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Princess Gwendolyn in The Castle of Pain

Chapter 8 Shrieking Sluts

Chapter 8 – Shrieking Sluts

Queen Rowena screamed long, high and hard.

The castle dungeon had small square holes cut into the cold stony walls, just large enough to contain one hunched over victim. Queen Rowena's ladies-in-waiting had each been 'persuaded' to crawl into one, headfirst, with her wrists bound behind her back. All that could be seen of her pet bitches was a row of shivering bare bums criss-crossed with thick, red welts and shackled feet spread nicely to expose the goodies, clamped down at the ankles to the entrance of their claustrophobic hidey holes. Semen seeped from their well-raped slits so temptingly laid out for the casual passer-by. Each huddled alone in her dark, chilly hole, listening to Queen Rowena without knowing exactly what was being done to elicit such prolonged soul-searing screeches. A stone lip ran along the front of each hole so that any water or urine would be sealed in with its occupant. Since toilet privileges were non-existent and the holes had a slight downward slope, all ended up lying with their pretty faces resting in a pool of their own piss.

Accustomed to public speaking in the good ole days before electronic amplification, Queen Rowena's voice possessed both volume and stamina. Her full-throated shrieks of raw pain, interspersed with desperate, pleading bellows of gut-wrenching anguish carried beautifully and echoed hauntingly throughout the depths of the torch lit dungeon.

Hanging naked from her wrists, Queen Rowena's sweating back, buttocks and thighs were crosshatched with welts. The nude queen twisted and turned wildly in mid-air. She concentrated desperately on keeping her legs together, having supervised enough whippings to dread the stroke that her whip master had called the cunt kiss.

Princess Gwendolyn sat on her padded chair, enjoying the whipping with a connoisseur's eye, knowing exactly how it felt to have the whip eat in where the buttocks joined the thighs. Up until this point, it had only been theoretical knowledge for Queen Rowena. Princess Gwendolyn loved the way Rowena's naked body, beaded with sweat, glistened in the torchlight, twisting frantically as the whip master administered a cruel lesson in seeking out and stimulating the most exquisitely sensitive pain receptors in the female anatomy.

Cracking viciously, the whip sliced into the tender backs of her knees. Rowena reflexively folded her legs up and felt the whip's fiery tongue lick the cringing soles of her feet.

Princess Gwendolyn admired King Ethelred's whip master. He surely knew how to make his victims hop, placing and timing his whip strokes beautifully as he, with slow and methodical cruelty, raised long angry red welts. Queen Rowena's legs scissored wildly as she bellowed and bawled like a wounded boar, writhing sinuously in the firelight.

Skilfully, the whip master made Rowena twist one way as a flaming welt blossomed on her exposed armpit. Then he made her twist the opposite way as the welt's hot-tempered sister blossomed angrily on the other armpit.

Rowena shrieked madly and her breasts lifted in unison. Her body arched violently upwards as the tip of the whip cracked, delving deeply into the cleft between her butt cheeks and snapping hard against her anus. Gwendolyn laughed merrily, clapping her hands in delight.

Rowena naked body juddered and jackknifed as a series of agonizing whip strokes ate into the sensitive sides of her bare belly. She foamed at the mouth like a rabid dog as she emitted an ear-splitting series of piercing screams.

Her exposed breasts jerked upwards as the whip cracked repeatedly across their tender undersides. Desperately, she lifted both knees to try and protect them.

Princess Gwendolyn would remember forever the look of stunned surprise on Rowena's face as she found that her knees-up attitude had positioned her perfectly for the dreaded cunt kiss. The braided whip snaked between her raised and parted legs, snapping brutally from behind along the length of her slit to kiss her clit in a starburst of agony. Her penetrating scream, savage in its brutal intensity, caused several of her ladies-in-waiting, cowering naked in the dark, to wet themselves.

Rowena shuddered and juddered on the end of the creaking rope like a hooked fish and passed out.

"Superb work, whip master!"

A deeply appreciative Princess Gwendolyn tossed the whip master a leather pouch filled with gold coins. She eyed his bulging crotch. He was obviously a man who loved his work. She jerked her head towards the unconscious form of Queen Rowena, swaying gently as she hung limply suspended by her wrists.

"Perhaps you would care to rouse Sleeping Beauty from her slumbers with a refreshing little quickie?"

The whip master grinned. His assistants parted Rowena's legs and wafted a bottle of vinegar under her nose.

As Rowena's eyes fluttered open, he rammed his erection home. She screamed with each penetrating thrust as he humped her hard, her anguished screeches rising even higher as one of his eager assistants took her from the rear, opening her aching rectum for business.

Princess Gwendolyn, always interested in the comfort of her subjects, eyed the shivering row of rumps being presented by the ladies-in-waiting. This was all that was visible of them as they cowered in their dark, pee-soaked holes. Her voice was touched with concern.

"The poor dears look cold!"

She eyed their exposed genitalia critically.

"They all seem a bit hairy. Whatever was that stupid fuckhead Rowena thinking? King Ethelred likes his ladies smooth."

She grasped a torch and boldly thrust it between Lady Charlotte's legs. The flames licked eagerly at her crotch. As the smell of burning pubic hair filled the dungeon, Lady Charlotte squealed like a boiled pig, humping her hips dementedly to try and ease her anguish.

A firm mistress, Princess Gwendolyn held the torch firmly in place until every last pubic hair had been fried to a crisp. Flames slid easily along Charlotte's tight slit and licked wickedly up the crack of her ass. Lady Charlotte's bum, cunt and inner thighs were glowing a bright red when Princess Gwendolyn decided that her cunt had been cooked to the required degree.

Lady Charlotte was bawling like a baby when the next palpitating pussy tasted the flaming torch and its owner began shrieking like a banshee.

Review This Story || Author: Llabmik
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