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Wench's Nipple Party

Part 1

Wench's Nipple Party

     I cringed, for tonight I was to be punished.  My Love had caught me masturbating without permission.  We preferred the terms “My Love” and “Wench” to “Master” and “Slave”.  It was personal preference I guess.  We were to go to a “play party”, and I was sure that I would be one of the “toys” to be “played” with.  

    I was forced to come to the party wearing only a black dress that ended mid-thigh, a pair of heels, and I was locked into my Tollyboy chastity belt.  I didn't know if Love brought the key or not.

    We drove for about half an hour until we got to the apartment building it was in.  We parked a few blocks away, and walked up.  

    As soon as we entered, the sight of sex abounded.  There were women around in various states of undress.  Some were dressed in lingerie.  A few were handcuffed.

    Love smiled.  “Oh yes.  This will work out quite nicely.  Wench?  Take off your dress and hand it to me.”

    I was surprised at his abruptness.  I hesitated.

    “Your dress.  Now Wench!  Shoes too!”

    I quickly took off the dress, slipped off the shoes, and handed them to him.  Now I was butt-naked except for the steel panties I had locked on.  A lot of eyes turned to view the movement, and I'm sure the gleaming steel caught quite a few of them.  A lot of guys turned to stare.   

    He smiled at my naked body.  “Good.  Now mingle.”  He turned around, and carried my dress and shoes back into the hall!  He left me stranded in here with no clothes!

    He left, and guys approached me.  I felt like the vultures were descending on their innocent victim.   

    I expected to be rudely groped and fondled.  I was surprised.  The guys stepped up, gawked, stared, and one started talking with me!  “Hi there!  I see you've just been dropped off!  Don't worry – we don't bite.  That's. . . quite some pair of undies you have on.

    I blushed and stammered.  “ Um. . . yeah.  As you can see, it's not by choice.”  I tugged and pulled at the belt to show that it was snug.  Pointing to the lock, I explained the obvious - “It's locked on.”

    He grinned.  “And it's not like you have the key stashed in some pocket.  I LIKE it!”


    “Wow.  A real chastity belt.  Tell me about it.  How long have you been locked in?  And what's it like to be locked into metal panties?”  

    At this point, I had a bit of a crowd, all staring at my chastity belt.  I started explaining how I came to be locked in, that my husband, who I called “Love”, has the keys – and the rest of my clothes.  I don't know where he went, or when he will be back.  

    The belt was as comfortable as you can get stainless steel underwear to be – a good thing considering how long I may have to wear it.  One week is as far as I've gone.

    One guy asked if he could touch it.  I was a bit taken aback – not at the thought of him touching it, but that he asked first.  I agreed, and he ran his hand along the waistband, admiring the stiffness.  He slowly ran his hand down my crotch.  “Can you feel this at all?”  

    “I feel general pressure – that's it.  Nothing enough to be stimulating.”

    He was amazed.  “I'll be right back.  I want to show this to someone!”  I got the feeling it was his girlfriend, lover, or sex slave, whichever term was the most appropriate.

    I was right.  After a bit more conversation with the rest of the crowd, Mr. Tactile came back with his lady.  

    “Oh my.  And you can't take it off?”

    Mr. Tactile proudly answered for me.  “Nope!”

    “Wow.  Can I see the inside?”

    I laughed.  She was bold enough to ask me to take off my only article that could be considered clothing, but clearly didn't grasp the concept.  I pointed to the lock “It's not like I can quite take it off.”  

    After what seemed to be about ½ hour of chatting, Love returned – without my clothes.  He must have dumped my clothes back in the car – a few blocks away!  It seemed I was here until he deemed that I could leave, unless streaking was suddenly in fashion!  He was carrying something leather – never a good sign, and seemed amused that a crowd was talking to me, and looking and touching the belt.  

    “Wench!  I'm so glad you're making friends!  Do they want to see the inside of your belt?”

    I could get it off?  My spirits soared.  “Yes Love.  Why don't you show them?”

    “Very well.  Turn around.”

    I complied, and he took my hands, guiding them behind my back to grab the opposite elbow.  When I had done so, a large leather pocket slid over my arms, coming up to just below my armpits.  It had a long strap coming off of one shoulder.  He took that strap, passed it over the shoulder, between my boobs, and ran it through a ring at the opposite elbow.  From there, it came in front of me, crossing over to a matching ring on the other elbow.  He then passed it up between my boobs to a buckle on the other shoulder.  It formed a large X on my chest, and pinned by arms against my back, but was not uncomfortable.  I expected to be in this for a while.  Love addressed the crowd – it's important that the wearer never handle their own belt – it is part of ownership.

    He led me over to an unusual padded bench.  The bench was about 2 ½ feet high, and about 3 feet long.  There was a big hole in one end with a strap that went over it.  Another odd feature was that at one point, the bench narrowed from about 18” wide to only about 4” wide.  As he laid me down over it, the purposes became clear.  My boobs dangled on either side of the narrowed section, and my face poked through the large hole.  Love fastened the strap behind my head to ensure that I couldn't lift it up.  As I couldn't turn my head either, I was stuck looking down at this mirror.  He then fastened my ankles spread wide to each leg supporting my bench.  I was clearly on display.  

    Love came up to my head, and put a large mirror on the floor.  Looking down, I could see a lot of faces looking down to see my expression, and others looking back to see what Love was doing.  “Great – I've attracted quite the audience” I thought.

    Love held up a pair of nipple clamps so that I could see its reflected image.  It looked like a strong pair, and the chain between them looked awfully short.  There was a conspicuous hole in each clamp.  He wanted me to know what was coming.  He knelt down, and started to massage my nipples to get them hard.  “You know, we can't have you getting up or anything without permission.” He muttered.  

    “ Yaaah ”! I screamed as the first clamp bit into my tender nipple.  A lot of the people gathered giggled or snickered at that.  I felt him tug my clamped nipple a bit over to the other one, and the second clamp bit in.  I yelped again to the amusement of the crowd.

    He got out my long barbell piercings for my nipples.  He put one end through a hole in the clamp, through the nipple, and out the matching hole on the other side.  He then threaded the cap on; there was no way the clamp was coming off of my nipple.  He repeated this on the other side as well.

    One of the onlookers seemed to take a particular interest in my breasts, his eyes wide in fascination.  “Man!  I just love clamped boobies!”  He held up some 1” stainless steel balls, each with its own chain and hook.  He turned to Love “Can I put some of these on her?  Can I?”

    My thoughts were “What kind of a freak carries around steel balls just to put on nipples?  Those things are going to hurt!”

    My Love had different ideas.  “Sure!  You can even play with them a bit!”  The guy was filled with joy and excitement.  I was filled with dread.  I pulled a bit at the arm sheath, but it was still holding me fast.

    Love unlocked and took off my chastity belt.  I was free – in a way.  He showed off my prison to the assembled crowd, who looked on it in fascination.  Quite a few of the guys started whispering to their female partners.  Wives?  Girlfriends?  Sex slaves?  I had no idea, but I knew the idea behind the message – “What if you were locked into that for as long as I wanted – no sex, no nothing until my whim struck?”

    Breast Man took this opportunity to rub his hands all over my boobs, and then hang a ball onto the chain, loving the way that it pulled my nipples further away from my body, stretching my boobs.

    I felt Love's penis lubing up my rear.  Oh god!  He was going to go in the out door!  I whimpered.  I always thought anal sex was so demeaning – like being used for a sheath for his penis, or a mattress pad – just an object to be used.

    His penis slowly entered, going only slightly in before retreating a bit.  The next thrust went in a bit further before retreating.  The next thrust went even further in through the out door, and so on.

    I felt humiliated.  I couldn't even turn away from the mirror on the floor, showing my cringing face to anyone in the assembled crowd that felt like looking.  

    One guy in the crowd shouted out some encouragement for Love.  “Hey!  She sure seems to be enjoying it!  Go harder!”

    That seemed to spur Love on.  He pushed harder and harder.  The force of his thrusts really got my body moving back and forth on the bench.  With each swing, the friggin ' weights on my nipples pulled like a pendulum!

    He seemed to get a tempo going, with his groin slapping my ass on each stroke.  I'm sure it was wonderful – for him.  For me, it was a stretched ass and being humiliated in front of a crowd!

    Breast Man put his smiling face into the mirror's view, holding up more weights.  My eyes went wide.  Oh god!  They were going to hurt even more!

    He hung them on without any further ado.  I cried out as my nipples got yanked further away from my body.  All I could think about was the rhythmic yanking as Love forced my torso to rock the weights.  Normally, the clamps would have slipped off of my breasts with all of this yanking, but my piercings were holding them firmly clenched onto my abused nipples!  Breast man took this opportunity to fondle and knead my breasts.  He knelt down to let them slap into his waiting face again and again as I got rocked back and forth.  

    Looking down in the mirror, I saw my chastity belt being handed around.  I guess it was so that everyone could see and handle my implement of long-term bondage.  Everyone except for me of course!  Most men handled it like “Oh yeah!”  Most women handled it with the same fear I had of it.

    Love grabbed both bottom corners of my arm sheath, and started yanking on it in rhythm with his thrusts.  This pulled my torso, impaling it on his penis as his thick rod came up with the stroke.  He was smacking my ass hard, and stretching it too!  I started babbling into an incoherent whimper.  I was SO regretting masturbating.  Oh god.  Never again!

    Love pulled on the sheath, and held me impaled onto him as he tensed, shooting warm sperm up my ass.  He spasmed a few times, I think in attempt to shove his seed further in before withdrawing.  Though out of breath, I heard him say “Oh.  Yes.”  He was clearly pleased.  Just as clear was that my feelings on the subject didn't matter.

    I heard him doing something back behind me.  I couldn't see what it was, I didn't know what it was, but I did know it could only end badly for me.

    Love addressed the crowd.  “And now, she gets hers!”  Curiously, many of them giggled.  I sure I was about to find out why.

    I felt a slight pressure at my vagina, and I was a bit surprised – normally, he can't recover that fast!  As it slid in a bit, I realized that wasn't him, or anyone else's penis for that matter.  It was rubber!  He slid it in and out, going in further and further until it was in all the way, then let it sit there.  “Now isn't that better?” He asked me.  I knew better than to respond or try to expel it.  He stepped away.

    Breast Man seemed oblivious to this, instead tormenting my boobs.  They were already being yanked away from my body from the weights.  He apparently enjoyed tugging on the chain for just that extra added pull.  He kneaded them, forcing the blood from my breast into my crushed nipple to increase the pressure.  The more I cringed, either from pain or humiliation, the more he seemed to enjoy it.

    After a few seconds, the crowd responded.  Some giggled, and looked at me.  Some gave a slight cheer.  What was going on?  I was the only one who couldn't see what was going on!  

    I got the answer a few seconds later with some pressure at the crack of my butt.  He was going to plug me!

    I heard Love again.  “We can't have her removing any of my cum from where I left it, now can we?”

    I was thinking “Oh please!  Let me remove it!  Or I'll promise not to remove it!  Just not the plug!”

    The crowd had a different mindset, spurring him on “Go for it!”  “Oh yeah!”  “Plug her deep!”  

    The plug slid in a bit, stretching me wide, then eased slightly.  I felt something soft against my thighs, but my thoughts were more on my butt.  I tried to relax.  I tried to open up.  It was huge!  It went in a bit more, then eased slightly again.  After a few repeats, he finally slid it home.  I felt my sphincter snap shut around the narrow neck.  “Narrow” being a relative term in this case – it was still large.  God I felt full!  How long would this fake penis be in me?

    A moment later, I got my answer – I felt Love place the chastity belt around my waist.  He was going to lock these sex toys in?  I started to sob as the cable from the small of my back got taut over the butt-plug, and the front shield was pulled over the dildo, still inside of me.  It didn't close – it didn't fit?  It seemed the added dildo and plug pushed me out more than what would close!  My spirits rose.  Was Love going to be forced to take something out?  He took a firm grip of the shield, and gave it a yank!  It sent the plug even deeper into my butt!  I cried out, then came the ominous “click”.  The plug was shoved in to stay for as long as Love decreed.

    Love un-did the strap holding my head down to the table.  He told me “Now why don't you thank. . . .” He gestured to Breast Man.

    “Jim” Breast Man said.

    “Thank Jim for the attention he has given to your breasts.  If you're sincere, he may even release you from the bench.”  He paused.  “Or, he may decide to tie them up for his amusement.  You'd better make it worth his while.”

    My eyes went wide.  I had to plead with this guy who got his kicks on fondling and yanking  my boobs?  To convince Mr. Breast Fetish himself to let me go?  How was I going to do this masterpiece of persuasion?

    I stammered . “Um. . . Jim?  I . . .uh . . . really wanted to thank you for your great attention to detail when handling my *breasts*.”  I stressed the word, hoping it would appeal to him.  “However, I'd really appreciate it if you'd release me.”

    Jim looked up at Love, who just shrugged, saying “I think she can do better than that.”

    I continued on, in the most sultry voice I could muster.  “Jim?  I'd really love it if you would take the clamps off.  Oh please!  I would do wondrous things for you if you'd do that for me.”  

    The words spilled out before I had a chance to think about them.  “Wondrous things”?  What was I getting myself into?  What things could I do for him in my predicament?

    His tone seemed distant as he rubbed my boob.  “Your melons look so wonderful stretched out like this.  If only I could put my breast stretcher on you. . . ”

    I had no idea what this guy was jabbering about.  My breasts were already stretched!  I had to placate him anyway to get released.  “Why Jim, I would love to model your breast stretcher for you, but you'll have to let me out to stand up first.”

     He came out of his reverie.  “All right!”  He exclaimed, and ran off.  He ran back only about twenty seconds later, carrying some small device.  I saw poles and straps.  I was already afraid, but was I to do?  I had to get off of this bench!

    Jim released my nipples.  I cried out as the blood rushed back.  Damn that hurt!  I wanted to rub them, try to make them feel normal, but my arms were still in the sheath on my back!  Moaning, I tried to stand up.  I had no leverage!  This was going to be rough!

    Jim helped me stand.  It was only then that I realized just how huge that penis shoved up my butt was!  I had to stick my butt out to ease the pressure.  I looked behind me, and saw that it had a freakin ' horse tail attached!  As if the plug wasn't bad enough, there was a tail coming out of my butt to advertise what was up there!  And I couldn't do a thing about it!  I groaned from the size.

    Love smiled, and asked a rhetorical question.  “Do you like the plug up your ass?”  I could tell HE sure liked it.  The he pulled out what looked like a key fob.  My eyes went wide.  I knew what it was.  My plug was a zapper!  It was locked in, so I was at the mercy of the holder of the remote.  He addressed Jim, Mr. Breast Lover himself, in a voice loud enough for the crowd to hear.  “Wench here was found masturbating without permission.  Have her do whatever you please, with one limitation – nothing living goes in her mouth.  The buttons 1 through 4 here will zap her butt if she doesn't comply with your every whim.  Enjoy!”  With that, Love turned and walked away into the crowd.  

    My eyes followed his departure with disbelief.  Questions flooded through my mind.  “I was in the control of Mr. Breast Fetish?”  “Where was Love going?”  “How long was he going to be gone?”  “Why was he. . .“  

    Zap!  “ Gaahh !!” I cried , leaping in the air as the shock went through my butt!”

    “You are to pay attention to me now.  Let's see – I think you should get on your knees, and kiss my crotch.”  Jim calmly stated, his finger hovering over the zap button.  I knew from experience that the first zap was only a two – it could get a lot worse!  As I knelt down, Jim pondered a bit more.  “And beg me to stretch your boobs out – they dangle quite a bit.”

    I started reluctantly kissing the zipper of his jeans, and asking “Oh master, *kiss* may I *kiss* please wear your *kiss* breast stretchers?”

    Jim leaned over to someone else, and I heard him whisper “Check this out.”  Down to me, he said “Wench, I don't think you're quite desperate enough to plead properly.”  

    I screamed and struggled as my butt was shocked again!  I looked up, and saw Jim calmly smiling at me, finger over the shock button.  The message was sent loud and clear!  The quicker I got the breast stretchers on, the less I would be zapped!  I rubbed my face over his crotch, pleading, kissing, and rubbing as I did so.  “Master!  *kiss *  Oh Master!  *kiss *  I want to wear the *kiss* wonderful stretchers for you!  *kiss* To model them *kiss* for your amusement!  My I please *kiss* have them pulled out for you?  Please Master?  My Master?”  I nuzzled my face against his crotch, and thrust my chest out so that they straddled his leg.

    The guy next to Jim seemed quite amused “Oh Man!  That think is like the slut button!  I got to get me one for my slave!  Hit the button, and she turns into a whore!  I love it!”  Everyone around laughed.  I wasn't sure if they were laughing at what he said, or laughing at me forced to be the slutty whore.  In hindsight, I think it was both.

    Jim looked quite happy.  "That was much better.  I see you are a trainable pet."  He held up a cross-shaped gizmo that looked like it belonged on a chemistry lab table.  An  H -shaped pad was put on my chest, so that my boobs stuck out through the gaps.  While it was padded "for my comfort", I doubted this contraption would be very enjoyable – for me at least.  

    From this plate, a threaded rod stuck out away from my body.  A wingnut was part way up the length, followed by a cross-bar.  Each end of the cross-bar was attached to a tight spring that was connected to a nipple clamp.  The purpose was clear – twist the wingnut , and the bar pulls my nipples away from my body.  My initial thought was right – this wasn't going to be enjoyable for me.

    Without further ado, he started to rub and twirl my nipples.  I felt them getting harder under his touch.  Even when they were firm, he kept at it for his own enjoyment.  Finally he held up the clamps, and slowly let them bite down.  Their bite wasn't bad; they had large heads on them.  He made sure to line them up, and my barbell piercing was again put through the head of the clamp, through the piercing, and out the other end of the clamp.  The piercing was screwed closed, and I knew the clamps wouldn't slip off.  Right now it was pretty slack, but I knew it wouldn't last.

    Jim said "Go around and meander.  Ask anyone you can to twirl the wingnut – one twist per person."

    I looked around.  There must have been a dozen people just waiting to participate in yanking my boobs.  I turned to the first one.  The testosterone showed on his face.  I glanced back at Jim, who didn't look pleased I was hesitating.  "Would you like to give it a twirl?"  

    I barely got the words out before he twisted the wingnut .  I felt the pressure change on my boobs, but it still wasn't bad.  I faced the next guy, and grimaced, eeking out "Would you like to move the nut?"  

    I yelped as my butt lit up from a zapping!  Jim called out "Cheerful and seductive, Wench!"

    I looked back at my next customer.  He was grinning, just waiting to see me try to seduce him into pulling my boobs, ready to enjoy the experience.  I licked my lips seductively, looked up at him, and cooed “Hi there.  My breasts would love to come closer to you.  Could you help me out and give that nut a twist?”  OK, it was corny, but on short notice, it was the best I could do.  Besides, the guy quickly complied.  I could start to feel the tension in the setup, starting to pull my boobs taut.

    Jim called me over, holding out his hands like a shelf at chest height.  I waddled over, quite aware of the huge plug up my butt, and placed my boobs in to his waiting grasp.  He massaged them lovingly as I stood at his disposal – just a sex object, something that carries around boobs for his amusement.  Every feel, squeeze, and caress that he did forced a bit more blood into my nipples, making me all the more aware of the pinch on them.  After about a minute of groping, I got a slight buzz in my butt! “Get back out there – you've got a lot of pull left to get!” Jim criticized.  “And make them good!”

    I turned, and faced a quite enthusiastic group of people.  I should clarify – about a dozen guys, and two women.  One looked eager to give it a twist, the other was truly scared that the guy next to her was going to have her wear the stretchers next!

    I approached one grinning guy, who was grinning like the cat that ate the canary.  I tried to give him a seductive pose.  Considering that all I was wearing was a metal chastity belt to hold in sex toys, a sheath to bind my arms, and a contraption to yank my breasts out, I'm sure the pose looked more to the obscene.  “Would you like to give it a twist?”

    He smiled.  “Sure!”  He pulled an index card out from behind his back, and stuck it on my chest, just above the stretcher pad.  He smoothed out where he had pre-taped it.  I looked down, but could only see some writing, not clear enough to read it.  He then gave the nut a twist, adding to my discomfort.

    I went up to my next “customer”.  I said “Hi there.”  He looked at my chest and laughed.  I was wondering what that card said!  He grabbed my boobs, and started to fondle them, moaning “Oh yeah...“  With my boobs being held so taut, this started to get them throbbing!  I had to get this guy to stop, and go on to someone else! “Would you like to make them stand out more?  Give the nut a twirl!”

    He came out of his mammary-induced haze.  “Oh yeah...”  He gave the nut a twist, forcing me to whimper a bit.

    For the next person, I didn't want someone groping my taut boobs.  I went to a woman.  She looked eager to help.  Too eager.  I had to try to seduce her anyway.  “Would you...”  I was cut off by the pain of me shrieking as she grabbed my stretched boobs, digging her nails in.  

    Still squeezing, she lowered her hands, pulling my tortured boobs down with them.  I quickly got the hint and knelt down at her feet.  It was quite clear who was boss.

    In a calm, matter-of-fact tone, she said “I will stop squeezing once you properly convince me to do you the service of twisting that nut.  Do I make myself clear?”  She gave me a bit more of a squeeze to press her point home.

    Those fingernails sure hurt!  I asked “Please Mistress, may I have the nut twisted?”

    She smiled.  “You learn quickly with the ‘mistress', but you lack the desperation.”  She gripped my boobs harder slowly digging her nails in more and more!

    I shrieked!  “ AAaahhh !  Mistress!  Mistress!  Please!  Please turn the nut!  Please!”

    “How much?”

    “As much as you want Mistress!  Please!”

    “Now that's a good slut.”  She let go of my boobs, and twisted her arm to get the maximum number of revolutions in one twist, and really started to crank it.  I shrieked again as my nipples were pinched more, and pulled more.

    She calmly looked down at me expectantly.  I stammered “Thank you mistress.”

    I felt a slight buzz in my butt, and looked for Jim, holder of the butt-zapper control before he went to a higher setting.  His eyes were bugging out of his head staring at my boobs, stretched for his amusement.  In a hormone-induced daze, he said “I enjoyed watching her pull your boobs like that.  Have the slave twist and twist and twist, or I'll zap and zap and zap, then the twisting will come.  Got me?”

    I was frightened of what might happen if I dared disobey.  “Yes master.”  I went as quickly as I could to the female slave.

    “Would you like to turn the nut?”

    The master interrupted “First why don't you explain to my pet what you are going through, and why, so that she may learn from your mistakes.”

    I started to explain as quickly as I could, making sure it was loud enough for Jim to hear – I didn't want to get zapped for delaying!  “I am being punished for masturbating without permission.  I don't know where my clothes are.  My Love put my hands into this bondage sleeve, took me up the butt, then shoved in this butt-plug and tail to hold his sperm in.  Then came a dildo, locked in by the chastity belt.”

   Master interrupted “Yes, I've quite enjoyed watching you waddle around.  Do you enjoy wearing the plug?”

    “No master!  It's freakin ' huge, and I'll get zapped if I don't obey!”

    “Do you have the keys to the belt?”

   “No!  Love has the keys, and I don't even know where he is!”

    “So you have no idea how long the butt-plug will be in?


   “And your mammary jewelry?”

    “It hurts so much, but if you don't turn the nut to pull it more, I'll get punished!  Please turn the nut!  Please!”

    Just then, to drive the point home, Jim lit up my butt!  I jumped from the surprise, and my nipples felt like small balls of fire from the leap!

    I pleaded to the slave.  “Please turn the nut!  I don't want to get zapped again!”

    She seemed terrified – not wanting to pull my nipple piercings out, but not wanting me to get zapped for her inaction either.  My desperate face may have swayed her.  She gave it a slight turn, and I let out a slight yelp.  I'm sure it wasn't enough twist to please Jim.

    “Please keep turning it.  Please?”

    She slowly turned the crank as I whimpered and cried from the increasing pain.  She stopped.  I thought it was too soon to please Jim, and whimpered “More.”  The cranking slowly continued.

    The cranking stopped again as Love came up to me.  I was overjoyed to see him, but noticed with disappointment - he wasn't holding my clothes.  The punishment would continue.  “Wench, close your eyes.”  I did so, and was rewarded by having them taped shut.  You might not realize it, but eyelid muscles just aren't strong enough to break tape.

    He continued.  “Good.  Now there's someone I want you to talk to.”  He led me on.  Due to meandering through the crowd, I quickly got lost, but I presume we went into one of the adjoining rooms.

    I heard an unfamiliar male voice – “Is your name Michelle?”

    “Yes.” I replied.  “Do I know you?”

    He ignored my question.  “And you work at the engine plant?”

    “Yes.”  I was definitely nervous.  This guy knew me from work, and now he was seeing me in a chastity belt with my nipples being yanked!  

    “And you don't know who I am!  It's too bad you're in that locked belt, otherwise I might just have a fun time with you.  I've enjoyed watching your tits bounce as you walk by at work.”

    Master chimed in “You like her boobs, eh?  I think we can accommodate you!  Feel free to touch and fondle them all you want.”

    The mystery man didn't need prompting twice!  I felt him start touching and caressing them.  He took a firm hold by their base, running his hands out along their extended length.  I moaned as he forced more blood into my pinched nipples.  He then ran his hands back, forcing more pull of the nipple.  

    Mystery Man moaned too, but his was from sheer passion and enjoyment.  He went back and forth for what seemed like about 10 minutes to me.  I'm sure his estimate would be closer to 10 seconds.

    Love ended the groping.  “Wench – follow me.”  He led me over to a padded bench, and had me lay down on my back.  My arm sheath was tucked underneath me.  My boobs, body parts I was always taught to keep covered, were held up obscenely like two giant towers.  Gravity was really working against me on this, pulling my boobs into my body while my nipples were held away.  

    Love asked me “Do you want the nipple stretchers off?”

    I burst out “Oh yes!  Please Love!  Please take them off!”

    Love calmly asked me “Will you co-operate fully?”

    I was ready to do anything to get them off!  “Yes Love!  Yes!  I'll do anything you ask!  Please!”

    “ AAAAaaahh !!!” I cried out as he let the clamps go, blood rushing back into my nipples.  I wanted to rub them to ease the pain, but the arm sheath was quite secure.  

    Love talked as he lubed up the valley between my boobs.  “I really like her boobs like this.  Real ones will flop over a bit when she's on her back.  The surgery not only added to her bustline while standing, but kept them perky even when she's on her back!  They're great fun.  Try it!”

    A moment later, they mystery man straddled me, his hard penis laying between my boobs.  His hands lifted my boobs up and together, wrapping them around his shaft.  I heard tape being ripped, and my boobs were groped more – wrapping them tighter around the penis, and were taped in place.  A few more strips were put around them, apparently to make sure my boobs wouldn't make an escape attempt.

    I heard Love say “There.  Go for it.”

    The mystery man started moving his penis up and down between my boobs.  His penis grew and hardened as it thrust back and forth through my mammary valley that Love had created for him.  Mystery man grabbed my boobs, and started to fondle them as he thrust back and forth.

    When he got in a full thrust, his penis started to come over the top of my chin.  I leaned forward to try to take him in my mouth, but to no avail – his penis hit me in the chin.  I tried shirking down, but my neck quickly got tired trying to hold my head up at that awkward angle.  I laid it back down.  My arms were likewise useless to help.

    No sooner than I had done so than he stiffened, and thrust as hard as he could, twitching in place.  His penis turned into a semen gun, squirting warm sperm.  Most went flying over my face, but one warm splotch splattered up my right cheek, curving over my eye, thankfully taped closed.

    “Oh man!  That was wonderful.” He exclaimed as he slowly withdrew, leaving a dribbling trail of sperm in his wake.

    “I'm glad you enjoyed it.”  Master said.  I noticed that he didn't even ask me if I enjoyed it – I didn't have a choice in the matter.

    He fondled my boobs one last time.  “See you on Monday Michelle!”  I could only let out a pathetic whimper.

    After a minute or two, Love lifted me up from the bench.  He carefully took the tape off of my face, leaving the sperm in place.  

    I felt him put something into each of my hands, secure in their pocket.  He addressed me, sarcasm dripping from his every word.  I know how much you love your nipple stretchers.  Jim, the breast fondler inspired me.  As soon as you have them on, we can leave.

    “Um?  Love?”  I held up my pocketed arms to show my point “What about this?  I couldn't put them on even if I wanted to!”

    “Oh,” He waved at the crowd.  “I'm sure some guy would be willing to help you – feel free to ask around.  Once they're on, come find me, and we can go home.  He disappeared into the crowd.

    I realized that I had to get this over with.  I went up to some guy, who was eyeing me up and down.  “Excuse me.”

    He stepped aside.

   “No, I need your help.”

    “Oh, I don't think I'm going to let you out – you look too gorgeous held in that arm sheath thing.  What's that on your face?”

    I blushed, but what could I do?  “Cum.”


    “Cum.  Semen.  Sperm.  Man Sauce.”

    “Oh – your Master had fun with you!”

    “Actually, I don't know who's that is – Master's sperm is locked up my rear.”  I turned to show him the plug and tail sticking out of my butt.

    He laughed heartily.  “There ain't no way I'm cleaning off jism or taking a plug out of your butt.  Sorry babe.  No way.”  

    “Well, look inside the arm sheath, and you'll see what I mean.”

    He looked inside cautiously.  Perhaps he was expecting to see more orgasmic fluids.  I held up the items Love had wanted me to have on.  He called them “jewelry” , I considered them to be “insidious torture devices”.  I talked to the guy “I need these put on, but I obviously can't do it myself.”

    He was clearly unsure.  “Uh. . . I don't know how to. . . What are they?”

    “They're nipple stretchers – they go on my nipples.”

    His tone got quite excited.  “Oh!  I'm sure I can figure these out.  Sure I'll help!”  I just knew he was smiling ear to ear knowing that I would be telling him to play with my nipples.

     He took the stretchers from my hands, and came around front, now eyeing his prey – my nipples.

    “Take the hoop with the prongs, and put it over my nipple – prongs facing out.”  He did so.  The prongs each forked about an inch out.  I'm sure he liked that I was explaining what to do, so that his precious pride wasn't hurt.

    The next item was a long barbell piercing – it was about 10” long, and about ½” in diameter, narrowing where it was to go through the nipple.  It has a threaded ball to hold it on at each end.  “Take the long barbell piercing, and unscrew one end.   Now put the piercing through the nipple hole.  Twist it a bit – it goes in easier that way.  No, it doesn't need to go through the fork yet.”  It felt odd giving commands to a guy, and having him comply.  It was even stranger telling him to do something that was for someone else's enjoyment at my expense!

    “OK, it's through.  Put the cap over the piercing rod.  Do the same to the other side.”  I thrust out my breast as best as I could to give him that little better access.  In hindsight, I don't know why – it was totally available anyway.  In about a minute, the other nipple had the piercing going through it.  The long rod was thus connecting my nipples.

    “Now pull the barbell, and put it between the two forks.”  He pulled, and I screamed in pain from the yank on my nipple.  

    He dropped the barbell like a hot potato, stammering.  “What?  What?  You told me to do it!”

   “If I scream again, keep going.  I guess I should have warned you – it hurts to have your nipple yanked on.  You should try it sometime.”

    He grabbed hold of the barbell again.  “No, I think I like you trying it more.”  He pulled the nipple out, and I screamed again.  He kept hold, and set the barbell onto the fork, holding my nipple in the stretched position.  

    “ Ow .” I whimpered.  “That hurts!  Now the other one.”  He yanked, and I screamed again as he settled bar holding my nipples into the stretched position.  I hated the stretchers, but now that they were on, I could search for Love – hopefully he had my clothes!   

    The end

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