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Tali Topless

Part 1

Tali Topless

Francine was embarrassing Tali in the Rockville Courthouse cafeteria. “C'mon, everyone talks about trying to help rehabilitate criminals, but who really is hands on? Natalia here is remarkable!” Tali smiled, and shook her head. “I hired an extremely competent chauffer, that's all. And Fenton is good company as well, he's not really like other disadvantaged types—he's teaching himself Greek, for God's sake.” Francine laughed. “You're a saint!” Francine turned to Ken Buxbaum, who was her obsession of the month. Ken smiled. “I've heard about this, Tali…Tom Beck told me that you've taken in Maryland's most obnoxious car thief…a chauffer? Does Fenton “Hot” Weir even have a license?”

Tali turned crimson. Ken had asked Tali out a number of times, though she was careful to keep this from Francine. But this isn't jealousy, it's bitchiness, she thought. “I mean, really Tali. Housing a middle aged black ex-convict pseudo intellectual…” “And Fenton's half-Jewish, Bux” kidded Stan. Buxbaum winced mumbling, “We chosen people should be so proud.” “It's a great thing, Ken.” Francine insisted. “Tali lets Fenton live rent free in her basement…and gives him about twenty-five a year to drive her, though its funny, I've never seen him drive you in.”

Tali thought about Fenton…drive her, indeed! She was lucky when she got to drive herself in. Fenton often took the car to spend the day with one of his sluts, or at the Library of Congress, or Champion Billiards with his loser friends. He'd caned her hard when she'd complained. Tali was relegated to taking cabs at work, but then Fenton felt that now that they were secretly engaged, he should manage the funds, and he kept Tali on a strict allowance, as he was saving to take Stacy to the Virgin Islands. Tali was on the bus these days, and today, while everyone else was eating cafeteria food, this $150,000 a year prosecutor was having a peanut butter sandwich out of a brown bag.

The other night, when Fenton had forced Tali to suck off drunks at the Trailways Station as a humility lesson, he'd said. “You are so attached to that money and prestige, that's why I was reluctantly forced to have you sign over the accounts. Now there's no more Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus…Filene's is good for you. Tali had been kneeling, naked except for pasties and torn pink stockings in an abandoned janitor's closet, cum running down her face, while the next drunk was coming up with his quarter. (Fenton said they should charge something.) “But it's not fair…” Tali said. “I've worked hard for all I have, Fenton, and now you make me live on thirty-five dollars a week.” Fenton shook his head.

“It's all yours if you want it back, dear…” Fenton smiled. “As Rhett Butler said, ‘There are other bedrooms, my dear.' Do you want me to move out tonight?” Tali had panicked…her whole world was so nice and simple now…and so exciting. “No, Master, I'm sorry I talked back.” Tali had stared at Fenton with pleading eyes. “Very well, then,” Fenton responded. “Your allowance is now twenty-five dollars a week. Why don't you suck Josh now, honey?” There went her tennis blouse. She couldn't save for it now. Tali bit her tongue, and took the next welfare recipients penis in her mouth…Remembering it now at the table with her friends, though, Tali was wet…what a man Fenton is.

Stan Jessup, who prosecuted bank fraud asked, “Isn't Fenton Weir the guy in the Enquirer story who Congresswoman Smythe caught stealing her Beemer? They were engaged for a year, until Fenton was caught looting a Mitsubishi dealership. Smythe got him a suspended sentence, but they split up.” Buxbaum dropped his milk carton. “How is she still elected?” Stan laughed. “Like Barney Frank, Smythe has a very loyal constituency. After it was over, she ran for Senate and won.”

“Hey” Francine quipped, “She should marry Charles Manson-they'd make her governor!” “This isn't romantic, is it, Tali?” Stan asked jokingly. “Fenton's a nice guy, and a gourmet cook, Stan, but have you seen him? He wears thrift store clothes, he has a big Jewish schnozz-sorry, Bux, and he is balding WITH an Afro, for God's sake!” Walter Waxman, a court reporter snickered.”I went to dinner at Tali's and the guy put his plate on the table when he was finished!” Wax, of course was also very much interested in Tali, but did he have to be such an asshole? Clint Malchamus, a U.S. marshal looked serious. “Tali, I've seen the guy's sheet. He's been stealing, stripping, and re-selling vehicles since he was ten. Are you sure that's wise?”

“Oh yes,” Tali answered. “Fenton's made a complete turn around…and he provides for many of my household needs.” Except the need that I have most, she thought as the soaked panties stuck to her chastity corset.

“I just want it so much.” Tali leaned in to Fenton the Felon, feeding him little bits of salmon with her fork. She'd built a big fire, and lit candles…it was that sort of night, if she was lucky. “I've tried so hard to be worthy, Fenton.” Fenton bit a piece of salmon off the fork, and another dropped onto his Schirmer Music T-shirt. He'd had them send some Chopin, and it was playing lightly in the background, though Tali preferred U2. Fenton chewed the salmon, and his upper plate slipped slightly, and more salmon fell on the T-shirt. Tali shook her head lovingly, and wiped it off with a napkin.

Fenton patted Tali's thigh, and her clitoris became quite lively. He's sexy as hell, even if he does have poor table manners, thought Tali. Being raised in orphanages and juvenile prisons doesn't prepare you as my six years at Miss Porter's School did. She watched Fenton abstractedly cleaning salmon off his denture bridge with the corner of his shirt before replacing it in his mouth. I love him anyway. He's beautiful. And I want him to fuck me. Can I prove that I'm worthy? Tali leaned in to Fenton, watching the fire's reflection in his hideously 80's aviator glasses. “Please, Master… can we talk about this?”

Fenton took a longing glance at “The Vicar of Wakefield”, which he'd been trying to finish all evening. He smiled and accepted more salmon from Tali. She was something else. Clad in an enchanting bustier and tiny thong panties, it was hard not to address this issue with her. What she really wanted for her arrogance was a horsewhipping in the back yard; and then to be locked in the dog's kennel cage out there, but it's February, damn it. It was fun last summer when Fenton had first purchased the cage, used for training puppies. Tali was locked in a crouched position in the hot July night. She'd come in to cook Fenton's breakfast in the morning, red eyed and sweaty, covered in mosquito bites.

Fenton grinned at the memory. Fenton then accepted more salmon, some of which became caught in his goatee, and responded with his mouth full. “Tali I know you want me to make love to you…but I don't sleep with submissives. It's highly impertinent of you to even ask me.” Tali's heart stopped. SubmissIVES? Were there more than her? She knew Fenton had lots of girlfriends, he was bringing them home all the time, and quite often debasing her in front of them. Just the week before, Fenton had been screwing Nicole, a 7-Eleven cashier and Walter Johnson Highschool student, in Tali's Princess bed. He'd made Tali serve them breakfast and then run on all fours naked to “fetch” the Washington Post in her teeth. She'd torn a bit of it, and Nicole had been allowed to whip Tali's ass with a hairbrush, and then lock her in a closet.

Fenton had also allowed Heather, his twenty year old daughter, to dom Tali, and this was terribly inappropriate. Heather was a fat, twenty-year old, conceived with the staff cardiologist during Fenton's thirty-three month stay at the Eastern Correctional Institution in Princess Anne, Maryland. Heather would go off at anything, and once, when Tali had been tutoring her for a high school calculus class, Heather had gotten frustrated at Tali's easy mastery of the material. She had beaten Tali with a rubber hose and locked Tali into a clothing trunk with holes in the top for nearly three hours. After Heather had calmed down, she'd taken the sweating Tali out, and made her finish the tutoring lesson. Fenton Junior also liked wielding the belt, but he didn't have Heather's vigor…Tali hated visitation days.

Now, Fenton leaned in to Tali, and rubbed his fingers in her cleavage. “What do you have to offer your Master in return for me screwing you, Tali? I don't recall that we ever discussed this privilege for you, you're spoiled enough by all those lawyers drooling over you at the Rockville Courthouse…not to mention your father giving you a new BMW every year since you were sixteen. Certainly I never thought you would ask for special favors… I've never spoiled you, dear.” Tali nodded wearily.

“You are supposed to get satisfaction from my pleasure…to satisfy me with your mouth, to give me massages…my penis only goes into quality twats, which could mean any overweight seventy-year old bar pickup, remember the one I brought home, and I made you service her…the dime-store lady.” Fenton laughed. “You can't blame me, Natalia, I couldn't do it, that woman didn't bathe…but I screwed old Frances…she and most other women are of more quality than a scum like you. “ A tear rolled down Tali's nose. A child model, Homecoming Queen at Walter Johnson High School, Tali had done bit parts in movies as a young adult, and been Miss Baltimore at nineteen. Tali had been proposed to by three different millionaires by the time she'd graduated from college. But she was nothing more than a dog, a dog to be ignored and whipped, if this was Fenton's wish. After all…she'd never had more passion than in the last two years…Fenton was steak, and everything else porridge.

“I think you know the rules…but you always push the envelope and then I have to make new ones.” Fenton said sorrowfully, as he squeezed and twisted one breast, and Tali tried to keep a straight face. “I told you that you would be responsible for your own orgasms as well as mine, but then I'd catch you masturbating after every training session. And after every blowjob you gave me, which meant you were getting off five times a day.

Once I caught you masturbating to a mug shot of mine that you brought home from the court house.”Fenton looked severe, but inwardly he chuckled at the memory of Tali frigging herself over that old, pathetic Post Office photo of him. “ So then I had to put you in a chastity corset, let you out to masturbate once a month…and then you seemed so obnoxious about asking when your date was, I had to get you a calendar, and make your orgasm date once every two months.” Fenton shook his head. “And of course your belt has no urinary hole so you have to rush home once or twice a day, interrupting my work—remember when you drove all the way over to the Byzantine Library at Dumbarton Oaks to get me to unlock you? How embarrassing that was.”

Tali thought about that, zooming into Georgetown from a deposition in Howard County, urine puddling out the sides of the evil leather, tight-fitting corset, which went just above her breasts like a one-piece bathing suit, except no swimwear she'd ever seen was made of black leather with a numbered lock. Fenton had bought the corset on a business trip in Indonesia, for a previous slave, while he was stealing Humvees. The first slave, Gloria, head of the parole board member at Lorton reformatory, was a little slimmer, so unfortunately the corset fit Tali, though perhaps a little tight. Only Fenton knew the combination, and it was he who would unlace the back, complaining about her ruining his leisure.

Tali was supposed to have four scheduled bathroom visits a day, like a dog, and she drank very little water. Once she'd come home, bladder bursting, in the middle of the day, and Fenton had been busy inside with the head cheerleader at Sidwell Friends. They'd peered out the window at Montgomery County's prosecuting vunderkind, as she hopped up and down on the steps, dancing, dancing until finally the urine rolled down Tali's nylons and she'd burst into tears. This, to say nothing of Fenton's refusal to let her masturbate to orgasm more than once every two months. Previously, Tali could at least frig herself to completion after having serviced Fenton for several hours…sometimes in the courthouse lavatories, she'd sit in a stall, twiddling a pencil down there while remembering a particularly vicious whipping.

But Fenton had presented Tali with the corset eighteen months ago…had she even had five orgasms? Now and then, he'd take off Tali's corset, strap her to the bed, and torture her with a vibrator, getting Tali oh, so hot, but never over the edge. Fenton knew all the sensitive areas in the clitoris, and Tali got lots of pleasure from these sessions, much frustration, but no relief.. Tali was supposed to be allowed to masturbate to orgasm while kneeling on the jacks she'd played with as a child.. the last time with Fenton's daughter slapping a piece of discarded barbed wire on Tali's rear. But when she irritated Fenton, he would sometimes add anywhere from three days to two weeks to her sentence, and once she'd gone 120 days without a “squirtee”. Tali also had to finish within four minutes, masturbating clumsily with her left hand, or back in the belt it was, with no orgasm for another two months.

Oh, she needed this fucking now. Tali bowed her head and tried to look very submissive. She'd known there were risks in asking for the rare privilege of making love, but she and Fenton were secretly engaged now, and she just couldn't stand it…she'd fantasized about his mahogany erection entering her, Tali screaming, and raking Fenton's back..well, maybe not. She and Fenton had been together now twenty-seven months, and she'd fellated him two to five times a day for every day they'd been together.

She'd sucked off his friends and whatever loser he'd brought home…she'd sucked off his son, his son's friends, and Fenton's lower class trashy bar pickups, the women with the teased hair that Tali and her girlfriends had snubbed in high school. Once he'd brought in a bowling alley employee, Temple Fry…Tali and her friends had made fun of Temple's slow reading in elementary school, and Tempie remembered. Fenton had encouraged Tempie to take out her frustrations with a Spencer paddle, and Tempie had taken pity on Tali, let her off after four swats, which had been even more humiliating…ooh.

. Tali had loved the morning ritual of coming into Fenton's room---he'd taken over the master bedroom and Tali's Princess bed when he moved in, and she was currently sleeping on the bathroom floor, as she complained about sleeping in the guest room once too often.

But every morning whether she'd been relegated to the guest room, the attic, bathroom, basement, or the horrible garage, Tali would get up at eight a.m., and before leaving for work, she would make Fenton's breakfast—two three minute eggs, bacon cooked just right, or it was thirty with the clothes hanger, and lots of coffee. Tali would wake Fenton, spoon feed him breakfast in bed, and then give him his morning blowjob, it was a wonderful tender experience for them both…and then one day after they'd been together about two weeks, Tali came in and Fenton was in bed with this little tart, it was a cashier at the Giant Food that time—and Fenton insisted that she spoon feed both of them, and then suck both of them off…Tali was straight, as far as she knew, and her first experience at cunnilinguis was rather repulsive, and she'd shown it, and Fenton had bent her over the bathtub and broken two or three willow switches on Tali's butt before ordering her to give the slutty clerk a decent carpet- munch.

So Tali had never been fucked by Fenton—he'd sodomized her now and then, never with his precious dick of course, just a gloved fist or once a policeman's nightstick he'd bought at a flea market. But even then he pulled that out before Tali could slip her finger to her twat to have an orgasm…Often Fenton would tie Tali down, remove the chastity belt, and run a vibrator in her clit, turning it on and off, just before she'd cum…it was so frustrating. Once she'd cum without permission, and he'd whipped her bald clit with a vacuum cleaner cord .

“Fenton, please honey” Tali was begging now. “You are the ultimate man for me…I want no one else, and I just want the satisfaction of having you inside me. If you want, I won't orgasm, since my day is fifty-two days away anyhow.” It was only supposed to be thirty-eight days, but Tali had been screwing up. Three days for neglecting to clean Fenton's bathroom, late coming home for dinner because of a demanding murder trial, Fenton had given Tali a choice of adding one extra day to her orgasm date, or a flogging with Fenton Jr's hockey stick. Tali had taken the whipping, which had left splinters in her rear cheeks. She would rather nearly any more pu nishment than to have her precious orgasm delayed.

Then a few days later, Tali had left some boot polish in Fenton's military boots, and the polish had ruined one of his good socks, a present from poor, dyslexic Temple Fry, and Fenton had considered this an act of deliberate and direct impertinence, and jealousy. “I realize I've been too easy on you lately” Fenton had said to the weeping Tali, and after another session with the hockey stick and four hours in the steamer trunk, Fenton had given Tali back her two extra days for the tardiness offense, plus another five for ruining the socks that were poor Temple's present. “The girl makes only $6.25 an hour…you know she got these at Brooks Brothers?”

Then Fenton had awarded Tali a day for “flirting” with the guy next door (she'd asked the neighbor, an 80 year old curmudgeon, whether garbage collection days had changed). Tali had committed this unforgivable offense when she was supposed to be ironing Fenton's jeans. She'd gotten another three days, which she'd begged down from ten, for trying to hide the chastity corset. Whenever there was an extension on the orgasm date Tali would have to go to the calendar, tears streaming down her face, and cross out her “Squirt” day and mark in a later one. Fenton felt that Tali was too dependent on her orgasms, and should accept the tantric approach. Between Tali's energetic mouth, and the mouths and vaginas of Fenton's energetic bimbos, he often got five to eight orgasms a day, even at fifty-one, and he assured Tali that cumming was way over-rated.

So would Fenton go for that, Tali holding back her orgasm? Maybe, she thought, he'd consider it some new, exquisite torture. But Fenton was shaking his head. “No, Tali.” He said firmly. “If we make love—“Tali's heart sang “—I will of course permit you to have an orgasm, or even several. But you'll have to prove yourself as a good little slave-girl before you get that privilege.” Tali took Fenton's hand. “Master, what can I do to prove it? I'll do anything you like!” Fenton gazed into Tali's eyes. “If you can go through a series of tests and lessons, and do well in the areas that you've not met expectations as a slave, and there are a few, I'll make love to you this time next month.”

Fenton was ambushed with kisses from Tali, and he gently pushed her back. “But if you don't pass these tests, I will give you twelve strokes with the bull whip five hours in the steamer trunk, and an additional nineteen days of chastity for each test you fail. The first test will be next week, but until then, I want you to prove your devotion to me by sleeping naked in the garage for a month, starting tonight. It's a heated garage, so you won't have to complain as you would if I put you in the obedience cage in this weather.”

Tali thought miserably of the small wire kennel, meant for a dog the size of a collie. The garage floor, cement as it was, would be a palace in comparison. Maybe she could use the spare tire for a pillow…or was there a bag of peat moss? Fenton was smiling now. “Is this agreed? Let the sex thing go, and you can have your comfortable place on the floor near my bed.” What would the tests be like? Wasn't Tali a good slave already?

Jesus, she'd been in the scene for seventeen years—since Walter Johnson High's head cheerleader and National Merit Semifinalist first started taking her father's car out after everyone was in bed, driving into DC to the Tawse Club to be whipped and peed on. Shit, she'd almost missed her own deb ball. As it started, Tali was cuffed to a ceiling bolt of her first Master's trailer out in Lanham. But she could take it…and she wanted to. Many times Tali had attempted to quit the scene, and then she'd be spoiled and petted by appreciative men who took her boating and on field trips to Tiffany's. But the longing always remained, because she was a dyed-in the wool hardcore submissive. She could take whatever came.

As if reading Tali's thoughts, Fenton said “Are you up for it, Tali? Last chance to back out.” “Yes, Master.” Tali whispered. Fenton laughed, and pulled Tali by her hair to the floor with his left hand, unzipping himself simultaneously with his right. “All right, darling. “ Tali opened her mouth for the tip. Fenton took up “The Vicar of Wakefield” “Now, Natalia, you finish me off while I read about Reverend Primrose..and then into the garage! I think we may take the steamer trunk out there, too…you can be in a cell within a cell, like when I was in the Hole so many years ago.”

Tali was quite nervous, as Fenton the Felon pulled up to the large house on the hill. Where was this? Fenton and Tali got out of the car, and went up to knock on the door. Jesus, Tali thought, this is a Victorian monster. Much bigger than my house. A maid answered the door, and Fenton smiled at her, speaking in Spanish. The maid returned the conversation in the same language, and ushered them into the living room. Tali looked around. Jesus. African art, antique roll-top desk, and Tali recognized the coffee table as being of a kind that was hand made for the owner—somewhere in Bavaria, she thought. Aunt Jane has one. There was a Roccoco style carved giltwood mirror on one wall, and an original Matisse hung over the Louis XV armoire.

A door on the other end of the room opened, and Heather, Fenton's twenty year old daughter, came out. “Daddy!” Heather ran up and gave Fenton a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Heather had quite an exotic look—she had the light black skin of her father, and Tali recognized her mother's chin…Heather was Fenton's child with one of his sentencing judges back in 1983. No wonder it was so damn hard to get the guy in jail, Tali thought bitterly. Every courtroom was a pickup joint for him, it seemed. Heather was pretty, but had a clear weight problem, she was at least one hundred sixty pounds, and only five feet six inches tall. Heather also had tiny boobs and tried to enhance them with rubber bras and tissue paper. She despised Tali, a 5'8” blonde, who had great T&A and variated between a size four and a size six. Tali knew the breast issue was especially grating to Heather, as often during sessions, Heather had focused her tortures on Tali's breasts, evilly.

“Jesus, you need to take better care of yourself, Dad.” Heather stroked Fenton's Afro. She had not spoken to Tali at all, and Tali didn't expect her to. Fenton had initiated Heather on Tali's status soon after he moved into Tali's house. At first Heather seemed awed but resentful of the beautiful prosecuting attorney that her dad was living with. Still, she treated Tali with deference, and Tali tried to be nice, in her way, but did a bit of nagging about Heather's sloppiness and overeating. Just to straighten her out. But this ended six weeks after they'd met, and Tali still winced at the memory.

One Sunday afternoon two years ago, Fenton had Tali over his knee, jeans and underwear bunched around her ankles. As the large Spencer paddle fell repeatedly on Tali's defenseless bare posterior, she was telling Fenton “I adore you” WHACK “I w-worship you, Fenton, may I have another?” WHACK WHACK WHACK. Tali hated the Spencer; it was big and thick, and had ten little symmetrically placed holes drilled through the spanking end to eliminate air resistance when the paddle swung through the air..WHACK WHACK “I, love—you-Fenton.” Tali tried to keep the tears back. WHACK. Tali was not being punished, really. Fenton was giving her a valuable “seminar” on how to take pain gracefully.

There had been a light tap on the library door, and Fenton had paused briefly to say, “Come in!”. Heather had slouched into the library, pulling up her Big Girl jeans. Fenton winked at Heather and continued his assault on Tali's ravaged bottom. Tali had been horrified at having Fenton's eighteen year old daughter witnessing her in this humiliating position. Heather leaned against a table and watched Fenton whack Tali several more times, and then he stopped, and wiped his brow with a bandanna. “Yes. Lambchop. What can I do for you,dearest?” Fenton loved having his kids spend the weekend, especially his little girl, and they were, Tali considered, rather sickening in their mutual affection.

“Daddy, I just wanted to let you know that Florence and Kristy and I are going dancing tonight, and I might stay over there. We might drive up to Frostburg State tomorrow, and you know they offered me some financial aid if I go.” On what, Tali thought to herself, an overeating scholarship? Tali's face was burning with shame and humiliation. Here she was, pants down to her ankles, with a bright red wealed bottom, she was being whipped by this girl's father like she was a three year old, and Fenton didn't have the decency to lock the library door, and give Tali a chance to pull up her pants before the little bitch came in! And worse, Heather was treating it like an every day occurrence. What an odd childhood she must've had. Tali moaned as Fenton abstractedly swung his paddle against her bare cheeks.

“I had some concerns about you going to college, to be put in the hands of idiots who are teaching because they can't do real work.” “Like breaking into Ourisman Chevrolet?” Heather smirked. Laughing,Fenton whacked Tali again, and she began crying quietly. “This one is an educated moron after all—and look at her!” Fenton kicked out a leg, and Tali had fallen on the floor. “Get in the corner, now!” Tali stood up, and tried to pull up her pants before Heather saw her private parts. “Did I say you could pull up your pants?” Fenton smiled. “Heather honey, Tali's just embarrassed because I made her shave her twatty bald, but you don't mind do you? GET IN THE CORNER!”

Tali had shuffled off to the corner while father and daughter discussed the merits of higher education before Heather had left. Tali had gotten into a serious argument with Fenton about the propriety of being punished in front of his teenage daughter, but to no avail. By the next weekend, Tali was naked and gagged in front of Heather and Fenton, Jr., and they were taking turns with a whip and a wooden spoon…Heather never returned to the deference she'd shown Tali when they'd first met, even though Tali had given her lots of money for school clothes, and some tutoring for her economics classes. No, Tali was simply an animal now.

Now, Heather gave Tali a sideways glance, her fat face grimacing. “I've prepared Tweedledum in the can, Daddy, she's kneeling near the toilet.” Fenton snickered. “Yes, and Tweedledee is ready as well.” Heather looked over at Tali, and reached over, her fat hand crashing across Tali's trembling mouth. Heather twisted Tali's right nipple cruelly. “Why aren't you undressed, you Berkshire hog?” At this sally, Fenton winked at Tali, silently agreeing that Tali, while a scumbag slave, was not the porcine creature in the room. Tali backed off from Heather, and quickly disrobed, while Fenton went into what apparently was the bathroom.

After Tali put her clothes neatly on the couch, Heather viewed Tali's chastity corset contemptuously. Tali shrank back. It was horribly humiliating to wear this ugly leather suit that went from her crotch just over her breasts, and was so tight that her tits were slightly blue. Heather grabbed Tali by the hair and pulled her close,spinning her around. Tali heard the numbers rolling on the lock. Suddenly the corset was loosened, and Heather was untying the strings. How can Fenton tell his daughter the combination? Tali thought silently. And Fenton Jr. knows it, and Don. Am I the only one who doesn't? Heather gave Tali's bottom a vicious pinch, and Tali quickly climbed out of the suit, and lay it on the couch next to her clothes.

Tali turned around for Heather's inspection, and was rewarded with another slap, this time to her right breast. “Look at this! Dad told me you were supposed to be shaven, and here there are five or six little hairs!” Tali stared at the floor. “Miss Heather, I just haven't had time to shave. I am working 14 hour days, and the corset is locked on me all the time—“ Heather slapped Tali again. She roughly grabbed Tali by the hair and threw Tali down on her back on the Oriental carpet, and then threw herself down on top of Tali.

Heather pushed Tali into the floor, her pudgy black hands crushing Tali's beautiful pink breasts. “I knew this was going to happen, so I brought some tweezers, you skank!” Gritting her teeth, Heather kneeled between Tali's legs and reached into her pubic area, waving a tiny pair of silver tweezers. Heather began pinching Tali's vagina with her Press-on nails, and then pulling the pussy hairs out with the tweezers. Tali gasped. Heather was plucking the stray hairs out as viciously as possible, yet Tali felt herself getting wet. Heather slapped Tali's inner thigh. “Horny pig!”

After this agonizing process was over, Heather got up, and made Tali get up. “Go into the bathroom.” Tali walked into a huge bathroom. Fenton was holding a leather strap attached to a wood handle, and now and then he whacked a nude figure kneeling in front of him. At first Tali was distracted by the marvelous bathroom. Oh, if Mother could only see this. It had a large Jacuzzi, big sinks, and everything was in black marble. It reminded Tali of the bathroom in the Intercontinental Hotel in Japan. Suddenly, Tali became very focused on the person kneeling in the middle of the floor. She was an attractive brunette in her late fifties, her body was in fair shape, and Tali could see everything, for the brunette was naked and her hands were cuffed behind her. Her pussy was bald like Tali's, and Tali could see a few welts on her back and bottom. d Fenton was standing over her…but Tali couldn't take her eyes off this woman, who she easily recognized as Senator Linda Smythe.

Linda knelt carefully, her hands behind her back, and listened to Fenton explain the situation to his little slave girlfriend: “Yes, here she is, Senator Smythe, but she's not here for legislative purposes, dear Tali…Your first test is to learn to be a receptacle for my wastes, and we're going to start with pee-pee..” Linda saw the girl blanch. Poor kid. Fenton had explained about the tests to Linda the day before at Café Milano. “I am going to try to make her as skilled a slave girl as you've become over the last thirty-five years” he'd said over lunch at Morton's. Fenton's fat, spoiled daughter took Tali by the hair and forced her to her knees, cuffing her hands behind her back. “Note, Tali…Linda's hands aren't cuffed at all. She's holding them together, and will keep them together throughout the session. She's much more accomplished than you, dear.”

Fenton thrashed Linda's ass five or six times with the strap, Linda kneeling stiffly, and making no sound. Angry welts arose on the frigid alabaster skin, but the Senator just knelt quietly, taking it all. Then Fenton picked what appeared to be a two foot stick

made of cocabola wood. On one end was a handle very similar to a police night stick, but on the other was a grotesquely wide penis head. Fenton tapped Linda's shoulder, and Senator Smythe looked up, and opened her mouth to take in the polished wooden cock head. “Now watch, Tali…can you take it like this? Maryland's junior Senator makes Linda Lovelace seem like a PTA mom. Linda has a B.A. in social work, a M.A. in public policy, a J.D. in law, and a Ph.D in Deep Throat”

Fenton began gradually pushing the night stick/dildo in and out of Linda's carefully painted lips, at first gently, and then faster and faster til it seemed as if Fenton was trying to kill a roach hiddin in a drain. But the Senator just knelt there, not even relaxing her legs. There was a slight gagging noise eminating from Linda's throat, but Linda swallowed the stick wholly, pushing her mouth around it, as if she were giving a blow job to the Jolly Green Giant. Linda trembled a bit, but Tali was amazed at how erectly the elegant sixty year old held herself, and not once did her right hand let go of her left wrist behind her back. But it seemed as if Fenton was pushing a little too harshly, and at one point the Senator's head began to bobble.

“Fenton,'re going to kill her!” shouted Tali, but he seemed deaf. So intensely did Fenton pump the stick down the Senator's throat, that even Heather motioned him to stop, and Fenton shook his head. Finally Fenton the Felon stopped the poking, pulling the night stick out of the Senator's mouth. Tali wondered if she would ever be able to take such oral torture. She hoped it wouldn't be one of the tests. Still, Tali envied the Senator her poise under such strenuous circumstances. Fenton held the stick just above the Senator's mouth, and Linda licked the green phlegm off the tip of the business end, before dropping her eyes to the floor once again. “Tell my lovely daughter, and the naked little scum-bucket cringing over there how much you enjoyed this, Linda.”

Linda turned to the two women and said with a somewhat mangled voice “Master Fenton is only fulfilling dreams I've had for myself. I actually had the stick made…it's taught me true submission.” Fenton nodded. “You've trained a lot with it, dear.” Fenton pointed to the ground, and Linda leaned over slowly, without separating her wrists, and pushed her face into a bath rug.

Fenton tapped the night stick on Linda's ass, and Linda finally separated her wrists, using her manicured fingers to spread her full cheeks apart. Fenton grinned. “This next exercise has been performed by us a number of times..but this time Linda is doing it without her K-Y jelly…let's see how she does.” Tali was amazed at what a smooth rear end the legislator had, there was no celluilite in what was obvious middle age. After Linda spread her cheeks so that her anus was quite visible, Fenton pushed the wooden cock deep into the Senator's rectum, deeper and deeper.

Tali and Heather watched Linda's face. This was the first time without grease, and Linda's face, pushed into the bath rug looked terribly strained. Fenton pushed harder, and it seemed that the Senator had let go of her buttocks for a moment, the pain was too much. Fenton reached behind him and grabbed the leather strap by its wooden handle and let it fly on Linda's right cheek WHACK WHACK WHACK “Stop cinching your bottom, dirtbag! Use your fingers to pull the cheeks apart!” Linda's hands weakly tried to climb up to her bottom and then dropped to the floor, and Linda began to sob.

The strap rose and fell again, alternating on Linda's left and right cheeks WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK. The reddish welts turned purple, and there was some bleeding on the Senator's thigh. Linda was crying harder now. “Well?” Fenton demanded.”You begged me to let you try it without grease…if I get any more of this impertinence and blubbering, I am going to add forty days of abstinence to the seventeen you already have…show the girls your little clitty ring.” Linda rose onto her haunches, turned around and spread her legs so Heather and Tali could see her completely bald vagina. Pierced within the lips was a small gold ring with a lock on it. “I can't be getting over to the Dirksen building to unlock Linda all the time, so she gets a ring instead of a corset. Lucky bitch, Tali thought. “Now…” Linda immediately dropped her head to the rug and spread her cheeks widely, and Fenton jammed the stick in and out before pulling the stick out. Tali looked away, revolted, and then tried to gaze again. The night stick was covered with blood and fecal matter. Fenton waved it in front of Linda's mouth, and she quietly cleaned the stick with her tongue before Fenton replaced the stick on the commode. “There there…” Fenton smiled at the weeping Senator.

“Now then” Fenton said briskly. “It's time for Waste Ingestion Training.” Tali thought Maryland's top legislator had certainly had enough waste ingestion from the gunk on the nightstick, but apparently Linda was ready again, as she gave Fenton a quick, adoring glance, before the strap crashed across her shoulder and the elegant eyes viewed the floor once again. “Now I want you to watch how calmly Linda takes in urine, and in what quantities. She does it in a ladylike manner, Tali, unlike yourself…when I've tried to train you for liquid bodily waste ingestion, you've gagged, spat most of the urine out, and I've had to give you not a few whippings. “I've tried everything.” Fenton said to Linda and Heather. “I tried having Tali get used to the urine taste by holding some in her mouth for a few minutes, by bathing in it, I've dipped my penis in it, and had her suck it off..but she can't take having her mouth peed in.” Fenton sighed heavily. “Training is so difficult” As Tali's stomach turned, she tried to appreciate how hard Fenton worked with her.

. “Linda here, was born to be a receptacle.” Fenton said proudly. “ She can take quite a bit down her throat.” Linda saw the girl staring at her in horror and contempt. Oh, don't you look down on me, Linda thought. If Fenton's got his spell on you, you'll be drinking gallons…before it's over. Linda thought of the first time she'd met Fenton Weir, when he was not quite fifteen years old.

“This one is a tricky little bastard, Linda…I didn't think much of a ‘counseling' service here at the Village, we've never needed one before, but God forbid that I get in the way of his Great Society.” Commander Swift allowed himself a small smile. Linda had such an awe of Pete Swift—he was Director of Boy's Village, Cheltenham, Maryland's youth correctional institute, and an ex Naval aviator. “The last time we paroled him, it was because he'd won a scholarship to Groton—his ticket out of the foster care system—four months later, he bounces back here, he called the classics chairman a troglodyte or something, and stole the Headmaster's Dodge, and the Head's daughter just gave birth to a kinda gray-lookin kid in a Boston home for unwed mothers…Fenton's back, and immediately five of our trucks are gone…you got to get it out of him, I can't submit a fiscal budget til the trucks come back. I want my trucks!” Commander Swift had swiftly become a tantrum-ing three year old. Linda, an effective social worker, was astonished that Commander Swift couldn't sweat Fenton out, but then she met Fenton.

Now, Fenton reached into a bag on the bathroom sink and took out a couple of mouse traps. Carefully, he opened one, and slipped a combination lock through the metal trap part, and then snapped it on Linda's right nipple, and followed suit with a trap-lock on her left. The Senator had a quick intake of breath. Not only were mousetraps prohibitively pinching to the nipples, but the additional weight of the combination locks severely added to the pain. Linda sucked in her breath further,and then let it out through her nose. Linda was sixty-one, though she looked a great deal younger, thanks to face lifts, exercise and artful makeup. She kept her hair colored in the deep auburn of her youth, and her lips and nails always painted cherry red. Both her husbands had been younger than the Senator; as well as many of her young Masters.

Oh…Linda's nipples felt like they were being bitten by lock jawed Dobermans. Still, she kept her erect posture, kneeling upright so her buttocks didn't touch the back of her legs at all. Fenton carelessly kicked one of Linda's breasts, so the nipple-trap-lock swung painfully, but Linda did not make a sound, or flinch at all. Her knees felt terrible on the hard bathroom floor, but this wasn't a picnic she was attending.

. “All right, Heather, where are our young men?” Fenton looked at his daughter, who left the bathroom. “Tali, you always bitch and moan because I drop a few squirts of pee into your mouth…but Linda will amaze you.” Fenton unzipped his pants, pulling out his cock, and waving it. “Come on, girl.” He snapped his fingers at Linda, the junior Senator from Maryland, and she shuffled to his crotch on her knees. Opening her mouth, Linda relaxed her jaw, and let Fenton put his entire penis in, as if he was about to get a deep-throat blowjob.. Fenton gave one of his laughs, and began to pee, and Linda took down the foul, stinging liquid. “Great, eh?” Linda heard Fenton say, as she kept drinking down his urine. “I should've done this to you in the interrogation room at Boys Village.”

The interrogation room. Linda had sat waiting for Fenton Weil, prisoner #839403 to arrive, and unwillingly took a paperback out of her purse and started reading. Linda shouldn't have brought a book towork, but it was so compelling. When Fenton the Youth Offender walked in, Linda looked up, forgetting to put the book back in her bag. Linda was completely unprepared for what Fenton was like—She'd expected a hulking, six foot muscle head…According to Commander Swift, this kid was a gang leader, had assaulted not a few “counselors” as the Boys Village guards were known, and that he'd undergone several hours of being kicked and punched by a number of staff members in an effort to “sweat” the whereabouts of the missing trucks. Fenton had given one guard a concussion with his chair, knocked another's teeth out, and still kept his counsel on the truck situation.. So Linda expected a Hell's Angel's sort, but was confronted by a barely five foot, painfully skinny mulatto child, with granny glasses that had the bridge taped. Fenton looked like he was going to be swallowed up in the oversize jailhouse coverall he was wearing. Linda was disbelieving. This little geek was the mastermind thug of Boy's Village?

The Senator was interrupted from her reverie by feeling Fenton pulling his dick out of her mouth. The urine was settling in Linda's stomach now. From cruel experience, Linda had known better than to eat at all for ten hours before the session..there was nothing that angered Fenton and his daughter more than a slave vomiting their precious golden nectar.

Fenton zipped up, and the bathroom door opened. When Linda had designed her house with the ex-Mr. Smythe he'd wanted a big bathroom, and she was glad now for the room. Fenton had put her through countless sessions in there—enemas, being made to sit in an icy bath, just being thrown over the side of the tub for a good strapping. Linda looked up as the door opened.Five young men followed Heather in, and all were obviously very drunk. But of course. Heather had filled them all up with beer for the demonstration. Linda looked at Tali with loathing. Why the hell couldn't she just be happy licking Fenton out and masturbating at the end of the session? Linda watched Fenton greet his son and their friends, and it was amazing how little Fenton had changed. “Dirty Don” Fenton's reform school pal, and an occasional Master of Linda's, had once been handsome and muscular with wild blond hair—she remembered this from seeing him at Boy's Village. Now Don was fat and balding, but with one of those gross ponytails. Fenton looked almost identical to the kid he'd been then, except of course now he was at the awesome size of five five.

“Hi Fenton. I'm Miss DiGregorio, how's it going?” Linda had been gentle…Commander Swift was bad cop. Fenton the Youth Offender had cocked his head. “I don't know, I guess I'm all right. You're the first person I've talked to except for the turnkey in the last eight days.” “You're in solitary, then?” Linda asked. “Like Papillon, yes. Thankfully, I have Oswald Spengler to keep me company.” Linda looked closely at the book, which turned out to entitled, “Decline of the West” “ “Do you read a great deal?” Linda asked. Surely this child can't be spiriting cars out of the Boys Village reform school. “Well, a bit…I was dissecting a rabbit in my room, but I couldn't bring it to the Hole…what are you reading?” Linda showed him the French novel. It was, after all in French, so she would be spared embarrassment if he asked to open it. Fenton had taken a look at the title page of “The Story of O” and then asked Linda in French whether she liked Pauline Reage's work, and had she read “Justine”?

Thinking of it now, kneeling on the hard bathroom floor, Linda didn't blame herself for having been so stunned, but Fenton was unusual. She repressed a smile, watching him strut about. “As you know, Tali, this is my son, Fenton Junior, or F.J., freshly paroled from the Poplar Hill Pre-release Center in Westover, and his friends, Max, Chubby, Oliver, Mike, and what's your name, son?” A pallid youth replied “Roger..” and then vomited in the sink. “Roger the Ralpher” smirked F.J., laughing.

F.J. had followed a similar academically brilliant but suicidal plan as his father, skipping second and fifth grades, then dropping out of sophomore year at Amherst to do all day research for an online soap opera journal, the project seed money having been risen from the tills of gas stations and liquor stores. Since his reform, F.J. was supported by a retired cardiologist who he kept in a pillory in the basement of the doctor's house in Georgetown. F.J. would come home after a day of playing chess in Dupont Circle, to put binder clips on the surgeon's ass, and re-adjusting his cock cage. Now and again he came to Linda's to give her a few licks. “Dad, should I start now?” F.J. asked. “Go to it, son…watch carefully, Tali” Fenton remonstrated, as his son stuck his dick in the senator's mouth. “Linda's appetite for bodily wastes is phenomenal. Linda, I am going to give you the cat later on for rolling your eyes like that.

Fenton Junior was a tall, good looking kid, unlike his fat sister, and his short, homely father. Why had such a nerdy Negro boy possessed Linda DeGregorio, M.S.W. so completely? After she realized that Fenton had read “The Story of O” (in third grade, no less), and discovered that this juvenile delinquent had gleaned Linda's own preferences, she anxiously wondered if he would spread a story—Fenton “Hot” Weir certainly needed a story to get out of the Hole. But in ensuing sessions they'd discussed the merits of a variety of literature, classical music, and eventually Linda's frustrations with her job. At one session she'd actually cried on the adolescent's shoulder, a serious no-no in criminal justice therapy business.

When she'd gotten home that night, Linda had found five prison trucks piling up on her parent's driveway, with a note on the door. “I thought you'd need these more than I do. Signed, Sir Stephen” Elated, Linda had wangled passes to take Fenton to operas and plays at the Kennedy Center, which was a thrill for Fenton, who had been living in an intellectual desert. But one night, on their way to a community theater show in Olney, Linda had mentioned something about “helping you to prepare for a profession, Fenton.” During the intermission, Fenton had disappeared from his seat between Linda and the Boys Village turnkey who always accompanied them, and after the play, Fenton—and Linda's Rambler—were gone.

Linda watched Fenton out of the corner of her eye, while young man after man took turns urinating in her mouth. “You see, Tali?”Fenton was saying to the weeping girl, “Linda still has the bearing, the dignity naked on a floor slurping piss, and not spilling a drop, mind you, that she has presenting shelterbelt bills on C-Span. It's true, Linda thought. Always be a lady. She'd had that bearing in her runs from School Board to Congress, and had only lost it when she'd stepped out of her driveway one night, to see her BMW being spirited away…but then the driver jumped out. “Fenton?” Jesus, after twenty years. The car door slammed, and a dark figure had ascended the steps. “In the house, Representative Smythe, and on your knees!”

Tali couldn't take her eyes off Senator Linda Smythe—she must be sixty, or getting up there, but her pale white body was in great shape, she had shoulder length auburn hair, colored, but not too obviously-the Senator's tits didn't sag much—and Tali could tell how much Heather liked that, as she'd already knocked one of the mousetraps off the Senator's nipple..and the Senator had kept drinking Max's pee as if nothing had happened. Finally the last of the first four boys had finished, and only Chubby, a grossly overweight goateed type, leaned on the sink, staring at Tali, playing pocket-pool as he did.

Senator Smythe, once finished with Max's dick had lowered her eyes, like the perfect submissive she was. Tali didn't have this regal bearing in her powersuit at the courthouse, much less kneeling naked on a urine stained floor, after sucking off ex-cons and dropouts. At some point, the Senator reached over into a small purse by the commode, and refreshed her fire-engine lipstick. Then Linda returned to her erect posture. She sat calmly as if she was about to hear a report from the Ethics Committee.

. It was astounding how the senator maintained her elegance after having drank the urine of four drunken, smelly post-adolescents. Tali could tell that Senator Smythe's behavior—maintaining dignity, taking pain and excessive humiliation without a peep—was Fentons' goal for herself.

Heather came up to Tali and slapped her, and reached down, squeezing one of Talis' breasts ‘til she shrieked. “All right, scumbag, it's your turn to take the urine of someone very special to me. Leo is my boyfriend. I want you to suck this down as if it were strawberry soda.” Tali looked up at the leering, obese fellow the others called Chubby. Chubby was undoing his pants and they fell to his ankles and Heather dragged Tali over by her hair. Staring at Chubby's pubic area, which had a stench a mile wide, Tali backed off involuntarily, and Heather, taking a razor strop from Fenton, gave the Assistant D.A. five vicious slashes. Tali bit her tongue to keep from screaming, and shuffled back in front of Chubby, trying not to gag. “Hey Heather, after I piss in ‘er mouth kin I let her blow me? Goddamn, what a set o' tits.” Heather smiled and touched Chubby's arm. “Leo, I'll satisfy you later, honey, just empty your bladder into the bitch, all right?”

Seeing the look of disappointment on Chubby's face, Heather became furious. But she couldn't vent at Leo/Chubby, because he apparently was the best she could get. Heather gritted her teeth “You little scumbag! You think you're good enough to suck my boyfriend's dick?” There were few activities Tali would have liked less, maybe swimming in nuclear waste? But she knew that anything she said would, like on the Miranda card, would be held against her. Heather turned to Fenton. “Daddy, we have to interrupt Tali's training, I think she has designs on Leo.” Chubby, who was staring at Tali's tits, began absentmindedly stroking himself, and Heather dragged Tali out of the bathroom and down the stairs to the basement of Senator Smythe's house.

Tali was terrified, but determined to keep her own counsel. Although Tali was a brown belt in tae kwon do, and had been doing karate, judo and other martial arts as a child..and hell, could've knocked Heather over with one backhand, she knew this would displease Fenton, and keep Fenton's dick out of her vagina, perhaps forever. So she let Heather drag her down the stairs. In the immediate basement there was a rec room set up with television, stereo and the like, but then Heather took Tali over to a bookcase, and, grabbing the entire case, pulled it aside, Tali noticing to her astonishment that the book case was on little wheels and the books in the case seemed to be glued together, and thus not falling out. Behind the book case was a small vaulted door, and Heather

Tali looked around her dizzily. Senator Smythe certainly had prepared her dungeon well. In one corner was a pillory, and nearby there were racks of all sorts. A Saint Andrew's cross faced them as they walked in, and leather swings. There was a leather spanking bench that looked very much like one Tali had owned at one time, with leather arm and leg supports with binding straps. On one wall was a huge wooden wheel with four leather straps that Tali assumed were used to strap the Senator on and twirl her around a bit. Next to the wheel was a large metal cage. “Like that?” Heather asked Tali. “I keep Linda in there for hours at a time…what fun!” “Miss Heather, you, you live here?” Tali was astonished. “Oh, yeah, I'm living here while I finish college, and I am working in her home office as a legislative correspondent, but mostly I beat her ass in the store room.”

Heather dragged Tali to a ceiling eye hook, and found handcuffs on a table nearby. She ordered Tali to climb on a stool and hold her hands over her head, just under the eyehook. Heather got up on a stepladder, putting the chain of the handcuffs over the eye hook.

When Heather was convinced that Tali was secured, she suddenly snatched the stool away, and Maryland's prosecuting attorney was left hanging in mid air. Heather went behind Tali, and then came back carrying what looked to be a foot long wooden pole, covered in leather, and with nine long leather strips coming out of one side. “Do you know what this is?” Heather asked, staring up into Tali's eyes. “A-a cat o' nine tails?” Tali asked sheepishly. She and Fenton generally played with switches,belts and canes…it was growing a bit medeval down here. Heather laughed. “No, you ignoramus, it's a scourge…Now then, Miss Prosecutor Scumbag, we are going to deal with your arrogance.” Tali was meditating on how less articulate Heather was with insults and epithets than her father when Heather's scourge came harshly down on Tali's soft stomach. Tali gasped, and her belly stung. Looking at Heather, she could tell how her curvy, soft white body enraged the fat girl. The scourge landed again.

“Who the fuck are YOU to be making eyes at Leo?” Heather was screaming. Again the lashes of the scourge hit Tali's midsection. This was too much; Tali was used to her bottom being savaged by straps and canes, certainly the backs of her legs had gotten vicious swats, and now and then her unfortunate breasts, but no Master or Mistress had ever, in the seventeen years of Tali's submission, gone for the stomach. Heather paused, and put a pair of clamps, connected by a chain onto Tali's nipples. “These are Japanese clover clamps.” Heather said softly, as she adjusted the second clamp. “They put pressure on the nipples by the tension that's put on the chain.” Tali noticed to her extreme discomfort that the Japanese Clover Clamps were of the sort that screwed into the nipples, and then Heather demonstrated the chain-tension theory by pulling the chain two or three times. Tears streamed out of Tali's eyes. “Now back to the fun.”

Heather reached up and her scourge landed on Tali's right breast one, two, three times. The lash pulled the chain between the Japanese Clover Clamps, and both nipples were tugged harshly. Tali screamed and shook. “It's all right, Tali” Heather said comfortingly. “I'm not like Daddy. There's no demands of a silent slave from me. You can scream and holler all you like down here-WHACK!-the dungeon is soundproofed-WHACK WHACK WHACK-and no one will hear you-myyou're your tits are getting blue-ish…however WHACK WHACK, I wouldn't WHACK jump around too much; if the chain connecting the cuffs jumps off the hook, you'll be down on your pretty little ass, and this is WHACK WHACK concrete baby…WHACK now why do you want Leo WHACK WHACK aren't you happy with my dad and half the lawyers in Chevy Chase kissing your ass?”

After scourging Tali for about ten minutes, Heather tried to hit her nipples with a short rawhide Spanish quirt, and successfully knocked the Japanese Clover Clamps off. Then Heather went behind Tali again, coming back this time with a three foot brown braided whip with a double tail at the end. “This is an English dog whip, scumbag” Heather said, looking at the whip fondly. “There's a little blood on the end, the Senator screwed up my back massage last night. It's hand made with twelve plaits, and this stinging double dealie at the end—“Heather shook the tails enthusiastically “—amuses the hell out of me!” It's not as long as the scourge, but quite heavy, don't you think?” With that, Heather ripped the dog whip into Tali's bare ass, and indeed it was quite heavy, and Tali began squirming and moving her legs in a running motion.

“That's right” Heather said, giggling, “Jog. It's good for you.” Heather struck Tali's butt and back legs again and again, being careful not to cause welts low enough to be seen past skirt level.”My mom (pant) is down on me WHACK WHACK WHACK because I can't lose weight WHACK WHACK and I failed out of Wake Forest, and now I'm screwing up community college.” Heather panted and wheezed as she struck Tali's back and round, perfect buttocks with the dog whip. “My mom's (pant) WHACK WHACK an arrogant white bitch like yourself WHACK WHACK—she was Daddy's slave, but I can't hit her WHACK WHACK. So I'll take it out on your perfect little body. Leo says I have a flat ass? WHACK WHACK WHACK So will yours be when I'm finished…then he'll probably stay away from you…let me whip your butt and your boobs off…or can you stay away from my boyfriend?”

Tears streamed down Tali's face as the slashes from the whip hit her butt and thighs, and she ran faster, with Heather swiping away with the dog whip and chanting “Go girl go…stay away from my boyfriend!” Tali was in agony. “Miss Heather-ow-I have no interest in Leo, I ow, can't help it if he's attracted to me, but he's gross…” This was a mistake, Tali realized as soon as she opened her mouth. “So you think my boyfriend doesn't match up to all those pictures of guys you went out with…I've seen your college yearbook!” Heather screamed, swinging the tawse. “I saw all those sickening poems and autographs in that yearbook! You think you're cuter and better than me? You think Leo's not as good as a bunch of Yale creeps?”

“You are a WHACK WHACK stuck up cow WHACK WHACK WHACK and I'm going to break you…WHACK! …if it takes all night.” Heather panted, and tried swinging again, but it seemed like there had been too many doughnuts at lunch. Though the scourge had had thin streaks of almost unendurable fire, the dog whip was much duller a pain, and still much more powerful. Tali could feel her bones nearly cracking with the effort, and fortunately Heather became exhausted moving her bulk around when she swung the dog whip.

After this, Heather took Tali through the single tail whips, floggers,a Barber's Razor Strop, and something awful called the “Devil's Tail Tawse”…and finally she went into the back and came out with a twelve foot long thing. “Is-is that a bullwhip, Miss Heather?” Tali felt like she was half dead at this point. “No, honey. Bullwhips are only six feet long.” Heather said, smiling. She rubbed the end of the whip against her chin. “This is a blacksnake whip. Note the last four feet have these little sharp things?” Heather ran her fingers over little sticky things coming out of the blacksnake whip. “Those are little pieces of glass that were woven into the end.” Tali began shaking. “Just a moment, though.” Heather said sweetly. “I feel like you get so stressed out watching the damn things hit you, so I'm going to blindfold you, this time, Ms. Prosecutor.” Tali was adamant “No, Heather. I told Fenton how much being blindfolded terrifies me…he promised never to do it. Never.”

Heather came closer, with a black bandanna in one hand, dragging the blacksnake with the other. “Honey, I'm not Fenton, am I? So I think you'd better grin and bear it…unless you want to use your safeword…I'll just take you right back upstairs, and we'll drive you home.” Tali looked at Heather scornfully, though the safeword was on her tongue. She wouldn't give the fat little tub the satisfaction. “Bring it on, Heather. The safeword remains within me.” Tali got some satisfaction with the look of disappointment on Heather's face. Really, I can't imagine her even taking a spanking with a child's hairbrush, Tali thought with amusement. But, as Heather got up on the stool and put the bandanna over Tali's eyes, she wondered whether pride truly, goeth before a fall.

Fenton, upstairs was giving the boys more beer in the living room. Linda was still in the bathroom, kneeling quietly. In the middle of a dirty joke Max paused. “Is that screaming? Jesus, can you beat that?” The noise was faint, but there were definitely blood curdling screams going on from below. Fenton called into the bathroom. “Linda, get your sorry ass in the kitchen and bring more beer.” Linda arose, left the bathroom, and as she passed across the living room floor the screams grew louder. “Linda, I thought that room was soundproof.” Linda sighed as she entered the kitchen. Heather must have found the blacksnake whip.

Tali, covered with long, searing whip marks, weals and scabs, was kneeling once more on the bathroom floor. Chubby stuck his dick in her mouth, and let loose his stream of urine. Tali coughed, and choked and let Chubby's dick fall out of her mouth, and the hot urine squirted on her shoulders and all over her breasts. “My-my pants is wet now.” Chubby whined. “Ever-body else, she peed inna mouth.” Chubby forgot, apparently, that Senator Linda Smythe had taken the other fellow's urine. Linda was a much more experienced and accomplished slave than poor Tali. Heather gave Chubby a hug, carefully arching her crotch away from his soaked trousers. “Sweetheart, you see, Scumbag over there isn't very nice to you…like Momma is” Chubby nodded over Heather's shoulder, but his eyes never left Tali's breasts

“I'm sorry, Fenton.” Tali looked up at her master with streaming eyes. “I think it was the blacksnake whip that got me rattled.” Tali rubbed a forefinger on a particularly evil welt on her shoulder. “Oh, bullshit” Heather responded. I only hit her with that thing four, or maybe six times…Jesus.” Seven, Tali thought. Seven searing, mind bendingly painful blows, that had ripped her skin to ribbons. “Well honey, we'll just have to try again.” Fenton whistled through his fingers and Max and Oliver and Roger wandered back in, followed by F.J., who was shaking a little screen out of his bong. “Max,” Fenton began, “Are you ready to pee again?” Max nodded and Tali wearily took Max's penis in her mouth. This time she got about half of the stuff down before getting quite sick…and it continued. By the end of the evening, Tali was able to take down an entire load of urine, but had earned about twenty or thirty corrective smacks from Fenton and Heather. She showered and dressed and she and Fenton got in the car. Tali was triumphant. Although it had taken a bit of a while, she had passed the first test and had not earned 19 more days of chastity time.

Continued in Part Two

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