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Review This Story || Author: Subher


Part 3


He was so delicate but his words were so harsh as he told me he was going to put a diaper on me the next morning and I instantly lifted my legs for him. He was going to powder me and said that my holes were too dry and instead he grabbed for the cream and said, "Your holes need to be worked well, whore. I'm going to make you crave it like a good little slut." He rubbed the cream into my holes slowly and it started to feel good. He put more on and he rubbed it into my clit and made me moan. I grabbed my knees and pulled them back for him, relaxed into the pleasure and said, "Thank you Daddy." He grabbed my ankles and held them up and rubbed the cream into my clit. He rubbed it slow and hard and my body started to shake uncontrollably. He told me to reach down and spread my ass and I did. While he lifted me by my ankles, I slowly reached down and pulled my cheeks apart for him, as I felt my orgasm close. He stopped and wrapped my hands and tied them to the bed, he put a pillow over my face and said, "I prefer the face hidden, whore." He poured more cream onto me and rubbed it into my swollen clit hard and fast making me shudder and said, "Do you want to cum whore?" "Please, Daddy, let me cum?" I moaned. He laughed and shoved some fingers into my slippery ass hole and fucked me hard as he rubbed my clit. I yelped and moaned and felt the orgasm work its way out of my body. I came so hard I squealed like a pig as he laughed at me and shoved his cock into my ass. He fucked me until he came inside it and then wrapped me into the diaper. He tied my arms up over my head and had me lie with my legs spread.

He put porn on and I watched as he showed me all these pictures of men fucking their slaves with everything but the kitchen sink. He showed me the pictures of me on his new slave site. There was the one of my ass with the spoon sticking out and then another of my ass with the fat dildo in it. You can see that my legs were bound and there was a caption under it that read: Virgin Pussy Hole-50,000 credits, whore-stock, ass 20,000 by 3-20-03 Dial Daddy. He was pleased. He was going to sell my holes and I was proud to be his, I knew I needed to please him. He said, "I like showing you off, showing the world your training. I'm going to take these pictures of you throughout your training, and make some money with your whore holes." He kept showing me pictures of other slaves and their masters beating them and shoving them into holes in the ground and fucking them with sticks. He told me that I had better behave if I don't want pain. He said, "If you just do what I say, I wont hurt you. Just be smart and listen."

Much later I felt like I had to pee and Daddy told me to just go in the diaper. I did and I sat in it for a while until he came and changed me. He wiped me off and asked if I had to shit. I told him I did and he untied me and led me to the bathroom. He pointed to the little potty and I squatted over it and did my business as he watched me. He said, "You're a dirty whore and I can't wait to see you getting your cherry popped." I finished and he had me bend over as he wiped me and told me to crawl out to the bed. I did and the whole way there he smacked my ass and told me I was getting too thin. He had me get on the bed in diaper position. He spread cream on my holes again, inside and out and told me that we were having a guest for dinner tonight. He dressed me in the diaper and a small girlie nightgown barely covering the diaper. He put my hair up in pigtails and told me to be a very good girl tonight and I wouldn't be punished. He grabbed my nipple and pinched it hard and said, "You will behave tonight and answer every question correctly and do whatever is asked of you, aren't you whore?" "Yes Daddy," I answered.

He took me downstairs and he put me in a playpen on all fours in an enormous living room. He put the Internet TV on and stopped on his favorite porn site. He made me watch as a woman was getting it in the ass, on the screen, by a fist. He went to the kitchen and I smelled food cooking and later the doorbell rang. I heard another male voice as they spoke in the kitchen and then came into the living room. They had wine glasses and Daddy said, "Here she is, my little whore." The man laughed and said, "Not even potty trained yet, I see. She's precious, I'd love to feed her." Daddy lifted me and carried me to the kitchen where he put me into a high chair and strapped me in. I watched as Daddy set the table and slide me next to the man who dipped his little finger into his wine and put it in my mouth. He said, "Wine is good for little sluts, you like it, Whore?" I shyly said, "Yes," and Daddy told me to call him Uncle Ronnie. "Yes Uncle Ronnie," I corrected and he gave me more wine on his finger. He rubbed it onto my lips and said, "She's got a pretty mouth." Daddy laughed and said, "Wait until you see her ass hole," and he served food onto their two plates. Uncle Ronnie fed me sloppily, blaming me for making myself a mess and Daddy kept laughing at how dirty I was.

When they were done Daddy said, "You can give her a bath while I clean up if you want, she's a fucking mess." Uncle Ronnie unstrapped me and carried me upstairs, tickling my tits. He carried me to the huge bedroom with my bed and put me down and told me to stay. He left the room and I heard him turn on the bath. He came back into the room with a washcloth and he wiped my face and hands. He took my diaper off and he pushed my legs back and looked at my holes. He laughed and said, "Your Daddy was right, whore, your holes are all pretty." He stood me up and took the top off me and told me to follow him. He had me get into the tub on all fours and he scrubbed me down and tickled me everywhere. He kept making me giggle, he told me he likes to tickle and he dried me off and carried me back downstairs. Daddy was in the living room and I was told to crawl around on the carpet. They smoked and drank as they watched some porn and kept telling me how they were going to tickle my holes tonight.

They were drunk by the time they picked me up and positioned me over the coffee table looking at the TV, while my ass was up and my legs were tucked under the couch. They spread my cheeks and I felt something wet getting rubbed in to my holes. Uncle Ronnie told me he wanted to tickle me inside and I felt his fingers spread my ass and enter it. Daddy told me that I could moan and I instantly did. I felt more fingers inside and he just kept pushing. I moaned louder and raised my ass high as they laughed and Daddy said, "She knows her place." I felt the fingers come out of my ass and Daddy leave the room.

Uncle Ronnie started fucking my hole again with his fingers and tickling my clit. Daddy came back with a big leather bag and plopped it down between them. I felt the fingers come out of me as I heard Uncle Ronnie gasp at the contents. I felt more lube get rubbed into me and then something smooth getting worked into my ass. I held on to the table and breathed steadily as I felt the thin object go in deep and slow. It felt good and I moaned lightly as they laughed and worked something else into my ass. It was bigger and it felt so good I moaned louder. This stretched me open more and it hurt as I held on to the table and squealed. They laughed as the thing got worked in deep and I took it all. I was going crazy; my hips started bucking as I was fucked hard and I was told to stop moving. Daddy asked, "Do you want her tied Ron?" He laughed and asked, "Only if I can tie her." "Its your money," Daddy answered and I was picked up and carried upstairs back to the huge bedroom. The things were still in my holes and my hands were tied above my head and Uncle Ronnie shoved me face up under the bed to my waist. He grabbed my legs and hooked them under the bed as well so I was a faceless set of holes for them. Daddy laughed and said, " I like this position." Daddy told him to have fun and I think he left the room. He didn't say anything to me at all I just felt him fuck me with different things and made me cum over and over as he rubbed my clit hard and fucked me deep and steady. I felt him release on me many times and by the end of the night I was left there, filled with some toys, to sleep.

Review This Story || Author: Subher
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