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Chapter 6 The Chastity Belt

The Chastity Belt (06o Chap.)

(M/f, NC, Real., Abduction, Enslav., Tort, Rape, Enema, Modif., Chastity Belt)

By Kray                                            

Morning. I feel very good!

I awake Rose with a full spank onto her round ass.

I free her from the chains, leaving her arms tied behind her back, and I order
her to kneel on the mattress. From behind her, I cuddle her abdomen for a while,
enjoying the tension on her bladder, still increased during the night <need
to pee?> "Ohh yeees Masteeer... Please let me pee Master" < Later,
perhaps! For the moment I think that it is not enough yet > and after having
adjusted the valves I start to slowly squeeze more liquid into her body. Her
reaction is immediate "Nhoooo nhoooo, I can't taaaaake, I will exploooode
Maaaasteeer pleeease have mercyyy.... Aaaahhaaa"

I stop only after having completely emptied one pomp... only one at least!

I lock the valves, and then I unplug the bag and the pump from the catheter.

She's in trouble, sure, she barely understand my orders <run in the dungeon.
Place your ass on the gynaecologic chair, spread your legs and wait for me

I place the whip between her teeth, she attempts to move, but instead I hold
back her on her knees. I rub her abused body, I sense her high distress, she
shivers and trembles, but she stays in my arms. <If you let to fall the whip
I'll fill you more, Rose> I chafe her sufferer belly with one hand, and I
maul her lustful breast with the other one. She wails, I'm rough. I pinch her
nipples, I twist them, mercilessly. She can only scream, she has no chance at
all, the whip in her mouth prevents her even to try to calm me down by kissing
me, or even to turn her head toward me.

She weeps and screams under my attentions for at least half hour in which I
uselessly try to make her to release the whip. I would get my aim by simply
tickle her flanks, but I like to inflict her some other pain like this.

I grab her hair <Get down from the bed, do not kneel> She obeys, but she
have to stay bent forward, while I stamp her head on the border of the mattress.

I leave the bed to inspect Rose's ass. She stays bent on her high heeled foots,
with her knees almost touching <Spread your feet my slave... more... more...
good>, I tie her ankle-cuffs to the floor. She have a very bitch pose now, a
trembling bitch.

I release her hands from behind her back and I tie them wide to the mattress.

<Leave the whip now, I need it!> "Nnnnhoooo Pleeeaseee..."

I grab the whip, then I sit on the border of the mattress, between her arms,
placing my excited member right under her mouth. She immediately starts to blow
me. But her high urge to pee causes her to operate too frantically, too
unrestrained. A totally unusual behave for Rose, she has to have a very great
distress... good, time to increase it! I raise my hand and I land the whip right
between her buttocks, striking her asshole and pussy. Rose shout is loud. She
couches herself to protect her innermost, pleading me to not hit her there any

<Get up slave, we are just at the beginning!> "Nhooooooo Pleeeeeaaaase

Have a blowjob in such conditions is incredibly exciting.

My captive have to please my member as better a woman can do, to distract me
from to whip her sensitive places. While me, I mercilessly hit her, to enjoy
from her pain and her wails, to have her to engage further, and to hinder her
work and then extend the blowjob and the joy from it... Moreover Rose is really
full of pee and her suffering is very exalted.

I protract the game for more than 30 minutes, she's in great distress, she
sweats many an she trembles all over. 

She crouches down almost at every lash, wailing desperately, hardening me more
and more.

Finally, unfortunately I come, greatly and satisfied.

Some minutes in which Rose continues her lovely action, then <To the bath
slave, you have earned to pee!>.

One hour later I join Rose who's waiting for me in her place, ready, fully
cleaned, oiled, heeled, disinfected, and perfumed, standing proud, with her red
head bowed in shame, as usual. She still has few shivers, but they are more and
more low.

<This is my gift for your great behaviour of yesterday> I show her a brand
new and beautiful chastity belt, steel, leather and acrylic made, so slim...

As the previous one, is wire type, but some joints are evident along the
powerful rear wire. More lodges are present in the front side and the internal
side is a technological revolution. <Despite its slim line, this chastity
belt is a masterpiece of technique and strength. The various lodges, joints and
accessories, allow many layouts, from the most comfortable to the most wicked.
You will notice by the time>.

<The most important thing is that this chastity belt is shaped exactly for
your body. Do you remember those two moulds of yours which I've taken? This is
the result! A chastity belt which follows exactly your forms, every crevice,
even the most inner. The front side mounts an acrylic, interchangeable mould,
which will match perfectly with your pussy and mons-veneris. The belt hides
internal steel armour that makes the acrylic mould to stick perfectly to your
body. In order to avoid you to stimulate yourself by pelvis movements, this
acrylic 'pussy mould' is allowed to slide few centimetres along the crotch
protection. It is also possible to settle on it a little acrylic plugs to assure
a perfect positioning, without the risk that you could use it to reach
orgasms.> ...  < ... Little plug... it is not necessary that I decide for
a little plug, I've a full selection of plugs and dildos on which to choose, for
all purpose and size. I can also decide for two plugs, vaginal and anal...  or
even tree, anal, vaginal and urethral! I have some more wicked ones of them
containing vibrators or electric contacts... You will love them!>.

She has started to silently weep, staring feared the belt, <Moreover also the
acrylic mould merges a steel skeleton, a kind of spring, to assure the perfect
contact with your pussy, guaranteeing, hence, the inaccessibility of your
sensitive parts from anything than me. Even your pussy piercings have been
reckoned. There are perfect lodgements to accommodate your pussy rings>.

<Like the previous belt, you may urinate and defecate with it, if no urethral
or anal plugs are mounted! The acrylic mould is fully canalised so that to allow
an effective hygiene through injections of water or medicaments in case of long
time wearing, through special inlets. And the rear steel wire will simply splits
your faeces in two. Is your duty to maintain you and your chastity belt always
perfectly clean> <For matter of hygiene I've had also acquired another
belt, twin of this one. You have to alternate the use of them>.

<Why are you weeping then?>

<Haven't you understood the most important advantage of my gift yet?>

She stares at me puzzled, now.

<Wearing this chastity belt you cannot gratify yourself in any way! You can't
touch yourself or stimulate you, also with your arms and legs totally frees!>
She has a gleam of hope, she has understood now.

<Yes Rose, with this device of sexual gratification denial, I can lessen my
control over you.>

She gasps, she's enthusiastic now, perhaps too much <This doesn't mean that
from today you will be always untied, but only that if I'm in the mood, I can
allow you to stay with hands free, to read a book or to behave cleanings or
others duty that I will think opportune>. <Remember that I like you tied,
I like to think of you well tied waiting for me, you haven't gained the use of
your limbs at all. Your chastity belt only allows me to reward you with a
certain degrees of freedom now and then.>

<Last thing Rose: Remember that you are always under my total control, even
out from your cell, even out of the dungeon, even out of the underground floor,
.... even out of my castle... Don't try foolishnesses. The only thing that you
are able to do is to procure me some embarrassment, nothing more, and in that
case you would pay very hard, believe me, Rose you are MINE!>

<Your life, out of here, is ended! I've made to find some evidences in your
name, Rose, do you remember your last travelling in your past life?>

Her expression becomes terrified!

<You are now an international wanted my dear, a drug messenger! Some friends
helped me on building the many false evidences that pin you guilty.>

"NNNNNNhoooooooo you lie! Noooo. LIAAAR... it is impossible! Fuck yooou!"

<Shut up! You will be punished for this!> I was waiting such reaction, and
I immediately tightened her collar chain by the remote, dragging Rose unsteady
on her tiptoes. She doesn't wears the harness-bra, then the strength on the
collar is whole endured by her neck, chocking her. She can't protest more now.
First thing, I grab her elbows <It is possible, of course! Anyway what the
difference for you? You are condemned anyway! You can't flee from me, and not
even from your next master, if I decide to sell you> I link her elbows
together with a wide strap, causing Rose to interrupt her desperate wailing with
a smothered shout. I place another strap around her wrists for good measure.
Then I hobble her ankles cuffs with 30 cm of chain.

<You have transformed a reward day in a punishment day, your gift have to
wait that you definitively accept that you are hopelessly MINE! Yourself do not
exist any more, you are my slave, my toy, my caprice, my victim!>

< I can only do one thing to prize you today: to gag you, to prevent you to
misbehave more> and I push a holed ball-gag in her gaping mouth and I buckle
the straps behind her red head. I loose the collar chain only a little to ease
her to breath, then I leave her just the time to reach the whip, then I release
her from the collar chain. Grasping the leash I give her about ten hits, all
over her lustful body <Run into the dungeon, wait for me near your cell,
hurry up!>. She obeys whining.

When I join Rose, she's squatted toward the cell bars, in the useless attempt to
protect herself from my whip. I face her to the cell bars and I grab her wrists.
I drag them high, causing Rose to bent, and then I tie them to the steel bars.
Her head is downward and her butt is at my mercy, but is not enough. I also tie
her ankles, wide, to the bars, and I thread a strap from the bars that wrap her
belly. This way if she lost control or if she faints, the waist strap will
sustain her, preventing Rose to dislocate her shoulders.

<Do you think that your piercings are healed enough?> Her bosoms hang down
freely. Among Rose's shouts, from between her spread legs, I grasp each nipple
ring and I join them to the respective ring at the sides of her collar with two
short and powerful elastic cords. They are cruelly pulled, the pain is surely

Excited from Rose's cries, I choose a paddle <I'm honored to introduce you my
preferred paddle. It is a bit stuffed, in order to avoid to damage your skin,
but its service is not hampered at all, as you are about to ascertain> and I
hit her buttock side. She groans behind the gag, and she wriggles her ass in the
attempt to escape from my rage... no way! <Do you like it ? You will have as
much as you want, right now> At the end of the phrase Rose emits a long wail,
that give to me the start of a great, long, spanking. I hit her without pause
all over her beautiful ass and the external sides of her upper thighs. Her
screams reaches the maximum almost immediately, at the fourth or fifth hit. She
sways frantically her butt, she pulls desperately her legs, but, obviously, the
only thing that she really can do is... to undergo, how much I like...
because... she's mine!

I justly chastise Rose's misbehave along many minutes, savagely among her
suffocate continuous, loud shouts, till she faints.

Her arse has become swelled and purple red, a simple caress would be enough to
torture her more.

I release my victim from the bars and from the floor. I take advantage from her
unconsciousness to make her a surprise: I arrange her for the second part of her

I insert an internal vibrator inside her asshole, and then I fill it with the
long rubber plug, 30 cm. The little but powerful vibrator is deep inside her
bowel now, only its power cable spurts from Rose asshole, beside the rubber

Then I insert a narrow, but long, rubber cylinder into her pussy. This cylinder
is long enough to almost brush her cervix, without hurting her, because is made
in soft rubber. Along its length the cylinder brings 4 conductive collars, all
connected to an electric wire that spurts out from its base.

I wrap her crotch with a strap, kept in place by the corset. I don't tighten the
corset to much, only enough.

Using many leather straps all around her thighs, ankles and knees, I firmly tie
Rose in fetal position, but her arms, which are wickedly locked behind her back,
with elbows rather close, but not in contact, and her nipples, still cruelly
stretched by the elastics to her collar.

Constricted like that, I insert my slave into the narrow cage, where I tie the
rear straps of her ball-gag to an upper bar, to sustain her head horizontally.
She can lift it, but she cannot lower it to ease the tension on her nipples too.

I hung the cage up, one meter from the ground, in the centre of the dungeon.

She wakes while I'm been connecting the electric wires to the control system.

<Relax slave. I've not decided yet how long you will remain in thus
comfortable position, I can only tell you that perhaps it will be matter of
days, not of hours!>.

Her desperate, long, loud, subdued wail is the sign of her suffering, fear and
late regret. 

<Don't desperate you, you will be well entertained, sure! Like this...> I
start the vibrator deep plunged inside her belly, to the minimum power. <...
And this!> I jolt the dept of her pussy with a low electric discharge.

She shouts and she struggles frantically, painful and frightened.

The words "Maaasteeeer", "Pleeeeaaaase" and "Nhoooo" are perfectly
understandable even through the gag.

She calls me desperate, many and many time, <Answer me with nods slave. Would
you like telling me something?> Yes <Would you like telling me that you
have understood your predicament here in my castle?> Yes < Would you like
telling me that you'll misbehaves like this never again?> Yes yes yes <
Would you like pleading me to forgive you?> Yes yes yes <I already knew
all those craps! Now suffer... for long!> long cry. <I have to go for my
business now, see you tomorrow my dear!> and I leave.

One hour, two or tree like this are really discomforting, but more than 5 or 6
is a rally bad torture. Pain, cramps, desperation... good! Moreover, for whole
the time I'm out, I enjoy myself tormenting Rose by sending commands to her deep
and powerful vibrator then to the shocking plug. I almost break my phone cellar
doing it. Thinking to the terrible effect on Rose, my excitement grows hour by
hour, but I'm able to come back home only after almost a day.

I found Rose asleep, she has to be exhaust to succeed to sleep in such a
predicament, I've cruelly jolted her again not more than half hour a go.

I wake her with a sprinkle with the hose, I've to wash her, and her piss from
the floor.

"HHHHaaaaasthhheeeeeeer, ..." she pleads incessantly, hysterically, she suffers,

I sprinkle all over for some minutes.   

<I need to rest for 3 - 4 hours, if you totally and absolutely agree my
conditions I give you a truce from this punishment> "HHHHeeeesss" ...

<Listen to me very very well: do not plead for mercy, you will surely return
in the cage, immediately> A lazy yes <Don't even talk at all, you are
still in punishment, you are still gagged even if I grant you to empty your
mouth for few hours>.

<Now the usual shower and bath activities, then you can have to drink and
something to eat.>

I release her from the straps, but she is still unable to move.

I empty her inner and I release her sore nipples. I conduct her to the bath by
the leash, she slowly crawls ahead me.

One hour later she feels a little better, cleaned and restored. She stays
silent, even if she weeps continuously.

<Crawl over my bed>

I tie her in the centre of the bed. I tie her knelt, with her knees and wrists
tied to the mattress. I disposed her like a sphinx.

When I lay down I have her slim wrists under my thighs, her body between my
knees and her mouth to my crotch. 

<Now slave I want a great, great blow job, not too long, not too quick. When
I'll have climaxed, after you have swallowed every drop, and after I'm softened,
you have the permission to end to suck my tool. Instead you have to massage my
whole crotch for whole the time of my rest> She stares at me puzzled <You
don't have to make me to come again, you have to sweetly lick and massage whole
my pelvis zone, at your better. Don't be in a hurry, work slowly but
continuously. If I found you asleep my rage would become uncontrollable. I want
a long relaxant massage, it is your duty to find the way to satisfy me, if you
are not able to relax me, I will please myself torturing you much longer and
more cruelly>.

<Now begin, and remember, I want to orgasm only once, next I want to relax

She starts with the blow job. I enjoy some minutes, then <You are proceeding
well, very good, but I like to increase my amusement> and I land a strike of
my whip over her already sore ass "Ahhaaaaaa" <Do not dare to pronounce even
the word 'No'> another lash "Mhaaaaa" then a "Mmmhhhmm" on my over-excited
dick. She cutely continues her job despite the whip, but her more big esteem is
to avoiding at all to scratching my penis with her teeth... she is perfect!

A blowjob with whipping is a thing that gives a real sense of power, and such
power over a beautiful creature like Rose is terribly exciting.

After I had a strong orgasm that Rose greedily swallowed, my captive meekly
begins the second part of her duty.

She starts gently licking my balls, and then she uses her soft lips to pinch my
flesh all around my sex. The great sensation relaxes me profoundly. I put down
the whip, and after a caress over Rose's hairs, I fell over the edge of a sweet
sleep. Just an instant before to definitively fall, I sense Rose that uses her
hairs to tickle my crotch.

The alarm clock rings 3 hours lather.

I wake up rested, beside the short time.

Rose is still working, pleasingly, besides her tiredness is truly evident.

I'm in a hurry, I can't enjoy more of Rose's massage.

I get up. Rose head falls on the mattress, she's exhausts.

I untie her from the mattress and I hand her a glass <Drink!>. Then I
bring her to the bath <Piss!>.

She obeys me unreservedly, she has not even uttered a syllable.

<I give you 10 minutes, and then I have to go... And you, you have to take
your place>

She silently starts to weep... I'm touched... What a benevolent master I am!

<Answer me Rose, what is the purpose of your life now?> ... <Answer me

"... To please you... to enjoy you, to satisfy your wishes, to obey your
orders..." <Ok, enough. Now listen to me. When I return in the bathroom I'm
allowing you to tell me a single phrase. If you propose me an interesting
exchange, I would accept it and I avoid you the remainder of your punishment>
A light of hope revive Rose's eyes.

After 15 minutes I return. I found Rose in her spot, lashed to the computer
controlled chain, hosed, heeled, oiled, combed, perfumed, and wearing the
harness-bra laced around the bosoms, ready for her Master mood. 

<You can tell a single phrase Rose, I suggest you to do not waste it>.

"Master, forgive me, I will dance for you. I'm a good dancer, I'm so sexy when I
dance for someone, Master".

<VVVVVeeeery gooood! I'm very impressed. Ok Rose, I accept your proposal, but
now I've to go, and you are too weak to dance. I will claim mine when I will
think suitable.>

I take her new chastity belt and I lodge on it a rather small vaginal acrylic
plugs. A big one would be surely more interesting, but I don't want that she's
able to use it to stimulate her G-spot. Well lubricate I hand the belt to Rose. 

<Wear it, very carefully> I'm controlling whole the process. The chastity
belt matches perfectly to Rose body. With one hand I check the perfect
correspondence between Rose's pussy forms and the internal surface of the belt.
Once locked, the belt clings Rose very tightly. No one finger can reach her
pussy or clitoris, nothing to do. Rose's sex and any Rose's sexual satisfaction
are my exclusive matter!

I apply and lock a belt battery pack around the chastity belt waist band <It
is already connected, this way I can greet you at any time> Rose has a
glimpse of fear.

<Unfortunately the battery pack can't be effective as a wall powered system,
but you will surely enjoy it anyway>. <Into your cell now!>.

I leave Rose between the steel bars of her cell, for the first time since she's
here, with her hands cuffed in front of her. I hobble her ankles with 15 cm of
chain. There is no need to cuff or hobble her, but it is so exciting to think
that your slave is chained only for wickedness.

<You can have a rest as long as you like, but I suggest you to walk times in
times, to get your body used to the chastity belt.>

The cell lighting is computer controlled, and is programmed so that, even the
cell luminosity follows the external circle, but I will never leave Rose in
totally dark.

<Later, in the evening I will send some message to your belt, to remember you
that your master thinks of you every time. Bye bye my stuff!>.

It is hard to go to work with a creature like Rose that awaits you at home. That
awaits only to be owned... Anyway I've to maintain my realm, and I need

As I supposed I need to sleep out this night... a fucking room hotel.

I send 10 mild electric shocks to Rose pelvis, and then I start the vibrator. I
will stop it after I'd take a shower. My 'good night dear'.

3 days far from my castle, far from Rose.

She has to feel very alone and annoyed. Surely she has also to feel herself
rather salty, although in her cell she's allowed to have a basically sort of
hygiene. She knows how to wash her chastity belt by forcing water through the
apposite inlet. However I'm sure that she is dreaming a shower and a real

Fortunately I've left the liquid food containers full, although after 3-4 days
it has to be become unpleasantly. In the future I have to change arrangement,
but this time she has to accustoms, ... at least... she's a slave!

I come back home the evening of the fourth day.

Before to join Rose I stop a couples of hours in the control room to quickly
browse trough Rose recordings.

She has timidly tried to reach under her crotch protection in few occasions,
probably only to check her blinding level.

More insistently have been nipples teasing and caressing, surely they haven't be
occasionally. She has played a lot with her so interesting areolas piercings.
I'm glad of this, if I had wanted to prevent it, I would have taken provisions.
Instead this way she can only grow her excitement and then her frustration.

Two hopeful eyes welcome me while I'm approaching the cage and I'm opening the
door, but she quickly withdraw scared seeing me so frowning.

<Bad move Rose. To escape from your master it is not an appropriate
behaviour, don't you?>

"Why are you angry with me Master? I was impatiently waiting for your return" 

<You are incredible Rose. You are able to remedy a truly bad situation with a
simple phrase or motion> <Learn this Rose: You will never be able to
exactly predict my intentions. Your rule is to behave at your best to please me,
when I kiss you or when I whip you, indifferently> <Today, for example,
I'm not enraged with you at all, I'm simply very tired, nothing more. Are you
that have stupidly risked enraging me. But I'm too tired to enrage.>

<Now... have you had cold?>. " Master". <Other needs?>, "I
missing you, Master", <Material needs!>. "No, Master". <Have you often
washed your inner chastity belt?> "Yes Master". I already knew that, through
the recordings.<Well! Now we rearrange your cell, you have to learn quickly,
soon it will be your exclusive duty>.

She doesn't perfumes, but she even doesn't stinks at all. She has managed to
keep her cleaned at her better.

To allow her to work faster I un-cuff her, but I amuse myself by letting her
still hobbled.

<To my bedroom! You have to change the sheets> It is not a simple
operation, because the many straps and other constrains that cover the mattress,
but she has to learn very well such kind of jobs.

<Now I allow you to take a long bath. You have to carefully clean your
chastity belt and then you will wear the twin one. In the bathroom you will find
a special cream to heal the marks of these new chastity belts. As usual, I want
you perfectly cleaned, oiled, perfumed and so on. Remember to keep yourself well
depilated, I dislike hair over armpit and legs, instead I love the beautiful
tuft between them. The wax heater is always on>. <...Needless to remember
you to do not dare touching between your legs too long, your enjoyment is my
only will!>. She blushes, I hit the mark.

I lead Rose naked into the bathtub full of hot water, unrestrained, except for
the ceiling leash. Her relief is evident. I sit over the tub edge and I hand her
a gynaecologic lavage. She seizes it shedding shame tears. <Widen your knees
and plunge the nozzle>. While she obeys I bend over her and I softly kiss her
sweet mouth, my left hand slide along her arm up to her hand. I hold the ball of
the lavage through her hand. I don't squeeze, I simply follow her fingers while
she grips the ball by herself. And I kiss her mouth, relaxed, conqueror.

She has understood my pleasure, and she continues to slowly squeeze the
gynaecologic lavage inside herself, responding enthusiastic to my kiss. She also
passes her left arm around me. She rubs my back, I've the impression that she
really likes my kiss... I'm glad.

<Temptress! I've no time for you now. Go on!>

I leave the bath.

When I return I found Rose in her spot, ready, except for the chastity belt. She
has still her pussy naked and she stares at me puzzled. <No my dear, nothing
for you. Put on your sexual denier right now... No, better, your punishing for
that slack will be this:> I fumble some and I produce a rather sized
butt-plug that I buckle to the rear steel wire of the chastity belt. Then I
threw Rose's wrist behind her back, up to her shoulder blades. <You have
earned a second plug in your chastity belt, unfortunately for you it is only for
this night, because I don't know how much I've to stay out next days, and I
can't prevent you to defecate for more than 2-3 days. Now bend over the sink and
wide your legs, and don't dare to argue about, or I would decide to punish you
more extensively for your naughtiness!>.

Weeping she obeys, knowing what is in store for her.

Once lubricated her little hole, I please myself with her many cries during the
anal plug insertion. It is 3,5 cm of diameter, enough to keep Rose in good pain,
however, she stays still. 

Instead the slim pussy-plug slips easily in place. She sadly follows me while I
lace the chastity belt on her. Then I lock every micro padlock and I take the
leash from the ceiling chain.

By the leash I drew her face to face with me and I slide my other hand to her
crotch, over the preventing device <My good is shuts away now, are you
pleased?> I laugh while her stunning eyes become more wet. <No, don't be
ashamed Rose, I know that you feel lonely into your cage. I know that you would
need some gratification, but if I can't enjoy properly of you, all the more so
you can't absolutely enjoy at all... Simple!>. <You are mine Rose, your
body, your pain, your joy, and even your soul... You are simply mine!>.

She weeps silently, she has started to believe in that new reality.

I bring her to my bedroom. I decided having a blowjob then another crotch
massage during my respite. I lace her to the mattress like last time, in the
sphinx position, with her mouth in work position. <You have to blow me, then
massage me for a couple of hours, I've not to come a second time, I've only to
relax. Then, if you are sure that I'm deeply asleep, you can stop...> before
to lie down I connect the power line to her anal plug and I start its internal
vibrator. She gasps. <Good night my dear> she starts blowing me weeping

Next morning, after having allowed Rose to bath and to prepare herself as usual,
I put her the chastity belt with only the little pussy plug. Then she has to
wear white stockings and four leather cuffs, but only the two of the wrists with
micro-padlocks, and, obviously, the un-removable collar. I give her a pair of
heeled shoes, also without padlocks.

I bring her in her cell, where I've prepared some little facilities. Her
beautiful breast bounce freely at every heeled step.

<Don't get above yourself, but I've to admit that I'm relatively satisfied of
you, slave. I'm pleased by your appeal for me, and I think that your progresses
have to be rewarded> <This time I leave you some packs of milk and also
the soup is sealed in single dose packs. You have simply to drill them with a
straw. Have tree portion of soup a day, tree of milk and who much water you want
from the sink. I leave you something to read, so that you could relieve the
boredom> over the cot I've spread few books. Indeed this is not really a
reward, instead it is a spiteful tease, while all the books are hardcore, they
talks about girls that have sex and orgasms: they will excites Rose to make her
mad of desire, whilst the chastity belt will avoids her any relief.

<I've to go very far, and I wont be back before 7-10 days> Her glance
becomes scared <Don't worry, I will keep you informed of my health so often
> I wrap her waist with a thick belt <This is a long life battery pack. I
can send commands to your pussy plug for more than a week... and I will
certainly do it> My words don't calm her at all. <Surely I will fuck with
someone in such a long period, and when you will receive a sequence of 3 - 1 - 3
shocks, know that I'm been fucking, and be happy for your master>. I have
finally succeed in having her forget the fear, her glance has become more sad
than scared.

<You have all you need to keep yourself good and clean, remember to have
great cure of yourself, because you are mine, and I would surely never forgive
you if you spoil my property!> <I've provided you with many towel>
<As you have already noticed, your ankle cuffs and your shoes are removable
by yourself. You have my permission to remove the ankle cuffs once a day for 10
minutes, in which you can also replace your white stockings with a clean pair.
For the shoes, if you want, I give you the permission to slip them off to sleep
and also during the day, but, during the day, not for more than two hours.>

< I leave your limbs unrestrained for the first time, but I give you an
important rule, don't dare to disobey me: you can sleep in every pose you like,
but you have to have 3 limbs tied to the cot. Before to get asleep, you have to
lock 3 cuffs to a cot snap-link. You have to do that blatantly, so that the
camera could record you very clearly. The cot borders are provided with many
snap-links, you may decide to have all your cuffs tied to a single spot, if you
like! Keep always one hand free in order to be able to free yourself the
following morning ... a week tied to the cot and alone, would be terrible for
you, in that week and in even in the following weeks, cause if I found you not
ready as I've ordered, you would be harshly punished>.

<If I have other orders for you, I will send them to the main computer by
phone, and you could read them on the screen... Useless to suggest you to obey,
cause I can check your conduct at my return>. It is true: the timetable of my
coded phone instructions, like vibrator starting and ending or electric shocks
or orders for slaves, are logged, and I can go up to the corresponding camera
recording sequence very quickly, with my videodisk recording system.

<Since you have to wear the chastity belt for so long, remember to clean it
more often than usual. Use the little hose to inject lot of water and many times
at day>.

<You have also to keep well cleaned your cell. Use the bucket and the

<Now I've to go, comments?>

... Roooose, she drive me crazy... : she moves towards me, head bowed, and she
gently supports her hands on my upper chest, at the sides of my throat, then,
raising her wet eyes to me "Come back to me Master, as soon as possible...

I've still to understand if she's so sly or if she's really accustoming to her
slave condition, anyway I've been really lucky with her!

<You are incredible Rose. Take a look under your pillow, Rose, I've prepared
you a surprise>

She moves to the cot a little wary, but a broad smile shines on her face while a
fine, rose, transparent, sexy nightdress is unfolding from under the pillow.

<Say nothing, wear it!>... She's beautiful, she's sexy, and she's mine!

<If I return daytime I expect that you are perfectly ready, perfumed, oiled
and so on. As soon as you know that I'm here you have to immediately wear your
shoes and strip the nightdress>.

<You are too beautiful Rose, I've to torture you, a lot... and cruelly!>.

I leave Rose dumbfounded in her cell and I go.

By Kray

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