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The Willows School for Problem Girls

Chapter 1 Pam's Introduction

The Willows School for Problem Girls

By BDSM_Tourguide

Chapter One: Pam's Introduction

	The bus ground to a halt in a mix of crunching gravel and squeaking
brakes. The girls, in their one-piece, blue jumpsuits, were led off the bus by
the two female guards. They were all lined up along the side of the bus and
their names were called one by one by one of the guards. As each name was
called, the corresponding girl answered 'here.' A tic was made on the page next
to each girl's name as they replied.

	Pam could hardly believe the last fifteen months of her life. It was all
such a blur. She had no idea how she'd managed to end up here. It was a classic
case of being at the wrong place at the wrong time. She had been walking home
from school one day, not in the merry, merry month of May, but on a cold
December afternoon. The snow was at least thirty centimeters and she was
shivering so badly that she'd lost her books three times already. Suddenly, Pam
had heard a noise off the path she was walking. Before she knew what was
happening, two girls had burst from the woods along one side of the path. One of
the girls knocked her books out of her hands and thrust a gun and a sack into
her trembling arms. The other girl threw a red book bag at her feet. Then, as
soon as both the girls had appeared, they disappeared into the woods lining the
other side of the path. Pam was left standing there, looking about in amazement
and wondering what had just happened. She started to collect her books again,
laying the gun and sack to one side and moving the book bag out of the way. She
began to collect her soggy text books, hoping they would dry out and not be

	The next thing Pam knew, more people were plunging out of the woods near
her. This time, it was two police officers that appeared noisily out of the
brush. Before Pam could say anything, she was on her belly, on the ground and in
handcuffs. Turns out that the sack the girls had given her was full of marijuana
and the book bag was full of stolen cigarettes and other tobacco products from a
convenience store holdup that had only occurred a few moments before. The
police, believing Pam had done the robbery, arrested her and took her to jail.
Pam tried to explain in court that the other girls had thrust the items one her,
but no one believed her. The convenience store clerk saw only one girl. Unknown
to Pam, the other girl had waited outside as lookout. The girl the clerk has
seen was heavy-set like Pam and had a gun exactly like the one the police had
found with Pam. Even Pam's friends and neighbors had said in court that she was
'a little off.' Her parents even had to admit that Pam had been keeping mostly
to herself lately and spent most of her time in her room. They secretly feared
that she was using drugs, but didn't know how to confront her about it. In a
statement to the press, Pam's mother broke down into tears and proclaimed that
she 'wished they had confronted Pam about her drug use sooner.'

	The trial was over even before it had begun and Pam was found guilty of
armed robbery, possession of stolen goods, possession of marijuana with the
intent to distribute and fleeing the police. However, because Pam was only
fifteen and she had no other criminal record, she was sentenced to reformatory
school rather than to jail time.

	She'd been in a reformatory school for just over a year when her life
took another unexpected twist. Pam constantly had troubles with the other girls
because she was overweight. The other girls teased her mercilessly for being
fat, even though some of the girls teasing her were heavier than she was. One
day, three girls cornered Pam in a washroom at the school and threatened her
with a knife. Pam screamed at the top of her lungs and swung at the girls with
her book bag. She managed to hit the girl with the knife squarely in the jaw,
causing the girl to lose the knife. The other two girls bolted from the washroom
as quickly as their legs would carry them. Pam picked up the knife to turn in to
one of the teachers when the door opened and one of the teachers saw what looked
like Pam threatening a girl lying on the floor with a swelling jaw. The other
girl played it up, too. She immediately began to scream that Pam was trying to
kill her and that Pam had forced her into the washroom at knifepoint and beat
her. The teacher instantly called for a guard and Pam was arrested again.

	Pam was charged with aggravated assault and, as part of a plea bargain,
pled guilty to avoid jail time. Instead, she was sentenced to another
reformatory school until she was twenty-one. That is what brought her here.
Looking up past the guard calling the names, Pam saw a wrought iron gate
connecting to a high red brick wall. Above the gate was a wrought iron sign
professing this to be the 'The Willows School for Problem Girls.' Pam also
noticed three women approaching the gate from a walk inside the wall.

	The gate swung open as the women approached it and the three women
crossed the short, gravel covered drive to where the girls were standing lined
up near the bus. One if the women, an older lady, had a clipboard, too. She
flipped page by page and looked up as if identifying girls with pages on the

	As she flipped to one page on the clipboard, she looked up at one of the
girls to Pam's right and said, "Martine, Elaine? You are Elaine Martine?"

	A short, dark haired girl nodded and said yes.

	"That's Miss Macaw, dear. Saying just yes will not do here. Remember
that and all of you and I will get along well. Forget it and we will not have a
good relationship." She turned back to the girl and asked again, "You are Elaine

	This time the girl answered "Yes, Miss Macaw."

	"Very good, Elaine." She turned to one of the women behind her, a tall
woman with dark brown hair pulled into a bun. "Miss Chaucer, the shackles, if
you will."

	The dark haired woman stepped forward and Pam could see she was holding
two sets of metal irons designed to fit around the wrists and the ankles. Miss
Chaucer fitted the shackles on Elaine Martine's wrists first and then her
ankles. The chains only left Elaine about three inches between her wrists and
only about a foot between her ankles.

	Elaine looked up at Miss Macaw, stricken and obviously wondering what in
the hell was going on.

	Miss Macaw did not look back at her. Instead, she kept moving down the
line of girls, looking from the clipboard to each girl. In short order, Miss
Macaw stopped in front of Pam and said, "Wilson, Pamela. You are Pamela Wilson?"

	Pam's heart sank. She said "Yes, Miss Macaw" in a voice barely above a

	"What, dear? I did not hear you. Speak clearly." Miss Macaw said, her
eyes beaming into Pam's own.

	Pam immediately dropped her gaze to her feet and said again, "Yes, Miss

	"Good, dear." She turned again to Miss Chaucer and repeated the order
for shackles to be brought. Soon, Pam was fixed into a set of shackles just like
Elaine had been earlier and Miss Macaw finished her observation of the new
girls. Actually, there had only been one other girl after Pam, as they had been
ordered to get on and off the buss alphabetically.

	Miss Macaw and the two other women with her moved away from the girls
and spoke to the bus driver. Forms were exchanged and signed, the girls were
told to step away from the bus and form a line in front of the gate. Pam and
Elaine had troubles keeping in step with the rest of the girls, as their
movements were severely restricted. Soon, the bus pulled away and Miss Macaw and
the two other women stepped in front of the line of girls and the Gate to The
Willows School for Problem Girls swung open. Miss Macaw ordered that the girls
follow her into the school grounds. The other two women fell to the sides of the
line, keeping their eyes on the girls. Pam hadn't noticed before, but each woman
had on a belt like police wore. Clipped to their belts were pepper spray,
handcuffs and a nightstick.

	The girls were led up the gravel walkway, past a decorative stone
fountain and to a large set of heavy oak doors. The grounds of the school were
immaculate. The grass was cut short, the fountain was clean and the stoop looked
as if it had been recently swept.

	The line of girls was led through the heavy doors and into the school
itself. Miss Macaw closed the door behind the girls with a firm boom that echoed
off the walls of the entryway in which they now stood. The door was locked shut
by a heavy iron lock.

	Pam began to look around. It almost looked like a normal school, except
for the bars on the outsides of all the large, arched windows. There were
tapestries with the school crest sewn into them hanging along the walls of the
entryway. There were even photographs of the current and previous staff hanging
along the walls. These were all protected inside reinforced glass cases, but the
effect was still held, somewhat, of being a normal school. The floors were bare
stone tiles, colored slate gray. Ahead of the girls led a hallway that exited
the entryway. It was down this hallway that the new girls were taken.

	The hallway ended in a large set of double doors made of the same heavy
oak as the outside doors. However, on the left and right sides of the hallway
before the girls reached the double doors, were smaller doors. Miss Macaw
unlocked and opened the left side door and the girls were instructed to enter
the room beyond.

	As she stepped into the new room, Pam realized it was almost completely
bare. The slate gray floor gave way to blank white walls lit by fluorescent
lamps set in the ceiling. However, the only furnishing in the room was a podium.
It was behind this podium that Miss Macaw moved to stand. The other two women
stood beside the door.

	In a very clear voice that seemed to carry authority, Miss Macaw
addressed the students from behind the podium.

	"Welcome to the Willows School for Problem Girls," She began. "Here each
of you will spend your allotted time gaining an education and learning to be
reformed of your criminal behavior. I am your Headmistress, Miss Macaw. Make no
mistakes! This is a school, but it is also a prison. You may not go outside
except during allotted breaks. You may never go outside of the main gate. Any
attempt to do so or to go over one of the walls will result in the revocation of
your service at this school and your immediate expulsion. As this is the last
stop for all of you before prison, if you are expelled from this school, it will
be to join real criminals in real prisons.

	"You will be educated here. Classes run Mondays through Fridays
beginning at eight in the AM and ending at four in the PM. You will be allowed
one hour for breakfast before classes, one hour for lunch at the noon hour and
one hour for dinner after classes have ceased for the day. A snack will be
served at eight in the PM every day. You will be allowed outside recreational
time on the grounds after dinner each day. Recreational time lasts from five in
the PM to seven in the PM. Tardiness to classes will not be tolerated and will
be met with disciplinary action.

	"You are not confined to your rooms, except after curfew. Curfew is ten
in the PM daily. There is a library in which you may read or use a supervised
computer terminal. There are three common rooms here where you may play games,
watch television or talk with your classmates. There is a heated pool in the
basement in which you may swim. The gymnasium facilities may be used when
classes are not in session. There are other facilities available to you in the
school and your instructors, classmates and the information center located on
this floor will be happy to help you locate them. Violating curfew will not be
tolerated and will be met with the strictest disciplinary actions.

	"I will point out to you that, because this is a school for problem
girls, violence does happen, but is not tolerated by the staff. Any parties
caught fighting or being overly disruptive will be severely disciplined by the
staff. Illegal activities such as drug use or weapons will result in your
expulsion. Do I make myself clear on that point, Martine and Wilson?"

	Shocked, Pam looked up. Her mouth was gaping open, but she managed to
pull herself together enough to squeak out a "Yes, Miss Macaw."

	"Furthermore," Miss Macaw continued. "You will be subjected to corporal
punishment here. That means we may whip you as long as you are not permanently
harmed. We may also employ police tactics if you or the other students become
too unruly. I sincerely hope this does not happen, as expulsions are given out
freely to those girls that require these tactics.

	"Now, with the exceptions of Martine and Wilson, the rest of you will be
shown to the processing center and then to the information center and to your

	One of the women at the door opened it and the girls, except for Pam and
Elaine, were led out. The door was closed and locked after everyone else had
left the room. Pam heard the double door at the end of the hall open and, a
moment later close as the other girls were led through, then everything was

	Neither of the girls spoke and they both stood where they were when the
other girls left. Pam looked around, but the room was pretty bleak. The walls
were bare and clean. The floor was dull gray and well swept. There really wasn't
anything to look at in here.

	After what seemed like an hour, Pam heard the double door open again.
After the double door was closed again and apparently securely locked, Pam heard
a key in the lock of the door of the room in which Pam and Elaine were waiting.
The door was opened and in walked Miss Macaw and the other two women.

	"This way, please." Miss Macaw said, indicating the two girls should
exit the room. Pam and Elaine were escorted to the doorway across the hall. Pam
looked back and saw one of the other women closing and locking the door from
which she had just come as Miss Macaw was unlocking and opening the door into
which she would be going.

	Pam and Elaine entered the new room and were a little startled. This
room was a lot different from the other room. The walls and floor were bare
stone. There was a drain in the floor of the room and she could see many eye
bolts and metal rings mounted in the floor and walls. Along one wall hung may
sets of shackles, a variety of chains, various paddles and canes and other
implements of restraint and torture. Pam was suddenly very afraid of this place.
This wasn't going to be like the other two schools she had been in. This was
more like maximum security bad girl's prison than it was a school.

	One of the women with Miss Macaw was removing Pam's shackles before she
even registered the woman had started doing so. She had been so intent on
looking about the room she didn't even realize the door had been closed and
locked or that Elaine's shackles had already been removed as well. Miss Macaw
was sitting behind a heavy table near the door and to the right of it. One of
the women, the one Miss Macaw had referred to as Miss Chaucer, was standing
behind her watching the two girls. The other woman had finished removing Pam's
shackles and was hanging them on the wall as Miss Macaw began to speak.

	"You two are my 'problem girls' this year." Miss Macaw explained
matter-of-factly. "Extra precautions were taken to make sure you didn't start
any trouble until after you have been introduced and searched."

	Pam's heart sank again. She had been searched at her last school, too.
This usually involved a degrading strip followed by a rubber glove in her pussy.
Pam hated the searches almost more than anything. The only thing she hated worse
than the searches were the showers. She hated being naked and hated being naked
in front of fifty other girls the most of all.

	"Alright." Miss Macaw said. "You both have done this before, I am sure.
Strip off those clothes and stand over the drain."

	Groaning inwardly, Pam unzipped her jumper and pulled it open, exposing
her plump, round breasts, broad shoulders and large, rounded belly. She slipped
the jumper off her arms and down over her wide hips and ample ass to her ankles.
She stepped out of it and bent down and picked it up off the floor. She noticed
Elaine standing next to her. Elaine had left her jumper on the floor, but had
moved it to the side with her foot. Elaine was shorter than Pam by a couple of
inches, but was a lot thinner. She wasn't skinny by any means, but she wouldn't
be considered plump. Pam noticed that Elaine had a tattoo of the sun around her
belly button. She also noticed that Elaine shaved her pussy. Pam preferred not
to touch her pussy, so she left it bushy with thick curls. The most Pam ever did
to her pussy was to wash it in the shower with soap. Other than that, her pussy
had gone unused and unattended by Pam or anyone else.

	Her jumper was taken from her by one of the women, the same woman that
had unshackled her. The woman also made Elaine pick her jumper up and hand it to
her. She took them both to hooks on the wall near the door and hung them up.
Miss Macaw took a plastic container from under the table. It was one of those
plastic storage boxes with a resealable lid that people used for storage. From
it, Miss Macaw removed two four liter enema bags and two lengths of rubber
tubing already affixed with stopcocks and plastic distribution heads. As Pam
goggled at what she was seeing, Miss Macaw handed the two bags to Miss Chaucer,
who took them to a sink in the back of the room that Pam had not seen before.
Pam heard running water behind her and knew the bags were being filled.

	Miss Macaw also took a small cardboard box from under the table. From
it, she removed two latex gloves. The woman that had hung up Pam and Elaine's
jumpers also took two gloves. Both women pulled the gloves on with loud snaps.
Pam flinched at the sound. She still had not gotten used to this part. It was in
her first school that Pam had technically lost her virginity. The guard doing
her search had pushed two lubricated fingers into Pam and broken her hymen. The
guard even laughed about her being a virgin afterward. Pam remembered feeling so
violated as she slept the night in her bunk with blood trickling from her
deflowered vagina.

	"Turn around and bend over." Miss Macaw instructed both girls
imperiously. At once both girls turned around and bent over as far as they
could. Pam saw Elaine grab her ankles, but Pam couldn't even come close to
touching her ankles because of her overdeveloped girth.

	Pam felt the woman behind her put on of her gloved hands on her fatty
hip to steady her. Pam sucked in a deep breath preparing for the indignity. What
she got was a lot more than she was prepared for. The woman pushed what felt
like her entire hand into Pam's pussy and probed around, feeling the inner walls
of her vagina all the way to her cervix. Pam cried out in pain and nearly fell

	The woman clutched her by her hip and said, "Relax, girl, it's only
three fingers. You'll be fine." Her voice was strict and, it seemed to Pam,
filled with anger.

	Miss Macaw had also concluded her examination of Elaine. Pam was about
to stand up, but she was kept bent over by the forceful hand of the woman behind
her. Before she knew it, her asshole was being filled with latex covered fingers
and her rectum was being probed for hidden contraband. Pam cried out again and
this time she was joined by Elaine's cry of pain. Pam hazarded a look at Elaine,
or rather at Miss Macaw behind Elaine, and saw Miss Macaw forcefully probing
Elaine's anal hole with three of her fingers. What shocked Pam the most, though,
was the look on Miss Macaw's face. Her face was a mask of delight. She was very
obviously enjoying tormenting the girl bent over before her. Pam wondered if the
face of the woman behind her looked the same as Miss Macaw's did. Somehow, she
was sure it did.

	Before she knew it, the gloved fingers were removed from her asshole and
she was told to stand up and turn around. She was made to stand with her hands
on the top of her head and to open her mouth. The woman took her jaw in one
gloved hand and peered inside her mouth. She tilted Pam's head back slightly and
then stuck two fingers into her mouth. It didn't take Pam long to realize that
the fingers she was shoving to the back of her throat were from the same hand as
the woman had previously had up her ass. Pam could taste the shit on her tongue
and she immediately retched. The woman immediately let go of Pam's jaw and
grabbed her by her hair and bent her forward over the drain. Pam threw up at
once, her fatty gut heaving up and down and she retched.  When she regained her
composure, she saw Miss Macaw, Miss Chaucer who had approached from the sink
carrying the now filled water bags, the woman who was still holding her hair and
even Elaine all looking at her with undisguised disgust. Apparently, Elaine had
not received the same treatment from Miss Macaw as Pam had received from the
other woman. If she had, Pam was certain she would also be puking through the
drain in the floor right now.

	Pam was roughly stood up. She was aware that she had drool dripping down
her chin, but before she was allowed to wipe herself off, she and Elaine were
ordered to bend over once again. Pam heard something rattling behind her. As the
woman that had forced Pam to taste her own shit approached, Pam saw that she was
wheeling over two tall, metal poles with the ends bent to hold the water
bottles. Miss Macaw and Miss Chaucer were inserting the rubber tubing into the
bottles and, as the third woman wheeled the carts into places, they hung their
bags on each pole.

	Pam felt the woman insert the nozzle into her asshole and once again
readied herself for the most horrible experience of her life. This was
completely new to Pam. None of the other schools had gone so far as to give them
enemas. Miss Macaw mentioned something about this cleaning out anything that
might have been shoved up too far for their fingers to reach.

	The stopcock was opened and Pam's asshole was instantly filled with
scalding hot water. It burned so badly that Pam screamed out in pain. She heard
Elaine crying out next to her as well and knew the water was equally hot for the
both of them. Once her ass was filled to what felt like bursting, the stopcock
was closed and the nozzle removed.

	"Hold it!" Miss Macaw commanded at once. Both girls gritted their teeth
and held the burning hot liquid inside them, despite the pain it was causing. "A
solution has been added to the water to encourage your bowels to move. Do not
expel the waste until you are instructed to do so. If either of you girls is not
capable of keeping your liquid in, you will regret it. Do you both understand

	Through gritted teeth and clenched jaws, both girls managed to gasp out,
"Yes, Miss Macaw."

	The pain was intolerable and it felt like Pam had to hold the solution
in her ass for what seemed like hours. She could feel it taking effect, though.
Her bowels were cramping and begging for release. Sweat was forming on her
forehead and her teeth clenched even harder together. She heard Elaine
whimpering at her side.

	"Alright, both of you squat over the drain and expel." Miss Macaw
commanded from behind them.

	At once both girls squatted over the drain and released the liquid in
their bowels. Elaine's back was pressed right up against Pam's wide back and
fatty hips as they both tried to keep the expellant going directly into the
drain. Both girls finished releasing the liquid in loud, juicy squirts and Miss
Macaw ordered them to get back up again and bend over.

	Again the nozzle was shoved into Pam's ass and again the stopcock was
released and again her asshole was filled with scalding hot solution. Both Pam
and Elaine were whimpering this time, tears springing into their eyes. Once they
were filled to the rim again, they were made to hold the fluid even longer this
time before they were allowed to expel the liquid down the drain in the floor.
Pam was crying when she finally emptied her bowels, the pain was so intense.
There was no relief for either girl, though, for once again they were ordered
back to their feet and again they were ordered to bend over. The nozzles were
replaced in both girls' assholes and they were again filled with hot liquid. Pam
cried out in earnest this time. She had never before been so scared and hurt.
The nozzles were removed again and the girls were ordered to hold the fluid
inside them until commanded to release it. No matter how hard she tried, though,
Pam could keep the liquid from trickling out of her asshole. Her sobbing was
causing her ass to clench and unclench and the effect was beyond Pam's control
to stop.

	Miss Macaw noticed the liquid dripping down Pam's legs and cried out at
her, "What do you think you're doing? Didn't I tell you to keep the liquid

	Pam tried to say 'Yes, Miss Macaw,' but all that came out of her mouth
were sobs and unintelligible sounds that didn't sound remotely like words.

	"Answer me, god damn you!" Miss Macaw shrieked right into Pam's ear.
"Did I or did I not tell you to hold the liquid inside you? You had better
answer me or you will hold that inside you all night long!"

	Pam steadied herself as much as she could, which wasn't much and said
quietly, "Yes, Miss Macaw."

	"What?" Miss Macaw screamed right into her ear. "I believe I have
already told you once to speak up, haven't I? So, now I have to repeat myself to
you? Is that it? Are you some kind of special girl that deserves special

	"No, Miss Macaw," Pam manage to gasp out between sobs.

	"Then answer me, girl." Miss Macaw shrieked again. "Did I not instruct
you to hold the liquid inside your filthy fat ass?"

	"Yes, Miss Macaw." Pam gasped, again between sobs. She could feel the
warm water forming a small pool at her feet. The thought of her standing in her
own filth was revolting to her, but she willed herself not to throw up again.
She knew if she did that the rest of the liquid inside her would come out

	"Very well, you will be punished for failing to follow my instructions."
Miss Macaw hissed in her ear.

	She commanded both girls to squat and empty themselves. Pam was only too
happy to relieve herself. This was miserable. This was the most miserable she
had ever felt. She didn't know how she could live with this. She was completely
out of her element now. None of the schools had been this bad, especially not
the teachers or the guards. Definitely not the headmistress, either. The last
headmistress was a large woman, bigger than Pam by a hundred pounds easily. That
woman never left her office and Pam suspected that she spent most of her day
eating. The woman had always smelled like cheeseburgers.

	The girls were again instructed to bend over and their asses were again
filled with hot solution, but this time Pam was ordered to lie down with her
face over the drain. She was so shocked a terrified by this command that she
almost lost her liquid as soon as it was given. Luckily for her, she kept it in
and was able to get down onto the floor and lie on her back with her face facing
up toward the ceiling.

	"Bring the retractor," Miss Macaw told one of the other women, Pam
couldn't see which one. Soon, what felt like a metal bit was forced between her
teeth. She looked and saw the woman that had violated her ass pushing something
metal into her mouth. Suddenly the bit was opening and her mouth was being
forced open. No matter what she tried, Pam could not close her mouth or bite
down. Stark realization of her predicament dawned on her. She was now lying over
the drain in the floor, her mouth held wide open and a girl standing nearby with
an ass full of enema solution and shit. Pam tried to cry out and to get up, but
she was forced back down again by the boot of the woman that had put the metal
thing in her mouth. Pam's ass involuntarily emptied in her terror, causing the
liquid inside her to gush all over the floor of the room.

	Miss Macaw and the woman holding Pam to the floor both chuckled as Pam
noisily and violently emptied her liquid all over the floor. Pam immediately
knew that this was not a good sign.

	Miss Macaw looked at Elaine and said, "You may release."

	Pam shrieked in pure terror. She tried to move her head, but every time
she tried to turn it, the woman moved it back with her boot. Pam watched in
absolute horror as Elaine squatted directly over her face. All Pam could focus
her eyes on was Elaine's dripping asshole. Pam was completely terrified. She
couldn't believe this was happening to her.

	Then at once it happened. Elaine's sphincter opened and a gush of hot
solution poured over Pam's face and into her mouth. She had barely gotten her
eyes closed before the liquid hit her face. She could taste the fluid in her
mouth and tried to force it out with her tongue. The woman holding her down
moved her boot off Pam's chest and Pam immediately rolled over pouring the shit
and liquid from her mouth into the drain. She was retching and sobbing

	Pam was still lying there as Elaine was allowed to wipe her ass with
napkins and dress. Elaine was escorted out of the room by Miss Chaucer,
presumably to begin her processing and her tour.

	"Miss Warrington, please punish this girl for refusing to obey my orders
then process her and show her to the information center and her room, please."
Miss Macaw had taken off her gloves and begun to unlock the door as she was
speaking. She stepped out and locked the door behind her, leaving Pam alone in
the room with Miss Warrington.

	"What did she mean?" Pam asked.

	"What's that?" Miss Warrington had moved to the hooks on the wall and
was taking something off one of them.

	"What did she mean when she said punish me for not following orders?"
Pam asked, unsteadily. "I thought I had already been punished for not holding my

	"Yes, you have." Miss Warrington said, smiling satisfied to her herself.
"Now, you will be punished for not speaking in a clear tone of voice."

	"I can be punished for that?" Pam asked, incredulous. "That's hardly

	"Well, you know what they say. Life is unfair." Miss Warrington crossed
the room to stand over Pam. "Actually, you can be punished for a wide variety of
things here. The thing is that we're not here to coddle you and we're not here
to be your mommies. We're here to teach you and to discipline you so that when
you go back out into the world, you do not continue your criminal activities. If
that means us taking a very firm hand with our students and disciplining them
harshly for infractions, then that's what it takes."

	Miss Warrington was snapping a metal cuff to Pam's wrist. The wrist was
then pulled backward and a cuff was attached to her ankle as well. The chain
left about a foot of pull, so Pam was uncomfortable, but could still breathe.

	"See? As Miss Macaw said in your introduction, this place is the last
step before prison for you girls. We tend to get the worst girls here. You and
Martine happen to be the worst of the worst on this busload." Miss Warrington
was now fixing a second chain to Pam's other wrist and ankle, forcing Pam onto
her chest with her ass stuck way up in the air. Her legs were forced apart and
she was well-aware of her openness to Miss Warrington. She feared the woman
might go and get another glove and see how much of her hand she could stick
inside her again.

	Miss Warrington continued, "We get girls in here for violence all the
time, but our really violent offenders like you and Martine, we like to keep a
special eye on. We don't like to get surprised by some girl making a shiv out of
her toothbrush and stabbing another student, so we try to quash the violent
girls as soon as possible after they arrive."

	Miss Warrington had moved across the room again to the wall with all the
hooks. She had taken something off the wall, but Pam had no idea what. Pam then
heard the heels of Miss Warrington's boots echoing off the floor as she
approached Pam again.

	"Okay, cow, for disobeying the Headmistress' orders, you are to be given
twenty lashes by flogger." Miss Warrington announced to Pam.

	"Twenty lashes... Wait... What..." Pam was cut off as the first blow
from the heavy, eight tailed flogger fell squarely across her wide, round ass
with a loud crack. Pam cried out in surprise and pain.

	"Count, cow." Miss Warrington hissed. "I'm not going to keep track for
you, you know? So, count the lashes or I'll just hit you until you do."

	The flogger fell again, this time striking only Pam's left butt cheek.
The sound was horrifying to Pam. It was almost like thunder, but a lot sharper
and higher in pitch. The pain was also startling. She'd been spanked before, but
never by anyone using this kind of force or with this kind of instrument.

	"Two." Pam panted the side of her face pressing into the drain in the
floor. Tears were coming into her eyes again.

	The flogger cracked down again, this time across here right butt cheek.
Miss Warrington hissed at Pam, "Does the English system of numerology begin with
the number two, cow?"

	"No." Pam answered her eyes tearing badly now and her ass stinging as if
she'd already had a long spanking.

	The flogger cracked down on Pam's right butt cheek again. This time, Pam
cried out a little as the pain began to intensify. Miss Warrington hissed again,
"Then, what number should you start with, cow?"

	"One." Pam said, biting back tears.

	"Then start again, at one this time." Miss Warrington said.

	Without further ado, the flogger was brought down painfully across both
of Pam's ass cheeks. She cried out again and exclaimed, "One!"

	"Good cow. You do understand how to count." Miss Warrington said with
obvious distaste. She brought the flogger down again across Pam's left cheek and
Pam counted for her. The right cheek next, followed by Pam's sobbing exclamation
of the number three. The next blow fell across both cheeks at the same time.
Miss Warrington was getting into a pattern, it seemed. She would do the left
first, then the right and then both at once.

	The flogger came down again and again in this pattern, harder it seemed
to Pam with every lash. By ten, Pam was crying out at every stroke and sobbing
violently. By the twelfth stoke, Pam was screaming at every lash and her breath
was coming out in gasps through her sobs.

	"That's it, cow, scream for me." Miss Warrington panted. It didn't sound
like she was panting from exhaustion, though. The way she panted made her think
of the adult movies she'd seen her brother downloading off the internet. It
sounded like Miss Warrington was in ecstasy.

	By the sixteenth stroke, Pam was almost bawling to hard to count
anymore. To be sure, Miss Warrington got two free strokes in before Pam was able
to compose herself enough to proclaim seventeen. At least Pam hadn't made the
mistake of trying to say nineteen. She didn't want to chance Miss Warrington
wanting to start over again, so she played it safe.

	Miss Warrington delivered the last four strokes to Pam's sobbing,
gasping counts and, after the last stroke fell, crossed the room again and hung
the flogger back on its hook. Pam felt her ass throbbing with each heartbeat. It
felt like it was red and swollen, like a really bad sunburn or worse, like when
you burnt your finger on a hot pan, but this feeling was all over has ass. Miss
Warrington returned and removed the cuffs from her wrists and ankles. She told
Pam to go to the sink and wash off with the cloth there as well as she could and
then to get dressed.

	Pam went to the sink and turned on the taps and took up the cloth. She
cleaned her face and ass as best as she could. Her ass still throbbed from the
beating, but it was more tolerable now. Pam also wiped off her chest and
underneath her breasts where she had been sweating. She placed the cloth back
where she'd found it in the bottom of the sink and then went to get her jumper.

	Once she was zipped into her jumper again, Pam was led out of the room
and through the double doors of the school itself. Classes were in session still
so no one was around at the moment, but the place was beautiful. If you didn't
notice the heavy locks on all the doors and the iron bars outside of all of the
wonderfully crafted window, you'd never know this was a bad girls' school.

	Pam seemed to be in some kind of main entry hall or something. To her
immediate right was a red door and a long window, above which was labeled in
bright red letters 'Processing Center.' Across the room from Pam was an open
doorway through which she could see several desks with women sitting behind
them. Above the door, in green, were the words 'Information Center.' A hallway
led off past the Information Center, presumably to classrooms, but Pam did not
know for sure yet. To Pam's left was a huge, well-crafted wooden staircase
leading at least to the second floor of the school. It might have led all the
way up to the third floor, but Pam couldn't see that far, so she didn't know.
Past the staircase, the left wall had many huge windows looking out over the
grounds. Through them, Pam could see the rich green grass and a few trees
outside. To either side of the staircase were several large pots with various
types of plants, flowers and small trees growing in them. The foliage inside
made the place seem like it was less hostile and a lot more hospitable.

	"In here, please," Miss Warrington said, holding the red door open for
Pam. The inside of the Processing Center looked like a cross between a high
school admitting desk and a police booking room. Three women worked behind the
long red counter. There was a station for fingerprinting to be done, a station
for photographs to be taken and a station for paperwork to be filled out and
filed. Pam was subsequently processed into the Willows School system. She was
fingerprinted, photographed and her admission papers were processed.

	Once she was processed, Pam was taken to the Information Center where
she was given and school map and a handbook of student conduct and activities.
Pam was allowed to select and enroll into classes appropriate to her level of
education and her comparable grade. Once she had selected her classes, she was
given textbooks and a clear plastic book bag in which to keep them. She was
instructed not to mark on the bag or to affix any stickers or decals onto it. If
she did, she was told she would be punished and given a new book bag. At the
mention of the word punished, Pam's ass tingled involuntarily.

	Once she was enrolled into her classes, given her books and supplies,
Pam was led down the hallway past the Information Center. This hallway took Pam
past the library and the three gymnasium facilities, according to her map. Also,
the walls of the gymnasiums and the library that faced in the hallway were made
of reinforced glass so Pam could see inside them. The library was nearly
deserted, but looked cozy. Many stacks of books were visible through the glass
wall through which Pam was looking, as was a nice-looking sitting area. Pam
noticed a periodicals rack near the sitting area, too. She could see the library
desk near the door and the computer stations beyond the desk. In two of the
gymnasiums, Pam saw classes playing basketball and in the other she saw a class
learning some sort of martial art.

	Pam and Miss Warrington passed by the library and the gymnasiums and
into another area of the school. A sign hanging from the ceiling proclaimed that
this area was the dormitories. A large room similar to the one in which the
Processing and Information Centers were housed greeted Pam here. To her right
was a room with a glass wall similar to the library and the gymnasiums. Through
the glass Pam could see that this was one of the common rooms Miss Macaw had
talked about before. She could see a big screen television, a ping pong table,
an air hockey table and a snack area. There were several tables in the room on
which games could be played. Pam even saw shelves of games that could be
selected. The wall opposite Pam and the wall to her left were lined with doors.
Each door was made of a metal frame, painted black, with a reinforced glass
panel set into it. The effect was similar to prison doors in which the inmate,
or girl in this case, could be locked in and could see out, but also the guards
could see in. On each door's glass panel was affixed a name plate, identifying
the occupant of the room. Along the wall to Pam's immediate left, there was
another red door and a long reinforced window. Above this window, in bright red
letters, was written 'Dormitory Security.'

	Pam was led up the staircase exiting this room, exactly as the staircase
in the main entryway exited that room. Pam was taken all the way up to the third
floor and to a doorway in the corner of the left wall. She noticed the name
plate on the door already held a plaque with her name. Miss Warrington opened
the door for Pam.

	Each door had two locks. One could be locked and unlocked by a key given
to the student so other girls could not go into their rooms while the occupants
were gone and steal items. These locks could also be opened with a guard's key.
The other lock could only be opened by a guard's key. These locks were the ones
used to keep girls in their rooms for disciplinary measures or confinement.

	Pam entered her room and looked around. Looking in from the doorway the
room was laid out about like any other dorm room she'd ever seen. To one side
was a single bed and small table for a television or radio. To the other side
was a desk with built-in lamp, a plastic chair, a plastic waste basket and a
shelf for books or personal effects. There was one light in the ceiling set into
the ceiling itself and covered by a plastic fixture flush to the edge of the
ceiling tiles.

	Pam was told that each floor had one washroom which every girl on that
floor shared. Showers could be used at any time during the day, except after
curfew. Pam was told that most girls preferred to shower either before breakfast
or after the evening recreational break. Shower facilities were also available
in the gymnasiums and washrooms were located throughout the school for
occasional toilet breaks.

	Clean linens had been placed on the mattress of the bed. A clean jumper
and a clean pair of standard issue canvas prison shoes had been placed on the
shelf near the desk. Also on the shelf was a plastic cup, toothbrush and a key
for her door lock. Miss Warrington pointed out to Pam the intercom set into the
wall next to her door. She told Pam that the intercom could be used to call the
guards in an emergency or to call down to the security desk to let them know she
had to leave her room for late night toilet breaks or if she needed anything
like sanitary products or whatnot.

	Miss Warrington informed Pam that dinner would begin in a little over an
hour. Pam was told to stay here until she heard the dinner bell. Miss Warrington
recommended that Pam use the time to make her bed and read her handbook.

	Miss Warrington left the room and Pam was alone for the first time since
before she'd gotten on the bus earlier that day. She looked around her new room.
This was the room in which she would spend most of her time for the next five
years. It wasn't so bad. Well, the room wasn't so bad anyway. So far, the
treatment had been the most shocking of Pam's life. She knew that she was going
to have to strive to be extra careful to be on her best behavior here.

	Pam made her bed with the white sheets and red cotton blanket provided
for her. There was no pillow. So, Pam sat down on the bed and opened her
handbook and started to get familiar with her new home and school.

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