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Slave Girls in Bondage

Chapter 111

Slave Girls in Bondage

Chapter 111

“Time for bed and, well, you have to get your exercise first.  Youve never seen a fat slave girl, have you?”

Chase shook her head.  She never had anything to do with the training of slave girls.  They existed solely to please her.  She had no idea what form of exercise they intended for her.

Every slave girl had a sleek, firm body.  She had never given thought to it.  She assumed that the hard body came with the slave collar.  She was about to find out how.

They had the ballgag back her in mouth with her hands locked behind her back.  Except for the stiletto heels, she was stark naked.  This time she left the room on the leash without any reservations about being naked in public.  She was well on her way to becoming a perfectly trained slave girl.

To exit the building with her, they had to go into the basement.  The area was well lit as all slave girls came this direction to exit.

The basement had the slave girls entrance and exit.  Not being free women, they could not use the doors available to others.

Myrtle attached her end of the leash to a hook on an overhead track.  Chase stared at it as she wondered what was going on.  The two mistresses walked back the way they had come.  She turned to look at them.  The two stopped at the door.  Myrtle put her hand on a lever as she looked back at the captive brunette.  She smiled, then pulled the lever down.  Without another look at the slave girl she passed through the door.  Gertrude glanced in her direction and smiled before she too stepped through the door.

Chases head jerked up as the mechanism clicked.  The hook slowly moved toward the opening in the basement wall.  Chase had no choice to trot after it.  In seconds she stood outside at the end of the device that had stopped automatically when the hook tripped a trigger.

Sometimes, when the inn was busy, an attendant looked after the slave girls exiting the building.  He would remove them from the track and send the hook back inside for the next voluptuous slave girl to exit.  As each slave girl emerged from the building, he tethered her to a series of hooks on the foundation of the building.

During slack times, the device was unattended.  There were two devices so two slave girls could wait at the same time.  The master or mistress had to get their property rather promptly to keep the system going.

Chase waited five minutes while the two women returned to the first floor and left the building by a normal exit.  To get to the slave girls exit, they had to circle around the loading dock.  The slave girls used a doorway lower than the dock.  This reminded them of their inferior status.  Even the goods coming to the inn were more important than they were.

Gertrude waited at ground level while Myrtle descended to the lower level using a ramp.  In a minute, the two and their slave girl were on the way to the slave girl stables.

They tethered her to a post while they went in search of the manager.  They quickly negotiated the price of room, board and a good workout for the slave girl.

“You know, she hasnt gotten much exercise today.”

“Have you seen the way she wobbles around in those shoes?”

“She hasnt walked much in them.”

A slave girl could walk only a short distance before her feet began to hurt from the uncomfortable position caused by the severe arch of the sandals.  The more experience a slave girl had, the further she could walk.  Chase had not walked far.  She could use some exercise.

The two mistresses exchanged glances, looked back at the captive, and giggled.  Without another word, they walked off.

The beautiful brunette had no idea what plans they had for her.  She expected them to return to her.  She turned to watch them.  They moved toward the side of the building.  They disappeared from sight a few feet from the door.

After a few minutes the brunette became anxious.  She became outright terrified when she heard steps in her direction.   A man took her leash, and used it to lead her around in back.

Chase had no contact with the day-to-day training of slave girls.  If she needed use of one or two, she rented.  They would arrive well trained and eager to do whatever she demanded.  She had no idea how slave girls became docile.

The device was called an automatic walker.  Four arms radiated outwards.  Four slave girls could be trained simultaneously by tethering one to each arm. At this time there was only the brunette.

The attendant guided her to the end of one arm of the device.  He removed the leash, but before she could think about running off, he grabbed her by the back of the neck.  Pushing her forward, he pressed her throat against the protruding arm were there was a groove. 

He locked her to the device.  Pulling a button back with the thumb of his right hand, he slid a small bar back to open a gap in the arm.  All it took was a little shove forward, to slid the ring on her collar into the gap.  When he raised the thumb, a spring caused the bar to snap forward through the ring.  This locked her to the bar.

She could unfasten it if she could reach it, but not with her hands manacled behind her back.        

Chase stood on ground atop the gears that ran the machine.  By adjusting several heavy weights, he set the machine up to work.  Until the last weight reached the bottom, the gears would continue to intermesh, causing the arms to rotate about the central post.

The newly collared slave girl tried to watch where he went, but her golden tresses were in the way.  She knew he was somewhere to the right doing something.  She believed it had something to do with her, but she was not certain what.  She could not understand why he had tethered her to this vertical pole rather than.

The forward movement of the arm almost pulled her off balance.  She took a couple quick steps to catch up to it.  By then it had advanced further.  She took two more, and two more after that, and two more after that.  Because of the fifteen-centimeter stiletto heels she could only take short steps.  The arm rotated slowly, but Chase was unused to those heels.  She had to move quickly, with many short steps.

When she completed three-quarters of a circuit around the machine she saw him, standing beside a small hut with hands on hips.  As she trotted past, Chase thought of grunting her disproval.  That idea quickly faded from her mind.  She knew anything like that would only result in her being punished.  He had no doubts that he could increase the speed easily.

She completed a second lap, then a third.  As she finished the third circuit, she saw he was no longer there.  The arm stopped pulling her forward.  She was glad this ordeal was over.

She heard him beside her.  She tried to turn her head to look in his direction, but the collar kept her from doing that.

She felt his hand on the back of her head.  Then she saw nothing as he slipped the pink satin blindfold over her eyes.  The band was elastic so the satin pressed tightly against her eyes, giving no opportunity for her to see anything.

Her breath came in shallow, quick gasps as she trembled at the thought of the new torment that was in store for her.  She could not see what he did to her.

The arm jerked forward.  She took several quick steps until she had moved closer to it so she could straighten up.

That was how the beautiful brunette spent the next half hour.  She had no sense of time or place with the blindfold over her eyes.  As she could do was put one foot in front of the other.

She was so glad when that ordeal ended.  Of course she had to tip him for servicing her.  His cock was hard but no matter how much she sucked and licked she could not make him come.  When he was ready for her to continue, he stepped back, ramming the ball gag in her mouth again.

He pulled her upright so she was ready to walk in a circle again.  She heard him walking away.  Since she was only a slave girl, she had no need to know what was going on.  She had only to obey.

Back in the hut, he pulled a couple levers out, and shoved three back in.  This changed the gear ratio.  The device would turn at a faster pace.  The beautiful brunette had no choice but to walk faster to keep up with the rotating arm.

When he pulled the lever, the metal gears meshed together.  He checked the movements so it did not jam.  By the time he stepped outside, she made half a circuit about the arm.

Her legs and her feet already ached from the awkward position they had to assume because of the high heels.  She grunted her displeasure at this rapid pace as she completed the circle and saw him before her.

She had to take increasingly faster steps.  She tried trotting but stumbled and almost fell over.  She could not do that with the heels on.  All she could do was take one step after another, around and around the center post, her legs moving faster and faster.

She was extremely glad when the device came to a halt again.  She wanted to fall to her knees but did not dare.  They might spank her if she did, or even worse, they might send her around the device at an even faster pace.

He freed her from the rotating arm the same way he had fastened her to it.  When he has the leash back on, he removed the blindfold. 

No orders were needed.  A jerk on the leash gave her the instruction to move.  She followed him across the training area, glad that that horrible device was behind her.

The two passed around the end of a long building, painted with gray paint that was peeling off.  She saw four doors on the long side of the building extending back before her.  She wondered where they led, what was on the other side, and how all these could cause her pain and humiliation her.

He ignored that side of the building, leading his luscious captive to the other side of the building where there were four more doors.  The nearest was open with the light from several lanterns shining through.  The man tethered her to the outside wall before entering.

Chase tried but could see little.  The ring to which he had tethered her was several feet from the open door so she could not see much.  (The placement of the ring there was no an accident.)  This was some sort of office.  Other than that she had no idea what went on in there.

Looking back over her right shoulder, she saw a chain link fence behind her.  She turned her body so she could see beyond her long tresses.  About fifty feet of chain link fence ran further to the right before it ended.  After a two-meter gap, there was another fifteen-meter section, with another beyond it.

The brunette turned further to the right to look behind her.  She saw that the fifteen-meter section was divided into five subsections, each about three meters wide.  Through the chain link she saw another fence on the far side.

She wondered why that had all those empty cages.  Nothing seemed to be in any of them of first.  Her eyes moved to her left.  After a few sections, the links obstructed her view.  Each that she saw appeared empty.

Movement in one drew her attention back to it and down to the floor.  Dark hair moved to the right and left a little.  Beyond it, she saw a pair of legs rising in the air.

This was the slave girl stable.

That was where she was!  The women intended to keep her in the slave girl stables with the other animals instead of allowing her to share their room.  She wanted to protest, but what could she do?

She looked back to the left as the man passed her on the way from the office.  He did not acknowledge her presence at all except for a pat on the bare fanny as he went past.

Again she was alone.  This time it lasted for ten minutes.  A different man emerged from the office.  Unfastening the end of the leash, he gave it a little tug as a signal to follow.

She trotted along behind him as they passed the front of the sections of fence.  The beautiful brunette glanced to her right as they passed each cross-section.  Hogtied on the floor of each cage was a naked slave girl.  Some looked up at her but most were asleep.

He turned right to lead her between two sections of fencing.  At the end they turned left to parallel the route they had been on, only this time they were behind the cages. 

So intent was she on looking in each cage as they passed that she did not realize they had arrived at hers until she felt the angle of the leash change as the man stepped through the opening. 

The door was already open.  He led her inside.  Forcing her to face the chain link fence on the front, he reached around her to unfasten the end of her leash.


She lowered one knee to the floor, then brought the other down to join it.  He had given her no further orders, so she sat back on her heels.

Two coiled lengths of rope hung on the chain links next to the door.  He selected the long one first.  Looping it about her upper arms six times, he tied a secure knot so it would not come off.

“Lay facedown on the floor facing in the same direction.”

She wondered if he wanted her to fall forward.  The floor was cement and she knew that would hurt.  She decided that he had left it to her just how she would get into the desired position.  If she fell forward she knew it would hurt.  If she did not, he might punish her.  She decided it was worth the risk.

Swinging her legs out to the right, she shifted her weight first to her left bottomcheek and then hip.  She fell to her left side, then rolled onto her front.

By then, he had the second rope uncoiled.  He tied her ankles together with one end.  His right hand held the end of the rope while his left pulled her feet forward toward her head.  He leaned on her shins with his left arm, holding her feet down toward her body.  This let him lean forward so he could tuck the other end under several loops encircling her chest.  He pulled the end of the rope back to her feet, sticking it between her legs and drawing it up over the rope so it passed between her feet.  He ran the rope back to those loops about her chest, this time tying them together with two half hitches.

When he rose, she was hogtied.

Grabbing her by the hair, he pulled her head off the floor a little, just enough so he could slide a wooden wedge under it.  With her head elevated, there was little strain on her body.

She would not have a comfortable nights sleep, but she would learn to enjoy it.

She heard him closing and locking the door.  She wore the collar of a slave girl so no one would help her.  She wore steel manacles.  She was hogtied with no way of getting free.  But he still had to lock the door.

She heard him walk away.  A minute later, she recognized his tread as he moved in front of the cage to look at her.

Anyone could watch her from the front or the back.  She could do nothing be lay there.

Before she could think about had cruelly fate had treated her, she fell asleep.  She had had a most eventful day.        

In the morning, they awoke the newly collared slave girl early, cleaned her up and fed her.

Feeding was quite an experience for the buxom beauty, one she would not quickly forget.  Lined up along one wall of the building were a dozen mannequins, seated in chairs with their backs against the building.  The first three had little slave girls kneeling so their faces were at the crotch.  From the movement of their heads, Chase thought they were sucking cock.

But that could not be, could it?

They stopped at the fourth mannequin.  There, rising from its crotch, was a large dildo.

Chase found herself kneeling, her lips wrapped about the shaft, a long metal rod attached to her collar.

“Start up number 4.”

She guessed that was she.

“Go down on it if you want to eat.”

The man placed a hand on the back of her head to shove her mouth down on the dildo.  The rod moved down with her head, triggering a squirt of slave girl gruel through the hole in the shaft.

“It squirted on the first time.  It will squirt on the second after that. Then the third and then the fourth.  You have half an hour to eat.  You had better hurry.”

Chase pumped her head up and down.  As the man said, the gruel squirted out on the second effort.  She sucked the shaft clean.  Three more pumps, and another squirt.

It was a satisfied and totally humiliated slave girl that they took back into the inn.

Myrtle and Gertrude returned from breakfast to find the brunette slave girl as they wanted her. Instead of kneeling on two chairs as she had the day before, they had her kneeling on four.

They first had her kneel on two chairs that faced each other, one to her right, the other to the left.  Her feet hung over one side of each chair seat.  They squatted to the right and left of the kneeling brunette.  First they tied a rope to her upper calf near the knee.  They ran it under each seat where they tied the ends to a chair leg with a simple hitch.  This made it impossible for her to raise her knee from the chair seat.  She could not get off.

Moving around behind the captive, each woman reached under the chair to get the ends of the rope.  These they tied to her ankles.  They still had rope to work with.  They pulled it down to a chair leg on that side where they tied two half hitches.

Two ropes had successful secured the brunettes legs, from the calf to the ankle, to the chair.  Sure, she could wiggle around a bit, but that was about it.  If she struggled enough she might even knock the chairs over.  She would not try though.  That would hurt, and it would accomplish nothing.

Gertrude moved around in front of Chase to push the other two chairs in the desired positions.  Myrtle remained behind to remove the manacles.  These two were mistresses, they knew better than to give a slave girl more freedom than was necessary.

“Bend over, one forearm on each seat.”

They tied her arms to the chairs as they had her calves.  The end of the rope went about her forearms at the elbow.  A simple hitch secured it to a chair leg before they pulled the rope under the chair seat so they could tie the end to her wrists.  The last few centimeters were secured to a chair leg.

The brunette could not move her arms from the chair seats.  Neither could she straighten up.  It was as though she was on all fours, only her hands and knees was half a meter above the floor.

All four chair backs faced away from the brunette.  Each woman moved to the back of a chair to which the brunettes forearms were bound.  Slowly they pulled the chairs apart.  As her arms moved, her upper body dropped.  While it was an awkward position, placing much strain on the brunettes upper arms and shoulders, it did little to the brunette.

The same could not be said when they did the same to the chairs to which they had tied her calves.  When they pulled them apart, her bottom drooped down.  Her thighs moved apart, revealing her cunt to anyone standing behind her.

“That should hold her until we get back,” Myrtle announced, without revealing where they was going.  “I hope she doesnt get lonely.”  Inserting her index and middle fingers in the brunettes cunt, she rammed them in and out about twenty times, keeping her eyes on the back of Chases head. 

The brunette fidgeted at first, unused to personal abuse.  Gradually the action took effect.  Her head shot back and remained there as she approached an orgasm.

That was Myrtles signal to stop.  She did not want the little slave girl to come.  The continual frustration would make her increasingly docile, as she would do anything if her mistresses only allow her to come.

“Ta-ta,” she said as they headed for the door.

Chases first actions were to try to draw those chairs back together so her cunt was not as exposed.  That was impossible. 

Next she tried to get free.  She wiggled around a bit before deciding there was no way to get loose from this position.  She could not get at the knots even though she could see those binding the ropes to her forearms.  The working ends disappeared under the chair seats.  She did not know how they were secured, but it was evident they were tied someway out of sight.

She tried to look behind her when she heard the door open, but her long hair kept her from seeing anything.

“Did you miss me?”  Myrtle asked as she inserted two fingers in the brunettes cunt.

“Keep an eye on her while I go out,” she said as she straightened up.

Gertrude waited until the door closed before she moved over to the brunettes side where she could run her hand from the shoulder, along the flank to the bottom and back.   As her right hand did that, her left found the dangling titties on that side and played with it.

“I think you need more training, dont you?”

The brunette nodded, knowing it would be foolish for her to do anything else.

Her head hung down so her long tresses obstructed her view of what happened on either side of her.  She could have raised her head so she could see beyond them, but she was afraid this would result in further punishment.  She concluded that the smartest action she could take would be to agree with them and let them do anything they wanted to her.

The mistress appeared in sight before her pushing a chair.  The brunette slave girl saw immediately that the woman had removed everything from the waist down.  She sat in the chair, then motioned the brunette forward with her right hand.

Chase leaned forward a little.  As she did, the woman grabbed her by the head with her hands, pulling it forward and down.  She stopped pulling when Chases forehead was pressed against her cunt.

She wanted to unbuckle the strap holding the rubber ball in the brunettes mouth, but to do that she had to push the hair out of the way.  Once she could see it, it took her only seconds to finish.  She pushed the slave girls head back so she could jerk the rubber ball from her mouth.  She then pushed Chases head down so her face was in her crotch.

“What do you want to do?”

“Mistress, please let me eat you pussy.”

“Go ahead.”

Chase pressed her lips against the womans labia, and then inserted her tongue inside her.

At this point, the brunette slave girl lost all ability to do anything else.  Gertrude pulled her upper body back and slid her bottom forward  Her legs encircled the young womans waist, holding her body down.  Both hands held the brunettes head so she could not move her head up.

Chase spent the next hour earning her name “Pussyeater.”

The important thing was that Gertrude was satisfied.  Chase was only a slave girl so her wants or feelings did not matter.  Only when the woman had come several times was the brunette allowed to quit.  Gertrude pushed her backwards.  As she did that, her body rose in the air until it was parallel to the floor.

The woman kept a firm grip on Chases head by holding on to a fist of brunette tresses with her left hand.  With her right hand, she wedged the rubber ball back into her mouth.  Pulling forward, she forced the captives face into her pussy so she could buckle the ends of a strap together behind the back of her head.  Pushing backwards, she forced her slave girl back onto all fours.

Gertrude dressed and moved around behind the captive.

“How would you rate yourself Pussyeater, on a scale of one to ten.  A one?”  The brunette shook her head.  “A ten?”  A nod.



The switch landed on the brunettes pussy.  It did not have to hard since the target was that most sensitive part of a womans body.

“Lets try that again.  Do you think your effort rated a “10?”  A vigorous shaking of the head was the answer.

“Do you rate a 1?”

A nod.

“Do you think you should be punished for such a lousy performance?  A nod.  “Say ten whacks on the pussy?”

Chase hesitated in answering until she felt something down between her legs.  The mistress had not struck her, but had merely rubbed the switch up and down in her cunt.  She nodded with mock enthusiasm. 



Chase almost laughed with joy.  The blow had landed on her fanny, not her cunt.



Gertrude moved back to her left so she stood between the chairs.  She tucked the switch in her belt to free both hands.  With them free, she could grab the brunettes titties by leaning forward across her body, her left hands passing under her body, her right passing around the right of her body.

“Do you understand now that what you did will reflect on what you have done to you.  Be a good little slave girl, and nothing will happen to you.  Misbehave…”

She did not answer the question verbally, but told Chase what would happen to her by pinching and pulling her nipples.

“Now, we are going to play again, and how well you perform will determine what happens to you.”

Shucking her pants, Gertrude slid the chain before the brunettes face.  Once settled in, she pulled the brunettes head forward so she could get at the strap holding the ballgag in her mouth.  Back and forth.  Chase held her face only a centimeter before the womans cunt.

“Please, Mistress, let me eat you pussy.”

“Go ahead.”

The brunettes face once against move forward so her tongue could enter the woman.

Myrtle returned to find Gertrude asleep in the chair, still naked from the waist down.  Before she had passed out from exhaustion she had the presence of mind of insert the ballgag back into Chases mouth.  She stuck the working end through the buckle, giving it a final tug before she fell back on the chair.  The strap was not snug, but it did not have to be.  She had insured that the voluptuous brunette could not push it from her mouth with her tongue.

As for Chase, she remained where the two women had placed her.  Sure, she tried to escape but that was impossible.  She pulled back on the ropes, twisted her wrists, tugged and pulled, all to no avail.

She tried the same with her legs (though she could not think how that would aid her).  It was much the same. 

Myrtle placed her left hand on the brunettes head to provide leverage.  A mighty jerk on the working end of the strap pulled the rubber ball deeply into her mouth where she had no chance of uttering more than muffled grunt.

Having insured the slave girls complete obedience, she turned her attention to her friend.

“Wake up!”

She accompanied that order with a kick to the chair leg.  Gertrude straightened up immediately, reaching for her knife.

“What is it?  Are they after us?”

“No.  Get dressed we have a little journey before us.  The plans are complete.”

Chase looked up at Myrtle hoping the woman would give some details as to what the plans were.  She knew and Gertrude knew.  Since she was only a slave girl, the beautiful captive had no need to know.

The woman rose to get her pants back on.  As soon as she vacated the chair, Myrtle grabbed it by the back, spinning it about so it faced away from the brunette slave girl.  She plopped down in the seat, straddling the back, so her face was no more than a meter from Chases.

“You may wonder what is next.  We could take you into town and parade you around in front of some of your friends.

“There are a couple slavers around here who would love to have the chance to have a go at your pussy.  I bet you have never had it that way -  bound and gagged so you cannot move.  Your legs spread so your pussy is available to anyone who wants it.  I bet you might come to love it.”

She stopped to smile.

“But there are other things we have to take care of first.”

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