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Feast Day

Chapter 1 State Meat Lottery

Feast Day 
by Fire-Bird (Inspired by Dolcett & Hill) 

Chapter 01 "State Meat Lottery." 

Warning - 
Dolcett is one of the most extreme artists around the world. He draws 
people (mostly women) in positions of asphyxiation, cannibalism, impalement, 
snuff, etc. This story follows his work very closely and I don't hold back 
from telling it like it is. If you are not comfortable with descriptions of 
this extreme erotica, then I highly recommend you don't proceed any further. 
The story codes that are required by the website are there 
for a reason. You have been warned. 


For Donna Thorton it was just another day. She leaned back in her executive 
leather chair, crossed her legs and enjoyed a lovely hot coffee. The rich 
aroma filled her nostrils as she sipped at the black liquid. She signed a 
few cheques and made a note of the receipt numbers. She loved her job at 
the company. She had been vice-president for nearly six months. She glanced 
up as her secretary Sarah came in with the morning mail. 

"Morning Sarah." smiled Donna. 

"Morning Ms Thorton." mumbled Sarah. Donna watched as her secretary put the 
morning mail in her inbox and quickly left the room. Puzzled Donna took 
another drink of coffee while trying to remember if she had upset Sarah over 
the last few days. She was interrupted by a knock at the door. Her boss 
looked around the door and asked if she was busy. Donna shook her head and 
he came in. 

Ed Thorton was president and owner of the company. He looked both young and 
professional in his dark suit with a green tie. He sat down in one of 
Donna's visitor chairs. 

"How are things?" he asked. Donna smiled. The typical morning ritual for 
Ed. The company was doing great and Ed sometimes found he hadn't little 
to no work to do. So to pass the time he chatted with his wife. 

"All quiet here." said Donna. "I've just paid off our bills for the month. 
The only thing of interest is the building insurance needs reviewing." 

Ed nodded. "Give it to Tim to chase up. He's good at getting quotes." 

Donna agreed. She picked up her pile of mail and sorted through it. 
Bill ... bill ... another bill ... complaint ... all of a sudden, Donna 
held her breath. Her husband noticed her stunned look. 

"What is it honey?" asked Ed. 

Donna swallowed. No wonder Sarah left so quickly. The emblem was unmistakable. 
With shaky hands Donna drew her letter knife and slit the envelope along 
the top. She pulled out the piece of paper and read it. Ed came around to 
Donna's side of the desk. 

"Oh my!! .. Honey," said Donna looking up into her husband's blue eyes. 
"My number came up. I've been ordered to report for Feast Day ... today." 

Ed took the letter from Donna and read it. 

*                         STATE MEAT LOTTERY                          * 
*                Weekly drawing for Feast Day: 5/19/99                * 
*                                                                     * 
* Mrs Donna Thorton (State ID KN7701R)                                * 
*                                                                     * 
* In accordance with the new state food laws (ACTS VI & VII) your     * 
* number has been selected from your area's list of available women   * 
* in this weeks food lottery.                                         * 
*                                                                     * 
* You are hereby notified of this selection and asked to report to    * 
* the designated picnic ground in your area to be processed.          * 
*                                                                     * 
* Please report:  Wednesday, May 19th 1999 at 10:00 am                * 
* Location:  Martin's Park                                            * 
* Street:  2067 N. Elm                                                * 
*                                                                     * 
* WARNING:  Failure to report will result in lost of payment (based   * 
* on your body weight) to your designated beneficiaries and the       * 
* public execution of you and all female members of your family.      * 
*                                                                     * 
* Note:  Please wear clothing that can be thrown away.                * 
*                                                                     * 
* Sincerely,                                                          * 
* John N. Andes                                                       * 
*                                                                     * 

Ed was use to this. Over the last couple of years he had lost a number 
of his female staff to the lottery. But the law was the law. 

"Hhmmm ... well guess you'd better get ready then." he said. 

Donna nodded her head. She knew this day was going to happen but had 
hoped it would be a while of yet. But she wasn't going to go out blubbing 
like a sook. She stood up, checked her make-up and clothes in the mirror, 
picked up her hand-bag and walked out of her office for the last time. 
Ed followed closely behind. They both knew they were going to head to 
Ed's office for a final fuck. 

"Bye Sarah. Great working with you." said Donna as she left the room. 
Donna was a little ticked off that Sarah hadn't at least warned her about 
the letter. Too late now she thought. 

Her path was blocked by two women. One was Elizabeth from accounts, the 
other was Jackie was HR. They too held a pink letter each in their hands. 
Looks like we're up for a threesome Donna thought to herself. 

"Lottery?" asked Donna. Both girls nodded. "Can we get a lift with you 
Donna? My boyfriend is out camping with the kids." said Jackie. 

"My hubby is in a meeting and his damn secretary won't interrupt him." 
hissed Elizabeth. She was obviously displeased. 

Donna nodded. "Sure. Can you wait a bit, Ed wants to have one last fuck?" 

"Yeah, no worries." replied Jackie. 

Ed followed Donna into his office. He closed the door and within seconds 
they both ripped each other's clothes off. Ed cleared his desk. His 
paperwork was quickly scattered into a cloud of large snowflakes. Pens, 
pencils, a photograph of Donna and even his Bonsai plant were strewn 
on the floor. Ed ripped off Donna's bra and threw it behind him. He pushed 
her onto his desk, lifted both her legs into the air and jammed his cock 
deep into her cunt. 

Donna screamed in ecstasy. She moaned loudly as Ed pummelled her again and 
again. Sweat rolled down the side of his head and back. He pushed deeper 
and deeper until finally they both achieved their orgasms. Ed rolled Donna 
onto her side and lay on the desk behind her. Donna separated her legs 
so he could slide his cock in from behind. She loved the sensation of Ed 
slowly pushing his cock in and out just after a huge orgasm. Ed rubbed 
Donna's nipples. 

"Hhmmm. That was so nice. It's hard to believe this time tomorrow I'll 
just be a pile of leftovers." 

Ed rubbed his wife's tits some more. "Sweetheart with your body there 
won't be much leftover ... I know I'm going to stuff myself." 

Donna leaned back and gave Ed a kiss. She squeezed his cock out of her 
cunt and stood up. She got dressed in just her blouse and dress. She 
also removed her jewellery and watch. Not much point in taking anything 
else she figured. 

She walked out of the room with one last kiss to Ed. Both Jackie and 
Elizabeth stood up and followed Donna as she left the building. The trio 
got into Donna's Mercedes. Twisting the key and loving the sound of the 
car as it roared into life. Donna didn't even bother looking both ways 
before pushing down hard on the gas and onto the street. All three women 
sat in silence as Donna drove to the picnic ground. 

They arrived in only a few minutes. Donna left the keys in the ignition. 
The car's alarm was set to turn on after thirty seconds. It would be safe 
for Ed to pick up later. Jackie and Elizabeth followed Donna to a large 
building. On the front it had a large sign: 

"Welcome to Dolcett and Hill's Meat Factory." 

Below it was a smaller sign. "All lottery winners please go in the side 

"Kind of an anticlimactic winning the lottery and having to go through 
the tradesman's entrance eh." said Donna. 

The group followed the arrow and walked up some stairs in through a 
smaller door. 


Review This Story || Author: Fire-Bird
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