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Chapter 16

Chapter Sixteen

The next two weeks past by for Carol in a haze. She was now the families milk source and her tits were really growing to show their usage. Beth had been applying lanolin ointment to her nipples to keep them from cracking and becoming sore from the constant demand. She was sucked regularly and Rachel was hooked on the flavor. She often stopped her daily runs for a drink and even offered Carol's own tits up to her for a taste. Her tits were so large now that she could bend her head and pull her own nipples up to drink her milk.

This was highly erotic and she got moist and usually fucked as this was going on. Rachel was also being more demanding in her performance as her pony cart slave. She measured out a quarter mile track and would time Carol's ability to pull her and the cart at the fastest time. For some reason Carol was interested in making Carol a fast trotter.

"Come on slave, run you fat titted cow. How are you ever going to be competitive if you pull at such a slow pace." At these sessions where Rachel was trying to get the fastest time out of her, Rachel would be merciless with the whip. She turned her ass and back bloody to get the most out of her slave. She would always clean and tend the wounds she inflicted on Carol, but her brutality and lack of caring that she was leaving permanent scars scared Carol.

She now knew that she was just a toy for these bizarre women to use and abuse. Why she didn't try to resist must have been some deep character flaw, or she just could not bring herself to depart from the electrifying sex. Whatever the turmoil that plagued Carol's mental and physical existence, her life now that she had been a slave for over a month was clearly established. She had been naked now except for her bindings and harness for so long that wearing clothing seemed unnatural. She was now so accustomed to crawling on her hands and knees, that when she ran bent over as a pony cart slave, she had to adjust to the new position.

Carol was no longer tied spread eagle in her stall each night. Megan had arranged a clever and very effective way to keep her in her place and yet let her be able to crawl around her stall to drink and relieve herself as needed. She made some adjustments to the butt plug shocker that was a foolproof way to keep the slave in her place. The plug had a new sensor attached that would activate the shock either by remote control from a beeper-like device her mistresses carried or would receive a constant signal if Carol went beyond a certain perimeter. It was kind of like those invisible dog fences. If Carol when outside her stall when a transmitter on the door was activated, she would get a nerve shocking jolt until she went back to her stall. Megan also had the farm rigged with a larger perimeter sensor grid that would keep Carol inside a proscribed area of the farmhouse and barn except when she went for her trots.

Megan and Rachel had come up with a special way to keep the butt plug in so Carol could not remove it and avoid the shocks. They tried straps from the waist belt to the butt plug but that could be loosened over time or rubbed or cut. The only way to be sure that the plug stayed in place was to attach it somehow to the cheeks of Carol's ass. This gave Megan and Rachel another opportunity to mark and ring Carol for their pleasure and control.

When the special invisible fence and the stall transmitters had been installed, Carol was brought out and secured to the bondage horse. Carol was now very familiar with this bondage method and did not expect anything more than a hard fuck or some other bondage episode.

Once she was secure, Megan came and stood over the teen slave. "Carol, Rachel and I want to add another set of rings on your body. This will insure your status as our slave and also allow you a bit of freedom to roam around the farm. Do you accept this addition to your body freely?"

The question now was a formality, as Carol had long ago forgone any ability to resist what her mistresses wished to do to her. "Yes mistress, I accept whatever you want to do to my body. I am yours to command. I am you slave."

She knew that Megan liked her to state her position and show the proper submissiveness at all times. She had no idea what was in store for her so she waited in terror bound to the horse. Megan and Rachel then moved to her ass and began to feel and pinch her butt cheeks. She could not see what they were doing, but she had a sinking fear that her ass was going to be the object of this new torture.

The next thing she felt was a section of her butt cheek being squeezed by some kind of tool and then a burning pain as a needle was driven through her butt flesh. Carol screamed from the pain but the needle was sharp and it was through in a matter of seconds. A second pinching and piercing occurred on her opposite butt cheek. The piercings has been in an up and down path. Once Megan was satisfied with the positioning of the needles, she drew them out and slipped two-inch diameter rings through the holes. They were the special self-locking rings, just like those her nipples and pussy bore.

Once the rings were secured, they could be bent towards her asshole and attached to the base of the butt plug by a lock. With the lock in place, the butt plug could not be removed without tearing out the rings from Carol's ass cheeks. Since the rings were deep in the flesh of her ass, this was not something she would dare to try even if she wanted to.

The butt plug now was a constant attachment to her person except when she was allowed to do her business, and then her arms were bound and a leash was attached.

Carol resolved herself to living within the bounds that her mistresses placed on her. Carol learned the extent of her freedom by trial and error. She was now allowed to roam free during certain times of the day when she was free from exercises, chores, or bondage sessions. She would have to remain on her hands and knees during these times, but at least she had some freedom to explore. She could usually be found lying on the front porch with King waiting for her mistresses next task or milking.

A special bondage attachment was placed on her during these times when she was given some freedom to keep her on her hands and knees. A tight leather cuff was placed just above her knees and a strong leather strand was attached to it. This strand was threaded through her large tit ring and then attached to another leather cuff attached just above her elbow. The length of the strand was just enough to keep the arm and leg in position when she remained on her hands and knees.

What this did was not allow her to stand without driving her elbow through her chest via the tit ring. She could crawl by moving her left arm and leg forward then her right arm and leg. To try and rise and walk would put her in an awkward squatting position with her legs pulling down on the strand, smashing her arms into her chest and ripping her tit rings out.

This was the state of Carol the milk tit pony cart slave after only a month of Megan and Rachel's constant pleasure and subjection. She knelt contentedly in the afternoon sun waiting for Megan to take her for her afternoon trot. This had been an unusual day because Rachel had left for three days to a track seminar at a University in a neighboring city. Meagan had taken over her total training during Rachel's absence.

She almost didn't know what to do when she saw a strange car drive up the long access road to the farm. She rose to her knees and called to her mistress. "Mistress, someone is coming, should I go to the barn or into the house?"

Megan came out, clad only in a leather vest and panties and looked at the approaching car. "No slave, stay right where you are. This is a friend that will not be concerned with your nakedness or condition. Lay down and stay there until I call you.

Rachel had yet to endure being shown to others besides Megan's clan. While she knew that she had been filmed extensively for over a month in all her misery, she now had to bring herself to stay meekly in place. How should she act with anyone else besides Rachel, Megan or Beth? She would have to wait and see what this new twist brought to her life.

Megan came down the steps and waited for the car to arrive in the yard. When it stopped, Carol could see a women driving. She waved to Megan and got out of the car. When she did, a large dog came bounding out to run around the yard and began playing with King. Megan walked up and hugged the new arrival. It was obvious that these two were intimate with each other by the way they held each other and talked.

"My dear Anna, It has been too long since we shared each other's company. I miss being with one so much like myself. How have you been?"

"Megan, you look beautiful as always. I am getting older, but hopefully not so fast that I can't still enjoy life. I just loved the videos you so kindly sent me. I just love the idea of making a slave a milk cow. How did you think of it?"

"Oh, you know I always was talented in biology and physical training. I just put that knowledge to use when our new toy fell into our hands. She has been producing now for over two weeks and her volume is increasing each day. It should level off soon, but by then she will be keeping us well supplied. She enjoys her slavery and is most happy being our sex toy." Megan and the new mistress Anna were now walking up the steps. Carol heard the last of their conversation and had to agree in the bottom of her lusty heart that it was true.

"Slave, come over her and present yourself to Mistress Anna. She is a dear friend of mine and you will obey her just as you do me. Is that understood?"

Carol rose to her hands and knees and began to crawl over to the pair of mistresses. "Yes mistress, I am yours."

Mistress Anna was a striking women. She stood just under six foot tall and she carried herself as someone who was used to being served. She was a redhead and had full firm breast and shapely ass and legs. She was wearing a loose blouse that showed her braless breasts to all. Her short black leather shirt showed off her feminine features quite well. Her dog bounded up the steps and began to sniff and inspect Carol, who just froze at the dog's attention.

"Strike, get away from the slave, she is not yours to play with. Go romp with King." Mistress Anna, grabbed the dog's collar and pushed the dog down the steps. Then she stood over Carol and began a thorough inspection. She knelt down and looked at the wide spread cunt and their rings. She felt-up Carol's massive tits and was gratified to see a small wetness at her nipples from her stroking. She was curious about the butt rings and the plug.

"Megan, why did you have to lock the butt plug tail onto her with these rings? Couldn't a simple strap keep it in place?"

"This little slave has the run of the farm now due to that little butt plug. I rigged it up with a very powerful electronic shocker that keeps this cow from straying from the yard. I put one of those invisible fences up around the house and yard so if she goes too far, she will be sent into agonizing pain deep in her bowels. It has proven a very useful device in her control. I also have a remote control that will activate the shock at my wish. It drives her crazy not knowing when she will get a little zap. So we had to make sure she could not remove the plug. We decided that ringing her butt deeply like you see would keep her from pulling it out. She would have to rip those solid rings out of her flesh to get it out, or find a hacksaw and cut the lock."

"Most ingenious. Does she know her limits around the farm? How do you get her past the sensors when she goes for trots?"

"There is a master switch somewhere on the farm that turns of the net. I will tell you where it is when we are alone. I have missed you so. Do you want to come in for lunch and freshen up? I'm just dying to show you some of our slave's latest videos. They get me so hot. I thing we can enjoy ourselves for a while and catch up on things. Then I will let you have a trot with our slave and get to know her."

Anna got up from admiring Carol and took Megan's hand. They walked into the house arm in arm. Megan called back, "Slave, go do your business and be ready in the barn when Anna is ready to take you for a run."

Carol listened to the two go deeper into the house. She had not been inside it since the night she faked her running away. She wondered when they would deem her properly trained to become a house pet? For now she obeyed her mistress and went to the back field and pissed. She then crawled back to the barn and decided to get a good drink from the water trough that they had rigged up in her stall. She was on her hands and knees drinking when she heard King and Strike come running into the barn.

Carol thought nothing of it until she felt a cold wet nose on her cunt lips. She swung her hips around, trying to keep her exposed pussy from the large beast. The dogs had gotten a scent of her pussy juice which had been worked up from Anna's deep inspection strokes. They now became aroused and Carol noticed their rapidly enlarging pricks. She kept trying to keep them away but with two of them they seemed to be all over her. They began to nip at her back as they tried to mount her and she felt their paws scrape her skin.

When King almost got a solid bit on her tit, she just knelt down and tried to protect herself as best she could. Unfortunately for Carol, this left her behind total open and Strike was the lucky one to jump on Carol's back first. He rutted into her pussy area for a few misguided strokes until he found her wide spread hole and plunged in. His prick was not as large as the dildos that her mistresses used on her, but it was big enough to slide deep into her pussy. She let out a moan and tried again to get the dog off her back, but his paws were wrapped tightly around her waist and he could not be shrugged off because Carol's harness would not let her reach around without ripping her tit rings out.

She gave up her efforts after seeing her futility and lay quietly to hopefully let the dog finish and get off. She felt so ashamed to be used by a dog, but how else could the dogs view her but a bitch to be used. She crawled on all fours and her pussy was always juicy. She felt the dog pounding into her well spread pussy and couldn't help begin to notice the spark of fire start in her clit as it was rubbed by his hard fucking. The small tingle built quickly. Her super sensitive pussy could not help coming alive no matter the source of the attention.

A low moan came from Carol as her juices began to flow freely and she slowly began to push back to meet Strikes fucking. A small voice in her head asked how she could be enjoying this and calling her the lowest of names but it still didn't stop her from reaching an orgasm from being dog fucked. She was breaking out in a sweat now and thought the dog would be done soon, but he just kept on pumping. She cried out during her second come before he started fucking in what felt like double his previous thrusting rate. She felt Strike squirt his sperm deep in her pussy and this brought her orgasm over the top and it seemed to last so long she thought she was going mad.

The limp dick of Strike slid out of her oozing pussy and he went and got a drink from Carol's water. She just lay there, face hidden in her arms from the shame at being fucked and coming with a dog. She was just about to get up when King hopped up on her back and spiked his dick deep in her drooling pussy with one stroke. He must have wanted what Strike had just had and he held on tight to Carol's waist to get it.

Carol again tried to free herself but failed. Again she enduring a hard fucking and came twice with King. When the dogs were done, they trotted out to find some other fun. After some time, Carol came to her senses and went out and rubbed her pussy on the grass to get as much off of her as she could. She couldn't stand the humiliation that telling her mistresses of this incident would cause her. How do you tell someone that two dogs raped her and she came four times in the process.

She crawled back into her stall and got the stall door closed enough to keep the dogs out. She lay there waiting for Mistress Anna to come and begin her afternoon workout. She already felt that she had a workout from the sex but she knew that would not count to this new mistress. She hoped she was a kind mistress and would not give her too much pain along with whatever loving she wanted. It was a completely submissive teen slave that awaited her next session.

Review This Story || Author: Topcat
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