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Chapter 1


By TopCat

Chapter One

Carol was not your typical Iowa high school girl. She was raised by what could only be called a dysfunctional family. Her parents paid very little time concerned with her happiness or comfort. Her father was a long-haul trucker who enjoyed the job because it kept him away from his obese wife who rarely left the house except to go the grocery or liquor store. So it was only natural that Carol would be attracted to any source of attention.

She lived in rural Iowa and her nearest neighbor was a quarter of a mile away. She had to endure a forty-minute bus ride to get to school and she dreaded this daily trek. It was during these bus rides that Carol was subjected to the cruel ridicule of her peers as they mocked her poor cloths and her mother's appearance. Carol herself was a pretty girl who had developed quickly. Her ample breast and baggy clothes gave the impression of chunkiness that was unfortunate. In reality she still had a bit of baby fat to grow out of but she had a body that most would fine highly attractive. She was self-conscious of her body's sexual maturity and worked to hide it during these grueling bus trips.

It was on the last leg of her return bus trip on a dusty May day that Carol saw a sight that would change her life. Rapidly gaining on the trudging bus was a bright red motorcycle being driven by a blonde girl in a leather jacket. What was interesting to Carol as she gazed out the back window was that she recognized this girl as being new in school. Carol did not think she lived near her yet why would she be coming down this rural road if she didn't. As Carol watched, the mystery girl tore past the bus and sped down the road. This girl had been the topic of some gossip because she was a loner and seemed a hood. She took no grieve from the cheerleader types and had been rumored to have punched one out. Carol thought she was a striking girl with a tall athletic stature that Carol would love to emulate.

Carol watched as the bike turned down an access road to a farm that had recently been for sale. A thought quickly came to Carol's mind as she pictured herself riding to school with this tall blonde on the motorcycle and avoiding this agonizing bus trip and the constant barbs from her peers. The trick was how to strike up a friendship with this girl who was such a loner. Carol spent the evening sitting on the poach swing racking her mind on how to open this relationship. The answer came naturally as she notice the blonde and another women jogging down the road in spandex running outfits. A large German Shepherd dog ran alongside. Carol sat in awe as she watched the two ran past her house. They looked over as they past and waved to her. She waved back and quickly thought of an opening.

She went inside and got two cold beers and went out to the road to wait. About fifteen minutes later the two came back up the road, sweat shining off their tan skin in the moonlight. Carol called out as they came close and said, "You guys look thirsty, would you like a beer?" The two slowed then stopped. They were breathing hard and it took them a minute to catch their breath. The older women reached out for the drink with a smile on her face, "This is really neighborly of you. My name is Megan Barker and this is my daughter Rachel."

Rachel took a long look at Carol, appraising her up and down, then smiled and took here brew. "Have I seen you at school?" Carol looked down at her shorts and baggy T-shirt and replied, "Yes, we are in the same English and gym class. I have been meaning to introduce myself but I'm kind of shy." Megan gave a nod to Rachel than started jogging in place. "Why don't you two get to know each other a little better while I continue my run. Thanks for the beer, Carol. If your down near our farm, drop by and we will return the favor." With that said, she turned called to the dog, named King, and jogged on down the road.

Rachel stood on one leg and leaned on the wood fence. She seemed to be waiting for Carol to make the first step. Carol desperate to make this friendship work did not want to turn Rachel off by bringing her to her house and having her meet her mother. To an obvious health nut like Rachel, her mom would be a turn off. Carol offered to jog with Rachel back to her house. She was not an athletic girl, but she wasn't too out of shape either. As they started off, Carol could see Rachel looking at her breasts bob heavily on her chest as she ran. Since she hated to wear a bra around the house on hot days, she had taken it off when she got home from school, not expecting having to run that evening. After about five minutes running and exchanging small talk about school and teachers, her boobs were hurting.

She brought her hands up and tried to hold her boobs from jumping up and down her chest with each step. Seeing this, Rachel slowed to a walk and said, "I see you're blessed with great tits. I really don't even need to wear a sports bra when I run, but mom says I must to keep my tits firm." Rachel asked, "Do your tits hurt from that little run?"

Carol feeling like a complete fool for trying to keep up with this girl in obviously great shape just nodded yes. "I guess I'm not in shape to do this kind of running, especially without support. My boobs are always getting in the way. I wish I had a body like yours and your mother. You guys have bodies guys must drool over."

Rachel gave a little grunt and said, "If I wanted some guy I guess I could have my pick. But my mom keeps me pretty busy with my training." By now they were in sight of Rachel's house. Rachel stopped and turned to Carol with a questioning look on her face and asked, "Have you ever considered trying to improve your endurance and become more toned up. You have a nice body, but it could use some work."

Carol, always dissatisfied with her appearance, replied, "I would love to train but no one in my family is into that and I hate to work out alone. In gym I'm always trying to keep from being seen as such a geek that I never go out for sports".

Rachel gave a knowing smile, "If you are serious, I and my mom might take on the task of whipping you into shape. It would mean spending a lot of time down here at our house and maybe even going out-of-town to clinics and stuff. Do you think you can get away from your house for that much time?"

Carol jumped up and down with joy, "Oh hell yes, I can get away. My dad is never around and my mom doesn't care if I ran away. It would be more food for her."

"Then it's settled then, we will begin your training tomorrow after school. There's only two more weeks of school left then you can devote yourself full time. Come down first thing after school and we will begin."

The initial reason for starting this friendship had slipped to the back of Carol's mind when the opportunity to have a personal trainer help her out of her awkward years came up. Now she remembered, "You know I could start earlier if I didn't have to take that long bus ride home from school. I noticed your great bike and was wondering if I could bum a ride home?"

Rachel gave Carol a slap on her butt and said, "I don't know. With your big butt on my bike I might not be able to go as fast. But that will change in time. All right, meet me by the motorcycle parking after school. I'll bring an extra helmet for you. I have to go now, Mom likes us to get a good rub down after our evening runs. It helps you sleep you know." With that, Rachel bounded down her drive to her house. She yelled over her shoulder, "Don't worry about what to wear during training, we have all the stuff you'll need. See you tomorrow."

Carol practically skipped all the way back to her house. The evening had worked out great. Not only had she met a new friend, got a ride to school, but also now saw a way to rid herself from her image as a daughter of a fat women who everyone thought would probably end up the same way. Carol swore she would not become like her mother, even if she had to endure all kinds of physical hardship.

Review This Story || Author: Topcat
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