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Georgetta: The Bet

Chapter 8 Morning Fantasy

Georgetta: The Bet Part II
by The Dolphin (MF rom slow bd)

The Bet Part II: Saturday Morning
Chapter 8:  Morning Fantasy
Copyright 2000 The

She looked at the pile of gear on the table in front of her.  She picked up
each of the pieces of bondage gear and set it on tabletop near where it
would be used.  The ankle cuffs, spreader bar, and two short pieces of chain
went on the floor beneath her.  The nipple clamps, vibrator, blindfold,
studded collar, and Discman she set on the table in front of her, and the
longer chain, leather wrist cuffs, and handcuffs went on the opposite side
of the table.

She had decided to try to tie herself to the table like the girl in the
bondage catalog.  She bent down in front of the near side of the table, and
set her two boots down on the floor.  She wasn't going to wear them this
time, but she needed to measure the lengths of the chains correctly.  She
placed the spreader bar between the two boots.  Then she attached one end of
a chain to the right boot, and then took the other end and wrapped it around
the two crosspieces of the right leg to the table.  She left herself about
an inch or so of slack, and then locked the end of the chain at the table
leg to itself.  She repeated the step with the left boot and its chain.
Then she unlocked the two chains from the boots, removed the spreader bar,
and set the two boots off to the side.

Her hands were the hard part.  How could she get her hands securely bound to
the legs on the other side of the table, and yet still not be able to either
move off of the table, or somehow release her hands?   She had realized that
one of the elements that had contributed to her high level of sexual
satisfaction the previous evening had been the incredible level of teasing
she had had to put up with prior to her first orgasm.  That had further been
heightened by her inability to get loose and finish the orgasm.  If she
weren't able to duplicate that situation, the entire effort wouldn't be
quite as much fun (for her anyway - she had a pretty good idea what Chris'
opinion of her attempt here would be).

She placed the two wrist cuffs on her wrists and then leaned over the table
and let her arms hang down, looking at the two table legs, the crosspieces,
and her wrists.  She figured she could lock her wrists together easily
enough, but how to lock them in place to something that she couldn't then
get free from?  She leaned back from the table and saw the handcuffs, and an
idea clicked in her mind as to how she would do it.  She walked around the
table and attached one of the longer lengths of chain from one of the table
legs to the other, and locked the clasp to pull the chain tight.  This
created a chain crosspiece from one end of the table leg to the other.

As she stood up the studded collar caught her eye.  She realized that the
collar also had several circular rings attached to it at various points.  No
longer as innocent as she was last night, she knew that the people who made
this bondage stuff put those rings there for a reason.  She picked up the
catalog and flipped through the pages until she found a picture of one of
the models wearing one of the collars.  The model was tied into a kneeling
position, and a chain attached to one of the rings on the collar led down
and attached to a set of handcuffs holding her arms behind her back, and
then down to the ankle cuffs between the model's feet.

"I can do better than that," she thought to herself.  She picked up the
duffel and found the last chain that Chris had brought with him, a piece
about three feet long, again with fasteners at both ends.  She took the
chain and attached one of the locks to the ring on the front of the studded
collar, and then set the collar back down on the tabletop.

Satisfied that her bondage gear was ready, she walked over to the sofa where
she had set out her attire.  She had seriously considered putting on the
black leather items she had worn the night before - there was something
about this whole bondage thing that just seemed to scream out for black
attire.  She thought that perhaps she would make a slight change though,
from a "bad girl" to a "good girl".  Accordingly, the outfit she planned to
wear was all white.  "Innocent," she thought.

She sat down on the sofa, and picked up the first white stocking.  She slid
it up over her toes and pulled it up to her thigh.  She repeated this with
the second stocking and leg.  She stood up and quickly dropped her gym
shorts and panties.  She lifted up the bottom of the sweatshirt and fastened
the white garter belt into place around her hips.  A few minutes of fiddling
with the garter clips and she had them attached to the stocking tops.  The
white stockings and garter belt had been, of course, one of Chris' earlier
gifts to her - last Christmas, if she remembered correctly.  Men always
seemed to give her lingerie, she thought as she continued fixing the
garters.  "although just who were they giving the gift to?" she mused.

She picked up the panty next.  Not quite as decadent as the black leather
one, she thought, but just as suggestive.  It had two tiny red bows on
either hip that could be untied to remove the entire garment.  She stepped
into it and pulled it up, setting the two bows on each hip, just below the
garter belt.  Like the one from last night, it really showed more than it
hid, but that was the whole point of lingerie, wasn't it?

Two white lace opera gloves were the next item, and she pulled each one on
either hand.  A loop went over each middle finger, and then the glove itself
went several inches up her forearm.

"Oops," she thought suddenly,  "I forgot to set the alarm for Chris!"  She
walked quietly over to the bedroom door and peered in.  Chris was still
sleeping soundly, and she tiptoed in and over to the nightstand near his
head.  The clock read 9:20, and she quickly set the alarm for 10:00.  She
figured that would be enough time to finish getting dressed and into the
bondage, as well as allow for a nice bit of teasing before he came to her
'rescue'.  She turned up the volume on the buzzer and then set the clock
back down, and returned to the living room.

She pulled the sweatshirt off over her head and tossed it on the sofa, and
then picked up the camisole.  It was a tiny white camisole that she had just
got in the mail the other day from her Victoria's Secret catalog.  In little
red lettering on the front it read "Naughty Angel", which was very
appropriate for what she was doing.  She raised her arms and pulled it on
over her head, but left the top bunched up above her breasts.  She walked
back over to the kitchen table and picked up the nipple clamps.

She still wasn't 100% sold on the nipple clips - her breast was still sore
from when the end of the chain had gotten caught on that sheet when she and
Chris were fucking.  But, she had decided to go ahead and use them again.
The feelings that had gone through her breasts when she had released each
clamp from her nipples had sent the most incredible rush to her pussy, and
she wanted to feel it again.  She picked up the vibrator and turned it on
low, and brought the toy up to her left breast, holding it against her
nipple.  She squeezed the nipple between her thumb and forefinger and rubbed
the vibrator around the tip of her breast.  The nipple quickly hardened, and
she repeated this with the other breast.

Setting the vibrator down and turning it off, she used both hands to caress
and squeeze her nipples.  She brought each nipple up to her mouth and kissed
and sucked each one for a moment or two.  "Mmmmmmm," she murmered, enjoying
the sensations of her breasts being caressed.  She truly loved having her
breasts caressed and touched.  She thought of the smaller orgasms she had
had in the past just from the right amount of attention being paid to her
two breasts.

She picked up the nipple clamps, opened up the left one, and carefully
closed it over her left nipple.

She immediately clamped her mouth shut to stifle the scream that she wanted
to make.  "OW -that hurts!!" she thought to herself.  The clamp bit softly
into the delicate flesh of he nipple, holding it and squeezing it.  She bit
her lower lip and waited until the pain subsided slightly, blinking several
times to clear the momentary tears from her eyes.   She realized that Chris
had to have put them on her the previous night when she lost consciousness
for those few minutes he had described to her.   She hadn't believed him
that she had passed out at first, but having just felt the little bite of
the nipple clamp, she realized he had been telling the truth and she had
lost consciousness from the orgasms.  She would have remembered that

Steeling herself, she opened the other clamp and attached it to the other
nipple, again biting her lip as it clamped down.  After several moments that
roar from her breasts died down to a more palpable throbbing.  She
cautiously touched one of her nipples, which were now a fiery red color, and
felt her knees weaken at the touch.  Her already very sensitive nipples felt
like they were ten times more sensitive with the clamps on!!  Another touch
or two would bring on an orgasm right there, she thought!

She reached above her breasts and carefully pulled the camisole down over
her breasts, and settled it around her stomach.  It was shown in the catalog
as being rather a tight fit on Naomi Campbell when she modeled the item, and
the cami was tight on her as well.  Her well-rounded breasts filled the
camisole every bit as well as Ms. Campbell's (if she did think so herself),
and the tight cotton fabric pressed her breasts together, up and outwards.
It also pushed down on the clamps on her nipples, and she stood there
momentarily recovering from and enjoying the sensations in her breasts,

She walked over to the hall mirror and carefully brushed her hair.  She
pulled the long strands into two ponytails, one on either side of her head,
and tied a white ribbon around each ponytail.  She applied a little bit of
make-up, and selected a light pink lipstick.  She was trying for an innocent
look, so she applied the makeup sparsely.  She fastened her Mickey Mouse
earrings into her ears, and then the golden chain around her waist.  She
bent over and added the ankle bracelet around the right ankle for luck.
Satisfied, she blew a kiss at the face reflected in the mirror.  She looked
down at her breasts and realized that her nipples were protruding out from
the white camisole, and that even more, she could clearly make out the
shapes of the clamps on either nipple.

"They must airbrush Naomi's nipples out of those Victoria Secret pictures,"
she said to herself.

Smiling, she walked over to the kitchen table.  She stepped into the white
heels and leaned down to tighten the straps.  These were a dress set of
heels that she had purchased for a wedding last summer.  They were four
inches high, which was way too high to dance in, but they were actually
pretty comfortable for heels, and she really loved them.  Plus, the looks
she got from the guys (and, she recalled, more than a few girls!) when she
wore them!  They were mostly strips of white leather that wound fashionably
around her toes and instep, and fastened with a 1/4 inch strap around her
ankle.  She took a practice walk around the kitchen table, re-learning how
to walk and balance on the spiked heels.

Standing at her selected place, she bent down and picked up the first ankle
cuff.  She carefully fastened it around her left ankle, tightening the
straps and closing the buckle.  She repeated this with the right ankle, just
above the white leather straps on her heels.  She looked again at the
equipment on the table top, checked to make sure everything she needed was
there, and continued.  She fastened one end of the spreader bar to the ring
on the inside of her left ankle, and then spread her legs apart, allowing
her to attach the other end of the bar to the inside of the cuff on her
right ankle.  She made sure she was centered on the table, and then took the
chain ends she had attached to the legs at either end of the table and
locked them to the outside of the ankle cuffs on each leg.  The first step
was completed.  Her ankles were locked to the spreader bar, and then each
ankle locked to the table legs to either side.  So far so good!

She looked at the clock - it showed about twenty-two minutes to ten.  She
wanted to be in her bonds and shaking to the vibrator for at least ten
minutes before the alarm went off.  She figured that by the time Chris got
up, used the bathroom, and then stumbled out of the bedroom to find her, she
would be really worked up and ready for him!  She had a little more than
twenty minutes left!

She took the keys to all the locks - the handcuff keys, the wrist and ankle
cuff lock's keys, and the master key to the locks on the ends of all the
chains, and looped them through the chain around her waist, and fastened the
catch on this chain.  She almost put them around her neck, and then realized
that they would be hanging down around her neck where she might possibly
reach them - didn't want that to happen now!

She picked up the vibrator, turned it to its second setting, and then pulled
down the white panty.  She was still very wet with excitement from both her
morning orgasm and with what she was now doing, and the vibrator slipped
inside her easily.  She carefully pushed it almost totally inside, and then
pulled the panty back up into place.  She could feel the front of the panty
was already damp from her juices.  Step two was complete, and she felt the
buzzing toy start working on her insides as she turned to her next task.

She picked up the headphones for the Discman and set them on her ears.  She
picked up the blindfold and perched on the top of her head - not quite time
for it yet!  She turned the Discman on and then set it carefully off to the
side of the table.  No Mozart Sonata this time - she had put the new CD from
the Dave Matthews Band into the player.  The first song started playing in
her ears.   Next she locked each leather wrist cuff onto either wrist,
snugging them tight around the white lace fabric of either lace opera glove.
  "Eighteen minutes left," she thought.

She picked up the black leather collar and fumbled with it, finally closing
it in place around her neck.  She rotated the collar so the ring with the
chain hanging from it was in front, letting the chain free down her front,
between her breasts.  Finally, she picked up the handcuffs.  She inserted
the metal end of one handcuff through the ring on her left wrist cuff, and
then brought her two wrists together.  It took her a few attempts, but with
the tips of her fingers and her teeth, she was able to get the end of the
cuff through the ring on the right wrist cuff and then snapped the cuff
closed.  This locked her two wrist cuffs together using only one of the two
handcuffs of the pair.  She made sure the other handcuff was hanging open.
"Sixteen minutes," she thought again.

She looked down at the table and then around the room.  Everything was set -
now once again all she had to do was complete the last step and wait for
Chris to come to her.   She leaned forward over the table and pulled the
chain from the collar out from between her breasts and let it hang down over
the edge of the table.  She reached down with her hands and fumbled with it
to loop it around the chain she had placed there between the two legs at
either end of the table.  She felt her breasts push the nipple clamps into
the tops of her breasts, but she ignored the feelings for a moment.  She
brought the end of the chain up and pulled it tight.

The chain went from the ring on her collar, down around the chain stretched
between the two legs of the table, and then, pulling it a little tighter,
locked onto one of its own links.  She was now locked to the table, and
couldn't raise her chest and head from the tabletop.  She had pulled all the
slack out of the chain at her neck, and was locked tight.

She glanced at the clock one more time - one minute left.  She brought her
linked hands up together and pulled the blindfold down over her eyes.  The
handcuff hanging loose from the wrist cuffs smacked her in the nose as she
did this, eliciting an inadvertent-and-loud "OUCH!" followed by a giggle.

Now in darkness, she brought her hands back down slowly and found the chain
attached to the collar around her neck.  She grasped the open handcuff
between her fingers and then used her fingers to follow the chain downwards
towards where it looped around the other chain.  Taking a deep breath and
bracing for the pain in her breasts, she pressed her chest and arms downward
into the table, compressing her breasts, and flipped the open end of the
handcuff around the chain between the legs of the table, and clicked it
close.  "That was it!  She'd done it" she thought triumphantly to herself.
Her hands were now locked together at the wrist cuffs with one loop of the
handcuffs, and then connected to the chain at the bottom of the table by the
other handcuff loop.

She tried to lift herself slightly off the table and found to her
satisfaction that without her hands and arms for leverage, she couldn't do
it.  The chain at her neck was pulled tight.  She closed her eyes and
rested, letting her chin and head hang downwards over the end of the table.
As her sense of time and activity slowly vanished, she focused on the music
in her ears and the vibrations inside her.  She knew the vibrator would be
nearing its first turn-off point in about thirty seconds, so she tried not
to get too excited from this first session, knowing that she would just have
to wait for two minutes for it to kick back in.

Her body had other ideas, however.   Her nipples were screaming at her in a
mix of pain and pleasure, alternating messages seeming to go straight from
the tops of the nipples to her brain.  And her pussy was throbbing and
pulsing as it began to build towards its second orgasm of the morning.

She clenched her jaw to prevent the first moan from escaping, and tried to
focus on the music and not on all the pleasure waves in her body.

                                  * * * *

In the bedroom, the alarm went off by his ear with a loud annoying buzz.
Chris rolled over and peered blearily at the clock.  He reached out and hit
the snooze button, dropping back for ten more minutes of blissful sleep.


Continued in Chapter 9: Breakfast Time!

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