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Too Big for Comfort

Part 1

Too Big for Comfort

By: Fantasy Man

He sat nervously in the waiting room at the clinic, waiting to see Nurse Vice. He had met her before and wondered if she suspected his obsession with her - those narrow sexy hips, that short white skirt and those unbelievably large breasts. The top two buttons of her stretched blouse were always undone, revealing a glimpse, though not unprofessional, of her deep cleavage.

He was in for a full physical. He couldn't help but imagine her inspecting his unnaturally large testicles, something he was quite embarrassed about. Feeling the stirrings of an erection, he scolded himself for thinking of the nurse in such an inappropriate manner.

His thoughts were cut short as the receptionist called his name... "This way Mr. Johnson," a plain looking nurse said to him, and led the way to the examination room. He sat and waited for the Miss Vice. Again he felt a stirring in his loins - his fantasy was insistent…

Suddenly she entered. Nurse Vice was a slim woman of about 25, dark brown hair and beautiful, almost feline eyes. She wore designer glasses, giving her a prim, professional look. Her white coat was fighting an impossible battle trying to contain the massive firm breasts beneath - and those top two buttons! He was no longer in control of his cock as it continued to erect.

"Now Mr. Johnson," she kindly asked, "what seems to be your problem?" "I, I, seem to, to...." he stammered, trying to find the right words, embarrassed about his own lack of control. She easily saw the growing bulge in his pants. She smiled kindly: "You know Mr. Johnson, there's no need to be embarrassed," she said, motioning for him to stand. "I've seen many men with big testicles...." He blushed deeply and realized that Nurse Vice would have read his file by now. Oddly, his embarrassment fuelled his erection.

"Do you usually have difficulty controlling your erections?" He froze - how obvious was it? She calmly motioned him over to the counter where he saw a piece of paper and pen. "Don't be too shy - it's a common problem for men with big balls. My colleagues usually reschedule patients who display a lack of control such as yourself," She was looking directly at the huge bulge between his legs. "… but I've developed a unique procedure for this sort of thing."

Her heels clicked cleanly on the tiled floor, walking the short distance to the counter. "You'll need to sign a consent form before I proceed." She handed him the pen. "Just read it over and sign on the dotted line." She smiled warmly. He began looking over the from, reading something about "research subject" and "male specimen" but suddenly lost interest.

Nurse Vice "didn't notice" him gawking at her enormous breasts as she took off her lab coat. They now strained firmly against the flimsy material of her blouse. He caught a glimpse of a delicate pink bra, pushing her unbelievable breasts together, before she turned around to ready some equipment. God that ass! Her tight skirt was so short it came half-way up her thigh. Without reading, he quickly signed the form, not wanting to miss any of the show.

She finished preparing something over by a thick steel pole which connected to both the floor and ceiling. An odd leather pad was secured to it at about waist height. "This equipment is necessary for the procedure Mr. Johnson, as detailed in the form." This was her simple test to see if her patient had read the form - it said nothing about the equipment she had ready. "Of course Nurse Vice." She smirked as he walked over, eying his straining package.

Standing in front of the pole, the nurse said: "Alright Mr. Johnson, face me and put your waist on the pad." She sat in a small chair, prim and straight, thrusting her breasts out in front of her. "Hands behind your back." She wheeled her chair behind him. As he reached backward, he felt her soft hands take one of his wrists. "Don't be alarmed Mr. Johnson. All my subjects get restrained for this procedure." He remained calm as she fastened both his wrists behind the pole with Velcro straps. In doing so his back was pulled snugly to the pole, causing the hip-height pad to thrust his hips forward. He was getting a little nervous with his large package thrusting out before him, hands restrained tightly behind his back.

He heard the wheels on the nurse's chair as she wheeled out in front of him. "Now lets have a look at what's causing you all this grief." Confused, Mr. Johnson said nothing. She reached for his pants and started undoing his belt. He squirmed uncomfortably, unable to control his embarrassing state of arousal, stammering an explanation: "I'm sorry Nurse Vice…" she finished with his belt, "I just cannot help myself." She had finished with the button on his pants and was tugging his zipper down. "That's perfectly alright Mr. Johnson, nothing to be embarrassed about." As she unzipped him, he felt relief as his pants relented their confining hold, allowing his underwear to stretch outward with his hardening cock.

She looked approvingly at his straining package. His penis looked huge and she hadn't even seen what she was most interested in - the grapefruit-sized lump beneath. "There we are, all the way down…" she murmured as she eased his pants down to his knees.

Crossing her legs professionally on the chair, she gazed approvingly at the straining underside of his crotch. The inseam of his underwear was pulling clear away from his inner thigh by his bull-sized nuts, revealing the smooth-shaved beginnings of his massive scrotum. Mr. Johnson "felt" her size him up but could do nothing about it. There was no point in struggling.

She looked up at Mr. Johnson, her enormous breasts thrusting close to his unbridled package. "You appear suitable for my research Mr. Johnson." Hooking her thumbs into the sides of his underwear and saying "Lets get a closer look…", she pulled up and away, allowing his penis to thrust out - he groaned. Having examined many well endowed men, Nurse Vice said nothing, just clinically observed as his cock continued to erect. In a quiet voice she said: "Just let it happen…"

It took about 10 seconds for him to fully erect to his monstrous 13 inches, where it started to pulse stiffly. "Is he all done?" the nurse asked innocently, still pulling upwards on his underwear. "I'm so sorry nurse -" he said, utterly humiliated. "Shhhh, that's just fine Mr. Johnson. I'm quite experienced with this sort of thing..." To get a feel for the weight of his testicles, she released her pull on his underwear a little, just to pull up again gently, and again, and again - his testicles ached with the motion.

"You poor thing - carrying around such a heavy set…" She gently pulled his underwear down to his knees where she left them bunched with his pants. Mr. Johnson slowly exhaled, getting accustomed to the feel of gravity steadily pulling his balls to the floor. His groin area was completely shaved, except for a sexy tuft of hair just above his straining root. He had done this shave job, admittedly, to impress the nurse but he hadn't imagined she would display him this openly.

Reaching under his balls with her beautifully manicured hands, Nurse Vice gently cupped his giant nuts. "I love the feel of a heavy smooth sack…" He remained motionless. "These will make nice specimens." She squeezed gently. "Did you remove your hair for this examination today Mr. Johnson?" His eyes darted about, avoiding her knowing eye contact. "I thought it might help…" She smiled; "Though not necessary for this procedure, I would have shaved them anyways…"

She continued by rolling his nuts in the palms of her hands, each one easily filling a hand. "Your testicles are very large Mr. Johnson. Like I said, they'll be perfect for my research." He was getting a little anxious about this procedure, chiding himself for not having read the form. His relaxed state was cut short as she released his balls to hang freely.

Smiling playfully she added: "Don't go anywhere Mr. Johnson." She stood and walked over to a trolley covered in a white sheet. The sexy click of her high heels accentuating the feminine motion of her sexy ass in that tight, short shirt. Wheeling the trolley back to Mr. Johnson, she once again took a seat, her breasts hardly moving with the motion, indicating a very firm bust. He just couldn't look away. Her cleavage was incredible. Had she undone another button? He could now make out the beginnings of pink lace on the top insides of her bra. Also, something he hadn't seen before, a thin, gold necklace cascaded down her silky neck. Looking back at her eyes, he froze, realizing that she had been watching him stare.

Saying nothing, she reached beneath his hanging balls on the inside of his thigh. "I cannot have you moving about during the procedure - the measurements need to be precise." With that, she wrapped the wide strap around his thigh, threaded it through a steel eyepiece on the pole, and pulled it tight. Still embarrassed about being busted while staring at her incredible cleavage, he didn't even notice how immobile his leg suddenly was. "Too tight?" she asked. "No, just fine…" he managed to breath. She repeated the procedure on his other leg. These final straps left him fully restrained, his legs comfortably separated and his hips thrusting forward by the leather hip-pad. Again, Nurse Vice smiled warmly, not phased in the least by the obscene display of his monster cock and massive shaved nuts.

She turned and pulled off the sheet from the trolley. On the top shelf appeared to be a battery operated contraption - a good sized metal box. It had lights and dials and a clear plastic tube trailing to the shelf below, ending in a steel valve. Beside the machine was a small syringe filled with a clear liquid. She took it with her small hands and turned to face him.

"Mr. Johnson, this is a normal part of the procedure. It will help you relax." He still felt so guilty for looking at her breasts that he felt he owed her something. Being aroused as he was, his 13 inch cock pulsing in mid-air in front of the sexiest women he had ever seen who was about perform some sort of procedure on him, he hardly noticed her gently prick him in his left butt cheek and inject the fluid. "There we are…" she said with a relaxing demeanor, pulling the needle from his bum and discarding it.

Sure enough, within moments he felt his immediate nervous discomfort melt away, leaving him quite relaxed. Strangely, he noted, his penis remained hard as rock, pulsing with a life of it's own. God he was horny!

He noticed her watching him with that warm, gentle smile. "Do you find my breasts arousing Mr. Johnson?" she asked point-blank. Stunned, but strangely relaxed, he just nodded. "That's perfectly natural for a man like you. My other subjects exhibited much the same behavior." The nurse opened a drawer below, revealing over a dozen clear tubes. The smallest one was about 6 inches in length and an inch in diameter. Each of the following sizes appeared to be larger than the former by about half an inch.

Taking a small leather strap from the side of the drawer, she turned back to his rampant display. "I use this leather cuff to package a man's testicles nicely for measurement." Using her left hand, she formed a noose with her thumb and forefinger around the "neck" of his scrotum. Pulling down gently, she caused his large package to bulge beneath her soft, delicate hand. "Ohhhhmmmmm…" he groaned under the sudden pressure. "There, nice and snug for the testicle cuff." Placing the leather strap around the stretched "neck" of skin, she slid it down to press against the fingers of her other hand before buttoning it securely in place. Mr. Johnson was relieved that it wasn't tight enough to cause discomfort, just a heightened sense of pressure. Releasing her noosing fingers, she gave his restrained sack 3 or 4 comforting pats. "There, there… big, tight, and well behaved!" She giggled sweetly.

In no apparent rush, she reached for her delicate necklace, unfastening it in a practiced, relaxed fashion. Releasing the clasp behind her neck, one end of it fell loose, tumbling deeper into the jutting valley between her bra-framed cleavage. She gently pulled it out, producing the delicate gold chain. The part she held ended in a smooth gold loop. At regular increments along the fine gold chain were equally fine silver beads. "I've measured many balls with this necklace Mr. Johnson. It's quite expensive. These cute little beads are spaced exactly one inch apart."

He watched as the nurse placed the chain behind his bulging sack, right by the leather strap, and proceeded to thread the length of chain through the gold loop at its end. After it rested loosely about the top of straining package, she placed her left hand under his balls to support their weight.

"Any discomfort Mr. Johnson?" she inquired calmly. Seeing her delicate, feminine "necklace" looped lazily about his cuffed nuts aroused him further. "Just fine nurse." he replied. Letting some slack in to the chain, the pretty gold necklace slid down, expanding to accommodate the circumference of his balls. Again, with a practice motion, just as the gold chain fell about Mr. Johnson's outermost testicle bulge, she cinched it snug.

"Oh my goodness - 14.5 inches! These are the biggest I've ever measured…" Looking closely at the measuring necklace she continued. "Mr. Johnson, when was your last ejaculation?" Normally he would have been mortified at such a question from a female nurse but, strangely enough, he answered without hesitation. "9 days ago." Pulling up on the end of the necklace, she cinched it around at cuff-level again, letting the loose chain come naturally to rest in the rounded cleft marking where one testicle met the other. "I'll need you to ejaculate a lot of pent up sperm then Mr. Johnson." His eyes widened. What was she planning to do? Was this also part of the document he signed?

She now held the largest of the clear cylinders in her hand. "An integral part of my research is to determine how large the subject's testicles really are." The feeling was exquisite as Nurse Vice effortlessly slid the pre-lubed cylinder over his rampantly erect penis. It was so arousing, yet strangely relaxing, the velvety smooth sensation stopping when the cylinder came to rest at the root of his erection. "And, through research, I've decided that the best way to determine the size of a man's testicles is to measure them before and after ejaculation." Oh my GOD! he thought. That must be what that machine on the trolley was for!

There was still a good inch of cylinder extending beyond the tip of penis. She explained: "This tube-size fits your penis perfectly - it will allow you to ejaculate with proper supervision." His face clearly revealed anxiety, realizing that she was about to induce him to orgasm. "Mr. Johnson, this part of the procedure is not intended to be humiliating, more a measure of practicality. This little "window" at the top of the cylinder is designed for the ejaculation supervisor. It will let me see when you've finished spurting." Letting his penis stand freely, she used both hands to gently lift his parceled testicles. "It's very important that we get all the sperm out of these." She squeezed playfully.

It took a good 3 seconds for what Nurse Vice had just said to sink in. As politely as possible (must have been the drug), Mr. Johnson asked: "What are you going to do with my testicles nurse?"

Rather kindly the nurse replied: "I've done a lot of research on men with large testicles. They all stare at large breasted women, making them feel quite uncomfortable." She continued with her practiced testicle squeezes. "I'm sure you would agree, that sort of behavior is quite inappropriate." She gently circled her fingers around the strapped neck of his scrotum and pulled his balls firmly. "Knowing that a pair of large-balls have been removed puts large breasted women at ease."

Mr. Johnson gulped, suddenly aware of his restraints but curiously unmotivated to panic. She smiled calmly, pulling and squeezing gently. "Your balls are so big and meaty - they'll make a cute addition to in my collection." She giggled: "I wonder if my friends at the sperm clinic will believe me when I tell them I got these off a bull." Releasing his testicles, she watched them hang in their obscene package as if for the first time. "And besides, once your balls are safely in my collection jar it'll be easier for you to behave the next time you see a woman with large breasts."

She wore an expression of sympathy as she reached for the plastic tube, brought it to the cylinder's tip, and began threading it into place. "Your penis is about to experience The Milker. It's a machine originally developed for use in sperm clinics. It's designed to have a man ejaculating in under a minute, minimizing a potentially humiliating experience while providing the operator unrestricted access to the donor's testicles throughout his 'milking'."

Satisfied that the tube was surely fastened, the nurse turned sideways and put her finger on a button. "When I flick this switch your penis will experience what is designed to simulate the best intercourse of your life. I'll be pulling and squeezing your nuts when your getting milked and when you cum, it's procedure to spank the subjects testicles... " With that, Nurse Vice flicked the switch.

He felt nothing at first, but heard a hum. The machine was building up its suction. It began almost unnoticeably, softly suckling in a carefully timed rhythm. Looking down, he saw the nurse smiling disarmingly, reaching for his helpless bloated package. Grasping softly, she delicately squeezed his balls, one in each beautiful hand, her sexy gold chain still resting between them. The machine became insistent. Pulsing, sucking, deliberately pulling at his deepest animal instincts. Yet there was no noise, just the soft hum of the machine and the nurse's sympathetic voice. He looked down to better understand what she was saying.

With that beautiful, understanding smile, she said: "Mr. Johnson, don't be shy to look at my breasts if it will help you ejaculate quickly. Would you like me to undo another button?" He just groaned, feeling her release his balls. He watched as she deftly undid another button, revealing the generous swell of her abundant cleavage. The intricate lacy patter of her flimsy pink bra had him mesmerized. "My, my, what a naughty man…" He felt the nurse noose her fingers around the leather cuff again, gently patting the underside of his bloated bull-nuts. "These are awfully big Mr. Johnson - you should be thanking me for relieving you of such a heavy load… " He was helpless and the machine was pushing him to orgasm.

"Ahhh… there we are Mr. Johnson" she felt the first contraction of his balls so she began pushing the flat of her palm upwards, lifting and pressing into his bloated sack, "I can feel your balls tightening. Quit holding back - let the Milker take your last load." She continued to sympathetically pat his massive sack. "I'd like to get on with your post-ejaculatory measurement…"

The machine's suckling was insistent, urging him closer and closer. Mr. Johnson's eyes darted between the nurse's incredibly sexy breasts, her bra and the smooth, deep cleavage it created, and the delicate gold chain dangling amidst her pressing hand. He was beyond the point of control. She felt his testes drawing up, tightening further.

She released her noose-hold on his balls, continuing her delicate squeezing. "Don't be shy Mr. Johnson, I drain men like you all the time… " He continued to stare at her massive breasts and comforting smile. After 2 or 3 slow squeezes, he began bucking desperately against his restraints, and gushed into the clear receptacle. "Oh dear, off you go!" Pulling firmly, she proceeded to lightly spank his nuts with her other hand. "Tsk tsk tsk… big balls get so tight when they mess!" He bucked and gushed, filling the inch-long receptacle over and over, but with each spurt, the machine efficiently whisked his cum away in the clear tube. The nurse was wearing a stern expression on her beautiful face: "Mess, mess, mess! You naughty boy!" She maintained her tight pull, pertly spanking his bloated, shaved nuts. The machine continued for what must have been a full minute of steady spurts, each one scolded as naughty behavior.

When he finally stopped spurting, the nurse looked up at a thoroughly exhausted man. "Are we all finished messing Mr. Johnson?" she inquired with a hint of disapproval. She maintained her firm squeeze on his noosed balls. Between the insistent machine milking, he wheezed: "I think you got it all." She released his balls, regained her circular clasp of his testicles with one had while the other turned off the machine.

"Mr. Johnson, that certainly was a large discharge. Removing your testicles will eliminate such unsightly outbursts. Spanking them when you spurt is just a short term solution… " She patted his nuts softly to make her point, smiling beautifully with a motherly expression.

In a post-orgasm haze he watched as Nurse Vice injected him with another small syringe, putting the needle in just beneath the leather testicle cuff. Like she said, he hardly felt it. "Time to show your nuts their new jar..."

As the nurse discarded the needle and turned to open another drawer on her trolley, Mr. Johnson felt what must have been his earlier injection wearing off. Horrible thoughts were entering his mind, starting to realize for the first time what was about to happen. Turning back, again putting her incredible cleavage on display, she smiled warmly as she presented a large, clear flask. It had two white label sections on it, titled:

"Testicle girth, before ejaculation: ______________________"

"Testicle girth, after ejaculation: ______________________"

"You're testicles are going to look so sexy in this jar - big and meaty. I might even leave them in your shaved sack." In a panic, Mr. Johnson began testing his restraints. "Try to relax Mr. Johnson, I promised you it wouldn't hurt." She was smiling knowingly now, putting down the jar after having recorded 14.5 on the first line. She began massaging his testicles again. Mr. Johnson appeared confused. "I don't feel anything nurse…" She continued massaging his balls. "The anesthetic has taken affect. It is time." Again he felt himself distracted by her sexy breasts. "That's it Mr. Johnson, keep watching. You won't be interested in them much longer…" she giggled.

Regaining her noose-hold on his scrotal "neck" and saying "I'll just take your finial measurement…", she scooted the hanging "necklace" down his testicles again before pulling down gently on his testicles. "There we are, nice and shiny…" she commented, noting the tight appearance of his bulging bull-sack. Cinching the gold chain snug, she gave him the measurement: "Hmmm, you definitely had a lot of pent up sperm - you're down to 13 inches."

She released the tension on the gold chain, letting it fall into her hand. She patted the underside of his balls again, with the gold chain in her open hand, looking up at him again with that beautiful expression. "Remember, I'm doing you a favor - without proper supervision and the right equipment, you might offend some women when you spurt as much as you just did."

Mr. Johnson couldn't accept it. He began pleading softly: "Please nurse, please don't take them…" Apparently un-moved by his plea, she released his nuts. Raising her arm she began putting her necklace back on. Her breasts raised higher, impossibly making them appear bigger. "Don't make too much of a fuss. Remember, you'll thank me later - for now, just relax and let me take your balls jar…" she said simply. "Begging to keep them is quite normal - most of the men I've done kept pleading till they saw their sack drop into my jar…" she giggled. "I do enjoy watching a man's fat sack drop into my jar…" She finished with her necklace, letting it plunge between her sexy cleavage again, and did up her blouse.

"Time to introduce you to Little Miss Bossy. She's a modified bull-castrator. She works really well on a big set…" she giggled. Strangely, he felt himself erecting again, the confines of the clear cylinder feeling snug and comforting. Oddly, and quite embarrassing, he began thinking that being nutted by the large breasted nurse and her modified bull-castrator was quite erotic. The nurse turned back, holding an interesting device in her right hand, noticing his erecting penis. "Looks like you need another go on The Milker before Little Miss Bossy takes your balls…" Oh my god! he thought, it was like she was playing into his kinky fantasy! To confirm his humiliating suspicion the nurse said; "This isn't the first time Little Miss Bossy has had to wait..." He turned red.

She opened the plier-like device and fit it around the neck of his scrotum beneath the cuff. Closing the handles, she calmly smiled: "Little Miss Bossy is going to make your balls nice and tight now," and began turning a little leaver. "I like them nice and tight when they drop…" Oh GOD, how many men had she nutted? She sure knew what she wanted…

There was a smooth steel funnel-shaped piece that started inching down towards his testicles. The part where the nurse had clamped remained stationary. The result was a very tight feeling in his balls as they were pulled further and further away from his body. She stopped the ratchet when he began mewing quietly, almost to himself. "There we are, ready for their drop…" He was breathing deeply now, the pressured feeling in his tight sack was almost overwhelming.

She flicked the switch and, just like before, the Milker started slowly. He looked down and watched as Nurse Vice fitted the jar around his tight, strangled testicles. "Your nuts are gonna look so sexy when they fall!" she giggled, looking up with girlish innocence - God those breasts! - her blouse was straining to contain them. Her attention was back on his "jar-fitted" balls." Even through the numbness he felt the jar gently nudging the sides of his trapped nuts.

One hand on holding the handles of the castrator, a finger resting over a little red button, the other hand put the jar back on the cart with a sterile clank. The milking continued. Nurse Vice placed her free hand under his balls as before, gently pressing into his tight package. He groaned and bucked helplessly - it was less pressure than before, but, combined with the stranglehold of Little Miss Bossy, it created much more pressure. "I've never had a set that that wouldn't spurt," she said matter-of-factly. His grapefruit nuts looked almost silly, big and tight as they were, being forced to bulge up and around the device as much as their firm texture would allow.

"Are we ready for your last messy mess?" She was puckering her lips now like a young girl, innocent and 'sympathetic'. "Poor widdle-boy-widd-a-big-paou-o'-boo-baaws…" The baby talk was also part of her routine - it does something to a man's inner psyche. "You-gonna-cummy-cum?" His cum was indeed starting. He fought it with all his energy, realizing it was his last, but succumbed to the big breasted nurse as she playfully palmed his balls into the castrator.

A pert slap brought him out of his erotic daze. "Time for you to mess." The pert, professional nurse was back! And she'd started his nut spanking early - he hadn't even had one squirt of cum yet. "These poor things are so tight aren't they?" she asked rhetorically. Her motherly spanking became a light flutter, rapidly patting his bunched pouch. "I love how Little Miss Bossy keeps a big pair still for their last spanking… Yours are so tight! " she giggled. Grunting against his restraints, he started to spurt. "Oh dear, more messy mess coming out!" she exclaimed. Slap, slap, slap, slap… She was smiling this time. With each spurt, he got one slightly harder spank followed by that erotic flutter of slaps. "Messy, mess mess!" Every spurt got a comment. He spurted and groaned. The slapping was causing a dull ach in his groin but did nothing to diminish his erotic thoughts. The Milker sucked and massaged while the nurse disciplined his tight nuts. The image of her straining blouse, pert expression complimented by her designer glasses kept him cumming till his massive cock was lurching with dry-heaves.

She stopped spanking and pressed her palm into the bottom of his balls again. "Tight and empty - ready for the jar…" she said matter-of-factly. He had a sinking feeling in his gut. One last time he begged: "Please nurse, please don't take my balls…" With a wink, she spoke in that little girly voice again - her trimmed eyebrows raised over the frames of her glasses: "But, but, don't you wanna see what dis cute widdo button does?" She pressed it.

There was a slight hum, in addition to that of The Milker, and the nurse watched with rehearsed concern. The dull ache in his nuts became a deep throb as Little Miss Bossy made his nuts even tighter. She was tracing lazy circles around the bottom of his shiny sack now with a smooth finger. "She's getting close now Richard, just a few more seconds." Tighter and tighter. "Please, stop!" He begged, delirious with horror/arousal. "Sssshhhhhh…. Be a good boy now and don't fuss …" she said sweetly. The lazy finger-circles on his tight nuts felt eerily relaxing. "Please… please… please, please, please!" he whispered urgently and… - SNAP!!

Pain shot up his groin. Nurse Vice casually reached for the beaker and brought it up around his balls. What the hell? - he thought. Sensing his confusion, she said: "Little Miss Bossy had just banded your nuts with a steel collar. Now she's gonna cut…" she giggled, watching the jar and the and the shiny pair of nuts hanging inside. "Shhhh…" she cooed wearing an eager smile, "just let it happen." With that, Nurse Vice pressed another button, a green one. Nurse Vice giggled girlishly; "Here comes my favorite part!" Mr. Johnson felt a small tug, then a jolt, and watched in sudden horror as his massive balls fell heavily into the waiting beaker.

Review This Story || Author: FantasyMan
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