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Torture Island

Chapter 1 The Enema Race

Torture Island

MF/f enema bondage

Chapter 1 - The Enema Race

"Masters and Mistresses! Welcome to our new season of Enema Races!" Master Rick,
the  Master of Ceremonies announced as he looked over the crowd of fetish
attired men and  women in the stands. Most of them he noted had brought a body
slave with them keeling  naked before them to ease the pressures they were soon
to feel.

"We have selected a fine group of slutcunts to participate in this years event.
So with no  further ado, Let the Races Begin!" On the console set up on the
reviewing platform,  Master Rick pressed a button that sounded a short blast of
an air horn and looked over to  his left. From the end of the stands were lead 4
slave girls by four trainers. Each slave had  a leash attached to her collar
that was held by her trainer. Unlike the black leather jock  strap that Master
Rick wore, each of the trainers wore a colored leather Jock. The color of  the
Jock matched the small medallion that was attached to each slave's collar.
Completing  the slutcunt's uniform were wrist and ankle manacles and a ballgag
that matched the color  of the medallion. Their wrists were locked behind their
backs but the legs were free.

Behind the procession were 8 more trainers or track officials, two each wearing
the blue,  red, green and orange jocks of the team colors and each had a
carryall slung over his  shoulder. These trainers went out to the race track
which was a set of 4 lanes 100 feet  long. One trainer from each team stood
behind the lines of each lane and placed his  carryall behind him opened.

"Since a lot of you masters and Mistresses are new to Torture Island, let's go
over the  rules before we begin." Master Rick looked over at the 4 slutcunts,
"You four had better  pay attention."

"We start our season with 48 slaves split up into 4 teams. We will continue
racing  different events until we have 1 winner. The ultimate winner will live a
life of luxury and  comfort here on the Island. The losers will earn varrying
degrees of punishment. But we  will keep things interesting. There are prizes
and punishments for every heat and for every  round."

"The winner of this heat will receive 24 hours in a pleasure cell. We have had
all of the  slutcunts under Hypnosis and we will supply her with what we learned
was her ultimate  fantasy."

"Our second place loser will spend 24 hours in a work team cage satisfying all
20  members of the team. We have chosen a team that has not had sexual relief
for a month.  She'll have a great time in a 24 hour gangbang."

"For our third place loser, we will spread eagle her between 2 posts and wire
her up to our  computer controlled tens system. We will attach wires to the
piercing in her septum,  nipples, labia and clit. In addition we will attach
wires to her toung and insert wired plugs  in her pussy and ass. The computer
will provide random shocks of random duration and  power for 24 hours. Oh yes!
She will dance and scream nicely for us."

"We have a special treat for our fourth place loser. Two days, yes 48 hours as a
public  urinal! Two days of nothing to eat or drink but piss. And to make sure
that she stays busy,  We will be collecting the first morning piss of our slaves
to be fed to her whenever she's  not directly occupied."

Master Rick beamed as he saw that many of the Masters and Mistresses were
beginning to  press their body slaves into service. More and more crotches were
being hidden from view  by the head of a slave licking and sucking the cock or
cunt that was their only reason for  being, Rick reached over and pressed a
second button on his console. A slave dressed as a  French maid began walking
out to the platform. The bodice of her uniform  formed a demi  bra lifting and
offering her 40D breasts to the world. The built in corset compressed he  waist
down to 19 inches, thigh high stockings were held up by a garter belt. Her legs 
looked beautiful, ending in the 7 inch locking high heels. The rest of the
uniform consisted  of a frilly cap, slave collar, lace apron, wrist and ankle
cuffs. Her skirt and petticoat were  so short you could easily see the chastity
harness that locked away "her" cock and balls in  its tight grip but left her
asshole or boycunt available for use.

Master Rick liked his "girls" with that little something extra between their
legs, but he  liked them as fem as possible. The maid came onto the platform
using a walk that kept  everything in motion. It was the kind of walk that said
"I'm a slut, Fuck me!".  Rick  glanced at the tag hanging from her collar and
saw that "her" name was marie. She walked  in front of him and gracefully went
to he knees putting her mouth just inched from his now  bulging black jock.

"Our first event is a simple endurance and speed race. We're going to insert a
nice big  buttplug into each of our racers so retention won't be a problem. Each
of the plugs is  equipped with a nozzle and one way valve. The slutcunts will
step up to their starting line  and bend over to receive their first pint. They
will then race to the other end of the course,  turn around and bend over to get
their next pint and race back to the other end of the  course. Each of our race
officials have 4 syringes and the race will continue until they are  all used.
After the last slutcunt has crossed the finish line they will come back over
here to  the platform for the announcement of awards and the unplugging. That
ought to be fun  because each of the slaves will be carrying 1 gallon of liquid
in their guts by that time."

"Oh, and slutcunts, your shock collars are live, any balking or attempt to leave
the race  course will earn you a punishment shock."

"Now let's begin! Slutcunts, present asses!"

Each of the slaves turned around with their backs to the stands and bent over at
the waist.  The trainers each removed a large buttplug from a container attached
to their waist. Even  the plugs were in the team colors. In order to increase
the drama of the moment, the  trainers held the buttplugs up in front of the
faces of the slaves. This way they could see  the 3 inch diameter of the wide
portion of the plug that would soon be imbedded in their  asses. The trainers
walked around their charges and placed the tip of their plug at the  entrance to
the slave's asshole.

With obvious glee Master Rick called out. "Trainers! Drive your plug home!" As
the plugs  were pressed slowly into their asses, the slutcunts began grunting
and squealing around  their gags. Tears began to fill their eyes and drip down
their cheeks. Two of the slutcunts  attempted to pull away as the widest portion
pressed in.

"That's going to earn you each a punishment session later." Growled Master Rick, 
"Trainers, make a note about this."

The slutcunts were about to learn about punishment notes on Torture Island. The
red and  green jocked trainers reached into a second pouch on their jocks and
pulled out a small  weight attached to a short chain. The free end of the chain
had a small clip, this they  attached to the clit ring on each of their charges.

"Those notes will remain where they are until your punishment. The placement of
the note  and its size indicate the severity of the infraction and amount of the
punishment. The order  from least to greatest is your nose, nipples, labia and
clit. As you can feel you have been  very bad little slutcunts indeed. But on
the bright side you are fortunate that your trainers  selected the lightest
punishment notes. Too bad for you since the notes will add to the  difficulty
for your race."

Mean while up in the stands, the betting had begun. The masters and mistresses
did not  have to leave their seats or the hot mouths of their bodyslaves to
place bets on the  outcome of the race. On the right hand side of their seat was
a mini terminal where they  could enter their wagers. The masters of Torture
Island came from all over the world so  like any other nation, it had its own
money, tortoids. Tortoids were pegged to the Euro so  that conversion to and
from their native currency was easy. Payment for the wagers by the  masters and
mistresses could be made in either tortoids or slaves. The value of a slave was 
determined by the Appraisal Department of Torture Island's Governing body. The 
guidelines for assigning a slave a value were highly complex but suffice to say,
most slaves  were valued between 100 and 200 tortoids. All wagers had to be
settled before the master  or mistress left the arena. They could transfer money
form their local bank account,  transfer slave ownership, or transfer funds from
their home nations to satisfy any losses. In  the event that a master or
mistress was unable to pay off his or her losses he or she would  be converted
in a slave o fthe governing body. He or she would be appraised as well as  any
possessions he or she might have and this value deducted form the total owed.
The  remaining amount would become the cost of the new slave. The governing body
had the  right to sell the new slave at the cost value or the appraised value
which ever was higher.  The adjusted value of the slave was posted on the Island
intranet every evening. The value  was adjusted by adding the maintenance cost
for the slave, food, clothing, and medical,  and deducting the value of the
services he or she had provided that day. If the slave did  not require medical
treatment, they would at some point in the future become reasonably  priced and
sold. There was no possibility of paying off their debt and becoming free. 
Assignment into slavery was a one way street.

"Alright Slutcunts, stand up and face your audience." For the past 15 minutes
the  slutcunts had remained bent over with their backs to the stands so the
masters and  mistresses could get a good look at their plugged asses. After they
turned around, they  spread their legs to just a little wider than their
shoulders so that none of their charms  would be hidden.

At the end of another 15 minutes, Master Rick nodded to the trainers and the
slutcunts  were led to their starting line on their lane of the race track. Rick
turned around so that he  could watch the race and marie the French maid moved
around in front of him with her  face again just inches from his bulging black
jock. Her eyes never left the tool that was in  fact the center of her life.
Rick looked down and said "Marie". She looked up at this  command and he nodded
his head. Marie whispered "Thank you Master Rick." And  reached up to remove the
cod piece from the jock freeing his 10 inch long 2 inch thick  hard flesh
weapon. She began licking and kissing the head of his cock while holding it with 
one hand and cupping his balls with the other.

"I don't want to come until the winner crosses the finish line." He growled, "If
you are  late, you'll get to go through the losers ordeals with them, and if you
are early, you get the  same AND I'll have you roasted alive for one of our

Turning his attention to the fearful racers, he said, "When I say Go! You will
bend over to  present the fill nozzle in you plug to your trainer. Your toes
will be behind the line and  your legs will be spread to wider than your
shoulders. When your trainer is satisfied that  you are in position, he will
attach the syringe to your plug and pump the liquid into you. If  you break
position he will stop until you are again in position. When the syringe is empty 
he will detach it and slap you on the ass. You will then race to the other end
of the track  100 yards away. After you cross the line you will turn and assume
your filling position and  wait for the slap to start again. Each track official
has 4 syringes so I'll let you do the  math."

The four trainers reached back an each pulled out a 1 pint syringe. Marie
stopped licking  Ricks cock and began to slowly deep throat it. Her's was going
to be a tough job because  the race would excite her master and she could not
see it progress with her back to the  racers.


Four slaves bent over and spread their legs as one. The trainers attached their
syringes to  the offered butt plugs and rammed the plungers in. Four slaps rang
out as one and four  desperate slave girls took off running or perhaps a fast
jog since a girl can't really run in  the 6 inch high heels they had locked on.
The slightly bowlegged step that they were  forced to use because of the butt
plugs didn't help their speed either.

"They'll be able to keep a fairly normal pace for the first 2 or three laps,"
Master Rick  informed the crowd, "but after they have a quart and a half to 2
quarts it will begin to slow  them down. They can't breath through the cramps
because of the ballgags and we won't  let them stop to ease them either."

Sarah, The red team slutcunt was slowly pulling ahead of the other slaves but
even this  early in the race you could see he wince every time her punishment
weight bounced.  "She's not going to do well in this race." Rick thought.
"Between the weight and the extra  strain she was putting on her abdominal
muscles she's going to begin feeling the cramps  very soon. And thinking about
not doing well. Marie is doing one hell of a job on my  cock. I figure I'll cum
about lap 5 at this rate."

Review This Story || Author: Sir_Bor
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