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The girls of Blue Mountain

Chapter 2 School Life


… from the previous chapter

"There was this time when I was running an errand for my mother while on punishment uniform" Alice told her friend in a whisper tone. "Damn Mrs. Skinner intercepted me and took me to her house, where she made me do sit-ups and run laps around her hose, in order to get me tired. Then she made me lower my punishment skirt and strapped me about 20 times and made me kneel on the corner for 15 minutes, it was awful. I guess she had an eye on me since she believes her stupid daughter had been punished in school for my cause. Any way, -Alice added- the thing did not end up there, the bitch made me mop her kitchen still bare from the waist down, with my red ass on display. Once I had finished, I had to lick the floor to demonstrate her that I had done a good job, or else get another strapping and start all over."

Sally was on the verge or tears. "What have I done to be sent to a place like this" She thought. Alice tried to comfort her friend, not understanding why she reacted so strangely to perfectly normal events of life at Blue Mountain.

Chapter II – School Life

In compliance with the tradition, the uniform at Blue Mountain's School for Young Ladies consisted on a short white pleated skirt (which covered a mere couple of inches below the girl's cheeks), red knee socks and sandals. A short sleeved white shirt and a red tie were also part of the uniform. The shirt was cut high, exposing the girl's belly button and lower back. White regulation underwear completed the outfit. Wearing a bra was strictly prohibited.

The white color of the uniform made it easy to check cleanliness and proper appearance, thus teaching the girls to be neat and presentable at all times. The short length of the skirt made the application of quick corrective slaps on their thighs very practical, a feature most adults took advantage of on a regular basis.

Upon a teacher entering a classroom, the schoolgirls had to immediately stand at attention, and could not move until told to seat. If a girl did not stand quickly enough, she usually was made to kneel behind her bench for the remainder of the class. However, the more severe teachers applied further disciplinary measures, ranging from a few spanks with the strap to an entire afternoon in detention.

With a profound sigh, Sally asked Alice to go through the rules for assembly time, as the last time she was severely punished for several infractions.

With a smile of patience, Alice started explaining once more:

Both girls barely made it to the classroom, and grabbed their seats together with the rest of the class. A couple of seconds later, Miss Watkinson entered the room.

There were special rules for exams at Blue Mountain's School. The school authorities had great pride on their measures against cheating, ensuring the high education standards of the institution.

As usual, girls had to stand at attention when the teacher entered the room. In exam time, however, the also had to extend their arms to the sides, the pencil on the right hand, eraser on the left. (Left-handed girls always got confused about this, and got themselves in trouble, since they were forced to use their right hand to write. Furthermore, they were punished if their handwriting was less than perfect, something most of them found very difficult to achieve.)

While holding their arms, teachers randomly inspected a few girls. Mindless to say, if a girl was ever caught with a cheatsheet or something similar, she was in deep, deep trouble. Sometimes the school principal would arrive in the middle of the exam and perform some additional verification looking for cheatsheets. If something was found on any girl, the teacher would be reprimanded. For this reason, they were very intrusive and careful on inspections. The girl being inspected was made at least to get nude from the waist down. In most cases, however, she had to get completely naked. Then she had to bend over and spread her own butt cheeks so nothing was hidden in the anus. Every inch of the girl's skin was scanned. Thereafter, she had to open her mouth wide to allow for further search, including below the tongue. Most times she was made to keep her mouth open until the end of inspection. Since this was easy to forget, it was the perfect excuse to issue detention slips to unsympathetic girls. Some teachers made the bustier girls to lift their breasts by the nipples to ensure nothing was hidden where the skin bends. After inspection was over, the girl had to wait in the anus inspection position until the rest of her classmates were done. Then they could get their clothes and seat.

A few years ago, a number of cheatsheets were caught hidden under uniform skirts and in some cases written by the girl on her own thigh skin. Since then, the anti-cheating measures were toughened. In addition to random inspections, all the girls were now made to take their skirts, shoes and socks off for the duration of the exam so nothing "illegal" could stay out of the teachers' sight. It was considered practically impossible to hide something in the shirts thus they stayed. In the case of the tie, although it was possible to hide something behind it, teachers usually let the girls wear it thus providing an opportunity to catch a cheater. It was forbidden to wear panties on exam day, so students took the exams completely bare from the waist down, including of course during winter months.

During the exam, Sally managed to take out a few notes hidden inside her school tie. She had made sure Miss Watkinson was not looking her way but she forgot to check the door window, and to her disgrace the principal happened to check at that moment.

- "Well, well, well" –the principal continued this time facing a contrite Sally- "what do we have here…. nothing less than a cheat sheet!" -said while grabbing Sally's notes from her tie "… sooo, please be so kind as to go to the center of the school patio, kneel with your hands on your neck and wait for further instructions". Sally was very good at cheating at her old school and was actually the very first time she had been caught. She inhaled some air ready to begin pleading for mercy but a quick look from Alice in the floor told her otherwise. Sadly for Alice, the school principal noticed her gesture… "Alice! This punishment was not enough for you perhaps? Can't you concentrate for a minute, dear? Come see me after your exam, in the meanwhile please take out another pencil and repeat the procedure as before…" After Alice completed the operation with new tears in her eyes, principal suddenly turned towards Sally, and instructed her to hurry up. As Sally bend to pick her clothes, principal grabbed her by the hair, forcing the girl's head backwards and looking straight to her eyes said in an almost mumbling voice -"What exactly do you think you are doing young lady? Have I told you to pick your clothes? Of course not!… Your little defying attitude will end soon my dear…. Now go and do what I said" principal concluded with a couple of sharp slaps on Sally's bare butt.

After 45 minutes kneeling, Sally's knees and arms were hurting real bad. This time, however, she was really scared and her fear was stronger than her pain so she stayed in the required position, much to her dismay. After a few minutes, the Principal arrived. Sally thought she would be finally allowed to get up, but instead she endured a good 15 minutes of lecturing while still kneeling. She was then made to run several laps with her hands still on her neck and trembling knees. As the principal expected, her shaking legs got cramped and she fall on the hard floor. Her sore arms did not allow her reflexes to act quickly enough and she ended with both knees and elbows peeled. Since her injuries were not considered serious by her punisher, she was forced to go on with her punishment instead being allowed to the infirmary. Immediately after the laps she was marched towards the principal's office…

Much later….

A very contrite and tearful Sally was slowly walking home when she saw Alice wearing some strange clothing. A second later she recognized Alice's punishment uniform: red short-shorts with a matching hat reading "I'm a girl under punishment" and red sandals. Sally's thighs had lots of red handprints on them and she was carrying a heavy load of books. Sally ran towards her friend and both girls hugged with tears on their eyes.

Review This Story || Author: Arzak Blake
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