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Prison Camp

Part 1

This is the first chapter of a very long story, with connection to a North African prison camp. In this first chapter we follow half a day in an inmates life. She has been there for a long time, and through her we get a impression of a modern prison system for foreigners in this region.   

The story of Linda and Lajla

Hard labour

The whistle sounds and 311991 lets herself drop hard down on her knees, putting down the heavy sledgehammer carefully at her side. She knows that tools are much more expensive than women in this part of the world. It is noon and the burning sun blazes right down on her. It is lunch time - for the matrons and guards - there will be nothing for her, not before evening. And no water to drink. Half crazy of thirst she straddles over her tin can trying to pee. She imagines waterfalls and rain for herself, and after a short while a faint splashing sound are heard. She lifts the can and looks into it. Because of her permanently state of dehydration, it's only half full and the urine is dark yellow with a thick layer of foam on the surface. 311991 drinks it slowly, letting each mouthful go around in the mouth three times before swallowing. She dries her face and her sweaty scalp with the sleeve of her uniform, and lies back to rest on the burning hot rock still mad of thirst, and the heat that usually goes op to 40 - 50 C at the beginning of the afternoon. That was the reason for the one hour break between noon and 1 o'clock . Not of concern to the women on the chaingangs, but because the matrons finds it to hot to eat lunch in the open. So they spend their break for lunch in the airconditioned cafeteria near the gatehouses. All the fluid the prisoners receive is mixed in the porridge given each evening, never in a cup or can to drink. Just the right amount to keep them alive, so they can work. Water is too expensive to waste on infidel whores, a matron had told her laughing. There is no danger for the slaves trying to escape at that time of the day. Even if a girl should manage to get her leg irons off, she would be to weak to go very far in that heat, and there are still the closely guarded double barbed wire fences, and the watchtowers, and the desert surrounding the stone quarry for over a hundred kilometers to the nearest town. 311991 laughs at herself, dizzy in the choking heat, its to hot to sleep. Then , once again, she goes over the events that brought her to this place.

She had been a beautiful young woman named Miss Linda Lea White. Even though she was only 19 , she already had her own apartment, and was a very independent young woman, always seeking adventures. She had been tall and slim with curly reddish hair to complement with her milk white skin, slightly freckled across her face, and sparkling green eyes. Used to that all men and even some women turned their heads after her in the street, or began flirting with her when she was sitting alone in restaurants and bars. Then to fill up time and earn a little money, before beginning her design and financial studies at the university, she took a job as a tourist guide at a vacation centre in  ....... . After only 2 weeks her employer went bankrupt, and could not pay the hotel. As the only representants of the firm available, Linda and her slightly older colleague Amy Martinez were arrested and imprisoned. £2.000 was fare over what they could get hold on with such a short notice, and they were not allowed to contact anybody. After a very brief trial the same day, they were both sentenced to work off their debts doing hard labour, and sent to this hot and isolated place. Nothing was said to their relatives or friends. They had just disappeared without a trace.

Here she is now. 30 years old, lying on the dusty gravel in the burning sun, dressed in a unsexy striped uniform drinking her own piss, with a shaved head like all the other forced labours in the quarry, and so heavily tanned and freckled as a genuine redhead could get, after working unprotected under the burning sun for years. Since long she had realized that she had become a quarry slave for life, with no hope of ever getting free again.

Amy had been put in another chaingang and she never saw her again. She looks down over the sweat-soaked frock that clings to her skinny starved body. As someone once used to wear tight lightblue jeans and smart dresses, the frock just hangs over her, erasing any remaining traces of her feminine beauty. The frock hangs over her thin shoulders, and reaches to the middle of her thighs. The sleeves hang down over her hands. The cotton material is hot, and the uniform stiff of salt from her sweat, that makes it cling to her large saggy breasts. The last time she was wearing a bra, was the day she arrived to this awful prison camp. Her nipples had grown huge and long, and were red and swollen from the constant rubbing of the dirty sweat-soaked frock. Together with the itching caused bye the crab louse and stubble's growing in the crotch between the monthly shavings, it had been strangely pleasurable, but had also been, until for a year ago, annoying to have the constant feeling of stimulation, specially knowing that no man would ever want to touch her again, a shorn smelly slave, except when kicking her ass, if he found she moved to slow. The frock is buttoned up in the front to the collar, and because of morality the prisoners are not allowed to unbutton the top buttons. But kidnapping and keeping young women imprisoned under such degrading circumstances, are apparently not immoral.

 Working at hard labour in the stone quarry, is a hot and tiring proposition. The blue vertical stripes on the worn and dirty uniforms are hypnotic, especially when over eight thousand stubble headed women and girls all dressed in the same stripes work chained closely together in long rows. Linda often thought about the way her dirty striped uniform, moved over her body, as she swung the sledgehammer over her head. She straightens her long legs out in front of her and look down at the shackles and chains that dangles from her ankles. Two heavy metal bands encircles tightly around her slender ankles over the worn out green rubberboots. She lifts her feet so the sweat can pour out. The five pairs of holes on the front of each boot for the laces are empty. Not even them they are allowed. They are just the cheapest possible labour available. Connecting the two metal bands is a length of heavy chain. Eight heavy links connecting one band to the other, giving Linda a stride of about 40 cm., and 2 meters of chain connecting her right ankle with the right ankles of the women on either side of her. 20 women in each coffel. All the women walks in a permanent shuffling gait thanks to the constricting leg irons. She drops her legs and the sound of her chains clanking, mixes with the clinking of the other women's chains as they try to get comfortable on their only break that day. Linda glance up at the tower on the corner of the doubled barbed wire fences. Two male guards, armed with machine guns stand under the shading roof and peer down watching them carefully. A big searchlight is placed on the top of the tower. Linda wonder what they were thinking as they watch the women work. The same demoralising manual labour day after day. Surely their job watching us work must be equally boring and degrading. Linda wonder if they some time look down, getting secretly aroused by the sight of the hapless women working, or they just see them as faceless, nameless numbers. Inside the quarry, dark-skinned and brown eyed matrons patrol, keeping a strict eye on the female prisoners. Linda envies their smart always clean white uniforms. They wear an equipment belt around their waists with a club, and a whip that they use to keep unruly girls in line. They wear light sandals in the heat, and each matron has a girl that holds a parasol over her at all times for protection against the burning sun. They are adolescent girls, daughters of prisoners working in the quarry, but they are of course wearing the same striped uniforms, boots and leg irons, like the grown ups, and their heads are shaved. They are of course forbidden to go into the shade themselves. Linda tried to imagine, how it was to be forced to run in small steps holding a parasol over a fat matron, knowing she would be beaten with the whip, if the sun managed to hit her, while staying out in the blistering sun all day herself. Most of the matrons wear their hair up in military fashion, but some of the younger ones have it flaring free down their backs. Linda had always liked the uniforms of the matrons and if she had been a free woman, she might would have designed such a uniform herself.

She lies down on her back dozing, with her large breasts sagging down at each side of her chest. Then she feels a hand on her left shoulder, it's 552501, her wife, they were secretly married yesterday evening after spending nearly a year together on the chaingang, and are very much in love. 552501 leaps over on her right side with a slight rattle of her chains and begin to fondle 311991´s left breast through the moisten cotton. 311991 turns over towards her with a smile, feeling her right breast slide over and nestling itself on top of the left. - I love you Lajla - she whisper. - I love you too Linda - 552501 reply - continuing with a - Happy honeymoon - making them both laugh a second. Linda then places her hand on Lajla`s left tit, right across the number stencilled on the blue stripped uniform, and begin stroking and fondling it carefully, very much on guard that nobody sees them.

The whistle blows again and Linda and Lajla immediately stops petting and quickly raise off the ground as the other women with rattling sounds from the legirons, get to their feet. Matrons patrol again the pit and snarl commands for the chained women to get busy. Linda quickly grabs the well-worn wooden handle of her sledgehammer and lifts it until she holds it in both hands over her head, ready to return to work. The other women also resumed their positions around the rock quarry. A long whistle sounds, and 8000 women begins once again cracking and moving rocks.

In the rock quarry are women and girls off all races, types and shapes. Some are Negro workers, and Asian housemaids, sold cheap by their employers. They had become pregnant, to old or had been so naiv after years of working, dusting and cleaning, to ask when they would get paid and be allowed to go home. Some employers even gave them away for free, just to get rid of them. This was normally if their sons, or sometime them selves, had made a maid pregnant. But fare the most in this camp, are European like Linda and Lajla. Simply arrested on the beaches and in front of night-clubs at the hundreds of vacation centres and hotels along the coastline, and sentient by the local judges, paid by the mine owneres, to hard labour for life.

There are no Arab women in the camp. Every prisoner has her head, armpits and crotch shaved closely once a month. They all wear a worn and dirty, blue striped prison frock, rubber boots and chains. They have become numbers, and it is strictly forbidden to use their former names. Their numbers are tattooed prominently, with large blue numbers on their foreheads. Making it impossible to pass as a free woman, should any of the labours manage to escape. It is also stencilled across the front and the back of the striped frocks. They are no longer beautiful women, they are smelly sweating slaves, covered with scares, sores and bruises from the hard work and whippings, and with faces smeared in snot and sweat. Like all the others Linda's nose are constantly dripping. It must be something about the dust from hammering and shovelling the stones in the intense heat.

She glance down at her prison number as it moves across her swaying tits with each swing of her hammer. 311991. It is her official name now. 31 is a lot number, 19 her age when she was incarcerated and 91 the year. After eleven years in the labour camp, she are just number 311991. Linda, the young university student and tourist guide has disappeared a long time ago. But though always held on the edge of starvation and dehydration, suffering from open wounds that will not heal because of the dust and heat, and a vitamin deficiency that has made her loose all her teeth, she still has the remnants of female charm. And her sparkling green ejes, still have their magic, they can catch anyone who looks into them.

Her hands sting as the hammer bounces off the hard rocks. Chips of rock fly off as she toil. She raises the sledgehammer high and then crashed it down on the rocks, that are slowly reduced to gravel. The women spends fourteen hours a day breaking rocks, 7 days a week. So Linda smashes rocks day after day, while her life slowly pass by.

The matrons calls the women lazy sluts and horny cunts and yell at them to keep busy. Striking them with the whip, if they slack off for just a second. Linda feels the shackles tug at her ankles as she work. It is funny, but by the years, specially after Lajla had been put on the chain beside her, she has become to feel dependent of the leg irons on her ankles. When she march in lockstep she has become used to the way they tug at her and restrict her steps into short mincing ones. The minutes and hours ticks slowly by, as the women work, and the matrons watch and harass. She enjoys seeing Lajla cracking boulders next to her. Each time she raises her hammer, her large firm breasts presses the stripped sweatsoaked frock out in a curve, only wobbling a little when she smashes the hammer down.  It was her big tits that brought her and her 2 year younger sister Debbie in trouble. Little over a year ago they had taken on a bathing vacation to (censured), trying to get some tan, before going back to their respectively college and university. To avoid the heat and crowds of tourists later that day, they went on an early morning shopping together in the old bazaar. But while Debbie had dressed in a modest plain dress and had taken a scarf over her curly blond hair, not to disturb the Arabs, Lajla had against Debbie's strong advises pulled a pair of tight pale blue jeans over her pantyhose, slipped her slender feet in a pair of high heeled pumps and pulled a tight white blouse over her D -sized bra, leaving her navel visible. In a matter of half an hour, Lajla was arrested for unmoral behaviour, and because Debbie was her sister, they also took her. Now they both had being breaking rocks in the quarry for a year. The to sisters has not been on speaking teams sins their arrival. Wonder why?

How Linda met Lajla.

All new slave labours are on their arrival, marched through the quarry before going to the intake block. Linda remembers clearly when Lajla and Debbie, handcuffed and chained together with eight other young women on a light chain, walked past her, while she were busy carrying and laying gravel. This day had been the second turning point in Linda's life. The first had been the day she decided to take the job as a tourist guide. The second day had begun just like all other days in the 10 miserable years she had spend breaking rocks, and moving stones. Beginning with the usual early brutal 4 o'clock awakening and endless roll - call. Linda's chaingang, which then had consisted of only 19 women, was picked to repair the road leading through the quarry. One girl had the day before been selected out and loosed from the chain, and taken to the punishment block, where she were first flogged, and then chained to the wall standing in the starving cells. This was the punishment for becoming too lazy (thin and weak) to work.

They had been busy working, under a close eje of an overseer, when the truck loaded with new females arrived. They had got out and was now in handcuffs and light transport chains led up the road. It was strikly forbidden to look up, but while they where continuing working, every woman in the chaingang tried to get a stolen glance of the new slaves. With half an eje Linda saw it was ten girls as usually, looking the same as usually, except that this time she was much closer to them than any time before. First came a georgeos looking tall woman with long dark brown hair, wearing a green swimsuit. She still wore her sunglasses op in her hair. She had a frightened and disbelieving look in her pretty face as she passed, looking down on the smelly bald slaves with disgust. Next came a blond slightly built girl not as tall as the first one, wearing a white bikini, and with a face totally dissolved in tears. The third girl had dark tangled hair just touching the shoulders, looking like she had been out swimming and not had managed to get the salt washed off, before her arrest. She was a little chubby. She was wearing an unbuttoned chequered shirt over her blue swimsuit, which was at least two numbers too small. It was very tight over her broad hips and op the crotch, but stretching only a little over her nice rounded small breasts. Then came a short, but study and strong looking Asian girl in a white apron over a paleblue smock. Her belly looked like she was 5 months pregnant. She just looked down, already fully accustomed to a females low value, and how women was required to behave in this part of the would. After her came 2 tall blond women. An older one about forty looking like she was a former model, with a short hairstyle, wearing a light grey jacket and short skirt over a white silk blouse and dark pantyhose, and a much younger, just as tall and with a glamaeuse appearance much similar with the older, with her golden blond hair flarrering down over her shoulders, wearing a cute dress with a pattern of coloured flowers , going to under the knees and white pumps. They were both wearing expensive sunglasses, and the younger one was also wearing a smart chick ladies hat that matched her dress and protected her face from the sun. Linda looked up on the next two girls. It was two tall and slender dirt blondes looking like sisters. They were both astoundingly good looking. Even if the first one was only in a very plane grey dress going down to her feet, she did have a very nice face, and beautiful curly hair put up in a pony tail. The other was in a tight white blouse and pale blue jeans.

Then the lightning struck! Linda was looking straight into two sparkling deep blue ejes in the prettiest face she had ever seen, framed by a mane of dirt blond hair, resting down over the shoulders. It was the very first time she saw Lajla, who were stirring right back into her green ejes, releasing all her homons on the same feelings as Linda. Feelings that both women had never thought they should feel for someone of their own sex. She was just so perfect, the red lipstick, makeup and the scent of her perfume that reached her now... Suddenly Linda was stricken again just as hard, but this time by the matrons whip. The burning trail going over her right shoulder and down her back, brought her back to reality. She had forgotten all about working and had slowed down, nearly stopped, while looking at that gorgeous young woman. She feverish resumed her work, keeping her ejes straight to the ground, straining herself to the utmost, not to be stricken again. Not daring to look at the last girl in the line.

Two hours later the newcomers were let out of the concrete intake block again, to be divided among those chaingangs which lacked girls. Linda couldn't help it looking up again. There were 8 white, one Asian and one black woman, They had now been shorn off all hair and was clad in the same stripped prison frocks and green rubber boots as all the other prisoners in the labour camp. On the front of their bald heads, gleaming of the thick yellow delousing grease, their hole bodies was smeared with, their new identity was printed deep and permanently into the skin with prominent blue numbers. In their hands they were each carrying a tin can. They walked stumbling around in short steps, not used to wearing legirons, and was ordered to line up in a strait line. Suddenly there was a screaming and a fuss. To matrons was dragging a woman and a girl, both struggling and screaming, in each other direction for chaining them in separate chaingangs. Linda could hear them scream Mom and Sara after each other. The numbers on their foreheads showed, that they were 42 and 20 years old. To male guards came the matrons to rescue, and after a short struggle, they were separated and dragged away crying while beaten with the clubs.  A matron came in Linda's direction pushing a tall and slender girl stumbling in front of her. Tattooed on her forehead and stencilled on the stripped frock across her left tit was number: 552501. They were ordered to stop working, put down their sledgehammers and stand in row with hands clasped tightly behind their shorn heads. The matron bend down and connected the girls legirons, which were riveted around both her ankles over her rubber boots, to the chaingang just beside Linda. She could hear the girl subbing quietly, while the matron screwed the links together. Then she suddenly gave Linda a hard push and yield -You! Show her what to do! Ifs there any trouble with her, you will all get thrashed! Now back to work, all of you!

Linda hurried picking up the sledgehammer, and while the other women began hammering again, she grabbed the new girl by the arm, showing her how she should hold the hammer with both hands. She couldn't speak, because her mouth were so dry. She would have to wait till she could pee and drink it, before saying anything understandable. The girls hands were slippery with delousing grease, and the sledgehammer heavy, but soon she was lifting and smashing the hammer against the hard rock in the demanded tempo. It was nearing noon and the temperature were already increasing op over the 40 C. After working little over an hour, the whistle blew, and all the women dropped to the ground , laying their hammers or shovels carefully at their sides. Now free for the matrons for an hole hour because of the heat, Linda squatted down over her tin can, trying to imagine waterfalls and rain for herself to be able to pis. After a time a splashing sound rose and she carefully pressed the last drops out, before lifting the can to her lips and begin drinking it slowly, letting it go three times around in the mouth before swallowing. Then she looked at the girl beside her. Sweat was pouring of her, and she sat panting with wide open mouth. Her frock was totally soaked with sweat and grease, and clung as painted to her body. She had very big and firm tits, and Linda could se her nipples pressing out through the wet stripped cotton like two buttons. - Hey - I am Linda I have been her for ten years, You was very good with the hammer, who are you? She asked with a horselig voice. The girl turned her head. She had makeup and lipstick smeared all over her face, which was glinsning with yellow grease, while to rows of even white and strong teeth was displaced in her open panting mouth. The skin were she had been tattooed was red and swollen. She looked up and their ejes met. YOU !!!- they both said simultainusly. Linda looked into the deepest blue ejes and felt an growing arrausment inside her. She just couldn't believe her luck. It was that beautiful dirt blond girl in the white blouse and tight jeans she had fallen in love with only hours ago. SHE had been put into HER chaingang right beside her, and she had been made responsible for her education to a quarry slave.

Back to reality.

Suddenly Linda feels the ejes of the matron looking in her direction, and awakens from her daydream. She continue to swing her sledgehammer at full strength, until the matron turns the other way again. Then she sneaks to look op, even it is forbidden. She sees Debbie working on the other chaingang just oppesite her, filling broken stones into large baskets, which they then carry op the steep sloops on their backs. She is totally ignoring her sister. In contrast to Lajla she has lost nearly all of her teeth, and her beauty has fainted away very quickly, during the year she has spend here. Now she are only a sweaty sun-scorched blob, like most of the women here, always feeling sorry for herself, blaming Lajla for her misfortune. And, Linda suspect, also a bit jealous of her sisters marriage with her.

 Late in the evening the whistle spews forth a loud sound and the chain gangs stops working. On command Linda and all the other women put their right hand on the shoulder of the girl in front of them, and begin to march in loch steps to the evening roll - call . The sun has already gone down, and for the last two hours, they have been working in the light from the searchlights. She feels Lajla`s slender hand on her shoulder. It feels good! They stop along the way to lay down their sledgehammers. Those girls who still has some urine left in the cans, quickly drink it. The entire chain gangs of 8000 women prisoners is divided in to 400 rows of twenty girls each. They line up in strait lines. If one stands just a half c.m. wrong, it results in one hard strike with the whip over the thighs on each of the 20 girls in the chaingang, and it is not allowed to scream. If one do`s it's all over again and again to it succeeds. Now follows a complete stripseach, to se if they had stolen any tools in the quarry, to be used for some desperate escape attempt. Even after eleven years Linda still can not get used to it. On command all the women unbuttons their stripped prison frocks, takes them off, and roll them together, before placing them on their shorn heads. They are allowed to keep the rubber boots on, because it is too difficult to pull the boots out under the metal bands encircling the ankles and stuff them back again. Stark naked with the right hands resting on the shoulder on the girl in front, only wearing the green rubber boots and the legirons, which are permanently riveted around the ankles, and holding their prison frocks and tin cans on their heads with the left, Linda and Lajla, and the 8000 other girls and women begin to shuffle in lockstep towards the food containers.

But first the body search. A matron goes to the end of each line, and pulls on a par of thick yellow rubber gloves. They have not been washed since they were used last. The first woman or girl in each row has to bend down in her knees. They can not spread their legs the normal way because of the leg irons. First the matron sticks the fingers in the girls mouth, taking her time and feeling it all over, then she fondle her ears, and if the girl are saggy breasted, like Linda and Debbie, she lifts them, looking after she is not hiding anything under them. Now comes the turn to the vagina, and at last the girl are ordered to bend over and the gloved fingers slips into her anus. After finishing the inspection there, they are pulled out and stuck right into the next girls mouth. Because they are chained together 20 slaves a peace, they can first go to the food containers, when all 20 are searched. Linda's and Lajlas chaingang are advancing slowly. It will take at least to hours, before all the girls are searched, and has eaten. Debbie is on the gang ahead of them. Linda looks down the back of the girl in front of her. It is the Asian girl called Nipples. She are rather short and extremely skinny, but very strong. She can lift even heavier stones than both Linda and Lajla, who both are taller and stronger than the average in the camp, and she has saved the entire chaingang for a collective whipping more than once. They are lucky having her on the chain. But she are totally flat breasted, the only signs is a pare of large conical formed nipples protruding directly from her chest. With her starved body and shaved head, the only way you can see she is a girl, is to look between her legs. She has never said a word English, but from her prison number Linda can see, she is 25 years old, and has been in the camp for about 2 years. Linda remembered seeing her arrive, even it was at a distance. She had walked on the road through the quarry, as they all had once, between a dark-haired young ordinary looking girl, a little to chubby after Linda's taste, wearing a tight orange bathing suit, and a platinum blond woman in her thirties, wearing an expensive red evening dress and high heels. Nipples as they have named her, because of her flat chest and that she had never told them her name, had been clad in the normal outfit for Asian girls arriving here. A white apron over a paleblue smock, and the shiny dark hair put up in the accustom maids hairstyle. She had been very pretty. How many years she had been slaving as a maid for nothing, before they send her here, are only to guess.

How Linda can remember all that? Because there are nothing ells to remember here. And female clothing, make up and hairstyle had always been a passion for her, ever sins she was a little girl. Had she not lost her liberty and had been sold to the mining company as a small part-payment for her employers dept, she knew she would have been a successful designer by now. All that's going on here are the same routine day after day. The female labours are at all time ordered what to do and how to do it, and are immediately stricken by the whip if they don't do it.

She begins to freeze. In the desert it gets cold at night. It's forbidden to look up, except when ordered, so she make stolen glances to the sites, when she feels the matrons are not to near her. She sees nothing but naked women glistering of sweat, standing in tight rows to both sites. Except for their height, they all looks nearly the same. Heavily tanned and sunburned, nearly skeletal starved bodies, scared all over, breasts hanging down, toothless. She knows from their numbers, that some of them has been her from 15 to 20 years. One on the next chaingang, a tall woman with long legs, who once had told her, her former name was Hanna S(censured), has been a slave for 31 years now. Sins she as a 16 year old teenager, went on a vacation trip together with her school class.

Linda stands totally still, Lajla is just behind her. She can feel her toughen but slender hand on her naked shoulder, she likes it. From time to time she can feel Lajlas firm protruding breasts touching her back. She starts pressing them a little harder, and move them carefully back and forth over her sweat lubricated back. How dare she? And right here were everybody can se it, if they look this way! In all North African prison camps rules absolute chastity. All that just smells of sex is very much forbidden, especially between women. And for European females already condemned to be worked to death, it was the sure way to a heavy thrashing, and a slow death standing up chained to the wall in a starving cell. If anyone see it? Lajla stopped for a moment and then continued. - Ooh!! It felt good, she couldn't help it, she was turned on. Ooh! No! She was going to be inspected in half an hour. What if the matron found out? No she wouldn't. As a forced labourer Linda were permanent dehydrated. They never got a drop more fluid in their porridge, than absolute necessary to keep them alive, so there were no chance of getting wet down there. She and Lajla had been making love several times, when they felt secure not to be detected, and had had to use sweat to lubricate the privet parts, and if it happened anyway, it would drown in the yellow discharge, that all the prisoners were suffering from.

A half an hour later it is her turn. She sees the rubber gloved fingers being pulled from Nipples arse, with what can be suspected sticking to them. She go down in her legs, spreading them as much as possible, it is very straining to her thighs standing like that. She opens her mouth wide open, and the matron sticks the fingers deep into her throat, so she feels like choking. Then she feels under Linda's tongue and inspect her swollen gums, she has long past lost all of her teeth. Then after pulling her ears, she grab her large saggy breasts, with her slimy gloves and lift them, letting the toms go back and forth over the reddened long tube formed nipples, before letting them drop. Now it is her cunt. All the slaves are suffering from a vaginal disease, and new girls gets it quickly, thanks to the daily body search. It's coursing the inner labia lips to swallow up, and protrude like two pieces of raw meat, and the constant dripping of some yellow discharge. Linda tries to imagine it is Lajla, while she feels the gloved fingers penetrating her sore swollen lips and going op into her. The matron rather quickly pulls them out again, and Linda turns and bend over, so she can access her arsehole. Three fingers are pushed in, fumbles around to feel if anything are hidden and are pulled out again. Seconds later they are stuffed in Lajla`s mouth. The matron is busy, she has a lot of girls to go and want to get finished. As soon all 20 girls in the chaingang are searched, they are allowed to dress. Linda hurries to stick her thin arms through the sleeves, and pulls the frock over her shoulders with a gasp, It is still all wet and heavy of now cold sweat. She buttons it as fast as she can, all the way up to the collar, glad to been able hide her body again from curious eyes, and gaining a little modesty. Now finally she reaches one of the food containers, and are allowed to dig her empty tin can in the watery porridge. She fills the can, and begins greedily stuffing the sticky mass in her mouth with her fingers. It is filthy and smells like rotten eggs. Only the thousands of flies buzzing about seems to like the smell. It normally take newcomers at least 3 days before they overcome their disgust, and begin eating it. But for girls like Lajla and Linda, who had been working in the chaingang for years, the porridge was quickly swallowed, and the can and fingers licked totally clean, still leaving the skinny overworked girls hungry.

All the fluid they get, is in the porridge. Water are expensive out here, and after long repeated experiments at the university of (censored) using white women prisoners, it was documented, that by forcing them to drink all of their urine, 1/2 of the water could be sparred, and it only increased the death rate with 10%. Using Arab or African women for such experiments would have been highly unethical and out of the question.

 Now they march in lock - step to the cellblocks, were they sleep at night. 400 cells in 20 concrete blocks without windows, each surrounded by a fence of electrified barbed wire, and scanned with searchlights all night. With her right hand on Nipples shoulder and Lajlas resting on her own, Linda marches through the heavy iron door entering block 6. The rattling sound raises to a infernal noise between the bare grey walls, as 20 chaingangs march to their cells. Soon they are safely locked up behind the barred iron doors, 20 each in 4x4 m damp concrete cells. The toilets is a stinking drain running along the bares. A new girl begins hysterical to sub and cry. Other girls just stands gripping the bars, with tears running silent down their cheeks, while the rest dead tired just stands and waits for the next order. Linda and Lajla quickly go down on their knees on the wet floor. She looks deeply into Lajla`s deep blue ejes, and the two girls gives each other a deep kiss letting their tongs go on discovery, tasting each others mouths, hoping the video linse , which are fitted in the ceiling of every cell, don't cache them. The two girls have been a couple ever sins the day Lajla arrived, and last evening, while they were eating, they were finally secretly married, by a young Scandinavian woman Ulla, from Debbie's chaingang. Ulla had been studying theology, but had made that mistake taking on a weekend bathing holiday to (censored) to relax, a week before her examination, without telling anybody at home, were she was going. Linda has to go to the drain to shit. It is very much forbidden to do so in the quarry. Finally there are a space she can squeeze in. She lifts her frock up over her hips, and leans against the bars and let go. She turns her head and can see a long row of bare bottoms against the bares in the opposite cells. The drains are been filled, and so are the humid air with the smell. She can hear, that the new girl are vomiting.

After half an hour a whistle sounds loud between the concrete walls. It's the signal to lie down. Bye regulations every girl has to lie down strait on her back to prevent any kind of masturbation and sex between inmates. This is specially necessary with white women. In the ejes of the Arabs, white women are born without any kind of moral, and has to be kept in strict chastity. Because of lack of space in the overcrowded cells, the women are ordered by regulations to lie down in tight rows with spread legs, and the head up in the crouch of the girl lying before her. Soon it is Linda's turn. Nipples raises her legs, so Linda can pass under her legirons, and moves up as tight as she can. Feeling Nipples wet thighs pressing at the sides of her shaven scull. Nipples then lowers her legs, resting her ankle chain over Linda's hips. Linda lifts her legs and feels Lajlas short stubble's tickle her inner thighs. It gives a little spark in her , when the top of Lajlas scull touches her protruding inner lips. She lets her feet down on each side of Lajla, and then stick her hands through the bigger centre ring in Nipples chain. They all have to lie down like that. This way all the women's hands are at all time visible to the video linse, and cannot during the sleep accidentally slide down touching naughty places. Linda lies straight, pressed from all sides, and unable to move a cm without the video linse registering it. She doesn't mind. She are dead tired from working at high speed 14 hours in the quarry. Now there are a hole 5 hours to the awakening. Owh, if it just wasn't for the constant thirst, and her always hungry stomach. It feels like the tongue are filling the mouth and it sticks to the swollen gums. It is lucky they have swollen so much. It make her cheeks look normally rounded. As long as she keep her mouth shut, nobody can se, she had lost all her teeth. She has a often coming good night thought, which pleases her and gives her a kind of comfort.

Right now down in the air-conditioned hotels, restaurants and night-clubs, there are ten young women and girls, enjoying themselves, some of them maybe even having sex. Not knowing, that they in the next couple of days will run into some policemen, earning a necessary extra income, and that they in only one week from now will lie down on a bare concrete floor, hungry and thirsty, and in chains, robbed of all their belongings and their beauty, sentence to life imprisonment in a real hard labour chaingang, Linda feels something wet touching her on the mid of her head. It must be Nipples labia lips. They are swollen and protruding like both Linda's and Lajlas. And all the rest of the slaves. She feels a drop of Nipples discharge running down her neck. Well, now its time to sleep. Tomorrow at 4 o'clock begins another day.

To be continued!

Copyright : Tofte.

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