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Cassie: A Child Of Lust

Part 1

This is a fictional erotic adventure intended for the reading enjoyment of
mature adults who understand the difference between fiction and reality and can
therefore enjoy a fantasy of consensual incest, rape, abuse, domination and

Cassie: A Child Of Lust
18,912 Words

Cassie was excited and nervous as she walked down to the living room to join her
parents.  At 13, she felt like a bride, going to the alter. Cassie was excited
about the idea that after tonight she would know the join of being a real woman!
They were going to wait for her first period, but neither she, nor her father
could wait any longer. They wanted each other very badly and her mother knew
further objections would be futile.  It had been decided that today would be the
day for her to surrender the cherry to her father. It was Friday, so they would
have the whole weekend to fuck and make love and she wouldn't have to worry
about going to school. Today her Daddy would make her a real woman!

With June's help, Cassie had showered, shaved her legs, even though there was
little more than blond fuzz on them. It was what grown up women do prior to
making love.  Her mother had blow-dried her long blond hair, which was pulled
back into a ponytail like her stepfather preferred. She also had run her brush
through the soft blond fuzz that was beginning to grow at the entrance to her
vagina! As Dad had instructed, Mom had helped her apply the make-up of an adult
woman! She felt sexy and sophisticated and she wanted her father to get very hot
and excited when he saw her.

At her mother's suggestion and with her help, she was wearing make-up that made
her pretty, but also make her look younger than thirteen! It included some real
wet sensuous, pink lipstick and light eye shadow! June wanted to make sure she
looked as young and as innocent when she gave her daughter to her husband.

Mom helped her prepare through teary eyes. Tonight, was also a demonstration of
June's love for Tom. In an attempt to save her marriage to the man she loved,
but who had recently demonstrated only a loathing for her, she was giving him
her daughter and asking him to be the man to rip her daughter's hymen and make
her a woman! The thought made June wet.

Tom had created this somewhat simple formal ceremony to make the surrender of
her daughter memorable and erotic! It had been made clear to her that from this
night on, her daughter would take her place as her husband's lover, as well as
take her place as lady of the house. June's role would be to prove her love for
them by serving them as little more than a slave. Not only did she not mind, the
thought of complete servitude to her thirteen-year-old daughter provoked
numerous orgasms. They came through countless masturbatory sessions since her
husband hadn't touched her for months. This too excited her.

Cassie was naked except for a pair of white high-heeled shoes, an ankle bracelet
with a gold vagina and a gold penis charm. Cassie had asked her mother to find
these ankle charms as a sign of commitment to her father! She knew ankle
bracelets were considered by her classmates to be a signal to boys that the girl
wearing one was a cock- sucker! Even though the thought excited her, she voice
objection. However, as she knew he would, Tom instructed her to go to an adult
store and find her one with a cock and a vagina on it. Obediently she went and
got one for Cassie and she was wearing it for the first time!  The ankle
bracelet was to be an overt sign to her step-dad and her mother that she
willingly wanted to suck her Daddy's cock! She also wanted it to tease the boys
at school and show her girl friends that she was grown up and knew how to please
a man! Tom found her intention to let the world know she was a cocksucker
exciting! He ached for those moments that she would tease him. He was sure she
knew what she was doing!  The idea that she teased a bunch of junior high school
students and the teachers stimulated numerous erections.

During their planning for this submission to her handsome step-dad and knowing
that she would be sucking her father's cock, Cassie suggested to her mother that
she should get a stud for her tongue! She had read on the Internet and heard
from classmates that boys really got extra pleasure when the girl sucking their
cock used a stud!  June went with her to pick one out and watched as the woman
pierced her daughter's tongue. It was difficult for her to keep from
masturbating right there in the store, knowing what her daughter intended to use
it to suck her husbands cock!  While she would never admit it, it excited her to
tell Cassie that she knew the stud would help provoke wonderful orgasms for her
father! She showed Cassie how to move her tongue to generate the most sensations
in her father's penis.

June knew all of this was wrong, it excited her and she was unable to control
her desire to see it through, besides, Tom and Cassie they had made their
desires very obvious!  She did not want to disappoint them. She doubted their
love for her, but she was filled with love for both her husband and her
daughter. Slowly over the past several months her sweet relationship with Tom
had become one of distain and outright loathing for her!

Resigned to what was going to happen, June also told Cassie how much her dad got
turned on by ladies in high heels and how they did make a lady look much sexier!
So, she bought her daughter a pair of white, patent leather, stiletto, and
high-heeled shoes. Cassie practiced wearing them for several days to make sure
she was pretty and sexy wearing them.

As she came down the stairs, she also carried a personal note to her father. A
note of surrender and submission that detailed her commitment to him, her future
relations with her mother and noted that her love for him, would make her his
personal property for as long as he or she lived!  Her father had insisted that
there be such a commitment as well as insist that her mother help in writing it!
Through agonizing hours of preparation, over the past three days, June helped
Cassie prepare the paper. She made sure the letter contained an enormous amount
of erotic commitment to Tom. After each session with Cassie she would retire to
the bathroom and masturbate to a wonderful orgasm in anticipation of what would
happen Friday night and in the future.

June had come down the stairs first to alert Tom that her daughter was ready to
give herself to him. She was also naked, per Tom's instructions, except for the
required high heels and a small cowbell attached to her labia. Her labia
consisted of considerable excess flesh, so the bell was very evident. Per Tom's
orders, it underscored both her commitment of servitude and a reminder that she
was getting fat as a cow! June was not terribly heavy, but she had put on some
weight and Tom had made the cowbell a mandatory requirement if she was sincere
in her commitment of proving her love. The humiliation of wearing the cowbell
was also a stimulus for masturbation. It was also intended to alert Tom and
Laurie when June was approaching. She also carried a letter she was to give to
Tom during the ceremony, which she handed to him when she arrived.

The room was blanketed in the soft glow of candlelight and the haunting thump of
Bolero was playing on the CD as Tom, also naked, ready to rape his daughter was
slowly stoking an all ready stiff erection as he awaited the transfer of flesh
and the taking of his step-daughters hymen!

Sex wasn't new to Cassie. Ever since she was an infant she watched many men make
love to her mother from her crib. Eventually, both because she wanted to, and
because some of the men asked her to, she joined them in bed. Some of the men
ignored her, but many found having her in bed while they made love to her
mother, to be fun! She loved he feel of lying between her mother's soft breasts
and a man's hard hairy chest.

One man, Larry, who went with her mother for a couple of years really seemed to
enjoy having Laurie share their bed. Her mother and Tom would laugh as they let
her play with his erections as well as June's vagina. It was innocent at first,
but soon she became an integral part of their sexual play!

Mom would instruct her as to how much a man likes it when a lady puts his penis
in his mouth and sucks it! June showed the youthful Cassie her vagina and her
clitoris, but it was Larry who urged June to let Cassie play with her mother's
cunt, while he played with himself!

 Using a dildo, June showed Cassie how a man sticks his "peenee"  inside a woman
to give her pleasure and to make babies.  She said that if a woman really
pleases a man his "peenee" would erupt like a volcano with a really, really
precious fluid that mommy loved! It was called "cum" and "sperm" and "Jizz" and
June had told her it was full of healthy protein and that while some ladies
didn't like the taste, she loved it!

 June explained that sometimes she would eat the cum and some times she would
let him empty himself in her warm vagina! After explaining this to Cassie she
told her to watch closely when Larry came over. At first his ejaculation scared
her, but they let her play with it and taste it until soon she began to look
forward to his orgasms and sometimes joining her mother in feasting on it!

Both Larry and June would tease Cassie and encourage her to play with his penis
and make it hard. Cassie found it to be great fun! Finally, she herself, kissed
and sucked on his cock, but could only get the head of it in her mouth and was
unable to make him come. Her mother explained that as she grew up her mouth
would get larger so she could take more of it in her mouth. She then suggested
that a good lesson would be if Cassie learned how to masturbate a man. This met
with much greater success and before long she was bringing Larry to orgasm to
everyone's delight!

Cassie loved to watch them, as Larry would stick his peenee into her mother's
body! They both would get incredibly excited and sweaty and appeared to be
having a wonderful time! Cassie wanted to know when she would be grown up and
that was the first time the word menstruation really meant something to the
little girl. She knew she wanted to menstruate. Every morning she would play
with herself and see if there was any sign of blood like her mother said there
would be.

When she was ten she had become quite adept at making Larry ejaculate and she
loved eating the thick salty white cum that squirted from his penis. However,
one afternoon he came over, kissed them both goodbye and he never returned. Her
mother said he went into the military and was killed someplace overseas. That
was when different men started coming back to their apartment. Cassie had
learned over the last year how to suck a man's cock until he achieved orgasm,
so, when one man showed up asking for her mother but her mother was gone, she

"I may be just a little girl sir, but I can give you a blow-job if you like!"

The man at first thought she was kidding, but she ended up convincing him,
thinking she was doing her mother a favor, although she didn't know what it was.
He came into the apartment, dropped his pants and sat on the sofa as she knelt
between his legs. He was so excited he came in less than two minutes. Laurie
asked him if she did okay and he said she was wonderful and would like to come
back again. She thanked him for coming, but asked, "Aren't you suppose to give
me some money now?" He laughed and asked what he owed her. The confused eight
years old said the first thing that entered her mind: "I guess the same as usual

He took out a twenty-dollar bill and laid it on the table and took out another
ten and said: "That's for your mother and this is just for you! Thank you
sweetheart!" He kissed her on the cheek and left!

She couldn't wait to tell her mother! When June did get home she ran to her
mother and excitedly gave her the thirty bucks! June was shocked and angry that
a strange had been in their apartment, let alone that they had paid her daughter
to suck their cock! And she didn't know who the hell to get mad at! Finally, she
cooled down and talked to Cassie about it.

"Thank you for the money Honey! You apparently did a wonderful job for the man
and we can sure use he extra money, but please, please, please don't let any
strangers in the house if I'm not here."

"Can't I help you make money?" Cassie had pleaded. "He liked me! He really did!"

Hugging her daughter and filled with shame as tears filled her eyes she said:
"Yes Honey, we do need the money. Maybe when I'm home you can suck some men or
play with them till they come, but not when I'm gone. Understand? No strangers!
Don't ever let strangers in when I'm not home!"

Cassie agreed and everything was back to normal, at least for a couple of weeks.
One afternoon the doorbell rang and Cassie could see from the window that it was
the same man who had been there a couple weeks before. She remembered her
mother's admonition regarding strangers, but then again, she knew this man! She
had sucked his peewee and he had been nice to her! After only a few seconds of
mental debate she opened the door and let him in.

"Your mother home, sweetie?"

"No sir. Do you want another blow-job?"

Laughing he responded. "Not right now. I was hoping I could talk to your mother
and maybe work out a little deal with her." He looked around the hallway to the
apartment and then asked if he could come in.

Cassie let him in and he showed her a large case he was carrying. "This is a
very special Polaroid camera", he explained. "What I would like to do is take
your picture!"

"My picture?" Laurie asked.

"Yes! You're a very pretty girl and I'd like to take some pictures of you. I
have friends who would love to see them."

Laurie thought for a moment and then said; "How much?"

"What?" He responded.

"How much will you pay me to take my picture? Mommy tells me models for pictures
make lots of money. How much will you pay me?"

He smile; "Sharp little girl! Tell you what I'll do. If I take a picture of you
fully dressed, I'll give you a dollar per picture. If I take one of you in your
underwear, I'll pay you $3 dollars a picture.  If I take a picture of you
without any clothes on I'll pay you $5 a picture! And if I take a picture of you
tied up with rope. Not tight to hurt you, but just easy knots, I'll pay you $10
a picture!"

Cassie didn't even stop to calculate or worry about how many pictures he was
talking about! "Okay!" She began to take off her clothes. "We'll only do naked
and tied up, okay?"

He could not contain himself and burst out in laughter. "Okay kid, you speak my
language, but I may like some in some underwear."

"That's $5 dollars, just like the naked!"

Amused he shook his head. "You should go into sales young lady! How old are

When she said eight he paused for the longest time as if thinking about
something and then added: "Okay, let's go!"

Based on her experiences with Tom and with other men who visited her mother,
Laurie sensed that these were dirty pictures, but she kept her mouth shut and
allowed him to set the poses. There were some cute teasing type photos, but the
shots got more and more lewd as they progressed, including tight shots of her
vagina! The man put a drop of her mother's shampoo on the lips of her vagina,
mixed with a drop of Ketchup, so it looked like she had been fucked and someone
had ruptured he hymen!

"Make you look like a real woman who has just given her cherry to a man!" He
said as he continued to take pictures.

"Cherry?" She asked.

"It's your hymen. It's a thin little skin inside you that covers you down there.
When it is ruptured it bleeds and they call that your cherry!"

 He also put some in the corner of her mouth, running down her chin to convey
the idea she had just given someone a blow-job!

"Do I have a hymen in my mouth?"

"No he responded, it's just that sometime men get a little rough with girls who
put their penis' in their mouth and they cut their lips or something. It's the
look of blood that turns some of my friends on!"

 He continued to tie her up in various positions and again he accented the shots
with drops of shampoo, ketchup and he used orange and purple crayon marks to
make it looked like she had been whipped while tied up! He took shots of her
tied up and dropped water in her eyes and on her face to make it look like she
had been crying!

Finally, when he was finished she counted the pictures and he gave her more
money than she had ever seen, $455!

Cassie asked the man for his name, because her mother was wondering to whom she
had given a blowjob. He patted her head and told her to tell her mother it was

As he left she said: "Mr. Oscar, if you ever want I blow job, I'll give you one
for free!"

He brushed his hand through her hair and left.

"Joan didn't know if she should be angry with Cassie for letting Oscar in, or
tear out Oscar's heart! She was very mad at first and was curious what kind of
pictures he had taken.  Even though she knew him as a gentle man and that she
had made love to him, the fact that he took obscene pictures of her daughter
made her angry. The reality of their need for money interrupted her thinks and
she decided to forget about it and take the money and run!

However, after hugs and a verbal reprimand, Cassie remembered her mother having
a long, sometimes heated conversation with Oscar, when she hung up the phone she
was smiling!

"Honey, those dirty pictures of you are going to make us rich! Oh, you're such a
good girl!"

"Oscar is going to take lots more pictures of you and he is going to put them on
the Internet and sell them to men all over the world! There are men who will pay
a lot of money for pictures of a pretty little girl like you!"

"Naked and tied up?"

"Especially naked and tied up! Oscar says he is going to give us half of what he
makes selling your pictures and he has some wonderful ideas! He wants to take
pictures of you masturbating men and, are you ready?  Pictures of you giving
them blow jobs! I told him that would be extra! He also wants to take pictures
of the two of us with me teaching you all about how girls make love to each

"Girls kissing each other? Why?"

"Because it is wonderful and because men like to see girls together. You'll just
kiss my vagina and nurse on my nipples and I'll kiss your pretty pussy!  Men get
especially excited when little girls like you doing things to older ladies, like

"You're not old Mommy!"

"Thank you darling! But, your not seeing me the same way a horny bastard on his
computer sees me! Pretty young girls like you are a hot commodity on the
Internet and God forgive me, we need the money!"

After that Oscar came over several times with his camera. Cassie loved posing
with her mother. June taught her all about a woman's vagina and the clitoris and
how baby's came into the world. Oscar would take pictures of Cassie licking and
sticking her whole hand in her mother's vagina as well as playing her mother's

He also brought along an old man with a beard. His name was Jake. Oscar would
take pictures of Cassie giving Jake blowjobs, and masturbating him! June would
also be in the pictures and she appeared to be teaching her what to do! Holding
the man's penis for her daughter and cupping his balls as Cassie kissed and
licked them. They posed for pictures of the two of them sharing his cum! If,
when he ejaculated, he splashed cum on Laurie's face it was worth a hundred
dollars! Within six months the photos generated almost 15 thousand dollars! June
bought new clothes for herself and some pretty sexy clothes for Cassie. She also
bought some new furniture and made a down payment on a used car.

Then, about a month later Oscar stopped coming over. One morning Cassie found
her mother crying at the kitchen table. June showed her a picture of Oscar in
the paper. He had been arrested for child pornography and was going to prison.
According to the paper he had made over a quarter of a million dollars! He had
cheated them and now there was no way for them to get their share. There would
be no more pictures and no more money! However, the next day UPS delivered two
large boxes. Oscar apparently knew what was coming down. He had packed up all of
the pictures and sent them to June and a note saying only: "I'm sorry. Hide
these or burn them. I didn't want the police to find them."

It was a hard time for June and Cassie. June made money working as a waitress
during the day and then would bring men home at night. They had plenty to eat
and the bills were paid, but their dreams of wealth and riches were lost. June
thought of burning the pictures, but for some reason she stuck the boxes in the
back of the closet. She loved looking at them and masturbating over her daughter
being with a strange man and being tied and beaten. In the back of her mind she
thought, someday, maybe, they will be worth some money.

When Cassie turned eleven, June met Tom. He was a tall handsome man who worked
at the factory just down the block from the restaurant where June worked. They
seemed to hit it off right away and June was smittened by him!  They got married
and Tom bought a beautiful home in the suburbs.

After a while, one night when they had enough to drink, the conversation got to
sex and he told her about some of his previous girl friends. June was turned on
and thought that it might excite him if she told him about when she was a
hooker! It was part the booze and partially the fire in her groin that provoked
this revelation!  She showed him doctor's reports that she was clean of AIDS and
other sexually transmitted diseases and swore that life was behind her.

Tom confided that her background kind of turned him on! He would insist she tell
him about the men she had been with and what she did with them. He would get
magnificent erections as she shared details of her life as a slut and a whore.
It also made her wet and the conversations would end in wild sex! He became so
insistent that she share these stories, when she ran out of the truth she
started creating fantasies she believed would turn him on! Stories about bondage
and sado-masochistic experiences. He said he like fucking a woman who knew how
to treat a man. Outside of the bedroom he started calling her his personal slut
and his cute little whore. Oddly, even though it hurt when he said it, it
excited her and made her feel dirty and slutty. It was really erotic for her. He
would tease her about bringing her to one of the factory workers stag party and
having her perform. She would protest, but secretly contemplated what it would
be like to be in a factory and forced to fuck and suck all of Tom's friends!

At eleven Cassie was a blooming into a very pretty young lady and it was hard
for Tom to keep his eyes off of her. His sexual juices were stimulated by her
innocence and yet demonstrated maturity, beyond her age. These characteristics
made her exciting fantasy material, when he masturbated. He joked with June
about how much attention Cassie must get from the boys at school and that if he
was her age he be grabbing a feel of her every chance he got! June was reluctant
to make any cautionary statements that might offend him or worse, she might
drive him away. Besides the idea that he thought she was hot, also turned her

Cassie was constantly referring to that time in the future when she would become
a real woman. It seemed to be an obsession with her. Tom quizzed June about it.
June explained that Laurie had seemed to have "advanced" sexual desires and
wanted to make love. June had told her that making love was something that grown
up women do, not little girls and, after considerable discussion it came down to
the idea that once she menstruated and her body was able to make babies, she
would be a woman. Hence, she checks every day to see if she is having her

"Mine started at 15, so I would expect hers to start sometime around the same
age. She promised she would not have intercourse until after she menstruated, so
I guess I've got a couple years left. At least I hope so!" June explained.

"Beautiful and horny! God, what a catch she is going to make. I gotta tell ya, I
get a hard on just seeing her in one of those short skirts or a pair of shorts!"
Tom spoke as June saw the real lust in his eyes and it frightened her.

Over the following weeks and months along with teasing June about her sex life
and pressing her to tell more and more detailed stories, he also shared his
fantasies about Cassie. What, he wondered, would it be like to make love to a
pretty virgin girl like Cassie? To fuck an eleven year old! Who would be the
lucking bastard to plant his dick in her virgin cunt? How tight and pretty her
ass was and how it wouldn't really be fucking her if he fucked her in the ass.
After all she would still have her hymen! She would still be a virgin!

Then, during a weak moment of sipping wine, love-making and story telling, June
confessed to him about how, when she was desperate for money, and the
opportunity arose, she had allowed Cassie to pose for what was considered to be
pornographic pictures. At first he doubted her and said she was full of shit,
but she insisted on the credibility of her story. .He got angry and called a
fucking pimp who prostituted her daughter. The words hurt her. However, the
story lingered with him and he constantly asked for proof!

The night following the revelation, while the three of them were around the
dinner table, Tom asked Cassie. "Honey, your mother tells me that you used to be
a model!"

"Tom, please!" June interrupted, aware of where this was going.

He pointed at her across the table and sternly said: "You shut the fuck up!"
Then returning to Laurie: "Sweetheart, tell me about your modeling."

Cassie looked at her mother and then back at Tom. "Mom said I should talk about
that to anyone. Never!"

"Now I'm not going to get mad at you and I'm certainly not going to hurt you,
but your mom already told me you had done some modeling when you were a little
girl. Didn't mother?"

"Go ahead Darling. You can tell Daddy." She squeezed her thighs together as she
felt a heat boiling in her vulva.

"This man would come over to our apartment and I would pose for him."

"Were you naked?"

"Yes, but I was alone and I told him it was okay because he was going to pay me
a lot of money and I knew we needed money, so I let him! Mom didn't know
anything about it until I gave her the money!"

"And what did your mother do when she learned how you got the money?"

"She got angry, but when I told her it was the same man who had let me suck him
off for money, she talked to him and they decided that we could make lots of
money! He put my pictures on the Internet and people paid us lots of money to
look at my pictures!"

"The same man you had sucked off?"

"Yeah. Mom wasn't home and he came to the house and, well, I asked him if he
wanted a blow job and he said yes and he gave me, I think he gave me thirty

"Tom!" June tried to stop the conversation as she realized her panties were
sopping wet!

"Now before we go back to the pictures, how did you know about blow jobs?"

"Oh there was a man, with the same name as yours, Tom. He lived with us for a
long time until he got killed in Viet Nam. He and mom taught me all about
hard-ons and how men cum and masturbating and cock sucking and vagina's,
clitoris' and babies! He was nice and a lot of fun!  I sucked him a lot! We had
lots of fun, didn't we Mom?"

June just hung her head.

"Cock sucking? Cum? Vagina? Oh you were one hell of good mommy, weren't you?"

"Tom, I can..."

"No you can't, but my little baby here can. Go on darlin', were there any other
men or was Tom the only one?"

"Oh, after Tom died there were lots of men and they paid Mom a lot of money,
especially if I would swallow their sex gravy!"

"How did you feel about that?"

"Oh I liked it! I didn't like it at first, but then I got to like it! It always
tastes the same, but every man tastes a little bit different! Some have got real
thick cum with yellow in it! I think its pee! They have a real strong taste. I
could taste it for a long time afterwards. Most men have white or clear cum and
that's just a little salty tasting, but it's good!"

"How long since you have sucked a man's cock?"

"Mom? How long?"

"Three and a half years." June spoke in a flat tone her head bent down towards
the floor.

"Why's that? Why haven't you done it for such a long time?"

"Mom said I should stop doing it, and then when we moved in with you she said we
didn't need the money. Mom said if I really wanted to suck again, or what I
really want to do is fuck a man, I should at least wait until I'm a woman and
have my period. Mom said a girl shouldn't fuck anyone until she is able to have
children and that is when they menstruate. Now, I just have to decide to whom I
am going to give my cherry! That's going to be an important decision, because
Mom says you only have one cherry and even though it will hurt, and I know it
will make me bleed, it is one of the most important fucks a girl ever has! So,
I've got to decide who that will be."

"Well, she's right about that. You know if you're making a list of candidates,
your Daddy would like to be on that list."

"Tom! For God's sake! Stop it!"

"I believe I told you to keep your fucking mouth shut! Now shut it or I'll shut
it for you!" Turning back to Cassie. "You know you are a very pretty girl and as
your mother can tell you, you make Daddy very excited. I would love to be the
one to take your cherry. It would be very special."

"Oh Wow! That would be nice Daddy, because I all ready love you!"

"Well, you put me on that list and you know I'm going to be here when you have
your first period, so I will be available. Now then tell me about the pictures
and how you posed for them."

"It was fun! I liked doing it. I sucked this one bearded man, most of the time.
They would tie me up in really silly positions and put lotion and ketchup on me
to make it look like I have been raped or that someone had fucked me hard. The
put a rope around my neck and had me stand on a stool like I was going to be
hanged! I was naked and Mom was kissing my pussy! I was tied on a bed and they
pretended to whip me, but they just used crayons to make the marks. Then I would
kiss mom's vagina and lick it and then she would do it to me! It didn't hurt and
we had lots of fun and I guess we made some money even though we didn't get rich
like mom promised we would."

He wanted to see the pictures. June knew it was wrong, but she was in love with
him, and it really excited her, so she showed him one of the boxes. He instantly
became addicted to the fantasies that they created in his mind.

When they were home at night, Tom would invite Cassie to come sit on his lap and
he would look at her pictures and ask her intimate questions, insult Joan and
tempt Laurie.
Then one night June's entire world fell apart. Tom was sitting in his chair,
while June was reading a magazine on the sofa when Cassie came to the living
room wearing an outfit that looked like those worn by cheerleaders.

"Hello Baby! Come her and tell Daddy how much you love him, Sweetheart."

"Yes Daddy, I love you too!"

" Oh I love you too! Come here!"  She sat on his lap and gave him a kiss on the
cheek. " Honey, Does mommy ever say bad things about Daddy?"

"Sometimes, when she's mad! But she loves you as much as I do! She says that a
lot too. She also cries because she doesn't think you love her."

"Well, you really can't trust a lot of what she says. You know she does tell
stories and she does lie!"

"No! I love mommy, she wouldn't lie, would she?"

"Don't be too sure. You just be careful what you say to her! She's lied to you
about getting rich and she's lied to daddy. I don't want her to lie to you

"Tom please!" June interrupted. "You know I love you! Why do you do this to me?"

He chuckled. "Because it hurts you and I like hurting you! You want to prove
your love for me?" He looked at her and at Cassie sitting in his lap. A smile
crossed his face. "You want to prove your love to me you convince my little
angle here to give Daddy her hymen. To help convince her to let Daddy be her

"Oh God Tom, Please!"

"Look at her Darling." He pointed to June. "Stand up June! Stand up and take
that blouse and skirt off!"

"Tom! No!"

"Stand up or I'll come over there and make you wish you had!"

She rose from the sofa and with reluctance and hesitancy she removed her blouse
and unzipped her skirt letting it fall to the floor. "Jesus Tom, this is so
humiliating. Please don't do this!"

"Shit! Take off that bag you call a bra and those ugly ass panties!" He
commanded. As she removed them he hugged Cassie and in a loud whisper continued:
"See how fat your mommy has become? When she dated Daddy she was nice and slim
and pretty.  See how she has let herself go! She doesn't show any respect for
you or me! She's an embarrassment to be seen with. See! Look at her titties. See
how big they are?"  He laughed! "Moooo!! Moooo! Mommy looks like a cow! Moo!"

"Mooo!" Cassie echoed. "Why are your titties so fat Mommy?"

"Oh God Tom! Why?"

"Moooo!" He repeated and Cassie joined in. "Moooo! Mooo! Mooo!"

June broke into tears as she started to leave. "Why must you do this to me?"

"Because you make me sick! Because it hurts you and I love hurting your fat ass!
Stay right there, you fucking cow! We're just having a little fun, aren't we

"Yeah mommy, don't get mad, were just having fun!"

June froze in her tracks!

"Bastard!" She responded. "This isn't right Tom!"

Tom laughed and pointed at her! "See how fat and sloppy her tummy is? Mommy
promised Daddy she would take care of herself and now she's a big fat cow! Mooo!

Cassie began to laugh and join in once again. "Moooo! Moooo! Mommy's a cow!
Mommy's a cow!"

"Fat cow! Fat cow!" Tom and Cassie chanted. "Mommy doesn't have pretty titties
any more, she has a fat tummy and utters like a big old fat cow!"

June sank down onto the sofa, tears welling up in her eyes. "You're a real
bastard Tom! A real bastard!" As she spoke, she locked her sphincter muscle
hoping the orgasm her humiliation had provoked, would not leak down her legs.

He laughed and asked Cassie: "Honey, take off your sweater and show her mother
what nice titties looked like."  Cassie smiled and lifted her sweater up,
pulling it off over her head.

"Look at my baby's titties! See how pretty they are?" He reached up and caressed
the pointed tender breast of his daughter. Oh Honey they look so delicious!
They're so pretty and they make Daddy so hot! Look! See how hot I am just
looking at my little girl!" He pointed to the tent developing in his slacks.

"Thank you daddy! I like it when you like the way I look! I like to make you hot

"You know what I really like?"

"What daddy?"

"I like it when you wear these real pretty short skirts like this without any

"You do?"

"Huh hah. I keep wishing that you weren't wearing panties so I could see your
pretty pussy all the time!"

"I can take them off for you. You want me to take them off Daddy? I can take my
panties off!"

"Oh that's my girl!" He gave her a kiss as Cassie climbed off his lap and began
to take down her panties.

"Tom!" June cried out.

"Shhhhh!" He held his finger up to his lips. "My pretty little girl is going to
tease Daddy and let him peak at her pretty pussy! Go ahead Baby, show Daddy your
pretty little cunt."

"Oh God Tom! Please don't do this!"

"At least her father isn't making her suck cock or pose for dirty pictures in
front of strange men!"

"You bastard!"

"Don't get mad mommy, I don't mind! I like Daddy to see me. " She had removed
her silky white panties and gave them to her Dad.

He held them up to his nose and sniffed them. "That's my girl! She smells so
pretty. Honey, would you lift up your skirt so Daddy can see that pretty little

Cassie lifted her skirt and exposed her tender pussy covered with a light fuzz
of hair.

"Oh that's beautiful! You are such a beautiful girl! Look at that space between
your thighs, right up there by your pussy. Look June! See that space? Must be an
inch and a half or two inches! Oh Cassie Baby, you are so beautiful!"

"Thank you Daddy!" She turned towards her mother, "See Mommy! See the space?"

June was crying. "Oh Tom, how could you? You bastard! You filthy bastard!" She
wanted to stick her entire arm up her cunt she was so hot from the humiliation.
God, if her only knew how this humiliation and abuse turned her on!

"Stop your fucking crying and stand up! Common, stand up and come over here or I
come over there and stand you up!"

Slowly June rose and came to the two of them, feeling she did not have an

"Honey, stand there by your mother. Go on, it's all right."

Cassie stood next to her mother.

"Now look at your mommies crotch, Honey! See how fat her thighs are? See how you
can't even see daylight between her fat thighs! On the other hand, June, look at
your daughter's pretty little cunt! Look! God damit I said look at her!"

June leaned down and looked at Laurie's groin.

"'That's what a cunt is suppose to look like you fat fucking pig! Oink! Oink!

 "I'll bet even Cassie, with her small hands, can't even get a hand between
those fat legs without touching that fat ugly flesh! Ish! Tell your mommy she's
got fat pig thighs! Oink, Oink, Oink!"

Looking down at her mother's crotch she reached between her legs and tried to
get her hand between her mother's thighs! They were touching each other and
Cassie started to laugh and joined her father: "Daddy's right Mommy! Oink!
Mommy! Oink, Oink, Oink! Mommy you've got fat piggy thighs! I'll never let
myself get fat like you Mommy! Fat is ugly! You're ugly!"

Realizing how far Tom had come in turning her daughter against her, June bit
down on her lip, her body shaking as she took the humiliation and fought to hold
back the tears.

"Cassie Darling." Tom asked; "Has your mother ever told you who your real Daddy

Cassie looked at her mother and then hung her head. "No. I don't know who my
real Daddy is."

"Who is he June? Who's sperm brought you this beautiful little girl? She
certainly doesn't have your genes!"

June remained silent.

"You don't know, do you? You don't even know who made you pregnant! You not only
made this little girl a bastard, you don't even know which of the hundreds of
guys you fucked is responsible!"

June's eyes were filled with tears as she looked pathetically at her daughter.
Her eyes not her words were seeking forgiveness. "I'm so sorry Honey! I'm so

"Have you ever apologized to this princess? Have you apologized for being a
whore, for fucking so many men you don't even know who impregnated your sorry
"I've done my best! God knows, I've done my best to give her a good life."

"Listen to her sweetheart! Listen to this motherfucking slut! She did her best!
Sure, She taught you how to suck cock! She helped men take dirty pictures of you
and sold your image like you were trash! She opened her cunt and let you lick
her like a lesbian cunt! Now she cries like a fucking baby and says she doesn't
even know who she fucked that gave you life! She's never apologized to you for
all the whore has done and now she gets pissed because she knows that her little
baby whore turns me on! She knows she's a fat pig who doesn't deserve your

"Oh Tom. Why? Why do you insist on torturing me like this? Why are you turning
my baby against me?"

"Because you owe Cassie and apology! Because every fucking day I find you more
and more disgusting! Because I love to see you suffering! Because you're fucking
suffering turns me on! Get down on your knees! Get down on your fat fucking

Slowly June sunk to her knees.

Tom unbuckled his belt and slipped it out of the loops. "Baby, you understand
what your mother did wrong?"

"I think so, yes."

"Well, she deserves to be punished. I could punish her, but I think you deserve
the pleasure of doing it until she gives you an apology. Not just the words I'm
sorry, but proves to you that she is truly sorry."

"Oh God!" June moaned as she curled forward, her face on her knees, sobbing.

"Honey, don't be afraid. Mommy knows she deserves this and I want you to do it
for me. Here, take this and wrap it around your hand like this." He demonstrated
how to wrap the buckle end around her wrist. "Take this and slap your mother
with it! Don't be afraid. You slap her as hard as you can! Now, she's going to
beg you to stop, but don't stop until Daddy tells you to, Okay?"

"Hard?" Cassie said, taking the belt. "But won't that hurt?"

"Yes. You're going to hurt her and hurt her bad. But the real hurt will come
from the knowledge that her little girl is doing it to her, not someone else.
You're the one she took advantage of and you must be the one to demand
retribution! It will be good for her, believe me. It's for her own good. Now,
once you start, it will get easier and easier, so you can hit her as hard as you
want. If you feel like calling her names, swearing at her or even spitting on
her you go ahead and do it. There's no right or wrong way to do it, as long as
you know you are punishing her!"

Cassie wrapped the belt around her wrist.

"She knows she's been bad and deserves it, so go ahead Honey! Hit her! Hit her
as hard as you can!"

"Where? Where should I hit her?"

"Well, anywhere, but from where did she lie?"

"Her mouth?"

"That's right. Hit he in the mouth! Hit her face! Hit her fat ugly tits! Hit her
pig thighs! Her fat stomach! Hit the pussy where your unknown father fucker and
left the pig to raise you alone! Tell her you're mad at her! Tell her you hate
her! Tell her you want to hurt her!"

Tears began to well up in Cassie's eyes. "You did make me mad mommy! I want to
know my Daddy! I want to know my real Daddy! Who's my real Daddy Mommy? Who is
he? Who is he?" She began to swing the belt.

"Harder baby! Hit her harder!"

Cassie swung harder and hard the belt slapping against her mother's curled up

"Sit up you pig!" Tom screamed, rising out of his chair and lifting her head by
the hair! Face the fucking music you pimping whore!"

He held her head up for several minutes as Cassie got more and more into it! She
slapped the belt across her mother's breasts! Across her face! Blood began to
ooze from June lips. June was screaming and begging Laurie to stop! Begging Tom!
But the beating continued. Tom could see Cassie's rage building as she cursed
her mother!

"Who's my Daddy? Who's my Daddy? You lied to me! You cheated me! I loved you! I
did everything you ever asked of me! You used me and you don't even know who my
real Daddy is! You're a dirty, filthy whore! You're a slut! A pig! A cunt! I
hate you! I hate you! I hate you!"

Tom let is slacks fall to the floor followed by his under shorts and sat back
down in his chair. His cock was engorged with blood and it had turned purple in
color with veins popping out! He continued to encourage Cassie as he pumped his

"That's it Baby! That's it! Harder! The face! Hit her again in her ugly fucking
fat face! Punish the bitch! Spit on her! Kick her! Go ahead kick her cunt! Kick
her sick fucking cunt!"

Cassie was off in another world. She was enjoying her new role! Standing in
front of her mother she took the belt and wrapped it around her mother's neck
and pulled it tight! As she did, she began to kick her mother in the cunt! She
then removed the belt, made a loop through the buckle and put the loop around
her neck pulling it tight with one hand and using the free hand to slap her
mother's face!

As she began to gag from the belt she suddenly stopped covering her flesh and
sat up on her haunches. With tears still streaming down her face she had an
apparent epiphany! She spread her arms out wide and began to beg Laurie with a
raspy gagging voice! "Yes baby, punish me! Pull it tighter! Choke me! Kill me
baby! I'm a bitch and sick fucking bitch! Punish me good! Make me die!" Her hand
went under her breasts and lifted them! "Hit my tits! Oh God yes, slice my tits!
Choke me dead!" Then her face turning blue, one hand reached down and began to
masturbate furiously!

Tom noticed, but was lost in his own ecstasy! "Oh God yes! You're doing
beautifully! do it! Kill her! Kill the cunt! Don't stop! Hit the bitch! Oh she
deserves it! She knows it! Listen, she fucking knows she deserves your wrath!
Choke the bitch! She deserves to be punished the rest of her sick fucking life!
We'll do it baby!  We'll kill the cunt! We'll do it together! Will make this
cunt hurt like she never imagined she could hurt!"

He was screaming, his mind lost in the eroticism of sadistic fantasy. Planning,
planning how his stepdaughter and he would continue this brutality of his wife,
of her mother, of this bitch! "Yes Baby! That's my girl! Oh shit! Oh Shit! OH

Simultaneously June was begging Cassie not to stop and to do things to her that
she never imagined doing to her mother! Oh God, I deserve your hate! I so
fucking sorry! Beat me baby! Beat me till I bleed! Oh hate me, kill me!"  Her
body shook as if she were having epileptic seizure! She was literally drooling
like a mad bitch dog until suddenly she passed out and fell to the floor. Cum
was pouring out of her vaginal cavity as she lay their breathing heavily, but

Cum was squirting out of Tom's cock like a gusher spraying his shirt and landing
in thick globs on his naked groin, as the relief he so desperately sought,
rushed from his huge purple cock like a volcanic eruption! After a long moment
he realized that Laurie was still beating her screaming mother!

"That was good baby! Oh you did good! Come here Sweetheart! He embraced her lean
youthful naked body and pulled her to him, his hot cum touching her belly as
they embraced. She was sweating and panting as he kissed her face, her neck, her
hair and finally, cupped her sweet innocent face and kissed her on the lips as a
lover would, breathing in her scent!

 Cassie threw her arms around his neck and returned the kiss whispering; "It's
you Daddy! It's you! I love you! I want you to take my hymen Daddy! I want you
to break my cherry and make me a woman! I want to suck your cock Daddy! Suck it
and worship it and kiss it! I want you in my mouth and my cunt and...
my rectum Daddy! I want you to fuck me so bad! I want to be a real lady with you
Daddy! Oh Daddy, I love you so much!"

"I love you too Baby! I love you so much!"

She chuckled. "I'm all sticky Daddy."

"Oh, I've got you all covered with cum!"

"Yeah, but I'm soak and wet in my cunt too! Can I eat your cum? Can I?"

"Of course, Sweetheart. Eat to your hearts content."

She wiped some off her belly and sucked it off her fingers. Then she slipped
onto the floor between his legs and began to lick his hairy thighs, his
testicles and his groin area covered with a thick patch of hair. She sucked cum
off of every strand, licking as she looked up into his adoring face. Finally she
caressed his still half swollen cock. "May I? Daddy, I know I'm not supposed to
suck cock until I have my period, but please! May I? I really need to Daddy! I
need you!"

He caressed her naked breast and reached down to touch her wet tender cunt and
then traced his hand up her abdomen, between her breasts, to her neck and pulled
her face in for another deep, erotic kiss. When their tongues had finished
playing with each other and the taste of cum had permeated both mouths, he
smiled and said; "It belongs to you Darlin' if you want it, it is yours!"

Her mouth encompassed it and she sucked like a cock sucking specialist in a
whorehouse! Tom drifted off to that erotic world he enjoyed only moments before
and the thrill and sensations her mouth stimulated ran a rapid course through
his body! His legs separated to the point of breaking moved back together and
encircled his teenage lover, gripping her tight and pulling her tighter against

Tom was lost once again. "It's my daughter! It's my beautiful teenage daughter
sucking my cock, draining my life. Pushing me to ecstasy! Oh Christ it is
wonderful! Suck me Baby! Suck Daddy's cock!"

Groans of ecstasy were all that escaped her lips and she reached back to every
trick she had ever been taught by her mother or any other of her lovers over the
years! This was her Daddy! The one man she wanted please more than any other
human being on the planet! She started out just to clean and eat his delicious
cum, but now she was determined to give him a glorious orgasm that would fill
her youthful mouth with globs of his tasty cum!

Her hands and fingernails toyed teasingly with his testicles as her tongue
probed the piss whole of his cock! Her mouth had no bottom as she allowed his
cock with its swollen veins! His enormous cock slipped back to the depths of her
throat and, from it's very base, she would suck the sperm from his swollen
testicles into his raging cock of lust and love. The shaft, the penis, the cock,
the prick, the massive instrument of lust that would eventually rip her hymen to
shreds causing blood to pour from her tight teenage cavern; push and penetrate
its way deep into the unexplored territory of her virgin cunt! Like a giant
auger bit cutting and turning as it creates a new path through a mountain!
Tearing and ripping her flesh, as she screams for joy, urging it deeper into her
moist tender womb, praying it will vomit it's precious sperm in her belly;
Sperm, alive and hungry, searching for a fertile egg so that they might unite
and answer her ultimate prayer to give his seed life! To give life to their
child! To feel it kick in her belly and twist and turn. A child that would once
again test her commitment of love! She ached for this man to help her bear a
strong healthy boy child that would stretch her vagina as entered the world!
Stretch her to new depths of pain as a demonstration her love for this man! Her
love and commitment to her father!

Tom's hands were clasping the back of her head, legs holding her body tight, and
hips humping her face!

"Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh you are so good baby! Yes! Daddies fucking your face! Suck
his mother-fucking dick! Suck my cock! SUCK IT! OH SHIT! OH I LOVED WATCHING YOU
BABY...YES...YES...YES! Oh Yesssss! Yessssss! YessSSSSSS! YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!"

His body jerked, legs extended, his hips left the chair to meet her face as his
hands pulled her so close she couldn't breathe! Hump, hump, hump! Again his legs
bound her to him! He squeezed her until she thought she might break!  His hips
and her head moved in unison as he unloaded his testicles! The sperm gushed from
his piss hole but this time it was met by an eager mouth that consumed it and
put it in her belly! It was the mouth and belly of his beautiful
thirteen-year-old stepdaughter, who accepted it with unlimited love and

As they relaxed and regained awareness of what was happening around them, Tom
again noticed June laying on the floor on her side. He offered a light chuckle.
"Look Honey. Look at your mother's thighs. Did you notice the transition when
you were choking her? I thought you were going to kill the bitch! God I almost
shot my load at the thought that you might be killing her! Did you hear her beg
you to kill her? She surrendered to the punishment and began to openly submit,
begging you not to stop!"

" I thought she was going crazy, but I was lost in my own ecstasy! God I had
fun! When I put your belt around her neck I never hated anyone so much! God I
wanted her to die! So my lying cunt mother came, did she? I enjoyed it and she
enjoyed it! Shit I want to do it again! I loved the feeling, the power I had! Oh
Daddy, I wish she had died!"

"You'll have plenty of chances. God you have a real mean streak under that
pretty face. I think we all found a new form of gratification today. She enjoyed
it so much it put her to sleep."

"Look Daddy! She's got cum all over her pussy hair, on her thighs and you can
see how it ran down onto the carpet!" Cassie said with a level of glee! "She
thought I was killing her and she had an orgasm! Isn't that fucking exciting?"

"Crazier things have happened. Some people really enjoy pain and humiliation.
She won't admit it yet, but she loves to be humiliated. I get turned on by a
couple of things; one his humiliating her and the other is seeing your cute
pussy! Especially when your not wearing panties and I know I can touch or kiss
that sweet pussy without any interference!"

"I'm not going to wear panties or a bra any more, especially when we're

"I'm glad."

"Daddy, I really did like the feelings I had when I was hitting her with the
belt and choking her! Can we really do that again sometime? I got so hot in my
pussy! It felt so good! I want to do it again!"

Tom hugged her and kissed the temple of her head. "Yes my love. I have plans and
I am going to get to work on them right away. I think it's a good thing for her
that she does get her rocks with a little discipline, because I think between
the two of us, we'll find lots of fun ways to punish her and get your little
pussy all hot and excited again!"

"You know, Daddy, I wish there were more people to punish. I really got excited.
It's hard to explain! The slapping, whipping and kicking! It was weird. God,
when I spit in mom's face and I saw it mix with her tears I didn't feel one bit
sorry for her, I just wanted to hit her harder! It was so exciting! And when she
was turning blue the only thing I felt was I was getting real hot between my
legs! My cunt was burning up!  God it was so exciting!  It was like I was
getting stronger every time I hit her and the more I hit her the more I wanted
to hit her! I really got angry! I think if you hadn't said that she had had
enough I would still be beating her and loving it!"

Tom lifted her slightly and said: "Christ you have a mean streak that is really
tuning me on. Here, let me get down on the floor. I want you to sit on my face
so I can lick your pussy and smell your sweet asshole!"

He laid on his back as Cassie straddled his face and sat down on it. She was
facing his cock as his lips licked her cunt! "Don't puncture my hymen Daddy!
Lick it nice, but please don't take my hymen yet! Oh that feels good Daddy!
Nobody's ever done that before! Oh yes, oh Daddy that's so wonderful!"

He took in her fragrance and the taste of her virgin cunt and then pushed her a
little forward so his tongue could lick her ass! She let out a sound of pleasure
that stirred his limp, but hot groin! Lifting her slightly he said: "Honey, push
your sweet ass down onto my face! Suffocate me with your shit hole! Oh God yes!
I want to taste your bowels! I want to know your smell like no other man! I want
to taste your shit!"

Cassie closed her eyes and let his tongue explore her tender asshole! It was
wonderful. It was obvious that he was having difficulty breathing but she was
lost in ecstasy and continued to press her shit hole on to his mouth until a
nerve racking spasm over took her and she screamed in ecstasy! She rocked her
body on his face! She could hear him gagging and gasping for breath but this was
no time to relax and lose the joy her body was experiencing! Finally, the fire
subsided and her body relaxed. Lifting herself off his face he was gagging,
coughing and gasping for air!

"Oh Daddy! That was wonderful! Did I smell shitty! Was it bad? I was worried
that you wouldn't like my smell! You know what? I felt like I had to poop! Oh!
What would you have done if I pooped on your face?  Oh Daddy! That was almost as
good as choking Mom! I want to do that again! Please, will you do that again

He laughed and ran his tongue across his lips!  "Hmmmm! That was tasty! You bet
we'll do that again and who knows maybe one day I'll ask you to poop and we can
both see what it is like!  By the way my sweet little girl, are you sorry you
didn't wait for your period to suck my cock?"

"Oh no Daddy!" She gave him a big hug. "I know my period is coming, but I also
knew I couldn't wait! I wanted to suck you so bad! To make you feel good for so
long! To let you know that I could do it and do it good! I'm a good cock sucker
aren't I Daddy!  I wanted to prove it to you! I just couldn't wait any longer!
Then after all that fun beating and punishing Mom, I was so wet and hot there
was no way you or anyone else could have stopped me."

"I'm glad. It was the best blow job I've ever had!"

"I loved your cum Daddy! It was so good! I never want to stop drinking it, but I
don't know if I can wait for my period for you to fuck me! I know I promised
Mom, but she's broken her promises, hasn't she? Oh Dad, I want you to fuck me so
bad! I want your beautiful cock deep inside me covering my uterus with cum!"

"I'll tell you what. Friday is my birthday; we'll have the whole weekend. What
do you say we have a party and a little ceremony. We'll have your mommy
officially give you to me and beg me to fuck you! She'll be giving me your hymen
as a birthday present?  How's that sound? To hell with waiting for your period!
You're a big girl, it's time Daddy made you a woman!"

"Really? Really? You're not joking are you Daddy? Friday! Oh Dad! Wow! Yes!
Friday? You're not shitting me? Friday I become a real woman and you're going to
fuck me, right? You're going to fuck my cunt?"

"Yep! I'm gong to fuck this pretty tender, juicy cunt!" He patted her between
her legs. "After you get home from school we'll have a little ceremony and then
we'll turn my little girl into a woman!"

She hugged him again. "Oh Daddy! I love you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Oh
I hope you like me! I hope I make you real, real happy!"

"I'm sure you will darling. I know you will. But, you have to know you've got a
real little whole down there and it is covered with this thin skin. It's going
to hurt and maybe a lot. First I'm going to have get this guy inside the
opening." He stroked his now limp cock.

"Ohhhhh yes! Yes!" She kissed him on the cheek.

"Then as it stretches you I'll rupture your hymen."

"Weeeeee! Yes!"

"You say that now, but I promise you it will hurt!  Most girls either lose their
hymens when they are older than you and they lose it masturbating to, or to some
teenage boy who's penis is much smaller than mine. I think I'm going to have to
either have your mother hold you down or I'll have to tie you down if we're
going to achieve real penetration."

"Both! I'd love to have mom there watching you fuck me, I hope she cries.  But,
I also want to be tied up! Tied up real tight! I want it to really hurt so bad
I'll never forget it! I want all your beautiful cock deep inside me spitting
thick globs of cum inside me! I want you to fuck me real hard so I scream!"

Tom chuckled. "You say that now sweetie, but how you'll react once we get
started is something else."

"Daddy? Promise me on Friday, when you start to put it in me, promise me you
won't stop until it's all the way in and you fill me with cum! No matter how
much I bleed!  No matter what I say or cry or how much I scream, I've waited for
this day so long! Please Daddy! Please! Please say you will!"

"You have no idea what you're saying."

"Yes I do! Yes I do! Daddy I want to feel everything that goes with losing my
hymen and having a man fuck me for the first time. I want it to be like a rape!
I've dreamed of it everyday of my life, I don't want it to be half way! I want
to feel every second of it! That's one of the reasons I want to be tied down, so
I can't escape even if I did change my mind. Don't allow me to change my mind
Daddy! I want you to take my hymen and take it so I'll never, ever, ever forget
it! Please promise me you won't pull out and stop! Please Daddy! Please!

He pulled her head to his chest and whispered; "Okay baby. Okay. Friday I'll
give you everything I have! I promise. Shit, I've gotta piss."

Cassie smiled and kissed his belly. "You can do it right here."

"Huh? What are you talking about? I've got to go to the bathroom."

She coyly smiled and ran her fingernail around the tip of his cock. "I ate your
cum, I can drink your pee!"

"No. No baby, I'll use the toilet."

She grabbed the base of his cock and with a teasing smile said, "Let me be your
toilet!" With that he inserted his limp penis into her mouth!

"No Honey! Please!"

She wouldn't release his cock from her mouth. Instead she began to stroke his
lower abdomen, pulling her hand down to his groin. The burning need to piss grew
in his swollen bladder!

She continued to stroke and press on his prostate until her grabbed the sides of
her head and bellowed: "Oh Shit!"

Piss began pouring out of his cock. He closed his eyes for the initial rush and
then opened them seeing this blond pixie swallowing his piss as fast as she
could. Her eyes were closed as she concentrated on her effort to capture every
drop.  She was gulping as fast as she could as his bladder drained. Yellow
streams started to leak from the sides of her mouth, but she was quick to
realize it and wiped them off before they could drip on her father's chair!

"Oh Christ! My piss drinking little slut! My mother-fucking toilet! Drink it
baby, Drink Daddy's piss! Oh Shit, you are something else!"

His flow slowed down, but she did not relax her efforts. Finally he was down to
squeezing his sphincter muscle to release the last few drops and she took it
all! As he finished, she released her lip hold on his cock and began to lick his
cock and balls, sticking her tongue into his pee hole.

"See! You didn't have to go to the bathroom Daddy!"

Breathing heavy he reached down and stroke her face, wiping his fingers around
her lips. "You are fucking amazing! Are you sure you're only 13?'

"Huh huh. Did you like it?"

"Yes, yes, I liked it!"

"I can do that for you anytime Daddy! I liked it!"

"How the fuck did I ever get so lucky?'

"Well, you licked my poop hole!"

He chuckled. "Got me there! You tasted good too!"


"Well now that I don't have to go to the john, wake up your mother. Give her a
kick! Let's let her in on our plans!"

Cassie got up and gave June a kick in the abdomen. When June didn't respond she
shouted another, scream: "Hey Cow! Wake up! Come on oink, oink, Daddy wants to
talk to us.

June opened her eyes, regained her composure and lifted herself to a sitting
position. "Oh God Laurie, I'm alive! I really thought you had killed me! I've
never seen you so angry."

"That's because I really hated you! You really did look like a fat pig! And at
that moment, I really wanted to kill you!"

"Cassie! Don't speak to me like that!"

"Why shouldn't she?  You can't bullshit her! You sure as hell can't bullshit

"Oh God Tom, I don't understand why you treat me like this? Why you've turned my
daughter against me? Why do you insist on humiliating and punishing me?"

Tom looked at her for a long moment before speaking. He smiled as he spoke. "I
humiliate you because it turns me on. I do it because I get a hard-on when I
hurt you physically and emotionally. The truth is, you like it more than I do!"

"No! I don't! I don't..."

"You don't get turned on when you are humiliated?"

"No! What kind of a person do you think I am?"

"Why did you show me the pictures of your eight year old girl sucking a man's


"Why did you show me pictures of your little girl tied up in obscene pictures?
Why did you tell me about you and Tom teaching her how to suck cock? Why did you
show me pictures of you kissing her tender pussy? Why show me pictures of her
with fake blood on her young cunt? Why did you agree to let me fuck your
daughter when she had her first period? Why did you have a volcanic orgasm when
she damn near killed you a few minutes ago? The answer to all of the
wanted to be punished! You wanted to enjoy sexual humiliation. You wanted to
incur my wrath and anger! And a few minutes ago you came because you thought
your baby was going to provide the ultimate punishment, she was going to kill
your dumb ass!"

June's eyes were glazed. Her lips and lower jaw trembled. Her hand moved slowly
toward her groin.

"Look! She wants to play with herself!" Cassie said tugging on Tom's arm.
"Go ahead!" Tom urged. "Go ahead! You're so turned on by this dressing down that
the only thing you can think of is fingering you clit and having an orgasm! Tell
me I'm wrong!"
"You bastard! You bastard!"

"You've never been so excited as when Cassie had that belt around your neck and
you really thought you were going to die, have you? I know I've never seen you
that excited before!"

June looked at her husband and her child, hung her head and almost whispered:

"What?" Tom pressed. "We didn't hear you. Speak up you stupid shit."

Cassie reach out and slapped her face! "Answer Daddy, you slut!"

June put her hand to her cheek, burning from Cassie's slap.

"Yes! Yes, I enjoyed it! I was scared. More scared than I have ever been! God
she was so angry, so filled with evil!  I really thought she was going to kill
me and my body reacted unlike I ever expected. I wanted it! I actually wanted
her to kill me! I was so fucking excited I couldn't control myself! I felt like
I was coming and dieing at the same time! I knew I was having an orgasm and it
was like a bomb went off in my womb!  It was so fucking exciting! My baby, the
child I had given life to, was standing over me, choking me to death and
smiling! Christ I have never come close to that kind of orgasm before and I
doubt if I'll ever again know such pleasure! There! Satisfied?"

"Well! A sign of honesty. What about the rest of it? You knew those pictures
would both excite and anger me, didn't you? You lusted for me to punish you for
showing them to me!"


"When I got angry and cursed at you what did you do?"

"I don't know what you mean?"

"You dumb slut! What did you do every time I got angry at you?"

"Well, I...I masturbated."


"I masturbated!"

"Tell me, how do you really feel about giving me your daughter to me to fuck?"
June was still on her knees on the floor. Her body was shaking as she looked at
Tom and back at her daughter.

"I can't hear you. How do you feel about giving Laurie to me to fuck?"

"Excited! It makes me hot! Satisfied? Yes! I'm so fucking excited that's all
I've been able to think about!  I've praying she would start menstruating so you
would fuck her! My clit is raw, my labia are raw, and my entire vulva is raw!
I...I...I can't fucking wait to see you fuck my baby! There! Happy? And yes!
Yes! I love it when you humiliate me! The more you do it the more excited I get!
The more you punish me, the more I want to be punished! The more I want to be
fucked! I can't fucking help it! You hear me? I can't fucking help it!"

He laughed." See, that wasn't so hard. First time you've told the truth in
years! Well, the timing seems to be excellent! We woke you because we wanted to
let you know I've decided that Friday will be the day."


"Daddy's going to take my cherry this Friday!" Cassie blurted. "Tell her Daddy!
Tell her!"

"Yes. I've decided we are not going to wait for her to have a period!"

"So soon ..."

"This Friday after she gets home from school."

"Oh my God!"

"How do you feel about it now?"

June looked at her baby daughter. Tears were running down her face. "God forgive
me, I...I...I want to come! Oh God Tom, I'm so fucking excited! Oh baby! Can I
watch Tom? Will you let me watch? I want to be there Tom!"

He pulled Cassie close to him and kissed her on top of the head. It will be a
family affair, should we let her watch?"

"Will it hurt her, Daddy?"

"In many ways, yes! She'll be crying and she'll be coming at the same time.
Won't you?"

"I...I don't know. Yes! Probably. I know it's something I've fantasized about
for years! I feel like trash! I'm so fucking disgusting aren't I?"

"Yes. Yes you are."

"Oh please Tom! Please say I can be there."

"Oh, you'll be there. You will not only be there you will play a significant
role in the rape of your daughter."

June bent forward and kissed Tom's feet. "Thank you Tom! Thank you!" She began
to masturbate as she wrapped one arm around Cassie's ankles.  Kissing her
daughter's feet looked up into her daughter's eyes; "Oh baby! I know you'll
never forget this and someday you're going to hate me, if you don't all ready,
but it will be so exciting! Honest baby! It's okay if you hate me! Did you hear
your Daddy? I need your hate, it excites mommy so! It's okay! Oh baby, you've
got to understand how exciting this is for mommy!"

"I want it, Mommy! I want Daddy to take my cherry!"

"I know you do honey, but one day you'll look back on all the bad things I've
done to you and I know you'll loath the very thought of me!"

"I do. I do hate you all ready! I hate you right now, but not because of Daddy!
Not because Daddy is going to take my cherry! I hate you because, because you're
a liar and a fat cow! I hate you because you lied so many times. You just
admitted you lied about how you feel about how Daddy treats you!"

June began to finger her clit! "Oh Tom, why am I like this? Why? Why does her
saying that make me so excited?"

"Because you're a slut! A fat fucking sick cow who can't live without sex and
humiliation! Because you hold nothing scared other than your orgasms!"

Crying again, her fingers playing with her raw clitoris, she asked; "Friday Tom.
What do you want me to do? I'll do anything you ask. Please Tom what can I do?"

Laughing he thought for a moment: "I'd like this to be a real special family
event, but before I tell you what we will do on Friday we must take care of
first things, first."

"Yes? What?"

"First thing is you should consider today your fat Tuesday."

"Fat Tuesday?"

"Yes, because tomorrow you are going on a diet."

"Okay. I can do that."

"We'll see. Starting tomorrow you are on a diet on bread and water. For one week
you will get two cups of water and two slices of stale bread. The following week
I will add another cup of water and another slice of bread and a one-a-day
vitamin. The third week you will get one can of tuna fish per day. After that we
will decide how well you are doing."

"I can't live on that Tom!"

"You can and you will!"

"Okay. I'll try."

"You'll do more than try. As God is my witness, if you cheat on your diet in any
way, I mean lick your fingers after fixing Cassie's lunch or our dinner, which
you will do, I will cut that finger off! You understand?"

Swallowing the enormous lump clogging her throat she managed to respond: "Yes."

"Additionally, tomorrow morning you and I are going to the farm store out on
route 20 and get you a cowbell."

"A cow..Cowbell?"

"I think you heard me. Then we are going directly to Forever Yours Tattoo
parlor. Friend of mine owns it. He is going to pierce your labia, and
permanently attach it to your cunt."

"Oh my God!"

"Since your thighs are so fucking fat, you will walk with your legs spread at
all times to give the bell room to ring with every step you take!"

"Jesus! Panties? I won't be able to wear panties!"

"Of course not. Later tonight you are going to remove all of your clothing our
of my bedroom. You will give me all of your panties and bras, which I will burn.
Until I say so, you will not wear any undergarments."

"What about when I go shopping for groceries or take Cassie to school

"You will allow your cowbell to ring with every step. If people laugh or ask
you, you will tell them it is cowbell jewelry you wear on your cunt to remind
you how fat you are!"

"I can't! I can't!"

"It's not a matter of can't, you will do it!"
"Slacks! I can wear slacks when I go out in public!"

"No, you will wear skirts and dresses."

"But you know my skirts are short Tom! You told me to buy short skirts. They are
all I have! If I spread my legs to walk, they ride up my thighs and people will
see the bell! For God's sake Tom those bells are huge! They will see my bell!"

"Yes, they most likely will. All the more incentive for you to lose weight fast.
Unless you find that you like exposing your cunt bell?"

"It's big and heavy! What if it rips my labia? What if it tears my labia?"

"Simple, we'll make another visit to the tattoo parlor and ask him to put on a
new one and make it more secure! When the bell can swing freely between your
legs without you having to spread your legs to walk, you will have lost enough
weight for me to consider allowing its removal."

"Oh Jesus Tom, that is so fucking cruel!" She spoke as she once again
manipulated her clitoris!

"She's going to wear a cowbell on her pussy?" Cassie asked with excitement.

"Yes Darling. We're putting a cowbell on this fat cow and from now on we will
call her Cow! Her name from now on is Cow!"

"Hi Cow! Hi mommy Cow!" Cassie teased. "Her titties? Are they utters now?"

"Yes baby. Her titties are now utters!"

June was frantically probing her vagina with four of her fingers!

Cassie pulled on her father's arms. "Dad? Was does she always get excited when
you tell her things like this?"

"Honey this cow is what we call a masochist."


"Mass-Oh-Kiss-ta. It means in a perverse way she loves to be punished and
humiliated. It excites her. The more we humiliate her, the more we punish her,
the more she wants it, needs it. She is addicted to her kind of sex!"

"I know she gets excited when you tell her these things, but I've never seen you
hit her! How will you punish her, Daddy?"

"You still got those ping pong paddles in your room?"

"Huh huh."

"Go get one of them."

Cassie ran off to retrieve the paddle.

"How about a little taste of pain my dear? Anxious for a little paddling?"

"Fuck you! You know I need it don't you, you bastard? You know I ache for it!"
She was licking her juices off her fingers from one hand and probing her cunt
with the other! Cassie came back with the paddle. It was wooden with red rubber
on the paddle.

"Here it is Daddy!"

"All right Cow! Stop fucking yourself and get on your hands and knees!"

"Yes Tom."  She shifted and places her ass in front of Tom and Cassie.

"Now asked your daughter to spank you as hard as she can for 25 whacks."

Swallowing and looking up at her daughter June spoke with sincerity. "Beat me
baby! Hit me with your paddle! Do it like Daddy says, 25 times! Hurt me honey!"

"Okay baby, go ahead and spank her." Tom said his hand on her shoulder. " Don't
worry about how hard you hit her, just see if you can turn those fat cheeks
bright red!"


"Now! And every time you hit her you have her call out the number of whacks you
give her and every time she counts out a number you tell her how much you hate
her! Go on baby, teach the cow a lesson!"

"You hear Daddy, you cow? Count!"

She mustered all of her strength and sent the paddle whacking into her mothers
Cassie didn't withhold anything right from the start and as her mother called
out the number of strokes, Cassie spewed forth insults! She told her how much
she hated her. How she wanted to make her bleed! She called her a cunt and a
cow! By the 17th blow June was sobbing uncontrollably and her buttocks were
bright red! Again and again she slammed the paddle against her mother's tender
flesh! By the time she reached 20 Tom could see the capillaries busting and her
ass was beet red! Cassie only grew more and more intense! June began to drool
and snot was running from her nose as her sobs were mixed with screams! She
rolled over on her side screaming; "Enough! Please! Enough!"

"Get up! Get up you cow!" Cassie screamed at her mother. "I'm not finished!
Daddy make her get up again, I'm not finished!"

Tom got down on his haunches next to June's face. "Well, we still need five more
coming, don't we?"

"No more, no more! Please! I can't take anymore!" June begged.

He looked at his daughter and said'; "Well, I guess we have to find some other
place to finish the job, don't we?"

"Another place?" Cassie said the disappointment filling her face.

"Common Cow!" He said grabbing a fist full of her hair and pulling her up onto
her knees. Then pulling her arms back behind her head he said: Cassie, Darling,
I guess we'll just have to paddle the cows utters! And because she quit early, I
think she deserves an additional five smacks, what do you think?"

"You want me to spank her titties?"

"That's right. How about five on each utter? Go ahead I'll hold her up this

"NO! NO! OH GOD NO!" June started twisting wildly and screaming. She broke loose
from Tom's grip and fell back on the floor!

"Bitch!" Tom yelled as he kicked her in the stomach! Wait a second Sweetheart,
we fix her ass!"  He left for a moment and returned with a ball of twine and a
roll of duct tape. Grabbing her once again by the hair he pulled her back to a
position where she had been kneeling on the floor. Pulling her arms back into
hammerlock position, he quickly wrapped her forearms together and then ran the
tape up around her neck and back to her forearms!

Tom then took the twine and wrapped it tightly, several times around the base of
her breasts, so that each breast stood out from her chest like flesh balloons!
Almost immediately they began to turn a deep reddish blue and her blood stopped
flowing to her breasts! Then, once again grabbing handfuls of hair he pulled her
head back!

"All right Baby, now give her, her spanking. Fuck the numbers! Beat the shit out
of this argumentative Cow!"

Cassie was inflamed with anger as she resumed beating her mother with the
paddle! It excited her to see her breasts bounce with each vicious blow, when
bound up like that! Between blows she cursed her mother and spit in her face and
on her breasts! June's screams were reduced to hoarse gargles and she pissed on
the floor! This aggravated Cassie even more and she intensified her attack,
kicking her mother's now swollen, black and blue breasts and hitting them with
her fist.
Tom had removed one hand from June's hair and was masturbating as he encouraged
Cassie to vent her anger and take her mother into new depths of torture and

Covered with sweat and exhausted the thirteen year old finally dropped the
paddle, got close to her mother's face, covered one nostril and blew snot on her
mother's face and then repeated the act with the other nostril! She then crossed
to the big chair, plopped down into it and wiped the results of several orgasms
off her legs and pussy, licking her fingers, just as she would savor an ice
cream cone!

As Tom released June's hair and she fell to the floor, landing on her back. She
was gagging and crying and breathing as heavy as Cassie. Tom straddled her
prostrate body and proceeded to ejaculate on her face and bruised breasts! As he
released his thick white cum his knees slowly buckled as he sunk down finally
sitting on her stomach and wiping his cock on her almost totally black tits!

He looked over at Cassie: "Well, was that fun?"

"Oh yes Daddy! I had more orgasms than I have ever had! I didn't want to stop! I
didn't want to stop, Daddy! I've never felt like that before!"

As he was untying June's breasts he continued to talk to Cassie. "Christ that
was hot baby! You were so fucking intense I couldn't control myself! Shit, you
really hurt her! You really, really hurt her! I thought my nuts would explode!"

As the twine was loosen June's breasts began to fill with blood, but they were
obviously going to be black and blue for some time.


"Yeah Baby."

"I know it sounds crazy, but you know a couple of times when I
was hitting her and I heard her reaction....well..."


"Well, I wished it was me! I wished it was me being spanked and having my
titties beaten! I wanted to know what she was feeling! I wanted to be there, to
experience what she was experiencing! To know if I was spanking her hard enough
and in the right places."

"Maybe you inherited some of those masochistic genes!"

"You think so?"

"It's possible."

"Is that bad? Does that make me a masochist?"

"If you like it, it does, but it's not bad! You just have to make sure you have
someone who will take you to the depths of punishment that you need."

"How will I know that?"

"Daddy will help you, Darling. I'd love to see if you like it as much as mommy."

"You think mommy enjoyed my spanking?"

"Yes. Maybe more! She knows that even though she hates it she enjoys wonderful
orgasms when she is insulted, humiliated and punished! Something deep inside her
begs for it."

"Wow! Look at her! She looks like she's dead!"

"She's just exhausted! She'll be sore and bruised for several days, but because
she's a masochist, even during her healing she'll probably masturbate several
times thinking of what it was like to have you beat her! By Friday she'll ache
for more punishment and she'll more than likely pray it will be more severe and
give her more orgasms!"

"God, that's wild!"

"That's sex. It's different for everyone. All of us need different things to
excite us and provoke orgasms. Mommy is fortunate she has us and we are
fortunate to have a slut who enjoys being punished!"

"Will you punish me Daddy? I mean really hurt me so I can see if I like it! Oh,
I wonder what she felt when her titties were all blue? She was really hurting,
wasn't she?"

"Yes, I think she hurt and I think that the idea you were doing it, her
daughter, just added to her excitement! Then, when you insulted her and told her
you hated her, she slipped deep into masochistic ecstasy! To have you tell her
how much you hated her, so sincerely and so viciously was like the ultimate

"I think I really do hate her!"

"That was obvious."

"Will you hate me when you spank me?"

He smiled. "Honey, you will determine how I feel. If you do something that
disgusts me or angers me I may sound like I hate you, but you have to remember I
am doing it because it excites both you and me. Part of the excitement for me
when punishing someone like your mother, or maybe even you, is inflicting the
pain with sincerity and knowing that you are really feeling the wrath of your
attacker. Nothing is more boring than when people fake beatings and fake pain!
That really pisses me off!"

"I promise not to fake it when you punish me Daddy."

"That's my girl! That will make it really exciting for Daddy."

"When can we do it Daddy? When will you punish me?"

He chuckled:  "We will test your level of endurance this weekend! You will know
how much you enjoy pain when I take your cherry, believe me. But you'll probably
also need and deserve a good spanking! So sometime this weekend I'll take a
paddle or belt to you and we'll see just how excited we both get, all right?
What do you think?"

"I think I'd like that." She gave him a hug adding; " Okay, it's a deal, I'll
wait till this weekend for my spanking!!"

"Daddy are you really going to make her wear a cowbell on her pussy?"

"Yep! Tomorrow."

"What about bells on her utters?"

Enjoying her sadistic bent he kissed her on the forehead: "Sounds like a good
idea. We could do that to. Maybe hang little bells from each nipple so they
swing and ring whenever she moves!"

"Ohhhhh! It was a good idea, huh?"

"She may not think so. At least not at first, but yes, it's a great idea.  I
think we'll have so fun with them and they will make great training tools. Put
them on a little chain so whenever she doesn't obey, we can give them a nice
little yank!".

"That will be fun! She'll have to obey me right?"

"Right. Now remember, you can't tell anyone at school about anything that we do
here at home?"

"Not even my best friend?"

"No. There are real stupid laws that don't allow girls and their parents to have
this kind of fun! If you tell anyone they will put your mother and me in jail
and send you off to live with some religious fanatics who won't understand you
or your desires. And if you let them know, they will have you put away in some
government home for children!"

"Oh no! Then I won't tell a soul! I won't tell anyone, I promise!"

"Good girl!"

June began to moan and wake up. Tom went to her and probed her abdomen with his
naked foot. "Hey Cow! Time to wake up! Common! Got to tell you about all the fun
we're going to have on Friday! Jesus you're such a lazy fuck! Up! Up and at

Slowly, June regained consciousness. As she began to sit up she let out a moan
of agony!

"Oh! I don't think I will be able to sit for a week!"

Cassie and Tom laughed.

"My breast!" Looking down and examining her bruised breasts she blurted out: "Oh
God, look at my breasts! Look! Oh they hurt so bad!"

"I think they're pretty!" Cassie said with a chuckle.

"Your little sadist did a hell of a job, didn't she?"

Trying to touch her sore breasts June looked at them and at her daughter. Her
eyes red and swollen from tears, she attempted to force a smile: "Yes. God
Cassie baby, I've never had pain like that?"

"Made you cum, didn't I?" Cassie said, massaging her tiny clit.

"Oh, yes you did! I thought I was going to go insane the pain was so intense,
but I couldn't stop cumming!"

"You peed! You peed on the floor!"

"Oh shit! I'll clean it up. God, I'm sorry, I couldn't control myself! I can't
get over how intense it was!"

"You daughter wanted to know if it was really exciting for you, or if it was
just painful!"

"Oh...oh..." She was breathing heavily. "God it was painful baby, but it was
also so exciting! You were so angry and so vicious I really didn't know if you
were going to kill me! Just like when you were choking me, for a moment I wanted
you to take me there! I wanted my baby to be the one who hated me so much you
would kill me! Jesus! As much as I hurt, I'm getting wet just telling you how
hot I was!"

"She wants me to take her there." Tom said, stroking his daughter's head. "I
promised I would after you give her to me as my birthday present."

June crawled over to the two of them and squatted in front of her daughter who
was sitting in the chair. "Oh baby, I can't tell you how much I hope you don't
like it!"

"You don't want me to feel the excitement you got to feel?"

"No! It's not that I don't want you to feel the ecstasy and excitement. If you
do like it, I hope you'll feel the excitement I felt, but look at me! Look at my
breasts!" Looking up at Tom she added: "It won't be the last time you and Daddy
do this to me! I know it! My breasts will be ruined and ugly! But God forgive
me, I still want it! You won't be able to get undressed for gym, the girls will
all call you names and make fun of you!"

"I don't care about them! I want to have an orgasm that makes me pee! That makes
me pass out because it feels so good!"

"Honey, tomorrow your daddy is going to attach a cowbell to my vagina! I'll have
to walk funny and people all over, those who know me and those who don't will
laugh at me and call me names! They will say dirty things about me!"

"Will you like it? Will it give you orgasms?"

"No, I won't like it! I'll feel terrible! I'll probably cry from embarrassment
and humiliation, but...but yes, at least I hope I will have numerous orgasms,
and when I get home I know I'll ache to confess to dad how bad it was and beg
him to let me masturbate! You see Honey, Daddy won't fuck me anymore, will you

"I never give your bitch mother the pleasure of feeling my cock in her fat, ugly

"See Honey! That's the real reason I love it when he hurts and humiliates me. I
love your daddy and I know hurting me gives him pleasure! Just like I got so
excited when you got excited hurting me!"

"I gave Daddy an idea and he likes it!"

"What is it?"

"I think tomorrow he should have the man he is taking you to, to put bells on
your utters too!"

She stared at her daughter for a moment and then her eyes went up to Tom
standing beside Cassie. "Tom? On my breasts?"

"Huh huh!"

"But they will still be bruised! He'll see them!"

"He's seen a lot of pain seeking sluts! Besides, they'll be nice and tender and
it will be fun to watch as he pierces them and see how they react to the weight.
I see them hanging down two, three inches so they swing back and forth and you
make more pretty music when you walk."

"Can't we let them heal a little first? Please!"

"We could but that would take away some of my pleasure, wouldn't it?"

"Besides, you'll want to masturbate again if it hurts, won't you? Cassie asked.

"Shit! Probably, yes! Yes! Yes, damit!"

"What if Daddy doesn't let you?"

"I'll go crazy until he does! And I know he'll make me wait! I just know it!"

Tom nodded yes, with a broad smile. "She's right Honey. I think you should wait
until Friday and my birthday party!"

"Daddy's going to spank me on my birthday, right Daddy? I want to be spanked
real hard an see if I get as excited as you!"

June hugged her daughter's legs and cried as Tom responded; "Yes Baby! Daddy
looks forward to it!"

"Oh Tom, don't hurt her too much! Please, just let her know what it's like, but
don't bruise her! Don't ruin her breasts like mine!"

 "We'll see. That's my decision, not yours.  Now then, I think it's time to
discuss my birthday party. "

"Yes Daddy! Tell us! Tell what's going to happen!"

"Friday, after Cassie gets home from school, you'll prepare her for presentation
to me. I want her in high heels, naked and wearing that ankle bracelet she said
you think she shouldn't wear. After we get the cowbell attached to your vulva
tomorrow you will go to the adult store and pick out a real pretty one for her.
One with the charms she wants, a cock and a vagina!  It will be your debut as a
cow slut and the adult store is most appropriate! If someone asks you about it,
makes a joke or calls you a name, you will thank them and ask if they want to
see it. If they say yes, you will lift your skirt and expose yourself to them!"

June could not respond, she squeezes her cunt lips together and swallowed the
lump in her throat.

"Then at 7:00 o'clock you will officially surrender Cassie to me. You'll give me
a letter begging me to accept your 13-year-old daughter to use as I see fit,
including, but not limited to fucking her cunt, fucking her ass and fucking her
face!  You will urge me to beat her so that she may know joy you enjoy from my
beatings! In the letter you will admit that you have been a failure as my wife,
as a sex partner and as a mother. You will beg me to accept your daughter. In
your letter, you will admit that you are no longer worthy to share my bed and
hope I will accept your virgin daughter as my lover!"

Cassie was bouncing up and down on the balls of her feet as she hung on to Tom's
forearm. "Yes! I'm going to be Daddy's lover and you're not! Yes! Yes!"

" I love you, Tom! I'll do anything, anything you say!"

"You will have your chance to prove your love to both Cassie and me."

"As soon as we are finished here you will remove all of your things from my
bedroom. Your pictures, clothes, make-up, toiletries, everything! I don't want
anything in there that reminds me of you. Friday morning you will then move all
of Cassie's intimate things into my bedroom."

As he spoke Cassie stood beside him, took his hand and kissed him on the bicep.

"Oh Tom, You must know I love you! I love you Cassie!"

"The only way to prove your love is through total obedience. Obedience to your
daughter, and obedience to me, Understand?"

"Yes Tom, I understand."

"Friday following your disgusting act of giving your daughter to her step-father
you will assist us in what legally is termed her rape."

"Really? Oh god, really Tom? You'll let me be there, you'll let me see it all?
Yes! Yes, yes of course! What will I be doing? Cassie I'm so sorry, I know you
don't really understand, but I've prayed your daddy would let me be there and
see you become a woman!"

"Don't be sorry you old cow! I'm not! After Friday, I'll be Daddy's lover and
you'll be my cow slave!"

"When we are in the bedroom I will video tape you will laying Cassie on the bed
on her back.  You will put pillows in the center of the bed for her hips. You
will bind her wrists to each end of the headboard, lift her legs over her head
and spread them so that her cunt will be open and fully accessible to me. To
keep her in this position to will also tie her ankles to the top of the

"Oh shit! She'll be so beautiful and so ready for you! Yes? Yes?"

"Prior to my fucking your former daughter you will appear on camera naked. You
will introduce yourself as her mother and explain to the viewer that what he or
she is about to see is truly reality TV. They are about to see your daughter
losing her virginity by someone you have begged to rape her for your own sexual
gratification! You will explain how you have wanted to see your child raped for
years and now they will be able to join you as you watch your daughter's hymen
ruptured. You will explain that, she is being attacked not only with your
permission, but at your insistence and that the rape is your idea!"

"I'm on camera? Who will see this Tom? God, isn't that dangerous?"

"For you. You will be on the tape and when I am fucking Cassie we will have the
camera focused only on her face and her reaction to the rape!"

"But who? Who do you plan on showing the tape to?"

"That's not for you to worry about. You tell the viewers you hope they will find
her rape as exciting as you anticipate it will be. As you talk, you will begin
to masturbate in excited anticipation, as you explain that you expect that your
daughter will scream and beg the man to stop, but you have urged him not to
stop, until he has completely penetrated her and dumped his cum in her cunt!"

"Oh shit, this is so fucking exciting! You won't get in trouble for taping this,
will you?"

"I told you to stop worrying about it. During the rape the camera will go in and
only show Cassie's face. They will see her reaction and hear her screams. My
little actress here will beg: No mommy! Please mommy! An you will tell her to
shut up, can't she see your busy masturbating!"

"You won't be on camera?"

"Hell no, I'm the rapist you stupid shit! Once I am done raping her, I'll take
the camera and you will climb onto the bed and eat the Cassie's blood and my

Pumping her cunt furiously and breathing heavily, June spoke." You're insane,
but god forgive me, I love it!"

 "And I'll get to watch it over and over!" Cassie said excitedly, bouncing on
her toes. "My cow will be eating my pussy juices!"

"Now then, when you have finished her cleaning, you will release her, turn her
over and prepare her rectum for forced entry. Again her wrists will be tied to
each side of the headboard. She will be positioned on her knees. You will again
spread her legs as wide as possible to provide me complete access and secure a
rope to each leg, just above the knee. The other ends of that rope will also be
bound to the headboard. You will then explain that you have prepared your
daughter so that her ass will now be raped. As you speak you will continue to be
masturbating for the audience to demonstrate your excitement of seeing your
daughter raped. I will then rape her rectum and you will again tape her face,
capturing her every reaction! I will have a small amount of jell on my cock, but
I want her raw! I want her to feel as much agony as possible and to fill the
speakers with screams that would make the Marquee deSade cum! Again, without
mercy and without any reprieve until I have filled her shit hole with my sperm.
Following my assault, you will orally clean Cassie's rectum and groin, just as a
bitch dog cares for her puppies."

"Including my shit! Right Daddy? She's got to eat my shit too!"

"Yes Honey, including your shit!"

"When you have finished cleaning her you will masturbate to orgasm, and then we
fade to black!"

"Jesus Tom, that is so fucking exciting!"

"I'm glad you think so, we'll see once I sell the tape and people see what kind
of a horny, bitch mother fucking cow slut you really are!"

"I know! I know. What? What do you want me to do now?"

"Get the fuck upstairs and clean your shit out of my room, then start working on
your letter. Tomorrow will be a busy day for you when we get the cowbell
attached to your cunt and take you around town for show and tell!"

The next three days past, almost too quickly for June, but far to slow for Tom
and Cassie. Finally, it was seven o'clock and time for Tom's Birthday party.

June came down the stairs first, as agreed. Per the plan she was naked, except
for the required high heels and a large cowbell attached to her labia and gold
bells dangling from each of her still bruised breasts. Also as planned, her legs
spread and she shook her hips so that the bells would ring with each step and
foretell her coming. Her labia consisted of considerable excess flesh, so the
bell was very evident. It was awkward for her to walk and she looked stupid.
This pleased Tom.

She walked to him and kneeled before him and with tears streaming down her face
and in a shaky voice she sang:

???"Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you,
 Happy Birthday Dear Tom! Happy Birthday to you!"

"What have you got for me you pathetic cow bitch?" Tom asked.

"The fruit of my womb sir. She is all I have to give as a token of my love and
commitment to serve as your cowslut. She is my only child and the only beautiful
thing to come from my worthless sour cunt! I don't know her father sir because I
let so many men fuck me prior to her birth.  I am a slut. A worthless cow slut!
I beg you sir to accept her as my gift to you. I beg you to allow her to know
the pleasures of your beautiful cock! She is a virgin Master, please take her
hymen and make her your woman. Please turn her virgin rectum into a fuck hole
for your pleasure. Let her know the taste of your precious sperm. As she takes
my place in your bed I beg your mercy and that you allow me to remain within
your home, even if it is a small corner in your cellar! I am a pain slut sir. I
ache for the taste of your wrath. Abuse me Master! Allow me to serve my former
daughter as my Mistress and tormentor!  Please sir, keep me as a slave to the
both of you to use and abuse in any manner that gives you pleasure!"

"Present your worthless child you cowslut."

June called; "Mistress Cassie! Please come and present yourself as my gift to my

Cassie was excited and nervous as she walked down to the living room to join her
parents.  At 13, she felt like a bride, going to the alter. Today her Daddy
would make her a real woman!  She looked so young, so tender, and so fragile,
just as her Daddy had asked. . She was sporting her ankle bracelet and high
heels. Her blond hair was soft and fell upon her shoulders. June had wrapped a
three-inch wide red ribbon across her right shoulder that hung down to her left
hip. There was a huge bow on the ribbon at Cassie's naval. Tom had never seen
such an incredibly beautiful girl.

At the site of her Tom's mouth turned dry, he couldn't swallow, but a smile of
anticipation and pleasure crossed his face as he stroked his rigid cock about to
plunge into her step-daughter's cunt and fill her with his semen. He was going
to take her cherry!

"Happy Birthday Daddy?" She smiled through her delicately painted lips. "Will
you take my hymen Daddy? Will you make me a woman?"

His sphincter contracted and huge glob of precum dripped from the peehole of his
proud and ready erection!

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