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The Stranger

Part 2 The Stranger

Part II – The Stranger

"Hello", "Hello", she said; but there was no response. Maybe she was mistaken; maybe she only thought she heard something. "Is anyone out there, can you please help me?" she asked. Still there was no reply. She thought she might have been mistaken, until she felt a hand on her ass. She jumped in amazement. Not only was she startled that there was actually someone there, but by the fact that they were placing their hand on her ass. "Please help me, my head is stuck in the window", she said.

The only reply she received was the hand lifting up her dress and groping her ass. Then the stranger placed his hand between her legs and massaged her pussy. "Stop that"; she yelled as she clamped her legs close. That was a mistake, his hand was now caught between her legs and continued to massage her pussy. She felt his other hand as it started pulling her panties down. "Please don't do this"; she pleaded as she opened her legs to allow the stranger to remove his hands.

The stranger removed his hand from between her legs, when she opened them. Maybe he had had enough and would leave her alone, she thought. She was hoping that he would leave. The stranger stopped groping Melody's ass and was standing there admiring her body. He could not believe his luck; he had wanted to fuck this bitch for a long time. Now here she was, bent over, ready to be fucked and nothing she could do to prevent it.

He had watched her go down the street many times in her Mercedes, turning her head at him, ignoring him, treating him like he was nobody. And now, here she was at his mercy, begging him for help. Well he was going to help her alright, but only after helping himself first. He had noticed how pretty she was going down the street, but couldn't get over her beauty as she knelt there in front of him. Melody was about 5'5" inches tall, 27 years old, with a chocolate brown complexion and silky black hair. Her skin was satiny soft and as with most black women, she had a nice ass – big, soft, round and firm. He could not see her breast clearly from here, but she looked like she was about a 34C – just enough to make a man happy!

He reached his hand out again to caress her ass and Melody let out a scream. The stranger let go of her ass and backed away. "If you touch me again, I'll scream louder"; she said. He couldn't have that, didn't want to attract more attention. He opened the door to her house and went in. Melody wondered what he was doing, she could hear his footsteps inside of the house, but at the angle her head was turned she could not see anything. Maybe he was going to in the house and take what he wanted and leave, she thought to herself.

Then she heard the footsteps coming towards her head, it sounded like he was dragging something. Before she realized what it was, a blanket fell down over her head. The stranger started rapping the blanket around her head. Melody panicked, he was going to suffocate her. She started kicking her feet and beating her hands on the windows as he wrapped the blanket tighter. He was going to suffocate her. She tried screaming into the blanket, but only got a muffled scream. As he wrapped the blanket tighter, she became light-headed, and when she thought she was going to black out the blanket came off.

"Aaaahhhhhh" was all she could say as she gasped deeply for her breath. The blanket was left hanging off of her head and she couldn't shake it off completely, but at least she could breathe. Then she felt the strangers' hand exploring her ass again. "Don't do that"; she yelled. This time the scream was muffled by the blanket, but it could still be heard. Again the stranger stopped and came into the house again. She felt him grab the blanket and began rapping it around her head again. "No, please – I'm sorry, please don't do it again"; she begged. Her pleas fell on deaf ears, as the blanket rapped around her head.

This time, however, she noticed that it wasn't quite as tight as before. Though harder to breathe, she could still breathe. Melody shuddered as she prepared herself for what she thought was going to happen next. "Slaaappp". Melody's ass felt as if it were on fire. She screamed into the blanket as loud as she could, barely getting more than a muffled cry. Now she knew why he had not tied the blanket so tight. It muffled her scream almost completely. The pain from her ass and not being able to breathe was already making her light-headed. "Slaaappp" – as the stranger slapped her ass again. "Please – No more, I'll be good, please stop hitting me"; she cried.

She felt the blanket being loosed from around her head and she gasped as cool air rushed back into her lungs. The stranger placed his hands on her ass again, this time she didn't object. After he was sure she wasn't going to scream again he placed his other hand on her ass and started to caress and squeeze her ass cheeks. The stranger slid his hand between her legs and massaged her pussy. "Ohhhh"; she moaned. She was really embarrassed, not only was this man groping her but she was actually enjoying it. By the time his finger had found its way to her clit her panties were already wet.

She hated to admit it but she was disappointed when the stranger removed is hands from between her legs. He grabbed the top of her panties and slowly slid them half-way down over her legs. He marveled at the round firmness of her ass. He leaned over and kissed her ass and at the same time slid her panties down and let them dropped to the floor. He stepped back and got his first good luck at her garden. The hair around her pussy was thick and shaved.

Melody had never felt so helpless in her life. Here she was with her ass stuck up in the air and a stranger that was doing whatever he wanted to – in her own house!! She didn't get to think about it long, she jumped as she felt the stranger slide his finger into her pussy. He slid it in all the way in to his knuckles and then pulled it out slowly, played with her clit and then slid it back in. Melody was about to explode with pleasure, she had to do something to stop him. She waited until he pulled his finger out and closed her legs together tightly, trying to prevent the stranger from having easy access to her pussy.

The stranger knew what she was doing and continued to play with the outside of her pussy. All of a sudden he stopped, she let out a sigh of relief, she had won – this time. She listened for him, trying to hear what he was doing. Through the blanket she was unsure of what she was hearing, but it sounded like he was taking his belt loose. She had prepared herself for this; she would rather take a beating then allow him to rape her. She braced herself, ready to feel the sting of the belt. It never happened. She heard the strangers' footsteps as he went into the house. She strained her ears in an attempt to hear what he was doing.

The stranger went into the kitchen to see what he could find. He found a bottle of Cristol' wine, just what he needed. He pulled out the bottle and poured a couple of glasses, quickly drinking one of them and filling it up again. This stuff was good; he thought. He took the glasses into the room where Melody was. As Melody felt him grab the blanket, she thought to herself; "So be it, I would rather die then continue on with this night". To her amazement, he only wrapped the blanket, so that it covered her eyes and went partly down her nose. As she was trying to figure out what he had planned, she felt the edge of the wine glass placed to her lips. Realizing that he was trying to get her drunk, she closed her mouth tight.

Again, she was shocked to find out he didn't try to force her. Instead he loosely wrapped the blanket back around her head and tied it back so she couldn't see again. He went back outside and started kissing and squeezing her ass. He ran his finger along her pussy and Melody locked her legs together tightly. "Eiiii"; she screamed. The stranger had taken the extra glass of wine and poured it between the crack of her ass!! The wine was ice cold and she felt the chill on her ass-hole, pussy and legs as the wine ran down her legs.

"Nooooo, please, nooo"; she screamed as she felt him part the cheeks of her ass and insert his finger. Virgin asshole, nice and tight, he thought. He had always wanted to fuck a woman in the ass and if she wasn't going to make her pussy available, he was going to stick his dick deep in her ass. He pulled his finger out of her ass and Melody heard a "plooop" sound. Before she could say anything, the stranger stepped up behind her, unzipped his pants and placed the head of his dick at her asshole and started pushing forward. "Stooppppp, it's too big"; she screamed.

The stranger decided to give her one more chance. He went back into the house and placed the glass one wine to Melody's lips. It was an akward position, but Melody had soon drunk the entire glass. The stranger filled the glass again and placed it to her lips. The wine was having the desired effect. Melody was becoming less resistant and more obedient. By the time she had finished the second glass, he figured she was ready.

He went back outside and placed his dick at the entrance to her pussy, this time she quickly opened her legs. He wasted no time in pushing his dick into her pussy. "Aaaiiiiiyyyyee"; Melody moaned as she felt his dick penetrate her. The stranger leaned forward and laid on her back and at the same time he reached around in front of her. Riiippppp. He tore her blouse open. Reached in and grabbed her and squeezed and pinched her nipples. He couldn't believe it, between her tight wet pussy and soft firm tits he was about to explode. He didn't want to cum yet, so he lay there massaging her tits.

Melody wasn't sure if it was the wine or if she was simply horny, but her pussy was so hot she wanted to beg him to fuck her. It had been some time since she had had a lover and even longer since she had actually been fucked. But she couldn't, she couldn't let him know how bad she wanted to be fucked; it would be degrading. The stranger kept one hand massaging her tits and moved his hand down her body until he found her garden. He reached and stroked the base of his dick, marveling at how deep it was buried in her pussy. He moved his hands back up to her clit and started rubbing and massaging it. Melodies mind was saying no, but when he started massing her clit, her body betrayed her. "ooohhhh, aahhhhh, yessss"; she started to moan. She started to move her ass around in a circle. Doing what she could to move it back and forth, but the window would not allow her to move but so far. The stranger kept his dick buried in her pussy, when she tried to move back and forth, he moved with her. Forcing her to move her ass in a circle, massaging his dick in her pussy.

"Pleasssee"; she begged. The stranger paid her no attention. "Fuck meeee – pleasseeee", she begged. Still the stranger kept playing with her clit and moving his hips in the opposite direction of her movement. Melody started moving her ass faster in an attempt to get more satisfaction out of his cock. When she started to move to fast, she received a slap on the side of her ass to slow her down. Melody was so hot she was getting mad, bad enough he was raping her, but then he had the nerve to tease her. The stranger smiled as he felt her juices running out of her pussy and down her legs. Time to take care of business.

He leaned up and grabbed the cheeks of her ass and pushed them apart, he wanted to see his dick buried in her pussy. Melody started to panic, she thought he was getting ready to fuck her in the ass. Instead he pulled his dick out of her pussy and played with her pussy, putting just the head in and then pulling it out. "Stop playing with me and fuck me, you bastard"; she screamed, but the stranger just kept on playing with her.

"Yesssssssssssss"; she moaned as he finally grabbed her hips with both hands and slammed his dick all the way inside her. He pulled his dick out about halfway and then slammed forward again. Loving the feeling of her ass against his body when he slammed into her. "Ooooo yessss, fuck me, fuck me hard"; she moaned. He had no problem with obliging her. Melody could feel her orgasm building as he slammed into her pussy. "Keep it up – I'm almost there, I'm ready, yes, I'm ….". All of a sudden he pulled his dick out. "Noooo, don't stopppp, pleassee"; she begged.

The stranger leaned forward and spat into her asshole. "Noooo, I've never been fucked in the ass"; she said. The stranger didn't pay her any attention. He stuffed his finger into her ass and worked it back and forth. "Please – it hurts"; she moaned. For her discomfort, the stranger took his other hands and placed it between her legs and played with her pussy. Melody couldn't believe it, her ass was on fire with pain and her pussy was on fire with pleasure. She couldn't do nothing but moan and gasp.

Finally the stranger couldn't take it any longer. He took his finger out of her ass, grabbed her by the ass and slammed his dick into her pussy. Slap, slap, slap, slap, was all you could hear as he slammed his dick into her pussy as hard as he could. "Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes, move your ass, fuck me, don't stop, harder, harder"; she screamed. This time the stranger gave her exactly what she asked for as he slammed his dick deep into her pussy.

Melody could feel it, he had made her suffer, made her wait, but finally her orgasm was coming. The stranger was banging her pussy mercilessly now. "Aaaaahhhhhgggg"; he screamed as he shot his load deep into her pussy. That was all Melody needed. "I'm cummminnnggg"; she moaned as she exploded in ecstasy.

The stranger's dick slowly softened and slid out of her pussy. The stranger was cleaning himself up to leave when the phone rang. He looked over to see where it was at and make sure that Melody couldn't reach it. Melody's answering machine answered the phone.

Hello, This is Melody. Guest what – you missed me, today is Friday and I left for my vacation. Won't be back for 10 days, going to Hawaii. I'll see you when I get back – Aloha.

Review This Story || Author: Boomer
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