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At His Young Aunt's Mercy

Part 1 One part only.

At His Young Aunt's Mercy Revised (FF/m humil, spanking, Fem-dom, reluc,
By j.o.writer

 Jimmy was staying with his Aunt Susan for the summer. The 17 year-old
wished he could go home. He missed his friends and he resented the
disciplinary side of his aunt. Aunt Susan was his Mother's younger sister
she was only 24 and this was causing some friction between the aunt and
nephew. Jimmy's parents made sure he understood that while he was in his
aunt's home he must abide by his aunt's rules and discipline.

    Jimmy was increasingly misbehaving as a way to rebel against his aunt's
authority; he resented being told what to do by a 24 year-old. Susan set a
curfew of 10pm during the week and midnight Fridays and Saturdays. Jimmy
began to almost totally disregard the curfew. Friday night Jimmy stayed out
to 1:30am, when he got home Susan told him to go to bed; She would discuss
his behavior the next morning.

     Saturday morning Susan sat Jimmy down and told him, either he would
obey her or he would have to leave. Although Jimmy wanted to leave, he knew
his parents would be very upset. Jimmy was entering the last year of High
School in September.  His parents had promised him a new car if he
graduated, and behaved himself while he was at his aunt's house. Jimmy very
much wanted the new car; he realized that his aunt had the upper hand.

     Susan said, "Jimmy, you have given Me no respect since your arrival.
That is about to change; starting today you will be spanked if you
misbehave. I am going to spank you right now. Stand up and remove your
robe". Since it was morning, the boy hadn't dressed yet. Jimmy stood and
removed his robe; he was now standing before his young aunt in his jockey

    The boy was small in stature; he was thin and about 5ft 2in in height.
Aunt Susan said "Jimmy, you want to behave like a baby I'll treat you like
one. You will remove your shorts and receive your spanking on your bare

    Jimmy was mortified; he definitely didn't want to be naked in front of
his pretty aunt. Susan stood up, she towered over Jimmy, and she stood about
5 feet 7 inches with a very nice figure, this morning she was wearing a
T-shirt and very short tight shorts. Susan put her hands on her hips and
said, "What will it be, either take the underwear off or go home." Susan
understood about the new car, so she knew what kind of power she had.

   Jimmy reluctantly pulled his shorts off.  Susan sat down and looked her
nephew over, paying close attention to his penis. Looking right at her
nephew's shriveled dick She mockingly said, "You're not such a big man are
you?" Jimmy very embarrassed responded "No Aunt Susan I'm not". The more his
Aunt inspected his dick the more it shrank from sheer embarrassment. "Jimmy
get over my knee, like the child you are. The adolescent boy got into
position. He never felt more totally humiliated in his entire young life.
Susan began to hit him on the cheeks of his ass with the palm of her hand.
She was hitting as hard as she could.

    Jimmy's penis was rubbing up against his aunt's bare thigh and this was
causing him to have an involuntary erection. His penis was now fully erect;
it was between his aunt's legs. Susan could feel her nephew's penis and she
opened her legs.

    Susan with disgust said, "Jimmy stand up". The boy didn't want to stand
with an erection but his aunt insisted. Jimmy stood trying to cover his
penis. Susan told Jimmy to put his hands behind his back. Jimmy red faced
put his hands behind his back and stood with his 6-inch hard throbbing cock
sticking straight up pointing at his aunt.

    Susan said, "Why do you have an erection Jimmy?" He responded, "I'm
sorry I can't help it." Susan said," Jimmy you will stand in the corner
until such time as you can stand before Me without an erection, at such time
we can resume the spanking." Jimmy said, "Yes, Aunt Susan". Jimmy went to
pick up his robe but his aunt told him to stand in the corner nude.

    Jimmy stood in the corner feeling very uncomfortable, the more he willed
his 17 year old penis to go soft the harder it became. Finally, after much
time, his penis got to a flaccid state. Now he had a dilemma, he had to
stand in front of his aunt and show her his penis was not hard.

   Jimmy turned and approached his Aunt at the kitchen table. Jimmy with
very obvious trepidation said, "Aunt Susan I'm ready to finish the
 spanking." Susan said, "Lets see, what your little dick looks like now".
Susan leaned down to stare at her nephew's penis and said, "Yeah I guess you
are ready".

     "Jimmy get over my knee." Jimmy got in position and Susan began
spanking his ass. Jimmy couldn't help it but he seemed to like to have his
ass spanked and also the friction of his penis rubbing against his Aunt's
bare thigh caused him to have an erection again.

     Susan threw Jimmy off her lap. Jimmy stood with a hard-on rubbing his
ass. Susan said "Jimmy get a ping pong paddle from the porch." Jimmy went to
get the paddle, on his way back his aunt sat watching the boy approaching
her with his hard cock bouncing. She was determined to teach him a lesson.

      "Jimmy get over my lap". Susan really started to beat the boy's
exposed ass with the paddle. Jimmy's ass was becoming very red, but his dick
was still very very hard and throbbing. Jimmy couldn't help it, but he
ejaculated all over his aunt's legs. Susan pushed him off her lap saying,
"You dirty pig". Jimmy was on the floor and cum was still oozing out of his

      Susan was furious with her nephew. She said, "Jimmy you had no right
to use me for your satisfaction". She thundered, "Jimmy I want your cum off
me right now, lick it off Me, you piece of shit."

      Jimmy knelt naked before his aunt and began licking his cum off his
young Aunt, it wasn't the first time he had tasted his own cum. He licked
all over his Aunt's thighs, even after the cum was gone He continued to lick
his Aunt's inner thighs. Jimmy was enjoying this and his erection was back.
Susan backed up and sat down and spread her legs open, she too was enjoying
her nephew's licking. Jimmy continued to lick, there were cum stains on his
aunt's shorts right on her crotch, and the boy started licking his aunt's
shorts on the crotch area.

      Finally Susan said, "That's enough, stand in the corner until I tell
you to get dressed". Jimmy stood and walked to the corner with a very
obvious erection. Susan sat at the table looking at her naked nephew in the
corner. Jimmy's erection wouldn't go away, he found he was excited to be
treated this way by his aunt. Gradually Jimmy started to fondle his cock;
soon he was standing there jerking off with his Aunt watching. Susan said,
"Stop doing that Jimmy and get over here".

      Susan had to admit to herself that she was aroused controlling her
nephew, and he seemed to be turned on too. Susan decided to see where it
would led if she pursued her dominant desires. Jimmy stood before his Aunt
with a raging hard-on. "So I see I turn you on"? Jimmy replied, "I'm sorry,
but I guess it excites me to behave submissively".

      Susan said, "Come with me, we'll see just how subservient you want to
Jimmy was led into Susan's bedroom, She said, "I'm going to take a leak if
you want to clean me with your tongue stay here, if not leave now." Jimmy
excitedly said, "I'll stay". Susan removed her shorts and panties and walked
to bathroom. She sat on the toilet with the door open in full view of Jimmy.
Susan pissed nosily; when she was done, she called her nephew. Jimmy came
into the bathroom checking out his Aunt's pussy.

      Susan stood and said to Jimmy "kneel at my feet and use your tongue to
clean the piss off my cunt". The boy got on the bathroom floor and sank his
tongue into his Aunt's snatch. He used his tongue to lap away at his aunt's
pussy. It was the first pussy he had ever seen outside the pages of a
magazine. Susan said, "Let's lay down on the bed".

      Susan laid face down on the bed and issued an order to her nephew,
"Lick my asshole, salve". Jimmy hesitated unwilling to put his tongue on his
aunt's asshole. Susan said, "You can either lick my asshole or get out of my
bed".  Jimmy didn't want to be shut off from his exposure to sex, so he shut
his eyes and put his tongue on his aunt's asshole.

        Susan stretched out on the bed with her legs spread apart,
completely relaxed, enjoying the sensations of the boy's mouth on her ass.
"Jimmy lick my asshole and try to stick your tongue in my asshole." Jimmy
did as he was told; he held his aunt's ass cheeks apart while he slobbered
over her anus. Susan forced him to continue to lick her asshole long after
he wanted to stop. He wiggled his tongue in her asshole as she moaned. The
boy had a very long tongue and he literally fucked his pretty Aunt's asshole
with it.

 At Susan's direction Jimmy repeatedly jabbed his tongue into her rectum.
She reached between her spread legs and feverishly massaged her swollen
clit. She trembled with a series of powerful orgasms.

        Susan finally told her nephew he could stop licking her asshole.
Jimmy stopped and Susan rolled over and spread her legs out. Susan said,
"Jimmy if you want I give you permission to stand by the bed and jerk-off.
"I'm going to take a nap, if you masturbate don't bother me and use a paper
towel or something to catch your cum.

         Jimmy wished Susan would pay attention to him. The boy wished Susan
would try to gratify him, as he had tried to gratify her. This was not to
be, as Susan lay on the bed oblivious to Jimmy's needs or wants. The boy had
never seen a naked woman before so he was aroused to be looking at his nude
young Aunt. He masturbated himself staring at Susan but she hardly paid any
attention to him. Jimmy came and his Aunt said, "If you make a mess you
better clean it up."

        Jimmy tried to lie down on the bed; he asked, "Can I take a nap with
you Aunt Susan?" Susan responded, "Slave if you want to nap with me, lay on
the floor at my feet." Jimmy lay on the floor nude.

       That night Susan told her nephew, if he agreed to be her sex salve,
she would fuck him occasionally. Jimmy with no hesitation and a huge smile
said,  "I agree Aunt Susan".  Susan said he would have to obey her, if he
didn't he would be shut off from having any sexual contact with her; also if
he was really bad she would report his behavior to his parents.

       Susan said, "Jimmy when we are alone you will not wear pants or
underwear around the house, do you understand?" "Yes Aunt Susan I
understand". "If you misbehave I will spank you on your bare ass, regardless
who may be present". Susan said "Also anytime you are in the house without
your pants on, you will keep your legs separated at all times so that puny
little prick of yours will be displayed at all times." "Yes Aunt Susan, I
understand." The boy obediently replied.

      Susan said, "O.k. slave boy, tidy up the house my friend Denise is
coming over to visit." This was said in a pleasant lighthearted manor. A
little later that evening Denise came over. Denise was Susan's best friend
she was a 22 years-old very pretty redhead. Susan related what was happening
with her nephew, they decided to have a little fun.

      Jimmy was watching TV in his room. Susan called him into the living
room. "Jimmy you are being rude playing your TV so loud. I'm going to have
to spank you, take your pants off. Jimmy looked at Denise and back to his
Aunt, when he seen she was serious he took his pants off and stood in his
jockey shorts. Susan said, "Take your shorts off and show Denise what a
little dick you have."

       Jimmy stood there feeling very inadequate, he never thought his deal
with his aunt would include being ridiculed in front of her friends. "Jimmy
take your shorts off and show us that little cock of yours." " Red faced
Jimmy lowered his shorts and stood before the young women." Susan said,
"Jimmy get over my lap". The boy got into position and Susan beat the boy's
ass until it was red and she could feel his penis harden.

       Susan scornfully said, "Stand up and show Denise that sorry excuse
for a hard-on". Jimmy stood before the young women and let Denise inspect
his dick. The more attention the women paid attention to his cock the more
it throbbed. Susan said, "Jimmy come with me I need to piss, I want you to
use your tongue to lick my pussy clean."

      Denise raised her eyebrows with a surprised look on her face as she
watched the half naked boy follow his aunt into the bathroom. Susan left the
door of the bathroom open as she lowered the shorts and panties and sat on
the toilet. Susan began to piss; the piss flow hit the water in the bowl
loudly. Denise walked to the bathroom and watched from the opened door. When
Susan finished, she stood and told her nephew to kneel and use his mouth to
clean her.

      The boy knelt and used his tongue on his Aunt's cunt while Denise
 Jimmy licked all the piss off his aunt's cunt. Susan then turned around,
bent over facing away from the door, and told her nephew to wash her ass
with his mouth. Denise watched as the boy used his mouth on Susan's ass, he
spread her smooth ass cheeks apart with his hands while he buried his face
in his Aunt's ass. Susan wanted to exhibit the control she had over the boy
and told him to stick his long tongue up her asshole. Denise watched as the
boy spread the cheeks very wide, she could clearly see the boy's tongue
darting into Susan's pink asshole. She watched while Jimmy wiggled his
tongue around inside of his aunt's asshole.

      Susan stood after some minutes and dressed. Susan said, " Jimmy brush
your teeth and use some mouth wash, your breath smells like shit."  This was
said with a smile. " When you finish come to the living room."

     In the living room the two women spoke about female domination, they
had never experienced it before but both were clearly intrigued with the
concept. They wanted to conduct a few experiments; they were both interested
in teaching Jimmy to fuck them for their own satisfaction with no regard to
trying to please him. They were interested to see how much abuse he was
willing to put up with. First, they would test his limits. Both young women
agreed they would order a pizza and see what developed.

       Jimmy came into the room and Susan told him sit and be quiet while
she talked with her friend and waited for the pizza man. The doorbell rang
and Susan told her nephew to go to his bedroom. Susan answered door and a
nerdy looking college aged young man with a pizza stood there. Susan fumbled
for money and with the pretense of not being able to find any invited the
young man in.

       Denise and Susan flirted outrageously with the pizza delivery boy.
The pizza boy was taken back. Susan whispered in his ear "If one of us gave
you a blow job, could we have the pizza for free"? The pizza boy had never
had a blowjob, but he of course knew what it was and he sure wanted one. He
said, "Sure sounds good to me". Denise had her tongue in his ear and her
hand groping his crotch. I've never done anything like this before; I
couldn't possibly get on my knees and blow you if I knew you were watching
me. Denise whispered in his ear and asked him if he would allow her to
blindfold him. "OK". He replied.

      Denise used a scarf to blindfold the deliveryman. While Denise was
doing that Susan went to the bedroom and told Jimmy he would have to give
the pizza guy a blowjob. She gave him quick instructions about giving head
and told him not to speak that he was suppose to be Denise or Susan. Jimmy
wasn't happy about it, but he had no choice.

      Jimmy entered the room; still with no pants on, he approached the
couch. Denise eased the delivery boy's pants and underwear down to his ankle
s. Denise oohed and awed over the nerd's cock. She said, "I have one rule,
you can't touch me, OK." He said, "Sure, no problem."

      Jimmy got into position between the nerd's legs; Jimmy stared at the
cock in front of him. He was envious, the delivery guy had a bigger cock
than his own, it was about 7 inches long, fairly thick, and uncircumcised.
Jimmy put his mouth on the first cock he ever tasted. He found he didn't
mind it so much, and set about to give the best head he could. The two women
watched the proceedings intently. Jimmy was really getting into it; his head
was bobbing up and down on the cock. Jimmy began to massage the guy's balls.
They also noticed that Jimmy's prick was sticking straight out and seemed to
be very hard.

     The pizza guy was moaning and he raised his legs off the couch. Jimmy
shifted his hand from the guy's balls to his ass; He inserted a finger in
the guy's asshole. The whole time Jimmy was using his mouth on the guy's
raging cock. Jimmy had a natural affinity for sucking cock, he knew what he
would like done to him and did that. The delivery guy couldn't contain
himself any longer; he shot out an unbelievable load of cum. Jimmy as
instructed by Susan tried to swallow the guy's cum but he couldn't get it
all, semen gushed out of the guy's prick and Jimmy licked up as much as he

     Susan motioned for Jimmy to go to his bedroom. Jimmy left and Denise
got between the nerd's legs and took his blindfold off. The guy said, "That
was great. "Denise with a gleam in her eyes said, "Good I'm glad you liked
it." Denise stood up and delivery guy pulled his pants up as he stood also.
He looked at his watch and said, "Jeez I'm late I've got to leave, anytime
you want a pizza ask for me, my name is Ronald". He left and they laughed
like crazy. Jimmy came out of the room still nude from the waist down and
even he had to laugh.

    They sat and enjoyed the pizza; Jimmy sat forward on the chair with his
legs spread apart. The boy's cock and balls hang down on display. The women
enjoyed having his cock on display, it gave them a feeling of power to allow
the boy no modesty. Jimmy sat with a semi-erect dick on display.

     Denise casually said, "I think Jimmy should have a chance to get his
rocks off." Susan said, "I agree, Jimmy take the rest of your clothes off."
The boy took his shirt, socks, and sneakers off. He now sat totally naked
with his legs spread apart. Susan said, "Jimmy go to the kitchen and bring
back a small glass." Both women watched Jimmy walk to the kitchen, from the
rear he looked like a girl. Jimmy had no hair on his body aside from the
hair on his genitals; his skin was smooth and unblemished. Jimmy returned
and both women again watched him approach. Denise liked the fact that Susan
forced Jimmy to always keep his dick exposed it was fun.

      Susan instructed Jimmy to sit down, "Jimmy we want you to masturbate
for us, you will catch your cum in this glass." "Relax and sit back, every
time you are about to cum we want you to tightly grip right below the head
of your little prick and stop the blood flow. When the desire to cum has
subsided, continue to jerk-off, each time you feel you are about to climax
stop and grip your puny prick and stop the blood flow. We will allow you to
cum at some point, do you understand?" Jimmy said, "I understand Aunt

      Susan said, "Well begin, we may talk among ourselves or watch TV or
something, you just continue to Jerk-off that tiny prick of yours."  Jimmy
sat on the sofa and leaned back with his legs spread. He wrapped his fist
around his dick masturbating. The boy quickly got an urge to cum but stopped
himself. Susan said, That's good, do that each time you get the feeling you
are about to ejaculate.

     Jimmy sat pulling the skin back on his dick exposing its purple head
over and over again. He would stop occasionally, to stop the blood flow and
then resume. Susan and Denise talked about many things; one of the things
Jimmy heard them talk about was what a good fuck machine they would turn him

      Finally, after about 30 minutes Susan told Jimmy he could cum. The Boy
was relieved; his dick was starting to get sore. He beat his dick while
studying Denise, who in turn was now watching him. Susan said, "Don't forget
the glass". Jimmy sat forward on the couch and placed the glass in position
to catch his semen. He came and shot his load into the glass. Susan said,
"Milk that little dick of yours, make sure you get all of your cum." The boy
sat shaking and squeezing his dick.

       "Now pick up the glass and drink it all down slave boy," Susan
ordered. Jimmy with a sheepish nervous look at both women, did as he was

End of Story
I would enjoy receiving comments. j.o.writer

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