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Part 4

MOMENTUM           Part 4

Poor little Nicole, although "little" was perhaps not an appropriate adjective
after six months of marital bliss...  (She secretly loved the fact that Jon
controlled her, disciplined her, and punished her severely on a daily basis.) 
Despite her strenuous workouts on the treadmill and her strict diet, the 5'2" 19
year old had continually gained weight, almost 15 pounds.  It was attributable
to the elixir Jon had concocted: Jon's saved semen mixed with the super
lactation producing hormones, that she was required to drink now twice a day.
Her exquisite olive colored 36D breasts had increased in size to 40DD and her
nipples now had the texture, appearance and size of cow-heifer teats. The
sensitive dark brown teats were now over 1 3/4" long and thick as her thumbs;
teats that were in a continual state of lactation- leaking. Nicole's mammaries
required extensive milking (drainage) every day.  Only Jon was permitted to do
the milking; if he found that Nicole had effected any drainage on her own, he
would sadistically whip- beat her anal ring meat with the bleach soaked leather
strap and then sodomize her tight ass hole with the horse size dildo.  Much of
the weight had seemed to gravitate to her flawless baby smooth buttocks. They
now could only be described as large fatty ass globes. Ass globes that received
daily attention with the family heirloom razor strop or Jon's other instruments
of pain-punishment. This, of course, was exactly what her perverted and depraved
husband craved: enormous tits and a large fleshy ass to punish-discipline every
day of the year.

6'4" Jon arrived home from a day of work at his consulting firm.

"Nicole, where are you?  Meet me in the study immediately."

"OK Jon, I will be there in a moment."

"Immediately, Nicole."

"Ok, my dear."

Little Nicole entered the small study. Jon was sitting in the over-stuffed
armchair.  His wide rigid purple- veined cock meat staring at his 19-year-old
"pain-toy" wife.

"I need to examine your titties. Strip."

"Yes sir."

Nicole unbuttoned her tight sheer silk blouse.  No bra. Just her obscenely large
and beautiful olive colored mammaries standing and hanging off her chest; the
elongated teat-nipples slightly leaking tit milk.

"Kneel and suck, Nicole, while I massage and milk"

"Please Jon, not too hard today.  They are so sensitive."

"Ok, Nicole, strip bare ass naked immediately, over the ottoman.  I am going to
whip your fat ass with "old yeller" (the dreaded razor strop) until they're raw

Nicole knew not to say another word. Jon was in one of his dark-dangerous moods.
She knew tonight's punishment would go on for hours and be, even by his sadistic
standards, pervertedly severe.  Nicole stripped totally and layed over face down
on the ottoman, her flawlessly soft olive colored and huge fatty ass- globes
lewdly displayed. Jon had retrieved "old yeller", the 3' foot long 8" wide
supple and oiled leather beating razor strop in his right hand.  Jon's cock slit
was dripping precum on Nicole's buttocks.  Nicole hadn't tasted "old yeller" in
a few weeks and Jon was prepared to lay the leather hard, deep and long over
Nicole's' fatty butt meat.  Nicole knew to keep her ass high in the air with her
legs spread wide.  Jon swung up high with "old Yeller' and brought the vicious
instrument of punishment down hard across the center of both fatty ass globes,
indenting at impact, leaving at first that white stripe that then turns
immediately red. Tonight Jon will not wait between strokes but will methodically
and relentlessly apply the strop with no intermission.  Nicole's fat cunt lips
are in the area of target range and Jon applies a vicious under stroke directly
on the hairy fat pussy labia. Nicole is screaming like a banshee but soon goes
hoarse. After twenty minutes there is not a centimeter of white skin left on
Nicole's large fat ass globes. The strop is applied with sickening full force
creating a red-purple welted mass of butt flesh. Now Jon starts working on
Nicole's' beautiful but meaty thighs concentrating on the soft tender inner
thigh meat near the cuntal juncture.  That area after fifteen minutes of
uninterrupted whipping is purple-red welted.

"Nicole, spread your fat checks as wide as you can, Now!!"

Jon is staring at "virgin" white inner butt cheek meat, about six inches on
either side of her ass crack, such a big fat ass to beat-whip.  Jon works with
even more intensity in that extremely sensitive and tender area.  Jon gets out
the large jar of Icy Hot athletic cream and spreads it all over Nicole's inner
butt flesh including the anal meat ring and around and into and through the
sphincter closure. He now reapplies the razor strop with even more ferociousness
all over the same areas again and then concentrates solely on whipping poor
Nicole's ass crack and ass hole flesh meat.  Nicole is grunting and heaving but
her voice is gone.   Jon gets out the rigid black rubber horse size dildo and
smears it thoroughly with the Icy Hot and pushes it hard and deep past Nicole's
red-welted sphincter and penetrates into her bowels, the Icy Hot pain spreading
into her rectal channel walls. At the same time, Jon is liberally applying globs
of the Icy Hot all over Nicole's red-welted fat ass cheeks, pinching and
kneading it hard into the fatty ass globes.  Jon is thrust fucking the long and
fat horse dildo into and out of Nicole's violated ass hole groove.  Jon is now
leaking semen on Nicole's forehead and the acrid goo rolls down her face and
Nicole's tongue catches what it can.  Jon continues to severely pinch and knead
Nicole's thoroughly punished buttocks with more of the Icy Hot.  The Ass
Whipping Session is over.  Nicole will rest for 15 minutes and then Jon is going
to give her titties the whipping of their lives.

"I will ask you again Nicole, are you read to kneel and suck and while I massage
and milk?"

"Yes, sir"


Jon is sitting on the edge of study chair with his wide girthed and rigid penis
emitting precum out of the pee slit.  Nicole is on her knees in front of her
husband and starts mouth-fucking his cock meat.  Jon places a small stainless
steel milk pail under Nicole's huge left hanging- dangling mammary.  While
Nicole diligently begins to tongue-fuck her husbands pee slit, Jon place one
hand at the base of her left breast and starts squeeze-milking the titty and
with his other hand takes the heifer sized teat and cruelly stretches it
downward as the tit-flesh begins to squirt sweet-smelling lactose milk into the

"Deep-throat Nicole"


Nicole pushes her head down and she feels her husbands long and wide cock meat
slide down her throat wall, her mouth is now mashed into Jon's pubes, back and
forth, mouth-fucking and deep throating; strictly obeying her husband's
commands.  Jon is methodically milking poor little Nicole's left engorged titty,
the huge breast hanging down and Jon's hand tightly squeezing its base, at the
same time his other hand stretching the heifer teat, the nipple discharging a
steady flow of her thick milk fluid.  The pail is begining to fill. Jon's hand
works down from the base of the left tit and starts squeezing with vice-like
pressure further down the mass of the tit meat, the other hand continually
manipulating and cruelly stretching the teats, the milk discharging with ever
greater volume and force into the cute little stainless steel milk pail.  His
19-year-old wife is diligently performing fellatio in the manner she knows he
requires.  The left titty is almost drained. Jon takes both hands now and mashes
the bruised left titty with all the force he can muster, squeezing out the last
drops of her lactose milk.  Her starts the same process now with Nicole's right
mammary.  Squeezing, mashing, massaging, milking her precious, obscenely huge
tit flesh, leaving markings and bruising on the tender tit meat from the
pressure and intensity of his milking. Jon has started to discharge semen into
Nicole's mouth and she is required to swallow every single drop.  Jon starts
hand slapping each hanging-swaying breast, the tit-flesh beginning to redden
from the hand spanking; Jon begins to viciously squeeze and manipulate the thick
rubbery long teat-nipples, twisting, pulling, and squeezing as hard as he can. 
Jon is now fully discharging his thick, yellowish-white jism into and down
little Nicole's throat.  Jon will now prepare his Nicole for a very hard breast

The one-gallon pail was full of Nicole's titty-milk.  He would instruct Nicole
to make it into ice cream. Yummy.

"Nicole, place your breasts on the coffee table."

"Yes sir."

Nicole lifted each of her huge mammary glands onto the table. They were less
resilient now because of the milking and showed some reddening and a little
bruising.  The teat-nipples were still thick, long and swollen.  Jon took some
nylon fish line and made a slipknot and attached to each teat.  He pulled hard
and the thin nylon line dug deep into the end of each dark-brown nipple.  He
tied a one-pound weight to each line and dangled them over the other side of the
table.  This had the effect, aside from the incredible pain it was inflicting on
poor little Nicole, of stretching out the huge meaty mass of each mammary gland,
making the smooth olive-colored tit-flesh taut and firm, stretching out the
thick teats to over 2" as the weights pulled with their heavy gravity.  Nicole's
beautiful, flawless and creamy titties were totally layed out and fully exposed
for a whipping in extremis. 

Jon took a glob of Icy Hot and massaged and kneaded the heat inducing cream all
over her mammary tit-flesh, kneaded into the dark large sweat-gland wrinkled
areoles, and kneaded into the taut stretched rubbery teat nipples.  Jon took a
thick and sharp hatpin and pressed it down into the center of her right nipple,
then her left; he worked the needle back and forth and up and down each
stretched nipple-teat, microscopic specks of blood coming to the surface. 
Little Nicole was screaming with no voice left, heaving and bucking with the
indescribable pain.  Jon took the brine-bleach soaked leather shoelaces and
viciously whipped each of Nicole's elongated nipples from the base of her
areoles to the end where the fish line was dug into the end of the nips.  He
worked over the nipples for a half an hour and applied about 500 strokes.  The
2" long rubbery thick dark brown nipples were red-raw and welted.  He took
another gob of Icy Hot and then worked it into each stretched -out whipped
nipple.  Her loving husband then took an ultra fine piece of sandpaper and
started sanding each of Poor little Nicole's large dark areoles; after which he
took more Icy Hot and aggressively kneaded it into the areole flesh. He then
whipped each of the areoles for fifteen minutes, 300 times on each, with a 2'
wide leather strap that had also bee soaking in the brine-bleach. with the
resulting tiny flecks of blood and deep red welting.  Nicole was writhing and
and her entire body covered in a sheen of perspiration.  Jon then took the
razor-strop and began to viciously whip the primary mass of creamy smooth
mammary tit-flesh; 400 hundred hard strokes from the base of the tit meat down
to the areoles, up and down, back and forth.  He went back to the Icy Hot and
cruelly kneaded and massaged the cream into her welted whipped breasts. He
discharged a huge volume of his hot thick acrid semen directly shooting the cum
onto Nicole's face. Nicole had passed out from the severity of the titty
whipping. Jon knew that it would take 2 or 3 weeks for poor little Nicole's huge
titties to heal. She would still need to be milked daily though.  Jon smiled

Review This Story || Author: johnny payne
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