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The Copper Cup

Part 1

The Copper Cup

By Cortez

This story follows Maria Jimenez's interrogation immediately after she has been
forced to watch her friend, Juanita, being tortured by Lieutenant Perez and the
sinister Colonel Marcos. Juanita's story is told in 'The Electric Crab'.

Colonel Marcos and his trusted lieutenant, Anna Perez, watched as Maria's
friend, Juanita, was dragged from the torture chamber. The air in the
underground room was thick with the smell of sweat and agony, hot with the blaze
of the spot lamps shining on the saddle in centre of the chamber. The same
diabolical saddle that Juanita had been strapped astride for the past hour
whilst Anna Perez had so expertly tortured her nipples with repeated electric

Nineteen-year-old Maria Jimenez tried vainly to ease the aching cramp in her
arms but the rope holding them above her head was too tight, and with only the
tips of her toes on the rough concrete floor she couldn't lift her body to bring
any relief.  Maria was trembling with terror. So far they hadn't touched her at
all but she knew that she had been forced to watch Juanita's interrogation to
increase her own fears of what was to come. She heard the chamber door thud
closed and knew that the two guards had returned from taking Juanita to the
cells. She kept her eyes on the floor, aware that the four of them were now
looking at her with hot, cruel eyes.

The colonel ran his hand down the length of her body, smiling as she jerked
uncontrollably at the touch of his fingers against the soft curve of her left
breast. 'So, my dear,' he said in his quiet, calm voice, 'now you see how we
play with dirty little students who have subversive friends. He turned to where
the guards stood. 'Alright, Sergeant, you can let her down!' The rope came loose
without warning and Maria collapsed onto the ground, groaning as her tortured
muscles cramped and burned.

'No, no, my dear... up, get up, at once, get up.' Without warning, the colonel's
leather stick slashed across the top of Maria's thigh, forcing her to scramble
to her feet with an outraged cry.

The colonel looked at the dishevelled, dark haired young student in front of
him. Very like her friend in appearance, he thought happily. Her tearstained
face and sweat soaked clothes did little to disguise Maria Jimenez's beauty and
the full curves of her figure. 'Now you know what awaits you. So, is there
anything you have to tell me...  your cousin's address perhaps? Or should I ask
the Lieutenant here to take over?'

Maria hissed at him in anger. 'You have no right to keep me here. I've done
nothing and you know it. I've got nothing to say because I don't know what
you're talking about. Juanita didn't know anything either...'

The colonel's voice hardened. 'Finished? If that's all, it's definitely the
lieutenant's turn.' He paused, watching her lips tightening into a thin
determined line, then nodded at her stubborn silence. 'Very well... so now, Miss
Jimenez, you must prepare yourself for your first visit to hell.  But, before I
ask the lieutenant to begin, I want you to take all your clothes off...' He
paused, watching the horrified expression on the young student's face. 'You see
clothes get in the way of all the delightful things we want to do to you so,
we'd like you to be completely naked for the next bit... just like Juanita was.'

He watched the dawning realisation in her eyes. The bluster had failed and
now... now she was remembering exactly what they had done to her friend only
minutes before. He smiled as her saw her eyes flicker sideways to the little
clips, the electrical controller and the ominous saddle, still wet with
Juanita's moisture and smears of blood. His voice lashed her like a steel whip.
'Your choice my dear, take them off, or my men will do it for you!' The colonel
went on quietly, 'I assure you, they are not nice at all, especially to
beautiful young ladies who are disobedient.'

Maria looked round the ring of sweating faces, cruel, expectant faces. Each one
hot with lust, all without a flicker of pity or mercy she could see. Very
slowly, she unbuttoned her silk blouse and let it fall. Then, the jeans
followed, fashionably tight, she had a struggle to get them down over her hips
before finally kicking them free into the darkness. The tiny red panties and
matching bra did little to conceal the sweet curves of her body. Her breasts
were not as full as Juanita's but the plump curve of her mound and the bulge of
her sex against the thin silk panties were much more prominent. She stopped,
head down, crouching forwards with her hands trying to shield her body from the
hot gaze of the colonel and the guards. Despite her shielding hands, they had
all seen the dark patch of wetness staining the front of the tiny red panties.

'Everything, I said Maria... or do I let the guards have their turn?' the
colonel insisted with quiet cruelty.  Maria Jimenez slowly reached behind her
back and flicked the clasp of her bra open, letting the lacy cups fall down her
arms on their straps so that everyone could see the wide, dark aureole and the
thick stubby nipple crowning each firm breast. Now there was no retreat.

The bra fell to the floor and her trembling fingers fumbled at her waist. The
colonel's cane tapped impatiently against his leg 'Take them down, we can all
see how excited you've become...' Maria reluctantly hooked her fingers under the
thin cord round her hips. She had scarcely managed to ease the damp triangle of
red silk to mid thigh before the two guards grabbed her arms, twisting them
viciously behind her back...

As they held her immobile, Anna Perez stepped forward on the colonel's signal.
She smiled into Maria's eyes and then, very slowly, her short fingers reached in
to cup and stroke the girl's sex, squeezing the bulging lips together in a
gently milking action for a few moments before peeling Maria's panties off
completely, letting them all see her smoothly shaven mound and the full plump
lips of her cunt. 'Oh God, please not the saddle, no please not that no, no,
please, PLEASE...!' Maria squealed, looking aghast at the saddle and its cruel
spike, as the guards started to force her forward into the pool of light.

'A moment,' the lieutenant's voice stopped the guards, 'let me find out a little
more about her first.' She reached out to stroke one of the girl's dark brown

 'You see,' she went on talking softly to the trembling girl before her, 'every
woman the Colonel asks me to play with is different. Your friend, Juanita has
very sensitive breasts, so I made sure that they received my particular
attention. 'Now you on the other hand....' She paused and continued to run her
fingers over Maria's nipples. 'Sensitive obviously, but not in the same way as
your friend I think.'

Maria twisted in the guard's hands as the soft voice and searching fingers
continued to caress her body. 'Here perhaps?' Maria lunged forward as a finger
slipped deep between her buttocks to press up into the dark rosette of her anus.
'No, I don't think so... on this occasion.' The probing finger was withdrawn and
the lieutenant bent down to look directly at Maria's smooth thrusting mound and
the deep cleft of her sex.

She smiled even more broadly, sharing some secret knowledge with the colonel.
Maria knew with a sick certainty that she was looking at the prominent stub of
her clitoris peeping between the folded lips of her sex.  'Well, well, despite
what you might protest, our little show did excite you after all.' The woman
lifted one long finger and slid it slowly into Maria's cunt. Using a feather
touch on the very tip of the little nub, she watched in amusement as Maria's
stomach muscles tightened, her body turning and twisting in response to that
single tormenting caress.
Maria prayed she would move on to examine somewhere else on her body but, like
Juanita's nipples earlier in that long night, she couldn't stop her body giving
its unwelcome signals to the lieutenant before her.  'So now we know, little
one, don't we?'

'Please no, not there. Aaaaah, I'll do anything. Just let us go, please...'
Maria's anguished cries continued unanswered as the woman stood up and gently
stroked her damp hair and tear-stained cheeks.

'Now where would be the fun in that? Unless of course you would like to tell the
colonel where your cousin is at present...?

'I don't know! I don't know I've told you that, now all of you can go to

'No, no darling, it's you who are going to hell,' Lieutenant Perez said calmly.
'I've decided it will be a slightly different kind of hell to the one that I
chose for your friend, but...' She turned to the guards. 'Sergeant, get rid of
the saddle. Then, bring me the copper cup, the one with the straps.' Maria
slumped with relief as the sergeant pulled the dreadful torture saddle from the
floor socket and carried it into the shadows. The lieutenant laughed cruelly as
she saw Maria's reaction. 'Don't worry my little friend; there are worse things
that a tingle in the tits and a rubber prick. You'll see...'

She looked at the guards as the sergeant returned, handing the lieutenant a
small bundle before resuming his grip on Maria's other arm. 'Well you two ,
you've seen this before and you know the position we need,' she ordered briskly.
'Get her stretched out ready for me, hands together, legs as far apart as you

The guards went to work immediately. A thick nylon band was pulled tight on the
young student's wrists, making the flesh bulge out on either side. The ceiling
rope they'd used on Juanita was clipped to it. Maria cried in pain and shock as
her arms were once more wrenched above her head. Then, before she could kick or
resist, each of the guards had grabbed a leg, tying a leather cord securely
round the ankle. The colonel watched interestedly as his men, with the speed of
long practice, ran the cords through floor rings at opposite edges of the
lighted circle and began pulling.

He waited until the weeping student's legs were dragged apart, the tendons of
her long elegant thighs trembling as she made a futile attempt to resist the
pull of the cords, before her spoke to her again. 'How silly you are Maria! Such
a pity to spoil such beauty, but still nothing to say?' He leaned closer, 'I'm
afraid that the lieutenant is going to be rather unkind to you now... Oh, is
that beginning to hurt?' He signalled the guards, 'a little tighter yet I

Finally, the young Brazilian student was held immovably posed like an inverted
'Y', her muscles bar taut and only the very tips of her toes in contact with the
rough concrete floor. Her breasts were pulled up and flattened by the tension in
her body, but her cunt now bulged obscenely, labia slightly parted, between the
aching spread of her thighs. The colonel ran one finger between her sex lips,
watching carefully as she desperately tried to avoid his intimate caress. 'Very
good... now lieutenant, I think it's your turn.'

  The lieutenant held up the bundle the sergeant had given her. Maria could make
out an odd, hollow curving shape fitted with straps and fastenings. It was made
of what looked to her like some kind of discoloured metal. 'This comes
next...the guards call it the 'hot box', you'll see why in a little while.
First, let's get you all fitted up'

As the lieutenant turned the hollow gourd shape in her hands, Maria could see
that there was a central divider running down its length. She suddenly realised
that she was looking at a hollow, metal cup designed to fit exactly over a
woman's sex. 'Ahhhh, no don't put that on me, you can't I've told you I don't
know the things you want! No you can't, please, Oh God, please...' Ignoring the
wild screaming protests from the young student, Lieutenant Perez lifted the
copper cup, carefully positioning it and using her fingers to part the lips of
the girl's sex very gently so that Maria's labia nestled on either side of the
centre divide.

The colonel stepped forwards, helping to hold the cup pressed into Maria's cunt
as the lieutenant fastened the holding straps round her body. Satisfied with the
tension, Lieutenant Perez gathered up the single strap dangling from the tapered
end of the cup and pulled it up, tugging it hard into the cleft of the girl's
buttocks before clipping it tightly to the waist strap. Nodding to the colonel
in thanks, Anna Perez checked that the cup's edges were well into the creases at
the top of her victim's legs and the bulge of the copper shield covered the full
area of Maria's cunt, before stepping away and looking at the sweating girl,
still babbling her useless protests.

'I see you're beginning to understand what this particular toy might be for.
Well, what happens next is up to you. That elegant little cover that we have
attached so intimately to your body is made of copper, a metal that conducts
heat very well. Very soon, I will apply heat to it. Then, the rest is up to
you... talk, or burn...' She turned to the sergeant. 'Jose, I'll need the
adjustable table and a candle, a small one, please.'

Maria squealed frantically as she watched the lieutenant positioning the table
between her widespread thighs. 'By the way,' the lieutenant held up a little
nightlight, 'don't think I'm being soft on you. This is as effective as anything
larger... it just takes a little longer once you start riding the flame. Gives
you more time to wish you'd told me everything hours ago.' 

The lieutenant spent long moments positioning the nightlight in its holder so it
was about six inches below the widest bulge of the copper cup. Maria screamed
into the darkness of the torture chamber. 'You can't, it's inhuman, you
wouldn't. Oh God, Colonel. Tell her to stop. I don't know what you want to know,
please tell her to stop, please...'

The colonel chuckled. 'You've had your chance I'm afraid. Besides, the
lieutenant hasn't had an opportunity to use this little device recently and I
rather want to watch it at work again for myself... Please go on lieutenant...'
The lieutenant nodded, holding up the nightlight so Maria could see her lighting
it before replacing it carefully in the stand. In the thick, still air of the
chamber the tiny flame burned steadily, its reflection dimming slightly as soot
darkened the copper cup. Everyone eye's focused on the little spear of flame.
Even Maria was straining to see what was happening on the table between her
thighs Suddenly, they all heard the racing and hysterical breathing as the
terrified girl felt the first tendrils of heat seeping through the metal.

Seconds later she was grunting madly, breath hissing in her throat as she fought
to move even fractions of an inch as the heat built up. 'You'll feel it across
the surface first,' the lieutenant said in a quiet, conversational tone. 'Once
it gets going I'm afraid that you'll find that central blade will take the heat
right up into your slit. It's really going to get most unpleasant very quickly
indeed from now on. Ah, are you beginning to feel it a little now?'

'Aaah, Nooooooo! Oh God, Arrrrgh, No, No AAAAAAAAHHHH!'

The screamed words dissolved into a mindless wail as Maria vibrated like a mad
thing, riding the blazing hell now burning into her cunt. Her labia were being
roasted unbearably whilst the devilish central blade, just as the lieutenant had
told her, was scorching her most delicate tissues, transferring the burning
agony deep into her vagina.

The lieutenant watched for nearly two minutes more before moving the nightlight
away from the copper cup  'Now my dear, about that address? She waited, and then
smiled in satisfaction at the frantically shaking head. 'Oh well, your
choice...' She moved the little candle back beneath the tortured girl's cunt.

This time, the screams were immediate and even more demented as the heat bit
into skin already tender from the first application. The colonel watched blood
appearing at both wrists and ankles as the girl fought madly to release herself
from the agony tearing at her groin. Once more, the lieutenant moved the candle
away and waited for the immediate blazing pain to subside.

Four more times the lieutenant took the girl to the brink of passing out, each
time the agony was more immediate, more intense as she worked on flesh already
flayed and scorched by the kiss of the hot metal. On the last occasion she kept
the candle in position for five dreadful minutes until Maria's high pitched
screams of agony suddenly ceased as she collapsed in a dead faint.

The lieutenant lifted one eyelid before turning back to the colonel. 'She'll
tell us now... whatever she knows.' She held a little bottle under Maria's nose.
The girl snorted and gasped as the ammonia smell jerked her back to
consciousness. 'Maria, can you feel the pain in your cunt. It's soooo tender
isn't it...? Do you want me to relight the candle and put it back under that
little copper cup you're wearing, let it roast your clit a little more perhaps?'
She listened to the wild, demented pleading from the pinioned girl. 'No! No, I
thought not. All you have to do is tell the colonel what he wants to know,
or...' She flicked her lighter, picking up the little nightlight once more.

'Oh God, no, no no that, I can't it hurts sooo much, please, I'll help, really I
will. I don't know the address.' The lieutenant lit the nightlight and moved
towards the table. 'Oh God no, no, please. Stop... STOP! Yes, yes YES! All
right, I know where Isabella is... but not the address. All I know is that
Isabella told me she was moving to Cancun Avenue, those new apartments, top
floor. B-b-by the new hotel... Aaaah! That all, all I know honestly.' She
collapsed crying, head hanging between her up stretched arms.

Well, thank you, my dear,' the colonel said. 'Sergeant! You heard, get the squad
together. Brief them on the location and be ready to move in half an hour.' The
two guards clattered out of the torture chamber leaving the young student alone
with the colonel and the lieutenant. The colonel looked at the shaking; sweat
covered body tied so immovably in the hot glare of the lamps. 'Lieutenant, that
was an excellent job.' He paused, 'perhaps we should take a little time to see
if there's anything else she knows...?'.

The lieutenant smiled at the colonel as she also gazed into the girl's
pain-glazed eyes. She slipped the nightlight back into its holder. 'Exactly
colonel, first though, just let me check those details once more...' This time,
the screaming began even before the candle had really started to heat the metal

When Maria fainted once more, the lieutenant carefully unfastened the straps of
the copper cup, avoiding the hot edges as she did so. Maria screamed softly once
again as the cup was pulled free and the air swirled and teased the scorched
skin beneath. The colonel noticed how the whole area was bright red with a glaze
of fluid weeping from the skin across both lips. The swollen tip of the young
student's clitoris showed between her parted labia.

The lieutenant shivered, rubbing her thighs together in excitement, as she saw
that Maria's clit was also red and puffy from the burning copper cup that had
been strapped against it. 'As you see colonel, using the cup causes intense pain
and surface scorching but nothing deep. It also leaves her cunt extra sensitive
for any other treatment,' the lieutenant said softly. 'If I were to leave her
for an hour or so, then tell her I'm going to strap the cup on again... she'd do
anything, anything at all to stop it happening...'

The colonel looked at the stretched, panting figure. 'Lieutenant, you said the
other day that there was something else you wanted to try? Would this be a good

'Oh thank you, colonel, yes there is something from my visit to the Middle East
last month. I'll show you if I may.'
The agonising splay of her legs, still lashed to the floor bolts, ensured that
her newly flayed cunt was wide open to the lieutenant's cruel attentions. The
position meant that Maria was forced to look down the length of her body, over
the peaks of her breasts, down to where the reddened bulge of her sex still
pouted obscenely 'W-w-w-what are you doing, I've told you what you wanted. Why
haven't you untied me again, Please, you said you'd stop when I told you,
please, please...' she gibbered, panicking at her continued confinement.

'Oh dear, my pretty little friend, I'm afraid I lied. You see, we'd like you to
tell us a lot more about your cousin and her rebel friends.' The lieutenant
waited for the frantic denials and the desperate repetition of the apartment's
location to die down a little. 'No, no we've heard all that. It's the other
names I want...' The lieutenant's fingers traced across the hot, red flesh of
Maria's cunt; just a feathery touch but enough to bring another thrilling gasp
of agony from the tortured girl. 'See, colonel, now it needs just the merest
little touch and all those nerves tell her how much it hurts. And if I just
stroke her clit...'

'I DON'T KNOW ANYTHING! Arrrrgh! Oh NOOOOoooooooo! Ah, ah, ah, no, please, NO!'
The scream and pleading words echoed round the chamber, Maria Jimenez arching
against her bonds as the lieutenant rolled the little bundle of nerves between
finger and thumb. After a few moments she stopped and walked to the side of the
room, returning with a little bottle and a small container. 'Now colonel, oh
yes, you can listen too, Miss Jimenez, this is going to affect you quite
intimately in a very few moments...'

Anna Perez talked softly, the smile of some thrilling memory on her face as she
spoke. 'Very often, in the Middle East, it is the women who interrogate suspects
or captives... or apply punishments for crimes within the tribe. Usually, they
have little sophisticated equipment... but the simplest things are just so
effective. I was allowed to assist two Arab women questioning a man and a girl
they'd caught spying. All they used was a little oil...' She held up the bottle,
'and the warm sands of the desert.' The lieutenant's fingers let a trickle of
fine yellow sand run back into the container. 'They took the girl first... After
an hour they began on the man.'

'Did they...?'

'Did they talk colonel? Oh yes, the girl within five minutes of them starting
and the man only lasted a few minutes longer... but, unfortunately for both of
them, my hosts wanted to show me how far it was possible to go and still keep
someone conscious.' The lieutenant placed the things on the little table with
the nightlight and leaned over her victim, stroking the matted hair gently away
from Maria's face 'Now, Maria, to help your memory you going to find out what I
learned... lets see if you hold out for longer than that Arab girl did...' As
the young student began screaming desperately, the lieutenant licked her lips.
She had noticed the prominent bulge in the colonel's trousers and could feel the
growing wetness between her own thighs.

Anna Perez's fingers skimmed the tortured labia once more. 'Oh, that's soooo
sore, isn't it? Let's start by soothing it for you...' The lieutenant picked up
the bottle, dripping a thin trickle of oil onto the red weeping skin of the
tortured student's sex mound before starting to rub it into the puffy tissues of
her labia. The colonel listened and watched eagerly as the outraged squeals of
agony gradually changed and the frantic twitching spasms were replaced by more
familiar kinds of sounds and movement. He could see the lieutenant's fingers
sliding deeper and deeper, wriggling and probing up into the girl's vagina. From
his position, the colonel watched the lieutenant cleverly masturbating Maria,
using a slow expert technique that the young student was unable to resist or

'Now then, before I hurt you again, you're going to come for me, aren't you,
darling? No, don't pretend, I can feel you're nearly there already. Now if I can
just tease that special little place up in here...' Her left hand moved deeper
and faster, two fingers curling inside the young Brazilian's vagina until she
was rewarded by a frantic mewling noise and a muscle wrenching tattoo as her
clever fondling forced the quivering student over the edge into a strong, hard
climax. As Maria bucked and gabbled in her release, the lieutenant's fingers
kept moving inside the parted lips of the young student's cunt. She looked at
the colonel across the young Brazilian's wriggling body. 'When I watched the
Arab women, they took the girl to her peak three or four times before they used
the sand but, after the copper cup, I'm sure this one's ready now. Watch
carefully, colonel, the effect is quite dramatic...'

With her free hand the lieutenant tipped the small container until a thin
trickle of sand fell onto the open petals of Maria's sex and her own fingers.
'Aaah! Christ no, please, keep your hand out... your hand, no don't touch me,
p-p-p-p-please, Aaaah, Arrrrggggh!' The girl's cries and pleas redoubled in
volume as the lieutenant remorselessly worked the abrasive mixture against the
tenderest flesh of Maria's body. She continued the torture for a few minutes,
drinking in the continual, high-pitched squeals as the skin was stripped away by
the oily sand. Then, she stopped, smiled at the writhing girl, and deliberately
dipped one wet, glistening finger into the container of sand.

'It's just too much, isn't it my darling... whispered the lieutenant. 'But
there's more to come...ready?' She placed her sand-covered finger gently at the
entrance to Maria's vagina and pushed slowly. There was a wild demented scream
and Maria's muscles locked into a spasm of agony as the lieutenant's finger slid
up into her body. Pausing now and then to enjoy the sustained wails of agony,
the cruel lieutenant began to twist and turn her hand, rubbing and fretting the
sand against nerves already ultra sensitive from the earlier treatment. 

'STOP! NO, NOOoooooo! AAAAAH!'

Maria Jimenez threshed against her bonds as the lieutenant continued to abrade
the soft membranes of her labia and vagina with the mixture of oil and fine
sand. The colonel eased his throbbing erection. He was now rock hard with the
sexual excitement of watching the girl being tortured before him. He smiled as
he saw the lieutenant's other hand had slipping between the buttons of her white
coat so she could finger her own wetness in time with her cruel fondling of

The lieutenant had noticed the colonel's arousal. 'Colonel,' she gasped in her
own excitement, 'if you want to take her in the arse, I have not used the sand
there yet.' The colonel grinned and moved quickly behind the helplessly
wriggling figure, stripping off his olive drab shirt and letting his uniform
trousers fall. He slipped off his expensive calfskin shoes before kicking his
trousers free. Maria screamed more loudly still when she felt the hard bulge of
the colonel's manhood, still confined by thin cotton briefs, nuzzling into the
cleft of her behind.

He gasped aloud as he felt the lieutenant's fingers freeing the hot, thick rod
of flesh from its confinement. 'Let me help, sir...' Anna Perez's voice was
thick with arousal as she let a trickle of oil fall onto the smooth crest of his
glans. His cock jerked and stiffened even more as he felt her hands sliding up
and down the length of his shaft, spreading the warm oil and teasing him towards
the brink. After a few minutes, the stroking hands urged him forwards, one hand
cupping the weight of his balls as the lieutenant's fingers guided the oiled
head of his shaft against the dark rosette of Maria's anus.

The young Brazilian student writhed helplessly against the colonel's penis as
the lieutenant resumed her torturing caresses of her cunt. In a few moments Anna
Perez saw the colonel's buttocks clench as he began to thrust into the screaming
girl. Just as he did so the lieutenant pinched Maria's clit hard, forcing the
demented student to jerk backwards to impale herself fully on the colonel's
cock. 'Now, Maria, give the colonel what he wants and I'll bring you off
again... No more sand for a bit, just my fingers and the oil to make you all
nice and slippery, Yes?' The lieutenant's expert fingers curved up into the
rawness of her young victim's vagina bringing her a torrent of conflicting
signals as the pain in her cunt was overlaid by pleasure as she was forced
towards another climax.

What was worse was that every movement dragged from her by Lieutenant Perez also
jerked and twisted her on the thick shaft that was stretching her anus to its
limit, filling the other entrance to her body with more pain, as well as
increasingly delicious new sensations of lust as she rode the colonel's penis.
'Oh my, oh God, no, I can't not again. You can't make me c-c-c-come, I won't, I
t-t-tell you I... Ah YES! Ah, Aaaaah! Yeeees! P-p-p-p-please....'

Maria's protests turned to frantic pleading as the lieutenant once more found
the trigger spot deep inside her body. To make the girl's climax unstoppable she
now used her other hand to part the raw lips of her sex so that she could
vibrate the little stub of her clitoris from side to side, forcing the girl into
a mad bucking frenzy that milked and squeezed the colonel's cock in a delicious

'Oh yes, that's it my little rebel, go on... dance for me!' The colonel jerked
his hips violently, forcing the full length of his manhood in and out of the
girl's anus. 'Bring her off for me, make her come now, now... NOWWWWW!' Anna
Perez masturbated the girl mercilessly as the colonel shouted out his release,
jerking and thrusting wildly against the cruelly bound figure in the spotlights.
Panting with the effort he finally pulled himself free of her body, the
softening length of his penis glistening with the juices of Maria's body.

For Maria Jimenez, the torment wasn't over. She was alternately crying and
gasping as Anna Perez brought her to a screaming pitch of orgasm again and
again. The lieutenant's devilish hands worked the sore red flesh of the girl's
cunt unbearably, wringing climax after climax from nerves already raw from the
earlier torture she'd been forced to endure. Each gasping, demented peak was
followed by further frantic pleas for mercy, then a frantic babbling as Maria
realised that she was going to be forced onwards to face the agony of her next

Anna Perez herself was on the brink of coming as she drank in sight of the sweat
drenched figure and listened to the screams of agonised pleasure; pleasure that
was rapidly turning into delirious pain as Maria reached the limits of her
endurance. As the screams reached another desperate peak, Anna slipped one wet,
slippery hand from the body of her victim and strummed her own clitoris, taking
herself into a shuddering, bucking release just as Maria Jimenez collapsed
against her bonds in a faint of complete exhaustion.

'An excellent demonstration, Lieutenant, I congratulate you.' Colonel Marcos,
once more immaculately dressed and composed, emerged from the chamber's shadows
to look at his panting assistant and the gently swaying figure of the naked
girl. 'Call the guards and have her put in a cell. Tomorrow, we can begin again
with both of them... maybe with her cousin as well with luck.' He paused and
turned towards the door before looking back. 'I'm sure there so many things
you'd like to try...'

'Of course, colonel, I'll be ready whenever you want...'

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