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Review This Story || Author: Honda Kushimoto


Part 1

E-SnuffTM Inc.

by Honda

©Copyright 1999 Honda-Matic, All Rights Reserved. This story may be reproduced only in its full, original, unedited and unmodified posting where: 1) full credit is given to its author and, 2) no commercial gain of any sort is realised as a result of its reproduction. No permission is granted, actual or implied, to reproduce a modified version of this story, in whole or in part, without the express consent of the author.

Warning: This story is intended for mature adults only. Do not continue to read unless you enjoy reading snuff stories. This story is purely fictional and contains consensual mf/f snuff, shooting, hanging, voraphilia, cannibalism, beheading, strangulation, electrocution.

Note: This story is split into separate parts each containing one scene since this story contains various types of snuff which is not appreciated by everyone. By having each scene separately, each other can pick out the scenes that is of interest if h/she does not desire to read the whole story.


Part 1: Welcome

Emma was on her way to interview the managing director of the rapidly profiting company called E-SnuffTM. This previously unknown company had surprised everyone. It had changed from being an unknown company to be one of the most popular companies overnight. Needless to say that it had made many millions of dollars in its first month of service to the general public.

The whole world was taken by surprise when it launched its new product and services on the Internet. It marked the start of a new era, the end of censorship and suppressions. E-SnuffTM had made a break through in several areas and was unrivalled in its new business sector. It basically had the monopoly in the business since no other company was able to provide any service or product even close to what E-SnuffTM had to offer. It was a total shock to the market researchers who had never even considered that what E-SnuffTM was offering had any appeal to anyone and that there would be such an unexpectedly high demand for it.

The Internet had been the battleground for new and emerging businesses ever since e-commerce took off. It was the ideal medium for not only online ordering systems, but also more importantly, an important medium for communications. Many big web communities had formed on the Internet and linked up communities separated by the great distances posed by nature.

E-SnuffTM had secretly developed a range of incredible and revolutionary services, which they offered over the Internet and provided as the meeting place for the snuff community. Profits were skyrocketing. E-SnuffTM had achieved to do the impossible. It has legalised consensual snuff and provided the only service through which it was possible.

The success of E-SnuffTM relied on their state of the art software package called ‘E-SnuffTM’. It was a multi-purpose snuff software package, which enabled the users a variety of snuff options. Basically there were 3 levels of snuff intensities. For the beginners it had something called ‘VR-SnuffTM’ which was a virtual reality snuff simulation. Most users were satisfied with this level for their snuff fantasies.

There was another much more realistic mode called ‘Real-Snuff’. This option was much more expensive and required an additional hardware device called ‘E-CloneTM’ and a very fast Internet connection. The basic principal of it was, that using the E-CloneTM device, the ‘victim’ could be cloned and send over the line to the other side to be snuffed for real. The E-CloneTM device was also able to clean up the mess afterwards. It was very popular amongst the rich and wealthy who could afford it.

The third and most expensive option was ‘Hardcore-Snuff’. This was for the real hardcore snuff practitioners who wished to do the real thing. The E-CloneTM device was upgradable or could be completely replaced by the ‘E-TransporterTM’. This handy device allowed the participants of a snuff scene to be transported to any place or scene they chose provided by E-Snuff, which had invested millions of dollars in creating suitable rooms with the right atmospheres. This was the ultimate snuff experience and currently only a few people had used this service. However, it was predicted that its popularity would grow once people had exhausted the thrills they could obtain from the other two levels.

Another thing, which made E-SnuffTM popular, was their online service. Their software was able to provide many entertaining and exciting scenarios and it also helped with the selections of participants in a snuff scene. This was accomplished by a useful program called SnuffWizrdTM, which was able to help setting up or customising interesting scenarios.

The online service provided by E-SnuffTM allowed interested parties to log on to the net and find their partners in the various chat rooms and forums, all that from the comfort and safety of their own homes. E-SnuffTM also guaranteed absolute confidentiality and security with their patented security protocols. Also for the hardcore snuff users, it provided an additional service, which automatically handled the legal documents required by all the parties participating. E-SnuffTM provided a unique and hassles free snuff experience

Yet another popular service was the online match making service, which helped victims find their killers. Many people utilised this service for finding their perfect partners. However, many attempt to find their partner by themselves by going through the various chat rooms and engaging into conversations with other interested parties.

E-SnuffTM’s services was not only limited to the pure snuff fantasies only but also provided services for related topics such as cannibalism, voraphilia, necrophillia and hardcore BDSM. All services were customisable and new themes could easily be added on demand. It was the perfect playground for many different types of people with quite different tastes and preferences. Amongst all the services, the gallows was one of the most popular attractions followed closely by the roasting pit and the spit. The shooting range and the guillotine as well as the some private rooms for stabbing and strangulation were also amongst one of the most utilised facilities.

Emma entered the reception area of the big E-SnuffTM Inc. building and was greeted by a luscious brunette with long straight hair. She was wearing a tightly fitting skirt that did not hide the curves of her buttocks and it did not hide her long slender legs either. Her shirt was slightly opened at the top revealing quite a lot of cleavage. Emma looked at her and wished she had that sexy figure herself.

“Welcome to E-SnuffTM Inc., the premier web site for snuff fantasies. We will make your dreams become reality." was the greeting Emma received from the brunette. “Hi, I am Janet. You must be Emma. The boss is already waiting for you in his office." she told Emma and lead the way towards a big lift.

Emma followed and stared at Janet’s buttocks as she walked towards the lift. She just looked too breathtaking. They went into the lift and it went to the topmost floor. There they left the lift and entered the first office. It had a sign at the door saying: “Snuff Master”. They went in and were greeted by a rather young fellow.

“Welcome Ms Soutien. Welcome to the head quarters of E-Snuff." she was greeted by that fellow.

“Are you the managing director of E-Snuff?" Emma asked surprised. She had imagined that a managing director would be much older.

“Yes, that’s me." he acknowledged.

“What is your name? Nobody seems to know what your name is." Emma said.

“That is true, and I would like to keep it that way. I am not into that entire fame business thing. That’s what Hollywood is for. Call me Snuff Master, Ms Soutien,” he told her.

“Oh, OK then, Mr. Snuff Master. And please call me Emma." Emma smiled at him.

“In your letter of introduction, you have said that you want to find out more about my organisation." he started.

“Yes, that’s right. I want to know how you managed to hook up so many people and why you have chosen to do this type of business”, she stated.

“Well, most of what you want to know is going to be confidential and you won’t be able to publish any of it. Anything you want to publish about me or my company has to be approved by my PR office first. Do you have a problem with that? If so, we might end the interview right here”, he told her.

“That’s absolutely understandable. I promise I will not pass on any confidential information." Emma agreed.

“Good, in that case, please sign this confidentiality agreement. And make sure you understand paragraph 6”, he told her and handed her a form.

Emma quickly glanced through it and read paragraph six carefully. It stated that she agreed to allow E-SnuffTM Inc. to punish her according to their company rule if she should disclose any confidential information without permission. There was an attached sheet with all the possible penalties, but it was clear that they all were lethal punishments, none that anybody could survive.

Hesitantly Emma agreed to them and signed the form and handed it to Janet who filed it away.

“I have planned for Janet to take you on a tour of our facilities. Do you have any questions before you start the tour, Emma?" he asked her.

“Yes, may I ask you how and why you have created this company?" Emma asked.

“Well, it has always been my dream to start up my own company and to be very successful. And the best way to do so was to have a fully working solution first before launching it to the market. Unlike many other companies, which announce their products months ahead of completion and then do not manage to finish it on time or are unable to deliver what they had promised and have their customers at their throats asking for the promised features. Those companies are not customer focused but are only concerned by their company’s share values. Their motto is to announce something so that their stock prices rise. My company on the other hand, is privately funded and very customer focused. We try to implement anything the customer desires. Any customer feedback for new functionality and features is put on the drawing boards and experimented on. We try our best to make our customers happy, and so far all our customers are satisfied,” he told her.

After a few more questions, Emma was satisfied with the answers she has received and went on with the tour. Janet took her down to the basement where it was crowded with scientists in white coats.

“These are our engineers who created the hardware such as the E-CloneTM and the E-TransporterTM devices. They are currently working on a new product called the SnuffStationTM which are customised PCs for interacting with our snuff services only. The concept is similar to that of the Network PC. The SnuffStation is like a mini PC with a very fast cable modem or ISDN connection and either the E-CloneTM or E-TransporterTM device build in. These SnuffStationsTM will initially be used in our new chain of Snuff Cafés, which is similar to the Internet Café thing but specialised for people to enjoy our snuff services and with a much higher speed of course than the conventional Internet Cafés. Ultimately we will be selling these devices to home users as well.”

Janet strolled through the lab and let Emma have a look at one of the prototype machines.

“It looks just like a mini PC”, Emma exclaimed.

Indeed, it basically was a small PC with a very fast network connection and an additional VR device build in. The VR glasses were just like other VR glasses that could be found on newer PCs nowadays, but was much clearer in displaying realistic images. It also included the VR SnuffSenseTM device, which is bound around the wrists like a watch. This new invention was able to stimulate the nerves for a complete visual and sensual experience of snuffing or being snuffed. There was also a build in safety guard in the device, which controlled the pain level. It was able to reduce the actual pain level experienced in a real snuff situation to a tenth of what the real sensation was. It also ensured that the tolerable pain level of a human is never reached and therefore ensured the safety of anyone using the SnuffSenseTM device.

Part 2: The Feeding

Emma was amazed about what technology could provide. She slowly walked around the remarkable little machine and admired it.

“Do you want to test it out?" Janet suggested.

“You mean it already works?" Emma asked in surprise.

“Yes, the device has been working for some time. We are still in progress of writing more programs for several new scenarios. Our new software will allow complete movies to be selected. Our previous version allowed interactive snuff games, but this latest version will allow you to pick a title from our snuff movie selection and you can pick whom in the movie you are going to experience it as. Most people will either pick to be the killer or the victim, but you can also pick to be a bystander." Janet revealed to her.

“This is absolutely incredible. No wonder you make millions of dollars." Emma concluded.

“Currently you can choose from the following categories: Hanging, Strangling, Drowning, Beheading, Shooting, Electrocution, Spitroasting and our latest addition is Swallowing”.

“Swallowing? What is that? It sounds interesting." Emma asked raising an eyebrow.

“This is our latest addition to our program due to popular request. The main theme currently covered under this category is girls being swallowed by big snakes like the anaconda. There’s currently only one title available called ‘Anaconda meets Annette’. It is about a girl called Annette who is fed to a big anaconda. We also have requests coming in for other animals and even fairy tale creatures like ogres, elves and dragons. One of our next titles will be ‘Feeding Kushi’.”

“Ohhh, can I try out more than one? I’d like to try out one of the hanging movies, but I also want to try out the anaconda movie if that’s possible." Emma requested.

“No problem at all. We can do the anaconda movie right now and do the hanging one later on. Just sit down there and put on the gear. Wrap the SnuffsenseTM around your wrist and put on the VR glasses. I’ll activate the program for you." Janet instructed her.

“OK, thanks”, Emma replied and wrapped the SnuffSenseTM around her wrist. Then she put on the VR glasses.

All was set. Janet started the program and Emma was presented with a VR environment, which resembled a palace of a rich sultan. There were many barely clad women serving a fat man sitting amongst many cushions. Some of his cushions were indeed plumb girls. There was sensual music playing in the background and the fat guy, who was probably the sultan, was eating grapes, which was fed to him by a shapely blonde.

Two pretty servant girls brought in Emma. They practically wore nothing. All they had were some very thin veils covering their faces and their private parts, which weren’t able to cover anything anyway. Emma was similarly dressed. Apart from a thin silk cover she wore nothing else either.

When they arrived, a gong sounded and the music stopped. The sultan looked up at her and the two servant girls took off Emma’s only cover. She was now stark naked.

A bald guy, who sounded the gong, made an announcement. “Our next performance, oh mighty sultan, ruler of all these worthless subjects, protector of all the good people and the greatest leader of the known world, will be the feeding of your favourite pet snake ‘Jasmine’, your present from your dear friend Prince Kahutzu from the Amazon jungle in America. She will be fed with this lovely morsel”, he announced and pointed at Emma while bowing to his leader.

The sultan grunted with approval and the two slave girls beside Emma started to rub her with olive oil from head to toe. When they were finished, Emma was glistering from the shiny oil.

Then the two servant girls quickly departed and a big anaconda slowly writhed inside. It was enormous and Emma stood there watching it come closer to her, unable to move as if paralysed.

Then Emma heard a voice telling her to lie down. It was a very weird feeling. The voice came from within her. She heard it not through her ears, but it came through to her as if it was her own thought and the voice referred to her as ‘Annette’.

She felt that it was right. That this was the sole purpose of her existence. Emma slowly began to transcend into her role as Annette, the snake food. While still deep in thought, Annette had lost all sense about what was happening around her. All she was aware of was her lying on her back and the snake coming slowly closer towards her.

Annette trembled with anticipation as she felt the snake come much closer to herself. Then it was close enough and started to unhinge its jaw and open up wide to take her inside. Not very long later, the snake had its jaw wide open and big enough for Annette to go in. Annette helped the snake and placed her feet inside of Jasmine’s open jaw. Instantly she felt the tongue wrap around her feet and pulling her inside. Annette orgasmed for the first time when this happened.

She was further sucked into the big snake’s throat. Annette was now up to her knees inside the snake. She moaned slightly from the pleasure she had derived from being swallowed. Her feet passed further into the snake and she felt like there were little tentacles inside the snake pulling her further in. It felt great to Annette.

More and more of her disappeared into the snake. Her lower body, up to her hip, was already inside the snake. Annette felt like in heaven. She was experiencing the most sensual feelings she had ever had and another orgasms rippled through her body. The experience of being slowly pulled inside the big snake was exciting and also was erotic to Annette.

The inside walls of the snake’s stomach began to contract, pulling Annette further into itself with every contraction. Annette was squeezed every time and had difficulty breathing whenever it happened. It was so intense that Annette was afraid she would be asphyxiated before being completely swallowed by the snake.

She was up to her waist inside the snake by now. Breathing became really hard and with each constriction, she felt like being squashed. She felt pressure from every side. Her body was being constricted while being swallowed. It somehow felt good to her, even though it was very painful and she had difficulty breathing.

Her big breasts made her entry into the snake even more difficult. She felt her breasts being squashed as they were pushed against her body and she was slowly pulled inside. Her breasts rubbed against the walls inside the snake. Annette experienced another orgasm as the walls of the snake caressed her breasts as they passed by.

Once her breasts slid into the snake there wasn’t much left of her. Jasmine swallowed one final time and pulled the rest of Annette into her body where she would be slowly digested. The last thing Annette thought as she was pulled into darkness was how lucky she had been to be selected for feeding the sultan’s favourite pet. She had done two services at once, fed Jasmine and entertained the sultan. Annette died soon afterwards from lack of air inside the snake, but she died very happy.

“Wow, that was great”, Emma exclaimed. “I would never have thought that being swallowed by a snake could had been so enjoyable and sensual. It’s incredible! Just great!”

“As you can see from your own experience, this new device will be everything you had always expected entertainment to be. It’s going to be very popular once it is released." Janet pointed out.

“I absolutely agree. This company is going to dominate the market by far with this. No other company will ever be able to compete against that." Emma said admiringly.

“That’s very true, but let’s continue with our tour. Next we will meet some of the engineers who write these incredible programs. They are such a bunch of smart people, and so very creative." Janet said while her eyes glistered like she was speaking from personal experience.

Part 3: The Blowjob

They went to the next level above and were met by a handsome guy who by his looks was probably in his early twenties.

“This nice guy here is the man responsible for writing those wonderful programs. He also was the one personally supervising the work on the snake movie you just tried." Janet told Emma.

“Oh, I’m pleased to meet you”, Emma said and stretched her hand out to greet him.

“The pleasure is all mine. I’ve been a fan of your articles for some time. You always cover the most exciting stories. That photo of yours in the magazine does not do you any justice. You look far more gorgeous in real life." the guy said.

“Thank you, you are very charming." Emma replied.

“And you can call me Bill." he told her.

“Just Bill?" Emma inquired and stretched out her hand.

“Everyone here wants to keep anonymous to avoid the press from snooping around in our backgrounds and private lives. But you can call me Bill G to avoid confusion with other Bills." he replied while they shook hands.

“Thank you very much." Emma stammered. This guy was really handsome. Emma tried to concentrate on her work, but keep drifting back to fantasise about Bill. There was something about his characteristics that attracted her. She felt like a love sick little girl in his presence.

“Let me show you our present services on the net." Bill suggested. “Have you tried any of our services yet?”

Emma did not want anyone to know that she was one of the very first subscribers of E-SnuffTM Online services, but she could not lie to Bill.

“I’ve tried it before”, she replied while her mind drifted back to her first experience with E-SnuffTM services.

Emma was surfing the web and had been quite bored about the usual sites she visited. She had wished for something new and exciting. Since she had nothing better to do, she had tried out her luck and went to her favourite search engine. She had typed ‘+snuff –tobacco -vase’ into the search engine. From past experience she knew that searching for ‘snuff’ only would give her many results on tobacco products and Chinese vases. But that was not what she was looking for. She wanted to find the good stuff.

To her surprise, that was exactly what she found. Instead of just finding her regular sites again, her eyes were greeted with a new link to a site called It was too good to be true were her first thought, but she clicked on the link anyway to try her luck. She had expected to find another spam site behind it, but was very surprised and happy to find a real cool site providing a set of very useful snuff services. The first thing she tried out was their online meeting room. It was similar to IRC where you could have real-time conversations with really interesting people, but was more advanced in that it provided a whole new interface. There were background graphics of rooms and corridors through which she could navigate and a changing room in where she could choose and dress up her character. There was also an option to hook up a camera and use her real image. It was really advanced.

When she had picked a sexy character and dressed up in a red latex outfit, put on a matching pair of boots, she went into the first room she encountered. It looked like a small town pub with a bar at the side and some tables spread around the room. There was a sexy looking bartender who greeted her when she entered. Nobody else was in the room.

“Welcome to our friendly pub. What would you like to have?" she was greeted.

“Is this place always this quiet and deserted?" Emma asked her.

“This place is pretty new. To answer your question, I don’t know yet. I am hoping there will be more people coming once they find out about this place. It has only been created a few hours ago and you are the very first guest I have." the barmaid told her.

“Oh really”, Emma pouted in disappointment.

“Don’t worry, there should be many more people coming in shortly. And since you are the very first one here, we will give you a free E-CloneTM device." she was told.

That first visit to E-Snuff was quite enjoyable. Not only did she receive a free E-CloneTM device, but also met some very interesting people. The first hour was quite boring. The room remained empty and Emma was bored. She read the sales blurb on the website and talked to the friendly barmaid who turned out to be an automated computer program. She was quite sophisticated and it took Emma quite a while to figure out that there was no person behind the barmaid and that she was merely a bot.

After an hour, another lady came in. She was quite pretty, had a ponytail and appeared to be a young cheerful girl. They talked for a while until a couple came in. The guy was quite a gentleman and the gal seemed to be his slave or wife.

Emma and her new found friend Debbie greeted the couple and engaged in some small talk and found out that the guy was called Adam and his girlfriend who was also his sex slave was called Katherine. Their common interests were guns of all sorts and their usage. Needless to say that the usage included the shooting of girls. Katherine was quite well versed in guns and described in great detail how they worked and the effect they would have when fired from different distances.

Debbie listened with fascination and when Katherine paused, she suggested that they could snuff her by blowing her head off. Debbie liked the idea of her head exploding caused by a gunshot. Adam and Katherine were thrilled and asked her whether she had an E-CloneTM device. Debbie confirmed and she electronically cloned and sent herself over the wire to the couple.

Emma had never before been so excited. Even though she wasn’t part of the action, the couple was nice enough to let her watch. Adam first fucked Debbie like a madman. Then he let her give him a blowjob while Katherine fist fucked her. Then they changed position and Adam mounted her again and pounded into her. Katherine on the other hand loaded a shotgun and moved into position.

Debbie was lying on her back being fucked by Adam. Katherine stood above Debbie, her legs spread so that Adam was able to eat her pussy. She was facing Debbie and pointed the muzzle of the gun at Debbie’s face who straightaway opened her mouth. Katherine pushed the tip into her mouth and Debbie started to suck on it as if it were a big cock.

The trio fucked this way for a while. Their movements were synchronised. Whenever Adam pushed his cock into Debbie, he was also pushing his tongue into Katherine’s twat who in turn was pushing the gun into Debbie’s mouth. Then Adam came and shot his wad deep into Debbie’s cunt, shooting his seed all the way into her womb. At that same time, Katherine was also packed by a huge orgasm and while ripples of pleasures erupted through her, she pressed the trigger and shoot Debbie into her mouth blowing her face away. This in effect made Debbie’s body jerk and contract her vaginal muscles, grabbing and milking every single drop of cum from Adam’s cock who in turn sucked harder on Katherine’s pussy.

Emma rubbed herself furiously while watching this scene. It was so extremely stimulating; her vagina was itching and screaming to be fucked by a huge cock.

Part 4: The Chair

Emma’s pussy was dripping wet when she snapped out of her daydream. She often thought back to her first experience with E-SnuffTM services and it had always made her dripping wet. Realising that Bill was staring at the wetspot between her legs, she quickly turned her face in embarrassment and it turned red.

“Don’t worry about it Emma, its quite a natural reaction. It is nothing to be ashamed about. You should be worried if that did not happen. This only shows that you are a perfectly healthy and sexually liberated woman. That’s a good thing nowadays." Bill told her, and he was right about that.

Emma knew that he was right and stopped her childish behaviour and gave him a short hug. “Show me some of your favourite stuff”, she whispered into his ears.

“Come, I’ll show you our studios where we make our scenarios." he told her and led her into one of the locked rooms.

The inside of the rooms looked like a film studio. There were cameras in every corner and the lights were all positioned to put light onto an object in the middle of the room. They walked closer towards it and Emma recognised it to be a chair, an electric chair to be precise.

“We will be making a scenario in a minute. Do you want to watch?" Bill offered. It was an obvious offer since Bill had brought her there for just that purpose.

Emma accepted and they both went into one of the dark corners to watch. The film crew arrived and started to do their preparations. The director shouted commands at everyone to hurry up. Then the star arrived. Maybe guinea pig would be a better description. She walked directly towards the centre of the room where the electric chair was and looked at it.

“Ok guys, I’m ready”, she said and started stripping. She wasn’t wearing much; in fact she was hardly wearing anything, so it didn’t take long until she was naked.

An electrician came and signalled her to sit down on the chair. The girl walked down to the chair without hesitation and sat down on it. Then the electrician clipped on the arm shackles pinning her down to the chair and did the same with her legs. There were shackles around the legs of the chair, which easily clipped on and secured her legs.

Then he reached down under the chair and activated some device. Immediately the girl began to wiggle her ass and moan.

“There are two dildos hidden at the bottom of the chair. He has activated them and they are now rising upwards and they should be inserted into her ass and pussy in a few more seconds." Bill told Emma when he saw her confused expression.

The electrician continued his work. He attached a few small, barely visible devices to various places on the girl’s body.

“These probes are used to measure her pleasures and pains. All the emotions and feelings you experience in our programs are extracted from real women. That way you are able to feel what they were actually feeling. We try to make the snuff experience as authentic as possible and try to allow you to experience every minute details." Bill told her while kissing her neck slightly.

Then the electrician clipped a pair of alligator clamps onto the girl who grimaced in pain but did not cry out. Everything was set. The electrician checked his devices once again and made sure he had sufficient readings on his instruments and took the remote control.

“Are you ready”, he asked the girl, who replied, “Yes, do it now”.

He pressed a button on the remote and the girl on the chair started to shake. He put the remote down. The rest of her torture would be automated. Every sequence and intensities of the electric shocks had been carefully preprogrammed and the girl would be experiencing the most excruciating pains she had ever experienced in her young life, in fact, it would be her last since she was not supposed to survive. Her death was planned to be the orgasmic finale for the scene they were doing. All the electrodes and probes had been carefully arranged and applied in order to capture that event in the greatest detail possible.

Meanwhile, the girl was convulsing with every shock she was subjected to. The electric charges had intensified and there where blue sparks visible in the dark room. There was also a slight smell of burned flesh. Her breasts were heaving and shaking tremendously with every shock. In fact, they were being subjected to a separate torture than the rest of her body. The alligator clips on the tits were connected to a separate source, which had double the intensity of what the two dildos had.

After a while, the smell of burned cunt meat was in the air. At that point the torture paused for a minute and a sprinkler above the chair was activated, which drizzled some water onto the girl making her entire body wet and her skin glistered.

Then the electric shocks resumed making the girl buckle and shake again. This time it was worst for the girl since the conducting liquid on her skin made her whole body an electric field, from both the inside and the outside. The poor girl was obviously in great pain when she was hit by the electric shocks and cried out loudly. Her shrill screams gave the room an eerie feeling. Blue sparks started to run along the surface of the girl’s skin and her screams became almost silent when the intensity of the shocks was increased again.

Meanwhile Bill was shagging Emma like a mad dog. He had fucked her into every hole. He was fucking her tight little ass when he saw the girl jerk one final time before going limb. Bill shot his seeds into Emma at that time and held that position with his cock pushed deep into her anus while they both watched the girl die.

Then they heard excited screams from the electrician. “I got it! We’ve got perfect readings. The operation was successful.”

“Well, it seems like I’ve got work to do now. I’ll have to program those recordings into the new scenario. It’s going to be a real hit”, Bill commented and pulled out of Emma who collapsed with exhaustion. Then he left.

The room was emptied in a few minutes. Someone unshackled the dead girl from the chair and carried her away. Emma wondered what they would do to the body but was too exhausted to ask. She only lay there motionlessly and rested. Later on, Emma found out that the girl was called Kathy and was the electrician’s daughter.

After a short while, Janet came in and brought Emma a drink. “You look exhausted. Bill must have pounded you very hard. He loves doing that." she commented on Emma’s situation. It was obvious she had seen it happen many times before and probably even experienced it herself. It appeared that she knew Bill quite intimately. Emma was quite exhausted but nevertheless very happy. She already was past the point for inhibition or embarrassment. She was still fully aware of her nakedness but did not really care about it any more. Janet waited for her to get dressed again before taking her to the fantasy rooms.

Part 5: The Guillotine

“These are the places you get teleported to when you use the E-TransportTM device. These rooms are designed with the greatest of details and are fully customisable. Any scenario the customer wants can be created here. The default room layout was created with my inputs." Janet told her proudly.

There was a peephole in the door and Janet offered Emma to peek through it and when Emma did that, she was very amazed. The setting was a French town square at the time of the revolution. Right in the middle was a huge guillotine with a huge, shiny blade at the top, ready to be dropped. There was an intimidating, mean looking executioner with a black leather hood standing next to it. Below the platform of the guillotine was a big crowd dressed in 18th century French clothing shouting and cheering the executioner.

Then a beautiful black haired woman was led up to the platform by two guards dressed in revolutionary uniform. The girl did not seem to be scared, at least she wasn’t showing it, but instead bravely walked up to the guillotine.

“The girl is called Marianne and that guy in the executioner outfit over there is her boyfriend." Janet told Emma. “Those two are real people, but the rest are holograms.”

“That’s really amazing." Emma exclaimed and continued to watch the unfolding scene.

The young lady continued to walk up to the guillotine bravely. She was wearing a low hanging, white blouse, which exposed her shoulders and did not even attempt to hide her massive cleavage. The rest of her clothes was composed of a simple, dark red dress, something only a rich lady was able to afford. Her hair was long and smooth and had been hastily tied together into a bundle.

She began to breathe heavier when she neared the guillotine. Her ample breasts were heaving with every breath she was taking. When she arrived, she knelt down and put her head onto the kerb at the front of the guillotine. The executioner caressed her face lovingly and carefully pushed her bundle of hair to the right side of her neck, completely exposing the back of her neck to the blade waiting above.

Then the executioner moved down towards her legs, stopping at her hips, he grabbed her arms and tied her hands behind her back with some rope. Once that was done, he caressed and squeezed her ass while she was kneeling there motionlessly.

“Are you absolutely sure you want to do this, honey?" the guy whispered. “We could use the E-Clone thing again.”

“No. We’ve done that many times already. I want to do it for real now. You can only behead my clones that many times before it gets boring. And lately it has become a bit boring. I’m not complaining about your performance. You’ve put up a fine performance every time, but I don’t get as thrilled about it anymore as I used to get. It’s time for me to experience the real thing. I need this. Please Robert, do it for me if you really love me." Marianne said determined. “And I know you will get off on it as well.”

Robert knew his girl friend was right. He had enjoyed beheading her clones many times before and knowing that he would be really killing her this time had really turned him on. But he was also a bit saddened by it since he would be losing a great girlfriend.

"Ok, darling, your pretty head will be dropping into the basket in a short moment.” he told her.

Marianne shuddered when she heard her boyfriend tell her that he was going to chop her head off. She was very excited and she knew that it would be real this time. Her head would be sliced off by the blade and dropping into the basket below. A shiver ran through her spine while she imagined it and her pussy began to become hot and moist.

Everything was set. Marianne waited for the special moment when her lover would be giving her his greatest gesture of love. She loved to give head and wanted to take it all the way. This required Robert to do a big sacrifice. She on one hand will get her full ultimate fulfillment; Robert on the other hand, would be loosing his beloved girlfriend forever. He would be left alone in the world and had to start over again and find a new girlfriend. It would be a great sacrifice for him, one that he was willing to make because he loved Marianne very much and wanted to make her happy. In the very short term, he also would be getting a big thrill out of seeing her loose her head, but in the long term, he would be loosing a great partner.

Nevertheless, Robert had made up his mind to grant his girlfriend her ultimate request. He slowly walked back to the head of the guillotine and grabbed the handle to release the blade with both his hands. Marianne orgasmed and moaned softly when she saw him grab the handle. She was in total ecstasy and her sex was itching and graving for something to fill it up.

“Fuck me”, she begged. “Please fuck me hard.”

“Fuck her, mister executioner”, the crowd echoed.

Robert grinned. His mind toyed with the idea of just releasing the blade and chop off her head straight away or give her a hard fucking first. He continued to hold the handle in his hand and pretended he was going to pull it. Marianne believing that she was about to be giving head closed her eyes and her whole body shook and trembled from anticipation when she heard the crowd scream.

Then to her surprise she felt a huge cock being rammed into her ass. It took her by surprise and she screamed in pain while Robert’s huge member was pushed to the hilt into her tight asshole. Once she realised she was being granted a last fuck, she grunted in pleasure and enjoyed her sodomisation. An anal fuck had never before felt so good to her. She moaned and grunted all the time until Robert shot his juices deep into her.

It was like as if he had pressed a magic button. She quivered and shook in the most satisfying and erotic ecstasy she had ever felt. Everything felt so sexy. Marianne loved the feeling. The crowd was wild and screaming with excitement.

“Now, you’ll give head”, she heard Robert whisper to her.

“Oh yes, take my head”, she moaned and prepared for it.

However, instead of feeling the blade at the back of her neck, she felt a big throbbing cock pushing at her lips forcing her mouth wide open. She gagged on the big cock being pushed deep into her throat and made gurgling noises. It didn’t take long and her mouth was filled with delicious scream.

Robert pulled out and let her enjoy her last meal. “Ok, darling, this is really it. Do you have any last requests?” he mocked her and an outburst of laughter could be heard form the crowd.

“No, do me now.” she begged with a trembling voice. Her whole body trembled as a last orgasm swept through her and everything went black. The crowd went really wild and applauded loudly.

Robert had pulled the handle and released the blade. It dropped down swiftly and hit her bare neck, slicing through it like butter and severing her head. It popped off and fell into the empty basket located just below where her head had been. Her headless body continued to jerk a little bit longer. Robert took this opportunity and mounted her from behind again. The jerking and thrashing of her body as well as the frantic contraction of her pussy made him reach another orgasm in just a few minutes. It felt really great and he forgot any feelings of regret or remorse. It was simply the greatest orgasm he ever had.

Then when he was finished fucking her dead and headless body, he pulled out her head from the basket. He had grabbed her bundle of hair, which was still neatly bound together and lifted it up. There was a smile on her face despite the distortion caused by the pain. Robert was happy that Marianne had died with a smile on her face. He placed the head carefully into a box which was filled with velvet rose pedals. Then he left the room and the holographic crowd disappeared.

An attendant came in and fetched the box with Marianne’s head while another started to mop up the platform on which the guillotine stood.

“Her head will be treated and returned to Robert. He is probably going to mount it somewhere in his home as a momentum. He has donated her body to our kitchen.” Bill told Emma.

Just at that moment, two people dressed in white butcher aprons entered the room and carried Marianne’s headless body away.

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