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Pursuit of Misery

Chapter 3 Exercising for Pain

Chapter  3

Exercising for Pain

Michelle walked through her apartment towards her bathroom. She also most
tripped a few times in her heels on the uneven and cracked wooden floor boards.
There was a fine layer of dust of much or the floor and walls. The apartment was
kept bare. Michelle didn't allow herself any entertainment. Belongings had to be
absolute necessity or had to be something that would further her debasement or
misery. Someone just visiting the apartment might think michelle was just moving
in or out given the lack of furnishings. The living room had nothing but an old
couch and a tv/vcr combo. The bedroom had a small dresser and a mattress on the
floor. The bathroom had a cabinet that contained michelle makeup and hygiene
products. She stumbled her way to the bathroom to reapply her make up> she
wasn't planning on going anywhere, but she was a whore, and her face should
always painted like one. It didn't take long, cause she didn't actually wear
allot. What she did wear was ti make her look cheap and trashy. She looked into
her cabinet mirror with the large crack running through it and began putting on
her bright red lipstick. The lipstick had a horrible flavor to it which is the
other reason she wore it. She ran it across her tongue a few times before
bathing her lips in it. Next was eyeshadow. A bright tartish blue all around her
eyes. This brand was chosen because it irritated her eyes mor then the other
brands. She stuck the brush into each corner of her eye when done. Her eyes
Immediately began to sting and water. Teary eyed sh put on a fine layer of
mascara. She had been delighted when she found that this brand caused her face
to itch after a period of time. It was now her favorite mascara. Looking like a
whore who quickly applied make up between johns, she then went into her living
room to begin exercises on the hard wooden floor. She exercised at least once
every day, often times more. 100 squats, 100 situps, 100 crunches, 100 leg lifts
each leg, 50 push ups, an I full hour of stretching that included leg splits,
Chinese and American, back bends, and a few other painful stretches. She's
practice putting her wrists together up behind her back, and putting both her
legs behind her head, and various other painful poses she's seen in bondage
magazines and videos. Finally she was ready for her aerobic exercises. No fancy
gyms or parks for michelle. She wen into her bedroom and stripped off her blouse
and bra, then stripped off her skirt and panties. The large dildo that had been
buried in her cunt this whole time finally had to come out. But the equally
large butt plug could stay in. Finally she sat down and took off her heals. She
tried running in them before and just couldn't keep from falling, so now she
only ran barefoot. She attached mouse traps to each or her nipples, twat lips
and clit. Then 3 larger mouse traps wit one pounds weights were attached to
various places in her long golden blond hair. Each trap had a  one pound weight
hanging from it. She then walked barefoot across the rough wooden floor to the 
spot with the most cracks and began her 200 jumping jacks. It was an awkward and
painful procedure with the traps and weights. Michelle nipples and cunt felt
like they were going to be ripped off after only 20. The mousetraps to her hair
was a recent addition she had thought up to make aerobic exercise more difficult
and painful. Her head was being yanked by her hair and different directions each
time she jumped. The huge butt plug in her ass hardly fazed her anymore, so use
to it she had become. But she couldn't seem to get used to having a full
bladder. And jumping up and down when you have to piss is a torture michelle
loved. She had to piss since she got up this morning, but she only allowed
herself to shit an piss once a day. And for michelle that was at night right
before bed and not a moment sooner. Each day michelle, all day long michelle
felt that burning need to piss. She reminded herself how bad it was for her
kidneys as she jumped. She woke up most mornings having to piss anyway, but
michelle decide to make sure that she'd always carry around a full bladder. She
drank to four  full glasses of water right before bed, and another  four as soon
as she got up.

After about 70 jumping jacks she snagged her barefoot on the floor, it her stung
terribly everytime she jumped down on it, but when wasn't about to stop now.
Only 130 more jumps and then a half hour of running in place then she would be
done. This wasn't the first time she'd cut her foot here or gotten splinters, in
fact its why she always did her aerobic exercises that part of the floor .
Finally she was done and walked over to the bathroom mirror to view herself. She
looked like a whore who's just been beat up. She had a bruise on her left cheek
from one of the weights, her makeup was all smeared, she had tear marks down her
face, her nipples and cunt were blue, and her foot was bleeding. She took all
the mouse traps off , the ones in hair, always manger to rake some hair with
them. Pain shot threw her tits and cunt and the blood rushed back in. She cupped
her crotch and put her arm against her tits, in reaction to the wincing pain,
but would provide her self no rubbing relief. She sat her bare ass down on her
filthy cold toilet to look at her foot, there was a jagged splinter a half an
inch long sticking out of her heel. Were it smaller she would have left, but she
couldn't realistically walk around with this sticking out of her foot. She
thought about breaking ir off in her foot and decide that's what shed do. She
pull up on the splinter and snapped back leaving part of it in her foot. If it
caused to much pain or got too infected she would just have to dig it out with a
needle she told herself.

Review This Story || Author: CRUDEDUDE
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