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Review This Story || Author: Stacy Simmons

Lesbian Sex Slave Mother

Act 1 The Seduction of Shae

Lesbian Sex Slave Mother

F / F / f / f / f / f / f A torrid, wet saga of lesbian incest, lust, and

STARRING ANGELICA (Mother), PETRA & SHAE (Angelica's daughters), JESS,
ANGELA, & TRACY (Angelica's nieces), WITH MELISSA (Angelica's next door

This is the story of a sex obsessed mother of two who becomes a willing sex
slave to her own daughters, her three nieces, and her next door neighbor,
and she loves every minute of it.

Act 1: The Seduction of Shae

"Oh God I'm gonna cum......MAKE ME CUM BITCH!!" Melissa screamed into her
pillow. It was a hot July evening and the 33 year old woman had a sheen of
sweat over her entire body. The heat was overwhelming, especially the heat
between her legs. Angelica's head bobbed around between her legs as she
lovingly lapped at Melissa's shaved pussy. Melissa's long reddish brown
hair was tossed from side to side as the buxom lady thrashed her head
around from side to side.

"Come on SLUT! WORK ME HARD!" Melissa screamed again. She was on her hands
and knees, her tight asshole raised high in the air and her head buried in
a pillow. Angelica was behind her, licking and probing her lover, doing as
she was ordered by the younger woman. Angelica was 44 years old but she was
in incredible shape. She had long jet black hair and she too was a very
chesty woman. Sweat dripped from her tight body as she worked her tongue
feverishly into and between the folds of Melissa's pussy. Melissa shook her
ass as she humped back and forth on Angelica's knowing tongue. She had
taught the older woman just how to get her off. Suddenly Melissa had
another idea about how to get off pop into her head. She looked back over
her shoulder at her lover who was busily licking, suckling, and nuzzling
Melissa's dripping pussy.

"Angelica, lick my asshole," she said quietly. Suddenly Angelica stopped
licking her lovers pussy. She looked up at Melissa, a quizzical look on her

"Mel honey, I'm not into that kind of stuff......" Angelica said meekly.

Melissa looked back at Angelica and a warm smile blossomed on her face. The
smile then turned to an evil grin.

"Angelica you do what I tell you. Understand me hon? Lick it."

"But I'm not...."

"EAT MY ASSHOLE!!" Melissa yelled at the top of her lungs. Angelica jumped
at the volume of her lover's voice.

"Mel honey, keep it down. Someone might hear you."

"If I have to tell you one more time Angelica I swear you'll never have the
opportunity to pleasure me again. Now.......  EAT......MY.......ASSHOLE!

Angelica obediently grabbed the globes of her lover's cheeks and spread
Melissa's ass, she looked at the brown hole. She had never eaten an asshole
before but Melissa had a way of ordering her around and making her like it,
no matter what the order was. She inhaled the aroma first, getting used to
it. The aroma was a little raunchy at first. It was a hot day and the two
lovers had been going at it for quite some time so the droplets of sweat
beaded on her ass. She tentatively stuck out her tongue and began to lick
and suck on the younger woman's asshole. She was very timid at first.

"Do it like you love it you worthless slut," Melissa ordered.

Angelica did as she was told and began to press her lips and face deeper
into her lovers asshole. She picked up the pace and pressure of her licks
while she inserted three fingers in Melissa's now dripping wet pussy. The
smell and taste of asshole, pussy juices, and sweat, mixed together and
gave her a heady head rush. Just as Melissa had ordered her she began to
actually like the taste of her lovers asshole after a few minutes of
licking and sucking on it. Melissa had a way of making her love anything.
Angelica knew that if Melissa wanted too, she could make Angelica do
anything she wanted. Even though Melissa was younger by a few years, the
young woman made Angelica feel as if she had to do everything Melissa told

When she was 18 Angelica married her husband Frank. She married Frank
because he had gotten her pregnant and only that reason. She never truly
loved the man. By the time Angelica was 22 she was the mother of two
beautiful daughters. Frank had wanted sons of course and was distant to his
entire family. Frank much preferred a night down at the bar followed by a
blow job in the alley behind it from some bar tramp he would meet that
night.  Angelica raised her daughters with as much love and understanding
as any mother could, but after 7 years of marriage the two divorced and
Frank went to Los Angeles. The last she had heard Frank was producing porn
movies. Angelica continued to raise her two daughters and they were the
apple of her eye. Petra was now 26 years old and Shae was 24. Both girls
went to the community college and lived at home with their mother. It was
when the girls went to high school that Melissa moved in next door.

Melissa had long reddish brown hair and blue eyes with a full hourglass
figure. Instantly Angelica was attracted to her. Of course, never having
experimented with women as a teen, Angelica would never have acted on her
attraction. Melissa made that unnecessary however, as she prowled next door
like a tigress. Melissa was always very aggressive with Angelica from the
moment they met. Melissa made a point of wearing sexy, tight, and revealing
clothing around Angelica. Rubbing up against her and making sexual jokes
and innuendoes around her constantly. Angelica even saw Melissa come on to
her own daughters once or twice. Eventually, Melissa came over to her house
one day dressed in a revealing robe slit open to her waist and seduced

From that day to this, Angelica was more than willing to do whatever it
took to pleasure her nasty, commanding next door neighbor. Fearing being
branded a lesbian, Angelica took as many precautions as possible to keep
their relationship under wraps, but Melissa was a very open lipstick
lesbian and she tried to embarrass Angelica often when they went to the
mall or to the movies together, trying to be openly sexual with her.

Angelica's mind came back to the present. Her tongue was forcefully
swabbing out Melissa's asshole now and Melissa was humping her haunches
back on Angelica's tongue. The sweat was beading off of them both and
Angelica licked at the little beads of sweat that ran down Melissa's back
and between the cheeks of her ass. She had actually begun to like the taste
of asshole, it was certainly different than pussy and the vaginal juices
that she adored. Melissa always seemed to press Angelica to the limit and
beyond every time the two made love, which was as often as Melissa desired
her. Angelica could never say no to her for some reason. Melissa was
panting and cursing now, ready for a true anal orgasm.

"Eat my asshole bitch!! EAT IT! EAT MY ASSHOLE!" Angelica continued to lick
the brown hole that she was growing to love. The tangy taste of Melissa's
asshole aroused Angelica violently by now, combined with the fantastic
reaction it brought out of Melissa Angelica was now dripping wet as
well. Finally Melissa collapsed into orgasm. Her whole body began to
tremble and she started to shriek wildly and moan into her pillow. Angelica
felt a huge rush of pride that she had again succeeded in making her lover
cum. After a several minute orgasm Melissa collapsed onto the bed and
looked at Angelica with lust and admiration in her eyes.

"Oh shit Angelica baby. You sure can eat asshole. Just as well as you can
eat cunt. Good girl." Angelica felt a rush of pride when Melissa called her
a "good girl" and yet she had no idea why.

"Thanks honey," Angelica said, as she stroked Melissa's hair lovingly.

"Now I want some of that asshole of yours hon. I've been dreaming about
fucking your asshole with my strap on." Angelica cringed slightly at the
thought. Melissa seemed to be fixated on anal sex these days and Angelica
didn't really want to be part of it. No doubt Angelica would end up
submitting herself to Melissa's wishes but she had a reason not to
experience anal sex today.

"God hon that sounds.... interesting but I have to get home to make dinner
for the girls. They're coming home soon." The look on Melissa's face
changed from one of pure lust to ice cold indifference.  She stood up
before Angelica and ran her hands all over her body.

"Are you sure you want to go now?" she said as she ran her hands between
her thighs and through her own dripping pussy lips.  "Are you sure you want
to go and leave this?"

"I..... I wish I could stay but like I said I told the girls I would make
dinner for them."

"Fine then. Get the fuck out of here bitch. I'll tell you this Angelica my
little slut, when you come back here next. I am fucking your asshole with
my strap on. Make no mistake, I won't forget about it either. This isn't a
passing fantasy. You will be fucked in the ass. Understand?"

Angelica lowered her head a bit as if she was shamed by her inability to
stay and do as her lover commanded her.

"Yes Melissa, I understand."

"Good. Now get the fuck out of here. You're useless to me right now."
Melissa commanded her and she left the bedroom to go and get dressed in the
bathroom. Angelica dressed quickly in her jeans and t-shirt (she wore no
panties or bra) and left the house. She knew her lover and when she saw
Melissa was done with her and she was free to leave.

She went across the street and into her own house. From across the street
she could hear Melissa turning up the television very loud and listening to
XXX rated porno all girl movies. She was a wild one, Melissa, that must
have been what Angelica enjoyed so much about her. Her absolute blatant
sexuality. That and the fact that the woman completely took charge and made
Angelica do whatever she wanted her to do. She seemed to enjoy the feeling
of total sexual submission to Melissa.

"Mom we're home!" Petra and Shae burst through the door, heading straight
to the table for dinner. Petra was the older sister.  She had the look of
her mother with long reddish brown hair and blue eyes and an hourglass
figure. Shae took after Frank's family with long black hair and the
standard set of family blue eyes. She also had an hourglass figure that the
other girls in college envied.

"Hey mom quite a show you're giving us!" Petra let out a wolf whistle.
Angelica looked down to see her very hard nipples poking through her flimsy
white, sweat soaked t-shirt. They were almost totally visible through the
sweaty material.

"Yeah mom you're pretty nippy there...... you been over at Melissa's
again?"  Shae jokingly asked. Both of her daughters suspected that their
mother was in a relationship with their sexy next door neighbor. Most of
the townspeople knew about Melissa's preferences and that Angelica spent
every available moment over there with her. Neither girl could blame their
mother for seeking some pleasure with the beautiful Melissa. She hadn't
been very successful with men so why not try women? They had both confessed
to one another in the past that they thought Melissa was a very sexy woman
and that they envied their mother's looks, so why shouldn't the two of them
be together?

"Mind your P's and Q's young ladies," Angelica warned her daughters.

"Yeah Yeah whatever..." Shae replied.

"I never get any respect from you girls," Angelica joked back.

The trio ate well and laughed and talked as families do. The three women
had become very close over the years and dinner time had become a family
time for them all.

After dinner Shae went outside to see if she could catch a few last rays of
sunshine before the sun went down too far. It was summer and both the girls
were working all day to make money for the next year of school. They didn't
have time to sit about and sunbathe most days but Shae, as a true sun
worshiper, tried her best to get a tan even though it was late
afternoon. She was dressed in a tiny bikini that barely covered her body at
all. The back part of the bikini was basically a thong, the front was a
thin strip of material that barely covered her shaved pubic area. The top
was merely a tiny piece of material that barely covered her nipples with
tiny pieces of floss like material that came up over her shoulders. She lay
down on a small outdoor reclining chair and started to put on tanning

"Are you going for an all over tan today Shae?" Came Melissa's voice from
over the hedge. Shae snapped out of her reverie and looked at her
neighbor. Melissa was barely dressed in a thong bikini as well. Her full
figure on display. She had a hungry look in her eyes.

"Hi Melissa. Are you trying to catch the last few rays of sun too?" Shae
asked, Melissa noticed Shae's eyes roving all over her body as she

"I thought I might. Can I join you?"

Shae said "sure" and Melissa pulled up a sunning chair next to Shae.

"Do my back and I'll do yours." Melissa suggested, indicating the bottle of
tanning lotion. Shae shrugged and said "Why not?"  Melissa turned away from
Shae and presented her back to the young woman.

"Do me first," Melissa said.

Shae looked at the woman's back, it was muscular and lean with perfect
skin.  Shae couldn't help but be envious, and a little aroused. She
squeezed some of the lotion out of the tube and rubbed it between her
hands. She then started to massage the stuff into Melissa's skin.

"MMMMMMM you have an excellent touch Shae. Just like your mother," Melissa

Shae smiled at that remark, obviously the two women were indeed an
item. She continued to run the lotion all over Melissa's back. Melissa
seemed to be really enjoying this, far too much Shae thought.

"My mother's touch is good is it? How do you know?" Shae teased.

"I know a lot about your mother Shae."

"Is it true you and my mother are......?"

"Lovers?" Shae said matter-of-factly.

"That's one way of putting it."

"Yes we are lovers. Does that excite you Shae? Because I think you sound

"Well, it makes me curious anyway." Melissa noticed Shae rubbed the lotion
into her back harder as the conversation went towards a topic of sex.

"Your mother loves sex Shae. She doesn't let you know it. She doesn't feel
it is proper for a woman to love another woman.  She is a lesbian to the
core thanks to me. I treat her like the nasty woman she really is. She
tries to keep her desires secret."

"That doesn't sound very smart."

"No it isn't Shae. I think your mother is gorgeous don't you?"

Shae was really massaging Melissa hard now, it was easy to tell she was
becoming excited. She was silent as she thought of an answer to the

"Can I tell you a secret?" Shae asked after a few moments of silence.

"Sure," Melissa answered.

"Once I saw mom getting out of the shower a year or two ago. I thought she
was really sexy, and she is built really well too."

"So your answer is yes? You think your mother is sexy?"

"Yeah I guess I do think she is sexy."

"Now you can do my front," Melissa said, as she turned around and undid her
bikini top.

"Do..... your front?"

Melissa tossed her top to one side and revealed her magnificent breasts to
her lovers daughter.

"Yes hon didn't I tell you? I tan all over." And Melissa sank luxuriously
back in her tanning chair.

Cautiously at first, Shae began to massage the cream into Melissa's
stomach, Melissa sighed with contentment. Shae began to relax and started
to apply more cream to her tummy.

"Higher please," Melissa asked.

Shae began to rub higher and higher, her hands eventually reaching her
neighbor's now rock hard nipples.

"Do them too Shae. I don't want to burn." Melissa said softly, referring to
her nipples. Shae started to rub higher and eventually her hands came to
rest on Melissa's breasts. They were warm, firm, and large. Larger than her
own. She began to run in circular motions over the older woman's
breasts. Every now and then she would run her hands across Melissa's

"MMMMMM, that feels good," Melissa moaned. Her breath becoming more rapid.

"You like that?" Shae asked.

"MMMMM very much Shae."

Shae started to rub a little harder and squeeze Melissa's breasts. In
response Melissa began to undulate her body towards Shae's hands. Causing
the younger girl to squeeze a little harder.

"You like this don't you Shae?" Melissa asked thorough gasps for breath.

Shae didn't answer at first.

"You do like this don't you Shae?" Melissa repeated.

"Yes." Was Shae's only response in a whisper like voice, Shae sounded
almost hypnotized.

"Suck them honey. I know you want to."

"I... better not," Shae said.

In response Melissa lifted her hand and put it on the back of Shae's head.
Shae felt Melissa apply pressure to the back of her head, pulling her head
down to Melissa's now heaving chest.

"Come on Shae. Suck on them hon."

Shae opened her mouth and took Melissa's right nipple into her mouth.
Melissa immediately started to breathe faster and louder. Shae felt the
hard nipple in her mouth and it excited her. She had never sucked on a
woman's nipples other than her own mother's when she was a baby and she
didn't remember that at all. She swirled her tongue over Melissa's nipple
and her cheeks hollowed as she sucked on her chosen nipple causing Melissa
to moan loudly.

"That's soooo good!" Melissa swooned.

That was when Angelica passed by the large window that looked out onto the
very area where Shae and Melissa were making love. Angelica's eyes widened
as she saw Melissa and Shae kiss deeply as both women wiggled out of their
bikini's and pressed their oiled up bodies together. She was at the same
time shocked and completely aroused by the sight of her lover and her
daughter being so brazen, and so very erotic. She hadn't seen her daughter
completely naked in many years, and she admired her tight young body.

"What the hell am I thinking?" she said aloud. She was watching her
daughter have sex. She should be turning away, giving them privacy, but she
couldn't tear her eyes away from the sight. She knew Melissa had arranged
this, she knew Melissa meant for her to practically walk right into this
scene. She was toying with Angelica again. Teasing her. Playing games. But
to what end? What did she hope to accomplish by seducing her daughter and
allowing her to see it?

By this time, Melissa was sliding her oiled body down over Shae and
spreading the younger girl's legs. Shae smiled at Melissa, spreading her
legs wide. She was obviously a very willing participant in this
act. Despite herself, Angelica slipped her jeans down over her hips and
began to rub her clit between her fingers, causing delicious sensations to
flood her pussy. Melissa lowered her head between Shae's thighs and began
to lap at Shae's pussy.  Shae immediately stiffened as Melissa began to
lick her. She had never done anything like this before, Angelica was sure
of that. But soon she relaxed and began to hump her body towards Melissa's
tongue. Sweat beading off of her beautiful body. Despite herself, Angelica
was truly enjoying the sight of her daughter being eaten out by the sexy
and oh so nasty Melissa. She knew she shouldn't be enjoying it, but she
was. She was rapidly finger fucking her now dripping pussy.

"Don't stop... don't stop..." Shae was panting as Melissa worked her tongue
magic on her. Melissa didn't respond other than to add another finger to
Shae's dripping pussy. Shae shrieked in ecstasy when the finger slid into

"Oh shit!" she exclaimed.

Without warning, Melissa stopped eating out Shae and stood up before her.
Shae looked disappointed and pouted at the loss of attention. Melissa
calmly took the younger woman and led her by the hand back into her own
house. Angelica watched as they were about to disappear through the door to
Melissa's house.Just as the door was about to close behind them, Melissa
looked back at the window and made eye contact with Angelica, who still had
a hand buried in her pussy, and winked knowingly at her lover. She knew all
along that Angelica was watching and she didn't care at all. As the door to
Melissa's place shut Angelica buttoned her jeans and ran out the door and
across the yard to Melissa's home. She eased the door open gently, being as
quiet as she possibly could. On the tips of her toes, Angelica crept
inside. She instantly heard what Melissa wanted her to hear. The sounds of
flesh slapping against flesh. Grunting and moaning.  Angelica tip toed in
further, knowing full well how to get to the bedroom. She poked her head
inside the door and saw something she had never seen before. There on the
floor, Shae was on her hands and knees, humping her body as hard as she
possibly could against Melissa, who was wearing a thick strap on dildo
which was plunging in and out of Shae's tight asshole gripping Angelica's
daughter by a handful of hair. Melissa had told her she was going to take
Angelica in her ass with a strap on and Angelica had resisted it, thinking
it repugnant. Now, she wished it was her on the floor, taking the thick
plastic shaft as deep as she possibly could in her anal shaft. Shae looked
as if she were in heaven, a smile on her face from ear to ear.

Again Angelica looked at her daughter on her hands and knees, getting
reamed anally. Hard and fast, deep and rude, by her lover Melissa. She knew
she shouldn't be watching this, she knew she shouldn't be enjoying the
sight of her own daughter getting ass fucked, but she was, and she was
enjoying it greatly. Once again Angelica lowered her jeans over her hips
and began to finger fuck herself as she watched these two beautiful women
make love.

"Take it all bitch!!" Melissa yelled.

"Yes! Yes! YES!! Fuck me like a slut!" Shae responded. Angelica had never
heard her daughter sound so alive. She found herself envying Melissa. She
found herself wanting to be the one fucking her own daughter. Angelica
shook her head, how could she be thinking this? Just a short while ago she
was repulsed by anal sex with Melissa and now she was considering anal sex
with her own daughter a turn on. At the same time Melissa also felt very
jealous of Shae and the fact that Melissa was now favoring her with sexual
favors. She wanted Melissa's attention all to herself, even if that meant
taking that strap on all the way into her asshole, she wanted to be the one
on her hands and knees.

Melissa was obviously in nirvana, sweat pouring from her well toned,
hourglass body as her mane of reddish hair was tossed about with every
thrust. She had a crazed look in her eyes as she thrust the strap on harder
and harder into Shae, who was now past realm of simple orgasm and lost in
orgasmic bliss as she was racked by multiple orgasms. She grunted hard with
every thrust and could only pant, "More..... more..... more....

"Cum for me bitch!" Melissa yelled as she her head to see Angelica and
knowingly winked at her lover. It was as though she was telling Angelica to
cum, not Shae.

As Shae collapsed in orgasm Angelica felt orgasm grip her as well. It felt
delicious and absolutely wicked. Watching her daughter get her ass fucked
by her lover. Tingles ran down her spine to the soles of her feet and she
licked her lips while moaning quietly. She was so proud of her little
girl. She was beautiful and sexy, young, and an excellent lover. And yet
she envied her daughter as well. That should have been her submitting
herself to Melissa and her fabulous strap on. She knew the next time
Melissa wanted to take her anally, she would indeed submit to her.  Quickly
she zipped up her jeans and ran back to her own house. A few minutes later
Shae came in the door with a look of total contentment on her face,
twirling a lock of hair absentmindedly in her fingers. Her bikini was
practically falling off of her and she didn't seem to notice.

"Are you ok hon?" Angelica asked her daughter.

"Hmmmmmm?" Shae mumbled, in another world.

"Never mind." Angelica responded. Obviously her daughter had throughly
enjoyed her encounter with her mother's lover. As soon as Shae went up to
her room Angelica rushed out the door and across the yard to her lovers
house. She ran through the house and found Melissa, still naked, she was
smoking a cigarette and running her hand through her trimmed pubic hair, a
smile on her face. She didn't even look up as Angelica ran into the room.

"Ok Melissa, you've sold me. I'm yours," she said as she started to strip
off her clothing.

"What are YOU doing here?" Melissa asked with a touch of contempt in her

Angelica continued to strip as she talked. "I saw you taking Shae, fuck it
was hot! I want you to take my asshole like you took hers." She was now
fully nude and walked to the edge of the bed. She picked up the strap on
and started to suck on it, even though she knew it had just come out of her
own daughter Shae's asshole.

"I'll make this good and wet, then you can fuck me with it," she said as
she began to suck and spit on the rubber cock.

Melissa sighed as if Angelica had just suggested a game of Trivial Pursuit.
"No I don't think so," she sighed.

Angelica stopped sucking the cock, noticing the tangy taste of asshole on
her tongue. She knew that it was her daughters, and the thought made her
pussy juices flow like a river.

"Why not? You wanted to do it earlier." Angelica asked.

"Yes I did. And then I did it. With Shae. I like her, she's very hot and
willing to do anal with me. I like that."

"I'll do it too. I promise."

"No. Not interested."

Angelica was shocked, "Why not?"

Melissa stubbed out her cigarette and smiled wickedly at her, "Because my
dear little bitch. I have other plans for you. Get out of my house. I don't
want to see you or hear from you until I'm ready for you. Until I decide
the time is right, I'm going to fuck Shae."

"You're not serious."

"Get..... the fuck...... out of my house." Melissa said quietly but
dripping with menace.

Angelica lowered her head and got dressed. Slinking out of the house like a
child who had been told it was bad. She didn't know it then, but she was
falling right into Melissa's hands.

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