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Raping Trisha

Chapter 2 The Humiliation of Trisha

Chapter 2

The Humiliation of Trisha

She came to slowly, her abused asshole still sending piercing shocks of pain
through her body. Alexis had just finished re-tying her standing up, her arms
bound together starting at the elbows and pulled up the hook in the ceiling ,
her ankles also together with rough hewn hemp rope when Justin returned with not
only a bag full of new toys but with a new friend to help in the poor girl's
ongoing torture as well!

Sharon Marguez was a young Spanish Domme he had met through Alexis,. Whereas
Alexis was cruel, Sharon was just plain sadistic, enough so that even Justin had
some fears about bringing her in , but she had assured him she would stay in
control. Besides that, she brought a valuable resource to the little party he
was giving Trish.

Sharon worked after school at a local camera shop and had her own photo
equipment as well, aside from that Sharon loved to humiliate and degrade people,
although she had never had a chance quite like this.

The sexy teens asshole was fairly swollen by now and would have to be left out
of commission for awhile and her pert little tits had gotten fairly chewed up
earlier, , but her round ass cheeks were still almost untouched and her small
twat barely breached at all.

Trisha twisted her head around when Justin and Sharon entered the basement and
gave a defeated moan, feeling renewed shame at being seen in this degrading
position. She had ran into Sharon several times at school and like many people
she knew, had a natural fear of the evil looking girl.

Justin went to talk to Alexis while Sharon's attention remained focused on the
captive teen securely tied up inn front of her. This was a dream come true,, I
cant believe he really got the little bitch, god look at those tits, they look
like they took a meat grinder to her! Sharon thought.

She circled the terrified teen-ager , grabbing a handful of reddish hair roughly
in her hand and lifting Trisha's head up sharply while cupping the other hand
roughly under one of her small battered breasts and giving a vicious little
twist, drinking in the look of fear in the cute 16 year olds eyes as new pain
lanced through her. While Trisha found Alexis Frightening, the way Sharon looked
at her was completely terrifying and she wondered if she was going to escape
this abuse with her life.

Sharon Moved behind the girl, appraising her jutting ass with her hands and her
eyes while whispering into Trisha's ear. "What a pretty little ass fucked whore
we have here, you like getting you ass fucked you little slut? I hear you loved

Trisha sprang into fresh tears at the humiliating words. " No I hated it, your
sick, your all sick! Let me go!".

Sharon just smiled and pinched her ass and fondled her painfully swollen little

Justin removed a pack of high speed film from the bag he was carrying and loaded
it into Sharon's camera.

Sharon pinched the girls sexy ass one last time and went over to grab her camera
while Justin took a position to the side of the sobbing teen with the whip.

Trisha started to panic as she saw the whip " Please no, not again, I cant take
any more, you've done enough, please let me go, I wont tell anyone!".

He waited for a few moments while Sharon took a few shots of the teen-agers
welted chest and pleading tear stained face " O we aren't done with you by a
long shot, little one, your gonna be with us a long time, won't that be nice?".

Justin raised the whip up, staring at the perfect unmarked ass for a few seconds
and listening to her pleading, then with one fluid motion brought the studded
whip he had used earlier on her tits lashing down across the tops of the girls
beautiful cheeks.

Trisha screamed and twisted as the lash seared across the tops of her ass.
Sharon snapped off several shots with the camera, mostly concentrating on the
beautiful look of agony on the young girls face as Justin brought the lash down
again across her sexy ass, he had used relatively light strokes with her tits
but felt no such need to spare her ass any pain.

"NoooooooooooAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhEiiiiiiiiStooooooooppp!!!" Trisha screamed
hoarsely as the blows rained down on her tortured flesh

Justin switched his next blow to the creamy underside where her ass met her
thigh, evoking a long thin ragged scream from the girl.

Sharon, who was in heaven watching this bitch getting the lash, was running
through film too fast, she had to concentrate on slowing down and picking her
shots, she n got several great ones of Alexis masturbating while watching the
vicious beating.

Trisha jerked obscenely as another lash kissed her pert ass, her whole body
seemed like it was on fire.

" O god, O god, O god, no more, please, no More

Justin stopped after about 20 lashes across the girls tortured ass, the twin
strands of the whip had done a good job of covering her most prominent feature
with distinct angry read welts.

Sharon snapped a few more pictures and then helped Justin and Alexis take down
the sobbing and broken girl and lay her down on the cold concrete floor, they
kept her hands bound together but removed the bindings from her legs.

"God, That was great" Sharon exclaimed breathlessly "did you see the way she
danced when the lash hit her?"

Alexis smiled as she straddled Trisha's face "I know, she has a great voice too,
OK you little slut, were gonna give you a little reward now, your gonna lick my
cunt while Justin fucks you like the whore we all know you wanna be".

Trisha felt like puking, the last thing she wanted to do was lick the stinking
pussy of the evil blonde who had tortured her, but she was too afraid to try and
resist, her whole body was in pain and she was sure any more would kill her, she
didn't even really care about Justin fucking her as long as he didn't put that
thing up her ass again! Losing her virginity couldn't be worse than that, could

She meekly put her tongue out and ran it Alexis's swollen cunt lips, fighting
back the urge to vomit. The blond grabbed her head and pulled her up into her

"Stick your tongue up there....that's right, eat that pussy you little piece of
shit!" she growled.

Trisha turned red from humiliation. Except for being forced to stick her tits
out to be whipped, everything that had happened to her was completely out of her
control, now here she was sucking the cunt of another woman like some kind of

Justin spread Trisha's legs painfully up and apart kneeling between them while
holding on to her calves.

Trisha let out a small pitiful whimper as she felt Justin's large cock begin to
force its way into her virgin cunt, she was amazed and embarrassed to feel that
she was wet, sometime during her brutal torture her body had began to respond. A
sharp bolt of pain shot through her and mixed with the agony her body was still
in as he pushed through her hymen.

She started to cry again, more in shame this time then pain as her mouth was
filled with cunt and her own little pussy was being violated by Justin's hated
cock. The last thing she had, her virginity was ripped from her.

Sharon circled like a vulture, getting shots of the oversized cock being forced
painfully into the girls small twat, the stripes on her small tits and her face
buried in Alexis's cunt, making sure not to get Justin or Alexis's face in the

Trisha squealed in pain and fear as Justin's large cock slammed into her cervix
causing her to twitch violently and scrape her wounded butt painfully on the
concrete. Justin continued his punishing rape of the young girl. Changing angles
to stretch and bruise her delicate cunt. He Picked up speed and force as Alexis
began to cum, soaking the crying girls face with her juices, she grabbed ahold
of Trisha's head and mopped her face back and forth on her sopping pussy, making
cure to wipe the girls nose and eyelids good.

Justin waited till Alexis finished cumming, then pulled his large cock out of
the teens ravaged cunt, fisting it his hand he straddled the girls torso

"Open your mouth slut, I'm gonna cum" He bellowed, jacking himself off

He shot his load all over Alexis's dark blond bush letting his jism flow down
into the teens trembling open mouth.

Trisha started to gag and spit some of the cum back up into the blondes cunt,
Alexis slapped her hard across the face. The terrified brunette knew right away
she had made a terrible mistake.

Alexis got up and Pulled a long Cat-O-nine style whip out of a cabinet.

"Your gonna learn to swallow what we give you bitch!" Alexis yelled

The blond grabbed two lengths of rope and roughly tied the squirming girls legs
out spread eagle. Slapping her thighs with an open hand several times, leaving
angry red palm prints.

Trisha looked at the fury in the tall girls eyes in utter panic as Alexis raised
the whip "you better learn your place fast cunt licker" Alexis said as looked
down at the frightened girl.

Alexis was over come with rage, spitting cum into her cunt, what was the little
slut trying to do? Get her pregnant?, she would pay for that. She spit into
Trishas face and brought the whip slashing right into the girls cunt!

Trisha went out of her mind, writhing around obscenely while the thin heavy
strands lashed down on her mound and cunt like fingers of white hot fire.

wallow........Bitch!" Alexis screamed madly punctuating each word with a vicious
stroke of the whip between the spread open legs of the poor girl.

Trisha was beyond hearing the blond however, this latest pain-filled assault on
her body was too much for her to bear, she lost all control of her mind
entirely, even when the whipping stopped the pain seemed to go on forever.
Guttural animal sounds escaped from the young girls lips as she continued to
writhe in mind numbing torture unaware of the world around her.

Sharon snapped pictures quickly, going through a whole roll during the whipping,
she couldn't believe how hot this was making her, she quickly got undressed
after putting the camera down and straddled the young girls screaming mouth. " O
yessssss" she rasped......"whip her pussy some more"!

Alexis smiled, adjusting her position so that she could deliver stinging
underhanded blows right into the tortured nether lips of the girl.

Trisha whole world was a haze of pain, still she jerked wildly every time the
whip slashed into her pussy, sending new sharp lances of pain directly to her
brain, drool and cunt juices ran from the sides of the anguished girl to form
small puddles on the ground. Lost in ecstasy, Sharon grabbed ahold of the girls
head, pulling her wailing mouth back and forth across her pussy, pumping her
cunt up and down on the little teens face.

Justin picked up the camera and attached the zoom lens, focused the camera in
and snapped a close up of the defiled girls face buried in Sharon's crotch, he
made sure he waited till there was enough space between them so that there would
be no doubt of the girl identify..

Sharon was hypnotized by the thrashing young body under her. She loved
everything about it, The screaming mouth filled with her rubbery pussy lips,
small pert welted tits, the way she convulsed around the floor when the whip cut
into her pussy, the click of the camera as it captured the whole thing,

Sharon grabbed hold of the young girls small abused juggs and as she began to

"Whip her faster" she urged the blond

Alexis brought the whip down faster, not caring about the damage she was doing
to the young girls delicate tissues. Trisha's thrashing increased in time to the

God, Sharon thought, this is incredible, I'm going to cum all over this bitches
pretty little stuck up face!

Sharon rocked back and forth as she came in great heaving waves.

She stood up on shaky legs and looked down at the abused girl, her face red tear
streaked face covered with pussy juices and cum, breasts lashed and bruised and
her cunt an angry red from the whip, she decided she was in love.

Her three tormentors untied the girl and left her alone for awhile, still lost
in pain, to discuss the next indignity they would next inflict on the girl. It
was pretty clear the girl had been through alot already and they would have to
give her some time to recover soon if she was gonna be any use the next few

Trisha slowly started to return to reality, her body was a mass of pain-filled
nerve endings. Every time she moved it sent new jolts of pain through her body.
Her legs were shaking uncontrollably. She was convinced her tender pussy must be
in ribbons.

Justin stood over the tortured girl watching her become aware. "We are gonna
give you a chance to escape getting too much more pain for today, but you better
do everything we tell you, understand?". he inquired.

Trisha nodded her head quickly, anything to escape more pain.

"Get up on your knees". Alexis commanded, she picked up a riding crop and
advanced towards the girl.

Trisha quickly got to her knees, whimpering at the painful movement. Justin
pushed his cock at the girls lips. "Open your mouth slut, your gonna learn how
to give head like a pro" he said.

Trisha was able to barely stretch her lips over Justin's fat cock, tasting her
own blood and pussy, fresh tears ran down her face at this latest humiliation.
Sharon snapped several pics of the huge cock being forced into the girls mouth.
Trisha began to choke as he began to push into her throat, Justin just smiled
and pushed deeper. "Breath through your nose slut" he ordered. She found tried
and found that a little easier, still although gag reflex was hard to suppress,
she couldn't throw up past the huge cock in her windpipe! Sharon clicked off
shots as Justin slipped his cock in and out of the squirming girls throat,
capturing the panicky looks of terror as her breath was cut off and her stomach

Justin kept raping the teens throat for nearly a half hour, pushing his cock all
the way down until she couldn't breath and began to panic and then pulling it
free again, sometimes he would pump it in quickly, using her throat like a pussy
or making her use her tongue on him, all the time Sharon and Alexis taunted the
girl, they whispered in her ear what a slut she was, how she liked getting her
ass and pussy fucked and called her a cunt licker, all the time prodding her
with the riding crop and taking pictures.

Sharon was almost out of film so she took her shots carefully, saving a few for
the nights finale. She was going to have alot of extra work to do tonight at the
camera shop.

Justin pushed his cock all the way into the girls throat as he poured his cum
down into her stomach, causing the poor girl to choke and sputter around the
thick shaft. Finally he pulled himself free from her throat when it looked like
she was gonna pass out.

Trisha collapsed onto the floor gasping for air and gagging. Alexis waited a few
moments then slashed the crop across Trisha's hip. " Get Up!" she barked. Trisha
quickly tried to get back up but slipped and fell back, earning her a stinging
lash across her ass. Finally the girl made it to her feet.

"Turn around and stick out that ass, bitch" Sharon commanded. Trisha slowly
turned around and thrust her welted ass back towards Sharon, "farther you slutty
little whore!". Trisha winced as she pushed back even further.

Sharon took the crop and slowly worked the handle into the little teens swollen
raw asshole, causing her to gasp and try to pull back, a quick slap on the face
reminded her to hold her position. Sharon worked the whole of the handle into
the girls ass then stepped back and took a picture. She slipped the crop out
quickly and was rewarded by a sharp scream.

They made Trisha lay down with her legs open and spread her battered pussy lips
for them, then they had her stick her tongue as far as she could up Sharon's
asshole and fuck it in and out, they even made her fuck herself with a banana
while Justin jerked off one last time on her face. They took pictures of it all.

They laid the girl on top of the old mattress and handcuffed her wrists
together, looping a length of chain through the links between the cuffs and
securing it around a pipe with a padlock.

Sharon collected her film and went off to work after toying with Trisha's body a
little more.

Justin and Alexis lay on either side of the girl, still horny from the days
events, they tweaked the teens nipples while French kissing above her, sometimes
making her spread her legs so they could deliver light slaps to her abused pussy
or work a finger into her asshole.

They fell asleep hours later with Trisha between them, it took substantially
more time for the girl to fall asleep.

Sharon stayed very late in the shop that night, well past closing she was still
running the three huge developing machines, producing over two thousand full
color pictures by the time the sky began to lighten with the coming dawn and the
exhausted girl shut down the machines and locked up the shop, it would almost be
time to meet Hermit

Hermit was a local vagrant, most people in town didn't even know he existed, he
lived under the old washed out bridge just west of Market Ave.

Justin had paid him over $500 for his part in the plan and bought him a one way
bus ticket to Los Angeles, he had also been shaved and cleaned up alot., anyone
that knew him from around town would never suspect who he was.

Hermit sold copies of the pictures to several groups of local teen-agers, some
high school football players, a group of local stoners, some young gang members,
even the chess club. He met Sharon several hours later to divide the money and
board his bus, he made sure to keep a set for himself. By the next day the
pictures of Trisha's rape and abuse were the talk of the town.

Review This Story || Author: Alebeard
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