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The Stinky Girl

Part 1


This is adult/erotic literature.

This story may contain unsavory

and/or socially unacceptable behavior.

Do not read if it is illegal for you to do so

or if you find such material offensive.

The author does not advocate

or condone illegal behavior.

The Stinky Girl

© 2004 by Naughty Puppy

Walter Humphrey scratched his head as he considered the blueprints on his drafting table. Such was the level of his concentration that he failed to twice hear the rapping at his office door.


Walter jumped and turned to see his daughter's head peeking through the cracked threshold. "Angie! Haven't I told you to knock?"

"I did," the girl insisted. "Twice. You didn't answer."

Mr. Humphrey creased his brow as he searched his memory. "Maybe I didn't hear." He shrugged. "Knock louder next time."

"Yes, sir," Angela replied.

Walter grinned. His daughter never addressed him with such regard unless she wanted something. "What do you want?"

"Can Gabriella spend the night?"

Walter felt his thighs twitch as he pictured the sultry brunette with the saucy accent. "Gabrielle?" He feigned ignorance. "Which one is that?"

" Gabriella ," Angela corrected. "You know. Brown hair. Thick eyebrows."

Mr. Humphrey shook his head absently. "The one that got the scholarship to play softball at Cal?"

"No," Angela replied impatiently. "The one from Italy."

"The one you said needs to bathe more often?" Walter recalled.

Angela smirked. "You said it before I did."

"I did?"


"Oh," Walter mused. "Maybe so. I thought seniors were too old for sleepovers?"

"I am," Angela noted. "But she asked and she's been nice lately, so I thought I should be nice back."

"Ok," Mr. Humphrey said. "I guess she can spend the night. Keep the music down though. I'm kind of busy."

"Thanks!" Angela closed the door at once.

Mr. Humphrey went back to his drawings and worked for the next several hours in complete oblivion to all that transpired beyond his office.

"Hello Mr. Humphrey."

Walter jumped, dropping his ruler. He turned to see his daughter's friend standing at the door in a bathrobe. He glanced to his clock. "Are you two still up?"

"I am," Gabriella announced as she walked through the door, shutting it quietly behind her.

Mr. Humphrey politely tried to contain his annoyance. "Do you need something?"

The girl ignored the question and sauntered over to the drafting table. "What y' doin'?"

"Working," Walter snapped. "Do you need something?"

"Yes," Gabriella said. She let her robe fall open as she hovered over the man's drawings.

As if by gravity, Mr. Humphrey's eyes were drawn to the widening seam.

Gabriella cut her eyes sideways and smiled as she noticed the man's gaze drop. Slowly, she turned her form sideways, allowing him a better view.

Walter inhaled abruptly as a portion of one of the girl's breasts slipped into view. He looked quickly to her face only to find her eyes locked on his.

Gabriella looked back to the drawing table, running a single finger lightly across a blueprint, as if she were teasing it. "Is this a two-by-four?"

Mr. Humphrey sighed impatiently. "No. All the studs are metal."

"There's no wood in your drawing, Mr. Humphrey?"

Walter creased his brow and smirked. "No. It's commercial grade. Against fire codes."

"Do you always obey the rules?"

"Of course."

"What about that wood?" Gabriella looked at the man's groin. "Is that a commercial-grade stud? Does it always play by the rules?"

Mr. Humphrey gaped for a second before recovering. "That's absolutely none of your business! And speaking of business, I have a lot of work to do here."

"These aren't supposed to be any of your business." Gabriella momentarily flipped open her robe, offering a full, though brief, glimpse of her right breast. "But that didn't stop you from breaking that rule, did it, Mr. Humphrey?"

"I, I…" Walter stammered.

"It's ok," Gabriella interrupted. She demurely lowered her gaze as she pivoted to fully face the man. "If I didn't want you to look, I wouldn't have let you."

Walter began to protest. "Look? I didn't…"

Gabriella only smiled more broadly. "You're still looking." She let the robe fall completely open; entirely presenting her bare torso and the two pert breasts that resided there.

Walter backed away, holding his hands vertically before him as if to shield himself. "Wait!"

Gabriella did nothing of the kind. She strode quickly forward. Grabbing the man's hands, she walked her firm bosom directly into his open palms.

Walter gasped as his hands involuntarily gripped the girl's supple flesh.

Gabriella continued to smile. "Nice, huh?"

"My wife…" Walter protested.

"Asleep," Gabriella replied.



Walter pulled his hands from the girl and retreated. "What do you want?"

"Let me think." Gabriella put an index finger to her warped lips as her eyes sarcastically roamed the ceiling. "I know. I want to know if you really think I'm stinky."

Walter frowned. He started to ask where she had heard that, but he knew the answer. "I may have said something like that once, but maybe you'd been playing sports or something that day."

"I don't play sports."

Walter tongued his gums as he tried to find a way to get the girl out of his office. "Perhaps I had you confused with someone else."

"What if you didn't?"

"What if?"

"Well," Gabriella sighed symbolically. "I don't want to be stinky. You know stinky people can't usually smell themselves."


"So, do I still stink?"

Walter scowled as he examined her still damp hair. "You've just showered. How could you possibly stink?"

"I showered before and you said I stunk."

Walter released a long sigh. "What exactly do you want?"

"I want you to tell me if I stink."

"You don't!"

Gabriella grinned. She vaulted herself onto the edge of the drafting table, pushing and wrinkling the drawings in the process.

Walter gasped and reached for his precious papers.

"Oh," Gabriella uttered in a decidedly mocking tone. "Are these important?" She picked up a few of the papers.


"Well," Gabriella began, "Maybe you can tell me if I really stink."

"You don't!"

The girl brazenly tucked the bottom of her robe beneath her spread thighs, revealing her pink clad loins. "Have a good sniff," she demanded. "Just to be sure."

Walter gasped and recoiled. "Look…" His speech stopped and he saw the young vixen bring her right hand to the designs she already held in her left, threatening to tear the sheets. "Don't!" he gasped.

"What's so important?" Gabriella asked with a wry grin. "Can't you just print more off your computer?"

"No," Mr. Humphrey said sharply. "Give them to me." He took a step forward.

Gabriella moved her two hands slightly, tearing the edge a fraction of an inch. Walter stopped in mid stride.

The girl grinned cruelly. "Are these important?"

Walter swallowed. "Yes. I need them Monday for a bid."

Gabriella sighed. "And if you don't get the bid?"

Walter's eyes wandered. He hadn't dared consider that possibility.

"It's ok," Gabriella said. "Angie told me about you having to hock the television. I don't want you to have to lose more than a silly TV."

"What do you want?"

Gabriella wiggled her thighs slightly as she held the papers aloft between her menacing fingers. "Come on. Sniff, sniff."

"Please," Walter begged. "What do you want?"

The girl creased her brow and her lips. "I want you to smell my pussy you stupid old man! And I mean now !"

Walter tensed as the sound of the girl's voice ripped the quiet night.

"I can yell louder," Gabriella whispered. "If you don't get on your knees and put your face to my panties this instant."

"Ok," Walter stammered. "Then will you give me my papers and leave?"

" Now ," Gabriella hissed through clenched teeth.

Walter stepped forward and put his nose a good half-foot from the girl. He inhaled briskly twice and backed away. "Smells fine."

Gabriella shook her head and frowned. Her nose wrinkled as her fingers moved again, the soft grinding sound of ripping paper wafted across the room.

"Wait," Mr. Humphrey said.

"On your knees," Gabriella insisted.

Walter's eyes began to moisten as his resolve and legs crumbled simultaneously.

"That's better," Gabriella hissed. "Now get over here and put your nose close so you can get a good whiff."

Walter inched forward, his nose tentatively leading his body.

"Closer," Gabriella demanded as the man continued to scoot toward her. "Closer," she coached. "Keep coming until you feel my panties on the end of your nose."

Walter leaned forward, shivering as the sheer fabric touched the end of his nose.

"Close your eyes and breathe," Gabriella demanded.

Walter complied.

"Deeply!" Gabriella demanded. "I want to hear your breath!"

Walter's chest moved noticeably as he obeyed. The musky smell of woman filled his olfactory cavities; a subtly decadent smell, yet completely enticing; exactly the way a pussy should smell. He leaned a bit farther into the girl, feeling the fur beneath the fabric surrender slightly to the pressure.

Walter jumped as the fabric suddenly moved. His eyes opened to see Gabriella's left hand holding the fabric aside, exposing the girl's incredibly thick vaginal pelt. His eyes bulged wider as he saw the crease within her hair; a gnarly, mottled gaping, gash. He had never seen such an ugly snatch before.

The man had not long to contemplate the hideousness of the sight; the girl's other hand was already in action. She cupped her palm behind his head and pulled, burying his face in her loins.

Walter immediately pushed against the edge of table, straining to free his face from its containment. He found her grip surprisingly strong, but nevertheless he escaped within seconds.

"Alright," Mr. Humphrey growled. "This has gone far enough."

Gabriella just smiled and held up her cell phone. There, in the miniature window, was a picture of the man with his face buried in the girl's fur.

"Give me that!" Walter barked, snatching the device. His mouth gaped as he saw that the girl had caught him with his eyes closed, blissfully sniffing her bounty.

"How are you going to make your Monday presentation from jail, Mr. Humphrey?" Gabriella asked giddily.

Walter scowled. His lower lip protruded. He hastily examined the wide array of buttons on the phone. "How do I erase this?"

"It doesn't matter," Gabriella said. "I've already sent it home."


"It's sitting in my e-mail folder now," Gabriella explained. "Or some server somewhere." She shrugged. "Newark maybe."

The girl hopped from the table. "Not that it matters." She strode boldly to the man. "The point is, you are mine."

Walter's expression contorted. "What kind of stupid game is this?"

"Tell me who you belong to," Gabriella insisted.

"No one!"

"Really?" Gabriella raised her eyebrows in an overtly sarcastic manner. "I think you either belong to me," she shrugged, "or some guy named Bubba in San Quentin."

Walter's jaw dropped and simply hung loosely. "You wouldn't?!"

"No?" Gabriella queried. "Well, I guess it's Bubba then. Pity. We could have had some fun too. But I'm sure Bubba and his friends will appreciate your decision." The girl started to walk toward the door.

Mr. Humphrey looked at his work and considered all he had to lose. And he considered Bubba too. "Wait," he said with a sigh of resignation.

Gabriella stopped, turned, and smiled. "Yes?"

"What do you want?"

The vixen sauntered back to stand directly in from of the man. "I want you to tell me who you belong to," she whispered.

Walter sighed. "You."

"Bad attitude," Gabriella noted through pursed lips. "I expect better. Try again."

"You," Walter said softly.

"Get back on your knees then," Gabriella demanded.

Walter rolled his eyes. "But…"

Without warning, Gabriella brought her palm forward, cupping the man's still rigid member. Mr. Humphrey jumped back as if the light touch had carried many thousands of volts. "I thought so," she said. "You want to be mine. Now get on your knees before I have to get mean ."

Walter wondered what exactly mean was. Ripping up his drawings? Turning the pictures over to the cops? Screaming good and loud until his wife came? Too many choices, Walter concluded quickly; and all of them bad. He reluctantly knelt.

"That's so much better," Gabriella said. She stroked the man's hair with one hand as she put the other hand inside her panties and rubbed her crease vigorously.

"What do you want?" Walter asked yet again.



"Because I love being in charge," Gabriella noted. "I knew I could control you. Don't think I didn't notice you checking me out. How many times have you touched yourself and thought of me?"

Walter looked at the carpet.

"That many, huh?" the girl continued. "I suppose you deserve a taste of things to come." She moved forward and nimbly tossed her right leg over the man's left shoulder, so that her calf dangled behind his back.

"Lick it," Gabriella demanded, pulling her panties aside. "Taste my pussy."

"Why me?" Walter asked.

Gabriella shook her head. "You men are so stupid. First you want something, then it's right in front of your face and suddenly you get curious. Lick!"

Walter expended his tongue and ran it lightly over the girl's steamy crease.

"You call that a lick?" Gabriella scolded. "Get your fucking tongue in there where I can really feel it!"

Walter shivered at the girl's crass command, then obeyed it.

"Yes," Gabriella hissed confidently. "You know who you belong to, don't you?"

Walter withdrew his tongue and gulped. "Yes."

"I bet your dick is really hard now," Gabriella guessed. "Isn't it?"

Walter gulped again. "Yes."

"I'd like to let you get back to work," Gabriella sighed. "But how can you work with such a hard on? I know. Lay down."


"On your back, worm!" Gabriella snarled. "Now!"

"Ok, ok," Walter muttered as he tentatively reclined.

"That's good," said Gabriella. "Now get your cock out for me."


"C'mon," Gabriella urged. "It's not too puny is it?"

"No!" Walter stammered reflexively.

"Ok, then," Gabriella said. "Let's see it."

Walter did not move.

Gabriella reached into her pocket and produced her phone. "I see your dick or the cops see this. Which is it?"

Walter grimaced as he reached for his belt.

Gabriella smiled and put the phone back in her pocket. "That's right," she said as the man fumbled with his briefs. "Show it to me!"

Walter tucked the elastic of his underwear beneath his balls and put his hands by his side. The absurdity of the situation struck home. His face went red. He tried not to weep like a schoolboy.

Gabriella tossed her robe aside and walked to the prone man. She stood over his head and squatted. "Smell me."

Walter moved his head upward and breathed again. He closed his eyes as he sampled the girl's seductive aroma.

Gabriella settled slightly, pressing her womanhood against the man's face. "Stroke yourself for me."

Walter froze.

"You heard me, old man!" Gabriella scolded. "Grab your cock and start jacking off!"

Walter tentatively moved his right hand, encircling the rigid rod with his palm. Slowly, he began to work his way up and down the shaft.

Gabriella smiled. "I love watching a good hand job. It gets me plenty excited."

Walter could feel the folds of her snatch as he rubbed his nose in the fabric. Soon her scent increased and he detected some dampness beyond the cloth.

"Lick me some more," Gabriella demanded.

The man extended his tongue, trying to reach around her panties to the bounty beyond.

"No, dumb ass. Move my panties with your teeth."

Walter twisted his head to bring his teeth to bear. Seizing an edge he pulled the garment to one side, only to have it spring back as soon as he released it. His second attempt fared no better.

"Never mind," Gabriella said as she abruptly stood. "You're taking too long. I guess you better just do yourself and then get back to work. I've distracted you long enough. See you later." Without additional comment, she donned the robe and left the room, closing the door carefully behind her.

Walter looked at his overly teased cock and sighed. Laying his head back he looked at the ceiling and wondered exactly what had just happened, and what would happen as a consequence.

On the other side of the house, Angela awoke to her shoulder being shaken. She peered into the darkness, after a few seconds making out her friend's face. "What?"

"You know that vibrator you asked me to buy for you last month?" Gabriella whispered.

Angela's nodded. "Yeah."

"Good. Where do you hide it?"

Walter heard the front door open and close, but didn't think anything of it; Angela usually arrived home from school in mid-afternoon. "Hello, honey," he called absently without moving his eyes from the television.

"Hello, Mr. Humphrey," Gabriella said softly. "I heard you won the contract. I'm very happy for you. Especially since you have more to lose now."

Walter jumped from the chair. The man had not seen the vixen in the month since their late night encounter. Initially he had been quite worried, but as the days passed he had begun to hope, even believe, that she only meant to embarrass him for an isolated quick thrill.

"Hello, Gabriella," the man replied, trying to speak in a very calm and civil manner.

Gabriella smiled. "Were you expecting someone else?"

"Angela," Walter nodded. "She should be here any minute."

Gabriella shook her head. "Thursday."

Walter's brow creased and his eyes wandered.

"That's right," Gabriella said as a look a revelation swept the man's face. "She has choir practice today. And Mrs. Humphrey picks her up after school. How thoughtful. They won't be home for another hour and a half."

Walter gulped. "Why are you here?"

Gabriella snickered naughtily. "Why, to make use of my property, of course."

"I'm not your property!"

"You are!" Gabriella insisted in a firm whisper. "You know it too." She pulled a folded piece of paper from her pocket and opened it, presenting the picture to the man.

Walter gaped as he saw himself apparently performing oral sex on the girl. "Do you want money?" he asked quickly.

Gabriella tilted her head and smiled. "Sure. A twenty would be nice."

Walter's hand rushed to his wallet and extracted a bill. "Here."

Gabriella quickly pocketed the cash. "That was thoughtful of you, Mr. Humphrey. Nice to know you care." She strolled away, but not toward the exit.

"Where are you going?" Walter asked.

"Why to your bedroom, of course."


Gabriella continued walking. "Come along. You are going to lick my quim properly this time. I'm going to cum on your face right where your wife will sleep later."

"I just paid you!" Walter argued.

Gabriella paused for an instant. "I know. Thank you. But that's not why you're going to suck my cunt. I'm not a hooker, you know." She turned and continued on her way.

"Stop!" Walter cried.

The girl kept walking, letting the illicit picture slip from her grasp as she moved. "Oh, did I drop something?" She sported a wry grin as she glanced over her shoulder. "Well, I'll just have to be more careful. I wonder what would happen if I left one of those in the wrong place? Do pick it up and come along." Turning her head, she strutted down the corridor and into the Humphrey's bedroom.

Walter picked up the paper and followed.

"Which side is yours?" Gabriella asked as she eyed the couple's bed. "No; don't tell me. Let me guess." She pointed to the right side. "That side is yours."

Walter nodded.

"You don't seem very enthusiastic," Gabriella noted. "You might want to perk up a bit. We don't have all day, after all." With that, she began to slip out of her clothes.

"Stop!" Walter demanded.

"I give the orders here, old man," Gabriella asserted.

Walter shook his head. "This is crazy. You can't…"

Gabriella wrinkled her nose and grabbed the man's arm, digging her fingernails into his flesh.

Walter pulled away and gawked as blood rushed to fill the gouges.

"Maybe I'll put one of those on your face," Gabriella said. "It'll make the part where you tried to rape me sound all the more believable."

"I never touched you!"

"Oh, but you did," insisted Gabriella. "I have a picture. Remember? If it's not statutory rape, it's at least some sort of indecency with a minor. Whatever it is, I'm sure it's illegal. You are going to do what I say. Or I will simply stay here until your wife gets home. What are you going to do? Call the cops? Kill me?"

"Now I'm tired of wasting time," the girl continued. "Get your clothes off and lie on the bed; your wife's side of the bed ."

Gabriella did not even look at Walter as she continued to disrobe. Each passing second revealed a new portion of the girl and a new reason for him to accede to her wishes.

What can she make you do that you don't want to? Walter finally asked himself. In that moment, he was lost. In what seemed like the next instant he found himself lying nude in his wife' customary sleeping position, the similarly unclad damsel straddling his abdomen.

"Who do you belong to?" Gabriella asked as she ground her ever-moistening mound into his flesh.

"You," Walter sighed, the sight of the young girl's body having completely transcended whatever willpower he still possessed.

"And what are you going to do?"

"Whatever you want."

Gabriella smiled as she squirmed. "That's so much better. I'm glad you finally decided to see it my way. Stupid boys at school always want to do things their way, not mine. Thursdays are going to be so much fun. Are you ready?"


"Good," Gabriella said. "Open your mouth and stick your tongue out as far as it will go." She smiled broadly as her minion obeyed. "Yes, like that."

The girl scooted forward until she straddled the man's head, and then arched herself into a seated position atop his face.

Walter's eyes bulged, then watered as the girl's sharp scent overwhelmed his sinuses.

"Oh," Gabriella sighed. "I forgot to bathe this morning. And yesterday too. Well, I didn't really forget; I just don't see the point in spending so much time in the shower. Especially, since I have my own personal pussy cleaning service. Start licking. Let me feel your tongue!"

Mr. Humphrey gasped as he complied, doing his best to cleanse the acrid odor from the girl's hispid mound.

"Lick over to the side too," Gabriella giggled as she shifted her position slightly. "I sweat a lot sometimes." Closing her eyes, she undulated her abdomen, partially riding her attendant as he served her.

Some minutes and many instructions later, Mr. Humphrey noticed a sudden change in the girl's flavor. Soon she was grinding her gash onto his face.

"Oh, yeah!" Gabriella screamed. "Lick my pussy. You know you love it, you miserable worm. C'mon. Put your tongue where your dick will never get to go. Yeah, that's right. Fuck me with it. C'mon. Stick it out farther." She paused to squirm.

Gabriella suddenly grasped the man's hair as her passage simultaneously gasped his tongue. "Leccarme, ragazzo! Piu profondo!" She forced her mound onto his face as the muscles in her body tensed.

An instant later Walter felt a torrent of briny fluid flush from the girl's loins into his gaping mouth. Gagging and sputtering, he withdrew his tongue instantly. Unwilling to ingest the fluid or expel it onto his wife's pillow, he simply froze, his cheeks puffed wide with their burden.

"Berlo!" Gabriella commanded. "Swallow! You aren't afraid of a little girl cum, are you? Ok, maybe it's piss; I don't really know, but you better drink it down just the same and get your tongue back to work. I'm just getting warmed up and I can't have you stopping to gargle every time I squirt."

Fifteen minutes and almost as many mouthfuls later, the girl finally began to cool down, slowly decreasing the pace and fury of her grinding until she sat blissfully atop her reluctant lover.

By then, Walter's mouth ached from the exertion.

"That was good," Gabriella said. "For the first time anyway." She glanced back at Mr. Humphrey's cock. "I think maybe such noble service deserves a little reward."

The girl slid slowly backward, leaving a slick trail across the man's torso as she went. Deftly splaying her ass cheeks, she wrapped her buttocks around his already rigid rod. Using her left palm to hold the man's cock securely in the crease, she began to tease his tip with the thumb of her right hand. She smiled as she found the shaft already seeping.

Gabriella began to ride slowly up and down, feeling the cock slide slowly between her cheeks. "Look at me," she demanded. "Am I pretty?"

"You're gorgeous."

"Do you like my little titties?"

"They're perfect," Walter gasped.

"That's nice," Gabriella purred. "Maybe I'll let you suck them someday when you've been especially good. Would you like that?"


"Do I still stink?"


"Do you like licking my stinky pussy?"


"You want to lick it next Thursday too, don't you?"

"Oh," Walter groaned. "Yes."

Gabriella increased the pace. "Are you going to cum all over my sexy ass?"

"Oh, yes," Walter repeated. His breathing grew raspy as his excitement mounted.

"Are you mine?"


Gabriella suddenly stopped. "Are you going to do whatever I say, whenever I say it?"

Walter's face melted as his cock begged him to beg her. "Yes," he pleaded. " Anything ."

"I thought so," Gabriella whispered as she began to undulate again, this time pushing hard with her hand, forcing his cock deep within her by now well-lubed fissure. "Cum for me," she demanded. "Squirt your load all over my sexy butt."

Walter whimpered as he complied.

Gabriella smiled as she felt her right hand being saturated with his slimy seed. She kept moving up and down as his manhood continued to pulse, soaking her crack with his jizz.

"Thank you," Walter muttered as his cock began to shrink and his pulse began to lessen.

"You want to thank me?" Gabriella queried naughtily. "Don't worry, you will. Follow me." Clasping a hand to her buttocks, the girl rolled off the man and sprinted awkwardly from the room.

Walter gasped. Having no clue where she was headed, he jumped up and proceeded after her. He had barely cleared his own room when he saw the vixen in his daughter's domain.

Like a cat, Gabriella crawled onto the bed. She pointed her ass skyward while resting her head sideways on the other girl's pillow and her arms tucked neatly beneath the cushion. She merely looked back at Walter without saying a word.

Mr. Humphrey swallowed as he gawked at the lovely girl in an ostensibly vulnerable position; her arched back leading to her hairy pussy and semen laden buns, both fully completely exposed. Physically, she was completely at his mercy.

Yet the both of them knew the opposite was true and her deliberate pose made the point all the more poignant. He was hers. Period.

Walter looked at her lovely face. Gabriella's big brown eyes gazed expectantly back, her lips parted in the subtlest of smiles. He knew what she wanted even though she said not a word. He looked back to her exposed snatch as his own seed began to seep down her crease.

Walter crawled onto the bed behind the girl and brought his broadly splayed tongue to her shaggy seam. He drew his cleansing appendage upward, collecting his offering as he went.

"Yes," Gabriella whispered. "That's right. Lick it for me! Lick it all off!"

Walter ran his tongue beyond her quim, onward to her anus and beyond, running the full length of her crack before withdrawing to begin a second pass.

"Yes, you pathetic worm," Gabriella squealed. "You know how to do it. Suck my pussy and my ass! Lick them both !"

Mr. Humphrey continued the routine several more times, carefully cleansing the girl from the top of her vulva to the base of her spine.

"That's so good," Gabriella purred. "I knew you'd be the perfect little ass licker. You've licked my pussy enough. Lick my ass now!"

Walter brought his tongue back to the girl's anal portal, running his appendage first among the tufts of hair that guarded the passage.

Gabriella shivered as she felt the rush of adrenaline surge through her body. She knew he was hers. Power being the ultimate aphrodisiac, she basked in her own glory as the man performed what she perceived to be the ultimate form of servitude.

The vixen's ass wiggled as she squirmed with delight. "Clean it all out for me. Worship all of my ass, not just the edges. Get your tongue in there and clean it all ."

Walter closed his eyes and turned his attention to the pink and puckered rosebud itself, pressing his tongue into the wrinkled core.

"Oh," Gabriella moaned as she felt her sphincter probed. "Yes! Stick it inside ." She paused a moment to consciously override her instincts and relax her muscular ring. "Yes, like that. Right up my ass! Farther! Oh, that is so good. I love having my ass licked! From now on it's your job to make sure my little butthole stays nice and clean."

"And my pussy too of course," the girl added quickly. "That's right, lick them both! Oh, that's so nice. Clean them good for me. You know how I hate to be stinky!"

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