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Prom Week


                           Prom Week



     Fred was having his usual shitty day. First a jock name Eric Hastings
pulled his pants down when he said hello to Amber Smith.

     He had to admit thou that exposing his raging hard on to the young beauty
was an extreme turn on.

     Than there was that stupid rumour about him jerking off in the bathroom,
spread by that red headed freckled bitch Ashley Down .              

     Lastly he had been caught by Mrs. Pearls staring at her ample cleavage. For
that he had been ordered to help the Head Janitor after school for a week.

     While he had been contemplating his problems, he had reached the Head
Janitor's office. Fred knock gently on the door. He got no answer. Oh great he
isn't here. Fred opened the door and peeked inside.

     Mr. Kingsly Had Amber Smith in the corner. "Please Mr. Kingsly, I only came
in for a broom" The short haired brunette beauty pleaded. Amber looked hot in
her red sweater and jeans.

     "You not getting out a here till you show me those big tits of yours" the
janitor explained. Fred wondered if he should get help, but Fred than remembered
how she laughed at his earlier humiliation.

     Besides he had always want to see those large firm jugs. The teary eyed
girl grabbed the bottom of her sweater and pulled it up, free two dark hooters.
Fred couldn't believe that he was seeing Amber's breasts in there full glory.

     The Janitor grabbed her breasts into his hands, roughly groping the 18 year
old girl. Just than she kneed him in the balls. She dodged pass the janitor, who
incidently dropped to his knees in pain.

     Fred opened the door at the same time Amber was reaching for it. The young
woman was knocked back onto her ass.

     Both Amber and the Janitor looked up at Fred unsure who's side he was on.
"Quick grab her arms" Fred said to the Janitor. The Athletic girl jumped up and
ran for the door, but it was too late.

     The Janitor grabbed her arms as Fred shut and locked the door. Fred wasn't
sure about what he was doing, the only thing he knew was that he was more turned
on than he had ever been in his life.

     Fred cleared the table in the centre of the room off and grabbed the nearby
scissors. "Put her on the table" Fred ordered. "Someone help!" Amber cried as
she struggled.

     Fred used the scissors to cut her jeans off. He than cut her panties off
and sniffed them. To his surprise they wet with pussy juice.

      Worried that someone would here her cries for help, gagged her with her
own panties. Fred looked appreciatively at Ambers olive skin and her 38FF
breasts. All that was left on her was her socks and a sweater pushed up to
reveal her oversize jugs.

     Fred forced Ambers legs apart and started licking her pussy. Amber moaned
loudly cumming for her first time ever, unable to believe that it was truly
happening to her.

     Fred pulled out his cock and rubbed the head of it cock against her pussy
lips, to Amber's terror.

     "You thought my dick was funny earlier do find it funny now?" Fred asked.
He than used his body to keep her legs apart so that he shove his dick inside

     At first he was worry that she could keep him out of her thru her cunt
muscles alone, but with one last push he was inside her.

     He than stood there savouring the moment. Not once since he had known her
had he ever thought that he would have his dick in her, yet here they were, His
cock buried inside her cunt.

     He started fucking her slowly enjoying her humiliation as her raped her
young beautiful body.

     Fred tugged hard on Ambers long nipples making her cry out thru her
makeshift gag, her suffering addictive to the young man and the janitor.

     Amber would be the first rape but far from the last Fred decide, enjoying
the experience. Unable to hold back, Fred gave up the slow fucking and started
ramming her cock in her hard. He grabbed one tit into his hand and sucked on the
other one.

     This was the best day of his life Fred realized. He had Amber Smith
powerless, his to use as he saw fit. She reduced to being nothing but a fuck
toy, existing for his amusement.

     While Fred was raping the young girl, the janitor used an electrical cord
to tried Amber's wrists together. He that tied the rest of the cord to a wooden
peg sticking out of the table just inches above her head.

     The janitor than grabbed his camcorder and taped Fred licking her to orgasm
and shoving his dick in her twat.

     "Shit, your tight" Fred moaned as he fucked the poor defenceless girl to
another orgasm. He than filled her cunt with what seemed like a litre of spunk.

     He pulled out with loud sucking sound. "Your turn" Fred said to the
janitor. The janitor put the camera on a tripod and aimed it at Amber.

     "I think I'll try another hole" the Janitor announced as he flipped Amber
on to her stomach and breasts. He pulled his dick out and tease Ambers asshole
with it.

     "Take the gag out I want to hear beg to have her ass raped" the janitor
ordered. "Aren't you worried that some one will hear her?" Fred asked nervously.
"Na, the rooms sound proofed so that I could fix things in here with out the
noise disturbing any classes, plus must people have gone home" the Janitor

     Fred pulled out Ambers gag and stuffed the panties in his pocket. "Please
Fred let me go, I'll never tell anyone what you did to...Ah!". The janitor had
smacked her ass cheek hard interrupting her.

     "Beg to have your ass rape slut" the evil janitor ordered. "No!" she
replied in defiance. Fred and the Janitor spanked Amber hard, each take a cheek.
Amber was powerless to stop them. The pretty girl finally broke.

     "Please rape my ass, ram your cock up my asshole, treat me like a whore
just please stop spanking me!."

     "Good that's better" the janitor said before shoving his throbbing prick up
her brown chute. "Ah, That burns!" Amber screamed as the Janitor violated her

     To her disgust the cock up the bum felt as good as it hurt. Fred's dick was
hard again. He thought about making her give him a blowjob.

     He started by rubbing his dick all over her pretty face. When she opened
her mouth to moan he shoved his dick into her wet mouth and down her pretty

     She gagged on his cock, making the experience of raping her face all the
more delightful. "Suck it real good Amber, cause the sooner I get off the sooner
it leaves your mouth".

     Amber realized the truth in what he said. So Amber sucked on his cock for
all she was worth. The gagging subsided after awhile.

     Amber found her self enjoying her raping. The humiliation, the degrading,
the being raped was turning her on like she had never known in her young life.
What the fuck is wrong with me? Amber asked herself, hating herself for it.

     The janitor grunted as he fill her tight rectum with sperm. At the same
time Fred gave Amber her first taste of semen. "Swallow it all bitch!".

     Amber complied as best she could but some escaped out of the side of her
mouth. Fred was amazed at how much he spurted into her violated mouth. It was
even more then when he'd filled her sweet cunt with jizz.

     Fred removed her huge cock from her mouth and wiped what was left of his
jizz on Ambers massive tits, while the janitor did the same on her ass cheeks.

     Fred turned to the janitor and explained "I'm going to the family studies
area to get some wax leg hair removal strips". The janitor grinned understanding
want Fred had planned.

     As Fred left the room he heard the janitor say "What sweet long nipples you
have". When Fred returned he saw that Amber was on her back again. A clothes peg
was clamped onto each nipple as well as her clit.

     "Please take them off, they hurt" the teary eyed girl begged the
janitor."I'm back" Fred announced as he put the wax strips on the table beside

     Amber looked at the strips and fearfully asked "what are those for". Fred
answered by covering Amber's pubic region with wax. Amber realized what he was
planning on doing and tried to make a deal.

     "Please don't wax my pubic hair off, I've got money lots of money, we can
make a deal, right?". Amber screamed as Fred ripped the wax off.

     Amber tried to get a better view of what Fred was doing down their but her
big olive skinned jugs got in the way.

     When Fred was finished he twisted Amber's clit between his thumb and index
finger, making her gasp with pain

     "I wonder how much cock we can feed this bitch?" Fred asked his fellow
rapist. The Janitor freed Amber from her constraints.

     Amber looked at the door, but knew she didn't have the faintest hope of
reaching it before they caught her and of course punishment would follow.

     "Get on your fucking knee you gawd damn whore and I suggesting getting used
to it as your probably going to be on them a lot from now on" demanded the evil

     Fearful that she'd be hurt if she disobeyed, Amber got her knees, the
humiliation almost more than the former virgin could bare.

     She was one of the richest girls in school, not to mention the most
popular, yet her she was on her knees, about to debased and defiled. The worse
part was her cunt was responding to her abuse against her wishes.

     "I bet she could take both are cocks into her mouth at once" Fred offered,
the janitor nodding his agreement.

     "But first make the cock teasing piece ass beg for it like the cunt that
she is" the janitor added, thirsty for Amber humiliation and desecration.

     "Please...Please let suck your hard juice cocks into warm, wet mouth and
down tight throat masters, so that I can drink twice as much cum, proving I'm
dirty slut masters" Amber begged, her humiliation feeding her arousal, which fed
her self-loathing.

     Amber's act of self degradation was rewarded as first Fred than the Janitor
fed the big breast girl their cocks.

     Amber's cheeks bulged as her mouth and than her throat was brutal invaded.
Her jaw ached and as did her throat, but Amber suck on them with natural skill.

     The pulled out at the same time, hosing the sexy student with hot sperm.
Creamy semen dripped off her beautiful face and on her big olive skinned tits.

     Amber stared at the her rapists with hatred in her eyes, but that just
inflamed them more. Fred slapped repeatedly in the face with his cock, making
her thank him for each time.

     "Get on your fucking back bitch and ask us nicely rape your fucking cunt
till you scream!" Fred ordered the poor girl. Amber forced her tears back and
got on her back on the cold floor.

     Amber tried to suppress her growing humiliation as she spread her legs
wide, giving her attacker a perfect view of her now bald cunt.

     "Please master fuck my tight young pussy, rape me hard, teach me the price
of being a cock teasing cunt, who place is on her back being spear by hard cock"
Amber declared, cupping her perfect tits.

     The Janitor knelt between Amber's long sexy legs and rammed his cock home.
Amber's tits bounced wildly as the janitor pounded into her heavenly cunt like a
jack hammer.

     The Janitor pushed Amber's hands away from her gigantic jugs, replacing
them with his own hands, so that her could squeeze Amber's tender tit flesh so
hard tears formed in the corner of her eyes.

     Amber's cunt convulsed around the Janitor's huge cock as she came, her
pussy milking his cock of its own accord.

     The Janitor buried his face in one of Amber's mountainous mammaries, just
as his hot creamy sperm flooded her slut tunnel.

     "Tell me how much you want those enormous tits of your fucked, tell me how
you deserve to have your tits abused and debased for being suck a cock teasing
whore all these years!" Fred commanded, his voice fill with joy at Amber

     "Please don't make me..." Amber pleaded, only to be interrupted by Fred
twisting on her tall nipples painfully.

     "Aw! Master, Master please shove that enormous cock of your between by
pillowy tits, in fact I need your both your massive cocks despoiling my heavenly
hooters, it's why I bought them, proving that I'm just a cock teasing whore
who's sole purpose in life is to tit wank her masters" Amber lied.

     Fred took her up on the offer. The evil bastard wrapped poor Amber's meaty
tit flesh around his cock, his hands squeezing Amber's tits so hard, she was
afraid they'd pop.

     The Janitor got in position so he could rape Amber's tits from the other
direction, his hairy ass just inches from her face.

     Amber's tits were so big that Fred's cock got no where near the Janitor's.
Fred had thought that Amber's blowjobs and tight young pussy were amazing, but
they couldn't compete with the divine sensations running thou his cock and body
as he fuck the best set of tits in school.

     Amber's body glistened with sweat at her mountainous melons took a
pounding. To Amber's further humiliation every time the Janitor pulled back for
another thrust, she found her face buried in his ass crack. And while it was
surprisingly clean, it was still humiliation.

     Amber's breathing got heavier and heavier as a tingling started in her
tits. It grow in strength making it so Amber had to bite her lower lip to keep
from screaming out. The pleasure grew till it melded seamlessly with the pain,
so that Amber could tell one from the other. Finally she it peaked leading an
explosive orgasm stronger than any she'd had yet so far.

     Amber screamed. "Oh God no, fucking shit, oh god, cumming, oh god help me I
can't take it, fucking shit, it feel too good..." Amber screamed out, fighting
futilely against her climax, waves of mind obliteration orgasms crashing though
her body.

     Just when Amber thought it was over, another orgasm exploded, ripping thou
her body, tearing her identity, her very sense of self, form her until all that
was left was endless sensation as orgasm after orgasm consumed her to her very

     Amber's huge tits became her universe for what seemed like an eternity, but
finally things calmed down and sanity returned. Fred and the Janitor removed
their tools from Amber's pleasure inducing mega mounds.

     Amber looked down at her oversized tits to see creamy sperm splattered all
over them, it looked like someone had poured a bag of milk on her soft tits.

     Horror so strong that it felt like someone had punched her in the stomach,
hit Amber as she realized what had happened, how they'd so completely destroyed
her for that instant, had turned her into a mindless, soulless, fuck slave.

     It didn't matter how hard she fought it, here orgasm still ate her alive.
The only thing worse was that this seemed to be only the beginning of what they
had in store for her.

     "Please, Please, Please, no more, I'll do anything, I'll do
your...ob...blubb..." Amber muttered as the Janitor's sweaty, hairy, and smell
nut sack was shoved into her mouth to shut her up.

     Fred lifted Amber's legs up, while Janitor sat on Amber's huge tits, so he
could shove the rest of his salty balls into Amber's hot wet mouth. This put
Amber in an awkward and painful position.

     Fred nibbled on Amber's ass cheeks, causing her legs to flail about, in a
useless attempt to protect her beautiful bum.

     Fred licked Amber's hot ass, smacking her ass with a loud crack, every time
she started flailing about.

     The this was nothing compared to her shock when Fred shoved his face into
her pretty bum, his longue tongue brutally violating Amber brown eye evilly.

     While Fred was tormenting Amber's ass, poor Amber was getting enough oxygen
to the brain. Amber's cheeks hollowed as she sucked hard, getting just enough
air to be all right, but more importantly as far as the Janitor was concerned,
this caused her to also suck on his balls.

     Amber tried to ignore to salty, sweaty, taste of the testicles in her
mouth, but as orgasms burst within her, her sense of taste seemed to get 10
times more sensitive.

     Amber's need for air, intensified her orgasms, but as she neared the point
of blacking out Amber instinctively grabbed the Janitor's cock in hand, knowing
that if she didn't get him off soon she suffocate to death.

     The world seemed to get darker and darker as she stroked his cock
skilfully, jerking him off faster and faster in a desperate attempt at survival,
but it didn't seem to be enough.

     Things went almost completely dark for Amber and her arm weaken, but it was
than that sperm erupted from his cock, flying thru the air to land on Amber's
pink sweater.

     The Janitor pulled out of Amber's mouth, allowing her to breath again.
Amber sucked in air with her powerful lungs, her vision returning to her.

     Fred tired of tormenting Amber's fine bottom, so he let go, Amber's ass
smacking meatily into the hard floor with a loud thwack.

     Amber arched her back at the pain, thrusting out her mammoth mounds, which
pushed one of Amber's tit flesh into the Janitor's ass crack, her nipple teasing
the out edge of his brown chute.

     The Janitor rode her tits, getting off on way her tits felt against his
ass. He smack Amber around with his cock, laughing at her despair and

     "Grab my lunch box, it's over by my drill" the Janitor ordered, bouncing up
and down on Amber's tits.

     Fred grabbed it and brought it over to the Janitor. He opened it and pulled
out a long, think, Salmi.

     "Beg to suck on it like you suck on your Grandfather's cock Amber" the
Janitor ordered, hungry with the need to see Amber further humiliate herself for
their amusement.

     "Please, please master, let me, let me, suck on it like I suck on my
Grandfather huge cock" Amber embellished, knowing that they'd hurt her more if
she didn't.

     The Janitor forced it slowly down Amber's skilful and tight throat, getting
it nice and wet. He finally pulled it out when three quarters of it had gotten

     He got off her and flipped Amber over and got her to stand up before
forcing the young woman to bend over the table.

     The Janitor rubbed the monstrous salmi against Amber's juicy pussy lip,
before ramming it in, making the poor defiled girl gasp.

     He kept shoving it in till it reached the half way point and than he
proceeded to flip Amber over.

     "Blow your new cock bitch" he command crudely, referring to the salmi
buried in her twat. Amber was glad she had taken yoga in gym, as she bent
herself at an extreme angel, so that she could take the Salmi between her lips.

     Amber's mouth got lower and lower on the Salmi till the graceful beauty was
deep throating the meaty snack. The man made meat hit the back of Amber's throat
with an audible thunk, adding to her shame and humiliation.

     Amber bent so far in fact that her chin was rubbing her clit, making
Amber's pussy even wetter.

     Amber wanted to run and hide, but if this was what they were doing to her
while she was obeying, image what they'd do to her for disobeying.

     Amber's cheeks hollowed as she hoovered her make shift cock. The sight was
too much for Fred, who pulled the Salmi out of Amber's mouth to replace it with
his own brand of meat.

     Fred kept Amber bent painfully as the Sexy student turned her oral suction
power on Fred huge cock.

     Fred slammed his cock in and out of Amber's mouth hard enough to bruise her
tonsils, during which the salmi Fred was fucking her cunt with became a blur
from the speed as which it was mercilessly pounding into her tight young cunt.

     Amber's eyes rolled into the back of her head as waves of orgasmic please
violated her young flesh. Her screams were muffled by the massive cock raping
her throat.

     Amber's hot wet mouth on his stiff throbbing cock was more than poor Fred
could bare, so he put an end to it by flooding her mouth with his salty seed.
When he'd covered every square inch or Amber's tongue with jizz, Fred pulled his
cock from her pretty mouth and the salmi from her sore cunt.

     Amber was made to lick her cunt juices off the salmi before they let her
relax. Amber rubbed her aching back as she got out of the uncomfortable position
she'd been in.

     The Janitor grabbed a bucket of soapy water and handed it to Amber. "Clean
the floor bitch" he ordered with malicious glee.

     Amber hated cleaning, but at least it was better than the cruel sexual
abuse she was receiving at the hands of her tormentors.

     Amber pulled the sponge out of bucket, but the Janitor stopped her. "Use
your tits bitch" he demanded , already getting hard again at the popular girl's

     Amber dunked her immense tits into the soapy bucket, tears once again
forming in the corners of her eyes. The bucket was huge, yet it was still at
tight squeeze for her enormous melons.

     Amber pulled her dripping wet jugs of the bucket and with a glance back at
her tormentors Amber pushed her beautiful fake tits again the floor. The Janitor
pulled Amber's arms painfully behind her and used her arms like a handle,
mopping the floor up with Amber's huge tits.

     "Best damn mop I ever had" he joked with Fred, making sure he could be
heard over Amber's whimpering.

     "Aren't you going to thank me for using your enormous tits to clean the
floor or are you going to making me remind you that you're my property, that you
exist for my amusement whore?"

     When Amber failed to respond, he wrenched her arms up into a more pain
position. "Thank, thank you master for washing the floor with my tits so that I
may learn that I your whore, your property, and that I exist solely for horny
men to rape and torture" Amber said debasing her self.

     Fred than added to Amber's suffering by ramming the salmi into her ass, her
tight rectum barely giving in, making Amber scream soundlessly.

     "What no thank you? See that's the problem with this whore, no gratitude,
no manners, and no initiative, from now on if we have to go to the trouble of
asking you to beg for it, thank us for it, or show us what a whore you are,
you'll be punished severely, so you'd better anticipating our wishes" Fred

     "Thank...thank you master violating ass with the salmi master, and please
make eat it afterwards, I live for your pleasure" Amber said, taking Fred's
threat very seriously.

     "Thank's a good start bitch, keep it up" Fred commanded, pulling the salmi
out of her ass as a reward.

     The Janitor resumed mopping the floor up with Amber large tits. He could
see on Amber's face how humiliating she found it, so he slowed down, taking his
time to maximize Amber's degradation and torment.

     "Thank you master for using my big tits to clean your floors and thank you
for making it as humiliating and degrading as possible can, this teach me what
happens to cock teasing whores" Amber announced as she had been ordered, Fred
threat haunting her.

     Amber hated them for this, but she feared them too much to disobey, she had
decided that she'd do what she'd been told and she'd debase herself for their
amusement at every opportunity, but she swore she'd have her revenge some day.

     To added insult to injury, Amber felt another titgasm coming on. She fought
it as best she could, but the next this she knew she creaming to the chuckles to
her enemies. "Oh, fuck gawd yes..." Amber screamed to her self loathing.

      By that time Amber had finished mopping the floor with her giant jugs, the
Janitor's cock was as hard as diamond and in obvious need of relief.

     Amber almost choked on her next word, but she said them like she meant
them. "Please master, I was a good little whore, mine tit fuck your huge cock, I
dying to prove to you what a cock worshipping slut I am master" Amber begged,
cupping her huge tits as an offering, an altar on which the Janitor could blast
his unholy jizz.

     He just nodded his head. When Amber could see he wasn't going to do it
himself, she crawled over to him on got on her knees before his beastly cock.
Amber pressed her big tits against his legs and than pressed her tits together,
enveloping his cock in her pillowy embrace.

     "Does that feel good master? Do my soft, yet firm tits feel nice and
pillowy enough master? I can't wait for your hot cream sperm to baptize my tits
master" Amber said, jerking him off with her gravity defying knockers.

     "Oh no not again" Amber whispered to herself, as yet another titgasm washed
over her. "Oh holy fuck! Rammed the big yours between my tits!" Amber cried out.

     I was long after that Amber's request for the Janitor's sperm to baptize
her huge hooters was granted.

     Sperm gushed out of him cock in a geyser that left Amber tits dripping with
spunk. "Thank you master for shooting your creamy hot sperm all over my
beautiful tits, thank you for marking me as your property with your tasty jizz,
may I lick it up" Amber requested.

     He gave his consent, allowing her to lap up his jizz. As Amber cleaned her
tits off with her tongue she came to an awful realization.

     Fred handed Amber the salmi, which he'd covered with his jizz. "Thank you
master, you really know how to make feel like I nothing, but a dirty whore"
Amber announced with genuine gratitude.

     While Amber scarfed down her disgusting treat, Fred found a magic mark. As
Amber finished eating Fred approached her.

     "Are you going to write something on my tits master?" Amber asked seeing
the marker in Fred's hand. Fred nodded affirmative.

     "I don't know what to write yet, but I'll make sure it's humiliating enough
for a ho like you" Fred promised, searching his imagination for an idea, but
coming up with squat.

     "How about writing ‘public property' on my tits master" Amber suggested to
Fred amusement.

     Fred did as Amber suggested, before shoving a large board between her arms
and her back, thrusting Amber's magnificent tits out even more, proving to the
world the Amber was build for fucking.

     Fred than lead the naked beauty, down the empty halls of the school. Fred
almost had a heart attack when he nearly walked into his Math teacher and his
Shop teacher.

     Mr. Hinge and Mr. Stokes had been working late and were just on their way
out when the two parties collided.

     Fred was expecting trouble, but the two teacher's just smiled staring at
Amber giant tits. "So what is this girl six or seven?" Mr. Hinge asked the

     "Number six" he replied proudly. Fred jaw dropped in surprise at the
unexpected revelation about his associate.

     "We've raped six girls and never gotten caught?" Fred asked excitedly at
the prospect that he rape any girl in this school and get away with it.

     "No, this was first time raping a student, the other's I just used my ugly
face too scare them into showing me their tits" he explained.

     "About time someone raped one of these snooty bitches, they come into class
every day with their tight tops and big beautiful fake tits, beautiful faces,
cock teasing both students and the teachers, leaving everybody with blue balls
because they never put out" Mr. Hinge griped.

     "That describes 99% of the female student and teachers at this school, how
more of these cock tease whore get what coming to them" added Mr. Stokes.

     Mr. Hinge turned back to Amber. "As for you, you've cock teasing me all
year, flirting with me to improve your grade, but never giving anything up, your
one of hottest pieces of ass I've ever come across, about time your got raped."

     He looked to Fred, to Fred surprise, who just nodded his approval. "I've
been dying to get my hands on your tits for four years now" Mr. Hinge told Amber
as his hand mauled her huge tits.

     "I'm, I'm sorry for being such a cock teasing whore, I should have taken
off my top after class and blown you like a good student" Amber uttered, her
humiliation at being forced to debase herself to the pleasures of both her Math
teacher and her Shop teacher almost more than poor girl could stand.

     "Your taking this hot piece of ass to gym to really teach her what a cum
guzzling whore she is, want to join us in raping this bitch in the most
humiliating ways possible?" the Janitor asked, excited at the prospect of Amber
being defiled and used by even more horny men, especially men she'd cock teased
for years.

     Amber's teachers agreed, barely able to restrain themselves at the getting
their hands on the young piece of ass they'd been giving them blue balls for
four years.

     As they entered the gym, Fred removed the board from Amber's arms and
smacked her ass with before tossing it aside.

     Mr. Hinge grabbed a skipping rope from the storage room. "You don't need t
o tie her up, she knows the price of fleeing" the Janitor explained.

     "I have a better use in mind" Mr. Hinge replied wickedly, a cruel glint in
his eyes. He slipped the skipping rope between Amber's sexy legs and gave the
other end to Mr. Stokes. Mr. Stokes pulled up on one end while Mr. Hinge pulled
up on the other, wedging the skipping rope into Amber's pussy painfully.

     They kept lifting the rope higher and higher, till Amber was a foot off the
floor, held up only by the rope digging painfully into Amber's cunt.

     Tears formed in her eyes as the skipping dig into her clit, her pleas for
mercy ignored. Amber caught the look in Fred's eyes and realized she was about
to be punished.

     "Thank, thank you for torturing my, my pussy, I deserve to be punished for
having been a virgin for so long, and using my huge tits to get what I want
without slating your needs" Amber declared, humiliating herself in the hopes of
heading off any punishment.

     The two teacher's moved their arms up and down so that Amber bounced up and
down on the jump rope, causing extreme agony to course thru her pussy.

     Perhaps it was the minds defences or perhaps she really was a slut, her
body having forgotten to tell her, but Amber starting cumming again, no despite
the pain, but because of it.

     As Amber was made to bounce up and down on the skipping rope her
mountainous melons  bounced as well, her huge orbs almost hypnotic as they did

     When the teacher's arms grew tired, they let her down. "On your back bitch
and let me suggest you get used to the position, a sweet piece ass like you will
be using frequently in life" Mr. Stokes explained to the hottest student he'd
ever taught.

     Amber did as she was told knowing that she'd better beg to have young pussy
pounded or be punished. "Please Mr. Stokes, I've been a bad girl and need to be
punished with nice brutal rape, please make it hurt as much as possible, teach
me I nothing but a beautiful pain slut."

     Agony shot through her pussy as Mr. Stokes slammed his big dick home. He
grabbed Amber's him and started plugging away at the youngest, wettest, and
tightest cunt he'd ever violated.

     Amber big tits bounce enticingly, so that Mr. Stokes couldn't keep himself
from shoving his face into Amber pillowy tit flesh.

     "Oh, Oh, Oh" Amber muttered as she was hit yet again with an orgasm.
Amber's convulsing cunt milked Mr. Stokes's cock into cumming, his salty man
chowder flooding Amber heavenly passageway.

     No sooner than he'd pulled out, than Fred came back with a riding crop, for
the school's horses.

     Amber knew what it was for and what she had to do. "Please, please spank my
ass, spank my ass like daddy does" Amber said, unable to believe what she was

     Fred brought it down once on each of Amber's long sensitive nipples. Amber
yelped each time, after which she was made to lay down on the ground her tits to
the floor.

     Fred nodded at the teachers and than at Amber's big knockers. Mr. Stokes
stepped on Amber's left tit with both feet, while Mr. Hinge stepped on Amber's
right one.

     They started jumping up and down on Amber gigantic tits, while Fred had at
Amber hot ass, whipping mercilessly.

     Amber cursed her body thru her pain as her body got more turned on then
ever, ignoring her wishes to the contrary.

     "Please jump up and down on my beautiful young tits masters and please
spank me like dirty whore" Amber begged, her humiliation never ending.

     Until this day Amber had never imagined that her huge tits could endure so
much pain, yet not only was she surviving it her body had come to crave it.

     Amber's hand found it way to her pussy of it own accord and Amber was
shocked to find herself finger fucking herself to another awe inspiring climax,
desperate for anything to relieve some of the pain.

     Finally the teacher's got off Amber's jugs and Fred tossed aside the riding
crop. The Janitor knelt down on Amber's tits, a knees pressing painfully into
each tit and smacked her face with his huge cock.

     "Please...Master torture my tit and brutally rape my face, show my what a
whore like me is for" Amber begged, hoping it'd be over soon.

     The Janitor grinned an evil grin and gleefully started fucking Ambers face
in as sadistic a manner as possible.

     Mr. Stokes got behind Amber and shoved his cock up Amber's ass, making the
popular and beautiful girl squeal in a most humiliating way.

     Mr. Hinge wasn't to be left out, rubbing his cock all over Amber's back
before he joined Mr. Stokes in Amber's rectum.

     The two huge cock pumping in and out of Amber's ass at the same time left
Amber scream, but cock in her mouth muffled most of it.

     Finally Amber started cumming again, this time almost thankful for the
distraction it proved from the agony in her bowls.

     The teacher's eventually pulled out of Amber's ass, shooting a couple of
creamy loads onto her sexy ass.

     Soon after the Janitor fed Amber his salty elixir, smacking her with his
cock till she swallowed it all and thanked him for the privilege.

     Fred had taped it all and continued to tape as Mr. Stokes went to get more
tools and equipment to torment Amber with.

     "Please master my go to the bathroom" Amber asked fearfully, only the shear
pressure on her bladder made her ask.

     Fred tossed Amber her clothes, which he'd brought with him. Amber thought
this meant he wanted her dressed, but gave he very different orders.

     "You can piss on those, here and now" Fred commanded. "And because you fail
to beg for it before I asked you'll be punished" he added.

     Amber fought back the tears of frustration his cruelty. She squatted over
her clothes and prepared to urinate on them.

     Amber cursed Fred silently. This was her favourite outfit and it cost over
two grand. Finally Amber forced out of stream of piss from her tight pussy,
sprayed her costly clothes with pee that would ruin them.

     Amber continued peeing on her clothes till they were complete soaking wet
with urine. Amber waited until bladder was empty before moving away from the
smelly pile of clothes.

     "Thank master for making me pee on my own clothes, it was one of the most
humiliating things ever" Amber said, hoping to spare herself further torments.

     Mr. Stokes returned with an arm load of stuff. He tossed Amber some new
clothes. Amber tried to put the white tee-shirt on first, but she couldn't get
it over her huge tits, so her tits were left exposed.

     Amber than put on the matching gym shorts, which happened to be cut up so
that it was little more than crutchless short shorts.

     Mr. Stokes shoved a three fat fingers into Amber's pussy in an effort to
emphasis how exposed she was and vulnerable to sexual abuse she was.

     He buried his face in Amber's heavenly tit flesh. Amber tried to keep from
looking disgusted in fear of further punishment.

     "Please molest me, my big titties are exist for you to play with master,
and my cunt exists for you to violate and use" Amber offered.

     Mr. Stokes pulled towards the a bench with a glass prism from the math
department on it and Amber's stomach churned with dread.

     Amber could already tell what they had planned for her. "Please master,
I've been a bad little whore and I need to be punished, may I sit on the prism"
Amber requested, almost choking on the hated words.

     Mr. Stoked nodded his approval so Amber forced herself to place a leg on
either side of the bench and to lower self onto the prism. It was painful, but
it was nothing compared to the pain when Mr. Stokes used the gyms pulley system
to lift the bench into the air.

     As if that was cruel enough, Mr. Stokes tied huge mesh bags filled with
heavy basket balls and soccer balls onto Amber's legs, causing Amber even more
pain as she hover in the air.

     Amber's scream caught in her throat and tears pour down her cheeks. It was
by far the worse agony yet.

     Her only relief was when that pain became so great that in typical pain
slut fashion, she started cumming.

     Still Amber was too busy with the pain to feel the humiliation yet. The
would have to be a torment saved for later.

     "Cup your tits and bounce up and down" Fred shouted up at Amber. Amber was
too afraid of further punishment to disobey, even it the haze of pain.

     Amber some how managed to bounce up and down on the prism, causing her so
much pain she was barely able to keep from passing out.

     The pain was so great she was hoping to cum to relieve some of the pain,
but it was forth cumming.

     Just as desperate stuck her, she started creaming. Amber rubbed her clit
with one had, while fondling one of her enormous tits.

     Amber had finally had enough and fainted, falling off the bench. Thankfully
her big fake tits acted like air bags, saving her from any injury.

     "I had to tell you what to do" Fred observed, handing Amber a bucket full
soapy water. Despite her agony wrack body, Amber did as she thought Fred wanted.

     "Master, may I please wash the floors of the gym with my beautiful tits"
Amber muttered halfheartedly.

     "Not enough enthusiasm, for that you'll lick the floor clean first and than
mop it up with the gorgeous tits of yours!" Fred said, grasping at any excuse to
punish and humiliate the beautiful girl.

     Amber stuck her tongue out and at an dangerous glance from, lick the floor.

     It was gritty and tasted worse than she'd imagined. Amber kept at the
distasteful and time consuming task.

     After two hours of licking every square inch of the floor until it shined
Amber finally done. "You missed a spot bitch" Fred said, pointing to the growing
pool of urine on the floor, as he continued pissing.

     "Oh, crap" Amber mutter under her breath. "What was that?" Fred asked
hearing Amber muttering.

     "Thank you master, a dirty bitch like me deserves to be treated like your
toilet, please master piss in my mouth, teach me that I nothing but your
urinal!" Amber begged, trying her best to keep the look of self disgust off her

     Fred changed direction of the stream so that he was pissing into Amber open
mouth. Amber forced herself to swallow all of it, to the amazement of those
watching Amber failed to spill so much as a drop of pee.

     The others joined on using Amber as a beautiful urinal. Amber decided that
as gross and humiliating as it was to be used as public urinal it was better
than licking piss off the floor. They than took turn raping Amber again.

     To Amber despair she had a more orgasms. When it seemed like they didn't
have anything let Amber go.

     Amber felt relieved that it was over but Fred had over ideas. Fred had
always wanted to see a women masturbate while watched.

     "I want to see you play with your self before you are released". Amber
tried to dart out of the gym, but Fred and the janitor blocked her way. "There
is not way I going to finger my self for your sick amusement" Amber declared

     "Play with your self or we'll rape your ass again" Fred promised as he
grabbed the camcorder. Resigned to her fate Amber sat on the bench.

     Amber was glad to see that her nipples weren't deformed as she gently
tugged on them. Amber laid down and started teasing her nipples. She slowly
moved her hands down her supermodel like body.

     She teased her cunt lip gently at first but than slipped a finger inside
her self. Amber thought about having her ass, mouth and pussy being raped. T

     his turned her even more and she slipped another two fingers inside of
herself. "Oh yea that nice" she muttered as she frigged herself. "What you
fantasying about?" Fred asked, watching his victim fingering her self with

     "You raping my mouth and throat while the janitor rapes my ass" Amber
admitted, lost in a haze of lust. Amber arched her back as a series of screaming

     The janitor whispered to Fred "Ms. Amber Slut here is a loud one when she
cums, ain't she". Fred nodded his agreement.

     "The janitor and I have agreed to let you go in a moment but first, while
the janitor get's your gym shorts from your locker your going shove a salmi up
your cunt and one up your ass while I fuck your tits" Fred said to the already
sexually abused beauty.

     "But you'll let me go after right?" Amber asked hopefully.

     "Yes but remember if you tell anyone about what we did to you we'll send a
copy of this tape, with you fingering yourself, to your parents and friends so
tell no without our permission" Fred threatened as he cupped Amber large
mammaries spheres, weighing them in his hands.

     Amber answered fearfully. "I won't, I promise, just please don't show
anyone I beg you not to show my family and friends, I'll die of embarrassment."

     The janitor left the room so Fred handed Amber the foot long salmi's. Amber
slipped the first one into her tight cunt. It stretched her pussy lips almost as
much as the dicks did. She than got off the table so that she could shove the
other salmi up her rectum up her. Amber struggled trying to figure out how to
get it up her tight hole when Fred simple grabbed the salmi and violently rammed
it all the way up her asshole in a single thrust. Amber screamed in mixed

     It provide to much for the poor girl so she dropped to her knees, her legs
no longer able to support herself.

     Fred took advantage of this by forcing his huge cock down Amber throat. He
than removed his dick from her mouth and replaced it with his big hairy sack.
Amber was forced to suck on Fred's hairy testicles sack, but she sucked on them
like they were addictive as crack. He than pulled his sack out of her mouth, and
rubbed them in her face.

     Next he cupped Ambers smooth tits and wrapped the firm, but pillowy globes
around his throbbing man meat. Fred raped Amber's poor tits slowly at first but
faster and harder as he approached his climax, his cock a blazing comet between
her gigantic basket balls. Amber shrieked as a titgasm exploded like a supernova
in her planarity orbs.

     Fred squeezed Amber's 38FF cup tits as hard as he could when unleashed his
load, the soft flesh yielding under his fingers.

     Amber's face and tits were covered in cum, so Fred made her lap up the
salty seed, the olive skin slut purring at the creamy texture as it slid down
her throat.

     Just as she finished cleaning her boobs with her tongue the Janitor
returned with her gyn shorts. Amber looked up with relief believing her ordeal
was finally over.

     She was about to remove the salmi's, which were almost completely inside
her but Fred stoped her. "Leave them in, our going to walk home with them inside
you". Amber was shocked by this new cruelty.

     "Please no..." Amber begged to no avail, realizing that the pair of
perverts got off on knowing she was going keeping cumming all the way home. The
humiliation of this made her wetter, making it worse.

     "Unless you want your family to how much you like playing with yourself and
being raped you'll do as I say" Fred ordered. Amber left them in, believing she
had no choice in the matter and put her shorts on. She pulled down her top and
ran out of the room in tears, horrified at what at being raped, but also at
finding a part of herself that had enjoyed being raped, a part of herself she'd
wish to know, but now would be with her always.

     Fred was pleased. He'd sell copies of the movie to all his horny friends.
They would never believe he had raped Amber Smith and gotten away with it. But
this was just the beginning..

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