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The Slave At Home

Part 1

The Slave At Home


	Scott Rhodes watched his wife and daughter descend the stairs. They were
laughing, their eyes sparkled with anticipation. They had rushed through supper
and hurried upstairs to prepare for their evening out while he washed the
dishes. He waited at the foot of the stairs listening to them giggle as they
fixed their hair and makeup.

	Rose, his wife, was  thirty-six and still lovely. Her waist was a little
thicker than when they married, but her breasts were large and full and firm.
Their daughter Cathy was a pretty seventeen year old with a slender body and a
sweet innocent face. Both were flushed with excitement. Both were nearly naked.

	Rose wore a black leather corset,  black panties, black stockings and
high heels. Cathy wore a red bustier and panties, white stocking and red shoes.

	"How do we look, Dad?" Cathy asked.

	Scott didn't reply. He opened a closet door and looked at an array of
leather cuffs and collars hanging neatly on the back of the door.

	"Black for me and red for her," his wife told him. He nodded and buckled
black leather cuffs onto his wife's wrists. She turned her back and placed them
together. He locked them with a small padlock.

	"Do you want the arm cuffs too?" he asked.

	"Of course," she replied. His daughter giggled. He buckled cuffs above
his wife's upper arms  then snugged them together until her elbows were
touching. He knelt and buckled cuffs on her ankles.

	"Don't forget my collar," she reminded him.

	Wordlessly he held up several. She tapped her foot in thought for a
moment. "The big one."

	"Are you sure Mom?" Cathy asked. "Its going to be hard to suck their
cocks wearing that thing."

	"I'll manage," her mother said.

	Scott buckled the collar around her neck. It was over three inches high
and very stiff. It forced her chin up and she couldn't turn her head.

   	Scott motioned his daughter close and buckled red leather cuffs on her

	"Tighter, Daddy," she said impatiently. "You always put them on too
loose." He tightened the buckles, then put her ankle cuffs, arm cuffs and collar

	"Hobbles, Daddy. Don't forget the hobbles." He knelt and clipped a short
brass chain to his daughter's ankle cuffs. A silver chain complimented his
wife's black leather.

	The women looked at themselves in a full length mirror. 	

	"Do you think we should lose the panties?" Rose asked her daughter.

	"Can't you wait till we get there?" Cathy giggled.

  	"It will just save time when we get to the master's house," Rose said
reasonably. "They'll just get torn off of us anyway."

	"I thought you liked that," Cathy said impishly.

	"Well, , ,  yes I do," Rose admitted.  "But we'll let your father

	"Don't ask me," Scott said gloomily. His wife and daughter smiled at
each other.

	"Ok Daddy, take our panties off please," Cathy said.

	Scott unclipped their hobbles, slid their panties off, then reattached
the chains between their ankles.

	"Its time to go," he said

	Scott opened the door and followed them out to the car. They walked
proudly to the master's limousine parked on the driveway. Scott cringed when he
felt the neighbors' eyes on them. Everyone on the block knew that his wife and
daughter were the master's slaves.  He opened the back door and they wriggled
onto the seat. He got behind the wheel and drove away.

       His wife and daughter whispered and giggled the entire trip.

       "I don't think your dad likes having to put us into our bondage things,"
Rose whispered to her daughter.

       "Poor Daddy," Cathy whispered. "Just wait till the master tells us to
wear pussy chains."

       Scott heard every word.


	A block from the master's house Scott picked up his chauffeur's cap from 
the seat and put it on.  He was already wearing the black chauffeur's livery.

       He stopped the limo in front of the house.  e already wore the black
livery of a

	Two burly men in suits were waiting. They watched him open the door and
help his wife and daughter out. They nodded approvingly at the women. They drew
chain leashes from their pockets and clipped them to the women's collars

	"You haven't fucked your wife today, have you?" one of them asked Scott.
"Mister Richards doesn't want you to fuck her when he plans to use her."

	"No, I haven't," Scott answered.

	"What about your daughter?" the other one asked. "I hope you haven't
fucked her either."

	Scott's temper flared. "Now you listen to me, , , !"

	"Relax Scotty," the man interrupted grinning. "I'm joking."

	Scott's wife laughed. "He doesn't get to fuck me at all anymore," she
told the men.

              "No kidding?" one asked.

	"Nope, all he gets to do is masturbate now that I belong to the master,
but I do let him look at me while he does."

	"Mom, you are terrible," said Cathy laughing.

	"Jeez," said one of the men. "Poor bastard."

 	The men motioned for Rose and Cathy to enter the house. Rose kissed her
husband on the cheek. "Don't wait up for us dear, I'm afraid we'll be here all

	"Yeah," one of the bodyguards said. "We'll call you in the morning when
Mister Richards is finished with them.

	"Good night Daddy," Cathy called to him as they were led into the house.

	Scott fumed as he drove home. Six months ago he had been out of work and
desperate for money. He was behind in bills and creditors were calling every
day. It wasn't a new situation. Scott had been in debt all his life. He never
managed to hold a job and Rose had supported the family on her earnings at the
Richards Corporation where she worked as a receptionist.

	They had just finished a long argument over finances. They had talked
themselves out. The anger had passed and Rose was blinking back tears of
frustration when she made a suggestion.

	"I think I can ask my boss for a personal loan," she said. "Mister
Richards is always very nice to me. Perhaps he will help us out."

	Every bank in town had refused them credit. Scott had little hope that
Richards would give them a loan, but it wouldn't hurt to try. He told her to go
ahead and ask.

	Mister Richards listened to Rose's request, then told her that he would
think it over. He told her to bring Scott to his home for his answer. She was no
fool and was expecting the loan to come with strings attached, but she was
desperate and tired of worrying over money and was ready to agree to almost
anything. Besides, Mister Richards was a handsome man, and her husband was as
much a failure in bed as he was in the rest of his life. She brought Scott to
the meeting and wore her sexiest outfit.

	He agreed to the loan but his conditions were even more than she

	"I'll loan you all the money you need to get out of debt," Richards told
Scott. "Interest free and no payments will be required so long as you are
willing to perform a small service for me."

	"What would that be?" Scott asked.

	"I'll want your wife to visit my home from time to time in the evenings,
probably every week."

	"For what purpose?"

	"For entertaining me and my guests."

	"Oh? We aren't talking about sex here?" Scott demanded.

	"Sure we are, but not just sex. I like kinky sex and she will have to be
my sex slave."

	Rose felt her pussy throb. "What would I have to do?"

	"Anything I want," Richards said, "but it primarily bondage, spanking
and whipping."

	Scott jumped to his feet. "Now just a damn minute!" he shouted.

	Rose grabbed his arm. "Its all right," She said. "I haven't agreed to
anything yet."

	Richards looked at them calmly.

	"Scott, give me a minute with him," Rose whispered to her husband. "I
can handle this."

	Scott glared at Richards but left the room.

	"I want you to know that I don't consider you a prostitute," Richards
told her. "I don't normally buy women, but you are very beautiful and I've been
attracted to you for a long time. I see this as an opportunity to help your
family and satisfy my own fantasies about you as well."

	"What sort of fantasies?" she asked.

	"Come with me," Richards said. He led her through a door way into a
torture chamber. The room was filled with stocks and pillories, chains whipping
posts and cages.

	"Oh my God!" she whispered.

	"Have you ever been fucked while tied up?" he asked. She shook her head.
"Ever been spanked or whipped or tortured?"  Her head was shaking from side to
side. She was terrified, confused, intrigued.

	"That's what I want to do to you," he said. "The first time I saw you I
pictured you tied naked on my bed. That's my price. Talk to your husband, think
it over."

	Her pussy was tingling when he took her back to the office.

       "Can I have a moment to think?" she asked. He left her alone.

       Rose was very confused. She felt that she ought to be offended, yet the
large amount he offered was flattering. He could buy as many women as he wanted,
but he wanted her. And she was excited by the idea of being tied up by him.

       She wondered if her husband would refuse Mister Richard's offer. Would he
protect her honor? Would he throw the money in Richard's face and march out,
head held high? Partially because she wanted to accept, and partially to see if
Scott would refuse, she decided to suggest that he go along with the deal. She
called him into Richard's study.	

	Despite his flare up, Scott was too weak to object. He mumbled that she
wouldn't have to do it very long. As soon as he got on his feet he's pay back
the loan. She knew that he would never pay it off.  She was saddened, but not
surprised that Scott was willing to sell her go to another man.

       They told Mister Richards that they accepted his offer.

       Her shame disappeared  on her first night as Mister Richard's slave. She
experienced wonders of sex and bondage that she never knew existed.

	Mister Richards had ordered her to strip, then he tied  her spread wide
on his bed and fucked her like she had been fucked in her life. Richards was
strong, virile, and imaginative, and Rose experienced a wonderful orgasm.

	She expected to be sent home after Richards fucked her, but her evening
was just beginning. He put her through hours of different bondage positions and
spankings and whippings. For the first time in her life she experienced multiple
orgasms. By the time Richards finished with her she was exhausted and contented.

	At home Scott demanded to know what had happened. She tried to downplay
the evening's events to avoid embarrassing her husband, but he pressed her. She
put him off for several days but finally, one evening she blew up and told him
everything in detail.

	They were finishing dinner, Cathy was out and Rose told Scott how every
time Richards whipped her she had an orgasm, how that nipple clamps drove her
wild, that crawling naked on his floor with a leash at her neck was delicious
humiliation. As she talked she grew aroused. Her nipples hardened and stood
visible through her shirt, her pussy tingled. She left the table and ran to the
bedroom. She stripped off her clothing and masturbated. She was rolling on the
bed, legs wide apart, her fingers rubbing her pussy when she opened her eyes and
saw Scott watching her. Perversely that excited her even more. She looked her
husband in the eyes and masturbated until she came. Scott watched in silence.

	Rose expected to feel guilty for humiliating her husband but
surprisingly the memory of him watching was exciting. She began teasing him. She
wore sexy clothing, skin tight blouses, short skirts, and no underwear. She
delighted in seeing his pants bulge when he watched her.

	They still slept together and even made love, but Scott was a poor
substitute for the dynamic Mister Richards. She discovered she enjoyed teasing
her husband more than letting him touch her.

	Cathy noticed the change in her mother. At first she kept quiet but one
night she over heard her mother on the phone to Richards. He called to tell her
to be at his place the following evening and was telling her in detail what to
expect. Cathy picked up the phone the same time her mother did and heard every

       Talking to Richards made Rose very excited. When she got off the phone
she went to her bedroom and masturbated. She was lying naked on the bed when she
heard the door open. Thinking it was Scott she didn't open her eyes. She spread
her legs wide and played with herself until she came. "Did you like watching?"
she purred, thinking Scott was watching. "I was fantasizing about being whipped
by Mister Richards."

       "Ok Mom, what's going on?" Cathy demanded.

       Rose opened her eyes and gasped in shock. Cathy was standing in the
doorway, not her husband. She grabbed the bedspread and covered herself.

       "Cathy get out of here," she squeaked. 

       "Not until you tell me what you are up to," her daughter said. "Who is
Mister Richards?"

       Rose broke down and told her daughter everything.  She watched Cathy's
face expecting to see disgust, but Cathy surprised her. She hugged her mother.

       "I knew something was going on between you and Dad," Cathy said. "But I
didn't think you were having an affair."

       "Its not really an affair," Rose said. "I guess I'm a whore now. I've
sold myself to a man."

       "It sounds like Dad sold you."

       "Well, , , we both agreed to do it."

       "I think you like it," Cathy said.

       "Why?" Rose asked.

       "You've been happy all of a sudden, but Dad isn't," Cathy said. "And I'm
not blind Mom, I've been watching you tease him with those sexy new clothes.
Does this Mister Richards order you to do that?"

       "No, that just came about on its own," Rose confessed. "I let your father
watch me masturbate one night and it really turned me on."

       "I can't say I blame you," Cathy said. "You thought it was Dad when I
opened the door?"

       Rose blushed. "I thought he was watching me."

       "Well, you were very sexy. You ought to work in one of those peep show

       "What do you know about those places?" Rose demanded, astonished.

       "I've heard about them," Cathy said. "I over heard some men talking about
them at work. The hot girls make really big tips. I bet you'd make a fortune."

       "Cathy!" Rose was scandalized but laughing. 

       Cathy flopped on the bed and put her chin in her palm. "Tell me more
about this Mister Richards. Does he really whip you?"

       "Yes he does."

       "And you like it?"


       "Wow! I want to hear all about it. Tell me everything."

       Rose decided that the door to her secret was open. There was little point
in hiding anything from her daughter. She told Cathy everything. Cathy was

       Cathy started helping her mother prepare for her visits to Richards'
house.  She did her mother's hair and makeup and helped her dress, then sat up
waiting for Rose to come home and tell her all about the evening.

        Scott cringed inside when he found out that his daughter knew and
approved of her mother's slavery.



       Rose had an orgasm the first time she was whipped. Mister Richards
increased her torture over the weeks. She was whipped harder and harder with
larger, more painful whips. She endured bravely and grew to delight in the
severest floggings. Sometimes she came home with welts on her body. She showed
them proudly to her husband and daughter. Sometimes the welts didn't fade for

       One morning Scott saw his wife sitting naked on their bed. Cathy was
rubbing lotion  into the  whip marks on Rose's back. They were talking quietly.

       "How did you get these?" Cathy asked.

       "Mister Richards hung me by my wrists and whipped the daylights out of
me," Rose replied. "How do you think I got them?"

       "I meant what kind of whip did he use," Cathy said.

       "Oh, it was a cat of nine tails," her mother told her. "Its made of red

       "That's why I asked," Cathy said. "Because the marks on your legs are

       "Uh huh. Those came from a horsewhip. One strand of leather. Its very
long and burns like hell."

       "And you hate it, right?"

       "Oh, absolutely," Rose laughed.

       "Does he have a lot of whips?"

       "Dozens," her mother told her. "Some are scary, really scary. So far he
hasn't used them on me, but I'm sure he will someday."

       "What do you mean, scary?"

       "He has huge bullwhips that look like they would tear my skin off," she
said. "And a wicked little one that drives me wild."

       "How?" Cathy asked

       "Its made of thin rubber strands that sting like hornets," Rose told her.
"But its where he whips me with it that is really evil."

       "Where's that?'

       "He whips my pussy," Rose said.

       "Oh my God!" Cathy squealed. "Your pussy? Doesn't that hurt terribly?"

       "It sure does," her mother said. "Its so terrible that I'm ready to come
as soon as I see him pick it up." They shrieked with laughter.

       Scott listened outside the door for a while, then shuffled quietly away.



       Rose told her husband that Mister Richards might have a job for him. She
told him to call the office and Richards' secretary would schedule an interview.

       Scott wasn't sure that he wanted to work for the man who was fucking his
wife, but he was curious about the job, so he made the call.

       Richards offered Scott a job as a courier.

       "You will deliver messages in a van, drive guests to and from the airport
in my limo and make yourself available for other duties as I see fit," Richards
told him. The pay he offered was very generous.

       Scott had intended to speak his mind about Richards and his wife, but at
the mention of the salary he gulped and accepted the job.

       Scott was issued a chauffeur's uniform and told to wear it at all times.
His duties were undemanding, and he spent much of his time in the employee's
lounge waiting for something to do. After he had drawn several paychecks he was
called to Mister Richards' office.

       "I'm satisfied with your work so far," Richards said. "So I'm going to
add an important duty. I have a female sex slave who comes to my house on
occasion. She has been driving herself, but because she is often very tired at
the end of the night I'm afraid she might fall asleep behind the wheel on her
way home. I want you to start driving her to and from my house."

       Scott went white. "I believe you are speaking of Rose Rhodes, my wife."

       Richards looked at him in mild surprise. "That's right, you are her
husband, aren't you?  I had forgotten."

       Scott glared at him.

       "Well, that will be very convenient," Richards said. "You may take the
limo home on those evenings, drive her to my house, then take her home when
we're finished."

       Scott stared at Richards for a moment, then lowered his eyes. "Yes sir."


       A few days later a large box was delivered to Scott's house. Cathy opened
it and removed dozens of restraint devices. There were leather cuffs and collars
in varying styles and thicknesses, there were handcuffs, manacles and chains,
ankle hobbles and blindfolds, bondage hoods, ball gags and penis gags and pony
girl bit gags. Cathy was enthralled by then and was sitting on the floor
surrounded by them when her father came home.

       "What's all this?" he asked.

       "Mom's master sent them," Cathy said. "She told me to expect them. From
now on he wants her to wear them to his house."

       "Her master?" Scott said incredulously.

       "Sure. That's what she calls him now. That's how it works. She's the
slave and he's the master."

       "Doesn't this bother you?" Scott asked his daughter.

       "Heavens no, Daddy. I think its sexy."


       The next time Rose went to Richards' house Scott was waiting to drive
her. The gray limousine sat in the driveway. He sipped a cup of coffee listening
to Rose and Cathy laughing upstairs.

       He stared when she came down. She wore only her underwear, stockings and

       "You ought to get dressed," Scott told her. "Its time to go."

       "This is as dressed as I get," his wife said. "From now one my master
wants me to arrive looking like a slave, I think that means wearing as little as

       "Did he specify this?" Scott demanded, pointing at her body.

       "I think Mom should go naked," Cathy said.

       "Actually I think he wants me naked," she answered. "But he didn't make
it clear so I'll wear panties and a bra tonight. I'm sure he'll let me know if
it's too much."

       "Yeah, maybe he'll punish you," Cathy laughed.

       Her mother smiled and shrugged. "Master likes to tear my underwear off,
so I'll probably come home naked anyway."

       She turned to her husband. "One other thing, looking like a slave means
wearing restraint devices, so I need you two to buckle these thing on me." She
indicated the cuffs and collars.

       "Which ones?" he asked.

       "Mom and I picked these out this morning," Cathy said, handing him a
matching set.

       Scott fumed silently as he and his daughter buckled the cuffs to his
wife's wrists and ankles and neck. She insisted that he lock her wrists behind
her back. When she was satisfied that everything was correct he draped a coat
over her shoulders and opened the front door. Rose followed him toward the limo.
Just outside the door she winked at her daughter and shrugged her shoulders
dropping the coat to the ground. Cathy stifled her laughter as her mother walked
serenely across the lawn in her underwear. Scott didn't notice until they
reached the car. He gasped when he saw her and quickly shoved her in the back

       Cathy went inside and spread all the remaining restraint devices out on
the living room floor. She stripped naked and spent hours trying them on.

       When Scott brought his wife home at midnight they walked in the door and
found Cathy lying face down on the carpet in a hog-tie. Her wrists were locked
behind her back, her ankles were drawn up and locked to her wrists. She wore a
leather blindfold and a large ball gag.

       Rose was naked and her wrists were still locked behind her. As she had
expected, her master had torn her underwear off and punished her. Her body was
covered in pink whip marks. Her hair was a mess, her makeup destroyed and she
was exhausted, but she laughed when she saw her daughter.

       Scott stared aghast.

       "You'd better release her," Rose told him.

       He unlocked Cathy's wrists and ankles. She removed her blindfold and
looked up guiltily at her parents as she unbuckled her gag, then blushing she
tried to cover her pussy and breasts as she fled to her room.


       Scott was furious over Cathy's self bondage. He blamed Rose and they had
a heated discussion. Rose agreed that it wasn't right for Cathy to let herself
be seen like that, but secretly she knew that her daughter was fascinated by

       Rose found Cathy nude and bound the next afternoon. Cathy had hurried
through her homework then strapped herself spread eagled to the corners of her
parents' bed. Rose released her and had a long talk about the risks she took.
Cathy listened and nodded politely and let her mother find her bound again the
very next day.

       Rose tried to teach her a lesson. She buckled the largest penis gag they
had into Cathy's mouth, then fitted a bondage hood over her head and laced it
tight. She rolled her daughter into the strictest hog-tie she could manage. She
added leather straps to Cathy's legs, arms and torso and tightened them until
Cathy squealed in protest. Then Rose turned out the lights in her daughter's
bedroom and closed the door. She told Scott that Cathy wasn't feeling well and
didn't want any dinner.

       She left Cathy bound until bed time. At ten o'clock she released her.
Cathy's eyes were puffy and red. She groaned as she straightened her arms and
legs. The bindings had made red lines deep in her skin. She stood and hugged her
mother. "Thanks, Mom," she whispered. "That was wonderful."

        She tottered shakily into the bathroom. She emerged wearing her night
gown. Rose went to the kitchen and returned with cookies and milk.

       "Have you ever had an orgasm just being tied up for a long time?" Cathy
asked her mother.

       I've never been tied up in one position for very long," Rose replied.
"The master changes my positions a lot, and he never ties my legs together.
They're always apart."

       "Too bad, its really cool just being tied up for hours," Cathy said.

       "Yes, I can see how it would be," Rose mused.



       Rose gave up trying to control her daughter's self bondage. She merely
asked Cathy to promise not to let her father see her bound and naked. Cathy
compromised and agreed not to let him see her naked. Scott sullenly got used to
coming home and finding his daughter in some form of self induced bondage. And
she kept her promise, she was never naked when he found her. However when he
wasn't expected home she undressed fully.  Her mother grew mildly annoyed when
she kept finding Cathy in her favorite position, spread eagled on her parents'

       "I don't know why you don't do this in your own room," Rose grumbled one
afternoon as she undid her daughter's bonds.

       "My bed is too small," Cathy explained. "I can't spread out enough. Maybe
if you bought me a king sized bed, , ,"

       "I'm sure your father would love that."

       "How big is your master's bed?"

       "Large, very large."


       Mister Richards arranged a nice pay raise for Rose, and gave her
permission to take off from her job as often as she saw fit. As her evenings at
his house grew longer and more demanding she was often too tired to work the
next day. Everyone in the office knew that something was going on between them
but Rose didn't care, in fact she laughed to herself that the gossips had no
idea what she and Richards did together.

       One morning she awoke late. Scott was at work and Cathy had the day off
from school. Rose peeked into Cathy's room and wasn't surprised to find her
daughter naked and bound, gagged and blindfolded on her bed. Rose shook her head
and went downstairs. Later that morning Rose released Cathy from her bonds.
Cathy looked at the clock.

       "Why did you release me?" she asked her mother. "Its only noon."

       "Its my turn," Rose said. "I want to see what its like to be tied for a
long time."

       Cathy was instantly enthusiastic. "Ok Mom!"

       They went to her room and Rose undressed. Cathy ran down and returned
with an armful of restraints. "How do you want to be tied?" she asked her
mother. "Spread eagled?"

       "No, I get that at the master's house. I want to try a hog-tie."


       Rose lay on her bed and allowed Cathy to hog tie her. Cathy used extra
straps and buckled them tight.

       "The first time I did this to you I was trying to teach you a lesson,"
Rose told her daughter. "I wanted you to be so uncomfortable that you wouldn't
do it again."

       "It didn't work," Cathy said. "It had just the opposite effect."

       "I know," Rose said. "I just mentioned it in case you wanted revenge."

       "What do you mean?'

       "If you want to get even you could buckle everything very, very tight."

       "No problem Mom."

       Cathy buckled straps around her mother's arms from wrist to shoulders,
then bent her legs up and locked her ankles to her wrists. She added a heavy
collar and hood. She attached a chain from the hood  ring to Rose's ankles.
Rose's head was forced up.

       "Can you breathe ok?" Cathy asked her mother.

       "Yes, but do me a favor. Tighten each buckle one more notch."

       When Cathy finished, Rose could barely wiggle her fingers and toes. Cathy
locked a gag in her mouth and blindfolded her. Rose reveled in her helplessness
and understood what Cathy had meant about almost coming just from being bound.
Her pussy was already on fire.

       Cathy left her mother and fixed herself lunch. She walked around the
house all afternoon wearing only restraints. She talked on the phone with her
friends, watched television and checked on her mother from time to time.

       She put her fingers in her mother's hand. "Squeeze my fingers once if you
want to be released," she told her. "Twice if you want to stay like this." She
always got two very firm squeezes.

       When it was time for her father to come home Cathy reluctantly ran up to
her room and slipped on a tee shirt and a pair of shorts.  Daddy is such a prude
and didn't like her to walk around naked when he was home.

       She removed her mother's gag. "Dad will be home soon, " she said. "Do you
want to get up now?"

       "No," Rose said. "Put my gag back in and leave me here until bedtime.
Tell your father I said so."

       "Gee Mom, you've been here for six hours," Cathy said. "Don't you want a

       "No. I'm fine."

       Scott listened impassively as Cathy told him her mother's instructions.
He went upstairs to change. He looked at his wife on the bed but said nothing.

       Cathy made dinner and they ate in front of the television. At eleven
o'clock he went to the bedroom and released Rose. She had trouble standing, her
arms and legs cramped painfully, but she had a look of near ecstasy on her face.

       "Cathy you run along to bed," Rose said. She closed the door and sat on
the bed against the headboard. "Sit on that chair," she told her husband. "And
take your dick out of your pants. I want you to jack off while I play with my

       Out side the door Cathy grinned and tiptoed away to bed. She played with
her pussy too.


       Several months into her slavery Rose came down with the flu. She was due
to me at her master's house that evening but she was just too sick to go. Cathy
offered to go in her place.

       Rose was dismayed and refused to let her go. Playing with bondage at home
was one thing, allowing her daughter to go to the master was something quite
different. Cathy was adamant.

       "This family has a responsibility to the master," she said. "If you don't
show up he might be so angry that he cancels our deal."

       "Its not your deal," Rose said. "Its your father's and mine. We sold me
into slavery, not you."

       "I know, but I might want to follow in your footsteps someday," Cathy
said. "I might as well get a little experience now."

       "This is not a joke," Rose said. "You are not going and that's final!"

       "Ok Mom," Cathy said. Rose was too sick to notice that her daughter gave
in too easily.

       Cathy made her father dinner, took her mother a bowl of soup and gave her
enough flu medicine to knock out a bull. Rose was soon sound asleep.

       Cathy told her father that she was going to a movie and left the house.
She drove to the master's house.  She stopped a block away and buckled wrist and
ankle cuffs on, then slipped out of her slacks and blouse. Beneath she wore very
sexy underwear. She considered arriving nude, but decided against it on her
first night.

       A large bodyguard stood at the door as she stepped out of her car. She
was very nervous. She took a deep breath and walked up to him.

       "Good evening, sir. I'm Rose's daughter. She's sick so I'm filling in for

       The guard looked her over. "Does the boss know about this?"

        "No sir."

       "I'm not sure if he's going to like it."

       Cathy was frightened. What if they sent her away? "Would you take me to
him please?"

       The guard opened the door and motioned her through. She paused inside and
turned her back to him. "Would you lock my wrist cuffs for me?"

       She felt a deep thrill when his large rough hands grasped her wrists and
snapped the lock..

       					Ch 3


       Rose took one look at her daughter the next morning and knew she'd been
to the master's house. Cathy was tired but happy and proud.

       "I didn't want you to have to do that," Rose said to her sadly. "You're
too young."

       "I'm old enough, Mom, "Cathy said. "And its not like I was a virgin."

       Rose knew already that her daughter had given up her virginity a year
before. Cathy had confided in her, but she was still sad to think of her little
girl in slavery.

       "Did the master hurt you?" Rose asked.

       "He sure did," Cathy grinned. "But I survived."

       "Are you really all right?" Rose asked.

       "Yes I am Mom. I was scared at first, but once the master accepted me,
and things got going, I had a great time."

       "What happened?"

       "The man at the door took me to the master. I was wearing panties and a
bra and cuffs. I told him you were sick and I was filling in. He wasn't too
pleased at first and asked me how old I was. He must have asked me ten times."

       "What did you tell him?"

       "I lied and told him I was eighteen."

       "Oh, Cathy."

       "Its only a white lie, Mom. I'll be eighteen next month."

       "I know," Rose sighed. 

       "Anyway," Cathy continued. "I told him that I knew what my duties were
and I was ready to do them. "I don't think he believed me so he put me to a

       "What did he do?"

       "He had his body guard tie me kneeling to a short post and he told me to
suck the guard's cock."

       "Oh dear," Rose said sadly.

       "It was ok," Cathy said. "I didn't mind, in fact I liked it. So did the

       "What do you mean?"

       "He spurted in my mouth pretty quick."

       "Then what?"

       "Master called in another guard and I sucked him too."

       "There are always two guards on duty," Rose said.

       "Those guards are really big men," Cathy said. "I mean, REALLY big."

       "I know, I know," her mother said. "I've sucked their cocks a few times

       "After that I got to suck the master's cock," Cathy said proudly. "He
seemed to like it."

       "Good girl," her mother said sarcastically.

       "Then he stripped me naked and spent the rest of the night spanking and
whipping me."

       "Anything else?"

       "Did he fuck me? He sure did," Cathy said. "A bunch of times. I loved it.
I want to go back. Before I left the guard let me take a shower and clean up
before I left. He was really very nice."

       "That's odd," Rose mused. "I never get to clean up. Master always sends
me home messy."

       "Well, I told him that Daddy didn't know I was there and I couldn't go
home covered in cum, so he let me use a spare bath room to shower."

       "That was nice of him. Which one was it?"

       "Gino. And he watched me in the shower," Cathy giggled. "He got turned on
and masturbated while he watched. So I did too. Now I know why you like to tease


       Rose called the master and apologized for missing her duties. He was
gracious and told her that Cathy had filled in nicely. Rose felt a pang of
jealousy. What if her preferred her daughter to her? She felt better when the
master told her that he would require her as soon as she was over the flu.

       To her disappointment Cathy was not called back to the master's for quite
some time. Her mother continued her weekly visits, and both continued to
practice self bondage at home, but the master didn't seem too interested in
Cathy. Scott knew nothing of his daughter's evening of slavery.

       Several weeks passed until the master told Rose that he was planning a
party and would need her to entertain his guests. He asked if Cathy would like
to come too. He warned Rose that the evening might be very demanding on them

       Rose agonized over asking her daughter, finally though she did. Cathy
squealed in excitement when she heard.

       When the evening arrived Rose came downstairs ahead of her daughter. She
told her husband that Cathy would be going with her. Surprisingly he didn't
protest. Cathy came hesitantly down the stairs. She wore only panties and high

       "Don't be angry at me Daddy," she said. "I really want to go with Mom."

       "You want to give yourself to this man like your mother does?" Scott

       "I want to be a slave like Mom," she said defiantly.

       "Your mother has been sold into slavery," her father said. "She arranged
it and I went along. Nothing like that has happened to you."

       "Maybe you ought to auction me off," she said impishly. "I bet I'd get a
good price."

       "Knock it off you two," Rose said. "Buckle us up and lets get going."


       The master's party was a night neither woman would ever forget. They were
led in bound and naked and the guests simply swarmed over them. They  were
spanked and whipped and fucked for hours by a dozen men. They spent the last
hour tied over whipping horses being fucked at one end and sucking cocks at the
other. There was simply no way to count the number of times cocks spurted into
their bodies or onto their faces. They were covered with sweat and cum when they
staggered into the limo for the ride home. They were so messy that Scott sprayed
them with the garden hose on the front lawn before allowing them into the house.

       The master called for Rose when he wanted a slave for himself. He only
asked for Cathy when he was entertaining guests or chose to indulge his body
guards. Rose was proud to be his favorite slave.

       Cathy took to slavery like a duck to water. She loved the sex, the
bondage and torture. She fumed at being called only on rare occasions until she
suggested to the master that she could accompany her mother and be used by the
bodyguards. He generously agreed.

        Master allowed his male household staff to use Cathy. Each of the
bodyguards, the butler and the house boy was given a night with her once a
month. Sometimes the master himself would take her for an evening's torture and
give her mother to the others, but it was clear that his preference was for

       Cathy was happy to be used by different men. Each had a different
preference and style of torture.  The houseboy was young and gentle, and
preferred simply to fuck her. It was all she could do to get him to tie her to
his bed. He was sweet but boring. The guards were ok, they were all big men and
had learned how to dominate a woman from watching the master, but the English
butler was terrific.

        He was middle aged, stern, unsmiling and unmerciful. He paid no
attention to any part of her body except her bottom. He spanked and caned and
whipped it until she shrieked in genuine pain. She sobbed and begged for mercy
and pleaded for him to fuck her. After several hours he would carefully remove
his clothes, hang them neatly, then fuck her from behind. One evening she asked
him to fuck her in her ass. He told her that no gentleman would consider such a
thing and caned her bottom for asking. He caned her so hard she thought she
would faint. When he changed angle so the cane struck the cleft of her buttocks,
her rectum and pussy, she came so hard and screamed so loud that she rattled
every window in the house. 

       She could not sit down for several days afterwards


       The only member of the master's staff left out was Scott. He sat in the
limo while his wife and daughter were in the master's house.



       Now that he had a second slave the master held more parties. Rose and
Cathy looked forward to them, but were always a little nervous. They never knew
what would happen.

       One evening Scott was driving them home after a particularly wild orgy.
They both were unusually subdued. They didn't speak and avoided looking at each
other. At home Cathy went to her room and closed the door. Rose took a long
shower then went into her daughter's room. Cathy turned her face away.

       "Look, what happened is over with," Rose said. "There's nothing we can do
about it so we might as well try to forget it and go on."

       "I know Mom," Cathy replied. "I'll be ok, I just need some time."

       Scott was standing in the hall. "What's wrong?" he asked his wife.

       "Believe me, you don't want to know," she said, closing Cathy's door.

       "Dammit, tell me!"

       "Scott, please. Don't ask."

       He glared at her. "What happened?"

       She sighed. "The master's guests were very rowdy this evening. After
doing all the usual things to us, they got really creative."

       "Go on."

       She looked at him pleadingly.

       "Go on, I said!"

       "They tied us together and made us eat each other's pussy," she told him.


       She sighed again and spoke slowly and deliberately. "They tied me to the
bed with my legs apart and put Cathy on top of me. A pillow was shoved under my
head which forced my mouth into Cathy's crotch. They pushed her face into mine.
They tied us very tightly and put a rope across the back of Cathy's neck which
prevented her from raising her head. Then they ordered us to lick each other's
pussy until we came."

       "Couldn't you fake an orgasm to get it over with?" he asked.

       "We didn't get the chance," she replied quietly.

       "What do you mean?"

       "We came for real."

       "Both of you?"

       "Both of us."


        The next morning at breakfast Cathy turned to her mother.

       "I didn't sleep much last night. I thought about what happened all night
long," she said.

       "So did I," her mother said quietly.

       "Mom, we're slaves and slaves don't have a choice. Slaves have to do
everything they're told."

       "I know, Dear."

       "We may have to do that again."

       "I know."


       The rumors about Rose and Mister Richards increased. Rose didn't care and
began taking more and more time off. To please her master, to be more attractive
to him she joined a health club and hired a personal trainer. She worked out
daily, ate healthier food and the results were striking. She walked with pride
and grace and with a sparkle in her eyes. She bought expensive and often
revealing clothes and visited a beauty parlor weekly. Men turned to stare as she
passed. The master was pleased, and being fit and healthy had another advantage;
her body healed quicker from her whippings.

       She became so accustomed to bearing whip marks that she went to her
doctor for her annual checkup and forgot that the marks from her most recent
torture were still on her body. She undressed in the examining room and slipped
on a tiny hospital gown. The nurse came in chatted with her as they waited for
the doctor.

       The doctor gasped when he saw the whip marks. "What happened to you?"

       "Its nothing," she said calmly.

       "It looks like you've been beaten," the doctor said. "I've seen victims
of domestic violence before. You must report this to the police."

       Rose laughed heartily at the thought of her husband beating her. She
explained to the doctor how she got the marks. She told him about the master and
although she didn't give his name, she told the doctor that he was definitely
not her husband, and that she went to him voluntarily.

       "I'm a masochist," she told the doctor. "Not some poor abused housewife
in denial."

       Stunned, the doctor began to lecture her on the dangers of her life
style, he tried to warn her that whoever her master was, he must be a sick,
depraved sadist who might seriously injure or even kill her. He suggested that
the master needed help himself.

       "Everything you say may be true," she told him. "But I've never been
happier in my life. I trust my master and plan to be his slave as long as he
wants me."

       "What about your husband and your daughter?" the doctor asked. "You can't
keep this a secret forever. They are sure to find out someday."

       She decided not to tell him that her husband and her daughter knew all
about her lifestyle.

       "That is no concern of yours," she said. "I'm here for a checkup. Let's
get on with it."

       When the finished his examination Rose reminded him and the nurse that
what she told them was confidential and forbade them to inform the police.

       "I'm sure that I'm not the first patient who has told you about having an
affair," she said as she dressed. "So you can consider my relationship with my
master in the same way. Its my business, no one else's."

       The doctor shrugged as if to say: "Its your funeral."

       Rose smiled and left.

       As she was crossing the parking lot the nurse came running after her.

       "Mrs. Rhodes, I just had to ask you something," she said.

       "What is it?"

       "Is it true what you said in there?"

       "Every word."

       "I'm sorry. It just sounds so unbelievable. I , , ," the nurse faltered

       "I understand," Rose said. "I wouldn't have believed it myself a year
ago. But every word is true. I'm a sex slave to a man who ties me, tortures me
and screws me until I think I'm in heaven. And I don't care who knows it."

       "How can you be so calm and open about it?"

       "Probably for two reasons," Rose said. "On one hand I'm a shameless slut,
on the other, being a slave is a liberating experience. Contradictory, don't you

       "I don't think you're a slut at all. I admire your honesty and your
confidence.  I just , , , I don't know what , , ," the nurse looked at Rose

       "You want someone to torture you, don't you?" Rose asked gently.

       The nurse blushed and nodded.

       "Do you have a husband, or a boyfriend?"

       "A boyfriend, but I can't tell him I want to be tortured. He would think
I'm terrible."

       "You might be surprised," Rose said. "Go home tonight and tell him to tie
you to the bed. "I bet he'll jump at the chance."


       Rose became too proud and complacent to suit the master so he decided to
put her in her place. He gave her to the butler with instructions that she be
caned into humility. The master took Cathy that evening and tortured and fucked
her for an hour, then tied her to a kneeling post while he watched the butler
attend to Rose.

       Rose was hung by her ankles upside down with her legs apart. The butler
caned her legs and thighs and pussy until she screamed for mercy. He placed a
gag in her mouth and continued. The guards were present and the master gave them
permission to use Cathy. They took turns placing their cocks in her mouth. Cathy
sucked them like a good little slave and between them watched her mother's
torture. Cathy's pussy throbbed and tingled as she listened to her mother's
screams. She wished the master would punish her the same way but knew not to

       Master told the guards to help in Rose's punishment. One caned her pussy
while the other did her breasts. The butler, true to his personal preference
gave his attention to her ass.  Rose twisted and jerked and shrieked through her
gag until finally she fainted.

       Scott was dozing in the limo when the guards brought out his wife. She
was only semi conscious and had to be carried to the car. When the guard put her
on the seat she screamed and threw herself to the floor face down. The guard
shrugged and went inside. He returned leading Cathy on a leash.

       Cathy helped her mother lie face down on the seat and cuddled her on the
way home. Rose sobbed all the way. Cathy and Scott supported her into the house.
They put her in bed on her stomach and Cathy sat up most of the night applying
antiseptic cream to her mother's welts. Rose mumbled and cried fitfully through
the night. In the morning her welts had blistered. She refused to permit Scott
to take her to the hospital.

       Scott and Cathy attended her injuries. They rubbed lotion gently into the
welts and kept cool damp towels on her skin.

       "I think its time to cancel our deal with your damned master," Scott told
her. "I don't care if we do owe him money, he's gone too far. You've suffered
enough humiliation and pain."

       "Don't be silly," Rose said, her eyes closed. "I haven't suffered at

       "You mean you enjoyed that?"

       "Um hmm."

       "Dammit, you can barely stand up!" he said. "Your body is covered with
cuts and bruises, even between your legs."

       "Especially between my legs," she said contentedly.

       Scott shook his head in bewilderment and left the room.

       "Poor Daddy will never understand," Cathy said.

       "I'm afraid you're right," her mother agreed.

       "Maybe we ought to find a real severe dominatrix to whip him," Cathy
suggested. "Maybe then  he would understand us."

       "Possibly," Rose murmured.

       "I bet Daddy would look cute, hung up naked and whipped by a lady."

       "You shouldn't think about your father naked," Rose said.

       "I know Mom. Sorry," But Cathy couldn't restrain a giggle. "Besides, if
Daddy became a slave, who would drive the limo?"

       Rose smiled. "Do me a favor Dear. Strap me to the bed face down. If I've
got to lie here I might as well enjoy it."

       Scott entered the bedroom several hours later. His wife was sound asleep.
Her arms and legs were spread wide strapped to the bed posts. He looked into his
daughter's room. Cathy was lying on her bed talking on the phone her ankles were
locked together with cuffs, as were her wrists. She placed her hand over the

       "What is it Daddy?'

        "Why is your mother tied down like that?" he demanded.

       "She asked me to tie her," Cathy said. "So she wouldn't roll over in her
sleep and reopen her welts."

       Scott snorted in disbelief and walked away. Cathy resumed her phone



       Rose was lying face down on her bed. She was naked and in a very strict
hog-tie. Cathy had strapped her tightly, then left her to doze in fantasy. She
was enjoying the new sensation of a tight pussy strap.  She had gone shopping in
a sex shop and found thin leather straps and chains that were buckled through
the lips of her pussy and attached front and back to a belt or corset. She
bought several.

       She was quite content in her straps, gag and blindfold, when her daughter
ran up the stairs.

       "Mom, you have to get up! Grandmother Rhodes is here! She's pulling in
front of the house."  Cathy frantically unbuckled her mother's arm and wrists
straps. She managed to release much of her mother's bonds before the doorbell
rang. Rose undid her gag and blindfold.

       "Go down and stall her. I'll be down as soon as I can."

       The doorbell rang a second time as Cathy flew down the stairs. She paused
and composed herself before opening the door.

       "Grandmother!" she said happily opening her arms.

       "Hello my Dear. I was shopping and thought I'd drop by."

       "That's great. Come in and I'll make some tea. Mom will be down in a


       Rose removed most of her bonds and slipped into a dress. She didn't take
the time to remove the pussy strap, or to put on underwear. She came downstairs
and kissed her mother in law's cheek.

       "What's wrong with your face?"  her mother in law asked. "What are those

       The straps on Rose's gag had left deep impressions on her cheeks.

       "Oh, they are from braces I have to wear," Rose laughed. "My dentist said
that my teeth are still not correctly aligned and gave me this awful thing to

       "Lord," said Grandmother Rhodes. "After all that money your parents spent
on braces when you were a child."

       She patted Cathy's hand. "Just pray you never have to wear something like
that, my dear."

       "Oh I'd hate that Grandmother," Cathy said.

       Rose tugged the sleeves of her dress down to hide the marks on her
wrists. She had no idea how she would explain them. She also had difficulty
sitting still. The strap in her pussy was driving her wild. She put on a smile
and tried not to squirm while her mother in law chatted for hours.

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