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The Science of Slavery

Part 2


"Nancy, breakfast!"  Her mother was standing by her cell, holding a tray.  She
slid it through a slot in the door and walked off.  Nancy struggled to awake,
still a bit stiff, still very tired.  Her eyelids felt heavy, and were hard too
keep open.  After a few minutes she was able to stay awake.  She eyed the tray. 
It had many pills-no doubt her father's 'medicines', a big cup of water, and
about one bite's worth of the same big mac.  She knew her parents would know if
she didn't eat the pills.  There was no point in not eating them.  Her parents
would only hurt her, or deprive her of sleep and movement again.  It was not
worth it.  Eating the pills would be the safest bet.  She swallowed them, ate
the Big Mac piece, and drank the rest of the water.  It practically went right
through her, and she had to pee.  He squatted over the drain, and urinated down
it.  This made her feel very dirty, and she was.  A week and a day's worth of
dirt, body oil, sweat, and leg and pit hair stubble.  Nancy noticed that the
eyelid strings were gone.  She was grateful for that at least.  It meant that
sleep deprivation was not in the near future.  She heaved a sigh of relief. 
That had been the worst thing ever done to her, and she would obey her parents
better than the best trained dog if it meant that they would not torture her in
that way again.

Soon her mother returned with a shaver, and watched as Nancy shaved her legs and
armpits.  Dry.  It hurt, and of course she cut herself multiple times.. 

"Can I please be cleaned?  I reek and I feel so dirty."  Her mother smiled.  She
disappeared for a few seconds before returning with a hose.  She squirted long
and hard, all over Nancy's body.  Nancy shrieked in surprise and alarm, but
water only got in her mouth, and she had to keep quiet.  Her mother then opened
the cell and toweled Nancy off , leaving her hair a bit frizzy.  It was normally
silky and black, reaching almost to her waste. 

"Now, get dressed for school.  You've missed a lot because of our trip to Canada
for your cousin's funeral, and don't forget it."  Nancy got jeans, socks, shoes,
and a T-shirt to wear.

"Can't I at least have a bra too?"   Her mom quickly slapped Nancy's cheek.

"Who are you to make demands?  You do not deserve a bra.  You are our slave, be
glad you get anything.  Oh, and don't be late coming home.  That anklet?  It
will give you twenty minutes to get home.  If you arrive later, you will receive
the most painful electric shock.  You have been warned.  Now run and catch the
bus."  Nancy went up the stairs and left the house, thinking only of the
relative freedom of not being in the house.  So she had to come home, or else be
shocked.  She knew the shock wouldn't kill her.  Her parents wanted her alive. 
Nancy was not considering suicide as a way out, but was not looking forward to
intense pain and muscle spasms.

It wasn't hard for Nancy to stick to the story her mother told her.  The anklet
on her leg reminded her of the penalty for revealing anything.  Nancy felt very
funny without underwear.  Her vagina felt cool breezes occasionally, which was
bad because it would make her nipples erect, which in turn was worse because she
had no bra on.  She knew that although she herself knew she had not underwear
on, nobody else knew, and they wouldn't know as long as Nancy kept her nipples
down.  This sometimes meant quick trips to the bathroom to rub them with her
hands to warm them up if they began to erect.  Se did an excellent job of
fitting in with her friends again, as well as getting right back into the
subject matter they were being taught.  By the end of the day, it was almost as
if she had never left school at all.


When she got home (on time thankfully) she was locked naked in her cell with her
homework.  When that was finished, she was given more pills and was left alone
until dinner. Nancy spent this time weaving straw jewelry: A tiara, bracelets,
anklets, and a belt even.  Maybe I could make a straw skirt so I at least have
some cover, she thought. 

Dinner was, of course, another bite of Bic Mac, this time complimented by a shot
glass of milk.  Nancy was not tired anymore, but she was skinny, and knew that
she was not capable of prolonged physical activity, and probably never would be
again.  This meant no resisting, no escaping, just acceptance of her fate and
hoping that her parents would feed her more. 

Her father had informed her while she was taking her evening pills that the
pills would take effect in about a week.  Then she would stop taking them except
for the anti aging one.  The other pills could handle themselves from then on
out, he had said, smiling as usual. 

Nancy detected no physical changes in her body whatsoever during that week.  Her
life fell into routine, cell, school, cell, and pills whenever in cell. 
Occasional homework, maybe some straw weaving, blasts from the hose provided by
her mother, and using the drain were Nancy's monotony breakers. 

On the morning of the eighth day after beginning the pills, Nancy awoke with
funny feeling in her body.  She didn't feel anything wrong, but she definitely
felt different.  Her breasts felt swollen and heavier though she detected no odd
lumps or deformities when she examined them, and two pains existed, one beneath
each existing breast.  She was unsure of the cause of that, but had an idea.  If
those pains where what she thought they were, then her short life would be the
short life of a freak. 

She knew that she would ovulate two or three eggs during her next fertile time
of month, which was in a few days.  She was not looking forward to "It's not a
gentle machine."

On this day her father took her to new part of the lab.

"Nancy, climb up on the table and lay down on it, there's a good girl."  Nancy
obeyed without speaking.  She was strapped down spread eagled on the cold metal
surface, with her feet in stirrups that kept them raised, apart, and left her
vagina very open.  The cold made her nipples erect, and she blushed wit
embarrassment.  Her father ran a series of tests, then concluded aloud.

"Nancy, your current breasts have began growing.  They will stop growing when
they have reached D cup size.  Also, they have began to produce milk.  My x-rays
show also that new breast tissue is growing under your current breasts, and we
can expect two more healthy D-cup breasts within the month."  He paused, and for
the first time in two weeks, looked serious. "It is time for your first egg
extraction and artificial insemination.  The machine will tare your hymen, then
extract about ten eggs.  It will then preform coitus to bring you to orgasm, and
it will impregnate you.  My tests reveal that you are ovulating three eggs now. 
While this is going on, I will take the first milk from your breasts."

Nancy tried to struggle, but was too tightly strapped down.

"Please, don't break me yet, I'm not ready for impregnation.  Give me a month,
or a week, just not yet, oh god, I'm still sealed, at least let me break my own
hymen, it will hurt--."

"According to my tests," he looked again at his results, "you are ready.  Accept
it Nancy.  Accept the pain, accept the sperm, and accept that your mother and I
have complete control of your body.  You need to learn your place.  For that
little outburst, you will have to lick up whatever fluids you leave on this

He lowered a milking device from the ceiling.  It fastened to her breasts with a
sucking noise, then began to pump.  It was an odd feeling, especially since she
had never felt milk flowing inside her breasts.  Nancy watched her own
milk-which she had not planned on producing until she was happily married-flow
up tubes into a tank.

Suddenly, a machine resembling a mix of a spider and a drill and a dildo leapt
onto the table and scurried over to her vagina.  It paused, acquiring its
target.  Then it leapt on to her crotch, digging spider legs in to her pubis and
thighs, drawing blood with its sharp pointed feet.  Nancy yelled in pain, and
this time her father gagged her. 

After another pause, the insemenator rammed it's probe deep into her vagina. 
The thin membrane of her hymen tore in with the first thrust, and she screamed
quietly and long from behind the gag.  She felt a tingling in her womb as the
machine extracted eggs.  The eggs came out of the back of the machine in a tiny
bottle which her father picked up and pocketed.  Then the machine began its main
purpose.  In and out it thrust.  The dildo/drill/ram was long and wide-almost
too wide, but it brought good feelings along with the pain.  Nancy hated herself
for enjoying the pleasure, but her body liked it.  She even started bucking with
it, matching its thrusts with her own and moaning as the blood from her newly
ruptured hymen flowed from her vagina onto the table.  With one last gasp and
moan, she arched her back and orgasmed.  She felt hot liquid squirting into her,
and she lay back, spent.  Immediately, embarrassment hit her, and she blushed. 
Semen dripped from her distended labia, mixing with the blood.	

"Well well well, you seemed to enjoy that a lot Nancy."  Nancy just looked away,
ashamed and surprised, but more ashamed.  "Lick up the liquid, then back yo your
cell.  I guess that you have one more week of school left.  After that, your
body will have changed too much and we will have to hide you for a very long
time.  Here."  He handed her a big bottle of pills.  "These are the youth pills. 
Take one a month.  Once you reach the age of eighteen, you will stay eighteen. 
I will be examining you for signs of age.  If I see you aging, you will regret
it more that you have ever regretted anything before."

Nancy was unstrapped and she moved onto her hands and knees on the table.  She
bent her head low and began to lap up the semen/blood under the gaze of her
father.  Nancy usually didn't mind the taste of blood, but combined with semen
it was disgusting.  It took her a while to lick it all up because for a while it
was still dribbling out of her vagina, and she had to re-lick the same areas
multiple times.  Finally she was done.  She felt very sick to her stomach. 
Nancy picked up the anti aging pill bottle and ran back to her cell to puke down
the drain.  Her father followed her to lock her in.  He laughed when he saw her
vomiting, then strolled away, whistling. 

Nancy now knew to keep her mouth shut, not to argue for fear of having to lick
that stuff up again.  She was also sure that if she vomited again, she'd have to
lick that up to.  The thought made her vomit once more, but she tried to do it
quietly so as not to let her father hear.

Review This Story || Author: Dan Butler
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