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Chapter 11

Chapter Eleven

The next two weeks were a constant cycle of bondage, exercise and sexual addiction. Carol's typical day started with Rachel entering her stall and demanding a morning cunt licking. After a relaxing orgasm, she would give Carol her morning bladder as a present.

Carol would then be brought out to do her morning business in the field followed by a quick hosing down. Breakfast would be served in her bowls on the back porch, right next to King's dog bowls. The vitamin shake and cereals were her typical food. The low-fat diet and the hard exercising were having its effect on her body. While her weight was only decreasing slightly, her body was redistributing the weight. Her thighs were getting harder and strong. Her ass and waist was decreasing. Her thin arms were getting muscular and her boobs seemed to be getting larger, if that was possible.

She was pleased with the changes in her body and now exercised with grim determination. After her breakfast, Rachel would pet her goodbye and drive off to school. At that time, Megan and Beth took over her training. She was taken on a hard morning trot, pulling Megan all over the farm. Megan was a hard task-mistress and used the whip with skill. She could strike any part of Carol's body she chose. Often this was her most sensitive area. The sides of her tits and her pussy often got attention when she lagged behind Megan's expectations.

Carol now ran with a dildo up her cunt as well as the butt plug tail. This was extremely awkward at first, but now she felt empty when something wasn't up both holes. At times, a vibrator was used, making running and having orgasms hard to do at once. This often brought the whip as she faltered in her stride to enjoy a wave of pleasure.

Carol's butt plugs were changed every few days for thicker versions. By ever greater widths, her asshole muscles were stretched and came to accept the wooden intruders. Carol asshole was now used as another hole for fucking, now that it could accept the strap-on dildos without permanent harm.

During each run, a rest period usually involved Carol spending time between Megan's legs, being instructed in her ever increasing skills at pussy and asshole eating. Many times Megan would stop the cart for a rest. At these times she would remove the vibrator or butt plug from Carol and ride her with the dildo harness. This brought them both off and came to be a game to see how quick or how many times Carol could come.

Her pussy had become so sensitive from the vibrators and the highly erotic situation of her bondage and humiliation. It now would flare and erupt with only a moment of good fucking or clit stimulation.

Her tit rings were now used to their full potential. When they went for trots, weights were attached to her nipple rings, causing them to hang down and swing with each stride. Her nipples were now large and constantly erect. The weights would drag them down and make her tits throb. The large ring was now used as another means to secure Carol to her cart. They would be used to pull her tits to either side of Carol's chest making them more accessible to Megan's whip. Her tits were always red and bruised from the abuse of the whips, crops and hard chewing that these women enjoyed delivering to her tender boobs.

For some odd reason Megan would not make Carol drink her piss. She said that was a pleasure that should be reserved for Rachel.

Back at the farm for lunch, Megan would give Carol to Beth for a bath and lunch. After a moment to tend to her bodily needs out back and lunch, she spent an hour or so working with barbells or farm tools. Chopping wood or carrying water with an old yoke out to the farm's few horses and cows were helped build her upper body strength. All this was done under the constant supervision and whip of either Megan or Beth.

Beth was just as quick with the whip as Rachel or Megan. Her own desire to serve her mistress well, caused her to demand the same dedication from Carol. Being a slave herself, she found the ability to control another a welcomed turn about of roles. She quickly came to relish her power over the teen. When she was sure Megan was busy in the house, she would make Carol lick her to orgasm.

Once the chores were done, Carol was brought back to the barn and put in ever different combinations of bondage until Rachel came home from school. Rachel would come running to the barn after stripping and snapping on her rings and chains, to see what unique and painful combination of bondage, clips, and weights were torturing her slave. She would touch and caress her bound teen until Carol's moans and tears struck her mistress as sufficient to allow her release.

It was during one of these afternoons at the end of the Carol's second week of captivity that Rachel got another commitment of servitude from her slave.

Megan had out done herself with this latest bondage session. Carol was completely suspended from her rings and was being plagued by numerous clips and weights hanging from her wide spread pussy. A gag filled the teens mouth but the moans and the sweat covering her body attested to her agony.

"Mother is a master of pain, isn't she? That must be oh so painful. I just love how she has used cloths pins to spread your outer pussy lips so the alligator clips and weights can pull on your inner lips and clit. You should see how red they are. How long have you been like this? I can't imagine how you must feel."

Rachel gave the weights hanging from Carol's pussy and tit rings a push to get them swinging. The squirming of Carol at this added torture made Rachel shiver with power.

"I'll make you a deal. If you promise to accept another symbol of your position as my slave I will release you now from this bondage session. I will expect you to beg for it with all sincerity once the time comes. If you agree I want you to shake your tits."

Carol was lost in her pain. Even the gentle humming of the vibrator in her ass could not cloud the waves of pain. She imagined her pussy to be permanently disfigured from the clips. She could not avoid agreeing to any deal Rachel made to stop the pain. She gathered her will and shook her shoulders to make her tits flop side to side. Her nipple weights swung, pulling more on her already grossly distended nipples.

"Good girl, I know you will come to love the new additions I plan for your body."

Rachel carefully unclipped the clips and weights and lowered Carol to the ground. Carol just lay there happy to be free of the strain and pain. Rachel massaged Carol's tender flesh helping her blood to return. She was picturing these pussy lips with a new set of rings. One of the great thrills she got out of having a slave was being able to sculpt their bodies to your liking. She always thought Carol's pussy lips were too small and kept her inner flesh too covered. She had plans to use a set of rings in her outer lips to pull them wide and cause them to grow and distend.

She was imagining riding in her cart, looking at Carol's backside as she pulled. A set of rings in each outer lip attached to rawhide pulling them wide allowing her clit and inner pussy to be totally free for whatever punishment or pleasure she desired. The rawhide strings could be attached to weights or her leg warmers. The effect would be stunning. She continued to play with Carol's pussy, pulling and squeezing her lips as she fantasized on the possibilities. Soon the teen was sighing in pleasure and rewarded her probing fingers with a healthy discharge of juice to show appreciation.

Enough play for now. It was time for her afternoon trot. The two teens were soon riding out for another exercise session. One the beast of burden and the other the mistress. Rachel enjoyed these rides more and more. She was away from the supervision of her mother and took full liberties with her slave. Many times she drove Carol with the whip until she collapsed with exhaustion. To have such control was intoxication. To be able to mark and add rings to her slave was a thrill that needed fulfillment. It was this need that made her decide to add Carol's pussy rings tonight. Megan had agreed it was time to add the next level of servitude and had received the special rings in the mail. Megan had also agreed to let Rachel perform the act when the time came. It was a big step for Rachel on her road to being a full mistress.

After a good trot that involved two rest fucks and one long stop where Carol sucked her off twice and drank her piss, Carol was fed dinner and returned to her stall. Fully restrained, a large vibrator was turned on in her pussy and she was left to endure a blissful evening. She did not know what awaited her later when Megan and Rachel planned to deface her pussy. Had she realized fully her impending pain, she might not have enjoyed her numerous orgasms.

Review This Story || Author: Topcat
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