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The Chains

One Part Only

Author's note: The following is an excerpt from a novel "Summer in Paradise",
copyright 2003. All rights reserved.

Chapter 9	"The Chains"

	The chains held her fast. They were heavy on her body, draped as they
were across and around her. Chains at her wrists, fixing them at her sides,
cleverly wound through the frame and locked off at her thighs - she raises her
hands, she pulls her thighs wider apart. Not that they weren't already well
separated; the spreader bar locked to her ankles ensured the exposure of all her
private parts.

	Summer was standing in a metal frame. A very thick and high leather
collar forced her chin up and back, limiting all head movement. Two big hooks,
one on each side of the collar, led to chains, which were fastened high above
her head, holding her standing in place no matter what. Chains attached to the
front of her collar wound down around her breasts in an uncomfortable steel bra,
and down the centre of her body, tunneling through the cleft between her legs,
and back up through her ass to the ring at the back of her neck. This chain had
been pulled tight between her legs, pressing hard between her labia, on her clit
and the tender flesh between her ass cheeks. Any movement and the chain would
rub against these very sensitive and tender fleshy spots.

	Summer swayed in the frame, the rigging raising her up on the balls of
her feet. Even this slight motion made her all too aware of the cold steel
between her legs. She gritted her teeth, determined not to display anything to
her tormentors. Especially not to that slime ball Leon - he delighted in
bringing her to tears, humiliating her, and in sticking that slimy little cock
of his into her. He had even pressed himself into the crack of her ass as he
strung her up in this frame, and pawed her as he ran the chain between her legs.
Like, he was fooling anybody, Summer thought, adjusting and fiddling with the
chain - all that puke wanted was to fondle her pubes. And he had, poking his
fingers into her, rubbing her clit, stroking her ass.

	Her calves were beginning to feel stress. She tried to rest a bit on her
heels, but the collar choked her. With a grunt, Summer stood back up on the
balls of her feet. Casting her eyes from side to side, turning her head as much
as the collar allowed, Summer attempted to survey her surroundings. She knew she
was in some kind of torture area, that was more than obvious. The strange
devices she could see filled her with dread. To one side stood the frame upon
which she had been bound and then raped. Near to it was what looked like a metal
chair, but unlike anything she had ever seen. A single pipe created the back, a
cross beam near the top to which leather straps were attached, obviously to
pinion the arms.  At the top, more leather straps positioned to hold the head
and rigidly neck in place. But it was the seat that was diabolical, or more
accurately, the lack of same. Summer realized that whosoever was bound to the
frame, male or female, would be totally exposed, their thighs split wide and
resting on short pipes that bent at 90 degrees. She could just see more leather
straps, obviously to hold the thighs, calves and ankles. Anyone bound to that
thing was not going to go anywhere soon!

	Summer looked to the other side. A glass wall separated the area she was
in from the rest of the barn. It was tinted dark on her side, but she could
still see blurs of activity and hear the noises in the rest of the barn. She had
a vague idea of its layout from when she had been dragged from her stall to the
torture room. She knew there were other stalls like hers, and a feeding area, a
shower area, but as to the rest of the space, she knew not what nefarious
purposes were conducted there. She hoped never to find out.

	Summer wanted out of there, away from there, to be back home, nestled in
her bed, Geoffrey at her side, whispering softly to her. She knew that was never
going to happen. But she had no idea what the future held for her, other than it
was going to be unpleasant at best and very, very painful at worst.

	She hung there in her chains, waiting for she knew not what to happen.
She tried to look down, to  see her feet, but she could not. There was movement
in her peripheral vision, the sound of a lock tumbling. A woman's voice, issuing
an order, a man's voice responding, obedience all over his intonation. Christ,
is it that bitch of a maid? Summer wondered. She jerked in her chains, hoping to
find a weak spot so she could break free and rip that bitch's eyes out. The pain
of the chain rubbing viciously in her crotch was surprising in its intensity.
And there was a hint, subtle but present, of pleasure.

	"Well, well, well, feeling feisty are we?" crooned the strange woman.
Her voice was seductively deep, whiskeyed overtones, a delight to hear.  She and
her companion -a burst of hatred surged through Summer as she recognized the
second soldier, the one who spoke English -  stepped forward from the doorway
and came into Summer's line of sight. The soldier stood at ease by the doorway,
his dark eyes locked on Summer's naked body. Seeing her look at him, he smiled a
toothy leer and licked his lips. Behind the woman's back, he formed a circle
with his thumb and forefinger, then slid two fingers from the other hand back
and forth through it.

	"I'd think you were not in a position to be feisty, are you," stated the
woman as she approached the bound girl. She circled the frame, appraising
Summer.  She stopped when she was behind the captive girl. She reached forward.

	Summer's head was pulled back cruelly by the woman's hand, now entwined
in her hair. A plaintive oh! escaped her lips.

	"What's the matter girl, did they chain up your tongue, too?" asked the
woman, her voice sardonic. Her breath was hot on Summer's ear. A wet pink tongue
slithered forward and licked the girl's ear.  With a throaty laugh, she released
her grip on the strands of red hair, allowing Summer to slump forward. The
chains jangled.

	The woman continued circling until she stood directly in front of her
prisoner. She stared at Summer with very bright, obsidian black eyes.

	Summer mustered up what moisture she could, and spit. A gob smacked into
a rouged cheek,, then began its slow slide down the woman's face. The woman
stepped back in surprise, and then cobra-like, her hand snapped forward. Her
fingers pressed hard into Summer's cheeks. Her face slowly drew closer to the
helpless girl's contorted features.

	"That wasn't nice," the woman hissed. "And you will pay for that, my

	Not easing up a fraction on her grip, the woman ground her lips into
Summer's puckered mouth. Summer groaned in pain into the kiss as the woman
pulled on the chain that coursed between her legs.

	The woman leaned back, releasing Summer's face, but not the chain. She
gave it a fast tug, enjoyed the grimace of pain on the girl's face, then let go.
She turned to the soldier and nodded.  A broad smile split his face. He almost
ran across the room. He stopped before a wooden cupboard. Opening the doors, he
busied himself with its contents, placing various items into a cardboard box.

	The woman turned back to Summer. "My name," she said in perfect English,
"is Cassandra de la Huerta, and I can be your best friend ... or your worst
nightmare." She fixed Summer with her gaze. "Those men," she spat out the words,
"those men can hurt you. But I can break you.

	"And I am going to do just that."

	The slap across her face stung Summer right down to her toes. She could
not believe how fast the woman had struck! Involuntary tears misted her eyes.
Her cheek burned lava hot.

	The second slap, on the other cheek, was less unexpected but just as
painful. Summer's eyes gushed tears. Somewhere inside her, her brain registered
the fact that fortunately no teeth had been loosened.

	"Open your eyes and look at me."

	Through the mist, Summer focused a hateful glare upon the woman who had
just slapped her. She gritted her teeth in defiance, gathering more spittle in
her mouth.

	"Spit on me again, and I'll have your tongue sliced in half like a

	Summer started inwardly - the woman knew she was going to spit on her!

	"Listen to me little girl, listen well and live. " The obsidian black
eyes glittered. "I am the training mistress here. My job is to train those that
my superiors, the Captain and Senora Angelita, want to keep for their personal
amusement. Those who do not get trained are buried in the jungle. Those who do
not obey me, suffer. Then, if they still do not obey, they too are fertilizer
for the jungle plants. Pretty things like you are given to the soldiers first.
The fortunate ones do not survive the barracks long enough to be shot."

	Summer shuddered. She was fast learning what her fate was to be: as a
slave here in the jungle, or else, to become one with the jungle. She did not
know which outcome to fear and which to desire.

	The woman continued. "You are to be trained, by me. I do not know yet
what you are to be trained for - the stables, the house, or the bed. No matter.
You will do what you are told. Do it well, and your life will be relatively
pleasant.  Perform poorly, and your life will be short. Painful, and short."

	Over the woman's shoulder, Summer could see the soldier leering lewdly.
His eyes were bright too, with desire and anticipation.

	The woman snapped her fingers. The soldier instantly stepped forward,  a
wooden box in his hands. Things inside slid and rustled as he moved. The
training mistress looked into the box.

	"This. This and this," she stated flatly.

	"Yes ma'am," the soldier said, his glee obvious. He placed the box on
the ground and rummaged through it. He straightened, a whip, a small black
plastic thing, and a jumble of shiny chrome pieces in his hand.

	The training mistress plucked the whip from his palm. She brought it
close to Summer's face. Its leather strands dribbled across her cheeks and nose.

	"This is going to be used on you now," the woman said, matter-of-factly.
She turned and picked up the chrome things.  "This is a dental gag. It locks
your jaws open as wide as I desire. I want to hear your cries and begging, so I
am not going to use it, yet." She picked up the black plastic item, and placed
it against Summer's breast.

	The electric shock burned incredibly hot against the soft tissue of her
breast. Summer moaned and rolled her eyes at the sudden, intense pain caused by
the stun gun.

	The woman smiled at her. "That was just for fun," she said. Turning, she
handed the whip to the soldier at her right.

	"I want to hear her beg you to fuck her in the ass."

	The soldier took the whip. Its leather cords hissed in the air as he
swirled them. "It will be my pleasure, Mistress," he said.

	"Yes, I'm sure it will be", she said disdainfully.

	 Summer stiffened in the chains. Whipped until she begged? And begged
for this, this creature to fuck her? In the ass? Not likely! She tensed,
watching, waiting. Her stomach began to flutter in expectation as she watched
the soldier pace slowly from side to side.

	"Hey corazon," he was saying, "the Mistress wants to hear you beg, and
you know? I'm going to make you beg!" He leered at Summer. He feinted with the

	Her body pulled back in the chains, stiff, trying to hide from the
leather kiss that did not come.

	And then it came.

	"Oh!" she squealed as the thin strands slapped her exposed breast. The
chain between her legs dug into her painfully. The soldier had timed his first
strike with precision - she was already pressed as far back as the chains would
allow, and so there was to be no buffer between her skin and the hard cord.

	The second stripe landed on the other breast almost immediately. Now
both her teats were on fire. He lashed out a third time, and her thighs felt the
sting of the whip. A fourth slash, and her other thigh burned. One strand
flicked across the soft flesh of her pudendum. Summer gritted her teeth. She
tried to remain stoically quiet.

	He waited. He scrutinized her every muscle, looking for the telltale
signs that would say "now she's relaxed, now's the time to strike". A flick of
his arm, and the whip bit into Summer's breast again, and then again, in the
same spot. The blow to her belly drew the first moan from the poor girl. Every
time she moved, the chains dug into her flesh mercilessly, punishing her clit
and labia.

	On the twentieth stroke, Summer let out a mighty scream. She looked like
some perverted artist's vision of a tiger. The soldier ran his hand down her
body, admiring how she flinched and twisted at his touch.

	"Ready for me yet, gringo princess?" he teased.

	He crouched now, his head level with her crotch. He reached forward, the
end of the whip now dangling between Summer's legs. A quick flick of the wrist
and the leather thongs jumped upward. They landed like red-hot pokers on her
most tender parts. Summer squealed, then immediately clamped her jaw shut. His
wrist flicked again, she jerked, and groaned but kept her mouth shut.

	The next blow was harder, and she exhaled harshly with pain. He flicked
his wrist from side to side, the thongs stinging her inner thighs, loose ends
flying up and biting her cunt. He moved with more force, and the thongs flew
back and forth. Summer began to buck against the pain, then cried out when
suddenly the soldier laid a sharp blow on her pussy.

	"Bravo," cried the training mistress. "You've made her squeal. But, I
don't hear her begging?"

	"Si, Mistress, but soon, I think" he replied.

	Cassandra looked at him like a mantis sizing up an insect. "I hope so. I
grow impatient. And if I have to show you how to do it, I'll demonstrate on

	The soldier straightened and stood smartly. "Si, Mistress," he snapped
back. "I will make her beg."

	He turned to Summer, his eyes burning with a strange brew of malice and
fear. "You will beg, puta, and you will beg soon, yes?"

	Summer merely closed her eyes.

	He stepped behind her and began to whip her ass, her back, her legs. He
was ruthless, his arm making the whip fly out and bite her skin again and again
and then again.

	It took some time, but she finally broke down and cried out with pain.
To her shame, she began to cry. The soldier stepped close, his body now pressed
hard against hers. Reaching through the frame, he pressed his hand against her
labia, rubbing her back and forth. He used his other hand to flick the whip
against the backs of her knees and her ass while he roughly masturbated her. She
tried to buck, to resist, but resistance was futile. There was no way out for
her but to beg.

	He stopped, let go of her, and stepped back out front. He ran his now
wet hand across her face.

	"Smell your pussy, bitch, and beg me to fuck you!" he growled.

	Summer shook her head and did not open her eyes.

	"Beg!" he demanded, striking her hard with the whip. This blow broke the
skin in several spots. "Say it!" he yelled, whipping her breast. "I want you to
fuck my ass, please!" Another two blows with the whip.

	Summer opened her eyes for a moment.

	"Fuck yourself," she whispered hoarsely.

	The soldier yelled and laid a brutal blow across Summer's shoulders.
Blood began to appear on her skin. The training mistress laughed. Throwing down
her cigarette, she walked over and took the whip from the soldier's sweaty hand.

	"Men are so useless!" she snarled. Turning to Summer, she placed a hand
on the girl's tear soaked cheek. "You have guts my dear," she said. "That's too
bad, it will just be harder for you. But then, "she tugged brutally on the
crotch chain, "maybe you enjoy that, hmmm?"

	She turned to the soldier. "Get a sponge and some water, I want to clean
her up."

	The soldier saluted, turned on his heel, and left the chamber.

	Cassandra returned her attention to the young woman hanging in chains
before her. She resumed her stroking of the girl's face, soothing her captive.
"My dear," she offered softly, "I realize that this must all be a terrible shock
for you, but you don't need to make this so hard. It is only you that will
suffer because of your resistance. Now, if it were just solely up to me, I'd
approach this quite differently. Men like that Miguel and his friend Leon - you
know, the ones who treated you so horribly the other night? They're just pigs,
not fit to be under your feet, let alone pawing you. Yech!"

	Summer kept her eyes closed, her head as far down as the collar would
allow. Her breasts rose and fell with her breathing, and it was clear that she
was in discomfort and pain. Still, she refused to acknowledge the woman in front
of her.

	"You are so pretty, my dear," the riding mistress continued to coo. She
stroked her hand through Summer's now wet and matted locks.  "Your hair, such a
lovely colour. We don't see many red heads down here, you know. I think it's so
beautiful! I wanted red hair like yours when I was in college in Minnesota ... "
She trailed off as Summer finally opened her eyes. The riding mistress was very
well versed in body language. She chattered on. "You know, a girl with hair the
colour of yours, with the right attitude and look, she could be just about
anything she wants here. She would be in great demand, and I don't mean from
them." She spit out the last word, nodding her chin in the direction of the
glass wall. With just a nudge of her chin and eyes, Summer could see the dark
shapes of soldiers through the filtered glass.

	Just then, the door opened. The soldier returned, a pail of water in his
hand. The riding mistress turned to him and barked out a command.

	"Sponge her off, and be gentle about it."

	She turned back to Summer and winked. "See what power a beautiful woman
can have around here?" She stepped back so the soldier could do his work.

	Muttering something under his breath, the soldier approached the chained
figure. He placed the bucket on the floor near her feet. A splash of water
escaped the bucket, some making Summer's toes wet.

	"Hurry up, or you'll take her place," snapped Cassandra. "I want to
begin her training, and I have others to do too."

	The soldier reached into the bucket and came up with a sponge. Rivulets
of water ran down from it. He said "Si Mistress", and raised the sponge to the
girl's shoulders. He began to wash her off, the water running down her naked,
striped form. She shivered at his touch, and shuddered to feel the water on her
abused skin.

	He was rough as he ran the wet sponge across her breasts, lingering
overlong on her tender, sore nipples. Again he reached down and soaked the

	"Hey, puta, you got me in shit, you know?" he whispered harshly. He
brought the sponge to her crotch. "Anything she does to me, I do double to you,

	Summer moaned to feel the wet sponge on her very sore pussy. The soldier
was anything but gentle as he rubbed her. Despite the pain, Summer knew she was
becoming aroused - she could feel the churning in her loins, the heat building
at the wet touch. By rubbing the sponge back and forth and around her labia, the
soldier was adding lubricant to the chain, making it easier for Summer to
slither it back and forth on her clit. The heat was building now, she could feel
it. She was astonished that after so much abuse, her body was still able to
experience sexual pleasure.

	The soldier sensed something was happening to the girl. Grinning, he
dunked the sponge back into the bucket, then yanked it back out, smearing its
wet contents all over her shaved mons, through the passage between her legs, and
up her ass. He pressed his forearm into her pussy as he scrubbed her ass cheeks,
making the girl writhe in her bonds. Her hips were moving now, slight, but back
and forth. Her thigh muscles were clenching and relaxing, then clenching. He ran
the sponge down her inner thigh, right at the join. She shivered at the touch. A
hiss escaped her clenched teeth - it was a symphony to the soldier.

	The training mistress watched with amusement as the soldier rubbed the
sponge all over the prisoner's body. She was getting wet too, but in a different
way, she thought. Cassandra could feel her own heat rising as she thought of
what she was going to be able to do with this new slut. "She was a stubborn
one", thought Cassandra, "but she'll break soon enough. And when she does ...
Wait! What was that?" Summer's hiss and slight movements sent flares off in
Cassandra's mind. The little slut was beginning to come! Cassandra smiled
wickedly and licked her lips. She squirmed slightly against the rubber covered
steel table upon which she was leaning. The squirm made the leather jodhpurs she
was wearing to pinch her, tight and deliciously so, in the crotch.

	Summer's hips were moving more now, as the soldier continued to rub the
sponge and his wrist all over and around her swollen pussy. The chain dug in to
her and she loved the painful pleasure it was now bringing. The sponge was
tormenting, soft, wet and yet rough at the same time. And every so often, the
man would rub his hands across her clit, or stroke her labia. Her nipples had
grown very hard, and her nostrils were beginning to flair. Her breath hissed
through clenched teeth as Summer tried desperately to fight the irresistible
pleasure that was building inside.

	The man's free hand was now rubbing his own crotch. A feral creature, he
could almost taste Summer's growing heat.

	"Beg me, puta," he whispered, his voice full of menace and malice. "Beg
me and I'll fuck you like you've never had it before."

	As he rubbed the sponge back and forth, he slid a finger past the chain
until it was at Summer's opening. He pushed, and his finger was imbedded to the
second joint inside Summer's vagina. He pushed some more, and his finger was now
buried to the knuckle. The chain grated against his fingers as he masturbate the
helpless girl. Faster, faster, he moved his finger in and out. He pressed his
body closer to Summer, his other hand touching her breasts, kneading her ass. He
grew hard inside the khaki fatigues, the friction of the cloth teasing the
purple head of his prick. 

	"Beg me, you cunt!" he hissed in Spanish. "Or I'll whip you till the
skin falls off your bones, and then I'll have you anyway!"

	Cassandra watched with veiled eyes as the tableau unfolded before her.
She too was becoming hotter as she watched the soldier working over the new
girl. "Who knows", she pondered, "maybe he will get her to beg?" She could see
the girl was becoming more and more aroused - a true submissive, this one!
Cassandra considered a little self-pleasure, but then decided, as she always did
in these situations, that she would be the one in control, not the slave because
she was having an orgasm. She stood, and walked behind the frame.

	Summer's orgasm exploded at the very first blow of the whip on her now
bouncing ass. She screamed her pleasure as the fire burned right through her
pussy, her lower belly, and consumed her breasts. She squeezed her eyes so
tightly shut she could see rockets of red and yellow as the pleasure rocked her.
The chains sang a jangling song as she threw herself into them, trying to clench
every muscle in her body simultaneously. She screamed her pain and her weakness
at giving in to her tormentors.

	Cassandra laughed, and laid more flicks of the lash upon Summer's back
and ass. The soldier rammed his body against the girl's, squashing her wet
breasts against his khaki chest, his finger buried to the hilt inside her. He
swore and licked her skin like a lion tasting its next meal.

	The training mistress stepped to the side, never stopping her flogging
of the girl, and motioned to the soldier. With his free hand, he undid his
waistband, and unzipped his pants. His cock burst through the fly of his boxer
shorts. The training mistress laughed at the sight. He struggled to get his
shorts down his legs, then, careful to avoid being hit by the whip and stroking
his swelling cock, he waddled behind Summer. He pulled on the chain that rose
between the girl's naked ass cheeks, making her moan louder. He released the
snap that held the chain to Summer's collar. There was a mighty clang and jangle
of metal against concrete as the loose chain tumbled to the floor. Summer was
hardly aware of the change, for the links were still embedded tight between her
pussy lips.  She moaned again as the links pulled out from the hot, wet folds of

	"Timing is everything" was Cassandra's incongruous thought. She had
stepped around the girl in the opposite direction. As soon as the soldier was in
position, she moved to stand right in front of the prisoner.

	When his hips thrust forward, her arm shot forward and the leather
strands of the whip gave Summer's breasts yet another fiery caress. At the same
time, the soldier had placed his cock between Summer's buttocks, and just as the
girl moved back, he thrust his aching manhood into her tight hole.

	Summer screamed, this time in pain and terror, as the whip struck her
breasts at the same time as her anal passage was brutally invaded. Cassandra
continued to flog her, watching with delight as the girl gasped for air and
slammed her eyes shut. The soldier was busy pumping his cock into the girl's
backside. He grunted like an animal with each thrust, throwing his body into it,
rocking the girl in her chain suspension. With a powerful thrust and a mighty
yell of triumph, the soldier pushed his hips as far forward as he possibly
could. His back arched as his cock shot its juices into the girl. His face
contorted into a grimacing mask, with eyes squeezed shut and teeth madly
clenched together.

	His orgasmic contortions bent Summer like a bow, the chains attached to
her neck collar straight as steel cables, holding her up while her back bent and
her pelvis was pushed forward. She bucked as the whip hit her, the involuntary
jerking in the opposite direction almost breaking her in half. She screamed for
her lover in a pathetic lea for help that would never come.


	The pain, the strain and the pressure was too much for her. Bent as she
was, the collar now choked her. She began hyperventilating and then, as her
oxygen supply grew smaller and smaller, she began to see black and red spots on
her eyelids.

	With an exhalation of air, Summer blacked out.

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