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Part 5


Cindy was indeed conscious. Despite her severe restraints and blindfold she persisted in a torrent of invectives directed at Russ and Eddie. She could not conceive of the possibility that she would be sold into slavery; in her mind this was simply a bizarre sexual assault by two misogynists. Russ explained her intended fate to her and it did nothing to quiet her. Finally Russ took a soiled pair of Eddie's underpants and stuffed them into her mouth effectively silencing her. Russ concluded that to train Cindy conventionally would require such massive flagellation that she would be severely scarred for life. Therefore he opted for electroshock therapy, another of Eddie's specialties. Four electrodes were attached, one on each of her nipples, and one on each of her inner thighs. The system featured a wireless transmitter from which shocks of three intensities could be administered to any or all of the electrodes simultaneously. Her gag was removed and the shocks began. She was commanded to utter a certain phrase such as "I'm a useless slut". If she failed to do so convincingly she would be shocked. Thus a Pavlov Ian response would be achieved and after two hours her defiant attitude had withered significantly and every sentence she uttered ended in "Sir". This training continued for the greater part of two days. Eventually she was allowed the pleasure of a vibrating vaginal dildo. Her position was modified to one of lying on her back on a bed arms and legs cuffed spread eagle style. She was allowed to use the bathroom with her hands cuffed in front of her and a 6" hobble chain between her ankles. Led to the bathroom by a leash she offered no resistance. She was gagged and blindfolded for varying periods of time but a modest ball gag was used instead of underwear.

Transport day arrived quickly enough. Her eyes and overall demeanor were sullen and she appeared resigned to her fate. One hour before transport Eddie injected her buttocks with Valium and the sedating effect was evident immediately. The strait jacket was applied along with the hobble chain. Her vibrator was removed. Gagged but not blindfolded, nude from the waist down, she was led to the dock where a cabin cruiser awaited. It was dusk. Russ or Eddie did not say as little as goodbye as three Black males led her into the cabin and locked her into a specially built wooden crate with a large hook atop. The cabin cruiser traveled three nautical miles and rendezvoused with a huge oil tanker. A winch was lowered and connected to the hook on the crate. Five minutes later Cindy still encased in the crate found herself on the floor of the Captain's office as the vessel began its long voyage to Africa.

EPILOG: one year later

RUSS SCHENCK: indicted by a Federal Grand Jury in Manhattan for income tax evasion and filing a false stolen vehicle insurance claim Russ plea bargains for an 18 month prison sentence. Initially sent to a minimum-security prison camp in Central Pennsylvania he is unexpectly transferred to a nearby maximum security prison. Five days later he is gang raped by male inmates. Acme Bail Bond goes into bankruptcy; Russ' estate is seized to help satisfy the jury award.

EDDIE: after returning to the Pittsburgh area Eddie worked as an AIDS Prevention Outreach Counselor for the county but died six months later, the unintended victim of a drug related drive by shooting.

ANNE BROWN: Anne ingratiated herself with a Columbian drug lord while serving as his sex slave. She now speaks and writes Spanish fluently. The fugitive embezzler has conned her master into allowing her to perform accounting work for the organization.

CINDY PRELL: served faithfully as a harem slave to the Ugandan Minister of Justice. Eventually she was able to convince him to allow her to serve as Headmistress for the other females in the harem. Exempt from serving as a submissive she has reverted to full time Domme status.


Review This Story || Author: Skip
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