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Meredith's Last Interview

Chapter 4 Jessica 3000

Meredith's Last Interview 
by Fire-Bird (Inspired by Dolcett & Hill) 

Chapter 04 "Jessica 3000." 

"Okay Meredith. Your spit is locked into position. Let's get you strapped 
in. Kneel forward, spread your legs and push your cunt back towards me." 

Meredith got into position. "I think my viewers might be interested in 
how many women you've impaled on this machine." 

Merle positioned the spit and doing a quick count in his head. "Not sure 
really. At a guess probably about 1500 sows, give or take. We still do 
some by hand and I have two other machines." 

"Do you ever get bored with your work?" 

"Hardly ever. Every woman is unique and I try to send them out with a bang." 

Meredith felt a hand on her back. "Okay Meredith, just lean forward so that 
your tits hang in the trough and stretch your neck out on to the support 

Meredith moved a little to follow her instructions. 

"Okay Merle. Since I'm not really being processed my reactions are probably 
going to be different at this point then a woman actually being spited. 
How do most of them act?" 

"Oh we get a little of everything .. from crying to angry to businesslike 
and some women are turned on by it. I've seen dozens of girls experience 
their final orgasm here on the machine." 

Again Meredith was only half listening. She was secretly hoping that 
Jimmy would disappear for a few minutes. Her body was hot and she desired 
nothing more than for Merle to fuck her brains out hard from behind. She 
glanced behind her and looked at the spit. It seemed huge. 

Meredith felt something cool being rubbed into her. 

"Oh, what are you doing now?" she asked. 

"I'm greasing your cunt so the spit doesn't tear anything. It's larger 
than anything else you would probably be use to." 

Meredith wanted to rub her breasts and nipples. She closed her eyes and 
felt a surge of heat rush over her body. She desperately need a fuck. 

"Oh yes ... that's so nice. Jimmy take a break. Merle, I need you to 
fuck me now ... as hard as you can." 

Merle wasn't oppose to the idea of fucking a TV celebrity. He dropped his 
pants and beat his all ready hardening cock. Once it was hard he pried 
open Meredith's cunt lips and slipped it in. 

"Oh God ... yes yes yes ... this makes me sooo horny." 

"I'm ... not ... surprised." said Merle between thrusts. "Wait .. till .. 
you .. feel .. the spit .. slides in." 

"Oh Merle. This feel SO good. It would be worth roasting to get a fuck 
like this." 

"I try to please. But right now I'm going to have to pull out and move 
so that the spit can slip in. It's on automatic." 

Meredith gulped. "It will stop won't it?" 

"Oh yeah, it's just going in deep enough to set. But my dick is in the way 
and since I haven't cum yet I think I'll just shift up and fuck that 
pretty little asshole of yours." 

Merle lifted Meredith's bound hands upwards so he could enter her from 

"Merle. I've never been ass fucked before. Aaagggghhh!!" 

"You have now! It's so nice and tight." puffed Merle. 

Meredith groaned loudly from the ass fucking. 

"There's a first time for everything Meredith." puffed Merle. 

"It's ... ooohhh ... kind of nice. HEY! What's that?!" 

The spit had made it to Meredith's cunt and was pushing in. 

"I told you ... the spit is on ... automatic. I've set it for thirteen 

"Oh God! Merle, I can't take that. My poor cunt will split." 

"Heh. Every sow says that. Just relax." 

Meredith tried to calm her nerves. She breathed in deeply. But she felt 
the spit go in deeper and deeper. Merle continued to pump into her ass. 

"Merle. Are you sure the autodrive will shut off? It seems to be in so 

"Just a few more inches Meredith." 

A few seconds later and Merle cummed in Meredith's ass. He held tightly 
onto her hips and pumped all his semen into her. He pulled out. 

"Now that was a nice butt fuck. Did you like it Meredith?" 

"Oh man, that was great Merle. I've come three times now the spit has 
stopped moving." 

"Time to get back to work." he said reaching forward. 

Meredith felt her head being pushed down onto the support block. A strap 
encircled her neck and locked into place. 

"Oh Merle. It's SO exciting. If this was real I'd be impaled in the next 
few minutes." 

Meredith then saw Merle's cock in front of her. She opened her mouth and 
let Merle slide it in. 

"Hhmmm. That's it Meredith. Clean it up good. I hate sticky underwear." 

"Gulp, slurrpp! I guess this is about as far as we can go? Since I'm not 
on tonight's menu. But if I'm ever roasted, I want you to process me." 

"Oh I'll make sure of that Meredith. In fact, I'll guarantee it." 

Merle slid his cock back into Meredith's mouth. He pumped it in and out 
a few times. 

"Aaahhh, Good. All clean. This helps open your throat up for the spit. 
I mean if you were really going to be spited." 

Meredith was glad. Merle's cock was quite large for her mouth. Her jaws 
were starting to ache from the blowjob. 

Merle withdrew and wiped his cock on a towel. 

"Okay Meredith. Let's check the spit and get your anal post in." 

Meredith winked. "Anal post?" 

"Yeah, it's just a stabilizing shaft that sits up your ass." 

Meredith's eyes followed Merle as he walked behind her. She felt metal 
touching her asshole. 

".. umm ... Merle. How far into me does it go?" 

"Oh, about ten inches." 

Meredith felt the metal go in deeper and deeper. "Oh God Merle. Does it 
have to go in any deeper? It's just for show." 

"Just a few more inches and then I'll tie it off." he assured her. 

Meredith held her breath as the metal point slid deeper into her body. 
She was distracted by Jimmy. 

"Hi Meredith. I'm filming again." 

"Hi Jimmy." said Meredith embarrassed slightly from her position. 

"There you go Meredith. I told you you could take it." said Merle. 

"Oh .. uuhhhh ... WOW! That was a new experience. Now what? You can't do 
a whole lot more without going all the way." 

"True. At this point I'd just tie the post off, pat you on the ass to say 
goodbye and push the start button then start filling up your tits." 

Meredith inwardly signed with relief. 

"Well Merle. I must say this whole experience has really been enlightening. 
I know our audience will be fascinated. Jimmy, get some all over shots of 
my body before Merle unstraps me." 

Merle stood in front of Meredith with the starter switch in front of her 
face so she had a good view of it. She watched his thump hover over the 
button. She was so turned on. She as just a centimetre away from ending 
up on someone's dinner table. 

"I must admit Merle," said Meredith. "I'm feeling very mixed emotions 
ranging from embarrassment to fear to a curious excitement." 

Merle knelt down on one knee to Meredith's eye level. 

"That's nice to know but there is one little more detail I have to take 
care of." 

Meredith wrinkled her brow. "What's that?" 

"This." and to Meredith's horror, Merle pressed the Jessica 3000's 
start switch. Meredith was too shocked to reply. 

"Bye bye Meredith." said Merle. 

"Oh my God ... NNnnooooooo!!" exclaimed Meredith. 

Meredith felt the spit start moving into her body and hard against her 
cervix. She called out to Jimmy for help. 

"Sorry Meredith. I'm under orders. By the way, I've got some great shots 
of you being assfucked. Like I was going to stop shooting just because you 
said so. You really are a stupid bitch!" he laughed. 


Review This Story || Author: Fire-Bird
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