder on me and 
a new diaper.  She pulled a pair of neat plastic panties over my diaper and said that was all 
the clothes I would need as it was quite hot.   When she let the straps down my legs felt all 
funny where they had been held up in the air.

My Nursery is in the basement and it's a very nice room with animals on the walls and lots of 
pictures and a red carpet.  Mommy took me up the stairs to the kitchen which I had seen when 
we arrived.  There was a big High Chair at the table,  Mommy said I was her little baby and 
must'nt walk like a big girl.  She said I had to crawl on the floor.  I though this was a bit 
strange because I was 10 in the head and not a little baby.  Mommy watched me crawl over to 
the High chair where she helped me to sit in it. 

She said I was to have pureed cornflakes for breakfast, and a bottle of milk.  Mommy helped 
me with the spoon, but I told her I was a big girl and could do it for myself.  Mommy said 
that I was her little girl, and she would feed me as she wanted to make sure I ate all my 
breakfast.  I did'nt like the cornflakes, but Mommy said they were good for me and would help
me to poop.   Mommy said she had some special tins of babyfood for my dinner, and I would 
enjoy that.

After breakfast, Mommy said I should go in my Playpen for a while while she cleaned the 
house.  The playpen was in the living room.  It was a big round playpen with high sides and a 
little gate.  Mommy opened the gate and said I should crawl in and lie down.  She put my 
favorite video on the TV and I layed there watching Snow White and the dwarves.  Mommy closed
the gate and said I was not allowed out of the playpen.  After a longtime Mommy came back into 
the room and said we would go to the Nursery, where she would play with me and show  me some
more games.  She opened the gate and took me by the hand and helped me to crawl to the stairs.
There was a big sofa in my room, and Mommy led me over to it and said for me to sit down next 
to her.  Mommy said that I had nice breasts, and she wanted to suck them.  She put my titty 
in her mouth and started to suck.  While she was doing this, she was twisting my other titty 
between her fingers.  It felt a bit weird, but I did like it and my titties started to feel 
quite hard.  .  Mommy said I should suck her titty, and took off her dress.  Her titties are 
much bigger than mine and quite floppy.  She took her titty and put it in my mouth.  I liked 
sucking it and was quite sorry when Mommy said we were going to play some different games now.  

She asked if I had to poop yet, and I said that I didnt want to go yet, but I was going to pee.
Mommy said I should use the potty, and took my diaper off. She spread a large rubber cloth 
over the carpet and put the potty on the floor.

She helped me to sit on the potty.  She held my legs open so she could see my pee coming out 
of my cunny.  As I peed, Mommy put her hand on my cunny and stroked it, this felt really good 
and made me tingle .  Her hand got pee all over it, but she said it was nice pee.  She put her
finger in her mouth and sucked my pee off her finger.  She said I was to stroke my cunny and 
get pee on my finger for her to lick.  I put my finger on my cunny and Mommy said I should push 
it inside and get it really wet.  When it was wet, Mommy said to pull it out and put in in her 
mouth.  She really liked my pee.   

Mommy said it was my turn to taste my pee.  I did'nt like that much, but Mommy said I was her
baby and had to do what I'm told.  She said I should put my finger in my cunny and get it all 
wet, just like I did before.  She held my hand and pushed it onto my cunny.  I put my finger 
inside again, and got it all wet with pee.  Mommy then pulled my hand away and held my hand so 
that I could suck my finger.  I't did'nt taste at all like I thought it would, in fact it was
quite a nice taste.

Mommy said that the next time I wanted to pee, I was to tell her because she wanted to put her 
mouth on my cunny while I peed.  I did'nt like that much, but she laughed and said not to 
worry, and I would get my turn soon.

By now I wanted to poop, so mommy said I was to stand up.  She got my favorite panties and 
pulled them on me.  She said that she knew how much I liked to poop in my panties, and I was 
now ready.  She said I was to bend over a bit so she could watch me doing it.  She really liked
to see me poop, and I loved doing it in my panties.   Mommy said she was going to buy a camera
and take some pictures of me pooping.  

When I had finished, Mommy said I was a Bad Girl to poop my panties, and that I must stand in 
the corner while she decided how to punish me.  I was confused about this because Mommy had 
said I could do it.  Mommy said I should crawl over to the corner of the room and stand with 
my nose pressed up against the wall.  She spread another rubber cloth in the corner and said 
that she did'nt want any accidents on the Carpet.  I was all poopy and my poop was begining to
run down my legs onto the cloth.  Mommy made me stand there for a long time and said that if 
I moved my nose, she would get really mad and punish me bad.  Mommy went upstairs, but I did'nt
dare move because I did'nt want a bad punishment.  

When Mommy came back, she said she had decided to spank me, and sat in the chair.  She said I 
must crawl over to her and stand up.  When I stood up, Mommy took down my panties, which were 
really smelly and poopy, and left them round my ankles.  She said I was to lie over her lap,
and she held my head and started to spank my bottom with her hand.  She got my poop all over 
her hand as she spanked me, but she seemed to like it on her hand.  She spanked me very hard 
indeed.  My bottom got all red.  

She said I should now sit in the chair as she was going to spank my cunny.  I sat in the chair 
and Mommy took my panties off and made me lift up my legs and open them as wide as I could.  
She made me hold my legs with my hands and she knelt down in front of me and started to spank 
my cunny with her belt.  That was really hurting and she asked if I liked being spanked.  
I said I did'nt like my cunny being spanked because it was very painful.  Mommy said I was a
little Pain Slut, and I would get used to it.  She said I would be spanked most every day 
because I would always be naughty.   I was crying now, and my tears were coming out of my eyes.
Mommy said she was spanking me because she loved me so much.  After my spanking, Mommy gave
me a bottle of milk to drink, and said I was to stand in the corner  until I needed to pee.  
I was really dirty with lots of poop all over me, but Mommy said she would wash me later.

I stood in the corner sucking my bottle and drinking the milk.  When the bottle was empty, 
I knew I had to pee and called for Mommy.  She took me over to the rubber cloth and washed me 
with a cloth and some warm water.  She said I'd better not pee until she said I could, but I
was'nt very good at holding it it and I started to trickle.   Mommy said for me to stand up 
straight and open my legs as far as I could.  She sat down on the floor between my legs and put
her mouth on my cunny.  She put her tongue inside me and said I could pee now.  My pee came 
rushing out, all into Mommys mouth.  I was amazed, but she drank it all down and said I was a 
good girl for peeing for her.  

She said she wanted to pee, and it was my turn to drink hers.  I said NO, it was nasty and I 
started to run to the door and up the stairs.  Mommy caught hold of my hair, and pulled me back
into the room.  She was very mad with me now.  She said I was Very Bad for trying to run away,
and would be getting a really bad spanking later.  She said she would spank my titties because
it would hurt real bad.  I di'nt think it could hurt more than my cunny did when Mommy spanked

Mommy took off her panties, and I saw her cunny.  It was quite big and hairy.  I used to shave 
Mommys cunny when I lived in my room and Mommy visited me but the hairs had qrown again.  Mommy
spread her legs open and said for me get on my knees between her legs and put my mouth on her 
cunny and my tongue inside, just like she did to me.  She said I was to drink all her pee, and 
if I spilt any, I would get another big spanking on my cunny and my titties.

I really pressed my mouth up to her cunny, and she started to pee.  It was very warm and tasted
quite awful.  I tried to drink it all as she peed, but it came out so fast that some ran down 
my face and onto the floor.  She said that I had done okay for my first pee drinking session.  
She said I should now lick her clean, and that I was to lick her bottom as well.  She said I 
was to push my tongue up her bottom and feel her poop which would soon be coming out.  I did'nt
like the taste of her poop, but Mommy got all excited and started to shake.  She said she had 
Come, and that I was really a good girl.  She said to keep licking her bottom and tasting her 
poop until she said I could stop.

Mommy said that she was ready to poop, and was going to do it in my panties.  She got the poopy
panties that she had taken off me and said I was to help her put them on.  I pulled them up 
her legs and some of my poop got on her legs  and over her bottom.  She said I was to help her
poop by putting my hand inside the panties and pushing a finger up her bottom.  After a little
while she started to poop.  Her poop was not all soft like mine, it was quite hard and came 
out in long pieces.  She said I was to rub it all over her bottom as it came out.  My hand got
really poopy and the smell was very bad.  She said I was to rub it over her cunny as well.

When she finished, she said did I want her to stand in the corner because she was naughty.  
I did'nt know if I did, so she said she would anyway.  She said I should lie on the floor and 
watch her.  After a while, Mommy said she was ready for her spanking now, and that I should sit
in the chair.  Mommy came over and told me to pull the panties down to her ankles, like she did
to me.

She then gave me her belt and bent over my lap.  She said I was to spank her bottom really hard
until she said stop.  She said if it was'nt hard enough, she would spank my cunny again.  
I started to spank her and she grunted and shook.  I think she had come again.  Then she made
me spank her cunny.  She really liked that, and I liked spanking her because it did'nt hurt me.

There was poop everywhere, and my room smelt real bad.  When I finished spanking her, Mommy 
said that we must clean up the room.  We took the cloths of the floor and washed the chairs and
everything.  Then Mommy sprayed some perfume and the room smelt nice again.  We went into the 
bathroom and had a nice hot shower.  Mommy made sure I was clean all over.

She said it was time for a sleep and took me to the changing table.  She put a new diaper on me
and said I was a good baby.  She put me in the crib and shut the gate.  She said I was to go 
to sleep, and that I was not allowed to get out of the crib.  She said she could see me on her 
TV upstairs, and would know if I was naughty.    She locked the gate and went up the stairs.  
I went to sleep dreaming about Mommys cunny.  

Mommy woke me up and said it was time for dinner.  She opend the crib gate and said I was to 
crawl over to the changing table.  She spread my legs with the straps and changed my diaper. 
She said I was a bit sore and put some powder on me.   She said I could wear a nice flowery
frock, and helped me choose one from the drawer.  Then I crawled over to the stairs and Mommy
helped me to go up to the kitchen.

She put me in the High Chair and gave me a bowl filled with a sort of meat and jelly.  It 
did'nt smell very nice but Mommy said it had lots of vitamins and would make my hair shine.  
She helped me with the spoon, and made me eat all of my dinner.  I did'nt like the taste much,
but mommy said that I was to get used to it because this was my dinner from now on.  After I 
finished, Mommy took me to the playpen and gave me a bottle of warm milk to drink.  This tasted
much better and washed the taste of my dinner from my mouth.

Mommy said that I was to excercise each day, or I would get fat.  She made me crawl into 
another room where there was a sort of bicycle with no wheels and some other things.  She made
me get on the bicycle and tied my feet to the pedals.  She said I was to start pedalling, and 
if I stopped she would give my titties a real spanking.  I was pedalling for ages and got quite
tired.  Then she put me on a machine with a moving floor and said I was to run on the floor.  
She made me run very fast and I got out of breath.  When she was pleased with my running, she 
said I could stop and we went back into the living room where she put me in the playpen again. 
She said I would have to excercise every day. 

By now I was very wet and needed changing, but Mommy said I would have to wait as she was busy.
She said it was nearly my bedtime and she would change me then.  She went to the telephone, 
which was locked in a little cupboard and started talking to someone.  She was talking about me
because she said that I had arrived and was a good baby.  She told her friend about me 
drinking her pee and how she spanked me.  She said that I liked pooping in my panties and how 
it excited her to watch.  She said her friend could come round tomorrow and see me.

When she finished on the phone, she put it back in the cupboard and locked the door.  She said
that my Uncle Jim would be visiting me tomorrow and wanted to play some games with me.  
I thought that would be neat. 

We went down to my room and she took off my diaper and frock.  She said I was to get a bedtime 
spanking because I was naughty and spilled her pee on the floor and had tried to run away.  She
put me over her lap and really spanked me very hard with her belt.  My bottom was already
quite sore, and the spanking made me cry.  She then put a clean diaper on me and some new 
plastic panties and put me in my crib. She put a Pacifier in my mouth and tied the ribbons 
round the back of my head.  She put some mittems on my hands and said I was not to take the 
pacifier out of my mouth.  She said to dream sweet dreams and she would see me in the morning.
I was crying because of my bedtime spanking and took a long time to go to sleep.  I dreamed 
that I was back in my old room with Mary the Social Worker watching out for me and my Boyfriend
Roger coming round and being real nice to me.  I really wished I was back in my old room 

Next morning Mommy came and woke me up.  She took out my pacifier and took off the mittens.  
I was very glad about that because my mouth hurt, and my hands were all hot and sticky.   
She opened the gate and said I was to crawl over to the stairs and go up to the Kitchen.  I 
said I was wet and needed changing, but Mommy said later.  She sat me in the High Chair and 
gave me a bowl of the pureed cornflakes using a spoon to feed me. I hated the taste of this 
and spat it out.  Mommy started to shout at me, she slapped my face very hard and made my cheek 
all red.  She said I was very naughty and she would have to teach me the value of good food. 
She said I would have one more chance to eat my breakfast or she would slap me again.  My face
was hurting very much, so I opened my mouth and let Mommy feed me.

After breakfast Mommy said I was a lazy girl, and would have to learn how to clean the house.  
She fetched a thing she called a vacum cleaner and started it going.  She showed me how to push
it round the room and clean any mess on the floor.  She said I had to do all the rooms and she
would look at my work and give me a hard spanking if she thought I was not doing it good 
enough.  I was wearing only my diaper, which was really wet and made the plastic panties start 
to fall down.  My pee was starting to leak out and run down my leg.  Mommy said I was to get on
with it and watch I did'nt get any pee on the floor.

I was very careful and not let my pee drip on the floor and started to push the cleaner as 
mommy had shown me.  When I had finished the living room mommy came and looked and said I had 
miised quite a bit of dust and that I must do it again.  I started to cry and said that I was
really wet and needed changing.  Mommy said that Uncle Jim would change me when he arrived, 
but first I had to clean the room again.  She said I had earned a big spanking for not doing 
it properly.  When I finsehed again, mommy said it was better but not that good.  Just then 
the bell rang, and mommy said I was to get in the playpen whilst she answed the door.  She 
shut the gate and went out.

When she came back she had a man with her.  He was very tall and good looking.  He smiled at
me and I could see his teeth, which wer nice and white.

He said hello to me and asked my name.  I said my name was Jenny and he said that Mommy had 
told him I was 24 years old.  I said that I was really only 10 years old in my head and was 
a baby.  He said I should call him Uncle Jim, and that I did'nt look like a baby to him.  
Mommy said just look at her wet diaper, and then tell me that she's not a baby.  Uncle Jim 
said if I was only a mental 10, then he was'nt surprised that I wore diapers.  He asked if I 
needed changing and would like him to have a look at my diaper.

I said that I would like that beacuse I was really wet.  Mommy said to look out because I 
had'nt pooped yet today.  Uncle Jim looked pleased and said where should he change me.  Mommy 
made him take me to my room, saying that she did'nt want my poop over her living room.  Mommy
said she had to go to the Mall, and would leave me with Uncle Jim.

Uncle Jim took my diaper off and wiped my cunny and bottom and legs.  He said  that I had a 
lovely smooth cunny.  I told him that Mommy took off all my hairs with her shaver.  Uncle Jim 
said he would like to have done that, and perhaps Mommy would let him next time my hairs grew.
He said I looked really nice being naked for him and asked if I knew what sex was.  I said 
that's when a boy puts his cock in a girls cunny.  He asked how I knew, and I said that me and 
Roger my boyfriend used to do it a lot and that Roger had shown me a lot of games.  He wanted 
to know about Roger, and I told him that Roger had been put in prison by the Police for having
sex with a girl who was only twelve.   He said that as I was 24 years old, it would have been 
alright for Roger to have sex with me.  He asked if I liked it, and I said I did.

He started to stroke my cunny, and run his fingers up and down my bottom.  he said did I like 
that, and I said that's what Mommy does.  He said he knew what Mommy did and the games we 
played.  he said that Mommy had told him what a good little sexy girl I was, and how I liked 
to poop in my panties.  I said that was my favorite game and he said we could play it now if 
I needed to poop.  I said I probably did, so he said I should get a pair of my favorite 
panties.  I fetched my nice white panties with the little ducks on.  Uncle Jim said did I do
it in the bathroom, and I said no, Mommys has a rubber sheet in the cupboard.  Uncle Jim
fetched the sheet and laid it on the floor.  he helped me put the panties on, and said how 
did I do it.

I said that I liked to stand up and let the poop just come out of my bottom into my panties.
I said that Mommy liked to watch and made me open my legs wide.  I said that sometimes she
put her hand on my bottom and spread the poop all over me.  Uncle Jim was a bit excited and 
said I should go ahead.

I stood on the rubber sheet and Uncle Jim sat down on the floor and held my legs open.  He 
started to stroke my bottom and said he was ready to watch.  I really needed to poop, and it
started to come out into my panties.  Uncle Jim was really excited and said he would put his
hand in my panties and feel the poop coming out.  He stroked my bottom and spread the poop all
round me and it went in my cunny as well.  I needed to pee as well, and that all went in my 
panties and made the poop all run down my legs.

He said I was very good at pooping in my panties, and I said that I thought it was neat because
it felt so good.   When I had finished, Uncle Jim said I was to stay still while he washed his
hands and looked at me some more.   He went to the bathroom and when he came back he said to 
stay still while he fetched his camera and took some pictures of my poopy panties.   He went 
upstairs and came back with his camera and started to take a lot of pictures.  He said he 
wanted some real close pictures and his camera was nearly touching my poopy legs.  When he
finished, he said he would carry me to the bath otherwise I would drip poop all over the 
place.  He wrapped a towel round me and took me to the bathroom.

When we went into the bathroom, he took off my panties and put them in a bucket.  He wiped my
bottom and legs with some paper and said I should get in the bath.  He turned on the shower
and said that he would need to get in with me to make sure I was really clean. So he took off 
all his clothes and washed me all over with soap and a flannel, it felt really good, specially
when he washed inside my cunny with the shower.  When we finished we climbed out of the shower
and stood there.  His cock was very big and hard and really stuck out in front of him.  It was
quite hairy and his balls were very hairy too.

He took my hand and led me back to my room.  We sat on the sofa and he said I should sit on his
lap.  We were both naked and wet and it felt nice to sit on his lap.  I could feel his cock 
against my cunny and he started to rub his fingers up and down my bottom.  That felt good as 
well.  My cunny felt very wet and I felt his cock start to go inside me.  It seemed to be ever
so long and went really deep inside me.  He said that I was a really good girl and should 
start to move my cunny up and down his cock.  when I started,  he said I should go faster and 
faster.  I soon started to get that wonderful feeling and knew I had come.  After quite a long
time he started to shake and groan,  I knew he had come and I could feel his come filling my

When he finished shaking and coming, we just stayed together with his cock in my cunny until 
it started to go soft.  Uncle Jim said that I really knew how to fuck a man and said that I
should kneel down and suck his cock until it was all hard again.  His come was running out 
of my cunny and down my legs.  He wiped me with his fingers and then licked his come off with
his mouth.

I started to suck his cock and slowly it got all hard again.  Uncle Jim said he was nearly 
ready to fuck me again but said he would lick the come out of my cunny first.  He said I should
lie down on the sofa and he turned round and laid down next to me with his tongue in my cunny.
He said I must carry on sucking his cock and said I should stroke his bottom as well.

When he had licked out all his come he said that this time he wanted to fuck me in the bum,
and said I should lie down and lift my legs over his head.  He pushed my legs apart and rubbed
some of his come in my bottom.  I felt his cock go in and it felt wonderful.  He pushed and 
pulled his cock in and out really fast and I felt him come again.  Afterwards he said he would
lick my bum and clean me up.  He fetched his camera and took a lot more pictures of my cunny 
and my bottom.  He really reminded me of my boyfriend Roger, and the things we used to do 
together.  (See part 1)

He said he would now put my diaper on and I could go to sleep in my crib.  Just then Mommy
came back and asked him if I had been a good little girl.  Uncle said I had been very nice to
him and he had enjoyed being with me.  Mommy said that was good because she would have given 
me a real hard spanking if I had been bad.  They put me in the crib with my pacifier and I soon
went to sleep.

When Mommy woke me the next morning she took me upstairs to breakfast.  Afterwards she said 
she would change me, and that we wre going out to the Mall, where she was going to buy me some
new clothes.  Afterwards we would go to the park, where I would be able to play.

When we arrived at the Mall, Mommy took me into a clothes shop and bought me some lovely 
frocks, which were quite short and frilly.  Then she bought me a school uniform. I asked if 
I was going to school, and she said that Uncle Jim had told her what to buy. Just as Mommy was
paying for the clothes, I pooped in my diaper.  The assistant asked what the smell was, and 
Mommy told her that it was me, and that she would have to change me.  Mommy took me to the baby
room and said I was to lay on the floor whilst she changed me.  A man was already in the room
changing his baby's diaper, and he asked Mommy why I wore diapers.  I was most embarrased.  
Mommy said that I was a simple girl and coul'nt control myself.  The man was most interested 
in me, and watched very carefully as Mommy changed me.  He asked if he could help, but Mommy 
had finished and said that perhaps next time we came to the mall he might be there.

We then went into anther shop and Mommy bought me some new nighties.  Like the skirts, they 
were very short and showed my diaper when I tried them on.  

When we had finished, Mommy put me in the car, and said we were of to the Park.  When we 
arrived Mommy took me to the Playground and said I could play with some other children if 
I liked.  I went on the swings and said hello to the children.  They all laughed at me and 
said I was to big to play on the swings.  Mommy told the children's mommies that I was really 
only a 10yr old in my head, and that I had to wear diapers because I pooped myself a lot.  
The children all gathered round me and said they wanted to see my diapers, so Mommy lifted up
my frock and showed them.  I did'nt like that much.   Mommy said I should carry on l playing 
whilst she talked to the other Mommies.  The children were really nasty to me and started to 
pull my hair and pinch my legs.  I started to cry, but Mommy did'nt stop them.

When we arrived home, Mommy said she would undress me and change me, and I could go to the 
excercise room for some running, and  then I could have a sleep in my crib until the evening,
when she was taking me to see her friend, Doctor Jean.  

When Mommy came back she asked if I had wet or pooped my diaper.  I said I was only a bit wet,
so Mommy said she would have to clean my bottom of poop before we could go to see her friend.

She told me to climb on the changing table and put the straps round my legs and pulled my 
bottom up. She put a towel under me and said it was time I had another enema. She fetched the
bag and tube and spread some cold jelly on my bottom and then started to push the tube into
me.  As it went into me,  I could feel it pushing on my insides. Mommy said she was going to 
fill me with soapy water to clean me out.  She started to let the water run into me and it was
very hot and made me feel all funny.

Mommy said that I had been filled with half a gallon and she put a plug into my bottom.  She 
said I must hold it inside me until she was ready to let the water out.  She took me to the 
potty and said I was to sit down.  It seemed ages before she reached between my legs and pulled
the plug out.  The water was all poopy and rushed out into the potty, some went on the floor,
but Mommy was very pleased and said I was nice and clean.

She put my diaper on and dressed me in a really nice frock.  She gave me some slippers and said
I was to put them on.  She took my hand and we went upstairs to the Car.  Mommy said I was to 
sit in the back, and she put the safety belt round me very tightly.  Mommy said I must be still
and not wriggle around.  Mommy drove the car and we went to see her friend, Doctor Jean.  
When we arrived the door was shut, but Mommy said that the Doctor was waiting for us and rang 
the bell.  A lady dressed in a nurse's uniform let us in.  She told Mommy to go to the Doctors 
room, and she would get me ready for my inspection.

The nurse took me into a room which had a long sofa, a table and some chairs.  It also had a 
table that looked just like my changing table in the nursery.  The nurse took off my frock, and
was very surprised to see my diaper.  She said that I must be a big baby to wear a diaper.  
She took off my diaper and put a litlle short nightie on me.  It was quite funny and had 
buttons up the back.  The nurse said she would help me to lie on the sofa and I was to wait 
for the Doctor.  Just as she was about to leave the room I suddenly needed to pee, and it went
all over the sofa.  The nurse was really cross and said that I should be toilet trained by 
now.  She said I needed a good spanking,  and said I should stand in the corner while she 
cleaned the floor.  As she was cleaning the floor the Doctor and Mommy came in.  Mommy said
that I was very naughty for peeing, but I said I could'nt help it, it just came out.  The
Doctor said not to worry and told the nurse to take me to the bathroom and wash me.  The nurse
took my hand and pulled me to the bathroom where she made me stand in the bath while she 
washed me with the shower.  It felt really nice, just like the wash that Uncle Jim had given

When we went back to the room, the Doctor said I was to get on the sofa again.  She did all 
sorts of things to me.  She looked into my eyes and mouth, felt my tummy and put a shiny silver
thing on my tummy and listened to it.  She did the same to my back. Then she put some sticky 
things all over me and started a machine which, she said, would tell her what my heart was 
doing. She made me get on a machine and measured me and weighed me. She said I was to get on 
the changing table, and put my legs into the straps, which she pulled tight and spread my legs
wide apart.  She felt in my cunny and put some fingers in my bottom.
Then she fetched a silver thing that looked like some spoons and said she was going to open my
cunny a little so she could look inside.  She put the silver spoons into my cunny and it felt
like my cunny was really being streched open.  Then the Doctor looked right into me.

She said that I was very healthy, and that I had obviously been naughty as I had been spanked a
lot and had been well fucked recently.  Mommy said that I was a very sexy girl and her friend
Jim had been playing with me.  The Doctor laughed.  She asked Mommy if I was taking the pill,
and Mommy said that my Social Worker had made sure that I was, but now she was looking after
me she would need some more.  The Doctor wrote on some paper and gave it to Momy saying that 
I must always take a pill each morning to make sure that I could'nt make babies.   Mommy said 
that she always put it in my Breakfast and made sure that I ate it.

When the Doctor finished, the nurse put my diaper on and helped me to put my frock and slippers
on.  Mommy said that she was glad I was in good health and put me back in her car.  When we
got home Mommy said I could have my dinner and go in my playpen until it was bedtime.  She

said I was a really good girl, and I was pleased.

End of Part 3.

In Part 4 Jenny's new Uncle becomes her Daddy, and starts to Pimp her and makes her a whore. 
Jenny begins to regret moving from her own room and wants to go back.

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