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Review This Story || Author: Lex Ludite

Wayward Wife's Punishment

Chapter 6

                                               Chapter VI

Moments after Allie finished her story the subject of her tale, Nancy, the parson's slave-wife joined us.  “A little bird told me that you were talking about me behind my back. Is that true?” She asked in a voice that was quite deep considering what I had just heard about her. Up close Nancy was even more impressive. To me she reeked of sex and power; I could feel my cock beginning to grow as I got a closer look at her body, naked except for a pair of old fashioned full cut panties that encased her cunt and struggled to contain her protruding stomach. She was nearly as tall as me and she definitely outweighed me. The thought of working on her big body really got me going.

“I just got through pissing on your old lady; want to do something about it?” Nancy said, challenging me. I laughed and quickly replied, “ Yes I think I'll have to give you a major league tongue lashing until you apologize.”

“ I don't have that kind of time to humor you and I don't think you have enough tongue to reach all my really sensitive spots,” she answered with a malicious smile.

“ Seems to me that you're all talk and no action. It doesn't take much clout to piss on some dumb cunt who is helpless and lying out there to take the kind of treatment that whores like you can dish out to her. Now you can either put out or get the fuck out of my sight. I am not impressed by cunts that have big mouths and nothing else going for them.”

I watched as Nancy's face clouded up and noticed that Allie had arched her eyebrows, as if to caution me. Evidently the parson's whore had some horsepower just because she belonged to him.

Undeterred by her baleful expression and Allie's caution I continued. “ Why don't you ask you lord and master if it would be alright if I fucked your brains out for the next couple of hours while he gets off cornholing my whorish wife.”

“ Well, well, looks as if there's a set of balls in your pants. I also notice that your dick got kind of stiff when I arrived. Maybe it might be fun to let you give me that tongue lashing. I'll tell you what, throw in a good session of ass kissing and rimming and I'll let you have a go at all my goodies. You better be good or I'll sit on your face until you pass out.” Nancy said with a smile that lit up her face and got me even harder. I wanted to get my tongue and cock in that cunt in the worst possible way.

 Allie chimed in at that point to mention that she and I had been doing some serious fucking and sucking last night. “ He isn't as big as my Rod or the parson, but what he has works really fine, and he does have a very knowing tongue. I think you'll enjoy what he can do, provided I didn't wear him out last night. You two can use the same bedroom as we did; he knows the way. See you in a couple of hours.”

In less than five minutes I was peeling Nancy's panties off her big body to reveal some amazing amounts of scar tissue. The story that Allie had told me was not embellished much based on what I could see behind the jungle of black springy pubic hair that guarded her cunt. I leaned forward and inhaled to get acquainted with her musky twat. She moaned softly when I probed her fat cunt lips with the flat portion of my tongue and then poked the tip between those fleshy mounds to sample her cunt juices. To my amazement I discovered I was working on a dry hole; she wasn't even damp.

 “I haven't had a man's tongue in my cunt for years; that is one that wasn't strapped down and already in a strait jacket.” Nancy said.  I went deeper until my nose was pressed against the wrinkled hood protecting her clit. Her aroma was strong with various scents some pleasant, others sharp, even acrid. I sucked noisily, my hands covering portions of her massive round ass cheeks, to lock her cunt tightly to my mouth. I felt her hands grabbing my hair to push me away. I was hooked on the taste and smell of that dry cunt in a matter of minutes and so I rolled her onto the bed and spread her powerful thighs apart so that I could position myself at the mouth of her cunt. “ What a fucking tongue you have!” Nancy exclaimed as I began to seriously eat her pussy, nibbling on her fat cunt lips and nipping her clit. However she still wasn't giving up any gash goo, even though she seemed to be enjoying my attention to her hot hairy hole.

Nancy sighed deeply and whispered, “ I'm afraid you're working on a dry hole. It got totally fucked up after they worked me over down at the sheriff's station. The parson was pretty pissed off when he found out, but he's the one that did it with those liquid fire douches he gave me. That burned up all the juice makers in my pussy and on top of that the workout he gave me with that cattle prod finished off any chance I had to recover.” I stopped kissing her cunt lips and lay there kind of stunned. Nancy adjusted her body to move her puckered asshole into my line of vision. “ It's funny, because my asshole is super sensitive now. It's been that way ever since my cunt was burned out. It's sort of like how a blind man gets to have super hearing after he loses his sight.” I laughed when I heard her words and stuck my tongue into the center of her puckered asshole and wiggled it. She shuddered and clamped my head between her powerful thighs. “ Do me you bastard! Do me good! “ Nancy shouted.

It took some doing but I managed to get Nancy on her stomach. It was then a simple matter to spread her meaty ass cheeks and begin mining the goodies locked behind her puckered asshole. She went off like a firecracker after only a couple of minutes of serious pucker probing. When I slapped her ass she came again, begging me to give it to her hard and deep. It took only a few seconds for my hard dick to split her asshole and bury itself deep in her shit chute. I then proceeded to give her a major drilling, pumping in and out of her spasming asshole as fast as I could while she moaned and sobbed for me to “make it hurt”. When it came to hurting her I was not in her master's league, but she got off anyway. I kept plowing her and she kept clenching her asscheeks in a vain effort to keep me inside her back channel. In a move that was inspirational and very effective, I grabbed her asscheeks and began to pinch the well upholstered flesh until she grunted in pain. Then I punched her bouncing bottom as hard as I could and she went off like a rocket to the moon. It was awesome the way her big bare body bounced and thrashed all over the bed and I rode her like she was some kind of bucking bronco.

I still hadn't come and so I kept up the assault on her big ass. Nancy began to thrust back in rhythm with my steady plowing of her back hole. I pulled out for a rest and kept up the pounding I was giving her ass with my open hand and sometimes fists. She grunted and begged me to “put it back in, please, put it in my asshole.” I complied and reamed her out with as much force as I could muster. Her insistent clenching and thrusting finally got me off and I dumped a good sized load of hot nut butter deep inside her asshole. I rolled off and tried to catch my breath, but she gave me no rest, swiftly capturing my semi-hard cock in her hot, wet mouth. She began suctioning it for all she was worth in an effort to keep me hard so I could quickly resume ass fucking her. Then to make matters even worse for me she got into a sixty-nine position and dropped her pungent pussy down on my face as she resumed her steady suction of my limber organ.

The aroma of that sweaty pussy mixed with the juices from her asshole and the salty taste of my load, which was slowly oozing from the winking brown eye I'd just invaded, invigorated my cock to the point that it began to lengthen and grow thick once more. “ I knew you could do it baby! That's my stud; now feed that bad boy into me some more and make mama happy.” Nancy crooned, shifting her big body around so I could mount her and start reaming out her asshole all over again.

I don't know how long I poked her but I was covered with sweat by the time I squirted another load into her tight, demanding asshole. I damn near collapsed when the last spurt of fuck sauce trickled from my rapidly deflating cock. Nancy immediately began to stroke my tired prick and soon slipped her knowing finger into my asshole to search for my prostate. “ Don't worry baby, you'll be hard real soon and then you can ride mama's big ass one more time.” My bed partner whispered. I doubted the “soon” part. To distract her I insisted that she fill me in on what happened to her after the parson nearly killed her at the jail. She told me a tale that was major league ugly and yet by the time it was over, my cock was hard as steel and I proceeded to give Nancy the ass fuck she was hoping for.

                                               (To be continued)

Review This Story || Author: Lex Ludite
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