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The Cage

Part 2 Preparation

2 Preparation

(M/f, Abd, NC, Forced Chastity, Cage, Abuse)

By Kray                                            

She lives in such cramped place from three endless months now, without leaving
it nor for a second.

She has been outside only at her arrival, during the 'Preparation', in which she
was even too much spread. She waked up tied to his terrible gynaecologic chair,
completely strapped and obscenely widened, and gagged.

She thought to a bad dream, a nightmare, but no, it was truth, she was at the
mercy of that horrible person, that was staring with lust at her exposed naked
body. She thought that he would have raped her there, with such a incredible
ease, but no, he hasn't taken her, in three months he hasn't never pushed his
penis into her low entrances... Only her mouth had a lot of work with it, while
her two crotch holes have had to savouring other things, beside his snoop rough

Instead, on the gynaecologic chair, he has wholly enjoyed on piercing her
restrained body in all its sensitive spots. Among her screams, during her first
day, on the woman chair, he has calmly applied her 13 piercings!

Two on her ears, that was intact, clear sign of her hate against needles and
corporal pain. <Your first boyfriend must have laboured a lot to deflower
you...> he exclaimed as soon as he noticed that her ears was not already
pierced, and one more time checking with one unrewarding finger her love canal
not virgin anymore. <... You hate the pain so much that you have even avoided
to perforate your ears... I'm so lucky to have got you, Mary!>. She taken her
first jolt of pain at the end of this phrase, when he dug the thick needle in
her left ear.

Ignoring her anguish he continued torturing her, decorating her next ear, then
her septum.

<Now I suggest you to push out your tongue, willingly. Now!> He summoned
her, slipping out the penis gag. And at her refuse, he simply putted the gag
anew in place and moves his attention to her tits.

After having applied a 3 cm steel ring through each Mary's nipple, or better
through Mary's areolas, while he has pierced her below the nipples, at the
halfway between the areola border and the nipple base, he slipped out anew her
gag, then, twisting her right fresh areola ring, he repeated the request
<Push out your tongue, stupid slave!>. This time she obeyed at once,
screaming loud, but at once.

With a clamp he restrained her tongue too, then he applied a ring in its centre,
an oblong ring.

Next, once gagged anew his prey, was the turn of her pussy, that received five
piercings, one for each labia, inner and outer, and one into her clitoris head,
during which perforation Mary fainted.

He waited that she woke up before applying the last two steel rings, at the
sides of her exposed anus, 2 cm far from its border, in the inner wall of her

He was careful in disinfecting her, and whole the procedure had been executed in
attentive hygiene... <... I care my properties ...>.

<Now the chains>. Each Mary's piercing rings has been furnished with one
metre of tiny steel chain, as that of necklaces, but very resistant. Once Mary
was inside her cage, each tiny chain has been threaded through special ceramic
eyelets, as those for fishing, but strongest, as those of deep-sea fishing. Each
eyelet is fixed on the cage bars, and it is placed 20 cm aloft the relative
piercing in Mary body. This way he's able to pull each Mary piercing from the
cage outside, hanging them fixed, or applying some weights at his discretion.
And moreover the eyelets ceramic material allows him to use the chains as
electrical conductors too!

9 chains pass through eyelets placed in front of Mary, while 4, those of her
arse and her ears, through that behind her.

By simply pulling the chains, the capturer is able to control the poor Mary like
a puppet.

<For the moment I'm rather satisfied, Mary, no more piercing today, now I
release you from your personal chair, and I meet you your new apartment...
But... Before it is better that I show you your new way to empty your entrails.
Once learned to endure the insertions discomfort, you will accepts the hoses
introductions without the need of this chair, but for the very first time it is
better to do it here>. Among her whinges he expertly slipped one Foley
urethral catheter through her pee hole, and he locked it in place inflating the
internal balloon. <Is It not too bad, isn't?... Just a little pain and a
great discomfort, but it is one important facility for both us: You will never
bore me with the need to pee, and your fresh pussy piercings will not get

Apart some wicked games, there are three months that she continuously urinates
through a catheter, although he takes care to replace it often with a sterile
one. And as he had foreseen, she's able to endure the substitutions right in her
narrow cage, allowing at her better her capturer's expert hand to reach her pee
hole through the bars.

And during her menstrual periods, she has widened her thighs to allow him to
replace the internal tampons too.

Also for her solid waste she needs to allow her master hands to work on her,
with a special asshole probe of an hydro-colon washing machine.

Every three days he carefully washes her bowels with the medical device,
shutting her rear hole with a butt-plug once terminated.

She can't even decide if, when or how much to eat or drink. She have to swallow
whatever he pours directly in her mouth though the 'pee hole' of the humiliating
penis gag.

Once she dared to shut the rubber penis pee hole with her tongue to prevent to
swallow more liquid soup. In reaction he first changed the penis gag with a
longer one, very unpleasant, impossible to shut with the tongue, forcing Mary to
swallow what scheduled. Then he detached the urination sac from her catheter,
and he putted the leaking hose in a big bucket. Then he hanged a special
container high over her head, and he connected it to her beloved penis gag.
<You have to drink whole the content of it... Swallow, Mary. Swallow
promptly>. It was a container almost full of 10 litres of saline solution,
and she have had to continuously swallow it for whole the day and the night. He
had obviously adjusted the liquid flow in the way that she was able to digest
it, but it has be a truly inauspicious day (and night) for the pitiable Mary.

The following morning, noticing the bucket at the feet of the drain prey full of
clear urine <Amused, my dear? Next time better you take without objections
what I've in store for you, or you will savouring the same treatment but
doubled, the first loop like this one just enjoyed, the second loop with the
upper container refilled with your own urine>. And despite the terrible night
just passed, it was the morning of another long day of upright tortures!

By Kray

... Any comment of yours would be really appreciate ...


Review This Story || Author: Kray
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