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Part 10 Cosmetic surgery

Part Ten: Cosmetic surgery

"Time we made our way indoors", Sir Peter said. "I'm getting hungry I don't know about you."

Richard agreed with his host that a spot of lunch now would be the thing and the two men set off for the manor house, with the dogs and Amanda trailing behind. They returned by way of the lakeshore and at one point, Sir Peter motioned with a stick as though he were going to throw it into the water. At the last moment he stopped himself, laughing at the expression on Amanda's face.

"She'd follow it in if I'd thrown it", he remarked to his guest, "even if it meant swimming for the thing."

Richard had little doubt that she would. He'd seen enough evidence of Amanda's obedience already.

"Still, as pretty as she looks when her uniform is soaked through, we don't want her dripping on the carpet over lunchtime."

The dogs were returned to their kennels and a dishevelled Amanda unclipped from her collar and allowed to stand up again. Her work wasn't over. Once in the dining room Amanda performed the duties of a waitress, serving up a light meal for Sir Peter and his guest. The businessman continued his story as they ate…

It so happened that with our surrogate mother finally ready for use there was a small delay in proceedings. It was because of Vivian's job. We wanted to time our child's birth so that she could have a holiday for a couple of months beforehand. That way, she'd be out of the public eye when she was supposed to be coming to term. Any suspicion that the baby might not be her own would be correspondingly reduced. But there was an important Paris show which she really wanted to attend at the key time. So we decided to defer planting a fertilised egg in Amanda's belly for another few weeks. In the meantime, a little medical check-up could do no harm.

At the end of September I rang Dr. Stebbings to make an appointment for Amanda at his Harley Street surgery. I was delighted with the progress of the girl's treatment and complimented the good doctor on the success of his exclusive therapy. In sixteen short weeks Amanda had been transformed from an outgoing, vivacious and independent young woman into an apprehensive, quiet and above all obedient little creature. Selected, seduced, spanked, and now effectively enslaved within four months: I felt that I was entitled to be pleased with myself!

The doctor was happy to give Amanda a health check and suggested an implant - a clever little miniature bloodstream monitor to make it easier to regulate her medicine.

We travelled to London in my chauffer driven Bentley. I had plans to stay in the capital for a week so that I could attend a number of important meetings and an old school friend had lent me his flat in Holland Park. The apartment would need cleaning and when Eddie didn't need Amanda she could serve as my maid and bed toy for the duration.

"The doctor is going to take care of some important business for me", I told the blonde, running my hand freely up and down her legs. "I want you to be a good little girlie and do exactly as he tells you."

She carried my cases up three flights of stairs then unpacked them and ran me a bath. There was no time to play with her so I restrained myself as I dried and dressed. We left on foot for the surgery after a light lunch.

Out on the streets I realised that this was the first time that Amanda had been exposed to any sort of outside influence since I'd assumed direct control over her at the manor house. For a moment as I took her arm I was just a little nervous. Would she try and bolt for freedom? Would she become hysterical? I needn't have worried. If I was a little nervous Amanda was positively anxious and even afraid. The conditioning had bitten deeply enough to set the pattern of her dependency and she was too confused to contemplate escape. She clung to my arm as we walked to Dr. Stebbings surgery like a little lamb being led to the slaughter. I must say I was proud of her. Or perhaps I should say I was proud of my achievements with her. If you had seen her that day, dressed smartly in shiny black open toed sandals with conservative flesh coloured tights, a trim knee length navy blue skirt and a thin cotton blouse which showed a hint of her crisp white underwear beneath you would have noticed little difference between her and a score of young women walking through the crowd. She looked like nothing more than a remarkably pretty but conventionally dressed office worker. I might have been a father, taking his daughter to lunch. How many people could have guessed that this twenty four year old, nearly thirty years my junior was in reality my thoroughly domesticated sex slave? How many people could have guessed that I had so recently achieved such complete mastery over her body and mind and enjoyed such a wide variety of intimate pleasures with them both? It would soon be time to put that delicious young body to another use - the one my wife and I had planned for so long. And in the meantime, today, we'd have a little check-up…

Dr. Stebbings' practice was in an expensively appointed group of apartment rooms on the first floor of an elegant Georgian town house. The antechamber was richly carpeted in red and green. Dark panelled wood and subdued lighting together with some tasteful and rather expensive works of art lent an air of opulence to the premises. I was pleased to recognise Carol behind the desk, dressed in exactly the same sexy clothing as she'd been wearing when Dr. Stebbings had taken her to show to me in the pub. She offered me coffee, pointedly ignoring Amanda. This etiquette was only a recognition of the proper nature of our relationship and by now Amanda was far too timid to even notice the slight. I fancied that there was a hint of contempt in Carol's attitude towards the new patient. I wondered what Amanda would think if she knew that it was this same young woman who had seduced her boyfriend and persuaded him to dump her. Perhaps one day I'd tell her!

Amanda crossed and uncrossed her legs in nervous anxiety as I sipped my drink. On this occasion her underwear was unadulterated with any itching powder, it was a simple reaction to tension.

"Oh for heaven's sake stop fidgeting Amanda!" I admonished her. She reminded me of a seven year old in the dentist's waiting room before a dreaded filling - she had the same ill defined fears and the same helpless reliance on forces outside her control. In a certain sense it was a good analogy. My lovely blonde companion had the body and mind of an adult but her conditioning had indeed reduced the all important range of her emotional responses back to the easily malleable and dependent forms of childhood. I gave her a tight smile and she bit her lip and looked at the floor.

We were soon ushered into the surgery where the doctor and three lovely nurses awaited us. Dr. Stebbings greeted me warmly and eyed Amanda up and down with evident and hungry interest.

"So this is the patient is it? An excellent choice sir, I must say. My wife has told me what a fine young specimen Amanda is but I must say that seeing her in person for the first time she has exceeded Patricia's description. I shall look forward to seeing a lot more of her - in the flesh as it were - and to working on her shortly."

He rubbed his hands in a most unpleasant manner.

"This is my senior nurse, Helen", he continued. The girl was about the same age as Amanda. She had raven dark hair cut into a neat bob above a pale and pretty face. She was wearing a white cotton dress with black stockings and shiny black high heels. It was rather a caricature of a nurse's uniform, which would never have made it into an NHS hospital! The heels were completely impractical for any sort of heavy duty work and her red lipstick wouldn't have passed regulations either. But for the doctor's private patients - the male ones at any rate - young Helen presented a highly desirable vision of nursing beauty. She might not be good for their blood pressure but she'd be good for their libido.

"Helen has been specially trained for this work", the doctor said with a wink which confirmed to me that she had been conditioned.

"Kirsty is Helen's deputy", he continued indicating the second nurse, a pretty little package perhaps two or three years older than her senior colleague. Her long strawberry blonde straggle cut hair was similar to the style Amanda had favoured but darker in colour. She was a little shorter than Helen with lean with well turned legs and a trim little bosom. Her pale blue eyes were widely set in a lily white face and she bit her lip quite fetchingly as the doctor spoke about her.

"And Sara is the junior nurse", the doctor said, concluding the introductions. The final member of his medical staff was no more than eighteen or nineteen at the outside. She was a cute teenager with short neatly styled honey blonde hair, a golden tan and powder blue eyes which she lowered demurely. Her long legs looked lovely in the regulation black nylon and her pert little breasts were fresh and firm beneath her uniform. She seemed even more nervous than Kirsty, constantly glancing at one or more of her superiors for reassurance.

"Helen is in overall charge of all the nurses but Helen and Kirsty both have responsibility for Sara's training."

Although I didn't understand the intricacies of Eddie's relationships it was quite clear to me that Carol, Helen, Kirsty and Sara were all part of his harem and more or less under his control. They were four little crackers! I had to hand it to the doctor - he certainly knew how to pick his staff!

"Now Amanda", he continued briskly, "we need to start with a routine inspection so we'd better have your clothes off. Stand still whilst Kirsty undresses you dear."

Amanda looked at me nervously but I just gave her a stern look in reply as the trim little nurse began to unbutton her blouse. My blonde maid was almost a passive manikin moving her limbs only as guided by the nurse as Kirsty methodically stripped her before our eyes. When requested she stood on one leg, bending her other knee to raise each foot in turn so that her sandals could be unbuckled. She stepped out of her skirt and tights when they'd been tugged down to her ankles and allowed her blouse and bra to be removed without protest. She was a model of obedience and I think the doctor and I both found this medical strip show quite amusing and somewhat stimulating.

"Let's have you on the couch", the doctor said to her. Amanda offered no resistance as she was led to the long tilting framework at the centre of the surgery. Once on the table, Helen took charge, lifting the patient's feet and strapping them into a pair of stirrups, which hung from the ceiling. Amanda's wrists were secured to the side of the couch with wide leather cuffs. A broad collar of nylon netting pulled taut across her neck and fastened to the framework made it impossible for her to raise her head above the low pillow which cushioned it.

"Now what have we got here…", the doctor said. He adjusted a pulley by the side of the couch to raise Amanda's legs and pull them apart. My lovely blonde acquisition was now perfectly positioned for the most intimate of examinations. Her bottom and her sex were lifted off the couch and held open by the stirrups. Her legs, stomach and bare breasts were easily available to the casual wandering hand.

"Spatula please, Helen!", Stebbings ordered his nurse. A flat steel spoon was produced from a refrigerator and the doctor proceeded to insert it between Amanda's labia pushing the delicate folds of her sex apart so that he could probe deeply within. The girl gave a cry of surprise as the cold metal touched her skin and she flinched involuntarily.

"Oh do be quiet!", I cautioned her, impatiently and she subsided into a trembling acquiescence.

"This all seems to be in order", Stebbings said at last after he had poked and prodded about to his satisfaction.

"Thermometer nurse! Now, lets have this right up your bottom my dear…"

The slick glass instrument soon found its way into Amanda's rectum.

"Very good. Now slip the headphones on the patient please Helen", the doctor ordered. I watched in some surprise as a pair of large black earpieces was fitted snugly round Amanda's ears.

"What's the purpose of that?" I queried.

"They prevent the girl from listening in on what we're saying and knowing what's going to be done to her. And, too there are some low frequency sounds containing coded messages that help to complement the ones in her standard program. With an hour or so of the headphones we can test the absent language protocol."

"The absent language protocol?"

"I'll explain it later", he said. "Now, have you considered having the bitch depilated?", the doctor asked me. "Many men prefer a nice smooth cunt and I must say I agree with them. Of course you can always keep a wench clean shaven or have her waxed on a regular basis but I can offer you a more permanent option if you're interested."

As he spoke he moved up to Amanda's chest and began to handle her breasts with all the appearance of professional indifference, hefting the soft young flesh between his palms and running his thumbs over her nipples. I noticed that his manner towards Amanda had become markedly cooler and more vulgar now that she could no longer hear us, treating her like an object rather than a person. The front of his trousers, however, belied the signs of clinical detachment. The doctor was clearly becoming rather aroused by the delights of Amanda's fine young body and I have to say that I was finding the whole experience somewhat stimulating myself and wondering if I would get a chance for a frolic with one of the delectable little nurses.

"What would that involve?" I asked.

"Well, I have perfected a treatment for the permanent removal of unsightly pubic hair. It's rather a long drawn out process I'm afraid but I think the end result is worth it - always assuming that you can spare Amanda for a couple of hours on three separate occasions before we do the implant."

I thought about it carefully. The medical implant was the only treatment we'd discussed. I hadn't expected that Amanda would be making more than one visit to the surgery. But did that really matter? I was here for a week so there'd probably be time to fit in the extra appointments.

"The way it works is that the patient is stimulated in the sensitive area to ensure a flow of blood through the nerve endings", the doctor explained. "Each hair is then stretched to the point of breaking and a small electric shock applied to the skin at the same instant that it is pulled out by the roots. I gather that the effect is exquisitely painful but the result is that the root is killed completely and the hair does not re-grow. The only problem is that the sting of the excision tends to cancel the swelling of the flesh caused by her arousal so the patient has to be repeatedly brought back to the point of orgasm before each hair can be harvested. Of course, she mustn't be allowed to achieve a climax during the process or it delays the whole thing even more…"

"Sounds intriguing", I admitted.

"Yes, well it is. A perfectly routine operation though. In fact I've trained my nurses to perform it in pairs (with some supervision from me). Apart from little Sara, all my staff have been through the process from the side of the patient so they know how it feels!

The only thing is that we will require three sessions. That's because a young woman can't really stand the treatment for too long at one time."

I mentioned my business plans to the doctor.

"I don't see why we can't fit Amanda in on Wednesday and Friday for the follow up sessions", he said.

"Oh why not then? I must admit it would be convenient to have the girl's pussy nice and bare for me."

"Excellent", the doctor replied. "Then I suggest we devote this afternoon entirely to your case. I have no other appointments so I shall tell Carol to shut the office and join us."

This was no sooner said than done. The sexy secretary went to sit on a low stool in the corner of the examination room, smoothing her short skirt somewhat ineffectively up to the sheer black nylon that clung to her knees. It was quite plain that Eddie liked his girls in black hosiery! All four pairs of legs were sheathed in dark nylon of one form or another ranging from the nearly transparent sheer shade that adorned Carol's limbs to the virtually opaque style of Sara's stockings, which would not have looked out of place in a schoolgirl's uniform and somehow made the pretty student look a year or two younger than her calendar age. In between, Kirsty's tights were of a more conventional thickness, not so sheer as Carol's but still barely allowing the pale flesh tones beneath to colour her legs, whilst Helen's were a darker black with a hint of blue, still finely meshed but closer to opaque. All black hosiery, yes, but in four delightful varieties.

Helen took a syringe and injected some clear fluid into Amanda's left arm below the shoulder.

"That's a special cocktail which is perfect for this treatment", the doctor commented. "But we mustn't forget that we're going to kill two birds with one stone here. The main item on the agenda is your semen contribution. I'll need a sample to fertilise Vivian's egg. One of the nurses can take care of that whilst the other two start work on Amanda's depilation. I believe in offering my clients the opportunity to combine business and pleasure in the matter of sperm donation. I think you might find it enjoyable and helpful to witness at least a little of Amanda's treatment whilst your chosen nurse attends you. Why don't you select the one you'd like to help you with the donation?"

Now there was an offer and I considered it carefully! Any one of them would make quite a pleasant aid for my donation. Helen's svelte figure and classically chiselled face looked stern on the surface but a wicked twinkle in her eye promised some fun underneath her uniform and a level of sophistication unmatched by the other nurses. Kirsty was a top notch package with an intriguingly firm pair of tits, lovely legs and a trim bottom. Sara had the benefit of youth in her fresh young form adorned with a pleasing veneer of insecure elegance.

After some deliberation I elected to have Kirsty attend to my needs. There was something about her understated but luscious little body that reminded me somewhat of a slightly older version of Amanda.

Helen and Sara began. The blonde teenager placed a large cushion beneath Amanda's bottom so that her pubic area was forced into the air, prominently displayed and accessible for them to work on.

The doctor and I took seats at the foot of the couch in a prime position to observe the operation. "Turn the monitoring on, please Carol", he ordered. His secretary went round the room and adjusted the controls on four video cameras fixed into wall and ceiling brackets. A television screen by the side of the couch came to life, showing a clear picture of Amanda's nervous young face in close up. This removed the obstacle of natural geometry and allowed us to study her reactions to the coming operation in some detail, even though the collar round her neck prevented the patient from raising her head and so denied her any opportunity for symmetrical rights.

"I often keep records of some of my more interesting cases", Eddie Stebbings told me. "Strictly for the purposes of medical science, you understand", he said with a wink. "Of course, as Amanda's employer, you'd be entitled to a copy for yourself."

It was Sara's job to stimulate Amanda, whilst Helen wielded the electric needle that would sterilise the root of each pubic hair. They worked from opposite sides, straddling Amanda's left and right leg respectively and it took an interesting few seconds for them to assume their places. Amanda's legs had first to be lowered in the stirrups and Carol then fetched a high stool from the corner of the room and placed it under Amanda's right knee. Sara now positioned herself on top of the stool, her legs scissoring over Amanda's knee and her own knees dimpling the black leather upholstery. She bent forward so that her lips and tongue could make contact with Amanda's clearly displayed sex. Perched in this situation, the back of Sara's white uniform dress now rode up high enough to let me see quite clearly the tops of her self support stockings and the pale tautness of her bare bottom thrust up above the stool. Noting my interest the doctor remarked that he didn't allow Sara to wear any knickers. As a trainee it was often necessary to punish her and knickers would prevent easy access to her bottom. This seemed like a sound policy.

Whilst Sara was getting into position, Helen straddled Amanda's left leg, raising her own right leg high to slide it over my maid's bare limb. I must say that she managed this awkward manoeuvre with considerable grace, succeeding in retaining her high heel shoe despite the fact that it slipped away from her heel for a brief moment. Nevertheless I was granted an intriguing glimpse of the shadowed interior of her stocking clad thighs, before she was safely astride the patient. A moment later her poise was disturbed rather brutally when at a signal from the doctor, Carol pulled a cord that raised Amanda's leg up high again, this time pressing forcefully into the raven haired nurse's crotch to the extent of obliging her to stand on tip toes with a gasp and an eye watering gurgle. I caught a naughty twinkle in the secretary's eyes and she even flashed me an impish and flirtatious smile as she lowered Amanda's limb a little until Helen was just able to stand squarely in her high heels again. Even so the senior nurse must still have been acutely conscious of the pressure of Amanda's upper thigh between her legs.

Kirsty started her work as we watched. The strawberry blonde nurse, cautiously removed my trousers and with long delicate fingers, rolled a thin rubber membrane carefully round my rapidly swelling member. A sample bottle was connected to the end of the tubing so that my ejaculates could be collected to fertilise my wife's egg. I reached for her stocking clad thighs and ran my hands up and down them. She sat on my lap and I treated her to a little kiss.

"Come here now Carol", the doctor ordered his secretary. "I think I'll have some rectal fun with you whilst Peter and I watch Amanda's operation. Skirt, shoes, tights and knickers off please, dear, quick as you can. Then bend over that chair and hands flat to the floor! Hurry up now!"

I was very impressed by Carol's unquestioning and rapid obedience. One day I hoped that Amanda would be as well trained as this sexy brunette. Despite all the quality female flesh on display in that surgery, Carol was probably the best - the finest tits and the cutest arse with a very winsome face - she could have been a model on Vivian's books if she'd ever had the inclination (and if she hadn't fallen into the doctors Stebbings' clutches of course!) So to see her comply so readily with Eddie's casual authority over her body was arousing in its own right.

The doctor eased Carol's buttocks apart with thumb and forefinger then slipped his length deep into the cushion of her plump but firm little bottom with a sigh of pleasure. He shuffled into a more comfortable position. The unfortunate receptionist must have been far from comfortable with her fingers pressed to the floor and the blood rushing to her head.

"When the nurses are all busy and I need a little relief I like to make use of Carol as a convenient little cum dump", he said. "She wears a butt plug to bed every night to keep her back passage open so it's easy to bugger her."

I said nothing, but stroked Kirsty's lovely legs and wondered how long I could last before I'd be filling the sample bottle. The doctor nodded to Helen, who gave Sara a sharp tap on the rump. The work began. In the monitor I watched Amanda bite her lip suddenly as Sara applied her tongue to the patient's sex, licking, kissing and nibbling at the sensitive skin. My blonde victim hadn't been able to hear about the depilation and so she had no idea what was in store for her. She'd clearly been growing nervous but was quite unable to leave the couch. Helen's left hand reached out and began to stroke Amanda's taut young stomach, making light circles round her navel. The deep plum coloured nail varnish, hard shiny and sophisticated, contrasted most pleasingly with the pale tension of the soft and innocent skin beneath. There was a detectable quiver in Amanda's smooth indrawn belly - something with a frequency higher than breathing and higher even than the pounding of her anxious heart. I suspecting it was a tiny muscular spasm brought on by stress and arousal, for there was no doubt about it, Sara's work was beginning to have an effect on her.

I took Kirtsy's left hand and opened it up gently, stroking each of the digits as I pushed my own between them. The little blonde nurse had sensitive fingers. Was that the faint impression of an absent wedding ring I detected? I guided her hand down to my cock and closed it round the shaft. She started to masturbate me.

Helen's right hand reached into the top pocket of her uniform and produced a long thin metal instrument with a prominent black switch at the back. I deduced correctly that this was the electric probe that would be used to depilate Amanda but whether the unfortunate blonde could guess its purpose I had no way of knowing. I did see Amanda's eyes widen appreciably when Helen made a play of stroking her under the chin with the ominous looking tool before bending over to give her a teasingly malicious kiss on the nose.

Now Helen stopped circling the blonde's belly and selected one of Amanda's pubic hairs with her left hand. She wound it round her middle finger and pulled it so that the underlying flesh was stretched into a painful tent of moist skin and nerve endings. Amanda's sex was puffy and pink, oozing an involuntary, fearful sexual arousal. Sara had brought her almost to the point of no return but Amanda clearly knew that it was Helen who was in charge. She looked up at the senior nurse with an expression of silent pleading, eyes fixed on her tormentor like a doe before the hunter. It wasn't obvious what she was pleading for. But it was quite obvious what she got!

A number of events now happened in rapid succession. Without relinquishing her hold on the electric probe, Helen used her right hand to pull Sara's head away from Amanda's pubic mound, tugging on the teenager's short blonde hair to achieve obedience. Then in one fluid motion she brought the probe to bear at the base of her chosen pubic hair, flicking the switch to impart a fearful little electric shock as she simultaneously pulled it out by the root. That hair would never re-grow!

Amanda gave a loud squeal of anguish. Her right leg bucked in a reflex spasm pressing firmly between Helen's legs. This might have been painful or arousing. Watching the raven-haired beauty's face I caught a shudder of desire and could only conclude that in some perverse way Helen took pleasure from the enforced intimate contact between her sex and Amanda's bare upper thigh.

I'd been stroking Kirsty's flanks and beneath her crisp white uniform and a lacy white bra and I'd discovered a succulent little right breast. I squeezed it now. Hard. In turn, Kirsty applied the most delightful pressure to my rod and less than two seconds after Amanda had been so cruelly denied her orgasm I had my own, ejaculating cleanly and copiously into the sample bottle. The doctor gave a grunt of pleasure and I realised that he was filling Carol's bottom with his own seed.

"One down, three hundred to go!" he said with a chuckle as we all subsided. And sure enough Sara was already back at work stimulating the flow of blood to Amanda's sex in her own very sweet way.

Now that my sample was safely stored I was free to enjoy my pet nurse in a more straightforward manner. Seeing the way that Eddie was using Carol put me in mind of some similar fun so I had Kirsty strip naked then bend over the chair and offer her rump to me. Studying her lilywhite arse so submissively presented, soon had my member rigid again. It was a delightful sensation to sink my pole into the tight hole at the heart of her soft bottom.

I was astonished by the speed with which Amanda was being aroused again and guessed correctly that it was an effect of the injection Helen had administered. I had only just settled comfortably in my new seat when Helen plucked Amanda's second pubic hair, once again denying the lovely blonde an imminent orgasm.

This time Amanda's anguished yelp subsided into prolonged sobs.

"Oh for goodness sake, silence the bitch can't you Helen!" the doctor complained.

The senior nurse reached to the table where Amanda's clothing had been discarded and found the scrap of white cotton cloth that had been her panties. I watched on the monitor as she leaned forward again and with an apparently lazy ease, pinched Amanda's nose and held it closed until the girl was forced to open her mouth wide to breath. At this point her panties were pushed down her throat and her lips fastened with white surgical sticky tape. Nothing more than muffled moans and the odd gurgle could make its way past that.

As Sara began to prepare Amanda for the removal of her third pubic hair I saw my lovely possession's hands clench and unclench with mixed arousal and fear. She knew what was going to happen now but it wouldn't make the experience any more bearable! On the contrary, the anticipation of the electric shock in her sex must have been almost as bad for the poor girl as the actual shock itself. Amanda's eyes were wide, her breathing shallow through her nose as her mouth slowly moistened the gag of her panties. Her nipples were stiff and her sex swollen. She was acutely sensitive to every nuance of her ordeal.

Helen took her time selecting the third hair, dallying over different choices and tormenting Amanda by prolonging the moment. I felt my cock twitch inside Kirsty's bottom in anticipation. And when the excision happened I wasn't disappointed. Amanda's body convulsed with the energy of her truncated desire and once again her thigh pressed forcefully between Helen's legs and seemed to give the nurse some perverse reward.

As work commenced on the fourth hair I asked the doctor how he managed his staff so effectively.

"If you want to discuss confidential matters we'd better take a little security precaution", he began. "Carol. Code Babel On. Nurses. Code Babel On."

Each of the lovely young women replied in turn.

"Code Babel acknowledge"

The doctor explained that this was part of the absent language protocol, a special feature of his conditioning technique.

"When the girls have acknowledged the code the are no longer capable of understanding what we are saying until I speak the reverse code. You should be able to do this with Amanda too after today's session because at the same time as she's being depilated she's getting a good dose of subliminal treatment through her headphones.

I don't mind discussing most things in front of my staff. Even though they are all more or less aware of how I control them they can't do anything much about it. But there are some refinements of my techniques which work more effectively when they're ignorant so a little privacy like this is useful."

He paused momentarily as we watched Amanda spasm and gurgle whilst the fourth hair was removed. I came in Kirsty's bottom. My own thoroughly satisfying orgasm was neatly synchronised with the denial of my blonde pet. Kirsty bucked under me, her firmly skewered buttocks making a delightfully soft pillow for my loins. I had the feeling that the pretty nurse wanted to escape but I'd no intention of letting her go. I squeezed her breasts firmly and her struggling subsided.

"Excuse me a moment", the doctor said. He lifted himself and thrust powerfully back into his secretary's pert little bum. Carol gasped and then the luscious young brunette was receiving a second generous dose of her boss's spunk inside her tight back passage.

The fifth hair had been removed whilst we men were enjoying ourselves with the pair of naked women the doctor had provided for our comfort. Work was starting on the sixth hair.

"Now to answer your question", the doctor said, "the key to keeping my stock of pretty bitches in line, lies principally in exercising total control over their sexual pleasure. It's exactly the same as I've been teaching you to do with Amanda but I'm further down the road with these beauties. None of 'em has a boyfriend or a partner of any kind. That was the first thing I had to sort out. Carol and Kirsty, whose soft little bottoms we're enjoying, were both happily married young ladies when I first employed them. I arranged for them to be separated and divorced. In Carol's case I sorted out a suitable replacement for her husband. Kirsty's husband received some interesting photos of his wife being pleasured by Helen. In both cases the men were soon resolved to be rid of their wives though not without a few tears from them. I was here to pick up the pieces and assume command of their bodies. Sara hasn't been with me for very long as yet so I've only got as far as isolating her and beginning a little light lesbian conditioning. The others are now fully fledged bi-sexuals with fixations for one another's bodies which ensure that they are more or less constantly aroused. And I've made sure that despite this sexual reorientation they continue to prefer cock to pussy when they can get it, so they're more anxious to please me than to please one another.

I maintain a rigid dominance hierarchy with a complex set of rules and a variety of penalties for transgressions. Helen is at the top of the chain. She has authority not only over Kirsty and Sara but also over Carol. She has the duty of helping to enforce my instructions and I allow her certain privileges to reflect that status. For instance, she's the only member of my staff permitted to masturbate without supervision. I also let her use Kirsty for sexual release in whatever way she likes. Kirsty's been conditioned to feel a special attraction to Helen - she's totally dominated by her younger boss. I haven't granted Helen the same right to punish or pleasure my secretary in private but on a couple of occasions I've let her spank Carol under supervision. I think Carol dreads the prospect of being put under Helen's more intimate authority. She sees the way that Helen controls and disciplines Kirsty. I know Helen would relish the chance to use and abuse Carol in the same way. I like to play with this tension, teasing both girls with that threat and promise. Sara is there to provide Carol and Kirsty with an outlet for their own stresses. I give them both opportunities to spank her and she's learning to please with her tongue and lips! So all in all my four girls are a very interesting little collection and a source of much pleasure. Not that I object to the opportunity for an occasional added extra when the chance is presented to me. I'm rather hoping you'll let me sample your maid's pretty body!

Now that you have Amanda fairly well tamed the route I'd recommend you take with her next is to enforce even stricter control over her pleasure. She should be made to realise that there is no pleasure for her except through pleasing you, and you must become more demanding in the standards of sexual performance you expect from her. A bit of denial is good for her now. By all means enjoy yourself with her mouth and bottom but see that her own orgasms are limited to the times when you permit it and that you permit it infrequently. Believe me, she'll soon be craving your cock like she's addicted to it and she'll make special efforts to gratify you just for the chance of permission to climax. It'll be worth it!"

I listened to this advice with considerable interest and resolved to follow it.

At that moment there was something of a hiatus in the proceedings. Sara made a mistake in her treatment and allowed Amanda to climax. No sooner had this happened than Helen stepped in, in a most forceful manner! Sara gave a loud squeak of surprise as her bottom received a very sharp slap, quickly followed up by three more considered but equally hard blows.

"That's enough", the doctor said. He stood up and went over to the trembling teenager. His words to Sara were low but they carried.

"If you let the patient orgasm again, girl, I shall take the strap to your fat little arse and you won't sit down for a week!"

Even as he was talking, Helen was already working hard to arouse Amanda again, her fingers flickering skilfully inside the over stimulated blonde. My maid was stunned and at least temporarily exhausted. It was clear that the procedure of depilating her would be delayed by Sara's careless behaviour but already I detected signs that Helen was succeeding in restoring blood flow to Amanda's labia. The doctor signalled for Kirsty and Carol to help Helen by taking their station at either side of Amanda and sucking on a nipple each. This provoked a muffled moan of despair from the helpless blonde. I'd no doubt that the girls would claim more hairs before long!

I glanced at my watch and realised with a start that I had another appointment at the bank in half an hour. Although under other circumstances I am sure I would have enjoyed staying to watch the rest of Amanda's treatment it was time for me to go. If I were honest too, I'd have to admit that another two hours of witnessing those delectable nurses inflicting their cruel sexual management on my helpless maid might have been more than flesh and blood could stand. I'd already favoured Kirsty with a good dose of spunk and I'm not so young as I used to be. A short break for recuperation wouldn't hurt me. And in any case, I'd be able to see the video footage later.

I took my leave, knowing that Amanda was in good hands and promising to return to collect her at five o'clock.

"Feel free to roger the bitch if you want to", I said to the good doctor. Rather to my surprise he declined my parting offer.

"She looks delightful but I'll wait until next session, Sir Peter", he said. "This time, I think you ought to enjoy the benefits of finally taking the girl over the top. I can promise you it's quite an experience when a little tart's been warmed up by a long session of brinkmanship such as yours is going to have to endure this afternoon. I've already had the pleasure of taking Carol and Kirsty in that state. You must sample Amanda hot off the table and let me know what you think."

I went to the bank, then on to the shops and returned to the doctor's offices at exactly five o'clock, relaxed and interested. The nurses were finished with my ex P.A. and she was dressed again in her demure outfit but I detected a significant trembling in her legs as I kissed her. Her face was pale and drawn and her heart was fluttering.

"We've made good progress", the doctor said. "Another two sessions will finish her. Now take her home and give her a seeing too. She needs it!"

Helen gave me a mischievous wink and patted the blonde on the bottom, making her start like a frightened rabbit despite all the more intimate touching she had so recently been put through.

I had never seen Amanda quite so frantically aroused and frenzied for a proper quenching as the poor girl was that evening when we returned to the flat in Holland Park. It was a good job I'd taken some tablets to sustain me. She'd have exhausted many a man much younger than myself and without chemical assistance I couldn't have seen the evening through.

Amanda fucked like a wild animal, with total abandon and no evidence of higher thought patterns at all. She spread her legs wider than she'd been able to before I'd sent her to the gym and fucked with every ounce of her being, thrusting her hips against me as though her life depended on it. She wriggled, writhed and thrashed on the bed. Her climaxes were spasms of the most mind shattering intensity and she experienced a sequence of them, the like of which I had never imagined. Some occurred with my prick ploughing her desperately clenching cunt, others with my organ deep inside her bottom as she pushed her buttocks firmly back against me to let it fully invade her recently stretched anal passage. Later as I flooded her mouth, her own fingers (with my permission) were the agent of febrile stimulation and she came again.

We both slept soundly and woke late. The following day was a quiet one. Amanda was very subdued and thoughtful, even by her recent standards of enhanced docility. She'd spent a lot of time indoors recently and I thought a bit of fresh air would do her some good. We went for a walk in Regents park, the sharp autumn sunshine and the chilly autumn air both getting a chance to play across her bare legs. I kept my arm firmly linked through hers just in case she had any ideas of exercising more freedom than I wished to grant her. We had lunch at a small Italian restaurant where I chose the menu for both of us. I explained to the girl that there would be two more sessions of treatment, with the first starting on the following afternoon.

"I don't understand why" she offered in soft voiced apprehension. It was very unusual for her to question me now, even in this timid and indirect manner. Since she'd been reassigned to domestic duties my former P.A. had been generally very well behaved and especially so following the caning when I'd caught her masturbating. She seldom spoke without permission now and this was the first time she had dared to so much as voice an opinion on anything I said in a very long time.

"Basic hygiene Amanda", I told her. "We need to keep you clean, don't we?"

"But it's really horrible!" she protested. "And I don't like the doctor. He gives me the creeps. I think he's frightening."

This shouldn't have surprised me. Amanda's conditioning was focused on my wife and myself. She couldn't be expected to find Dr. Stebbings portly and aging figure as attractive as the ones she had been programmed to fixate upon. What I hadn't anticipated was that she plainly found him repulsive and rightly if unconsciously seemed to sense he was the focus of all her troubles. Not that it mattered. At the end of the day obedience conditioning was as significant as sexual reorientation. She would do as the doctor said because I'd instruct her to. And Dr. Stebbings obviously had no problems arousing Amanda whatever the strength of her revulsion.

"Nonsense!" I said firmly. "Dr. Stebbings and the nurses are just doing their job. You mustn't be so squeamish. Try to be adult about it."

That night we retired to bed early and without any sexual playtime. I was content just to savour the warmth of Amanda's naked body, like a living hot water bottle. She shivered a little under my touch and I knew she was worrying about the next day. I don't think she slept well.

"Please don't send me back to the doctors today master!"

Amanda's first words on the following morning came whilst I was idly fondling the blonde's left breast under the sheets, without passion as yet but with some enjoyment of the feel of the softly yielding gland as my fingers squeezed and kneaded it.

"You'll do as you're told Amanda", I responded mildly.

"I don't think I can stand another session like that! Really I can't!"

I bent over to kiss her, noting a watering at the corners of her eyes.

"Don't be silly!" I said, lying back again.

"Please master!"

Her pitiful pleading was quite touching but did nothing to affect my resolve.

"I assume that you don't want another caning?" I offered firmly, pinching her nipple at the same time.

"N… n… no master"

"Then you'll do as you're told. And one other thing Amanda. I've asked Dr. Stebbings to assess your sexual health to determine whether there is anything else that can be done to manage your urges. He'll probably need to test your reactions to intercourse and to various modes of penetration. I expect you to co-operate with him."

"Yes master"

She was resigned to it now and meek as a lamb, although as I kissed her again I saw silent tears welling in her eyes. What an excellent instrument of control the cane was proving to be!

When I picked Amanda up from surgery in the evening she was rather different from the desperately over excited young lady I'd had the pleasure of taking back to the flat after the doctor's first session with her. This time she was quiet and very biddable - less like a frantic wild animal and more like a thoroughly domesticated one. I put the change in her behaviour down to the doctor's "tests". She clung to my arms in a very fetching way, positively glad to see me.

"I trust Amanda has been behaving herself?", I asked Dr. Stebbings.

"Not entirely", Eddie answered with a grim smile. "But I think we've made good progress, nevertheless."

"And have you come to any conclusions about Amanda's little problem?"

"Well… I have some interesting preliminary results but no diagnosis yet, I'm afraid. I think we'll need to conduct more tests when the surgery is finished on Friday." He gave me a lecherous wink. Helen was smiling too and there was a mischievous twinkle in her eyes.

"Of course, of course", I said magnanimously, ignoring the convulsive shudder from my pretty blonde maid. "You must do what you think best. It's in Amanda's own interest after all."

I was half way down the stairs when Sara came scampering after me. The curvy blonde teenager looked flustered and tongue-tied.

"I… forgot something sir", she said, apologetic and blushing. "The doctor said you were to have this and that you might like to view it tonight. It's a record of this afternoon's treatment session."

She handed me a DVD, which I pocketed with a smile. I gave her trim little bottom a departing swipe which made her jump and squeak with surprise as she scurried back to her boss. No doubt the doctor would have a few more 'words' with the silly piece on the importance of efficient and businesslike behaviour. Sara was a tasty little morsel and of an age and inexperience that must have made her a piece of cake to dominate compared with the patience and guile that had been required to break Helen, Carol or Kirsty. Even so, I expect she still needed punishing from time to time to mould her malleable young mind in the right way.

I thought it might be fun to review the record of Amanda's latest humiliation that same evening and I was right. After a light meal, I instructed the blonde to strip and set the television up so that we could both watch it from the comfort of the bed where I was free to toy with my maid's body and mind whilst we watched her afternoon ordeal. As she bent to load the DVD into the player I was intrigued to observe that Amanda's bottom was decorated with the evidence of a recent sound thrashing. Perhaps that explained her humble relief when I 'rescued' her at the end of the session. Poor girl! The intimidating thought of punishment at my hands, which had compelled her into accepting a second session of treatment, plainly hadn't saved her from a good hiding at the hands of the doctor.

The footage of Amanda's depilation and subsequent sexual use and abuse in the doctor's waiting room was really rather good. Considering there'd been no time to edit the images it was remarkably compelling viewing. There were parallel channels from four cameras with auto focusing which had achieved pin sharp pictures of the patient's face and body. I was able to switch between these records at will with my right hand on the remote control as my left hand caressed the living body of the real thing.

"Tsk, tsk", I commented idly as Amanda squirmed in embarrassment beside me. "It seems like you had quite an afternoon!"

And so had the doctor! The depilation was amusing enough but the scenes where Amanda's sexual responsiveness was under test were most the most arousing. I now saw how her buttocks had picked up their red stripes. Obliged to straddle Eddie Stebbings on the couch, Amanda had bucked and writhed with his prick buried to the hilt inside her, charged not only with the intense sexual frustration that the prolonged depilation had provoked but also with the sting of the cane which Helen was administering to her bottom as the doctor fucked her. The pretty raven haired nurse laid into her blonde patient with a will! Helen's diminutive stature did not diminish the strength of her arm. Poor Kirsty and Sara would certainly suffer if they crossed Helen and I could understand why Carol was so anxious to avoid being put under the senior nurse's direct authority.

I couldn't take much more of these scenes without some relief myself. Amanda was tired and emotionally drained but my wandering hand stroking her trembling body as we viewed her abuse had restored sufficient sexual energy to the girl to meet my needs. She spread her legs obediently when ordered, moist and ready to receive me. So the evening ended in a long slow and satisfying coupling after which we both slept soundly.

I dropped Amanda off at the surgery on Friday afternoon and gave the doctor permission to keep her in overnight. There was still much to do and she wouldn't be ready for me to pick up until Saturday afternoon. Her depilation had to be completed of course and there was also some minor surgery to be conducted, the main reason why I'd brought Amanda to London to begin with. That would be the first part of the proceedings. Helen and Kirsty took charge of the patient straight away, undressing her and preparing her for the operating theatre. I was amused to see how readily Amanda surrendered to the pretty nurses. They'd obviously accustomed her to accepting their authority almost as easily as she accepted mine. Amanda was instructed to lie on a trolley then Helen pressed a mask to her face which covered her mouth and nose and was connected to a gas bottle on a shelf underneath. For a few seconds the expression of surprise in the girl's wide blue eyes looked as though it might turn to a fluttering panic. No one had explained anything about the forthcoming operation to Amanda and she must have expected only the rigours of the depilation. Kirsty pressed down firmly on her chest as she struggled to raise her head. I caught a last look of alarm and bewilderment and then a couple of breaths later the girl slipped into unconsciousness.

When she'd been wheeled into the operating theatre, the doctor showed me an example of the device which he would be implanting into Amanda's body. It was a small metal slug, roughly the size of the tip of my little finger. Modern science had succeeded in packing an awful lot of technology into that small volume. Near the top of the cylinder there was a small valve. He explained that after the operation the valve would fit flush with Amanda's skin at the back of her neck. It was possible to inject small quantities of drugs into the implant via the valve and they were then stored in two internal high-pressure reservoirs. The main purpose of the implant was to monitor the concentration of chemicals in Amanda's blood stream and to ensure that, as and when required, her medicine was topped up from the reserves. To this end, the device contained a number of sensitive microscopic detectors.

"It can all be controlled from your PC", Dr. Stebbings told me. "The implant will warn you when the reservoirs needs refuelling, long before there's any danger of your girl's bloodstream running too low a concentration of drugs. It also acts in a cruder way as a simple tracking device. I believe the idea is adapted from new livestock management techniques in the States. You'll be able to keep track of where the bitch is at all times and set the system to issue an alarm and a dose of tranquillisers if she ever wanders out of a preset range; quite a handy little security device. I know you have your property nicely in hand at the moment but there may come a time when you'll appreciate the extra security.

Although the simple will weakening drugs you've been using so far can be administered in food and drink, there's an extra benefit to the implant which simply isn't possible without it. With continuous monitoring it's possible to keep very tight control over a girl's level of arousal. If we classify the moment of orgasm as ten out of ten, you can set upper and lower permitted limits for a range of times. The system is very sensitive to the signatures of the neurochemical events that mediate a girl's sexual responsiveness. If it detects that her body is moving outside the prescribed limits it adds dampeners or stimulators as appropriate. They are very fast acting and they can prevent orgasms 99% of the time before the nerves pass the point of no return. There are some limitations imposed by the constraints of biochemistry and basic resource availability but not many. You can prolong orgasm for many minutes by setting the lower limit to ten, but it doesn't work indefinitely. It's quite fun to have a girl spasming out of control until she faints with pleasure. Or if you set a high lower limit but a narrow band to an upper limit short of climax, she'll be kept highly aroused but unable to come and very, very frustrated. That can be fun too."

I left the doctor to his work and returned next day after lunch for a final consultation. Amanda was paraded naked for my inspection. She'd been recently bathed and her hair was washed and blow-dried. Helen marched the blonde round the room a couple of times then left her to await a more intimate assessment. She stood in the surgery with her legs apart, face turned to the floor and hands behind her back.

I stroked the girl's bare cunt to study the success of the cosmetic work. This provoked a shuffling of feet and some rather amusing frantic little mewling noises from my pretty pet. The flesh was acutely swollen and quickly moistened with desire. But it wasn't the time or place to indulge myself. I'd fuck her later when I got her home. For now I was content to revel in this new evidence of my total dominance and in the satisfaction of knowing that no trace of pubic hair would ever re-grow for the remainder of the bitch's natural life. From now on, Amanda's sex would always be baby smooth all over; soft, pliant, and totally hairless. I liked it that way.

I went to stand behind her and ran my hand up the back of her neck. It didn't show at all but below her long golden tresses I could now feel the tiny metal button that gave access to the new implant. Pushing her hair aside the small valve could be seen; neat, flush against the skin into the spine and practical. A tiny circular switch redirected different substances for the different forms of chemical control into different internal reservoirs. Helen demonstrated the correct way to fill the drug reservoirs with a straightforward injection.

Then Amanda was taken away to be dressed, prior to accompanying me into the doctor's inner office to hear his conclusions. In five minutes she was ready for contact with respectable society, looking demure but still alluring even in simple flesh coloured tights, a plain black skirt and a black cotton blouse. We sat in front of Dr. Stebbings desk to hear a little lecture on Amanda's medical condition designed solely for her ears to reinforce the stories I'd been feeding her.

"You were quite correct in your layman's diagnosis" the doctor began pompously. "I've been able to confirm it with some proper medical tests and I can better judge the extent of the problem. Miss Jenkins is suffering from advanced nymphomania. Put simply, her sexual cravings are excessive, badly focused, and far too frequent. Obviously this wasn't apparent, Sir Peter, when you employed her or took her as your mistress and I can sympathise with the resultant difficulties you must have experienced. You were right to bring her here. Her urges must be brought under control if she's to work properly in your household. It's lucky for you, young lady, that your employer is such an understanding and thoughtful man. Lots of men in his position would have given up on you.

Now I recommend a course of drugs which can now be administered though the implant and continued aversion therapy. You say your wife is helping you? Very good. Corporal punishment will do Miss Jenkins no harm if she strays from the path. Let's see how she's progressed in six weeks shall we? I'll pay a house call and check up on her."

He couldn't resist a lecherous smirk at that point and I smiled too. We'd all agreed that six weeks would be the right time to plant our baby in Amanda's womb.

I was very pleased with the results of my brief visit to the capital for a number of reasons. Firstly there was the obvious one. The implant would certainly make it more convenient to keep the girl firmly under our control and she even thought there was a legitimate reason for her medicine.

Secondly, the installation of the absent language protocol was a boon. On the Saturday morning Dr. Stebbings spent some time testing my little blonde bitch in 'Code Babel' mode. By carefully observing the dilation of her pupils and the patterns of her brain waves as he asked her questions and made provocative and emotive assertions he was able to verify that this new special conditioning had taken hold properly. I now had no need to worry about Amanda understanding anything I didn't want her to hear. An effective level of censorship would block it in her own frontal lobes.

Thirdly the cosmetic surgery was something of a bonus. I hadn't expected to have the girl so thoroughly depilated but it certainly improved her appearance.

Last but certainly not least there were the psychological benefits of the trip. Amanda had developed such an aversion to the doctor and fear of his cruel nurses that my own treatment of her felt positively benign. She was grateful for my relatively 'normal' abuses and she had now formed an unfortunate association between the world outside the manor house and an exceptionally unpleasant experience. This worked on a growing timidity to make her apprehensive of future excursions. It put a subtle subconscious psychological block in place, which would help to dampen any possible future desire for escape.

As I drove her back to the manor house I was even considering some of the other options the doctor had offered…

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