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Rape at Sea

Part 1


I have been in the US Navy for 24 years and am considered a crusty old sailor. At 43 years old, I am twice the age of a lot of the men as the military is made up of mostly 18 to 24 year olds. I am a Master Chief Petty Officer which is the highest rank an enlisted person can achieve. When the Navy announced they were going to allow women on combat ships, I was mad as hell. Being “old school” I felt a war ship was no place for females. Having just returned from a 6 month deployment which was my first with women onboard, I must change my mind as there was definitely a place and function for the female sailors on my ship. For those people not familiar with Navy life while at sea, it's incredibly boring. We steam around the ocean for weeks on end with nothing to do but eat, sleep and work. Most guys bide their time daydreaming and thinking about getting to the next port so they can get drunk and get laid. Pornography is wide spread on board the ship as there aren't many other ways to relax. In recent years the Navy has frowned upon porn but for us old sailors, it was still how we passed the time, reading magazines and watching X rated videos. The other unique situation while at sea is the criminal justice system. The captain of the ship is the judge and jury. There are no lawyers or trials. If a sailor is accused of a rules violation, he goes before the captain and almost 100% of the time, if a superior accuses a junior man of something, that guy is guilty as a senior sailor is always believed over a lower ranked one. The captain hands down the punishment and that is it, no appeals. So with a setup like that, its very easy to get railroaded. Since I was the senior enlisted man on my ship, I was feared by most of the crew.

My ship is fairly large, carrying over 1,000 sailors. We had 50 to 75 females who had just recently been assigned to us as we began our deployment. The captain of the ship gave me a 6 month temporary assignment as head of the master at arms department which is the equivalent to the police. I was pissed off as I did not want to be policing the ship, carrying out contraband searches and dealing with sailors who broke the rules. Three weeks into the deployment there was an incident that changed my thinking. I had this young female sailor named Dawn in my office who had been accused of falling asleep while standing watch. I was reading her the riot act and telling her we were going to go see the captain who would probably bust her down a pay grade and restrict her to the ship for 90 days with extra duty. She started begging me not to send her to the captain, saying “please master chief, can't we work something out. I don't want to get busted.” I looked her body up and down, she was kind of chunky with a big ass which seemed to be the case for most of the female sailors on board. Her tits appeared to be rather large as well and her lips were nice and full so I rated her a 6 in my mind.

I said “so sailor what do you have in mind”. To my surprise she blurted out “I'll give you a blow job if you don't report me.” I leaned back in my chair and told her I liked her thought process. I asked her how old she was. Dawn said she was 20 so I said “and you are volunteering to suck my dick even though I am probably older than your dad.” She shook her head yes and sensing that I was considering her offer, she said “and I will swallow your cum too.” I figured what the hell, even though she was overweight, a blow job from a girl less than half my age had to be a fringe benefit of the job that I shouldn't pass up. I decided to have a little fun with the young women so I said “I think we can reach an agreement, why don't you take off your shirt for me.” She hesitated and said “do I have to”. I could tell she was self conscious about her weight which increased my pleasure. I said “take it off honey or we go see the captain.” She began unbuttoning her shirt and removed it completely, revealing her large white bra. I had her take off her pants so she was standing in front of me in just her underwear. Her thighs were very large and she had a slight belly on her.

Next I had her take off her bra and stand there with her big saggy tits on display. I picked up her bra off the floor and read the label, 40FF, definitely the biggest set of tits I had seen in a while. I made her pull down her large panties revealing a nicely trimmed bush and her big plump ass. I could tell she was embarrassed standing there nude in front of me as I had her turn around in circles. I told her it was time for a little physical training and told her to perform jumping jacks. She complied and began the exercise. My dick was rock hard as I watched her floppy tits bounce and shake all over the place. Her ass cheeks were jiggling around too as she jumped up and down. I made her continue the jumping jacks for 10 minutes until she was all sweaty and then told her to get on her knees. I squeezed and massaged her big juicy breasts for a moment then I whipped out my dick and placed it in front of her face. She immediately opened her lips and inserted my hard cock in her mouth. The young women sucked my dick like a veteran and within moments, I spewed a large load of hot cum down her throat. I told her she could get dressed but that I was going to keep her bra as a remembrance of our time together. She put the rest of her clothes one and thanked me for not turning her in.

I sat there daydreaming, that had been so easy I couldn't believe it. I figured I could probably coerce a lot of the young female sailors into giving me a blow job by intimidation and threats of taking them to see the captain. The idea hit me that I could pick out any women I wanted and plant drugs in her locker, then offer to not report it if she had sex with me. Since it would be my word against a junior sailor, I would win every time. I went to the chief's lounge and started bullshitting with three of my best friends. They were all Senior Chiefs with over 20 years in, who each was in charge of a department on board so between the four of us, we had a lot of power with the enlisted sailors. The four of us had been friends for over 20 years, and had shared some pretty wild times together. One night many years ago while we were on liberty in the Philippines , we rented a hotel room. Three of us stayed in the room while the other went and found a Filipino prostitute. He brought her back to the room but when she saw there were 4 of us, she tried to leave. We pounced on her, each of us grabbing a limb and carried her to the bed where we tied her spread eagle to it and gagged her. The young sexy oriental girl was stripped naked by us four sex starved sailors and then we proceeded to abuse her body while repeatedly gang raping her. We all trusted each other totally.

I told my buddies about the blow job I had gotten earlier in the day from the young female sailor and since we had been out to sea for three weeks, they were all jealous as none of them had gotten any action in a while. I told them my idea of planting drugs on one of the hot women on board and coercing her to have sex with me. They all wanted to get in on the action so the four of us sat there and put together a very sinister plan. We would have a contest, each of my buddies would pick the sexiest female sailor from his department, I would plant the drugs in her locker then hold a random search that would reveal the contraband. I would convince the girl that there was a secret organization on board and that if she completed an initiation, she would be accepted and the drug charges dropped. Then the four of us would take the girl to a secluded place on the ship and force her to have sex with us where she would be graded and a winner selected. We would also secretly video tape the proceedings for later viewing to help in our selection. Since we were all in our 40s, talking about raping sexy 19 or 20 year old babes had our hearts really pumping. We decided that the girls wouldn't be allowed to see any one except me, that way they couldn't ID anyone even if they wanted to plus it enabled the three other chiefs the pleasure and irony of having their victims still work for them and totally unaware that their boss is also their rapist. My three buddies started boasting, each stating they had the sexiest girl in their department as we began throwing around names of potential victims. We decided that Chief Davis, who runs the supply department, would pick first and that only I would know his selection so the other guys would be unaware of whom it was until the actual time of the initiation. Chief Taylor said he knew of a secluded and little known compartment on the far side of the engine room that we could use. He said he would make sure it was all set up and ready to go as he was the only one on board that had a key to the space.

Chief Davis called me down to the supply office the next day saying he had made his selection and for me to come check her out. I sat at his desk pretending to be working as he pointed out our first victim from across the room. I looked over and saw this petite little red head standing in front of a filing cabinet. She couldn't have been any taller than 5' or 5'1” and no more than 100lbs. Her thick wavy bright red hair was cut short, framing her face. I watched the young women while she filed her papers, studying her body as she bent over and reached up high. She was very cute with freckles all over her face giving her a young innocent look. She was wearing her working uniform which is basically blue jeans pants and a button up blue jean shirt so it was a little difficult to get a true read on her body. But from what I could tell, she appeared to have a large chest for her small size and a nicely shaped ass. Chief Davis said “that is Seaman Apprentice Tina Anderson, ain't she a sexy little thing, I wanted to fuck her the moment she checked in”. He continued, saying she was 18 years old and had been in the Navy for just over 6 months so it should be easy to intimidate her. He called the young seaman over to his desk and gave her another folder to file, letting me scope her out up close. She looked so sweet and naïve with her big green puppy dog eyes and freckled covered face. If someone would have said she was 16 years old, I would have believed it. In a squeaky soft voice she said “I'll take care of it right away chief” as she turned around and bounced back over to the filing cabinet. I looked at Chief Davis and said “shame on you for thinking about raping such a nice cheerful young lady”. Then I broke out into a big smile and said “we are going to have a lot of fun with that one, I bet she has a super tight pussy.” He smiled back and said “yea but does she know how to suck dick”. I got up and said “we will just have to find out”. I told him to meet me and the other two chiefs in the lounge tonight to finalize our plan.

The four of us worked out all the details and picked Friday night as the night to carry out our perverted assault on the unsuspecting teenage sailor. It was up to me to get the girl to our secret compartment where she would have to go along with our demands. So Friday morning during quarters when the whole ship was mustering for the day, I showed up at the supply office and using my most professional voice, I told Chief Davis I had to do a random locker search of his department. I handed him a list of 4 names which of course Seaman Apprentice Anderson was one of them. I made the four sailors accompany me to their lockers and searched them one by one, saving Seaman Anderson for last. It was just she and I as I pulled out a large chunk of crack cocaine from her locker that I had planted there. The petite red head had this shocked look on her face as I asked her what it was. I made her follow me to my office where I began interrogating her; asking her where she got it and who it was for. I told the young girl she was in big trouble as there was enough drugs there to charge her with not only possession but also with distributing. I began reading her the riot act, telling her she will not only get busted and restricted to the ship, but she would probably go to the brig for a year or two once the ship pulls into port. The frightened teenager began sobbing as she kept saying the drugs weren't hers.

I continued to tell her how much trouble she was in and letting her life flash before her eyes before saying “there is one way you can get out of this”. With tears streaming down her freckled cheeks she asked how. I said “there is a secret organization on board that looks after and takes care of junior sailors who show potential and are perhaps wrongfully accused of a crime”. “I could recommend you as I believe you might have been set up, and then all you would have to do is convince the executive board of your innocence and complete an initiation.” “The organization would then take care of this drug matter and make sure no one gives you any problems the entire time you are stationed on this ship.” Tina looked sorrowfully at me as she pleaded with me to recommend her to the organization, saying she would do anything to not get charged with the drugs. I let her squirm and suffer a while before telling her I would do it. I wanted to just rip the sexy red head's clothes off right then and fuck her but I knew what we had planned for her would be much better than just a quick fuck. Trying to hide the bulge in my pants, I said “Seaman Anderson, I will schedule an emergency meeting of the executive council tonight at 2000 hours.” “You will have five minutes to convince them of your innocence and if you do, then you will have to complete the initiation to be accepted”. “Once you step inside the compartment, there is no turning back, is that clear.” The teen sailor eagerly agreed to the terms of the deal, thinking I was doing her a huge favor. She asked who was on the council and what was the initiation like. I told her the board was made up of three Chiefs who would remain anonymous and the initiation was a secret like all the other Navy initiations. Tina said “you can't even give me a hint”. I told her she would probably be made to perform some disgusting or embarrassing things but that I would be there also to make sure it didn't get out of hand like some Navy initiations do. I could see some hesitation in the young girl's eyes but she knew there were no other options for her. I told her to be back at my office at 1945 hours dressed in her dress white uniform. I said “now go back to work and don't mention this to anyone.” The 18 year old wiped the tears out of her eyes and thanked me for helping her as she stood up and left my office. I had a hard time keeping a straight face as this sweet young thing had no idea I had set her up and what was in store for her tonight.

I sat in my office for what seamed like an eternity waiting for Seaman Anderson to arrive. I had already talked to the three other chiefs and everything was set. Finally at exactly 1945, the sexy freckled faced red head knocked on my door and entered. She stood at attention in front of my desk with a frightened and unsure look on her face. The young sailor was wearing her dress white uniform which consisted of a knee length white skirt and a button up white blouse. Her blouse was just sheer and tight enough that I could see the outline of her bra confirming my suspicion that she had a large set of tits. Plus having her blouse tucked into her skirt, I could see she had a tiny waist. I got up and walked around the petite girl, her skirt and heels accentuated her tight little ass. I tried to hide my hard-on which was trying to bust out of my pants as I thought about fucking this hot 18 year old babe who was 25 years younger than me. She looked so sweet and vulnerable standing at attention as I checked her out. I couldn't wait to see her youthful body naked and feel her juvenile pussy milking my dick. That's the beauty of the US Navy, if I were a stranger out in a bar somewhere, this young thing wouldn't give a middle aged guy like me the time of day, but here on the ship she has to obey my orders. I asked her if she was sure she wanted to go through with this and then I made her sign a release form. The form was fake but I figured I could use it against her later if needed.

Seaman Anderson and I headed towards the agreed upon location. Once outside the door I said “Ok sailor, this is it, no turning back.” “I hope you are up to the challenge”. The young girl nodded that she was ready. I told her there will be a small witness stand in the center of the room and she was to stand on it facing the council members. I opened the hatch and let Tina go in first. She took one step in and tried to back out so I nudged her forward and closed the door behind us, dogging it down so no one could enter or leave. I don't know what the teenager was expecting but it definitely wasn't this. The room was dark except for one dim red ceiling bulb in the far corner which was illuminating three men sitting side by side dressed in black clothes with black hoods covering their faces. Seaman Anderson's ass was jammed into my groin as she kept trying to back up. Suddenly, 4 emergency lighting battle lanterns lit up, providing a spot light on the makeshift witness stand which consisted of two shipping pallets piled on top of each other and nailed together with a piece of plywood on top. I gently pushed the petite redhead forward and she slowly walked over to the mini stage. Seaman Anderson stood on it at attention while facing the shadowy figures as the battle lanterns shined in her eyes, causing her to squint. There were two video camera's hidden in opposite corners of the room secretly taping the proceeding.

Chief Davis had to remain silent, so Tina couldn't ID his voice. Therefore, Chief Taylor took control of the session and bellowed out “Seaman Anderson, how do you plead to the drug charges.” Immediately, the young sailor began rambling about how it wasn't hers. Chief Taylor let her go on for a few moments, enjoying seeing the sweet female sailor struggling to defend her innocence. The chief said “ok seaman, we have looked at the evidence and based on Master Chief's recommendation, we believe you.” “If you complete your initiation, the charges will be dropped and you will have no further problems on this ship”. “If you fail the initiation, then the Master Chief will have to prosecute you or we will report him for not doing so”. I thought that was a nice touch, having Seaman Anderson think I'm the good guy here and having no options but to report her should she fail the initiation. Chief Taylor said “lets begin, so how well do you follow orders, young lady?” “Your skirt is too long, we want to see more leg so hike it up for us.” Tina looked over at me with her big green eyes wide open, I could read her confused expression as the sexual overtones of the order took her by surprise. I calmly nodded for her to obey the order.

There must have been a million things going through the teenager's mind but the reality of the situation was she had no choice but to do as she was told. Slowly, Tina reached down and began pulling up her white skirt, bunching it together as she raised it. She stopped when the skirt was about halfway between her knees and waist. The Chief scolded her saying he didn't tell her to stop so keep going till he says so. Tina took a deep breath and continued to slowly raise her uniform skirt further and further up her well toned thighs. The young girl hesitated briefly as her skirt was raised to just below her panties. Chief Taylor quickly said “lets go honey, pull that skirt up around your waist and show us your pretty panties”. After a quick look over at me, Tina obeyed him and pulled her skirt up over her panties to her waist. She stood there displaying her sexy white satin bikini underpants to the chiefs and I. I could see the embarrassment in her face being forced to stand there with her skirt hiked up and it made me laugh as we were just getting started with this naïve innocent teen. The chief told her to unzip her skirt and take it off. Tina obeyed him again and reached around the back of her skirt as she unzipped it and let it fall to the floor around her ankles. The tails of petite red head's white button up uniform blouse were almost completely covering her panties but her perfectly toned and shaped legs were totally exposed for our viewing pleasure. Chief Taylor told Tina to take her blouse off nice and slow so we could check out her bra. Sensing she wasn't going to get any relief from me, the young girl reluctantly began unbuttoning her blouse. After the last one came off, Tina pulled her blouse off her shoulders and removed it completely. She instinctively tried covering her panties and bra with her arms until the Chief barked at her to stand at attention. Her white bra looked huge compared to the rest of her tiny body. It completely covered her full breasts but was very sheer and I could see the outline of her nipples sticking out.

The 18 year old stood there in her sexy lingerie with tears welling up in her big green eyes as us four perverted middle aged men leered at her hot scantily clad body. As I hoped, her upper chest was covered in freckles so I was sure her tits would be too. Chief Taylor was enjoying tormenting the junior female sailor so while forcing her to stand at attention, he said “Seaman Anderson, give us some personal data, how old are you and what are your height and weight.” In her high squeaky voice she said “I'm 18 years old, I'm 5'1” and I weigh 98 pounds”. The Chief shot back “and what are your measurements, include your cup size.” With an embarrassed tone, the teen girl meekly said “32D 20 32.” Chief Taylor said “whoa that's pretty damn impressive sailor, a D cup on such a tiny body, you must be so proud”. He turned to me and said “Master Chief, could you check her bra label and verify that D cup size.” Playing along with his little game of tormenting and humiliating the young girl, I walked over behind Tina and pulled out her bra label. I said “yes gentlemen she is correct, it says 32D”. The Chief said he wanted to see a little Victoria Secrets lingerie modeling show and ordered Tina to turn around in circles till he told her to stop. He instructed her to put her arms behind her back for a few turns and then had her raise them over her head while she continued turning in circles. Then he had her bend over and wiggle her panty covered ass.

Chief Taylor decided it was time to see Tina's tits, pussy and ass so he had her stand at attention and said “Ok sailor, your next test is to perform your weekly physical training routine for us”. Most sailors weekly PT consisted of 15 minutes of jumping jacks, jogging in place, sit ups, legs lifts and so on. Tina politely asked “you want me to do my exercises here in my underwear?” The Chief said “Not quite seaman, I'm telling you to do them nude, Now take off your bra and panties so the council can visually inspect your body before you begin.” Tina looked over at me again with a sorrowful look and said “Please Master Chief, tell them that's enough and that I should do my PTs in my bra and panties for them.” I figured the young naïve girl was still in denial, not realizing yet that the whole purpose of this was to gang rape her. I nodded to Tina and gently told her to proceed. Tears started flowing down the teenager's cheeks as she reached behind her back and unsnapped her bra. She pulled the shoulder straps off and peeled the sheer material away from her chest, letting her bra fall to the floor. The sexy 18 year old quickly pulled down her panties and stood at attention totally nude except for her little white uniform hat perched on top of her firey red hair.

Tina's body was awesome to say the least. Her huge milky white D cups were perfectly formed without an ounce of sag to them. They were littered in freckles while topped with silver dollar size pink circles and matching pink nipples that were erect and sticking out almost an inch. I peeled my eyes off the teen girl's naked breasts long enough to check out her pussy. Tina had a bright red patch of pubes with a slight triangular shape and it was trimmed fairly short. The Chief told her to turn around bringing her ass into view. Her tight cheeks were beautifully pair shaped and with her super thin waist, gave her a nice miniature hour glass figure. While her back was facing the board members, the Chief ordered Tina to bend over and slap her own ass. Then he had her spread her ass cheeks apart exposing her little brown puckered rear hole. Tina's pussy lips were also in view and I could see they were completely bald. I couldn't wait to get a close up inspection of her sweet little snatch. I figured Tina had to be hating every minute of this as most teenage girls are very self conscious about their bodies, not even feeling comfortable during a physical from a doctor so to be nude in front of unseeen middle aged men had to be very embarrassing. Plus being forced to bend over and spread her cheeks while we gawked at her exposed holes had to be the most degrading thing she ever did, but not for long. I have been to strip clubs very often, checking out the young strippers but seeing this teen sailor being forced to display her body was an unbelievable thrill and a whole new level of excitement. I hoped the two video cameras were capturing all the action. The Chief let Tina stand up and face him again then ordered her to play with her tits and get her nipples nice and hard for us. The 18 year old began sobbing as she obeyed the command and began fondling her firm D cups. Chief Taylor asked her why she was crying telling her with a body like that she should be happy to show it off, especially to a bunch of 40 year old guys. I was sure that comment had to add to Tina's embarrassment and make her skin crawl thinking about men older than her dad drooling over her nude body. I saw her look over at me but I couldn't take my eyes off those incredible freckled titties to make eye contact with her.

The chief said “Ok sailor, begin the PT, give me 50 jumping jacks and I want to hear you count them out.” Having no choice, the nude girl began the exercise and as ordered counted out each one. Seaman Anderson's large tits were bouncing up and down as she jumped around with her arms swinging down at her side and up over her head. All four of us just stared at Tina's awesome body. After the jumping jacks, she was made to jog in place for a few minutes so we could watch her titties bounce around some more. Then the chief had her get on her hands and knees and do 25 girl push ups. He told Tina to go all the way down so her breasts are pressed firmly into the plywood or it wouldn't count towards the 25 she had to do. The young seaman was breathing heavy and her body was glistening from sweat which turned me on even more. The chief had her lay on her back and do 20 situps then said “I saved the best for last” as he instructed Tina to put her arms over her head and do 20 leg lifts. He told the petite girl to raise her legs six inches off the plywood stage, spread them all the way open and then close them and lower them, then repeat it 20 times. The chief added that on every 3 rd one, she was to leave her legs spread open and raised till a count of 10 before closing them. Tina began the exercise, totally exposing her crotch each time she spread her legs open. It was my first good look at the 18 year old's entire pussy, I had seen her bush when she was standing there and her lips while she was bent over but not both together. Her bright red bush was in the shape of a triangle with her curly pubes trimmed short as I had seen earlier. But what I hadn't seen until she bent over was that her pubic hair stopped just above the top of her slit making her puffy lips completely bald and smooth as silk. I could hardly wait to shove my dick into her tiny teenage cunt. I stood there mesmerized, with my eyes locked on her snatch as she continued to open and close her legs for our perverted viewing pleasure. The young sailor had to be humiliated beyond belief as she finished up her nude PT. I could tell she thought that was the end of the initiation as the Chief told her to stand up again, but there was much more fun in store for her.

Chief Taylor said “very good sailor, you passed round one.” “Now for round two, we are going to exercise your mouth and tongue, so get on your knees so you can suck our dicks.” Tina looked over at me with a pleading look in her eyes and in between sobs squeaked out “Master Chief, he can't be serious, you said you would stop it if it got out of hand, this has gone too far already, please let me get dressed and leave.” Before I could answer, Chief Taylor said “Master Chief, please restrain the seaman and see that she is in the proper position for the next test.” I walked over to the makeshift stage with the battle lanterns blaring down on it and quickly handcuffed the nude teen's wrists behind her back as she continued to beg and plead with me. I said “look honey just do what he says and every thing will be ok, you've almost made it now, don't quit.” “I mean how hard can it be to give a few blow jobs to some old guys.” In a soft voice Tina whispered “are they going to rape me too.” Dodging the question, I said “just relax, follow orders, and you will be out of here in no time, I promise.” I pushed the young girl down to her knees and had her in the kneeling up position with her arms cuffed behind her back. The tiny red head's face was right at waist level as she was now positioned for round two. Chief Taylor said “ok now sailor are you ready”. Tina slowly shook her head yes. She looked so vulnerable and submissive kneeling in front of us totally nude, unable to cover up her body and just waiting for a hard cock to be shoved in her mouth.

The Chief said “first up is the Master Chief, he has seniority” I figured having me go first was the worst thing for Tina, up until now she thought I was there to help her if needed and now she knew I was just like the others. I'm sure the young girl realized she was in big trouble with no way out. I stood in front of Tina and dropped my pants while mockingly telling her I was sorry but this was a perk of the job that I couldn't turn down. I grabbed the base of my hard cock, holding it still and told Tina to start kissing it. I watched as the petite teenager leaned forward and began giving my tool light tender kisses with her little red lips. I had her lick it and tease it with her tongue before instructing her to put it in her mouth and suck it. Looking down at the sexy freckled face girl with her lips wrapped around my manhood while she bobbed her face up and down its length, was an incredible sight and her mouth felt so warm and wet. The Chief told Tina she better swallow all of my cum or she would be punished later. Within 3 minutes my cock exploded, spewing a huge load of hot slimy cum into her mouth. Her throat begin rapidly moving as she tried to digest my nasty seed. The vision of this sexy 18 year old kneeling nude in front of me with my cock jammed in her mouth was too much for me to take as a second wave of cum spurted out of my throbbing dick. Tina gagged and choked slightly as my thick sex juices drained down her throat to her stomach, but basically handled it quite well for such a young girl. I zipped up my pants as Chief Taylor asked how it was. I said “the girl has skills gentlemen, the girl has skills”.

The Chief said we needed a little privacy before the next man could enjoy Seaman Anderson's sweet lips. He didn't want to take the chance of her getting that close to one of them and IDing them. I took a piece of duct tape and put it over Tina's eyes as she whimpered and complained but stayed in her ordered kneeling position. Chief Taylor stepped up to the nude blindfolded red head as she knelt there with her arms cuffed behind her back and started rubbing his hard dick around her face and over her lips. Tina voluntarily opened her mouth and let the Chief slide his dick into it. She began bobbing her head up and down his pole as she sucked his meat. Just like me, the Chief didn't hold out very long and shot a fresh wad of cum into the teenager's mouth. Chief Kline stepped up to Tina next and had her service his manhood, quickly spewing a load of his hot slimy sex juices into the young sailor's mouth. Tina dutifully swallowed all of our cum, gulping down several mouthfuls of our thick salty discharge. So far all three of us had been pretty mellow on Tina while she was blowing us, letting her bob her head up and back so she was in control of how much cock she took in her mouth.

Chief Davis was last and I would have thought that since Seaman Anderson worked for him, he would be gentle on her as well. Apparently he had a lot of pent up lust and frustration because as soon as he stepped up in front of his sexy assistant, he began slapping her freckled covered cheeks with his hard-on. Tina knelt there taking it without moving as the 18 year old must have realized the only way to get out of here was to do what we wanted. Chief Davis pressed his cock against her lips without saying a word. Tina got the message and opened her lips, letting another swelled up dick invade her sweet little mouth. Chief Davis grabbed two handfuls of the teen's thick red hair and held her head still, not letting her move it all. He began thrusting his hips forward and back, jamming his big cock deep into her mouth. The defenseless young girl could do nothing to stop her boss as he violently fucked her face. Tina was gagging and grunting as his dick pounded in and out of her mouth. With one last push, Chief Davis drove his cock all the way in Seaman Anderson's mouth while burying her lips in his pubic hair. He held her head firmly in place as his dick exploded, shooting his cum straight down her throat. He kept his cock lodged in her throat opening, cutting off her air supply and shot another load of seaman into Tina's stomach. The chief backed his tool out of his assistants mouth, letting her catch her breath. Tina knelt there with her head slumped forward as we gathered around her. She had to feel so humiliated and degraded after being forced to suck 4 middle aged men's dicks and swallow our cum.

Chief Taylor stood Seaman Anderson up on the makeshift stage and tied a rope around her handcuffs. He threw the other end over an overhead pipe and pulled on it, forcing Tina's cuffed arms up the small of her back. The teen still had the ability for some movement but it was very limited. The Chief put a piece of duct tape over the petite red head's mouth, gagging her. He turned on the regular lights in the room, giving us an even better view of the young seaman's nude body. Since Tina was blindfolded, the chiefs removed their hoods, no longer having to worry about her seeing them. The Chief announced that the punishment phase of the initiation was next. Chief Taylor said the standard punishment for a drug charge was 100 lashes on the accused ass. Tina was mumbling into her gag and shaking her head no. The Chief said “Seaman Anderson, since you were such a good girl and sucked our dicks so well, I will cut the punishment down to 40 and we will only use our hands instead of a belt.” “Master Chief, you have the honor of going first again”. I walked over to Tina and began fondling her large breasts. They were so firm yet squeezeably soft. I let my fingers roam all over her bare melons as the young girl squirmed a little trying to avoid my touch. I poked and slapped her tits watching her D cups shake and jiggle. Then I flicked and pinched Tina's aroused pink nipples, enjoying their rubbery texture. I ran my fingers through her pretty red pubic hair and massaged her ass cheeks. I was in heaven as I molested Tina, taking liberties with her body that she would never agree to unless forced.

Chief Taylor brought over a stool so I sat on it. It was at exactly the right height to have Tina bend over and lay across my lap while she stood there. Her unprotected milky white ass was sticking up in the air and in position for the spanking with her arms stretched out above. I knew Tina could feel my bulging dick pressing against her stomach. I rubbed her soft cheeks some more and ran my finger around her puckered rear hole just to tease the teen girl. Then I reared back and delivered the fist blow, landing a solid shot on her left cheek with my hand. Tina's body jerked as she screamed into the duct tape gag. I immediately landed a hard shot on her other cheek and began alternating cheeks as I counted out my allotted 10 shots. Tina's ass was light pink when I finished with partial red hand prints showing up on her soft skin. One by one the other chiefs stepped up to the blindfolded and gagged teenager and fondled her tits and ass before bending her over their knee and spanking her bare bottom as the crackling sound of skin hitting skin emanated around the room. Chief Taylor was last and after playing with Tina's tits for a moment, he turned her around so her ass was facing the other chiefs. Seaman Anderson clenched her ass cheeks as the chief began rubbing them. He scolded her and told her to relax her ass muscles so he could get a good feel of her sexy butt. Tina complied and let the chief massage her ass while not tensing up. Chief Taylor ordered her to keep her ass muscles relaxed while he spanked her, telling her if she tensed up after a hit, that shot wouldn't count towards the required 10. The chief delivered his first shot on Tina's already red and sore ass. The teen clenched her muscles out of reflex so the chief told her it didn't count. Tina did the best she could at keeping her ass relaxed as the Chief reeled off shot after shot on her defenseless rear end. The 18 year old would squeal into her gag each time the chief's hand made contact with her sensitive skin. Tina's ass was bright red once Chief Taylor finished and I knew it had to feel like it was on fire.

Chief Taylor brought a square wooden box over to the center of the room. It was 2 ½' wide by 2 ½' long by 2 ½' high. He sat Tina down on the box with her ass right on the edge. The chief tied a piece of rope around the nude girl's waist and neck and pushed her down on her back, forcing her to lay on the box with her cuffed arms pinned under her back. The box wasn't long enough to support Tina's head so it dangled off the edge with her red hair falling down towards the floor. Chief Taylor tied her neck rope to a hook on the side of the box prohibiting Tina from sitting up. He then tied the rope around her waist to the box, which pretty much immobilized her upper body. Next, the chief tied a rope around each of the teen's ankles and pulled her legs straight up in the air, forming a letter L with her body. He threw the rope over the overhead pipes and spread Tina's legs open as far as they would go before tying the rope off and forcing her to remain in this painful and degrading position. Chief Taylor pulled on the ankle rope so hard that Tina's ass was raised a few inches off the box with the waist rope digging into her skin which prevented her from being lifted any further up. The young girl's pussy and puckered ass hole were completely exposed and unprotected as were her tits. She was still blindfolded and gagged and totally defenseless to stop our perverted assault on her body. Chief Taylor ripped the duct tape off Tina's mouth and told her to keep quiet or he'd gag her again. He said “Ok men, for the last test of the evening, Seaman Anderson is going to let us fuck her, her pussy and ass hole are waiting for our hard cocks to fill them up.” “Ain't that right seaman”. Tina whimpered “please don't hurt me”. The chief told her not to worry because as long as she continued to behave, she would be treated gently.

He announced to the group that each of us would get five minutes alone with the sexy girl to suck her tits and taste her pussy before anyone shoved their nasty dicks in her. And after each one had his turn with the bound girl, we would all gang bang her together. Tina began sobbing and begging us not to rape her. Chief Taylor put an end to her protest by telling her one more word and we would fuck her so hard she wouldn't be able to walk for a week. The young girl laid there tied to the box on her back with her head dangling down and her legs suspended from the ceiling. She was softly moaning but did not utter another word realizing her nude body was totally at our mercy and we were going to fuck her no matter what.

I was first to have my 5 minutes with the bound girl so I walked over to Tina and knelt next to the box. With her arms pinned underneath her, her firm tits were in their natural position of jutting proudly up towards the ceiling with no sag at all. Wasting no time I sucked her rubbery pink nipple into my mouth and gently nibbled on it. I worked her hard nubs over with my mouth and tongue for about a minute than moved down between the teenager's raised and spread open legs. Her pussy was in full view right in front of my face. I loved the way Tina had it trimmed with a little patch of red pubes above her slit and her lips shaved smooth. It gave her such a young juvenile look, especially since her pussy was the type that had no meat or inner lips showing. It just had a long thin slit from top to bottom separating her slightly puffy lips. Tina's whole body tensed up as I reached out and began touching her pussy. I pinched her lips between my thumb and forefinger and spread them open, revealing her moist red opening. I eased my middle finger into the teen girl's pussy and started finger fucking her. Her tiny hole was tightly gripping my finger making me wonder how it was going to be able to handle the girth of our hard dicks. I couldn't wait any longer as I had to taste the sweet 18 year old's sex juices so I planted my lips on her bare shaved pussy lips and gave them a big kiss. I ran my tongue up and down Tina's slit then slid it up her hole as I began savoring her fluids. I wiggled my tongue all around her pussy as I had it buried inside her. I am not usually an ass man but seeing this sexy girl's brown puckered rear hole totally exposed was to hard to resist so I inserted my pinky into it while continuing to lick and suck her pussy. Tina was moaning as I expertly performed oral sex on her but just as I thought I might make her orgasm, I heard Chief Taylor say time is up. I stepped back with the young sailor's pussy juices coating my lips as Chief Kline knelt next to Tina and began sucking on her exposed and unprotected tits. I walked around the room gazing at the bound girl's awesome nude body while she was being molested and abused by the other chiefs. One by one, the chiefs helped themselves to the defenseless teenager's body, sucking on her tits and pussy as she laid there spread open and on display. I could see the effects of the assault begin to appear on Tina's bare pussy lips as they were turning red from the constant rubbing of our beard stubble.

After everyone had their 5 minutes with the petite red head, Chief Taylor announced “its fucking time men”. All four of us surrounded the bound girl as eight hands instantly began roaming around her body. Our hands were all over Tina, running up and down her legs and around her flat stomach. Her breasts were being mauled and her nipples pinched and twisted while fingers were probing her pussy and ass hole. Tina laid there whimpering, unable to move as we used her nude body for our perverted sexual pleasure. With two of us on each breast, all four of us simultaneously began sucking on her D cups seeing who could give the biggest hickey. Chief Kline knelt in front of Tina's face. With her head dangling down, her mouth was at the perfect height and angle for entering. The chief eased his dick into her mouth and had her suck it. Chief Taylor was sucking on the bound girl's nipples while Chief Davis and I moved down to her pussy. I took my wooden Master at Arms billy club which was about 18 inches long and the diameter of my thumb and inserted it into Tina's spread open pussy. Chief Davis stuck a pen up the teen's ass and we both started fucking her holes with the inanimate objects. I knelt inches away from the 18 year old's crotch watching up close as her pussy lips were forced to spread around the billy club as it slid in and out of her opening. The four of us rotated around Tina's defenseless body, each getting the chance to abuse her pussy, ass and tits. In addition to the billy club and pen, the teenager's pussy and ass hole were also violated with an assortment of items like a cigar, toothbrush and an assortment of magic markers.

I couldn't control my lust any more so I stood between Tina's raised legs and dropped my pants. The box was the perfect height as my dick pressed against her pussy lips. I leaned forward and after a brief struggle, the head of my dick popped into Tina's tight pussy. She tried to scream out but had a dick lodged in her mouth preventing her from doing anything but letting out a muffled grunt. I slid my dick all the way in the petite girl's cunt and began fucking her. Tina's hole was so small and tight that it had to feel like I was ripping her pussy wide open as I pounded my meat in and out of her. Since I was standing up, I had plenty of thrust power and my tool hammered the young sailor's hole with my balls slapping against her ass cheeks. The entire box was moving with each of my thrusts, causing Tina's tits to shake and jiggle up and down. With a final push, my dick exploded and shot a load of hot cum deep into the bound and helpless teenager's pussy. Chief Taylor stepped up between Tina's legs and said “Master Chief, you did a nice job on her pussy, I think I will bust a nut up her pretty little ass.” He rubbed Vaseline all over his tool and around Tina's puckered rear entrance. The chief jammed his dick into the young girl's rectum and slid it up her anal cavity. Tina was really struggling against her binds as the pain had to be excruciating. Not only was her petite ass being violated by Chief Taylor's big dick, but Chief Davis had his hard cock lodged in her mouth and was deep throating her while Chief Kline was slapping her tits and twisting her nipples. Chief Taylor spewed his load of nasty seaman into Tina's ass and pulled out letting Chief Kline move into position. I inserted my soft dick into Tina's mouth and had her suck the mixture of our sex juices off of it while the chief began raping her pussy. The four of us continued to gang bang this sexy young teen for the next hour, rotating around her body. Her tits were sucked and squeezed, her nipples pinched, twisted, and bitten as her pussy, ass and mouth were repeatedly raped with multiple loads of cum deposited in each hole.

The four of us got dressed as Seaman Anderson laid on the box moaning and mumbling incoherently with cum oozing out of her holes. Her nude body definitely showed the effects of being abused and gang raped. Tina's breasts had several hickey's littered around them and her nipples were swelled up and deep red. The teenager's pussy lips were swollen and enflamed and there was a red ring around her puckered ass hole from being rubbed raw. The other chiefs gathered the video cameras and the rest of our stuff and left before I untied Tina and let her get up. I turned off the lights, leaving just the red ones on as I removed her blindfold. Seaman Anderson had a hard time standing up as her body was spent from all the abuse. I stuffed her 32D white bra in my pocket as I wanted another souvenir to go along with 40FF bra I took from the blow job girl. I helped Tina get dressed while congratulating her on her successful initiation. The young seaman was in a semi daze as she quietly finished getting dressed and left.

The three chiefs and I met in my office the next day and viewed Seaman Apprentice Anderson's initiation videos. To our delight, the cameras caught all the action as we humiliated and gang raped the sexy red headed teenager. We discussed our next session and decided to leave it pretty much the same. Chief Kline, who was in charge of the medical department, won the honor of selecting our next victim. The four of us decided to wait two weeks before carrying out another assault to ensure there was no fallout from the Seaman Anderson session. With a gleam in his eye, Chief Kline told us each to come up to sick bay tomorrow and he would show us his choice. We figured since we had to wait two weeks, everyone should know the ID of our next conquest so we all could check her out and fantasize about her.

I went to sick bay first thing in the morning, as my curiosity wouldn't let me think of anything else. I sat down with Chief Kline as he pointed to this sexy Hospital Corpsmen which is the navy term for nurse. He said “that my friend is Petty Officer 3 rd Class Melanie Jackson, she's 22 years old, ain't she hot”. I eyed the tall slender blonde up and down studying her body as she moved around the room. Her hair was very fine and straight, extending down about 4 inches past her shoulders. She was very attractive with big blue eyes and a set of full pouty lips. The thought instantly popped into my mind that her sexy lips were made just for sucking dick and I couldn't wait to feel those soft babies wrapped around my tool. Petty Officer Jackson appeared to have a very small chest as I could see two small swells sticking out from under her dungaree uniform shirt. I wanted to rip her shirt off right there so I could check out her tiny titties but I knew that my time would come shortly. Chief Kline said the really cool part of this was Melanie is a big women's rights activist, always speaking out about sexual discrimination and harassment so she will be especially upset to be humiliated, degraded, and assaulted by a group of perverted middle aged men. I said “so we will just have to use a little extra force to get her to comply with our demands once we get her to our secret room.” Chief Kline said it should be easy to convince her to go before our fake council as her enlistment is up in 2 months and she already has a job lined up with a hospital so she couldn't afford to get busted with drugs or be sent to jail for any length of time. I scoped out the sexy nurse for a few more minutes than told Chief Kline I thought he made an excellent selection and next Friday would be the day we'd carry out our plan.

Friday morning I went up to the medical department and announced the random drug search just like I had done the first time. Of course Petty Officer Jackson's name was on my list. I slipped the planted drugs in her locker without her seeing me and then pulled them out. The look on the female sailor's face was priceless. I took her to my office and read her the riot act like I had done to Seaman Anderson. I told her she could go to jail for a year with this much drugs. Melanie didn't break down or cry like Tina did but she was protesting wildly and saying she was framed. I let her think about loosing that nice nursing job she had lined up then gave her the alternate choice of presenting her case to the secret council who would take care of it for her if she passed the initiation. She jumped at the chance and thanked me for not prosecuting her. Melanie asked what the initiation was but I told her she had been in the Navy for almost 4 years so she should know Navy initiations are secret. She said “so they are going to make me eat garbage or something disgusting like that.” I responded with “yes something like that.” I told the Petty Officer to be at my office this evening in her dress white uniform at 19:45 hours.

Petty Officer Jackson knocked on my door at exactly 19:45 . I let her in and walked around her while having her stand at attention. I asked her if she was sure she wanted to go through with this as there was no turning back once we get to the hearing room. She said she had no other options so she was ready. The tall slender blonde looked gorgeous in her white button up blouse and white skirt. I noticed her tits looked bigger than when I saw her the other day which made me wonder if she was wearing a padded bra now. That would mean she is very self conscious about the small size of her breasts which would make our little game of stripping her and making her perform for us even more fun. I had the young sailor follow me to the room. As was the case with Seaman Anderson, Petty Officer Jackson tried to back out of the room once she saw it dark except for the dim red light in the far corner illuminating the outline of the three chiefs dressed in black including black hoods covering their faces. I pushed her in the room and dogged down the hatch so no one could enter or leave. The emergency lighting battle lanterns lit up the make shift stage as I told Melanie to take the witness stand. The young sailor slowly walked over to the lit up stage and stood on it while facing the council. The two video cameras were hidden in the corners of the room again, capturing all the events on film for later viewing. Chief Taylor took charge again and told Petty Officer Jackson to plead her case. He let her ramble for a few minutes then told her he believed her and if she passed the initiation, the drug charges would be dropped.

Chief Taylor started off by asking her age, height and weight. Melanie looked quizzical as her women's lib mentality didn't like the personal nature of the question. But she answered and said she was 22 years old, was 5'8” and weighed 115 pounds. The chief said “and how about your measurements, tell us those and include your bra cup size.” Petty Officer Jackson immediately said “that is none of your business, I know enough about Navy initiations to know they are not supposed to be sexual in nature and that question is inappropriate.” We knew she wouldn't be very cooperative once she got an idea of what was going on so before she got out of control, Chief Taylor motioned for me to restrain her. I walked over to the lit up mini stage and quickly cuffed the young women's arms behind her back. As Melanie was asking what was going on, I tied a piece of rope around her long blonde hair and threw the other end of the rope over an overhead pipe. I pulled on the rope, stretching her hair up towards the ceiling and forcing her to stand on her tip toes or have her hair ripped out by the roots. The petty officer began struggling and shouting for us to untie her so I put a piece of duct tape over her eyes, blindfolding her and a piece over her mouth, gagging her. I wrapped a piece of rope around her ankles and secured it to the stage. The sexy sailor was now standing in her dress white uniform blindfolded and gagged, unable to move with her arms cuffed behind her back and her blonde hair pulled painfully up in the air and tied to the overhead pipes.

Chief Taylor walked up to the bound girl and said “since you won't tell us your measurements, we will have to remove your uniform and find out ourselves.” Melanie was mumbling into her gag but with her arms cuffed behind her and her hair tied so tightly to the overhead pipe, she couldn't do anything to stop the chief. He began slowly unbuttoning her blouse while telling her how sexy she was. After the last button was removed, the chief pulled Melanie's blouse open and slid it off her shoulders. He wrapped it around her cuffed arms to get it out of the way and then unzipped her white skirt, letting it fall to the floor around her ankles. The 22 year old was now standing there in just her matching black lace bra and panties. Her body was tanned to a deep golden brown from her long slender legs to her dainty shoulders. Chief Taylor asked me to check her bra label and tell us her breast size. I pulled on Melanie's rear bra strap and read the label. I announced “34A” as Chief Taylor said “whoa, an A cup, now that's some itty bitty titties”. I placed my vinyl measuring tape around her waist and said “21 inches”. Then I moved it down over her panty covered hips and announced “32 inches”. So our sexy sailor with the slender 34A 21 32 inch body stood there silently in her lingerie as we checked her out. The chief was walking around her and said “I'm no expert but it looks like Petty Officer Jackson is wearing a padded bra.” He walked up to her and stroked her face while saying “I thought only high school girls padded their bras, you aren't ashamed of your tiny tits are you?” Melanie couldn't respond since she was gagged but I knew she had to be hating being teased about her small breasts. The Chief mockingly comforted the young women by telling her not to worry because he thought tiny breasts were a huge turn on.

Chief Taylor said “ok honey, I am going to remove the duct tape from your mouth so you can tell us more about your sexy body, like what color are your nipples and bush.” As soon as the chief ungagged Melanie, she blurted out “untie me now you bunch of sick perverts”. Chief Taylor stuck a fresh piece of duct tape over her mouth and said “that was not the correct answer, looks like we will have to find out for ourselves.” Melanie was mumbling her protests into her gag but was powerless to stop the chief from removing her underwear. The chief was enjoying tormenting the young women libber so he slowly ran his hands over her bare shoulders and down to her bra, he poked the underside of the thick black cups and said “yes gentlemen, there is definitely padding in here, lets see what she really has to offer”. He unhooked the front closure bra and quickly pulled it away from her breasts. The chief wrapped the bra around her cuffed arms to get it out of the way revealing Melanie's tiny tits. He pulled down the 22 year old's panties so the young blonde was now totally nude with her body on full display. My hard-on was pulsating as I stared at the tall slender female sailor. Petty Officer Jackson's breasts were indeed very small as there were two little mounds barely sticking out from her chest giving her a young sexy juvenile look. Her tiny swells were milky white with triangle tan lines boldly framing them. Melanie's pink circles were very small as well, only having the diameter of a nickel with pert upturned pink nipples perfectly centered. The blonde's nipples were erect and looked like extra long pencil erasers sticking out from her chest. I couldn't wait to suck those sweet little nubs into my mouth. I let my eyes drop down from Melanie's bare breasts to her pussy. Her bush was sparsely populated with wisps of long blonde pubes naturally combed from the outside towards the center. I walked around the nude girl to check out her ass. It was small but perfectly shaped and milky white with tan lines going down the outside of her cheeks. Chief Taylor said “well I really like Petty Officer Jackson's titties and she gets extra credit for having her nipples nice and hard for us.” I knew Petty Officer Jackson was feeling totally humiliated as she was forced to stand there totally naked while we gawked at her. Not only was she very self conscious about her body and small breasts, but being a woman's rights activist, this had to be her worst nightmare.

Keeping with the military theme, Chief Taylor said “Ok sailor, the next part of the initiation is Physical Training, are you ready to do your exercises in the nude for us?” Melanie was still blindfolded and gagged with her arms cuffed behind her and her hair tied up to the overhead pipe. She shook her head no so the chief announced that since the Petty Officer was not ready for her exercises, we would help convince her. He said each of us could come up to the stage and sample the young lady's body. I stepped up first and ran my hands over her bare flat stomach and up to her tiny tits. I gently squeezed Melanie's soft little white mounds and flicked her pink nipples. Her nubs were hard as a rock as I placed them between my thumbs and forefingers and began lightly pinching and twisting them. I let my fingers roam through her silky soft blonde pubes and all over her bare ass cheeks. Melanie continued to protest into her gag as I explored her nude body but she was tied up too tight and had no options but to stand there as I fondled and molested her.

All the other chiefs had their turn with the bound girl, running their hands all over her nude body. Once we all sampled Melanie's tits, pussy and ass, Chief Taylor cut the rope off her hair and untied her ankles. With my help, we uncuffed her wrists and removed her bra and shirt the rest of the way. We quickly cuffed her hands in front of her and walked her over to a pipe that was running across the room. The pipe was three feet off the floor so we forced Melanie to bend over it and we tied her wrists to her ankles so she couldn't get up. The blonde's ass was sticking straight up in the air, totally exposed. The chief grabbed Melanie's ass cheeks and spread them open, revealing her puckered little rear hole. He said “Ok sailor, I am going to ask you again if you are ready to perform your exercises, if you say no again, we are all going to fuck your ass right now. The chief pulled the duct tape off the bent over 22 year old and asked her what it would be, exercise or ass fucking. In a surprisingly meek voice, Melanie said “I'll do the exercises” as she must have realized she was totally at our mercy and really had no other options.

Chief Taylor untied Melanie from the pipe and re-cuffed her wrists behind her back. He walked her back up to the stage and while keeping her blindfolded, instructed her to begin with jumping jacks. Since Melanie's arms were cuffed behind her back, she could only perform the bottom part of the jumping jacks so she jumped up and down while alternating opening and closing her legs. Her tiny tits barely moved as she bounced around. Next the chief ordered her to jog in place. He kept slapping her ass while telling her to pick up the pace and raise her knees higher and higher. I was sure Melanie felt not only humiliated now but totally degraded as she was forced to perform her PT in the nude in front of a bunch of strange men. The Petty Officer's body was glistening with sweat as the chief let her stop and forced her to lay on the stage on her back with her arms pinned under her. Since she was blindfolded, Chief Taylor decided to turn on all the lights so we could see her body better. We all gathered around the stage as the other chiefs removed their hoods as well. Chief Taylor told Melanie we wanted to get a better look at her pussy and instructed her to perform leg lifts for us. The blonde kept her legs closed, not responding to his order so he grabbed her hard nipples and began twisting and pulling on them. He told her he would rip her sweet little nubs right off her tits if she didn't start with the leg lifts now. Melanie was moaning into her gag as the chief continued to abuse her nipples. Slowly she raised her legs 6 inches and spread them open, than closed and lowered them. She repeated it over and over again as we all stood there staring at her exposed crotch. After she completed about 20 leg lifts, the chief grabbed her ankles and pulled her legs straight up in the air, forming a letter L with her body. He spread her legs open, giving us an unobstructed view of her snatch for the first time. Melanie's pussy looked awesome, the long wisps of blonde hair extended down over her lips but were so fine and sparsely populated that I could see her pussy lips underneath. The young sailor's pussy was what I call a thick meaty pussy as there were extra pink folds of meat separating her lips. The Chief held Melanie in this extremely degrading position for a few minutes letting us admire her pussy.

Chief Taylor picked Petty Officer Jackson up off the floor and placed her in a kneeling position with her ass resting on her calves. He uncuffed her wrists and re-cuffed them in front of her. The chief tied a piece of rope to the cuffs and threw the other end over the overhead pipe. He tugged on the rope making Melanie raise her arms up over her head. The chief kept pulling on the rope forcing the sexy blonde to lift her ass off her legs and into the kneel up position with her arms painfully stretched over head. He tied the rope off and then tied another piece of rope around her thighs. That rope was secured to the floor restricting Melanie's movement even more. The 22 year old sailor was still blindfolded and gagged with duct tape and looked so young and vulnerable as she knelt there totally nude. Due to her arms being pulled up in the air, her chest was completely flat except for her erect pink nipples sticking out proudly from the center of her untanned triangles. Chief Taylor started stroking Melanie's soft silky hair and told her it was time to exercise her mouth and tongue. He asked her if she was ready to suck our dicks as he ripped the duct tape off her mouth and brought her full pouty lips into view. Petty Officer Jackson didn't have a lot of fight left in her but for a women who is so outspoken about sexual harassment issues, being forced to perform oral sex while bound and nude had to be absolutely revolting as well as degrading. She meekly said “please just let me go, you've had your fun and made your point.” The chief put a new piece of duct tape over her mouth and said “wrong answer sailor, let's see if a little spanking can convince you to change your mind.”

He pulled off his leather belt and stepped behind the kneeling girl with her bare ass exposed and unprotected. He rubbed the leather around her soft white cheeks while telling her she would receive 10 shots and then he would ask her again if she was ready. If she still says no, then its 10 more and so on and so on until she agrees. The chief reared back and delivered a crisp blow to her sensitive rear end. Melanie shrieked into her gag as the stinging sensation flooded her mind. Taking 15 seconds between strikes, the chief reeled off 10 hard shots causing red welts to appear on her pale white ass. He peeled the duct tape off Melanie's lips again and asked her if she was ready to suck some dick yet. The young blonde knelt there breathing heavy but did not utter a sound so Chief Taylor gagged her again and began spanking her ass with his leather belt again. This time he kept going after reaching ten. Melanie was sobbing and would scream into the gag with each hit. The chief stopped at 20 as the 22 year old's ass was bright pink all over with numerous raised red welts. He knelt next to the nude girl and asked her if she was ready yet. Slowly, Melanie shook her head yes. The chief said “good, I knew you would come around, now when I remove the duct tape, you will open your mouth and form a big letter O with those sweet lips of yours. If you hesitate for a second, its more ass whipping for you.”

He ripped the duct tape off the Petty Officer's mouth and as ordered, Melanie formed a big O with her lips and knelt there waiting for one of our cocks to be inserted. I stepped up and eased my hard dick between her full pouty lips. The sight of this nude blonde kneeling in front of me with her arms stretched over her head and tied to the ceiling almost made me cum the instant her lips closed around my shaft. I managed to control myself as Melanie began sucking my tool but looking down at this sexy young women with her long silky blonde hair and her tiny erect pink nipples, I knew I wouldn't last long. Her mouth felt red hot and her lips so soft as she bobbed her head up and down my shaft. I couldn't take my eyes off her lips as my dick slid in and out of her mouth. I felt the build up in my balls so I grabbed two handfuls of Melanie's hair and while holding her head still, I began thrusting my cock deep into her mouth until it exploded and spewed a load of hot cum into her. She immediately gagged on my salty discharge and even though I kept my dick lodged in her mouth, a stream of my pale white seamen oozed out from the corners. I had a second orgasm as another load of my cum flooded into Melanie's mouth. I pulled my cock out of her mouth as she gagged again and spit out a big wad of my nasty fluids. She said “oh my God, that is horrible, please no more”.

Chief Taylor quickly duct taped her mouth again and began spanking her already sore ass with his belt while telling her she was a bad girl for spitting out my cum. After 20 hard shots and Melanie's ass crimson red, the chief asked her if she was ready for the next dick and if she was going to swallow this time. Melanie shook her head yes so the chief ripped off the duct tape. Chief Kline stepped up in front of his blindfolded young assistant as she knelt there totally nude and dropped his pants. He pressed his hard cock against Melanie's lips, she dutifully opened them and let his tool slide into her mouth. I know the chief was really getting off on making one of his nurses suck his dick, especially Melanie with her womens lib attitude. After all, he has to see her prance around sick bay everyday with her sweet body and those awesome lips while she's preaching against sexual harassment so forcing her to perform oral sex while nude, bound and totally defenseless had to feel like the ultimate payback for him. After a few moments, Chief Kline's knees buckled as he shot his wad of cum into Melanie's mouth. Her throat began moving up and down as she tried to obey the order to swallow. The chief kept pumping his meat in and out of Petty Officer Jackson's mouth until he spewed a second load of hot semen into her. Melanie took several large gulps as the slimy fluids drained down her throat while totally unaware she had just sucked her boss' dick.

As soon as Chief Kline pulled his dick out of Melanie's mouth, Chief Davis stepped up and pushed his cock between her pouty lips. The 22 year old was still trying to deal with the cum coating her mouth and throat but as ordered, she began sucking the fresh dick that had been inserted in her mouth. Chief Davis didn't last long and must have dumped a huge load of cum in Melanie's mouth as the young blonde took gulp after gulp while trying not to gag and spit out the nasty slime. Chief Taylor was last, he stepped up to Melanie as she knelt there with her head slumped forward and her arms still painfully stretched over her head and tied to the overhead pipes. The normally vibrant sailor looked totally spent, she had to feel extremely humiliated and degraded to be treated this way and forced to suck our cocks. Chief Taylor wasn't through with her yet. He began rubbing his dick all over her face and slapping her cheeks with it. He ordered her to kiss it and lick it before commanding her to stick it in her mouth and suck it. The chief began pumping his meat in and out of the helpless blonde's mouth. As he was about to cum, he pulled his dick out of Melanie's mouth and told her to open it as wide as she could as he wanted a big target. He started stroking his meat with his hand, keeping his dick about 6 inches away from Melanie's opened mouth. With a loud grunt, Chief Taylor exploded, spewing his hot cum all over her lips and into her mouth. Melanie managed to swallow the cum that made it into her mouth as the rest of the chief's pale white semen dripped down her sexy lips and over her chin. The young sailor began sobbing as the humiliation and disgust of being forced to suck four middle aged men's dicks overtook her.

The four of us untied Melanie and each grabbed a limb. We carried her back over to the shipping pallet make shift stage and laid her down on her back. The nude blonde nurse was then quickly tied spread eagle to the pallets as we tightly secured her wrists and ankles to it. Chief Taylor gagged her again using duct tape ensuring her silence and inability to move. Melanie looked incredible laying there with her body on full display and her legs spread wide open. Now that she was totally helpless to stop our assault, she looked even more alluring and vulnerable. Her tiny titties were almost completely flat due to her arms being tied up but her pert pink nipples were still standing at full attention. The four of us began rubbing Melanie's body and fondling her tits as she moaned softly into her gag. We took turns probing her pussy and ass hole with our fingers as eight hands simultaneously roamed up and down her defenseless body. Her pussy felt so tight around my finger and her blonde pubes were so silky soft that I almost came in my pants at the thought of fucking her. While I was finger fucking her tight little pussy, Chief Kline began pinching and twisting her sensitive nipples causing Melanie to tense up her muscles in pain. Even her pussy muscles tensed up and locked around my finger tighter. We each had a chance to suck on her rubbery pink nubs and lick her pussy before Chief Taylor announced it was time to pull a train on our sweet young sailor. The Chief leaned over our bound girl and said “in case you don't know what pulling a train means, it means we fuck you in rapid fire motion one right after the other, doesn't that sound fun.” Melanie began yelling into her gag and shaking her head from side to side as she realized she was about to be repeatedly raped. Chief Taylor slapped her hard across her face and told her to shut up and stop shaking her head. He said it would be much easier on her if she didn't fight it. Melanie obeyed him and layed there not moving while occasionally sniffling.

I was first as usual so I knelt between Melanie's spread open legs and leaned forward while guiding my hard dick towards her exposed crotch. I placed the tip of my cock between her soft lips and began pushing forward while I looked down at her pussy. My invasion was met with resistance as her tiny pussy wouldn't open up enough to allow penetration. So with an extra hard thrust, the head of my tool finally popped inside her hole. Melanie let out a loud moan as my dick slid further and further up her pussy. The other chiefs began cheering me on so without wasting any time, I began pumping my meat in and out of her tight cunt. I quickly picked up pace as I reached out and began pinching her erect nipples. The sight of her young sexy body underneath me with my dick sliding in and out of her pussy was too good and I quickly shot my load of hot cum deep inside her. I backed out of her hole and moved out of the way as Chief Kline immediately took my place and shoved his dick into his assistant's defenseless pussy. One by one the rest of the chiefs fucked Melanie as she laid there bound to the wood pallets. I could see her pussy lips getting redder and more swollen due to the relentless pounding as each guy finished with her. Melanie was whimpering and sobbing into her gag as our hard dicks violated her cunt. After we all finished, we stood there looking down at Melanie as our cum oozed out of her abused pussy.

Chief Kline whispered something to Chief Taylor causing him to chuckle. He said “gentlemen we have a request for a little ass fucking, so lets get Petty Officer Jackson in the proper position.” We quickly untied her and rolled her over on her stomach. She started to struggle but she had little strength left and no match for the four of us. We forced her to get up on her hands and knees and after forcing her legs open, we tied her knees, ankles and wrists to the pallet. Next we tied rope around her waist and neck and threw the other end over the pipes above. We pulled the ropes as hard as we could, forcing her neck and stomach up towards the ceiling. So with her hands and legs secured to the pallet below and her waist and neck pulled up, Melanie could sway back and forth a little but was basically powerless to stop our planned rape of her ass. The young blonde was softly crying into her gag but remained motionless, bound to pallet on all fours with her ass sticking up in the air and her little tittes pointed towards the floor. I let Chief Kline go first since his dick had already recovered and was rock hard in anticipation of jamming it up his young assistant's ass. He rubbed Vaseline up and down his shaft and then stepped up behind his kneeling nurse with her puckered brown opening in full view. The chief slowly smeared the Vaseline all over Melanie's rear, enjoying the torment it was causing her and then without warning he shoved his dick into her ass hole. Melanie screamed into the duct tape as the chief's cock tore into her anal cavity. She continued to yell and grunt as he pumped it in and out of her rear. He began slapping her ass cheeks as his tool violated her rectum. With a loud grunt, Chief Kline sent a load of his cum deep up her hole. My cock was hard again so I stepped up and shoved it up Melanie's ass as she remained bound to the pallets on her hands and knees. I leaned forward and reached around her body so I could play with her tiny breasts as they hung down. I began pinching her nipples and pulling them down, painfully stretching her pink nubs away from her body as I raped her ass. Melanie's tight rear hole was really milking my tool and I quickly spewed a load of cum into her anus. Chief Davis and Chief Taylor followed after me and each violated the young female sailor's ass, depositing their seed into her rectum.

Melanie's head was hanging down with her long blonde hair covering her face. Her spirit totally broken as the pain and degradation of being repeatedly fucked in her mouth, pussy, and ass hole overcame her. Melanie's vibrant women libber attitude had completely disappeared as she was now just another victim of a sexual assault. Our cum was still oozing out of her puckered rear hole and there was a red ring surrounding it from being rubbed raw by the friction of our hard cocks. Melanie's pussy lips were still swollen and red, showing the signs of abuse too. Chief Taylor walked over to the bound girl as she knelt there on her hands and knees and told her since she was able to take four loads of cum in each of her three holes, she passed the initiation and the drug charges would be dropped. The other chiefs gathered up the two video cameras and the rest of our stuff and left before I untied Melanie. She didn't say a word as I removed her gag and blindfold. After I had cut all the rope off, Melanie collapsed on the pallet and began sobbing loudly. I shoved her padded 34A black bra in my pants pocket adding to my collection then threw the rest of her clothes to her and told her she could get dressed and leave whenever she was ready as I headed out the door.

The other three Chiefs came up to my office the next day where we viewed the video tapes of Petty Officer Jackson's initiation. We pulled the video tapes of Seaman Anderson's assault from our secret hiding place and watched them too, comparing our two young ladies. Both girls had incredible bodies and the action was awesome. It was Chief Taylor's turn to pick our next victim. He began boasting, saying that although both of our first two babes were hot, his selection would win the contest easily. Of course the other chiefs chimed in saying those were some big words and we will just wait and see. We decided to take a few weeks off before our next session just to make sure Melanie didn't report her assault. Chief Kline said he would keep an eye on her and let us know when he felt she was past that point and safe for us to proceed with Chief Taylor's choice.

Two weeks had passed when Chief Kline informed me that Petty Officer Jackson appeared to be over the incident. He said she was a little reserved but was constantly talking about her upcoming discharge and her new job at the hospital so he was confident she wouldn't be reporting the assault and jeopardizing her future. I immediately contacted Chief Taylor and told him I needed to see his selection as it was time for initiation number three. With lust in his voice, he told me to come down to his office right now. Chief Taylor was in charge of the Personnel Department with several female sailors assigned to him so I was looking forward to see whom he was going to select. I sat in his office and he handed me a letter while telling me to read it before saying anything. I began reading, it was a love letter from some girl named Maria to another girl named Angel. She talked about how great it was to make love to a women as men just don't understand and how they could never tell anyone about their love or they would get kicked out of the Navy and bring shame to their families.

As I finished, Chief Taylor said his plan was to use the letter as blackmail and for me to threaten to prosecute. I said it sounded like this girl had no options but to cooperate, so where is she? Chief Taylor smiled and said his plan was to do both girls. He pointed to two desks in the far corner of the room and said “the babe on left is Seaman Maria Rodrigues, she's 19 years old and the honey on the right is Petty Officer Angel Gonzales who just turned 20. I looked over and saw these two sensuous Hispanic girls that looked like they could be sisters. They both had thick wavy medium length brown hair with blonde highlights scattered around, especially around their young innocent looking faces. Their dark brown eyes were the large oval type and they both had big full lips to go along with their light brown complexion. I instantly began imagining each one of these sexy Mexican girls sucking my dick with their soft lips wrapped around my tool. I wanted them both already and I hadn't even seen their bodies yet. Almost on cue, they both stood up and walked across the room, giving me ample time to check them out. They both had an exaggerated wiggle indicating to me that they knew they were hot. Maria had a typical Hispanic girl's shape, big chest, small waist, large plump ass and thick muscular thighs. Most female sailor's asses look like a guy's when they are dressed in their Navy dungaree uniforms but Maria's ass had the perfect pear shape that looked like it was poured into her jeans. Angel was the same height as Maria but she had a much more petite body. I drifted off visualizing these two babes making love together and decided Chief Taylor was right, we had to do them both. I told the chief he had made a fine selection and plan and I would brief the other chiefs and meet him Friday night at our same place. I said I would contact him if for some reason I couldn't convince the two babes to go along with the initiation as I grabbed the letter and left.

Friday morning I found Angel and Maria eating breakfast together and told them to stop by my office when they had finished eating. My heart was pounding and my dick was rock hard as the girls knocked on my door 15 minutes later. I had them both sit down and showed them the letter, saying I got it anonymously. Both girls started blushing as they read it, not knowing what to say. I easily convinced them that the only way for their parents not to find out about their lesbian love affair was for both of them to go along with the initiation into our secret club. I told them to be at my office at 8pm tonight dressed in their dress white uniforms and I would escort them to the initiation.

As ordered, Angel and Maria reported to my office at exactly 8pm . They both looked gorgeous, Maria with her voluptuous body straining against the tight uniform and Angel with her petite shape giving her a nice juvenile innocent look. Both girls were all made up like they were going out on the town with their hair done real nice, thick eye makeup and bright red lipstick. My dick was about to bust out of my pants as I walked around these two sexy Hispanic babes. Without saying too much, I had them follow me to the initiation room. Just like we had done the first two times, the three other chiefs were sitting in the far corner of the room dressed in black with black hoods covering their heads and there was just the one dim red light on. As the girls hesitantly stepped into the room, the battle lanterns lit up the make shift stage which now was two shipping pallets placed side by side with plywood nailed to them. So the stage was now big enough for two people. I nudged the girls and told them to step up on the stage as I closed the door and dogged it down so no one could come in or leave. Angel and Maria obeyed my direction and stood on the stage facing the chiefs with the bright lights shining in their eyes. We had the video cameras hidden in the corners and focused on the stage so we would capture all the action. I could see fear in their expression as they were both questioning their decision of agreeing to this. Chief Davis took charge and started telling the girls how much trouble they were in and how their families would probably disown them if they got kicked out of the Navy for being lesbians. In no time, he had the girls begging him to let them join our group and make this all go away. He got them to say they would do anything he wanted and told them once the initiation started, there was no backing out. He went on to say if they became uncooperative during the session, he would be forced to distribute the letter all around the ship so they would be humiliated in front of the whole crew before getting kicked out. Angel had tears running down her cheeks as she stood there so Maria leaned over and whispered to her that they would be ok as long as they followed orders.

Chief Davis said “ok ladies, first off is a little work out, you girls are going to perform your Physical Training exercises for us, you can do that can't you?” Maria and Angel looked a little confused but shook their heads yes. Chief Davis said “good but you can't do the exercises in your dress white uniforms so those skirts and blouses have to come off, Petty Officer Rodrigues remove Seaman Gonzales' top.” Maria reached out and began unbuttoning Angel's white blouse while apologizing to her. After removing the last button, Maria slowly opened the blouse and slid it off Angel's shoulders so it fell to the floor. Chief Davis ordered Maria to remove Seaman Gonzales' skirt too. Maria unbuckled Angel's belt than walked behind her and unzipped the rear zipper, letting the white skirt easily slide down over her petite ass and hips. Angel immediately tried covering up her exposed bra and panties with her arms until Chief Davis yelled at her to stand at attention. The young sailor obeyed the chief's order and stood at attention with her arms at her side, giving us an unobstructed view of her scantily clad body. She was wearing a white satin bra that was lace on the top half and almost see through. Her panties were white as well with a matching lace pattern. My dick was pulsating as I looked at this sensuous Hispanic girl with her bright red lipstick and sexy lingerie, I could hardly wait to see her nude. Chief Davis had her do a few about faces so we could check out her panty covered ass and then began asking her for her personal information like we had done to the previous girls. Angel meekly replied that she was 19 years old, 5'5” and weighed 110 lbs. She softly said her measurements were 34C 22 33.

The chief complimented her on her excellent physical condition and then told her to return the favor and remove Petty Officer Rodrigues' uniform. Angel obeyed the order and quickly had Maria's blouse and skirt off, struggling a little in getting Maria's skirt down over her plump ass and heavy thighs. Chief Davis had Maria stand at attention giving us all ample time to check her out. She was wearing a full beige bra that was straining to hold in her rather large breasts and white bikini panties stretched out over her round rear end. I was surprised that even at her size, she didn't have any cellulite or stretch marks and her body appeared to be big but well toned. When asked, Maria said she was 20 years old, 5'5”, weighed 138 lbs., and her measurements were 38D 27 38. I stood there alternating my gaze from Angel's petite body to Maria's voluptuous shape as the young women stood at attention for us. Both girls looked awesome with their light brown skin highlighting their bra and panties. They were both the same height with the same hair style and facial features making them look like sisters but with completely different bodies.

Chief Davis told the girls to start their exercises with a set of wind mills. Angel and Maria began, bending over at the waist and alternating touching their left hand to their right ankle and then their right hand to their left ankle. The lingerie clad young ladies completed the set of 10 and stood waiting for further directions. I could see the humiliation in their eyes as being forced to do this in front of us had to be hard, and the good part was we were just getting started. Chief Davis said “that was ok ladies as you both have very sexy underwear but it didn't really do it for me, I think the rest of the training should be done in the nude.” Maria spoke out and said “please this is degrading enough, don't make us take off our bra and panties.” Chief Davis got stern and told them it wasn't a request but an order. He said “ Petty Officer Rodrigues, since you couldn't keep your mouth shut, you go first.” “You have 10 seconds to strip naked and stand at attention or you will be very sorry.”

He began slowly counting down from 10. Maria didn't challenge him and quickly reached behind her back and unhooked her bra strap. She slid the shoulder straps off and pulled the soft satin material away from her breasts. Maria bent over and pulled her panties down to her ankles and stood back up at attention just as the chief reached zero. She stared straight ahead, not moving a muscle as the four of us gawked at her incredible nude body. Maria's breasts were indeed large and firm for their size. There was a little sign of sagging giving her mounds a nice gentle slope. Her areolas were dark brown and large, about 2” in diameter and positioned perfectly on her D cups. To my approval, Maria's dark brown nipples were aroused and sticking straight out at least an inch. I couldn't wait to wrap my lips around those hard rubbery nubs and suck on them. Even though Maria's waist measured at 27”, it looked thin in comparison to her large chest and plump ass. Her backside was the type black men just love, oversized, round and jiggly yet perfectly pair shaped. Maria's bush was trimmed short in a mini triangular shape and was densely populated with little curly dark brown pubes. Chief Davis had the sexy Mexican girl turn around a few times to show us her ass, ordering her to bend over each time just to increase her humiliation.

The Chief finally took his eyes off the nude 20 year old and ordered Angel to disrobe. I could see tears trickling down Angel's cheeks as she obeyed the chief and removed her white lace bra and panties. She was definitely more self conscious about her body than Maria was or at least couldn't hide it as well. The teenager stared blankly at the wall over our heads as she stood at attention with her nude body on full display for our viewing pleasure. Angel's petite body was flawless, her C cups were firm and perfectly shaped with perky upturned nipples and small light brownish pink areolas. Angel's bush was sparcely populated with long dark brown pubes that were trimmed in the shape of a 2 inch rectangle. Her tiny waist and tight ass completed the young sexy juvenile look. Gazing at her naked body, I noted she could easily be mistaken for a 16 year old high school student. My hard on was pulsating and about to burst out of my pants as I continued to gawk at the sexy nude girls who were less than half my age.

Chief Davis complimented Angel and Maria on their hot sexy bodies and told them to perform the next exercise which was jumping jacks. Both girls complied with his order and began jumping up and down as their arms went up and down and their legs alternated between opened and closed with each jump. Maria's big tits were bouncing wildly up and down while Angel's firm smaller ones were gently jiggling with her body's motion. The chief made the girls complete 30 repetitions before allowing them to stop. Sweat was beginning to form on their soft skin. Chief Davis ordered the girls to jog in place. I figured the humiliation of being forced to exercise in the nude while 4 strange men leered at them, had to be a total nightmare but Angel and Maria performed as ordered without uttering a sound. The chief had them slowly turn around in circles as they jogged so we could see their asses wiggling too. Both girls were breathing hard and sweating as the chief allowed them to stop and told them to lay on the floor and do 25 sit ups. Once again they both complied and completed the sit ups. I knew leg lifts were next which is the exercise I wanted to see so I could check out Maria and Angel's pussies.

Chief Davis explained to the girls how he wanted them to lift their legs 6 inches off the ground and then spread them open, and then close them and lower them back down. He told them to do 15 repetitions. Maria and Angel began the exercise, their spread open crotch was visible as they opened their legs but they were doing them so fast it was difficult to get a good look at their pussies. Chief Davis realized we needed a better look at these young ladies crotches so once they finished the leg lifts, he ordered them to raise their legs straight up in the air, grab their ankles with their hands and pull their legs out to the side. The girls obeyed him and laid there on their backs holding their ankles with their legs raised and spread wide open. Their pussies were now totally exposed. I focused in on Maria's crotch first. Her short brown pubes extended down over her pussy but were short enough that I could see her pink thick meaty lips through the hair. Her lips opened up like a flower around her pussy hole revealing her moist red opening. Maria's dark brown puckered ass hole was in view as well which added to my excitement and I am sure to her degradation. After a few moments, I moved my eyes over to Angel and her spread open crotch. Her long brown pubic hair stopped just above her pussy leaving her lips completely bare. She must have recently shaved as her lips had no sign of stubble and looked smooth as silk. She had a thin slit that ran between her bald lips giving her an even more appealing innocent teen look. Her puckered little rear opening was much smaller than Maria's making me think her sweet ass was virginal.

Chief Davis told the girls to get up and stand at attention again. They complied and stood up. Maria meekly asked if they were done and could they get dressed now. The chief laughed and said that was just the first part of the initiation. He said for the next part, you girls are going to make love to each other while we watch. Both girls began begging him not to make them do that as the horror and disgust of being forced to share their intimate moments for the sexual pleasure of us perverted men overtook them. The chief quickly quieted them by telling them they had no options other than to do what he said. He told them he would direct them on what to do. With that said, Chief Davis told the girls to face each other and then ordered Maria to lean forward and rub her nipples back and forth against Angel's tits. Maria hesitantly complied and began to slowly run her hard nipples back and forth across Angel's little nubs. The chief ordered the girls to kiss, telling them he wanted to see tongue action. Maria leaned forward, smushing her large breasts into Angel's firm ones and began to kiss her. Every time the girls stopped kissing, the chief ordered them to continue. Watching these sexy young ladies as they began their love making was making my blood boil. Chief Davis had the girls stop kissing each other and told Maria to put her hands behind her head and arch her back so her tits stood out proudly. Then he ordered Angel to massage her lover's tits. Angel reached out and cupped Maria's huge breasts with her hands. She began to gently squeeze and rub them. The chief kept instructing the teenager, telling her to squeeze Maria's tits real hard and pinch her nipples. Next he ordered Angel to lean forward and kiss Maria's tits. The chief had her lick and suck on Maria's nipples for a while as we sat there watching. He made Angel bite down on Maria's sensitive nubs until she screamed out in pain. The chief forced Angel to continue playing with her lover's tits for a few more moments than had them switch positions with Angel putting her hands behind her head and Maria squeezing, licking and sucking on her firm little titties and pert nipples.

Chief Davis told Angel to lay on her back on the makeshift stage and ordered Maria to kneel down next to her. He had Angel spread her legs wide open and instructed Maria to begin finger fucking her lover's pussy. Maria complied and started running her finger up and down Angel's slit as she slowly inserted it into her hole. The chief made her finger Angel's pussy for a few minutes then told Maria to kneel down with her legs on opposite sides of Angel's head while facing Angel's feet. Maria's pussy was right on top of Angel's face as the chief told her to lower her crotch down to Angel's mouth. Maria obeyed the order and squatted down with her pussy resting on Angel's lips. The chief ordered Angel to start licking and sucking her lover's pussy. From my angle, I could see Angel's tongue disappear into Maria's hole. I wanted to swap positions with the young girl right then so I could taste Maria's sex juices but I was enjoying the show and knew my time would come shortly. Chief Davis kept ordering Angel to stick her tongue deeper into Maria's pussy and suck harder as Maria grinded her thick meaty lips into Angel's mouth. After a few minutes, the chief told Maria to lean forward and get into the 69 position. He ordered her to lick Angel's pussy while telling Angel to continue tonguing Maria's cunt. The girls obeyed the chief and performed oral sex on each other for our viewing pleasure. Moments later, Maria's body tensed up and shook as she let out a sigh. Her pussy juices flooded out of her hole and all over Angel's face below. I was surprised she was able to orgasm considering the circumstance with all of us watching. I figured it was a testament to Angel's tonguing talents and could hardly wait to experience her oral skills on my cock. Maria collapsed on top of her petite lover's body and laid there breathing hard.

Chief Davis whispered to me it was time to immobilize the girls. I walked over to the stage and told Angel and Maria to roll over on their stomachs. I quickly tied their arms behind their backs as they began questioning what was going on. Without answering them, I tied their ankles together and put duct tape over their eyes and mouths, effectively blindfolding and gagging them. I picked them up and put them side by side in a kneeling position. I tied more rope around their wrists and pushed their arms up to the small of their back. I wrapped the rope around their necks so they couldn't lower their arms and then threw the rest of it over the overhead pipes. I could now control whether they were in the kneeling down position with their asses resting on their legs or with a tug of the rope, I could force them to kneel up with their unprotected asses visible. We turned on the regular lights so we could see the young ladies' bodies better and the other chiefs took off their hoods since the girls were blindfolded now. Angel and Maria knelt there totally nude mumbling into the duct tape gags. They looked so vulnerable and helpless which increased my lust. Chief Davis said “ok ladies, here is the deal. That was quite a show you put on for us but now our dicks need some relief.” He began gently stroking their faces and said “we are in the mood for some oral sex so you girls are going to give us blow jobs”. Angel and Maria were grumbling into their gags and shaking their heads from side to side. The chief grabbed their hair and yanked their heads back, saying “listen you cunts, you are going to suck all our dicks and swallow our cum right now or we go to the captain with the letter.” He let go of their hair and both girls knelt there motionless as they realized they had no choice but to go along with the demand. Chief Davis said “since you ladies are lesbians, you probably don't like having a hard cock stuffed in your mouths or having a hot load of cum shot down your throats so I will give you some incentive to suck our cocks real nice.” He continued, saying “each of us will select which one of you sexy babes we want to have blow us and here is the fun part, which ever one is not selected will have their ass spanked continuously until the other one completes the blow job and sucks all the cum out of the cock.” “So if it takes five minutes, your lover gets her ass whipped for five minutes, if it only takes 30 seconds then she only gets spanked for 30 seconds, its all up to you girls.”

I stepped up first and picked Angel, her young juvenile appearance was too inviting and I just had to feel her big soft lips wrapped around my cock. Plus I wanted to see Maria's plump ass get spanked. Chief Davis told Angel he was going to remove her gag and she was not to utter a sound, just open her mouth and get ready to suck because Maria's spanking would start as soon as the tape comes off. He ripped the tape off and as ordered, Angel opened her mouth and formed a big O with her lips. In the kneeling down position, Angel's face was at the perfect height so I eased my hard cock between her sexy full lips as the sound of leather hitting flesh began. Chief Davis had yanked on Maria's rope, forcing her to the kneel up position with her defenseless ass in full view and he had started spanking her tender cheeks with his leather belt. Maria let out a muffled scream into her gag each time the belt hit her sensitive rear end. Angel obviously heard her lover's squeals of pain and began sucking my cock with full vigor in an attempt to get me to cum as soon as possible. Her head bobbed back and forth as her lips slid up and down my shaft. Her mouth felt so warm and I could feel her tongue swirling around the head of my dick as this young babe was pulling out all her tricks. Chief Davis kept whipping Maria's ass as Angel worked my manhood over with her mouth and tongue. After only 3 minutes, I couldn't hold out any longer. I grabbed her head so she couldn't move it and with one last thrust, I shot my load of hot cum into the 19 year old's mouth. Angel's nose was jammed against my groin and her lips were buried in my pubic hair as my dick remained lodged in her mouth and a second wave of my seed sprayed into her. She gagged and choked but managed to swallow all my slimy salty juices. I pulled out of her mouth while looking over at Maria, her ass cheeks were bright red with a few small raised welts. Chief Davis re-gagged Angel while telling her she did a fine job.

Chief Kline stepped up to Maria and dropped his pants. Her duct tape was ripped off her mouth as Angel was yanked to the kneeling up position with her ass now ready for its whipping. Chief Kline shoved his cock into Maria's mouth as Chief Davis began whipping Angel's tight little ass. Maria was making loud slurping noises as she wildly sucked the chief's dick. Right next to her, Angel had begun to sob as her ass was getting beat and had to feel like it was on fire. Chief Kline exploded into Maria's mouth, lasting a little longer than me. The 20 year old swallowed all his seed as Chief Davis stopped spanking Angel's bright red ass. The other two chiefs followed suit and each had their turn having their cocks sucked by the bound girls while their asses were spanked some more. I stood behind Maria and Angel watching their tender rear ends get whipped. I especially liked watching Maria get spanked as her big plump ass cheeks jiggled and shook as the belt made contact. Both girl's asses were crimson red with multiple raised red welts by the time all four of us had our turn getting sucked off.

We left Maria and Angel blindfolded and gagged with the duct tape and kept their wrists tied behind their backs with the rope wrapped around their necks so they couldn't move their arms at all. Chief Davis had placed two wooden boxes that were 2 ½ by 2 ½ by 2 ½ side by side just far enough apart to be able to walk between them. We carried the girls over to the boxes and laid them down on their backs with their arms pinned under them. We tied the rope that was around their necks to the boxes so they couldn't sit up or move their upper bodies, then tied more rope around their waists and secured it to the box. The girls were positioned so their pussies were right at the edge of the box with their heads dangling off the other side and like we had done to our other women, we tied rope around their ankles and hoisted their legs straight up in the air. The ankle ropes were thrown over the overhead pipes and the girls legs were spread open as far as possible before the ropes were tied off. Maria and Angel were completely immobilized now with their unprotected breasts and spread open crotches in full view. Their sweet pussies and puckered little ass holes were totally accessible as they lay bound to the box with their legs painfully suspended from the over head pipes. Angel was sobbing into her gag again as the reality of the situation overcame her. I was sure she had never felt so humiliated and degraded and frightened in her life. Even Maria who had been able to control her emotions thus far, was hyperventilating and mumbling into her gag as she realized her and her lover were about to be gang raped and there was nothing she could do about it. Sensing the fear and revoltion in these two sexy young Hispanic girls really had me ready for action as I looked down at their bound nude bodies.

Chief Davis said “gentlemen its play time, lets show these nice lesbians how good a man can make them feel.” We all knelt down, Chief Taylor and I next to Maria and the other two next to Angel. The chief reminded us not to stick our dicks into their pussies until everyone has had the chance to tongue them as no one wants to lick a pussy that's filled with nasty slimy cum. He also told us we should give the girls something to remember the evening by and all of us give them at least one hickey on each of their titties. I reached out and began fondling Maria's big D cup melons as Chief Taylor went to work on her pussy. Maria's tits were soft and very squeezeable and her nipples nice and hard and rubbery. I sank my fingers into her breasts up to my second knuckles as she let out a loud moan into her gag. I got a little rough and began pinching and twisting her sensitive nubs while slapping her titties back and forth. Chief Taylor had one finger jammed up Maria's pussy and another up her tight ass as he simultaneously finger fucked both her holes. I leaned forward and began licking and kissing Maria's soft tits, taking time to give her a big purple hickey on each one. I sucked and nibbled on her aroused nipples for a few minutes before switching places with Chief Taylor and moving down to her crotch. Wasting no time, I began stroking her pussy and running my finger up and down her slit. I grabbed her meaty lips between my thumbs and forefingers and spread them open which gave me an unobstructed view inside her moist hole. I eased my finger inside her pussy and began sliding it in and out. I took a pen and inserted it into Maria's ass hole and then got a cigar and shoved it into her pussy. I began fucking both her holes with the objects getting an up close look as they slid in and out of the defenseless young girl. I leaned over her and began licking and sucking her hairy pussy lips. I jammed my tongue into her hole and darted it all around, savoring her sweet juices.

After a few more minutes, Chief Davis said it was time to switch so I got up and knelt between Angel's spread open legs and began playing with her pussy. Her bare lips felt so smooth and soft as my hands roamed around her crotch. I slid my finger into her tight little hole and finger fucked her while Chief Taylor fondled and sucked her firm tits. Angel was moaning softly into her gag as we abused her body. I eased my cigar into her pussy, intently watching her smooth bare lips spread around the inanimate object. I let my mouth explore her pussy, sinking my tongue deep into her hole and flicking her tiny clit. Chief Taylor and I switched places again as I moved up to her chest. Her firm tits were already littered with big purple hickeys as all the other chiefs had already had their turn with them. I followed suit and after playing with her nipples for a while, I leaned over and gave her two new hickeys as I sucked on her titties.

I realized the opportunity of having two hot babes at the same time didn't come along very often, especially ones as fine as Maria and Angel who were less than half my age. I needed to see what it was like to explore both of their bodies together. I knelt between the two girls and began fondling Maria's big soft tits with one hand while the other one massaged Angel's firm C cups. It felt incredible playing with two sets of tits simultaneously. I grabbed a nipple in each hand and began pinching and pulling on them, comparing the difference. The other chiefs had backed off as Chief Davis told them they would all get the chance. Just to add to the girl's humiliation, I began describing the difference between Angel's smaller firm tits and Maria's big soft melons, commenting on what I liked about each one. I let my hands roam down the girls' bodies to their bushes and ran my fingers through their pubic hair, comparing Angel's long silky pubes to Maria's short curly hairs. Using my middle fingers, I traced their slits up and down while slowly parting their lips and sank my fingers into their pussies. I alternated my gaze from Maria to Angel as I finger fucked them both, watching as my fingers disappeared into the young girls' holes. Angel's pussy was tighter than Maria's but Maria's thick meaty lips really locked around my finger. I jammed my pinkies into each of the girls puckered ass holes, sampling that hole as well.

The rest of the chiefs had their turn then Chief Davis told us to gather around as we were going to have a contest. He instructed Chief Taylor and I to kneel in front of the girl's pussies while he and Chief Kline knelt over their heads. The chief said we were each going to stick our dicks into a hole and start fucking and every two minutes we will rotate to a new hole. He said the first one to cum looses and the last one wins. He told Maria and Angel he was going to remove the duct tape from their mouths so we can use those holes for our contest as well as their pussies and asses. He ordered them to keep quiet and said as soon as all of us had cum, the initiation would be over. Making sure the girls heard him, the chief reminded us to use Vaseline if we were going to do any anal fucking as we didn't want to hurt our sweet honeys. Maria and Angel's heads were still dangling off the edge of the box putting their mouths in perfect position for entering.

Chief Davis removed the gags and said “lets begin”. He and Chief Kline slid their hard cocks into the girls' mouths as Chief Taylor and I entered their pussies. I had gotten my wish as I wanted to be the first to fuck Angel with her tight hole and smooth bald lips. It felt incredible as my cock slid deeper and deeper into her petite pussy. I kept my pace slow as I wanted to hold out as long as I could. After two minutes, we rotated as I moved up to Angle's face. She sucked my cock gently as I played with her tits. Looking at these sexy Hispanic babes, nude and bound to the boxes while being gang raped was an awesome sight. Chief Kline had obviously chose to fuck Maria's ass hole as she was in pain, moaning and whimpering loudly while still obediently sucking on Chief Davis' cock. Chief Taylor was really pounding his meat into Angel's pussy and with a loud grunt, he spewed his seed into her. Even though he lost the contest, he had a big smile on his face as he sat down to watch the rest of the contest. I made my way around to Maria's crotch and decided to fuck her pussy and not her ass. After only a few strokes, I couldn't hold out any longer and exploded, shooting a load of hot cum deep into her pussy. I sat down and watched the action. Chief Kline was the next to go, dumping his semen into Angle's rectum just seconds before Chief Davis exploded into Maria's ass.

The girls laid there silently as our cum oozed out of their swollen red pussies and ass holes. Their breasts showed the signs of abuse too, with their nipples puffed up from all the sucking and multiple hickeys scattered about. Degrading the young Hispanic girls even more, Chief Davis told them they had to clean us off before they could leave. I was first in line with Maria and had her suck my deflated cock clean. To my surprise, my dick got erect again so I told Chief Davis I was going for another round. I wanted a piece of Angels tight ass so I knelt between her raised legs again and this time, jammed my hard tool up her anal cavity. I pumped my cock in and out of the sexy young teenager's ass as the rest of the guys were still getting cleaned off by both girls' mouths. I decided I wanted to fuck her tight pussy again so I pulled out of her ass and slid my dick into her cunt. It only took a few minutes and I was spewing my cum into the 19 year old's pussy.

Chief Davis told the girls they passed the initiation and welcomed them to the club. The chiefs got dressed and like the other times, they took the video cameras and other stuff and left before I untied the girls and removed their blindfolds. I put both their bras into my pocket, figuring a 34C and 38D would make a nice addition to my collection. I cut the rope off Angel so she could get up and told her to untie Maria and get dressed as I headed out the door.

The other chiefs gathered at my office the next day to view the video tapes as usual. The original plan was for each of those three to pick one girl that worked for them and we would assault them and then pick which one was the best. So they were thinking we would be picking a winner now. However, I had a surprise for them. Since I don't have any women working for me, I was excluded from the original selection process. But for the last month or so I had been fantasizing about raping this one babe. The problem was, she was an officer. Up until now we had been selecting junior enlisted women who don't have any clout in the Navy. Officers were a whole other breed. In the Navy, officers are considered the elite and are not allowed to even fraternize with us lowely enlisted men. An officer who has been in the Navy 6 months out ranks me who has been in for more than twenty years. Most officers treat us chiefs with respect as they know we have all the experience. Some officers are on power trips and spend most their time belittling the enlisted men. That was what this one bitch did constantly, her name was Lieutenant Brandy Timmons and she was a gorgeous, well built black haired babe. She made everyone call her ma'am or Lieutenant and was constantly screaming at the crew. She especially seemed to like picking on the young men which really pissed me off. I decided she needed a good fucking and came up with a plan to get her into our secret room. As the four of us watched the video of Seaman Gonzales and Petty Officer Rodrigues, I brought up Lieutenant Timmons. Everyone had the same opinion of her, sexy babe but a real bitch. I told them I was raising our little game to the next level and we were going to rape her. The chiefs knew it was risky doing an officer but they all eagerly agreed when they heard my plan. I told them it had to be an all out abduction where she didn't see any of us. We decided to wait the customary two weeks to make sure Maria and Angel didn't try to report their assault and rape.

I did some research during the next two weeks on the Lieutenant and found out she graduated from the academy two years ago and was 26 years old. I tracked her schedule so I knew where she was at any time and where the best place would be for the abduction. After we were sure our last girls were maintaining their silence, I put my plan in gear. Lieutenant Timmons had the 2000- 2400 watch on the bridge Friday night, meaning she got off watch at 11:45 PM . I knew the route she took back to her stateroom and one of the corridors was only lit with the dim red lights and was close to our secret room, so that was were we would kidnap her. I spent the rest of the week setting up our room and gathering all the items I would need.

Friday night at 11:30 Chief Taylor and I met and went to the darkened passageway. The other two chiefs were going to meet us in our initiation room. My heart was pounding as the two of us stood in the shadows with our black hoods on waiting for Lieutenant Timmons to show up. After what seemed like hours, I could see her sexy walk as she came towards us, totally unaware of what was about to happen. As she walked by, I wound up and punched her in the stomach as hard as I could. She fell to the ground with the wind knocked out of her, unable to move or make a sound. I quickly put several pieces of duct tape over her mouth and slid a pillow case over her head as Chief Taylor tied her arms behind her back and tied her ankles together. We hurriedly picked her up and carried her down two flights of stairs to our room. The Lieutenant had regained her breath and was struggling but couldn't do much since she was bound so tightly. The chief and I carried her into the room and stood her up. I quickly wrapped a piece of clothes line rope snuggly around her neck a few times and tied it off. The young officer could still breathe but the rope was tight enough to make it uncomfortable to swallow. I threw the other end over the over head pipes and using the pipes as a pivot, I pulled it tighter and tighter thus forcing Lieutenant Timmons to stand on her tiptoes in order to breathe. I tied her ankle rope to the stage and also tied rope around her knees to further immobilize her. I forcefully pushed her tied wrists up to her shoulder blades and secured them to her neck so she couldn't lower them. The Lieutenant was standing on the stage with the pillow case still over her head and securely bound. Muffled screams were emanating from the pillow case as she tried in vain to break free.

We watched her for a few moments, enjoying her struggles. The battle lanterns were shining on the stage and the video cameras focused in on our captive officer. We were all dressed in black with black hoods covering our faces. I wanted to increase the Lieutenant's fear by seeing how many of us there were before blindfolding her for good. I walked up to her and pulled the pillow case off her head. Her eyes were wide open as she quickly surveyed the room. There was panic and anger written all over her face. I sat down next to the other chiefs to get a good look at the Lieutenant as she stood on her tip toes with the rope around her neck and her arms and legs securely bound. She stood about 5'3” and I guessed she weighed around 115lbs. Her jet black hair was cut short, framing her face and she had big blue eyes which gave her a cute innocent look. The Lieutenant was wearing her dress blue uniform which consisted of a blue jacket over a white blouse and a blue skirt. Her body looked perfectly shaped and toned. With her arms tied up painfully to her shoulder blades, she was forced to arch her back which made her large breasts stick out even further causing the buttons on her jacket to bulge out.

I walked over to her with a big butchers knife in my hand and placed it firmly on her throat. I said “Miss Timmons, we have decided your attitude towards the enlisted men is unacceptable and you must be taught a lesson. If you try to resist or do not do as you are ordered, I will slice up this pretty face of yours and throw you over the side of the ship so the sharks will eat you up and no one will ever find your body.” I lightly ran the knife over her cheeks as I asked her if she understood. All signs of anger had disappeared from her as total fear overtook her. She nodded her head up and down. I said “that's a good girl Bandy, you don't mind if I call you Brandy do you, after all we are going to become quite close.” I knew calling her by her first name pissed her off but she showed no sign of disapproval. I pressed duct tape over her eyes to blindfold her and then turned on the rest of the lights and removed my hood.

The other chiefs sat in their chairs as I began the show. I told Brandy I was going to strip her and if she didn't stay perfectly still, I might just use the knife on her skin. I placed the knife under the top button of her blue jacket and popped it off. Brandy moaned into her gag as the buttons flew off one by one. After all the buttons were gone, I used my knife to shred her jacket so I could remove it without untying her arms. The buttons on her white blouse were really bulging as her breasts strained against the sheer material. I quickly unzipped Brandy's blue skirt and let it fall to the floor. The young officer's toned thighs were visible but her panties were still covered by her shirt tails. I walked around her, taking my time and admiring her form. Next I grabbed her blouse and pulled it open, sending buttons flying everywhere. I sliced it off of her, leaving Brandy standing there in just her bra and panties. She was wearing a big black sports bra that was really compressing her impressive breasts. I realized she might have bigger tits than I thought as this bra really hid their true size. Brandy had a matching pair of black bikini panties covering her bush and ass. She looked awesome with her pale white skin contrasted by her black underwear and hair.

I said “lets see what her measurements are” as I walked behind her and pulled out her bra label. I announced “wow 36DD, now that is impressive”. I was sure Brandy would feel humiliated as her breast size was revealed, especially to enlisted men. I got my tape measure and wrapped it around her waist, which measured 24”. Next was her hips which measured 36”. I said “so Brandy that's pretty impressive, 36DD 24 36. I'd say that's just about perfect.” She stood there motionless in her lingerie as we checked her body out. I said “you don't mind if we take a look at your titties now do you?” Brandy didn't acknowledge my question but I could tell by her breathing that she was on the verge of tears, which really turned me on. I ran my knife around her neck and over to her bra shoulder strap, sliding it under the material and then easily slicing it off. I did the same to her other shoulder strap and then walked behind her and unhooked the clasps on her rear strap. Brandy's black bra fell to the floor as her huge tits tumbled out. They were massive and although there was plenty of sag, causing the underside of them to rest on her rib cage, her huge melons were not stretched out of shape. They were nice and round with a full gentle slope and her nipples were perfectly centered. Her areolas were light pink and very small considering the size of her tits. Brandy's nipples were a dark pink and standing at attention with a diameter almost as wide as her areolas. The room was silent as we all gazed at Brandy's DDs, they looked so squeezable and her long hard nipples were begging to be sucked. I said “well Miss Timmons, I have to say you have an awesome set of titties”.

I managed to take my eyes off her breasts long enough to pull her panties down to her knees, revealing her well trimmed jet black bush. Her pubes were fairly long and straight and cut into a perfect triangle extending down over her lips. I walked behind her to view her bare ass which to no surprise was firm, milky white and beautifully pair shaped. The sexy officer was now standing in front of us completely nude with her flawless body on full display. She was trembling as the fear and humiliation were overcoming her, so I mockingly comforted her by telling her how much us lowly enlisted men enjoyed viewing her naked body.

I let Brandy stand there for a few minutes as we gawked at her exposed tits and pussy, then walked over to her and began running my fingers through her hair. I said “if anyone wants to see what an officer's body feels like, come on up.” I started squeezing her tits as the other three chiefs came up to the makeshift stage. Chief Kline began rubbing the Lieutenant's bare stomach and running his fingers through her bush. Chief Davis knelt behind Brandy and was squeezing and pinching her milky white ass with both hands. He grabbed her cheeks and pushed them apart, partially revealing her puckered rear hole. The chief began running his finger up and down between her cheeks and was getting ready to slip one into her anal opening when I told him no penetration. I looked down at Chief Kline and saw I had said it just in time as he had slipped his index finger between Brandy's lips and was sliding it up and down her slit while seconds away from jamming it into the young officer's pussy. Chief Taylor was combing the hair on Brandy's head with his fingers while kissing her lips through the duct tape. He began running his tongue all over her cheeks and sucking on her ear lobs. Lieutenant Timmons was trying to struggle as the four of us fondled and molested her but we had her bound too tight to do any real movement. The young officer soon realized that and stood there motionless as we continued to help ourselves to her nude body. I knew how much she had to be hating this as being mauled by 4 enlisted men while completely powerless to stop them, had to be worse then her worst nightmare.

I continued to fondle Brandy's breasts and tease her nipples. Her huge melons were not as firm as our other younger victims which made them unbelievably squeezeable. I was able to sink all of my fingers up to the second knuckle into her soft titties. The lieutenant's large breasts were very jiggly too as they shook wildly back and forth while I lightly slapped them from side to side and poked them with my fingers. Her pink nipples were very responsive much to my admiration which I made sure to compliment her on. Brandy didn't respond at all to my compliment but I knew it added to her humiliation. I began pinching her rubbery nubs and twisting them back and forth which finally got a reaction out of her. She began lightly moaning into the duct tape which turned me on even more. The other chiefs and I rotated around our bound officer so each of us had the opportunity to play with her face, tits, ass and pussy. After several minutes, I told the others that was enough and to go sit back down.

Lieutenant Timmons was still standing on the stage totally nude, blindfolded and gagged, with the rope around her neck forcing her to stand on her tiptoes. Her ankles and knees were bound and her arms tied painfully up to the small of her back. I turned Brandy around so her exposed rear end was facing the other chiefs. I said “Miss Timmons, your behavior on this ship deserves a little punishment so we will start off with a little spanking”. Brandy began mumbling into the duct tape and shaking her head back and forth so I grabbed her hair and forcefully pulled her head back while telling her to shut up and stay still or it will only make it worse. The sexy young officer obeyed my order and stopped. I pulled out a 24” wooden ruler and began rubbing it over her pale white unprotected ass. I could see her cheeks tense up and she began to breathe real hard in anticipation of the spanking she was about to receive. I continue to torment our bound captive by gently sliding the ruler around her bare behind while telling the other chiefs we would each get 10 wacks. I reared back with the wooden ruler in my hand and delivered a direct shot on both her cheeks. Brandy screamed into her gag and her body violently jerked as the loud crackling sound of the ruler meeting bare flesh emanated around the room. I reeled off my other 9 wacks, spreading them all around Brandy's tender ass. She was sobbing loudly by the time I finished as the stinging sensation had to be intense. The other three chiefs all had their turn spanking our sexy black haired officer with the ruler. Brandy's yelps of pain in the beginning as the ruler made contact with her skin turned into low grunts as the spanking progressed. Her ass was bright red with several large welts on both cheeks as Chief Kline completed the spanking session. Brandy stood there unable to move, crying from the pain and humiliation as the four of us took a step back and admired our work.

I turned Brandy around again and said “Miss Timmons, us boys have never had a blow job from an officer and we want to see how the elite suck dick, so do you want to see how good an enlisted man's cum tastes.” Brandy shook her head demonstratively back and forth a few times while grunting out a few no sounds in between sobs as the mere thought of it was obviously extremely disgusting and revolting to her. I said “well gentlemen, looks like the Lieutenant needs a little convincing first”. I untied Brandy's arms and quickly tied her wrists together in front of her using a long rope. I threw the rope over the overhead pipes and pulled it tight, raising her arms up over her head until they were fully extended. I untied the rope around her neck and continued to pull on the rope attached to her wrists until I lifted her completely off the floor, then I tied it off. Brandy was now suspended from the overhead pipes with her knees and ankles still bound and her feet dangling in the air about 8” above the makeshift stage. The nude officer's entire weight was resting on her wrists as she hung there like a side of beef in a slaughter house.

I pushed her and watched as her bound body swayed back and forth. I stopped Brandy's nude and defenseless body from swinging and forced her to hang motionless from the overhead pipes. Even though her arms were stretched up over her head, her huge tits still had their shape and plenty of meat to play with. I said “ well Lieutenant, your ass looks pretty sore already but apparently you need some more spanking, perhaps a little whipping with my leather belt will help convince you to suck our dicks.” The young officer's rear end was still bright pink from the previous spanking with the wooden ruler so I figured using my belt on her tender skin would cause her significant pain. I pulled my belt off and stood 3 feet away from Brandy's suspended and bound nude body with her unprotected ass in full view. I reared back and delivered a hard shot directly on her exposed cheeks. Brandy's body jerked as she let out a loud yelp into her gag. I continued to whip her ass with the leather belt as her body twisted and turned from the impact. With her body swaying and moving, I missed my target a few times and landed blows on her upper thighs, back and stomach which increased her screams and suffering. The loud crackling sound of leather hitting bare skin along with Brandy's muffled groans and screeches echoed around the room. I was really turned on with my lust in overdrive as this normally bitchy officer was now just a vulnerable and helpless young women, totally at my mercy. I beat her ass for several minutes enjoying the sights and sounds of her suffering.

Brandy's ass was crimson red with numerous red welts all over it as I stopped and asked her if she was ready to perform oral sex on us yet. The lieutenant was crying into her gag but shook her head no again in response to my question. I said “ok Miss Timmons, its your decision, let the fun continue.” I pulled out two plastic clothespins and said “gentlemen, I am going to put these clothespins on Brandy's nipples and then see if I can knock them off with this whip I made out of leather boot laces.” I walked over to Brandy as her body dangled in the air and clamped the clothespins on her erect nipples so the plastic pins were sticking straight out from her chest. Her pink nubs were almost completely flat as the pins painfully pinched them. I flicked the clothespins and slapped them from side to side, watching Brandy's flattened nipples twist and stretch. I grabbed my homemade whip which was several 54” bootlaces folded in half and gently ran it over her face and chest while telling her as soon as she is ready to suck our dicks, the whipping would stop. I stepped back and delivered a hard shot on Brandy's bare stomach, her body jerked from the impact and began to sway back and forth. I continued to whip her, moving up her stomach to her chest. Brandy's tits bounced back and forth with her nipples being painfully stretched and twisted as a result of the clothespins violently moving around. The leather straps were leaving long red marks on the lieutenant's pale white skin. I concentrated on her nipples and the clothespins, lining up the whip so the tips of the leather laces made direct contact with her sensitive nubs. Miss Timmons let out a loud squeal into her gag each time my whip struck her defenseless titties. After almost 30 shots, I was able to knock the clothespins off Brandy's sore nipples. Her huge DD cups were littered with red marks crisscrossed all over them and her nipples were bright red with the imprint of the clothespins clearly visible. Brandy still hadn't consented to giving us blow jobs even though she was definitely in a lot of pain.

I said “ok gentlemen, Lieutenant Timmons is being a little uncooperative but I think she is about to see things our way.” I untied Brandy's legs while she dangled over the stage, then quickly tied rope around each of her ankles. One at a time, I pulled her legs out to the side as far as they would go and tied off the rope. I stepped back to admire the sight as the sexy officer looked even more vulnerable and helpless as she hung from the pipes, blindfolded and gagged with her legs tied wide open and her crotch fully exposed. I knelt between her spread open legs to get my first good look at her pussy. Her jet black pubes extended down over her lips and completely covered them. I parted the hair and revealed a nice pink meaty pussy with slightly puffy lips. Brandy was trying to struggle as my fingers touched her sensitive mound but other then moving her head, she was completely immobilized. I placed a mop on the floor under Bandy and brought the wooden handle up to her crotch. Her body was hanging at the perfect height so the tip of the handle was lightly pressing against her pussy lips. I let go of the mop and let it stand there by itself, anchored between the floor and Brandy's defenseless spread open snatch. I said “now Lieutenant, here is the deal, I am going to slowly loosen the tension on the rope that is holding your arms up, which will lower your body further and further.” “And of course, the lower you go, the farther up your pussy the mop handle will go.” “It could get quite painful and I have heard that with enough pressure, it could push right through your pussy wall and into your stomach.” “Now we don't want to see you impaled so as soon as you agree to suck our cocks, we can stop this.”

I un-anchored the rope holding her up and while keeping the tension on it, I walked over in front of the bound officer so I could have a good view of her crotch as the mop invaded her pussy. I slowly loosen the tension as I knelt down. The pressure on Brandy's hands eased up but her body didn't immediately lower. From my up close vantage point, I could see the tip of the wooden handle separating the lieutenant's pussy lips but her entrance was too small to allow the foreign object to fully enter her hole. I kept easing off on the tension of the rope watching as more and more pressure was applied to Brandy's pussy lips. The bound officer began moaning into the duct tape when finally her pussy yielded and the mop handle popped inside her hole. Brandy yelled out in pain as a good 4 inches of the handle jammed into her tight little snatch. She hung there totally helpless as I slowly lowered her body, watching as the handle continued to disappear into her pussy. There were seven or eight inches of the mop shoved up Brandy's hole when she started to really scream loudly into her gag. I dropped her body down another two inches at which time she began to emphatically shake her head up and down. Not only did she have the wooden object lodged deep in her pussy but due to the way I tied her legs, the lower her body went, the further her legs were forced apart. They were way past their normal limits now and looked like they might pop out of her hip socket.

The bound and suspended lieutenant was definitely in a lot of pain and from what I could gather, she had enough. I let her hang there with the mop impaling her pussy and asked her if she was ready to suck our dicks. Brandy shook her head yes several times while mumbling into her gag. I could have stopped then but I wanted to extend the bitchy officer's suffering and humiliation plus the sight of her hanging in the air totally nude with the mop shoved up her pussy was too good to let go yet. I said “Ok Lieutenant, I am going to ungag you and if you scream or make any loud noises, I will let go of the rope which will jam the mop through your cunt up to your tonsils while your legs pop out of your hip sockets.” “Now we don't want that so here is what you are going to do.” “You are going to beg us to let you suck our cocks. And when you convince us that you really mean it, I will take that nasty mop out of your pussy and let you down.” Brandy shook her head yes when I asked her if she understood so I peeled the duct tape off her mouth while leaving alone the tape that was covering her eyes. The lieutenant was grunting and groaning as the mop handle remaining fully lodged in her hole. She began to meekly ask us if we wanted a blow job. I started raising and lowering her body, fucking her pussy with the mop while telling her she hadn't convinced us yet. I coached her, telling her to say how much she wanted to have an enlisted man's dick in her mouth and taste his cum along with a bunch of other nasty perverted comments designed to further degrade her. After a few minutes of this game, I pulled Brandy's body up and removed the mop, then I untied her ankles and quickly tied them together.

I lowered the nude bound officer until she was on her knees with her arms still stretched over her head. I tied off the rope that was connected to Brandy's wrists, keeping her arms painfully suspended in the air and her face at waist height. I grabbed a hand full of her jet black hair, keeping her head still, and lightly ran my knife around her face and neck. I told her if she tried anything stupid or if I heard any other noise coming from her mouth other than a sucking sound, then I would be forced to slice her pretty face up. The young officer knew at this point she had no choice and softly said yes when I asked her if she understood. I said “oh and one more point, we enlisted guys don't like it when our women don't swallow our cum so if you spit out any of our hot love nectar, I will hoist you back up in the air and this time I will shove the mop up your ass hole.” My dick was throbbing as I looked down at the kneeling sexy young officer with her arms suspended over her head and her big breasts proudly sticking out. I couldn't resist and reached down and squeezed her titties and rolled her hard nipples between my fingers.

Then I dropped my pants and let my hard-on spring out. I grabbed the base of my cock and began rubbing the head all around Brandy's face. Pre-cum started oozing out of my tool so I ran the tip back and forth across the lieutenant's lips and ordered her to lick the clear liquid off. Brandy obeyed my order and ran her tongue over her lips. I ordered her to start kissing my dick, making her give it numerous soft quick pecks and then had her lick it. Brandy showed no sign of resistance as her tongue worked its way around the head of my hard cock and teased my slit. I couldn't take it any longer as I just had to have my throbbing member in her mouth now. I commanded Miss Timmons to open her mouth and get ready to suck. She complied and opened her lips as she knelt there waiting for me to insert my cock in her mouth. I eased my dick between her lips and slid it into her mouth. Brandy closed her lips around my shaft and began to gently suck on it. It felt so good as the young officer's mouth went to work on my tool. I grabbed her hair so she couldn't move her head and while keeping about 4 inches of my manhood firmly lodged in her mouth, I ordered her to suck harder and use her tongue. Brandy continued to obey my orders, her cheeks started moving quickly in and out as she sucked hard on my dick and I could feel her tongue swirling around my blood engulfed head as well. I began to slowly thrust my hips up and back while keeping Brandy's head still so my cock slid in and out of her mouth, basically fucking her face. I picked up my pace and started pounding my meat into her mouth, shoving it all the way in and forcing her lips to disappear in my pubic hair. The vision of this bitchy 24 year old officer kneeling in front of me completely nude with my dick jammed in her mouth was incredible and the feeling of her soft lips wrapped around my tool while I pumped it into her was too much to handle. Within a few minutes, I exploded and spewed a huge wad of hot cum into her defenseless mouth. Brandy instinctively gagged as my slimy salty discharge filled her mouth but as ordered, I could see her throat muscles moving up and down as my semen drained into her stomach.

Chief Kline stepped up in front of our captive officer and immediately shoved his hard dick into her mouth, not giving her any rest. Brandy went to work on his tool and moments later he shot his load of cum into her mouth. Chief Davis was next and deposited his seed into the sexy young officer's mouth after a just a few moments of sucking action. Chief Taylor was last, he stepped up to the bound lieutenant and slipped his dick into her mouth. He started yelling at her to suck it like a good whore and telling her he knew she liked sucking dicks cause she was a slut. As he was about to cum, the chief pulled his cock out of Brandy's mouth and ordered her to open up wide. She complied and formed a big O with her lips. The chief began stroking his tool, keeping the head about 6 inches from the lieutenant's face. Cum exploded out of his manhood and splattered all over Brandy's upper lip. He kept pumping his meat with his hand as another load of cum spewed out of his cock and directly into her mouth. Brandy knelt there with the chief's slimy sex juices dripping off her upper lip and down over her lower lip with beads of the pale white fluid forming from lip to lip. He ordered the lieutenant to lick his seed off her lips and swallow it all. Brandy obeyed him and soon had all his seed drained into her stomach. The lieutenant started sobbing as being forced to give oral sex to four guys while bound and blindfolded had to be extremely degrading and revolting. Her head hung down as the shame of what she had just done overtook her.

I yanked on the rope connected to Brandy's wrists and pulled her up so she was standing again with her legs still bound together. I re-gagged her, firmly pressing duct tape over her lips and then untied her arms. The nude lieutenant stood still offering no resistance as I quickly tied her wrists behind her back. I brought over the wooden box that we had used with our previous victims. It was 2 ½' long by 2 1/2' wide by 2 1/2' high. I sat Brandy down on the box with her ass right at the edge and then I pushed her down so she was laying on her back with her arms pinned under her body. I tied rope around her neck and stomach and secured them to the box so Brandy couldn't sit up or move her upper body at all. Her feet were planted on the floor with her legs closed so although she was laying on the box totally naked with her tits and bush in full view, the young officer still had a shred of decency left as her pussy was not in view yet. I untied the rope from Brandy's knees and ankles and tied a piece of long rope around each of her ankles. I threw both ropes over the overhead pipes and pulled on them, lifting Brandy's feet up off the floor. I kept tugging on the rope until her legs were stretched straight up in the air, forming a letter L with her body. I took each rope and slid them in opposite directions on the pipe, forcing Brandy's legs wide open and then tied the rope off. The lieutenant was now laying on the box with her legs suspended from above and spread open as far as they could go. Her pussy was totally exposed and accessible.

I told the other chiefs to gather around our bound babe. I said “ since Lieutenant Timmons was so nice to us and pleasured us all with her mouth, I think we should return the favor and pleasure her orally, but first I think her pussy is a little too hairy so lets take care of that now.” I ran my fingers through her jet black pubes while asking if anyone had any objections if I shaved her bush and gave her a nice bald pussy. Brandy was whimpering into her gag as laying there unable to cover her nude body or protect herself as we talked about shaving her pussy had to be extremely humiliating and embarrassing. I took a pair of scissors and began cutting her silky black pubes off, trimming them as short as possible. I cut as much off as I could and then got some shaving cream and spread it all over her bush area and pussy lips. I told Brandy to stay very still as the razor could slip and slice her up if she moves wrong. I began shaving her crotch, starting at her bush and working my way down to her pussy. I spent extra time shaving her lips as I wanted to make sure they were completely smooth, plus I was having a blast pulling on them and stretching them out as I moved the razor over them to ensure no stubble was left.

After all her hair was gone, I wiped the remaining shaving cream off her crotch and stood back to admire my work. The lieutenant's snatch was completely bald with smooth bare lips, giving her a sexy innocent juvenile look. Her lips were slightly puffy and pink with a long thin slit separating them. I noticed there was a little redness around the entrance of her hole from the irritation of having the mop handle shoved into her pussy without the proper lubrication. I pinched each of Brandy's hairless lips between my thumb and forefinger and spread them open so I could look inside her pussy. The red irritation from the mop extended into her hole as far as I could see. I couldn't wait any longer, I just had to taste this young officer's pussy now. I said “ok gentlemen, lets get to work and see if we can get Miss Timmon's pussy nice and wet so we can fuck her.”

Brandy began struggling against her binds as she realized she was about to be gang raped, but I had her tied too securely to the box and overhead pipes to stop our assault. I told her to relax and enjoy it which I am sure added to her suffering and torment. Chief Taylor and Chief Davis knelt next to the box on opposite sides with their faces inches from Brandy's chest. I knelt down between her spread open legs as Chief Kline stood behind me, next in line to sample the lieutenant's pussy. The two chiefs leaned forward and began sucking on Brandy's tits as I lowered my face down to her crotch. I started kissing her inner thighs, going from side to side as I worked my way to her exposed clean shaven snatch. I planted my mouth on her pussy lips and kissed them repeatedly. I let my tongue roam all over her smooth bald pussy, licking her lips and easing it into her slit as I moved it up and down the entire length. Brandy tasted incredible and I couldn't get enough. I jammed my tongue into her pussy, sinking it into her hole as far as I could while I savored her sex juices. I darted my tongue in and out of the young officer's moist pussy while keeping my mouth planted on her lips for several minutes then I moved my tongue up to her clit and began flicking and teasing her sensitive nub as I eased my index finger into her hole and finger fucked her. Chief Kline was getting impatient waiting his turn so I got up and let him take over. He immediately sank his tongue into Brandy's defenseless pussy and began sucking her juices. I moved up and took Chief Davis' place next to the lieutenant's chest. Her huge milky white titties already had a few big purple hickeys scattered about and still had several red lines crisscrossing them as a result of the earlier whipping. I leaned forward and began licking and kissing her soft melon. I placed my mouth on the ultra sensitive underside of her breast and started sucking, producing a big purplish hickey. My lust was really kicking in as I opened my mouth and positioned it over Brandy's rubbery pink nipple. I slid her hard nub into my mouth and sucked it as hard as I could as I flicked my tongue back and forth across it. I clamped her nipple between my teeth and lifted my head up, stretching her little nub and tittie up away from her body. Then I let go and watched as her breast jiggled and shook while returning to its natural state. Brandy laid there quietly moaning into her gag while we rotated around the box, fondling and molesting her body. Chief Taylor was last to sample Brandy's pussy and once he was done, I announced it was fucking time.

I stepped up between the bound officer's stretched out legs and looked down at her defenseless body as the other chiefs stepped back. Her big tits were littered with hickeys and her nipples were bright red and swollen as a result of all the sucking and biting. Brandy's bald pussy lips were also showing signs of abuse as they were red and irritated from our beard stubble. The box was at just the correct height as the lieutenant's pussy was right at dick level. That gave us the option of fucking her while we stood up or laying on top of her in the standard missionary position. I chose the standing up method as I wanted extra thrust power plus I wanted to be able to look at her sexy body as I fucked her. I dropped my pants and let my hard cock spring out. I guided the head of my dick to her crotch and placed the tip between her smooth pussy lips. Brandy's lips began to spread open around the head of my cock as I pushed forward but her hole was too tight and wouldn't allow my tool inside. So I grabbed the young officer's suspended legs for extra support and with a big thrust, jammed my dick into her pussy. Brandy let out a loud squeal as I drove my member deep into her cunt. I slid my dick in and out of her pussy as her tight hole milked my throbbing manhood. It felt so good plus looking down at the nude 24 year old officer as her clean shaven lips wrapped around my dick, I knew I wasn't going to last very long. I picked up my pace and began pounding my meat into her pussy. The whole box was moving back and forth from the force of my thrusts which made Brandy's huge soft tits bounce up and down. I reached down and squeezed her mushy titties as hard as I could and slapped them from side to side, enjoying the extra pain I was causing her and the total control I had to do what ever I wanted to her. I pinched her already sore nipples and twisted them back and forth as my cock continued to piston in and out of her pussy with my balls slapping against her ass with each thrust. The awesome feeling and perfect vision was too much and I quickly exploded, spewing a hot load of cum deep into Brandy's pussy.

Chief Kline stepped up next and shoved his hard cock into the lieutenant's defenseless pussy. He fucked her hard and fast and shot his load into her hole as she laid motionless on the box while moaning into her gag. Chief Davis fucked the bound officer next, standing between her legs and pounding his meat into her pussy with long driving thrusts. Chief Taylor was last in line. He stepped up to the box and stripped all his clothes off. He jammed his cock into Brandy's pussy and then laid on top of her, pressing all his weight down on her petite body. He grinded his hairy chest back and forth against her soft titties as his dick continued to violate her hole. The chief ripped the duct tape off Brandy's mouth and began kissing her, shoving his tongue deep into her mouth and forcing her to french kiss him back. Knowing how women feel about intimacy, I figured having the chief's sweaty body on top of hers and being forced to kiss him while he raped her, had to be the worst feeling in the world. Chief Taylor spewed his load of cum into Brandy's pussy and laid on top of her for a few minutes before getting off. Brandy laid there with the gag still removed and started sobbing loudly. Not only was she feeling completely degraded and dirty knowing she had four enlisted men's cum inside her pussy but I was sure she was in pain from the constant pounding she had just endured.

Brandy laid on the box, still blindfolded and bound with her legs suspended from the ceiling. She was mumbling and whimpering which fueled my lust. With the rope around her neck and stomach securely tied to the box and her arms pinned under her, she was still completely immobilized and helpless. The young bitchy officer was meekly begging me to let her go but I was a long way from being done with her. I figured it was time to show my deep dark side. I wanted to torture her and watch her suffer, having total control over her sexy body and doing nasty perverted things to her as the other chiefs watched would be an awesome experience. I didn't want to cause Brandy any permanent damage but I was definitely going to test her pain threshold. I knew I needed to muffle her screams even more so I grabbed her panties and jammed them into her mouth. Before she could spit them out, I put three strips of duct tape over her lips. With her mouth stuffed with her silky underwear, she could barely make any noise at all. I wanted her to fear for her life so I knelt next to her head and gently stroked her cheeks. I said “now Miss Timmons, we have all cum in your mouth and pussy and for us old guys, twice in a night is a good thing, So I could kill you right now and it wouldn't matter. But if you continue to be a good girl, I won't have to.” I clamped my fingers on her nose, which was her only source of air with her mouth all filled and taped and said “see how easy it would be, you are totally at my mercy aren't you, lieutenant.” With her air supply quickly running out, the nude officer emphatically shook her head yes. I said “that's a good girl, Brandy, now you might find this next part very painful, but don't worry even if you are not enjoying it or finding it sexually stimulating, all four of us will be that's for sure.”

I told her I would start out easy as I clamped a clothes pin on each of her swollen nipples. I played with the clothes pins for a few minutes, twisting them around and slapping them from side to side as I watched her nipples stretch and contort. I told Brandy it was time for another whipping and since I had already whipped her ass and tits, I would start with her pussy. I grabbed my 18” wooden ruler and rubbed it gently over her clean shaven crotch just to torment her some more. I knew that without any hair covering her bald lips, the wooden ruler was really going to really sting when it made contact with her bare sensitive skin. I raised the ruler up in the air and with a flick of my wrist, I delivered the first shot directly on Brandy's pussy. Her body tensed up and she let out a loud scream as the stinging sensation rippled through her body. I continued to paddle her hairless lips in rapid fire succession as the loud crackling sound of wood striking flesh emanated around the room. After 20 shots or so, the lieutenant's pussy was glowing red so I began smacking her upper inner thighs with the wooden ruler. I slowed my pace and alternately struck her pussy and legs until her entire crotch was bright red. I moved up the side of Brandy's body and while grabbing the clothes pin clamped on her nipple, I pulled her big mushy tit up towards the ceiling and began paddling the ultra sensitive underside of her stretched out breast. I took turns, painfully pulling each tittie up by the clothespin and striking it with the ruler until both of her DD melons were a nice shade of pink which highlighted the numerous purple hickeys scattered about. The young officer was sobbing loudly and moving her head from side to side as her body endured the latest abuse.

I was just getting started as my deviant side had taken over and I was really turned on watching the always bitchy Lieutenant Timmons suffer for my sexual pleasure. I took four clothes pins and tied string to them, then I clamped two on each of her swollen red pussy lips and pulled the clothes pins out to the side while holding the string. Brandy's pussy was forced open as I continued to pull the clothes pins further and further apart. After spreading her lips as far as they would go, I wrapped the string around her thighs and tied them off. I stood between Brandy's legs and gazed down at her spread open pussy. I could see deep inside her hole which showed the evidence that she had been the victim of a sexual assault. It was all enflamed and swollen with her inner walls a crimson red as a result of the friction from our dicks pumping in and out of it without the proper lubrication. The lieutenant's hooded clit was in full view as well so I took a metal electrical alligator clip and clamped it on her sensitive little nub. She squealed loudly as the clip dug into her flesh. I grabbed my billy club which was 18” long and the diameter of my thumb and shoved the black wooden object into her spread open defenseless pussy. I eased it in and out of Brandy's hole, fucking her with the inanimate object while the alligator clip remained clamped on her clit. After several minutes, I jammed the billy club all the way up her pussy and let go, keeping it lodged in her hole with a good 9 or 10 inches sticking out.

I was ready for some serious abuse of her tits so I stood beside the box and removed the clothespins from the sexy officer's nipples. I got a long leather boot lace from my makeshift whip and tied it around the base of Brandy's breast. I began wrapping it around her soft mushy melon, tighter and tighter, which forced her tit meat out away from her body. Her skin was forced to stretch more and more as I continued to wrap the leather lace around her breast while clamping down on the base of it. When I finished, Brandy's breast looked like an over filled water balloon that was about to burst. Her normally small pink areola was stretched to twice its normal size with her nipple standing at full attention. I tried sinking my fingers into her tied up tittie but it was hard as a rock and I couldn't even dent it. Her bound breast was already beginning to turn red as the leather boot lace was wrapped around it so tight that the blood circulation had stopped. I grabbed another boot lace and tied up the lieutenant's other tit the same way. It looked like someone had placed two water balloons on her upper rib cage. I slapped her rock hard breasts from side to side for a few minutes, watching as they bounced around and slammed into each other. I flicked and pinched her nipples as I wanted to make sure they were fully aroused.

I got a 1 ½” safety pin that had a silver cap covering the sharp tip. I opened it up exposing the point while saying “So Lieutenant Timmons, have you ever thought about having your nipples pierced, I have this pretty safety pin that I think would make a nice nipple ring.” Brandy started yelling into her gag as I placed the metal tip of the pin against the side of her nipple. Showing no mercy, I applied a little pressure and watched as the pin punctured her sensitive nub. Brandy's body tensed up and she let out a long screech as I continued to push the pin through her nipple until the tip popped out the other side. I was surprised at how easy it had gone through her erect nub as I continued pushing it through far enough so it was centered on her nipple and I could close the safety pin, placing the tip back in the metal end. I got another safety pin and pierced her other nipple with it as Brandy squirmed and screamed in pain. I looked down at the sexy 24 year old as she laid bound to the box with her legs suspended from the ceiling and her arms pinned under her body. Her pussy was forced wide open with clothes pins clamping down on her bald lips and the black billy club was still lodged deep in her hole. Brandy's bound titties were a pale purplish color as no blood was circulating at all and the shiny silver safety pins neatly piercing her pink nipples. It was an incredible vision that I will never forget. I grabbed the safety pins and began pulling and twisting them while watching Brandy's nipples painfully stretch and contort. The young lieutenant was breathing hard and fast as she tried to deal with the pain.

I said “ maybe a little acupuncture will help take away the pain in your nipples and pussy.” I grabbed a hand full of standard pins that were one inch long with a silver ball at the end and placed the tip of one of the pins against the side of her balloon looking tittie. I said “lieutenant this should take your mind off your nipples” as I pushed the pin into her breast. There was a slight resistance until the pin pierced the skin, then it slid easily into her tit. Brandy was screaming into her gag again as I was sure the burning sensation was overwhelming. I continued inserting pins into both of her bound rock hard titties, scattering a dozen of the shiny metal objects around each of her huge DD cups. Some of the pins I pushed all the way in so just the metal ball was showing while others I only inserted halfway. Brandy laid there totally helpless as I tortured her breasts, unable to stop my sadistic assault on her body.

I was getting horny again and wanted to fuck our sexy captive officer one more time but first I had the grand finale of my little torture session. I pulled out a long extension cord and plugged it into the wall outlet. I had removed the plug from the other end of the cord and separated the two wires. This enabled me to grab each wire where the insulation still was and not touch the half inch exposed bare metal tips. I stood over Brandy's defenseless body holding the two wires in my hand and said “I think the lieutenant needs a little electric shock therapy to help her remember how to treat enlisted men.” I brushed the two metal tips together so Brandy could hear the crackling sound of the electricity and asked her is she ever wondered how it felt to get electrocuted. She vehemently shook her head no while continuing to moan and whimper into her gag as she was still suffering from the pain of having her titties bound and littered with pins as well as her nipples pierced with the safety pins. I lowered the exposed wires down towards Brandy's chest and firmly placed one wire on the inside of her balloon looking left breast making sure not to touch any of the pins. Then I jammed the other wire against the outside of the same breast. It was a good thing that I had her panties stuffed in her mouth for extra silencing because the lieutenant let out a blood curdling scream as the electricity entered into her tit. Every muscle in her body had tensed up and was twitching and jerking as the electric current surged through her body. I kept the wires planted on Brandy's left tit for 15 seconds then removed them. I let her catch her breath for a few seconds then placed the wires on her right tittie and let the electricity flow into her body again. Brandy's body trembled all over as I kept the wires on her breast. I started moving the wires all over her exposed chest, giving her little shocks as I went. I worked my way down towards her crotch and pulled the billy club out her pussy. The clothes pins attached to her bald lips kept her hole opened and her insides visible. I pressed one wire on her moist inner pussy lip and the other wire on the other lip. I could hear a sizzling sound where the wires were touching Brandy's wet pussy walls. She was screaming loudly again as the electricity flowed into her cunt. I kept the wires pressed into her pussy flesh until it appeared like Brandy was going to pass out and then I removed them and let her recover for a few seconds. I continued my shock torture, moving the wires all over her crotch and tits. I could tell the lieutenant had had enough as her screaming stopped and she was just constantly moaning into her gag not even aware of what was going on due to the overwhelming pain of being electrocuted.

I was definitely ready to fuck the young lieutenant again and since we had already cum in her mouth and pussy, I figured it was time for a little anal action. I removed the clothes pins from her pussy lips first then began taking the pins out of her tits. After I removed all the pins, I slid the safety pins back out of her nipples and cut the leather boot laces off her titties. Brandy's huge melons flopped back to their natural shape as the blood began to circulate again. Her abused tits had numerous purple hickeys and red burn marks from where the electricity entered and exited, as well as little red dots from the pins that looked like mosquito bites. A little drop off blood formed on her nipples from the safety pin piercing which really highlighted her obvious suffering. Although Brandy's tits were looking very battered and bruised, I was sure there was no permanent damage and in a few days she would be fine. I kneeled between her legs and checked her pussy for damage. The lieutenant's bare lips were red and swollen and had started to bruise up as a result of the clothes pins that had been clamped on them. I spread her lips open to get a look inside her pussy. Her inner walls were still enflamed and rubbed raw with several burn marks scattered around. Once again Brandy's suffering was evident but in a few days I figured her pussy would be fully recovered.

I untied Brandy's ankle ropes from the overhead pipe and lowered her legs until her feet were on the floor. Then I cut the rope off her neck and stomach and stood her up. The young lieutenant was still blindfolded and gagged with duct tape and her arms were still tied behind her back. She was in a daze and stood there wobbling so I put my arms around her and walked her over to the side of the room. There was a small metal pipe with a one inch diameter coming out of the side wall about five feet away from the far wall. It was around three feet off the floor and extended across the room to the other side wall. I escorted Brandy over to the pipe and pushed her body against it with her waist firmly pressed into the metal. I tied a long rope around her already bound wrists and threw the other end over the overhead pipe. Then I tugged on the rope, forcing Brandy's arms up in the air behind her. I continued to pull on the rope lifting her arms higher and higher which in turn forced her to bend over at the waist further and further. The metal pipe was digging into Brandy's stomach as I forced her to bend all the way over until her body formed a letter L with her legs. I then tied off the rope keeping her arms extended painfully above her bent over body. I tied rope around her neck and secured it to the floor, further immobilizing the young officer. Next I pushed her legs open while keeping her feet on the floor and tied the rope which was still around her ankles to the side walls so she couldn't close them or move.

Brandy was now securely bound and completely defenseless to stop us from gang raping her ass. Bent over like she was, her puckered rear opening was fully visible and her big mushy titties were hanging straight down towards the floor. I couldn't resist giving Miss Timmons a little more pain so I removed my heavy high top boots and tied the lace of each one to a clothes pin. I clamped the clothes pins on Brandy's already battered nipples so the boots dangled in the air below her. Her nipples and tits were forced to stretch down towards the floor from the weight of the boots. I kicked the boots and watched as the lieutenant's tits shook and contorted even more out of shape. I placed a knife against the base of Brandy's tits and told her we were going to fuck her ass now and if she wasn't a good girl, I would cut her tits off. Brandy continued to mutter and moan incoherently into her gag. I was sure she understood she was about to be anally gang raped but she was still in a daze and helpless to stop us so she stood there bent over the pipe with her ass hole fully accessible.

I stepped up behind her and rubbed Vaseline all over her ass, making sure to put a big glob around her little brown hole. I coated my cock with the lubricant and pressed the tip of the head against her puckered opening. I had to grab on to the pipe on each side of Brandy's body for extra leverage and with a big forceful thrust, my hard dick penetrated her ass. She let out a loud grunt as my tool slid into her anal cavity. I looked down as more and more of my shaft disappeared into the bound officer's anus. Her opening was stretched to the max around my member and looked like it might rip wide open at any moment. I started slowly sliding my dick in and out of her tight rear hole, violating her sweet ass. I picked up speed and began pounding my meat into her. Brandy's bent over body shook with each thrust as the pipe jammed against her waist and her tits flopped around from the weight of the boots. I fucked the bound officer's ass for several minutes, pumping my tool in and out of her rear as hard and fast as I could. Her petite rectum was clamped around my cock so tight that even though I had already cum twice, I couldn't hold out very long and quickly dumped a hot load of cum into her ass. One by one the other three chiefs stepped up behind the defenseless officer and brutally raped her ass, pounding their sex tools into her rectum and draining their cum deep inside her. Brandy stood bent over the pipe as we all painfully violated her ass, she was moaning and whimpering but had been through too much suffering already to show any real emotions. Chief Davis was the last in line and when he finished I walked behind Brandy and spread her ass cheeks out even further. Her puckered entrance was all enflamed and swollen with our pale white cum oozing out of it. There was a red rug burn looking ring around her hole as her skin had been rubbed raw from the friction of our cocks. I knew her anal cavity had to be in the same condition and must be very sore.

We had all fucked the sexy officer's mouth, pussy and ass and had cum in each of her holes but I had one more thing I wanted to do before we let her go. I had to take a piss and figured it would be the ultimate degradation to make her drink it. So I stepped up in front of Brandy as she stood there bent over the pipe with her arms tied up behind her and I grabbed a handful of her hair. I pulled her head up and ripped the duct tape off her mouth while telling her if she made a sound I would kill her. I told the lieutenant my dick was dirty and needed to be cleaned off. I could control her head by the hold I had on her hair so I moved her mouth in front of my limp dick and told her to open up. She complied without hesitation as I slipped my deflated cock in her mouth. Without warning, piss flooded out of my dick and into Brandy's defenseless mouth. I kept her face planted against my pubic hair while ordering her to drink my piss. I could see her throat moving in an attempt to swallow my hot nasty urine but the volume was too much for her and a stream of yellow piss was flowing out of the corners of her mouth and down her chin. I emptied my bladder into the young officer's mouth and stepped back. She was coughing and gagging as the last of my discharge drained into her stomach. The other chiefs gathered around Brandy's bound and bent over body and whipped their dicks out. Chief Davis grabbed a handful of hair from the back of her head and pulled her face up. He told her to open her mouth as he held her head about 4 inches from his dick. The chief started pissing into her mouth with his yellow urine splattering off her teeth and lips. He moved his cock in a big circle as he pissed all over Brandy's face and hair. Chief Kline and Chief Taylor were pissing all over the lieutenant's body and legs, letting their hot fluids run off her body and down to the floor.

Lieutenant Timmons didn't move or try to speak. She just stood there bent over waiting for whatever was in store for her next. The normally bitchy officer had been turned into a cheap fuck toy and her spirit totally broken. After all, she had been totally humiliated, degraded, abused, tortured and gang raped in her mouth, pussy and ass, not to mention being pissed on so not only was she beat up mentally but her body had to ache all over as well. I asked the lieutenant if she was going to treat enlisted men better now and to my surprise, she nodded her head while whispering yes. I told her if she didn't then we would have to do this all over again. I removed the clothespins from her nipples and untied the rope around her neck and legs and cut the rope off her wrists. I made her lay down on a blanket I had spread out on the floor. Brandy laid there on her back with her arms down at her sides. Even though her arms weren't tied anymore, she didn't try to cover up or remove her blindfold and laid motionless as I took one last look at her sexy nude body. I figured it wouldn't take a detective with a rape kit to determine that Brandy had been tortured and brutally gang raped. One look at her bruised titties, swollen crimson red bare pussy lips and enflamed ass hole was all it would take. I told the lieutenant she should keep her pussy shaved as having smooth bald lips was a real turn on and her officer friends would like it. I rolled Brandy up in the blanket and told her we were going to take her to her stateroom now so she can get some rest, but if she made one sound or tried to move, we would throw her over the side of the ship instead. I grabbed Brandy's bra and put it in my pants pocket and took both video tapes and shoved them in the waistband of my pants. I told Chief Taylor to help me carry the lieutenant and told the other two chiefs to clean up the room. Brandy didn't move a muscle or utter a peep as we carried her blanket covered body to her stateroom. Once there we dumped her on her bed and rushed out of her room.

I woke up the next day and immediately put the video tape on so I could check out the action. I pulled my bra collection out and laid them one by one on my desk. First there was Dawn's huge white 40FF, then Tina's white 32D, then Melanie's tiny black lace 34A and Angel's white satin 34C followed Maria's full beige 38D and finally Brandy's black 36DD sports bra. I played around with my collection as I watched the video, waiting for the other chiefs to show up. After we were all there, we decided to lay low for awhile and see if Lieutenant Timmons reported her rape. The cruise only had two more weeks so we spent the time viewing and reviewing all our videos but for some reason, we were never able to pick our favorite as all our victims were special. Now for the first time in my Naval career, I am looking forward to my next cruise.

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