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Chapter 24 Lock and Key

Chapter 24 - Lock and Key

Naked underneath the dark purple silk gown tied tightly around her body, and
feeling extremely self-conscious about the way it was clinging to her curves,
Julie made her way to the dining room. It was past noon the next day, and since
she hadn't eaten since breakfast the morning before, she was ravenous.

The maids were already hurrying to prepare food for her. Since Simeon had called
them to work again they had been waiting hand and foot on Julie from the moment
she stepped out of bed, over-attentive to the point of irritation. They had
begun discussing how to neaten up her hastily cut hair, and Julie was fairly
certain they would have gotten out a pair of scissors and started trimming if
she hadn't shooed them away to take her bath in peace.

She knew exactly what they wanted from her though; although they hadn't said
anything, she could see it in the way they walked around her, legs slightly
spread so as not to disturb the piercings they so desperately wanted removed.

Pushing aside thoughts of the maids, Julie sat down at the dining room table. A
moment later one of the maids rushed over to set a plate of pancakes down in the
middle of the table. Eagerly, Julie picked up her fork, already leaning forwards
to transport them to her plate.

The first lot disappeared quickly, barely touching her hunger. Waiting for the
next set to be cooked, Julie stared at the empty plate in front of her and
experimentally willed it to move. She knew she could have done it last night,
but she might as well have been asking it politely for all that happened. She
sighed, not entirely unhappily.

A part of her hoped that particular ability stayed locked; she didn't want to
end up like Shadow. As she thought back to the moment when his attacks ceased,
she became increasingly certain that something had happened to the necklace and
that it had done more than just knock him out. She didn't doubt he would
eventually wake up, but his abilities would be useless.

The maid returned with another plate, and hunger quickly drove away Julies'
thoughts. She was slightly surprised by how much food she had consumed already,
but she didn't slow down in her mission to eat every last bit.

She felt someone enter the room, but didn't look up, intent on getting the last
slice from her plate onto the fork. Eventually succeeding, she raised it to her
lips and pushed it in greedily without finishing the current mouthful.

Blushing slightly as she now tried to chew, she looked up to greet the newcomer.

She gasped, and almost choked on the pancake at the figure standing at the
opposite end of the table, arms tucked into his pockets. Even though her view
had been blurred at the time... it was HIM! Her rescuer!

"Julie," he said softly, staring at her with an almost loving expression. Her
violet eyes widened further, and she began furiously trying to chew the pancake.
She had no doubt it was him now that she had heard him speak.

"Mm-mph!" she moaned with her mouth full, both hands gripping the edge of the
table as she cursed herself for being in such a hurry to eat. It was tempting to
just spit it out, but she wanted to keep what dignity she had left.

His dark red eyes moved slowly over her face, taking in her features with a hint
of a smile on his lips. Her blush deepened quickly as she began swallowing, eyes
locked with his. Now that she could look at him up close, his face seemed
familiar to her, as if she had seen him many times before and passed him by.

Julie had almost finished when he pulled one hand out of his pocket and placed
something on the table, a flat, translucent blue object. She noticed his fingers
were long and slender, much like her own

"I'm sorry," he said softly to her, and then turned around and began walking
towards the doorway.

"Ah!" she exclaimed, abandoning chewing and simply swallowing the last of the
pancake. "Wait!"

Coughing, Julie sprung from her chair and dashed around the table as he stepped
through the doorway.

There was a few seconds whilst he was out of her view around the corner, and
when she made it to the hall, he was gone.

She stared in astonishment at his disappearance, for a moment completely
ignoring the familiar-looking girl standing in front of her. By the time Julie
recovered, the girl had her arms wrapped around her body.

"Julie!" the girl exclaimed, tightening her embrace. "It's so good to see you!"

"Hello, Bethany!" Julie replied a little uncertainly, returning the hug.

Beth's arms relaxed after a few seconds, and she stepped back from Julie,
smiling widely. Her clothes hung loosely on her, several sizes too big, and she
was wearing a hat. It took Julie a second to realise that the cap was hiding the
fact she was missing her hair.

"Where..." Julie began in confusion.

"You wouldn't believe what's been going on," Beth said quickly, cutting off
Julie. "Last night, this guy Seth came and rescued me, who..."

"Rescued you?" Julie interrupted in surprise. "Rescued from where?"

Beth faltered in her rapid speech, and for a moment her smile slipped, revealing
the terrified girl underneath. Before Julie could start to look concerned
however, her smile returned and she continued chattering, as if nothing had

"Anyway, he was really nice; and kinda cute, too..." she paused to wink at
Julie. "Perhaps a little old; but he had this arm thing... and he could make
holes in the air with it!" She swung her arms around to inscribe a rough circle
between them. "It was really cool! He even showed me the machines that were
doing it; it was like a room full of the insides of a car! He was just like a
guy trying to explain how his car works..." She found this funny, and started

Julie had almost stopped listening after she had described the "holes in the
air". If Seth, her rescuer, was getting around using those portals... that
explained his quick departures. But how did he keep finding her?

She raised one hand to her breast, touching her necklace that lay underneath the
soft silk. Was her rescuer using it to follow her? It had been sitting back on
her bedside table that morning; she assumed Susan had returned it after

"Julie?" Beth queried uncertainly, giving her a gentle push in the shoulder.
Julie blinked, her thoughts interrupted.

"What is it?" she asked, adjusting her gown. She was beginning to regret
choosing it; not only did it make her feel naked, but felt like it was going to
slide off her at any moment, and then she really would be!

"I asked, 'Is there any food?'" Beth repeated, hiding a grin.

"Oh... um... yeah, of course," Julie replied, stepping back through the doorway
and pointing to the table.

"Excellent!" Beth exclaimed, hurrying over and pulling out a chair. She began
stealing what remained of the pancakes in the middle of the table.

Julie sighed softly and leant against the doorframe.

"Who on earth is she?" came a hushed question from behind her. Julie squeaked in
surprise, and whirled to find Nyssa standing in the doorway, half a dozen guards
that she had never seen before standing in a neat formation behind her.
Outwardly they appeared bored, but their appearance belied the sharpness of
their eyes, and the way they held their weapons for readiness in a moment.

"Err..." Julie stammered in response, unsettled by the armed guards. "She's from
the orphanage."

Continuing to stare at the guards, Julie found herself unconsciously adjusting
her gown again. The fabric was rubbing against her nipples, and she had a
horrible feeling that they were clearly visible through the silk.

"How did she get here then?" Nyssa asked, scanning the room for anyone else.
"Shouldn't she be with everyone else?"

Julie was hesitant about turning away from the guards, and settled with standing
side-on to them.

"Someone came and rescued her... Seth, I think his name was."

"...Seth?" Nyssa said flatly, fixing Julie with a piercing gaze.

"Yeah, he was um... making holes in the air."

"You saw him? Was he a tall guy, black hair, dark eyes?" Nyssa asked intensely,
maintaining her gaze.

"Yeah, I think so... you know him?" Julie was suddenly excited, and for a moment
forgot about her gown. "Who is he?!"

Nyssa shook her head. "If he wants to tell you, then it's up to him."

Julie was silent for a long moment, staring at Nyssa in surprise.

"You do know who he is!" Her voice bordered on anger now. "Why won't you tell

Instead of replying, Nyssa strode over to the table and picked up the object
Seth had left behind. She turned it over in her hands a few times, and then
turned to look at Julie in amazement.

"He left you this?!" she asked incredulously. Julies' frown deepened.

"Are you going to tell me what it is, or is that up to him also?"

Nyssa grimaced, but held it out to Julie. It was the size of her palm, and its
surface glinted in the light from above, barely visible lines tracing through
the translucent blue body

"It's a key."

"He left his car keys?" Julie asked sarcastically. Nyssa's face clouded over
with anger, and with a visible effort she calmed herself.

"No, you stupid girl, it's the access key to a ship."

Julie was silent for a long moment. "You don't mean a boat, do you," she stated,
staring at the key being offered to her. As if it was suddenly very fragile, she
took it from Nyssa, and began turning it over in her hands.

"You know why he's giving it to me," Julie said, her voice slightly accusing.
Nyssa nodded in confirmation.

"It's not my place to tell you though." She looked at Julie sympathetically for
a second. "Maybe you should look in that box of yours."

"You went through my box?!" Julie exclaimed, her face heating. Nyssa laughed at
her expression.

"For us, acknowledging you as a mistress makes me like your mother. So yes, I
went through your box."

Julie looked astonished at this news, her anger forgotten.

"But... no-one told me that!" Julie stammered. "You can't just... adopt me
without telling!"

"Normally you would have known about it beforehand," Nyssa replied with a grin.
"That's one of the reasons I came here, to help you."

Her smile faded as she remembered how much it had cost, and she felt her eyes
grow moist. She shook her head slightly, and smiled again.

There will be time for that later, she told herself firmly.

"Anyway... I'll leave you two girls to eat." Nyssa leant forward and gave Julie
a quick kiss on the cheek, before turning and walking out of the room.

The guards lingered a moment afterwards, and Julie noticed they were watching
her. She turned away quickly and felt air blow across her chest. Her gown had
loosened, and she had been giving them an eyeful of soft, pink cleavage the
whole time, her necklace clearly nestled in the middle.

Her face turned bright red as she adjusted the gown, and she was glad she had
her back to them to hide her shame.

Gripping the traitorous gown tightly to keep it from falling off her shoulders,
Julie hurried back to her room. Bethany had mumbled something unintelligible in
reply when Julie had told her she was going to get dressed; which was only half

She pulled her door open, and then shut it tightly behind her. As she put the
square key down on the bedside-table, she noticed that the monitoring device,
along with its attached electrodes that she had found stuck all over her when
she woke up, was gone. She remembered tugging them off angrily, imagining the
doctor would have had a great time sticking the little white objects onto her
bare skin.

Julie glanced sadly at Kate sleeping soundly at the foot of her bed, her chest
rising and falling regularly. She looked so content underneath the blankets.

The gown fell from Julies' shoulders and slid down her body with a sigh, ending
up as a pile around her feet. She quivered as it ran across her nipples, and was
temped to put it on again, just so she could feel its caress again.

Instead she used her foot to flick it to the far side of her bed to remove the
temptation, before heading over to the wardrobe to find something else to wear.

Pulling the doors open, she began looking through its contents. As she leaned
forwards, the powerful scent of rubber reached her nostrils. She turned
suddenly, and came face to face with the rubber suit.

She let out a squeak, and jumped back from it, her eyes wide. The maids had
placed the separate parts on a set of coat hangers, and they were hanging on the
inside of the door.

The smell made her terribly aroused, and she wanted so badly to touch the
suit... to feel it... to wear it. With an angry shake of her head, she stepped
back again, so she could no longer smell it.

Julie knew that she couldn't stay naked all day just because she was afraid of
going near the wardrobe. Steeling herself, she dashed forwards and grabbed an
armful of clothes at random.

She returned quickly to the bed, and as she put down the pile, she began
giggling nervously. She knew it was Moira's fault she was like this, but she
felt so silly to be afraid of a smell. Still giggling, she began sorting through
the pile for clothes that would be suitable. She found a few shirts... a pair of
pants... She let out a squeal, and recoiled from the pile.

"Damn it!" she cursed, staring at the translucent yellow pair of panties sitting
on the top of the pile with an expression of horrified fascination. She didn't
have to look hard to see the twin plugs attached to the inside, and coiled
around them, the snake-like tube that had been buried deep in her behind.

She let out a whimper, even as she stepped forward and picked them up.

"Maybe if I just wear these..." she wondered aloud, and before she knew it she
was in the bathroom and applying lubricant to the plugs. She was happy to find
the catheter could be removed, but she paused when she realised the tube
couldn't be removed from the butt-plug. She was nervous, but the thought that
she would have to put it in to wear the panties and the feeling of the rubber in
her fingers drove her to begin lubricating the tube.

After a quick check to ensure the bathroom doors were both properly closed, she
slid her feet into the panties. She was visibly shaking with excitement as she
pulled them up her legs, the dildos bumping limply against her.

She squatted down and found the end of the slippery tube. She had never touched
the tight, pink hole except to wash herself, and she found it incredibly
arousing to think of what she was about to put in there.

Placing the tip of the tube against her anus, she began pushing. Her fingers
kept slipping, and it took a few attempts before the tip went in. She let out a
soft gasp as it did, and she had to wait a moment before continuing.

It took her a long time to work it in, and she had to pause numerous times as
the end felt like it was stuck. Her rear ached from all the times her fingers
had slipped, and she knew that the plug was yet to come.

Pulling the panties up further, Julie wrapped her fingers around the dildo and
aligned its tip with her hairless sex. She shifted position, placing the base of
the dildo against the cold floor, and felt her muscles clench in anticipation.
With her other hand holding the butt-plug, she began lowering herself onto them.

"Ah!" she gasped loudly as she felt the hard rubber tip push into her. At the
same time, the plug in her rear began pushing inwards, widening rapidly as she
moved down.

It seemed like forever before she felt her buttocks hit the floor. She was
breathing heavily, and she knew that the wetness in her sex wasn't all the
lubricant she had used. Taking the waistband firmly, she pulled them up fully,
and then stood up.

"Oh!" she moaned, having forgotten what they felt like. She took a few steps,
and had to lean against the sink as she almost climaxed, catching the jar of
lubricant before she knocked it off.

Feeling a little unsteady, Julie opened the bathroom door and made her way to
the wardrobe. Her resistance to the scent of the rubber already low, she found
herself rolling the rubber stockings up her legs. It was difficult without
lubricant, but the jar sitting on the floor was getting low and she didn't want
to waste any more of it.

The inside of the rubber panties was getting very slick by the time she began
pulling on the body piece. A part of her was frightened that she couldn't seem
to stop herself, watching silently as she slid it down and let her naked breasts
pop into their cups.

With her fingers she sealed the stockings and top with the panties, forming a
smooth, unbroken piece of rubber. Craving the feeling of it gripping her waist,
she reached up behind her and tried pulling it tighter.

"How did she do it?" Julie asked herself, her arms straining. She tried higher
up, and was surprised to find that when she pulled it together, the rubber
seemed to stick together.

"Thank you technology," Julie muttered softly, working it tighter. By the time
she was finished, her arms were aching, and she could feel her juices beginning
to run down the inside of the suit.

The rubber arms came last; she left off the gloves as the webbed fingers would
impede her.

After selecting some clothes she planned to wear over the suit, Julie sat down
on the bed, a moan escaping her lips as the plugs pressed deeper into her.
Leaning over to pick up the box was too much for her, and she jumped back to lie
flat on the bed, one hand sliding down to unseal her panties.

She was slightly surprised by how wet she was inside the rubber as her fingers
found her clit. A second later she was furiously frigging herself to a powerful
orgasm, biting her lip hard to stop herself from moaning loudly.

She lay still for a minute, her face heating as she realised what she had done.
The feeling of the rubber encasing her body no longer made her want to squeal
with pleasure, but she was still aware of it, and thinking about it made her
clit tingle.

"Concentrate," she told herself firmly, sitting up and bringing the box towards
her to open it.

She pulled out the chastity belt, and studied it closely. The intricate thorns
and flowers design looked no different to when she had looked at it last, and
she couldn't see anything that might explain what Nyssa had said.

A little frustrated, she put it down beside her and pulled out the matching
collar. The design was similar, but she thought it looked less scary than the
one on the belt; more flowers. Again, there was nothing unusual, and she put it

The cuffs and the cone-shaped clamps were again similar, transparent and covered
in the purple thorns. Apart from having fewer flowers mixed into the design,
there was nothing special she could find.

Gritting her teeth, Julie opened the flat box sitting inside the larger, and
glanced at the dildos inside. She picked the longest one out, and was surprised
to discover that not only was its surface covered in tiny bumps, but it rattled!
Her eyes widened as she shook it, watching the shiny little balls inside move
and imagining what it would feel like inside her.

She replaced it, and quickly checked the remaining plugs for anything
interesting. Apart from finding that all the butt plugs were hollow for enemas
and that several more also rattled, there was nothing. She even checked
underneath the box, but the only thing there was the set of keys.

Disappointed, she retrieved the chastity belt and began studying it closely.
What had Nyssa meant?!

She studied the designs, the inside of the belt, and even the intricate gold
mechanisms. In frustration, she closed the two halves of the belt shut.

Her jaw fell open as she saw it then. It had been invisible when the front and
back had been separated, and the design was part of the lock, so it completely
disappeared within the mechanism when not closed. Highlighted in black, was a
familiar symbol.

She lifted her shirt to confirm it, comparing the symbol on the belt with the
marking above her belly. They were identical.

"How..." she stammered, trying to work out how her mark had appeared on the
belt. If it's a family marking, she began thinking...

 "Julie!" Susan cried out happily from the doorway, and ran forward. "I heard
you were awake, and..."

She stopped with a choking sound, her blue eyes fixed on the belt in Julies'
hands. The fact that Julie was wearing the latex suit again didn't seem to

"Where..." she managed, and glanced from the belt to the box and back again.

Julie saw her move her legs closer together, and couldn't help the grin that
spread across her lips. She decided right then that Susan would not be leaving
this room without wearing the belt and collar.

"Come have a look," Julie said smoothly, one hand pulling the box closer to hide
the collar and cuffs sitting beside her on the bed.

Susan didn't notice though, her eyes fixed on the chastity belt. Slowly she took
a step forwards, and then another.

"It won't bite," Julie said gently as Susan hesitated. Susan's eyes flickered
momentarily to Julies', and she smiled nervously.

It took her almost a minute to work her way to the bed and sit down. Julie
offered her the belt, and when she didn't take it, placed it in her lap.

"It's beautiful," Susan whispered, blushing softly but seemingly unwilling to
pick it up.

Julie was beginning to get impatient when she eventually worked up the courage
to touch it. She turned it over a few times in her hands, before suddenly
putting it down beside her.

"I don't want to wear one of those things again," Susan said quickly, her
breathing rapid. She made to sit up.

"Give me your hand," Julie said, pouring every ounce of concern she had into her
words. Susan blinked, and raised one arm, palm up.


"Give me your hand," Julie repeated, staring at Susan's delicate fingers.
Uncertainly, Susan extended her hand further.

Trying to appear casual, Julie reached up to catch Susan's wrist, whilst sliding
her free hand underneath the box. Her fingers looped around the cuffs hidden
there, checking they were unlocked.

"What?" Susan asked a little worriedly, leaning forward to look closer.

In one smooth movement, Julie removed her hand from underneath the box, one cuff
open and waiting. Susan didn't even get to pull away as she snapped it around
her wrist, locking with a click.

"Julie!!!" Susan squealed loudly, the chastity belt falling off the bed as she
leapt forwards.

She was pulled short by Julies' firm grip on the other cuff, and before she knew
it Julie was standing behind her and locking the other cuff around her opposite

"Julie..." Susan stammered fearfully. "W...What are you doing?" Julie reached
down beside her and picked up the chastity belt.

"You... you're not going to..." Susan squeaked. "Please Mistress... I don't want
to wear it!"

"Oh?" Julie exclaimed. "What's wrong with my belt, Susan?" She retrieved the key
from the bed and unlocked the belt.

"N...Nothing..." Susan said quickly, and then looked down at the floor, her face
heating. "It's just... it... it..."

She trailed off as Julie put a hand around her waist and pulled her over to the
bed. She visibly relaxed when Julie placed the belt on top of the box.

"It what...?" Julie prompted her.

Susan whimpered, and stared down at her feet.

"It makes me... turn into a slut!"

"Susan..." Julie said gently, leaning close. "Did you have fun after the first
belt was removed?"

Susan nodded once.

"And was it the belt that made you so horny?"

There was a slight pause before she nodded again.

"Don't you want to feel like that again?"

"I don't want to be a slut though!" Susan exclaimed "I... I... I'm not like

"Don't be silly," Julie told her gently. "You can be Trigs' little slut; that's
not bad is it? You, waiting for him to come home every day to unlock you, naked
except for your collar, the belt, and cuffs around your wrists..."

Susan whimpered loudly, and squeezed her legs together slightly.

"I... I guess..." she stammered, not realising that Julie had included a collar
in that list.

Placing one hand on Susan's back, Julie pushed her into a standing position, and
then crouched down and reached for her jeans. Susan whimpered again, but didn't
resist as the blue denim pants were unzipped and pulled down.

"Still wearing the plug?" Julie asked, taking hold of Susan's plain white

"Yes," she heard the nervous girl breathe.

Susan's panties slid down easily, and Julie found herself smiling in amusement
that Susan had chosen to wear a g-string. Susan, sensing her Mistress's
emotions, let out another whimper of shame.

"Turn around," Julie told her gently.

With one hand encouragingly on Susan's back she made her bend over, displaying
the black shield of the butt plug nestled between her cheeks. Taking a firm
grip, she pulled on it.

"OH!" Susan gasped, unsure whether to cry from the stretching or cum at the
feeling of it moving within her.

With a slurp the plug came free, leaving her anus unsure whether to contract or
brace itself for more intrusion. Susan shivered at the gaping sensation, and
made to straighten.

"Stay," Julie said firmly, keeping one hand on Susan's back as she reached
underneath her to cup Susan's sex.

The young red-head moaned pitifully as Julie put her fingers to work, quickly
coaxing Susan's clit from within its hood. As Susan whined and tried to avoid
the hand on her tip toes, Julie stared at the symbol on Susan's belly, marking
her as property. She had been nervous about owning Susan, but the idea was
growing on her.

Susan sighed unhappily as her mistress withdrew her fingers and reached for the
jar of lubricant left on the floor.

"Why do you need that?" Susan asked apprehensively. "There's no..." She trailed
off as Julie pulled the box of dildos out and began looking through them.

"Do you have to put those in?" she whined, torn between running away and staying
put as she was told.

"I don't have to," Julie replied, selecting the smallest rattling dildo and a
plug slightly larger than the one Susan had been wearing before. "But I want

Susan eyed them nervously, wringing her fingers behind her back and pulling on
the cuffs in apprehension. She watched as Julie attached them to the belt and
then began coating them in lubricant.

Julie took a moment to work out how to close the pins that would soon pierce
Susan's labia, discovering in the process that in closing them, a few
centimetres long metal tube emerged from within the belt. Julie quivered
excitedly at imagining its purpose, pulling the belt wide apart and placing it
between Susan's legs.

"No," Susan said suddenly, and straightened up. She stepped away from Julie and
began to head quickly towards the door.

"Susan, come here," Julie snapped firmly, watching as she stiffened. "Come
here," she repeated.

Susan began crying softly as she returned, compelled by Julies' voice.

"Bend over," she commanded, raising the belt.

Susan obediently bent over, exposing herself to Julie. Holding the belt in her
hands, Julie lined up the transparent, glistening plugs and began pushing them

"Please!" Susan whined, even as she spread her legs to allow easier access. Her
anus accepted the plug with only a little pushing, and a moment later the belt
was sitting snugly against Susan's body.

Julie pulled it back a bit, her fingers pushing Susan's labia into position.
This time they slid neatly into position, clearly visible in their transparent
prison, the pins aligned almost perfectly with each neat piercing.

"Stay still," Julie said, closing the belt and tightening it, the interlocking
segments sliding inside one another with little clicking noises. Taking the key
in her fingers, she pushed it into the lock over Susan's sex. As she began
twisting it, the pins slid from their recesses and began to push home.

"Julie..." Susan said nervously, trying to see what was happening. "It's...
grabbing my lips!"

Satisfied that the pins were good, she quickly twisted the key the full way and
pulled it out.

Susan squealed like a pig and sprung away from Julie onto the bed, grabbing at
the belt.

"What did you DO?" she cried, looking down at her imprisoned sex. The gold pins
were clearly visible intersecting her spread lips, in their midst the metal rod
in her urethra was just as clear, and protruding clearly above it all, the skin
around it pushed back and isolated, was her engorged clit.


Thanks to red Eva and slave Lucy for proof-reading


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