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A Friend in Need

Chapter 10

A Friend in Need.

Chapter 10.

      The room were they were to dine, though not as big as the first room, was
quite large and as filled with bright sunlight as the first. Here, too, large
windows had been set into the old walls, making it light and airy. The tiled
flooring seemed refreshingly cool to their bare feet, as the naked group moved
to the circular table, surrounded by upright wooden chairs that stood, fully
laid, in the centre of the room.

      As Dolly went into the fitted kitchen, that adjoined the room on the far
side, their Hostess explained the seating arrangements.

      "You are here, George." The redhead smiled, the middle finger of her left
hand still stirring the wriggling blonde's bowels. "And then Dolly to your left
and then Bill by there. I'll sit here, next to Bill and our Guest of Dishonour,
will sit here, between me and George.

      The men sat in their designated seats and Dolly, hurrying back from the
kitchen, soon joined them and sat between the men, her plump bum hitting the
polished wooden seat with a loud 'splat'.

      "Oh! Fuck! It's cold!" She squealed.

      Laughing, the seated trio turned their full attention onto the two
standing women.

      Turning to her fidgeting young guest, who was still forced to stand up on
her toes, Celia smiled slyly and, raising her right hand to the blonde's big,
melonous breasts, she began fondling the girl, lewdly. Having weighed each heavy
globe in the palm of her free hand, the lecherous lady proceeded to squeeze,
stretch and roll the young Mother's big, rubbery nipples, between her finger and
thumb, until the sensitive stalks stiffened and stood out like walnuts.

      "Why don't you sit down, Mrs Bending?" The Authoress smiled sweetly, at
the flushed faced girl. "Oh! I quite forgot! You can't sit down with my finger
up your bum, can you?"

      And, carefully watching the younger woman's reactions, she slowly pulled
her stiffened finger out of the girl's tight arsehole, with an audible 'plop'.

      As June lowered her heels to the floor, Celia lifted her left hand to the
blonde's  pretty face and held her slimy finger, just under the girl's cute,
little nose.

      The girl blushed scarlet.

      "Nice?" Celia asked, with a leer.

      Sickened, June turned her face away from the smelly, brown coated digit.

      Swiftly, Celia gripped the shapely blonde's big, swollen left nipple,
between her right hand's finger and thumb and squeezed very hard, until the girl
screamed out with pain.

      "Don't you ever turn your face away from me, you adulterous Slut!" The
redhead hissed angrily, her green eyes blazing at the crying young housewife.
"Any more resistance to my will.....! The slightest resistance! You'll go
straight to the stake! Do you hear me?"

      And she twisted the girl's turgid nipple until June, crying bitterly,
nodded her head, franticly.

      "Well, just see that you remember!" The Authoress snapped, as she released
the girl's nipple and watched with amusement as the swollen teat began to turn a
dark blue. "I'll let you off, this time; on condition you suck my finger clean.

      So saying, the freckled beauty thrust her brown stained finger into the
weeping blonde's sweet mouth.

      June gave a gurgling cry of protest and disgust, but the redhead held her
firmly in place.

      "Don't you dare move!" The older woman warned, as she wriggled her soiled
finger around the young Wife's warm, wet tongue. "That's right! Now, suck

      Her plump round shoulders slumping with dejection, the buxom, tearful
blonde began sucking, submissively, on the freckled woman's finger.

      After a few minuets, Celia pulled her hand from the girl's mouth.

      "There, that wasn't so bad, was it, Mrs Bending?" The Authoress chuckled,
inspecting her now clean finger. "Now, you sit down here, between Mr Cane and me
and I'll look after you, while we eat."

      The two naked women sat down, their plump bare arses making the same loud
clapping sound that Dolly's had made when their soft, naked buttocks slapped the
polished wooden seat.

      "Fucking hell!" Exclaimed Bill, laughing as they all sat                     
naked around the table. "What a noise you girls make when you sit down!"

      "Yeh!" Agreed George. "It sounds like the noise Dolly made when she was
slapping Mrs Bending's big bum with the paddle."

      "Oh! Does it, now?" Said Dolly, amid laughter. "Well, Bill Pain, I think
it sounds more like the noise of you and Mrs Bending's belly's slapping together
when you were shafting her earlier."

      "As her friends laughed and joked and the humiliated young Wife sobbed and
blushed with shame, Celia pulled June's chair close to her own and put her left
arm around the girl's smooth, warm shoulders. Then, with her right hand she
placed a dessert dish filled with a chocolate-like paste, before the snivelling

      "As you see." Celia addressed her guests. "We have a chilled soup starter.
A sea food salad. Followed by game pie. With an icecream dessert to finish off
the meal. But first.......Mrs Bending is going to eat this."

      "What is it?" June sobbed, eying the dish with suspicion.

      "A little 'something' I made especially for you, my dear." Celia smiled
evilly. "Now don't make a fuss. It's quite nice. It's a little like soft
marzipan, only its chocolate flavoured. Try it."

      The lovely Authoress picked up a big silver spoon and, scooping up a
heaped spoonful of the chocolate paste, she lifted it to the girl's trembling

      Hesitantly, the weeping blonde opened her mouth and Celia firmly, pushed
the heaped spoonful inside.

      Removing the spoon from the girl's mouth, the redhead sat back and, with
the others around the table, watched with sly interest, as the young woman
savoured the flavour.

      Slowly June rolled the paste around inside her mouth. It was a bit like
marzipan, she thought, but much softer. Its texture, too, was not so smooth. It
was much rougher and, also, a little slimy, but not too bad.

      She swallowed it down.

      "There! I told you so." Celia smiled, as she scooped up another heaped
spoonful and held it to the buxom girl's lips. "Come on, Mrs Bending. Eat up. We
are not going to start the meal until you finish the whole dish."

      So saying, she continued to feed the reluctant young Mother, the strange
dessert, pushing large spoonfuls into the girl's mouth as quickly as she could
swallow them.

      "There! All gone." Celia smiled, sweetly, when the girl had emptied her
plate. "Right. You can all tuck in now. Bill, pour the Champagne."

      As her Husband took the wine out off the ice-bucket, the voluptuous
redhead placed the soiled dish on a dining trolley near her. Then, picking up
her table napkin, she turned back to the sniffing blonde.

      "Now!" Said their Hostess, putting her left arm around June's plump, white
shoulder. "I'll look after Mrs Bending. I'll feed her myself."

      And while the others grinned, she lifted her napkin to the worried
blonde's lusciously full mouth and gently wiped all traces of chocolate cream
from the tearful girl's sensual lips.

      "That's better." The freckled libertine smiled, as her hot glance fell on
the young Mother's great, soft breasts. "Oh! I see you've dribbled some over
these big udders of yours, too."

      And she carefully wiped the cream from the girl's great wobbling tits.

      "AH! Look! They're quite badly bruised." She laughed cruelly and plucked
at the tearful blonde's big, swollen nipples, until the girl squealed in

      "Have a good swig of this, Mrs Bending." Said the lustful redhead, holding
a glass of Champagne to the girl's lips.

      June, sobbing quietly, tried to drink without spilling the wine over
herself, but Celia tilted the tall glass too high and the sparkling liquid ran
down over the young Wife's chin and splashed all over her melonous breasts.

      So the meal went on. As the others eagerly tucked into their food, the
lecherous redhead fed both herself and the voluptuous blonde by her side.

      First the chilled soup, which was white and garnished with parsley. It was
delicious on such a hot day.

      "Mmmm! Lovely!" Crooned Dolly, sipping a spoonful. "At first I thought it
was a dish of cold spunk, you were giving us."

      "Oh, no!" Celia chuckled, spooning a mouthful of the cold liquid between
the sniffing girl's lips. "That's a treat I've reserved for Mrs Bending, later."

      June's big, blue eyes fluttered to the woman's lovely face, in alarm, But
she couldn't tell by her sly smile, weather she was joking or not."

      Celia pushed another spoonful into the young woman's mouth, splashing the
chilled soup, like the wine, down over the blonde's naked breasts, until the
big, wobbling gourds were soaked with it and it dripped, enticingly of her big,
swollen nipples.

      After the soup came the Sea Food salad. June realised, with some surprise,
that she was quite hungry, despite the rude way she was being fed. The Sea Food
was beautiful. Even the ugly little Squids heads that Mrs Pain kept filling her
mouth with by the fork full.

      All was washed down with plenty of Champagne and accompanied by the most
gross, lewd and obscene conversation.

      Then came THE OYSTERS! 

      "Mmmm! My favourite food." Sighed George, with pleasure.

      "Well, get them down you, George." Grinned Dolly, roguishly. "They'll keep
you and Bill's pricks standing stiff."

      "They won't do any harm." Laughed the tall Sculptor. "But what keeps my
prick stiff, is watching you and Celia abusing Mrs Bending, here."

      "Quite right, Bill." George agreed, slurping an oyster into his mouth. "If
my prick gets any stiffer, it'll burst. I'd better spunk again soon or I'll be
getting Blue Balls."

      "Oh! George Cane!" Cried Celia, indignantly, as she pushed an oyster into
June's reluctant mouth. "It was less than thirty minutes ago you were spunking
into Mrs Bending's belly! You randy beast!"

      She quaffed her Champagne and held out her glass for Bill to refill.

      "Anyhow, you boys be patient." She said with an evil leer into the pretty
face of the trembling blonde. "I need your pricks as stiff as I can get them.
You'll both be spunking again, soon enough." 

      She popped another oyster into her mouth and, with her lovely face, close
to that of the beautiful young Mother; the redheaded libertine began to chew
with open mouth, grossly exhibiting the mangled mollusc on her tongue.

      Seeing disgust filling the buxom girl's eyes, Celia put out her tongue,
with the slimy remains of the fat, chewed up oyster spread over it and, pulling
the blonde girl's face close to her own, she kissed her full lips, open mouthed,
pushing her tongue and the chewed mollusc, into June's sweet mouth.

      Pulling back her face, the lecherous lady watched the girl's repugnance
with high amusement as, fearful of crossing the menacing woman; she chewed and
swallowed the oyster.

      Delighted at June's submissive reaction, Celia proceeded to feed all of
the girl's oysters to her in this vile manner. Much to the amusement of Dolly
and the men.

      "We can see how well you like them, Mrs Bending." Laughed Bill.

      "Let's see if this heightens the flavour." Squealed Dolly and, pushing
George back in his chair, she gripped his stiff cock and, skinning back his
foreskin, she spread a fat oyster over her lover's big, slimy, red knob. This
done, the lecherous brunette pushed the thick foreskin foreword until both the
bulbous gland and the oyster were fully covered.

      "There, George." The comely, naked matron laughed. "Feed her that one. See
if she likes it."

      While Bill sniggered and the two older women giggled like spiteful
schoolgirls, George pushed back his chair and stood up. Gripping his prick in
his fist like a club, the stout, hairy businessman, stood with his hips thrust
foreword, cock pointing at the red face of the blushing June. After kneading his
bloated shaft in his fist until its clear, pre-fuck fluid dribbled, wetly from
his foreskin, the leering fat man peeled back its long prepuce and skinned his
bulbous knob.

      "Oh! Mrs Bending!" Squealed Celia. "Isn't that lovely?"

      June could scarcely suppress a shudder as she stared at the head of
George's prick. Over the slimy, red helmet was spread the crushed remains of the
big oyster, thickly coated in pre-fuck discharge and he was pointing the mashed
morsel straight at her lovely mouth.  

      "Go on." Laughed the lecherous lady, as she pressed the horrified blonde's
pretty face, down towards the offered tit-bit. "It's all for you. Get your sexy
lips around it and suck!"

      As June's beautiful face neared the mangled mollusc, her full, sensual
lips, curled back in disgust. Just then, Celia again pinched one of the girl's
swollen nipples and, as the young wife cried out in pain, George quickly plunged
his big knob into her open mouth.

      "AH! YES! SUCK IT!" The fat man snarled, as the buxom young woman's hot,
wet mouth, closed around the top of his obscenely garnished cock.

      "That's the way, Mrs Bending." Dolly laughingly urged the gagging girl.
"Suck it all down. I want to see that you have cleaned his helmet quite

      The men and women watched and laughed with delight, as the fearful young
blonde sucked and gulped down her prize, while hot tears ran down her blushing

      "Is that it?" Dolly asked, as the working of the girl's mouth and throat
became less animated. "Did you get it all? Don't forget to stick your tongue
under his foreskin and lick around the ridge of his plum. You clean it right
out, now!"

      June's lush mouth worked around George's turgid knob for some moments

      "Let's have a look." Grinned Celia, pulling the young housewife's head
back by her hair.

      "Lovely! Clean as a whistle!" The redhead laughed. "I think you are really
beginning to like these oysters, Mrs Bending."

      As George walked back to his chair and sat down, Celia smiled at Dolly.

      "I know!" The redhead leered at the eager brunette. "Let's pop a couple
into our twats and let them marinate in our cuntjuice for a while. Then we'll
feed them to her."

      Delighted with the idea, both women took two oysters and, rising their
plump arses off their seats, proceeded to push them up their sopping cunts.

      "That sounds bloody delicious, Ceel." Cried Bill to his Wife. "Do a few
for me and old George, while you are at it."

      "Oh, I'm sure Mrs Bending will oblige you, darling." The Authoress
answered, nonchalantly.

      Taking a handful of oysters, she scooped them out onto a plate and turned
to the degraded blonde.

      "Come on. Lift your big bum off the seat so I can get at your cunt." The
redhead directed the subjugated young Wife. "That's it. Now spread your thighs
wide. Right."

      And leaning foreword Celia  took the oysters and, one at a time, she
pushed them up into the blushing girl's juicy cunt.

      "There!" The redhead grinned, sitting up and licking her fingers. "Six up
there, soaking nicely. Three each should do you. Now, let's have some more

      They all drained their glasses (Their hostess, generously, pouring two
glasses down June's throat.) and Bill brought a second Magnum from the frig and
opened it with a loud pop.

      June was feeling really strange. Her drink was going to her head but her
mind seemed to be quite clear. She was beginning to realize, with great awe,
that she was experiencing a voluptuous thrill in her humiliation. She was, in
fact, enjoying her degrading and finding her debasement highly arousing. What
with the stimulants she had received, she felt she was about to boil over. Her
big breasts, anus, cunt and clitoris, all itched like the devil and her pale,
bare skin prickled all over her beautiful body. She writhed in her seat.

      Celia was again addressing their little party.

      "I haven't been this aroused since Bill and I attended the Duke and
Duchess of Gomorrah's annual orgy." The lecherous redhead was giggling. "Fuck
me, Dolly, you should have been there. You wouldn't have believed your eyes."

      "Oh, yes, Ceel. You told me about it." The dark haired woman sighed. "Oh!
I'd love to go to something like that."

      "Well, that might be arranged." The Authoress smiled at her lovely naked
accomplice. "Bill and I are very good friends of the Duchess, you know."

      "Ooooo! That would be wonderful!" Dolly squealed with delight. "Wouldn't
it, George?"

      "Marvellous!" Nodded the big business man with enthusiasm. "I'd be on a
business trip, of course. Where are these 'orgies' held, by the way?"

      "The Duke owns an island off Africa." Bill answered. "He is the law there
and he can do just as he pleases. Really. Anything. There is nothing too hot or
too strong."

      "And that's where I think you've gone wrong with that contract you've
drawn up with this adulterous Slut here." Celia added, as she raised another
glassful of wine to June's luscious mouth.

      "How do you mean, gone wrong?" George asked, with concern.

      "Well, only four assistants?" Celia said with scorn. "Why only four, for
fucks sake? She is the debtor! She's got no rights! You make the rules! You say
what goes!"

      The Authoress gave the young blonde a sly, sidelong smile and continued.

      "Change it, George." The lovely woman went on as she poured the bubbly
wine between June's full, red lips. "Any number of assistants and/or witnesses.
Just as lone as it won't 'blow the gaff' as they say."

      "We'll do it!" Cried Dolly. "As soon as we get home."

      "B..But...." Stuttered June.

      "Silence!" Snapped Celia. "It as nothing to do with you!"

      While the girl, again, began weeping, the woman at her side continued.

      "Oooooo. Just think of it, Dolly." She drooled, lasciviously fondling the
sobbing girl's full fleshed body. "We could take the Slut with us to the Dukes
island. Expose her to the Great Orgy. We could have her publicly raped on stage,
before an audience of up to five hundred people, Rakes and Lechers, all."

      "Oh, God! No!" Gasped the tearful blonde. "I could never get away for that
amount of time! I know I couldn't!"

      "I said, be silent!" Celia shouted, her green eyes flashing at the
trembling girl. "You will do what you are told!"

      "Oh, just ignore her, darling." Laughed Dolly, seeing the despair in the
young woman's eyes. "How long will it go on? Two weeks?"

      "Yes." Answered Bill. "Two weeks. That, of course, includes time
travelling to and from the island."

      "Well, that will be all right then." Dolly went on, with a hard look at
their victim. "I'm confident that Mrs Bending will be able to arrange matters
with her sister. Won't you, Mrs Bending?"

      Her soft, round shoulders, slumping with resigned hopelessness, June
nodded her lovely head.

      "Good! It's settled then!" Said Celia. "I'll phone the Duchess and fix
things up. The big party, the Annual Orgy, that is, is in about six weeks time.
We'll all go to that one. Let's drink to it."

      June was made to raise her glass along with the others.

      "Here's to the Great Orgy." Toasted Celia.

      "To the Great Orgy." Came the enthusiastic reply.

      After the toast, Celia turned to June and, pulling the girl's chair close
to her own, thrust her right hand between the young Mother's full fleshed
thighs. Plunging her fingers, deep, into the squealing blonde's sopping cunt and
having a good rummage around, the redhead, finally, withdrew her hand with a

      "Her we are." Laughed the Authoress, holding up the slimy prize in her
wet, slippery fingers for them all to admire. "That seems to be pickled enough."

      "Ah! Let me try it." Her husband cried, leaning towards her with his mouth
wide open.

      Reaching across the table, the giggling redhead popped the creamed oyster
into Bill's open mouth.

      "Mmmmm!" Exclaimed the tall sculptor, rolling his eyes while chewing and
savouring the delicious morsel with relish. "God!!! It's fucking beautiful! What
a delightful flavour your cuntcream has, Mrs Bending."

      Blushing with shame, June attempted to turn her head from the indecent

      "Oh, no you don't!" Celia snarled, forcing the girl's pretty, tear
streaked face back towards her Husband. "You are going to experience every
thing! Just for that, you can pull the next one out and feed it to Mr Cane,
yourself! Go on! Get one out!"

      Her face and breasts flushed red with humiliation, the buxom, tearful
young wife, raised her plump buttocks off the seat, spread her full white thighs
and, looking down below her rounded belly, opened the fat, bald lips of her cunt
with the fingers of her left hand and thrust the fingers of her right, up into
the hot, wet folds of her boiling sex.

      All eyes were on the weeping, naked young beauty as, nipping her full,
red, quivering lower lip between her even, white teeth, she rummaged, carefully,
in the depths of her highly sensitive vulva. After a long moment of searching,
June carefully removed her wet fingers from her gash and, lifting her hand she
bashfully displayed the slimy, obscene body of a fat, cuntcream coated oyster.

      "Ah! How delightful!" Squealed Dolly, her dark eyes glowing at the lewd
sight. "Go on then, my dear. Feed Mr Cane."

      As George eagerly leaned foreword with open mouth, June, her pretty face
grimacing with great distaste, pushed the deliciously marinated mollusc, between
the fat man's sensuous lips.

      "Mmmm! Aaaah! Mmmmh! Oh! Fuck! Mmmm! Oh! Yes! Aaaaaah! Yes!" George cried,
smacking his lips with relish. "Fuck me! You're right, Bill! Tastes like fucking

      "Yes. Fucking beautiful!" Agreed the Sculptor. "Let's have some more,

      Amid much laughter, Celia pulled two more, richly flavoured creamed
oysters, from the blushing young blonde's juicy twat and fed them to the men,
who devoured them, greedily.

      "If they are that good, then Dolly and I are going to have the last two,
ourselves!" Laughed Celia.

       And withdrawing the last two creamy oysters from the weeping young
woman's plump, wet cunt, the lecherous redhead placed one on Dolly's eagerly
extended tongue and sucked the other, greedily, into her own lovely red mouth.

      For long moments, the horrified young Wife and Mother, watched, with
lascivious fascination, as the other four people around the table, gluttonously
consumed the lusciously flavoured shellfish.

      "Ahhh! Look!" Celia laughed, her mouth still full. "She hasn't got any!
Come on Dolly. We've got some for her!"

      And giggling like schoolgirl's, both women plunged their fingers into
their sopping cunts and pulled out a fat oyster each. Both molluscs thickly   
coated with rich, creamy, cuntjuice.

      "Here, Mrs Bending." Cried Celia, pushing the obscene tit-bit between the
soft, red lips of the squealing, gagging blonde. "This is just for you."

      For one awful moment June thought she was about to vomit. Swiftly, Celia
pressed her wet, slippery fingers, over the struggling girl's mouth and smiled
her sweet, cruel smile.

      "Don't you dare throw up." The Authoress warned, her green eyes ablaze.
"Any more disobedience and you will go straight to the stake!"

      The shapely blonde stopped struggling and relaxed into the older girl's
arms. To her surprise, that first feeling of nausea had passed, completely and
another feeling was sweeping, like fire, through her veins.

      She shivered, aware that their eyes were watching her reactions, but
unable to hide her true feelings. The rich taste of the woman's cuntjuice filled
her mouth and the hot thrill of high, sexual arousal, churned her guts. Weeping
tears of shame and humiliation, she moved the fat, slimy body of the mollusc,
around her mouth, chewing submissively and savouring the luscious flavour that
flooded her taste buds. Suddenly the flesh was gone, swallowed down. But the
rich flavour of the woman still filled her mouth and coated her tongue. June
licked her full lips and looked up, obediently. Her four tormentors clapped
their hands and laughed with cruel satisfaction.         

      "There! You loved it, didn't you? You dirty Slut!" Celia leered. "Open
your mouth ant pop Dolly's in. You can compare our flavours."

      The naked blonde leaned across the table and submissively accepted Dolly's
dripping, juicy morsel onto her extended tongue.

      "Do you like that one, Mrs Bending?" Dolly giggled, dark eyes aglow as she
watched the younger woman start to chew on her undreamed oyster.

      "Oh, yes! She loves it!" Celia answered for the blushing girl. "She just
doesn't speak with her mouth full, that's all."

      As they all watched the girl eat the oyster, the leering Authoress once
more slipped her right hand down between the blonds, full, plump thighs and,
with finger and thumb, gripped the younger woman's big, stiff and swollen
clitoris. Much to the amusement of her Husband and their friends, she commenced
to masturbate her, vigorously.

      Still chewing the deliciously marinated oyster, June began to snort and
groan and to wriggle her fat, bare arse on the seat. In a few moments, she was
jerking her hot cunt at Celia's furiously frigging fingers, but before she could
achieve any satisfaction, Celia pulled her hand away, leaving the sweating, red
faced girl squealing with frustration.

      "Time enough for that, later." The redhead grinned. "Let's have dessert."                     

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