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Susan Banks (Summerville)





After a few hours of rest, Roberto and Juan came for Senor Trent slut slave. Her wrists were tied behind her back before they started on their favorite binding. Once more they both used their combined strength to wrap each encircling loop of rope around the base of her tits until each were taut bobbing melons. Susanís pleas of them not to tie them so tightly were ignored or perhaps not understood. Either way it didnít matter and she would soon realize she was a thing for sale not a suffering human being. By the time they completed their task she was sure her bound tits were even tighter than they were this afternoon. The veins of her blood restricted inflamed tits looked as though they would burst. It was only after capturing her tits in their ropes that they then tied her elbows together until they touched. This forced her to propel her chest forward which was the exact posture they were looking for. Susan hoped the two didnít notice that her cunt lips were already swelling and were quickly becoming damp. It upset her that in spite of the anguish her tit binding were causing her, it excited her at the same time. She was completely aware of the fact her bound tits were being presented so vulnerable and invitingly to anyone who would come upon her and it was this intense sense of helplessness that also was arousing.


The boys buckled Sueís high heels back on her feet and lastly locked a chain leash around her neck and lead her out of the back room, out the door and into the townís night air. Although it was far from cool her new and improved nipples stiffen and swelled even more showing her arousal. As they walked she saw many men looking out of the many bars at her nakedness. They paraded her right down the middle of the dirty road heading toward the small park like setting with a kind of raised platform in the middle.


None of her past experiences either with her husband or even with Larry Parker compared with this. She knew she was the center of attention, lust and kinky pleasure of a whole tome full of men and women. It seemed to her everyone saw her as nothing but a slave. A slut slave at that. Would this be how she would feel for the rest of her life? The S&M games were over. They were over weeks ago but mentally she fought the feeling of such a dramatic change in her life. Reality was taking over.


The platform or stage had directional lights focused on it. When they got closer Sue noticed a chalkboard sign at the bottom of the stage. The chalked lettering read,Ē WHITE SLUT SLAVE FOR SALE. WRITTEN BIDS WILL BE SENT TO SLAVER NUMBER 4404. SELLER IS ALLOWING COMPLETE TRAIL USAGE FROM 10PM UNTIL DAWN. CONDOMS REQUIRED. LIMITS WILL BE DETERMINED BY SELLERS ON SITE AGENTS. The entire notice was repeated in Spanish and Japanese. Susan felt her legs going weak as they approached the steps.


Just when she was about to step up on the first step, Juan told her in very broken English for her to lie down on the grass. Sue lowered herself and carefully lied on her bound arms then they forced her all the way down. Roberto kicked her legs apart. Sue had wondered if the two boys were just into doling out pain or if they found her sexy too. Roberto untied his rope belt and pulled his pants down to his knees. Susan had no idea what he told her but his grin implied it was something lewd. It was then Susan saw that Juan had several large boxes that he took a condom from and handed one to his friend.


After being paraded naked and bound down the middle of the town, Susan was so horny he easily slid into her. The boy was obviously no virgin. He slowly shoved his full length into her and just as slowly pulled back until the head of his cock barely remained within her. Susan could not hold back her moan which delighted the boy. After repeated slow thrusts, he began to pick up his pace. Susan elevated her hips to meet him. Once again Susan Banks was lost in pure ecstasy. Even though she had many climaxes during her presentation at many of the bars, this was pure pleasure until Roberto was about to cum. In his heated excitement he grabbed hold of Susan mercilessly bound tits and began squeezing them and pulling on them for leverage. Susan screamed in pain. Screams of pain from a slave which in this town seem to be the norm rather than of any concern. Susan couldnít believe such a place existed so close to their home.


The anguish she was enduring did not stop her impending orgasm and even seem to entice the boyís. He pounded her harder and harder as his cock streamed into the condom and his hands clawed into the firm tied tits. Her breasts were on fire when he finally rolled off her only to be replaced by the other boy, Juan.


Susan was surprised the smaller boy seemed to possess a manís size cock. Unlike Robertoís slim rod, the smaller of the two boys, Juanís dick was solid and long. He was also the more aggressive to the two. He kept his dick in her dripping fucked hole and began slapping Susanís already purplish breasts. ďFuck, fuck.Ē He shouted in English. Susan twisted on her bound arms uselessly trying to protect her tits from his assault. He slapped them even harder and kept saying fuck, fuck. Susan began to shove her hips up and down. It didnít stop him from using her tits as a target but he did ease up on his slaps. It was all so painful for Susan but she tried to focus on making him cum.Suddenly she felt Robertoís hand holding her head still. She glanced up and saw he was holding his cum filled condom over her open mouth. He dripped his spent cum into her mouth and then turned the condom inside out and wiped the remains over her face while his friend started to cum.


Susan felt nothing more than a sex toy for the boys. She knew they could do what they wanted with her. She knew they saw her simply as a sex pain slave and not a woman. Not as significant as the lowliest whore in this town. And in spite of being seen and treated with such degradation, she knew she had to accept it all and more to protect her husband and niece. She had to make her master happy.


When Juan took his loaded condom off he made Susan use her tongue to eagerly lick out his sperm. The boys playfully worked the used condom over her tongue as if it were a cock. Susan simply tried to understand what they wanted of her and tried her best to obey.



Finally she was helped to her feet and walked up the platform where her chain leash was locked to a ring. One of them brought out several whips and placed them on the floor next to one of the boxes of condoms. She could see down the street where men with bottles in their hands looked her way. Sue realized locking her to the stage was some sort of signal the fuck fest had begun.


Roberto said something to Juan who gave Susanís ass one hard swat and he left. Roberto settled himself off to the side as the first group of men started up the steps to view, grope, fuck and or abuse the piece of meat offered for sale.


The reason the town and authorities were willing to allow such events was the money it generated. Not only the bars and sex ranches made money because of slave trafficking but so did the town. Any visitor paid an entrance fee to the town. It was based on an hourly rate. The card carrying slavers and buys were exempt, however, they did pay a small sales tax on any sale of flesh. A small percentage with such a high priced sales meant good money. It was enough money to bribe other officials of the region to turn their collective heads. It was a fantastic arrangement for everyone. Well, not exactly everyone as Susan was about to discover first hand.


For the four American sailors stepping up on the platform the exorbitant hourly fee was a once in a life time opportunity and they werenít going to be short changed by any guilt or concern for who this blond slut slave was or how she came to be here. For these four guys few places like this in the world, like Malaysia, a place in the Philippines and one other in the Middle East, did they offer a go at a slut slave with a minimum of limitations. The fact this slut slave was a white bitch from the states made it all the more exhilarating for the four black southern sailors. The guy who brought the others here told them tonight they could turn the tables on all those rich fucken bitches from back home who only saw them as poor black boys from the wrong side of the tracks. It didnít matter in the least that this particular woman was not one of them.


The obviously group leader was first to pick up a whip and demanded the slave to turn and present her tits and cunt for a few blows. He said, ď How do you mutha fucken white bread cunt like this?Ē as he laid a hard vindictive blow with the multi straps whip across both jutting tits. Susan screamed and seemed to scream for a full half hour as they took turns whipping, slapping and fucking her before another gathered group who were waiting were allowed to take their place.


One after another, men fucked her, playfully or not so playfully abused her but all treated her as nothing but a slave.


After four hours, Roberto turned off the lights. This was another signal that the slave needed a break. Susanís ass, thighs and front were a mass of red whip and belt marks. Her tits were bruised and so sore the lightest touch caused pain. The scary thought for Susan was as brutal as the men were to her, she had suffered worse when Trent used the bullet ants with her. She knew if he ever followed up with his threat to use the ants and whip she knew she would die.


Roberto began peeling the ropes from her tits. Once more the pain of rushing blood back into her sore breasts was immense. He next untied her arms and wrists. She was extremely grateful to be able to move her arms freely. Susan was surprised when Roberto spoke to her. ďDrink.Ē He commanded handing her a bottle. It tasted like some sort of fruit drink but thicker. It was an energy drink. It was not only to help the slave who was so spent but to revive her for her next session. He also handed her a tube of cream and indicated for her to rub it on her bruises. Sue instantly recognized the smell as aloe vera. The cool soothing cream worked wonders quickly. Again the boy surprised her by handing her a wet towel which she used to clean the dirt which stuck to her damp body but also to clean off the layers of cum which had been aimed everywhere.


ďDown slut.Ē Roberto pointed to the wooden floor. Susan obediently got down and began to turn on her back. ďNoĒ he shouted and used his foot to kick her back so she was on all fours. He knelt down and locks her wrists into some sort of cuffs that were embedded into the floor. Just then Juan showed up. Roberto told him something and soon they both worked at securing Susan legs. They used curved brackets. A set went over her ankles and were screwed down into the wooden floor and another set around her leg just below her knees. When they were done she was held literally attached to the floor on all fours with her legs spread wide open with her hands uselessly locked to the rings in front of her.


Next they braided a rope into her hair but let the lead just hang loosely to her side. Sue knelt knowing whatever was to come would probably not be good. At least this wasnít too painful and already her tits were changing back from a dark purple to a bright reddish pink but with dark rope marks at their base. With out a warning Sue felt the cold metal tip of something at her asshole. When she looked back she saw Juan working a huge metal hook like instrument into her ass. She tried to relax her muscles in order to take the thing easier. Either way he was going to shove it into her asshole. She let out a groan as she felt it slide up inside her. It was much thinner than the plug she had been forced to endure earlier but what she didnít know was its purpose.


Roberto grabbed a handful of Susanís hair to hold her head up and Juan took the loose end of the rope which was braided in her hair and tied to the hook now impaling her ass. He began tightening it forcing her head back further and further but whatever Roberto told him she felt him releasing the pressure. When it was tied off, Susan would not be able to look down or let her head drop however it wasnít a painful position.


The boys talked before the lights came back on the stage and its For Sale slave. ďMy leisurely rest period must be over.Ē Susan sarcastically thought to herself as she awaited what she would have to endure next.


Juan bid Roberto farewell. He and the slave, now secured to the stage, watched him go off into the darkness of the night. Susan figured it had to be near 2 or 3 am and the bars were still active. Loud voices speaking in English, Spanish and other languages could be heard as well as the occasional scream of some poor slave girl or woman who voluntarily placed herself into a slave position for the night or week. Susan knew if things were different, a lot different, she too might have wanted to try and play the volunteer slut slaves for a night or even a weekend. Instead she was a real slave without choice and someday soon would be sold as human slave stock.


As soon as Roberto was out of sight, Juan knelt down, untied the brain ropeís knot and pulled on the lead that forced Susanís head to be drawn further backwards. The boy did not stop pulling until she was nearly facing up at the sky. He quickly retied the lead to her ass hook and Susan found she could do nothing but remain in the excruciating pose. Juan got up and pulled his shorts down before straddling Susanís face. Sue knew why Trent authorized the boys to care for her. It was more humiliating to have just boys control her every pose or movement. It showed her how little was needed to control a slave. Susan obediently opened her mouth when he pulled his cock out. Instead of giving her his cock he moved so his balls were at her lips. Susan began to lick them and take them into her mouth. She was sure the boy hadnít washed since fucking her earlier. Still she knew she better do a good job. Juan laughed at her. Heíd raise up making it more difficult for the slave to lick his balls while knowing she better not fail.


When the sound of approaching men was heard, Juan stepped away from the slave. After all these were paying customers.


Apparently, there were somewhat known time periods for various usages for the slave on stage. The two men who came up the steps were clearly drunk as they stepped toward Susan. Each man pulled out their cocks and together they let go of a stream of piss towards her open mouth. As drunk as they were they pissed all over her face, back and tits before they were done. One of the men picked up one of the leather straps and attempted to lay a few good swats to her ass. Although they hit her, their drunken efforts were feeble at best.


Once more group after group of bar hopping men used her as if she was the only urinal in the town. Several of the least drunks also fuck her doggie style and afterwards used her body to wipe off any piss on their pants that they might have knelt in while fucking her.


The longer time went. the more not only Susanís face and front got soaked but her whole body was covered in piss and cum.


At around 4:30 am there hadnít been anyone coming to the stage for awhile. Juan released the slave and pointed to a water spout behind the platform. He mimed his instructions for her to clean up while handing her the same towel Roberto gave her earlier.


If Susan hadnít experienced this boyís sadistic side she might have felt sorry for him when she returned to the stage seeing him rubbing his sleepy eyes and yawning like any other young boy.


When he saw her, he pointed to a bucket of water and to the large puddle of urine on the stage. Susan knew she was to clean it up and got on her hands and knees again to scrub it clean.


Juan lay back against one of the support poles and watched her tits swaying as she worked. He thought about retying her hair with the hook just to make it more fun but he didnít want to have to get up again.


It was then they heard voice coming their way. Susan figured they were speaking either Chinese or Japanese. As they came into the light she dared to look up and saw five Japanese men casually dressed and obviously they had been drinking too. Sue prepared herself for taking on more piss or sucking more cocks. After all it wasnít dawn yet and she was a demonstration sex slave model. A sixth man came into the light. He was either American or European. He spoke Japanese and was obviously their translator. What Sue could not know was he was also an unscrupulous slave broker. He was a middle man who made his money in the slave market not by acquiring slaves like Trent but by any means possible. Tonight he was approached by this group of Japanese researchers, who share a particular fetish for womenís tits. Over the years the creepy five, as they were known at their firm, had developed several formulas to use on the female body. Since getting volunteers for their experiments was impossible, they had, in the past, drugged hookers, abduct strippers and manipulated unsuspecting street girls in various countries. Tonight they paid Roger $2000 to give them an unrestricted hour with the blond American slave on the butcher board. All Roger had to do was to pay Juan $50 bucks to give them access to the cunt and keep the boy occupied for the hour.


Susan watched as this man spoke with Juan about her. The Japanese men had gather around her and were already pawing at her tits, laughing and talking about her. Sue could not help like feeling like some kind of show animal. They seem to be checking her out, not so much in any desirable way, but rather like farm stock. This was much different than a few other men came who came during her long night to examine her with a more business like attitude. They checked out her tits, cunt and ass as well as taking measurements and even pictures of her. Oh how her life had changed over the past few months and even more so over the past weeks. Susan realized her looks and body which always seem to be an asset were now in her new status simply produce, selling points, capital goods to be sold in this open market.


The oriental group laughed when they got a loud moan from the blond when one of them worked his whole hand up into her sopping cunt. As he fist fucked her, one of them kept looking and feeling her nipples. He was somewhat examining them not in a sexual way but matter-of-factly. Still with all the attention, Susan could not hold back her bodyís spontaneous reaction to all the sensations she was feeling. Even without knowing a word of their language, Susan knew they were amused with her uncontrollably squirming and moaning. Within a very short time they had the slut at such a high arousal point that she never noticed Roger handing Juan some money and leading the boy away from the group on the stage. The plan was to make the young slaveís custodian feel as if the Japanese group would use, fuck, whip and generally molest the slave as expected of most any one who came to enjoy the slut. However once out of sight Susan quickly realized these men werenít as drunk as they pretended to be nor were they solely interested in her as a common fuck toy.


Two of the men quickly released her of her restrains only to retie her arms and wrists once more tightly behind her back. They pushed her directly under one of the lights then unzipped a large duffle bag. One of them took out a box and removed a pair of small rings. He shouted some orders and they bound her tits. Susan thought it was amazing even though they pulled the ropes tight, these men didnít bind her tits nearly a tight as the two boys had done. Once more the man holding the rings gave some orders and two of the men each began sucking on a nipple. Susanís mouth open and closed as they really worked her nipples with their tongues and teeth. ďThis isnít so bad.Ē she thought to herself but all too soon they stopped and when she open her eyes she notice the man with the rings also had a pair of long nose pliers. Both of the nipple sucking men positioned the small rings at the tip of her nipples and started to work the rings onto her now erect buds. As she watched with understandable interest she noticed each of the rings being places onto her nipples had another ring attached at the bottom of it. The guy working on her left nipple stood and turned toward the man with the pliers and said something. He nodded and approached her and raised the open pliers to her now ringed nipple. Susanís reaction was to back away however there were the other two men behind her to keep her still. As he closed the pliers and grabbed her tender nipple she started to cry out. A hand went over her mouth.


Susanís frenetic struggles were useless in the grasp of all the men. Her nipples was pulled to their very limit through the ring and held there. The scared slave really began to buck when they brought a hypodermic needle up and jabbed it into the base of her nipple that was being pulled through the ring. He slowly injected a small amount of the contents. Susan instantly felt a slight burning sensation along with a very uncomfortable feeling in her nipple. She looked down and saw that her nipple swelled up and outside of the ring. The same procedure was repeated on the right nipple. The man with the needle backs away and kept looking from one nipple to the other. He was definitely comparing them. He looked at the men holding Susan and commanded them to tie her to one of the light poles. They wound rope around her and the pole from her waist to just above her tits and even around her neck. She was rigidly attached to the pole with her feet a few inches off the floor. Sue studied what they had done to her nipples. They were firm and puffy. The solid rings at their base were much smaller than her newly bloated nipples. She wondered how they would get them off her like this. If she only knew what was to come next she would have tried to call out for her sadistic guardians to come help her.


With the slave securely tied to the pole, the man with the syringe came up to her once more only this time he positioned the needle directly at the tip of her nipple. Susan screamed as it was punctured. Once more her eyes were riveted on the syringe as he pumped more of the augmenter into her nipple. In seconds her trapped nipple swelled even more to nearly four times their normal size. She knew all she could do was watch as he repeated the procedure until both her nipples were the size of a moth ball. All Sue could do was shake her head no.


The man fingered her now bloated nipple. Susan actually climaxed from her now super sensitive nipples. Again the men laughed at her reaction as each of the men took turns rubbing, pinching and pulling on her packed buds. Only they knew this formula not only was an enlarger but highly sensitized the nipples.


Two of the men began arguing about something just before all of them joined in on the discussion. The captive slave knew it was something more to do with her but all she could do is stare at her freakishly bloated nipples.


What the men were arguing about was whether or not to use the small amount of artificial growth augmenting supplement that was left over. It wasnít unanimous but the man with the hypodermic plunged the needle into Susanís tit he injected half of the remaining amount into each tit. All Susan could think of was how grateful there wasnít a large amount left over but just like her nipples, she felt her tits tighten. Although the small amount of the amplifier did enlarge her breast slightly, the main effect was her breast would remain tight and rounder than ever. Her nipples would remain distended and bloated and the thick small rings at their base could never be pulled off because of the new size of her nipples. Since the rings were thick and made of titanium cutting them off would be very difficult and very dangerous. Each of the researchers were pleased with the results of their formula on the blond slut but not all of them felt they should have used up all of the batch on this slut slave. The argument was the fact they had never used so much on one slut. They had no data on just how sensitive the slutís nipples would become nor what the long term effects would be to the permanently trapped nipples.


The man who obviously was the most dominate seem to assure the others it was ok and it was time to have some fun with the slut. In reality he told them the slave was nothing more than that, a slut, a cunt for sale and nothing more.


Once more they released Susan from her bonds. For the brief second her hands were free. Susan automatically cupped her tits and felt her puffy nipples. Their grotesque size was one thing but even the slightest breeze on them made Susan twitch because of their amplified sensitivity. In seconds her wrists were once more taken from her and tied behind her back followed by the joining of her elbows until they touched. They added a ball gag which buckled behind her head. Thick ropes with long leads were tied over the ones already binding her tits. Susan was moved off the stage to a place just under a tree behind the platform. She was forced down into a kneeling position where her ankles were tiedcrossed over one another. Another rope went around her waist where the lead attached to her crossed bound ankles. This forced her ankles up in a kind of an ankle to waist hogtie. Two men worked on her body ropes while two others had taken the new ropes that were tied to her tits and threw them over a heavy limb of the tree she was under.


One of the men raised her up on her knees while the ropes attached to her tits became taut. Susan now realized what they intended to do to her. Each of the men with those ropes began pulling. At first her tits just drew upward but soon her knees scraped across the ground, then no longer made contact with it. Susan screamed into the gag as she was raised up solely by her swollen tits. As she slowly inched upward, the panic stricken woman could not believe one could be hung by her tits. Initially, she tried to fight everything but she quickly learned remaining completely still was the only position with the least pain to her tits. They continued to haul her upward until she was a full four feet off the ground. With her ankles tied and crossed as they were, it was now impossible to close her legs. With thighs forced wide open it presented her gaping cunt to these men.


It took about a minute before she stopped swaying from the hoisting ropes. Sue also quickly discovered she could only take small breaths with both the gag and the tension on her chest. The pain to her tits was incredible yet they were not done preparing the American blond for the start of her torture session.


The hair braid rope affixed to the asshole hook was once more employed. Sueís head was forced backward and held strait up so she never saw them approaching her with the five pound weights her nipples earlier had to endure. The only difference this time was they hung from the metal rings permanently planted at the base of her newly bloated and highly sensitive nipples.


The suffering hanging slave screamed for all she was worth from this increased torture to her nipples and tits. Her torturers laughed at her painful agonizing gasps for life . Her tits, nipples and her bowed body all hurt so tremendously but once more with her head forced upward Susan could not see what the men pulled out next from the duffle bag. If she could see she might have lost all hope.


Each of the five Orientals held a sort of spin off of a popular paint ball gun. But instead of paint balls the ammo was simply water filled. After all these men werenít interested in playing paint spot but rather were using these guns because the splattering balls stung like hell on contact.


Most everyone who has participated in a paint ball battle knows taking a direct hit by a pain ball stings a lot and often leaves bruising even with protective clothing. Their slowly undulating target not only would not have any protection against their shots but her tits, nipples and wide open cunt hung so invitingly vulnerable before them.


Susan hung in her world of pain when she heard a kind of pop or loud puff sound a split second before feeling an intense smack on her dark purplish tit. She squeal body jerked as much as was possible. But suspended as she was, this added a whole new level of additional pain.


POP!..... POP! Two more excruciating splats hit just below her other tit and the other right above her spread open cunt. Despite her hair being tied and tightly pulled back she frantically shook her head trying to beg for them to stop.




A tit was hit, just before she caught one squarely to her extremely sensitive nipple. These Two direct hits struck her precisely into her open cunt. Although these splattering projectiles would not break the skin, being hit at such close range not only one bare skin but to such sensitive areas of her body compelled the reaction which caused her worse pain. The men enjoyed watching and laughed at the tit hanging slaveís wincing dance at the end of her ropes.


With each firing away, Susan endured dozen of hits to her tits, nipples and her vulnerable gaping cunt lips. It was an unbearable torture which went on for a long time until one of the sadistic men noticed their delicious target had dropped into unconsciousness. They were prepared for this too by using an ammonia capsule to revive the blond slave. They wanted to get their moneyís worth with this slave.


Their target practice continued with her tits and gaping cunt as their prime mark. There was no way for the slut to stop, lessen or avoid any of their brutal torture. They probably would have continued long except for the fact a local patrol car approached the slave presentation platform. Without Roger available to translate and negotiate a bribe, the five men decided it was time to pack up and leave. And since the local cops had no idea if the tit hanging paint ball type guns bruised slutís condition was something prearranged by her owner or not, the two uniformed police simply bowed to the five men as they left the stage.


Susanís muffled moans were faint but attached the two officerís attention.Unfortunately for the hanging slave this was not good attention. What they saw was an inviting gaping cunt, an American slave bruised everywhere from tit to cunt and the biggest set of nipples they had ever seen. Susan hung from her tits trying not to move even a fraction of an inch. At least the blazing pain stopped but she had no way of knowing why? Suddenly one of the cops kicked at one of the weights attached to her nipples. It produced another involuntary gasp by the blond slave as well as the accompanying swaying action. If only they would let her black out.


Once more the slave flinched but this time from the feel of a night stick pushed up between swollen cunt lips. The two cops laughed as they fucked her with the stick. The fucking action made her swing with its force and all the while Susan screamed into the ball gag. Their victim was finding breathing difficult and was sure her tit were about to tear away from her chest. At this level of pain, even for someone as kinky as Susan Banks, the night stick fucking did not stimulate her.


When they were tired of this fun, they each gave the slave several blows from the stick on her ass. Although this slut slaveís restraints were extremely brutal they saw nothing abnormal about a slave being punished perhaps for some disobedience. Nor did they really care why she suffered so. She probably pissed off her owner for something. They left her hanging alone. These local cops clearly were there for the protection of some slut slave.


The moment, the police car left the park, Roberto ran up the stairs. He called out to Juan who by now was passed out from all the Tequila Roger encouraged him to drink. Roberto knew whatever happen here wasnít good. He and Juan were responsible for this slaveís well being. Of course in this place well being was a relevant term but Roberto knew whatever happen it went way too far.


As quickly and carefully as he could, Roberto, unclipped the weights from Susanís ringed enlarged nipples and then lowered her to the platform. Susan finally passed out.





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