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I Was Just Trying To Help

Part 1

I Was Just Trying To Help

By SpeechMaster

Thank you for all of your kind notes and warm support for my previous stories. Please be aware that this story take a little bit of time to develop, so please read with patience.


I have to say up front that I did not marry for money. Although it is nice that my husband is wealthy, it was this amazingly kind, loving and energetic man and his shy 16 year-old daughter that was the true attraction. They both have captured my heart and I would do anything for them. Which is how I got into my humiliating predicament.

I met Mike three years ago when I became his Administrative Assistant. He is the founder and CEO of a successful venture capital firm and a darling among biotech investors. Smart, savvy, charming and not too shabby on the eyes, he has this way about him that draws you in within minutes.

I grew up as the rebellious member of a highly conservative family, though being the rebel in this context was as harmless as wearing bikinis and sneaking a beer at a friend's house. I was driven to succeed beyond the working-class mentality of my family. I hooked onto a scholarship and graduated with honors. At 22, I was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, right out of college and in need of an "in" into the VC industry.

The job was great, and Mike took an interest in teaching me the business. But he soon learned that his wife was sick with stage three leukemia. I handled most of his affairs while he spent as much time as he could with her, and she died within a few short months. Mike was devastated. She was only 34 when she died, as was Mike, leaving him to raise their 13 year-old daughter Kristina. He leaned on me during his grief, and I often helped him out by shopping for food and occasionally fixing both of them dinner in the evening.

Our relationship grew into a romance as the months passed. We fit together so well. I was the ying to his yang. On Kristina's 15 th birthday, the three of us flew to Hawaii and Mike and I were married. Everyone was happy.

Just now turning16, Kristina was a beautiful young lady, even if she did not recognize it. When her mother died, she retreated and became a bit of a recluse. She dressed in clothes that were quite conservative (reminding me of my family) and doing little to make herself attractive. I tried to talk with her about her appearance, but she would say she was ugly and quickly run off to her bedroom.

She spent all of her time in either her room or the library, and her grades reflected the effort. As a matter of fact, she inherited her father's brilliance. She was two grades ahead of her peers, taking online college courses on the side and was set to graduate at the head of her class this year. She was set to attend MIT, which allowed her to stay close to home.

Mike and I recently discussed how worried we are about her ability to adapt to the college environment, where a shy girl of 16 may get trampled. I promised Mike that I would do what I could to draw her out of her shell. I have tried everything I can think of to talk with her, yet she would politely respond with one-word answers and retreat. Her door was always locked, so she closed herself off to us for hours on end.

Recently, I have caught glimpses of her maturing body that have ignited some naughty thoughts. The first time was when she left the bathroom door cracked. She had just stepped out of the shower and was drying her hair with a towel. She was a true vision, with large, round firm breasts with rather large nipples, a thin little waist and the tightest little ass I can remember. She reminded me of myself at her age.

I thought back to how I had first explored my own body with my hands, finding how sensitive my breasts and vagina were. I would sneak away from my family to indulge in private masturbation. I became addicted to my own orgasms, driving myslef to countless orgasms in a row and I finishing with a need for even more. Yet I still felt naughty. Even to this day, I will bring myself off multiple times when I can find some private time, then feel a ping of shame afterwards.

Over the past few weeks, I would see her again in private moments - while she was changing clothes or slipping out of her robe for a shower. I soon found myself intentionally trying to steal glimpses of her beautiful body. And I was disgusted by my behavior.

Lately, with Mike traveling so much, Kristina had been spending much of her time at home. I know it is wrong, but I must admit that I was intoxicated by her combination of guarded innocence and unrealized beauty, and I fought to keep her from noticing.

This evening, with the two of us quieltly reading books in the living room, Kristina asked if she could have a glass of the wine I was drinking. Seeing no harm, I acquiesced. She silently savored the taste, sipping at it frequently.

She looked bothered by something, so after pouring myself another glass of wine, I asked her what was wrong. She shook her head and looked away. A few more uncomfortable minutes passed and I took a few more heavy sips. I don't drink often, so I enjoy the nice buzz a glass of wine will bring.

Finally, Kristina turned to me. Her eyes were looking down and she was obviously nervous.

"What is it honey?" I said. "You can tell me anything."

She nodded, but kept quiet.

"Whenever you are ready, I am here for you," I whispered.

She moved to nuzzle beside me in almost a fetal position. Without looking at me, she said in a voice so soft I could barely hear, "W..w..what is sex like?"

Wow! She dropped the bomb. Now I knew why she was acting the way she did. This was good, I convinced myself. Finally, a spark of curiosity. I was beginning to wonder.

"It is a beautiful experience between two consenting adults, " I said.

"I get that part…but what does it, you know, feel like?"

I blushed, not realizing how uncomfortable I was talking about this to someone for the first time. I buckled down, remembering the promise I made to Mike. "It feels amazing. One of the greatest joys of life." I then realized something. I softly lifted Kristina's chin and asked, "Kristina, haven't you ever touched yourself and explored. It is okay if you have. It is natural. Everyone does it."

"Ewww! No! Of course I would not touch myself. That's disgusting," she blurted out as she pulled herself from me. This statement hung heavy in the air for a minute or so. I was thinking of what to say next.

She then looked up at me and asked, "Do you do it?"

"Yes, I have done it," I said with a little embarrassment as I could muster.

"How do you do it?"

"Um…well…um…you, um, touch yourself in your sensitive places." I could feel my face flush I looked at her.

"Like your breasts?"


"And your private area?" She was almost whispering again.

"Yes…any place that feels good"

She was silent again. I drained my glass and quickly poured another.

I heard another whisper, "C…can you me?"

Another, more devastating bomb dropped. I felt cornered. If I said no, she may withdraw into her repressive tendencies. But yes seemed so wrong. I looked at her face, filled with fear and wonder, and I realized the decision I had to make. I gulped the entire glass of wine down and poured the last of the bottle into my glass.

"Yes. I can show you."

She looked at me, deciding what to do. Finally, she nodded sheepishly

I grabbed my glass of wine with one hand and her hand with the other. I decided that she would be more comfortable in her room. She ducked into her private bathroom briefly, leaving me in the room to ponder the circumstances.

You could cut the tension with a knife when she returned. Not knowing where to start, I looked at her for a moment. With the tension of sex in the air, I could not help but look at her and imagine the perfect body hidden under her boring outfit.

"Well, I guess, the first thing to do is to take off your clothes," I said.

"Oh no…not in front of anyone. Never… said you would show me. You do it, and show me what to do." She looked at me with real fear, then turned and said, "forget it, forget I asked, this is too embarrassing…"

I grabbed her arm and turned her towards me. "Sure honey, I'll do it."

My hands trembled a little as I slowly unbuttoned my blouse. I was as nervous as I have ever been, but I needed to suck it up for Kristina. As I finally peeled away the silk blouse, my large breasts hung heavy in my sexy bra. I have always been a sucker for expensive, sexy lingerie.

I took a deep breath and unbuttoned my slacks, sliding them down to reveal my matching thong panties. I hate panty lines and have worn thongs for years. Yet it made me feel scandalous at that very moment.

I took Kristina's hand and lead her over to the bed. I lay down as she sat next to me. With all of the courage I could muster, I moved forward. I moved my fingers along my skin as I narrated, "Run your fingers across your skin. Like up here along the neck…" Oh that felt nice, "…and along the curve of your breast…" Even with Kristina watching, I could feel the stir of deep sexual feelings. She eyed me nervously as I traced light lines along my trim waist and over my tight stomach.

"You sk…skin looks soft" she whispered. I can see the fascination in her face, hiding behind her fear.

"Thank you…I use lotion. You can try it, if you wish."

"No, I can't. Don't make me!" she blurted.

"It's okay…don't worry. Just watch me"

With practiced movements, I used both hands to rub my breasts over my bra. I love breast play, especially when it is a bit rough. So I squeezed them, pinching and pulling on the nipples. I was lost in the flood of forbidden lust I was feeling. It was an aphrodisiac like I have never felt before.

I rubbed my hands lightly over the mounds of my breasts. I was surprised how quickly my nipples became hard.

"Wow, those look hard. Do they hurt?" She asked.

"No, it feels nice, actually," I purred as I kept rubbing them.

She watched me closely as I allowed one hand to flow over my flat stomach and down to my already wet mound. I closed my eyes as I rubbed my pussy over my panties. I was already so hot that I had to get out of this bra. One hand flipped the hooks in front of my bra, while the other continued to rub my pussy.

"What are you doing down there?" she asked while nodding at my crotch.

"I am rubbing my vagina. As I get excited, it lubricates in preparation for sex." I said in the most mater-of-fact way that I could.


I could not believe how excited I was becoming. If she were not there, I would have ripped off my panties and rubbed my swelling clit as fast as I could. But that seemed inappropriate right now, for some reason.

"Can you, uh, you know, show me…down there?" She nodded again.

"Ah, yes, honey, sure," I said as I lifted my hips and practically rolled my dripping panties down my legs. My completely shaved mound transfixed her. Years ago, when I started wearing tiny little bikinis in college, I started shaving my pubic hair. It made the bikini bottoms look smooth. More importantly, I liked the way it felt when I masturbated, and the guys went nuts when they got lucky with me.

She leaned over and picked up the thong. "These are wet. I didn't know you would get this wet. Are you that wet down there too?"

I nodded. I was embarrassed that another girl would see my swollen, dripping vagina. I could feel tears well up inside me and I almost bolted the room. But I was so horny at this point could not ignore the amazing fire being stoked between my legs. I gently touched the pouting lips of my sex. I immediately shot my hips up for more aggressive contact.

"You are so smooth down there. Why do you shave?" She asked, staring me straight in the eyes.

Between breaths, I was able to respond, "It makes things simple, dear."

I looked Kristina in the eye and felt another wave of guilt-laden lust, pushing me into a private frenzy of excitement. I pulled on my nipple as I rubbed my clitoris in tight little circles. I moaned and squealed, pushing my hips up against my hand. A bead of sweat dripped down my forehead.

I could not believe how fast my orgasm was rising. Before I knew it, I was screaming out probably the best cum of my life. I could barely breath for 20 or 30 seconds. When I finally came down, I opened my eyes again. The sight was unsettling.

Kristina was looking at me with a "cat-got-the-mouse" look that I had not seen from her before. She stood up and went into her bathroom. I lay there, waiting for Kristina, recovering from my naughty little session and deciding what to do next. Almost five minutes passed, and I got tired of waiting. I picked up my soaking undies and was about to leave when Kristina popped out.

And what an entrance she made. I was flabbergasted. She strutted towards me wearing the sexiest outfit I had ever seen. Set against her wonderfully muscled, lean frame, a black latex pushup bra exposed the tops of her large round breasts like two ripe melons. Her stomach was flat and rippled. Her thin waist and hips looked perfect in the black latex hot pants that were so tight you could see the outline of her sex. The long, black high-heeled boots accented her long, strong legs beautifully. She looked like a goddess. And she knew it.

I sat mesmerized at her vision. She stopped right in front of me, way to close for comfort.

"Well, that was quite a performance. You are one sexy little slut, that's for sure," she said as she leaned over me with an air of unquestioned authority. "Ever since I saw how sexy your body looked on the beach in Hawaii, I knew I had to own you and make you my slut toy sex slave. From the way you have leered at me, I know you want my hot body. I will control you sexually from this point forward. Or…" she said as she lifted the remote control in her hand and turned on the television, "…you can go to jail for corrupting a minor."

I was paralyzed as I watch my image cumming like a mad woman, screaming in lust. Tears started welling up, as I could not find the words to express my shock. She hit pause at a point showing my fingers dipped deeply into my up-thrust pussy.

"I recorded your perverted little act with a hidden digital camera. I have already downloaded a copy to Daddy's email, which he won't see until tomorrow morning, and I have several set to be automatically be sent from remote servers to your parents, my grandparents, my principal, several of Daddy's top clients, and to the chief of police. The email accounts are all set up in your name. The transmission is set for 10:00PM, which is just 30 minutes from now, and there is no way you can stop it," she said with a big grin on her face.

She then talked like a mother to her baby, "So you have a decision, my little girl. You will submit to me, without question, or I keep the file in Daddy's computer and allow the rest to be sent. Oh, I can just imagine the scandal, the divorce, even some jail time."

Then with a hardened 'Don't fuck with me voice' she said, "I will allow you the time it takes for this little video to play through completely, then I will have your decision. If you submit, you will crawl on your hands and knees into your bedroom and kneel before me, your hands behind your back and your head down. And don't try to call anyone, even with your cell phone…I have them rigged. The second the phone is picked up, the emails will be sent. The alarm system in the house is rigged the same way. So if you try to leave before I have an answer, you are as good as cooked…..I am sure you will make the right choice, you yummy little slut." She said…She turned on her heels and marched out of the room.

My head was spinning, and was at a loss for words for maybe the first time in my life. My heart was pounding with panic. What am I going to do? Just then, the image on the screen changed. I saw the two of us in her room, me undressing, and so on. The more I saw, the more frightened I became. How did she do this? Why? I thought she was repressed? Where did she get those clothes?

The questions kept swirling as I watch my very own porn video. I started to cry uncontrollably until the video ended.

I had reached the point of no return. I could not lose my husband, my job, my standing in the community, and even my freedom. She is just a young girl. She probably just wants to learn and play. She will get bored in a week. I can do this. Who knows, I may have a little fun in the process.

My spirits were feeling better as I made my decision. I dropped to all fours and made my way down the hall.

My large breasts bounced and swayed heavily. Turning the corner into the master suite, I saw Kristina sitting majestically in a chair, wine glass in one hand and some papers in the other. I knelt in front of her, hands behind my back and my head down. I waited. And waited. I started trembling again as my anxiety reached a fevered pitch.

She dropped the papers in front of me, and I could hear her take a swig from her glass. She reached into a bag sitting on the floor and tossed me a bunch of lined leather cuffs.

"Secure those to your wrists, elbows, knees and ankles while I explain the rules. When alone with me, you will call me Mistress. You must call me Ms. Kristina in public, unless we are around family, which is the only time you can call me by name. You will do what I demand without hesitation, or you will be punished severely. You will wear what I tell you to wear, eat what I want you to eat, and perform wherever and with whomever I choose. You are not to cum without permission. I will permit you to have sex with Daddy, but you may not orgasm unless I have given you permission. As a matter of fact, you will give my father at least one blowjob each day he is home."

"You will be put on a hard regimen of training, both physically and sexual. You are my toy to use for my excitement, not yours. Do you agree to these demands?"

I finished fastening the last of the cuffs and looked up at her. She looked like the strongest woman in the world and her commanding presence had me confused. Where had this side of Kristina come from? "M…May I ask a question?"

I felt a hard slap across my face. "Ask correctly next time, fucktoy"

"May I ask a question, Mistress?"

"You may"

"How long will this last?"

"As long as I wish. Now do you agree? You have very little time before the emails are sent."

With fear in my eyes, I blurted out my answer, "Yes, Yes, Mistress"

"Yes what?"

"Yes, I will be your slave…toy…Mistress"

She smiled at me like she had just won the lottery. Slipping behind me, she clipped my wrists together behind my back. With some effort, she clipped my elbows uncomfortably together, forcing my chest forward and displaying my breasts lewdly.

"Spread your legs. Now!….wider….wider!"

I stood with my legs far apart as she grabbed a 1 12/ foot pole from her bag. The pole could expand, and once extended to 3 feet, locked in place. She bent down and clipped my ankles to each end.

Like a wolf circling it's prey, Kristina looked me over from every angle. I felt like a piece of meat. How could this have happened? I was just trying to help.

"I'll be back in a few minutes…don't go anywhere," she said as she departed the room. I stood there, trapped and humiliated by this deceiving girl. I was having a hard time understanding the situation. I had no idea she was this evil creature. Had she been playing Mike and I with this act for years? Did I really fall into an elaborate plan? Was she smart enough to choreograph this whole setup?

I struggled a bit and almost tipped forward. My heart was pounding as her words played through my head, "you are my toy to use for my excitement." I would become a toy. Despite my fear of the situation, I could feel how excited I was getting.

"There, cancelled and deleted everything. Now I can play with my toy as I wish."

Grabbing my breasts and feeling them up, she crowed, "mmmmm, these feel better than I expected. For large tits, they are very firm. I thought for certain these were "store-bought", but now I can see that you are naturally built for sex."

She fondled my nipples and began pinching and pulling them. "I see your tits are very sensitive. And look at these big nipples. They are like cow nipples. You must tug on them often. You looked like a pro when you jerked off in front of me." She kept tugging, eliciting little yelps and moans from me.

My head was spinning. This was wrong. This is all my fault. I am her stepmother, for God's sake. This is all very wrong. Yet? Yet it felt wonderful. My body was steaming. The most beautiful, and wicked, creature I have ever seen is using me for her enjoyment.

My conflict was raised another notch when one of her hands pushed down to my sex, where she toyed with my labia and plunged two fingers inside. I inhaled loudly.

"As I thought. You like this, I see," she said with delight as she pulled out and brought her wet fingers up to my face. "Smell them."

I hesitated, and her tone became stern, "What are you waiting for, smell them!" She pinched my nipple hard with her other hand. I screamed out my pain and then leaned forward to take a sniff. From my frequent masturbation sessions, I knew my scent, yet this felt like a personal violation.

"Suck them!"

My nipple exploded in pain again as I open my mouth and accepted her fingers. My first taste of a woman. And my stepdaughter, to boot. It was so taboo. She let up on my nipple as I sucked on her fingers for all I was worth. I felt like a low-life pig.

Pleased with my humiliation, she withdrew and plunged her fingers back in. You could hear the slopping sounds as she slowly sawed her fingers in and out of my pussy. She used her thumb to expertly rub my clit, which was painfully erect and screaming for attention. I humped my hips, looking for more friction as I raced toward a huge orgasm. My animal need took over as I raced to the most exciting finish I could ever imagine.

Just as I was hitting the peak, she pulled away and laughed. I jerked my hips forward looking for the last second of contact that would allow me to blast off. But it was not to be. She walked over and took another sip of wine. I was cooled off enough when she returned that she started stroking my clit between two of her fingers.

Again, she brought me to the edge, and then backed off. Her soft hands ran along my butt cheeks. "This is one tight, sexy ass. We are going to have so much fun playing with it," she declared as she slapped my ass cheeks hard.

She brought me to the edge again, using those wonderful fingers to tease every nerve ending in my clit. I was sure I would cum this time. My head was throbbing in tandem with my clit as I raced towards my orgasm. Abruptly, she pulled away again. I was literally shaking.

She took her time, toying with me. Over and over. I begged her to let me cum. I had no idea how long my legs would hold out. I needed to cum. I had to. But over the course of the next hour, she teased me without mercy. She chided me for my need, degraded me, and even laughed at me.

Finally she stopped. "I'll be right back, slave." When she returned to the room, she had thick pole with a base. It was nearly three feet tall. She placed the pole behind me, but in front of the pole spreading my ankles. This caused me to thrust my hips out. She extended four telescoping supports from the base, holding it balanced on the floor.

"Hold your arms back and kneel!" she commanded as she grabbed my shoulders from behind to ease my descent. She made sure that the pole fit in between my wrists and elbows. I was surprised by how strong she was as she effortlessly lowered me. The pole now rested tightly against my ass and shoulders.

She tied my wrists restraints to the pole. She bunched my hair up into a ponytail and tightly bound it with more rope. She pulled my head back and secured my hair to the pole. I was amazed and scared by her expertise in bondage. She tied a short piece of rope to the spreader bar, then pulled it up with her amazing strength. The pole touched my hands, and she secured the rope to my wrist restraints.

The majority of my weight was in front of the pole, causing me to lean forward. Arms pulled back, causing my chest to thrust forward even more. I could not believe how helpless I felt. My body was open and vulnerable, and I was powerless to do anything about it.

"Why!" I squeaked out.

"I guess you want some answers," she said as she strolled over for another sip of her wine. Returning to my helpless form, she pulled up a chair and sat directly in front of me. She crossed her strong legs and relaxed. The tension was thick as she looked me over. I felt like a piece of meat. Her foot nudged upward and the tip of her pointy boot flicked across my erect clit. I jerked with surprise and need. She slowly flicked up and down.

"You see, my pet, I am what you would call a spoiled, dominant personality. You married my father, invaded my space and took over my house. I need to balance the equation." I was panting with need as she continued.

"My mother was a follower of the works of Sun Tzu, and taught me many things which I won't bore your little slut mind with. When my mother died I spent time reading her diary, including her interest in dominance and submission. I retreated to the internet, looking for any diversion from the pain of her death." She flicked her boot particularly hard, making me yelp.

"I spent hours reading and learning. I became obsessed with the female body and controlling it. I found that I have insatiable desire for sex and learned how to manipulate and control my own sexual drive. I spent time doing yoga and meditation, strengthing my mind and body. I taught myself how to orgasm on command, and how to keep myself from orgasm for hours despite constant stimulation. I found I could make myself cum 35-40 times in a row. Once I understood and mastered myself, I could move on to an unsuspecting victim."

I was nearing orgasm, and sensing this, she stopped stimulating my clit. She lifted up her foot and casually flicked my long nipples. Ughhhhh!

"When I first saw your fabulous body, I knew that you were the one. I created several moments where you would "accidentally" see me naked. I rigged your room and saw you jerk off to powerful orgasms after seeing me."

Seeing that I cooled off a little, she lowered her foot and started flicking my clit again. I screamed out in total frustration. She smiled at me and started her story again.

"You are built for sex. I will spend my time helping you explore your maximum potential. We will do this by training your mind and body to demand sex at all times. You will learn that, by fulfilling the needs of others, you will be rewarded with the only thing that will matter to you…your orgasm. We will work on your physical and mental stamina so you can perform as long as called upon."

My head was swimming in this new world she was describing. It was unimaginable, yet reality was flicking me right in the clit. I was catapulting into an orgasm when she stopped. I screamed out again and started to incoherently beg to cum. Lowering her leg, she leaned forward and grabbed my chin with her strong hands.

"You are my sexual puppet now. I see how badly you want to cum. Your need is so bad it is painful. You think you are going to die now if you don't cum. But you are wrong. I am only scratching the surface tonight. I have not even explored the true depths of your need. But we will. I promise you my little toy."

"So here is how you will earn your little orgasms. You will need to bring me, or anyone else of my choosing, to ten satisfactory orgasms, and I will allow you to cum in a way of my choosing. Each time you hesitate to perform a command, I tack on five more. Refuse a command, or cum without permission, I tack on an additional twenty, plus what ever punishments I choose to extract."

She stood up slowly and stretched. She was something out of a bikini ad. Her hands unsnapped the skintight hot pants, which were peeled slowly over her perfect ass and down her toned legs. Stepping out of the pants, she stood just inches from my face. In her heels, her sex was perfectly level with my mouth. She was bald like me, and was swollen and leaking sex juice.

"Here is your chance to start earning your orgasm, little girl," she said as she maneuvered her sex just out of reach from my mouth. I had never seen a vagina this close before. Her mound was completely smooth and shiny from her excitement. Its pedals had bloomed open and her pink inner lips were seeping with excitement. I could smell her need. I was scared to death to touch it, yet, in the pit of my stomach, I knew that my act of further submission was inevitable. So far, I have been riding on the combination of extreme need and extreme fear and I had not allowed rational thought to override my actions. Something snapped as I stared at her sex, and despite my vulnerable position, I would go no further.

She lifted my chin and stared into my eyes. "Finally, some defiance. I can see it in your eyes. I had been hoping you would fight back. I have some nasty punishments that will inflict tremendous pain on the most sensitive parts of your body, without any permanent damage."

She bent slowly while lightly tracing a path down my neck, chest, and ending at my breasts. She silently tickled boobs, sending shockwaves through my tense body, ending at my throbbing clit.

"I am hoping you give me the chance to punish you." She declared as she continued to fondle my breasts, all the while staring me straight in the eye. I was getting so worked up again, and the urgency to cum was screaming in my head, blocking out the glimmer of rational thought.

"Beg to worship my pussy," she declared as she straightened up. She waited a couple of seconds while I worked up the courage, all the while staring directly at her sex.

SLAP!!! I felt a painful smack across my cheeks, sending my face heaving to the left as far as my bindings would allow. Stars danced brightly across my eyes. The brutal reality of the situation came rushing at me at this point. This is not some kind of fantasy. I was in this for real. I had to do as she says, even if I didn't want to.

With tears welling up in my eyes, I relented. "M..may I worship your p...pussy," I sobbed.

SLAP!!! Her strength drove my head hard to the right. My face was pounding with pain.

"Say it correctly, SLUT!" she said sternly.

Blinking the stars away, it dawned on me that I had forgotten one of her rules. "May I worship your pussy, Mistress?" I yelled out.

She lifted my chin and smiled at me. Her eyes knew she had won a major battle, stealing a critical piece of my soul. With surprising gentleness, she said, "yes, my pet, you may."

As she leaned forward, I sucked up all of my courage and kissed the top of her slit. I repeated this down her lips as far as my restraints would allow.

"Now use your tongue to explore," she said encouragingly. She also started to softly caress my hair, comforting me. I started licking. I had inadvertently tasted my self in the past, and she has a similar "slightly tangy/slightly sweet/slightly musky" flavor. It was not as repulsive as I thought it would be, although I would prefer something else entirely.

She moaned softly as she said, "Think about if I licked you. How would you like your cunt licked? Where are your special spots? How would you want me to bring you to unbearable excitement?"

My God! The simple thought sent a rush of lust through me. Oh how would I want this goddess to lick me. I instinctive dug in, licking my lips lightly. I plunged my tongue in hard and flick the end deep in her flowing canal. It was so soft and warm that I became intoxicated. I licked upward and flicked her erect clit at the end of the upstroke. I cradled her clit with my tongue as I closed my lips around the bud and sucked it gently. I flicked my tongue over her clit, up and down, while I continued to suck. I then started over again, licking her engorged labia lightly.

She encouraged me with her humiliating banter, "You are born to lick pussy, little girl… Oh your tongue knows all of the naughty spots…your lips fit around my clit perfectly…wow, you are a hungry slut…this is some kind of talent, my slut…"

Several times she told me to slow as I felt her quiver. Finally, she told me to suck my clit and flick it hard. Her clit was physically pulsing against my lips.

"Oh…oh….oh….Oh…here it comes…Oh Yes….Oh YES!…" and she creamed out in orgasm. She jammed her hips hard into my face, riding me as I sucked with abandon. Listening to her orgasm drove my excitement level. I needed to cum.

The more I worked her clit, the faster and harder she danced her body against me. She screamed out over and over again. Just when I thought that she was done, she would scream out yet again.

Finally, she started coming down, letting go of my head.

"Oh God, are you good…lick me softly and clean up my juices…that was simply divine," she purred as I used my tired tongue to lick up her mess. I felt degraded by being made to swallow the abundance of thick cream she dribbled.

Finally, she stepped away. She grabbed a camera out of her bag and snapped some digital photos of me. I could do nothing about it. I could only sit and stew in my own need and humiliation.

Setting down the camera, she pulled a mirror from the wall and leaned it against the chair that was in front of me. What I saw shocked me. I was staring directly into the eyes of a slut. My face was covered in juice and flushed with the contact with her hips and thighs. My chest was thrust forward, begging for attention, and my nipples were longer then I could ever imagine. My lean stomach curved down to my drenched crotch. My sex was puffy and my labia had completely dilated, exposing my pink inner core.

I felt a light whisper in my ear, "A layer peeled away. Now we are getting closer to the truth. The truth is that you are a slut. That you love being my toy. That you want your desires controlled by me. That you were built for this," she whispered as she toyed with my erect nipple.

I had never felt such intense feelings before in my life. I hated this. Yet, my body was telling me that I loved this, that I need this. Looking at my reflection, I could see how sexy I looked. I was turning myself on.

All the while, she toyed with my breasts. "Only seven more to go, and my little girl will get her itty bitty orgasm," she cooed in her little girl's voice. "Until then, you need to be a good little girl and do what her Mistress says. I have such fun things planned for your hot body, I can't wait to get started." She sauntered over to her bag of toys, and returned with a thick, white leather collar. She bent down and fastened tightly around my neck. She closed the small lock in the rear. I felt trapped. And possessed. And my pussy twitched.

Looking closely, I could see an inscription – "LeziFuckToy" – and my clit twitched again. I could not believe I was getting off on this. I was starting to feel like I was owned. I had to fight it. But how? If I could just get through until Tuesday, when Mike returned, I could turn this around. I would have to work quickly because he was leaving on a two-week trip to Europe on Thursday morning. I tried to think of a way out of this, yet my thoughts kept rushing back to "LeziFuckToy" branding my neck.

She untied me from the pole, leaving my wrists and elbows restrained behind me and my legs spread. She unclipped my arms and re-clipped my wrists in front of me. She clipped a leash to my collar (how degrading) and pulled me towards the bed. With my legs locked 3 feet apart, I had to lurch side to side so I could swing each leg forward. She laughed at me as I made my way to the king-sized canopy bed.

She pushed my back down on the bed, then effortlessly lifted and pulled my legs over to the middle of the bed. Grabbing rope and some small round metal objects, she went to work. I admired her flawless body as she moved. In my hyper-excited state, I could not think of anything but rubbing her body and having nasty sex with her. How demeaned had I become.

It only took a few minutes, and she had fastened the metal objects to the corner posts and to the bed frame. She lifted my legs, causing my hips to lift off the bed, as she laid a wide leather belt under me. Letting go of my legs, she tightened the belt uncomfortably tight, squeezing my waist a couple of inches. Rope was then attached to the belt, then run through what now looked like little pulleys on the two posts at the foot of the bed. She pulled the rope until I began sliding down slightly. She then tied some rope to each of my wrists. When she threaded these ropes through the pulleys and started to pull, I thought that my arms would be wrenched out of their sockets. Satisfied, she tied these off and climbed up onto the bed.

She tied some rope to both ends of the leg spreader, and then climbed to each corner to thread the rope to another set of pulleys. Grabbing both ropes, she pulled, causing my legs to lift up, then over my head. With my hips pulled toward the foot of the bed and my ankles pulled toward the head, my legs were pinned over my head, quivering with the strain. She tied this so tightly that I believe I was an only just a fraction of an inch away from pulling my legs out of their sockets.

She stood up on the bed looking down at me. Her body was gleaming with a light layer of perspiration and she looked ready to roll. She knelt down and examined my wide-open pussy. I had never felt more helpless than I did at that moment. Everything was wide open for her use. I could do nothing to stop her.

But just as a sense of sorrow starting creeping over my senses, I was pulled from the abyss by the simple touch of her tongue on my clit. It was an amazing sensation.

For the next few minutes, she teased my clit, circling it, and then tickling it with the tip of her tongue. Her hair tickled the backs of my thighs. She brought me closer and closer to the edge of a towering orgasm. Just as I was about to hit it, she backed off.

"No…" I screamed, realizing too late that I had talked without permission.

"Tch, tch, little girl. It seems you need a little reminder of the rules. Mommy will have to spank you with the paint paddle, won't she?" She cooed. She climbed off the bed and returned with her bag of toys. She pulled out an old paint paddle, coated with some old paint from years of use. It was only an inch wide, but it looked devastating from my point of view.

Without ceremony, she smacked the paddle straight down on my pussy. Wetness splattered upward as the pain came crashing down.


"You are to count each one out loud, my lezifucktoy. Then you are to say, 'My cunt deserves another, Mistress.' If you can do this ten times in a row, without falter, then your punishment is over. Otherwise, we start back at the beginning.


"Ohhhhhhh….one…my cunt deserves another, Mistress."


"OOOOWWWWWWWWWW…two…my cunt deserves another, Mistress."

SMACK! This one snapped squarely on my clit. I screamed out, and then responded, "My cunt deserves another, Mistress."

"Oops. Looks like my pet missed the count. We have to start over again.

SMACK! The pain was so horrible I started to cry. But I did not err again.

By the last blow, the pain was unbearable. Yet, my clit was throbbing so violently that I swear I would have cum with another blow or two. How sick is that.

"Now now, my little slut, Momma will make it alright," she said as she started licking my pussy again. The pain, cemented with the pleasure, was almost more than I could take. I wiggled and squirmed as much as I could from the sensory overload. But her job binding me left me with nothing more than small, harmless movements.

She brought me to the point of orgasm again, and then stopped. I choked back my frustration and remained silent this time.

She pulled a tapered object, about four inches long from the bag and she presented it to me. "This, as you may know my slut, is a butt plug. I want you to wear this unless I say otherwise. Now give it a kiss." She held it by the swivel hook at its base and fed it to my lips. I didn't want anything up my butt, but I kissed it anyway.

"You may need to do better than that if you want it to go in nicely," Kristina grinned. Getting her point, I opened my mouth and licked the smooth cone-shaped cylinder with my mouth. Kristina giggled as she slowly fucked my mouth with it. I felt like such a whore, sucking on this plastic object so it can slide in my ass easier.

Popping it out of my mouth, she grinned as she trailed it down my body. She laid it on my gaping slit and twisted it, lubricating it with my abundant juices. She brought it to my rosebud and teased my opening. She used the tip to tickle me. I instinctively clenched and unclenched my sphincter as the tickling drove me crazy. When the moment was right, she pushed it in, but only about an inch. She started to saw it in and out slowly.

The feeling was indescribable. I felt so dirty. It also turned me on. I grunted as she worked. It took some time, but she was making progress. Occasionally, she reached down and strummed my clit, keeping me at a near boil. I was amazed at her patience. Finally, she pushed it in. I felt my rosebud wrapping itself tightly around the thin rim. I tried to expel it, but it would not budge. It was a full and decadent feeling. She twisted the swivel hook to get a reaction out of me.

She grabbed a few more items from that blasted bag. One item was what must have been a foot long double dildo, which she placed on my stomach. The second was a chain, which connected two little rubber nooses. Lying on top of me with her delicious body, she began to suck on my left nipple. She spent some time bathing it, then nibbling, then finally biting and pulling. I squirmed from the pain and the intense heat it created between my legs. She captured the throbbing nub between two fingernails and slid on little noose. Pulling it down the long nipple, she squeezed a tiny rubber bulb on the base of the noose, inflating the noose with air and squeezing the nipple with tremendous pressure.

My chest was on fire as she repeated this long process on the other nipple. I was grunting again, trying to jerk my hips into her hard, and flat stomach in an attempt to cum. But no luck. She inflated the second little noose and sat up. Both of my poor nipples were squeezed upward from the base, trapping more blood as it flowed into the nub and causing it to grow ¾ inch long. When she scraped her fingernail over it's length, it's hypersensitive surface exploded with sensations. I let out a guttural moan.

"You are working out so nicely. Let's see how many more orgasms you can give me tonight."

With that, she picked up the dildo. "Open up," she said. Once open, she shoved the dildo into my mouth.

"The surface is rubber, so if you bite too hard, you might tear the surface. And if you damage my toy, you will be punished severely. I expect you to keep this in your mouth for as long as I wish."

I did not understand. I could hold this in my mouth like this for as long as she wished.

However, I realized my dilemma as she climbed up my body, turned toward my feet and quickly mounted the dildo. She started to ride the monster, and I used my lips and teeth to hold it steady. She got into a slow rhythm, slowly fucking my face. Her juices were dripping on my mouth and chin, some of it seeping into my mouth. I felt a yank on my nipples as I realized that she must have grabbed hold of the connecting chain.

Literally, for an hour and a half, she fucked my face. She would lean forward and toy with my clit to keep me at peak excitement. She worked herself to an earth shattering orgasm, then another. She used my body to stoke her fire. As her pace would quicken, I had to allow the dildo to slide a bit in and out of my throat so I would not tear my teeth into its surface. She was more worried about her fucking dildo then she was of me. If I was her toy, it felt like she was breaking me.

With sweat dripping off both of our bodies, and my face covered in her fuck juice, she climbed off me and padded off to use the bathroom.

Returning with her camera, she snapped off a few pictures of me in this condition. She said," I have treat for you. You brought me ten orgasms, so I will present you an opportunity to cum. First, I will release you and allow you to pee, drink and wash up."

I was slowly released from my strict bondage. She massaged the feeling back into limbs as she released them. It was such a caring and sensual act that it left me confused. With my hands free, she left me to the bathroom by myself as she got us some water.

Looking at my reflection in the bathroom mirror, I stared at yet another woman I barely recognized. I looked defeated, like I had lost my free will and was nothing but a slutty slave. And I was. I needed to cum so bad that I would do anything this depraved girl would ask. I was ashamed and looked away.

I washed up, tinkled and returned to the bedroom. Kristina handed me a large glass of water and I gulped it down without question. She set-up the TV in the armoire with a black box that had small wires sticking up out of it. She then set two large books on either side of the pole I had been strapped to earlier. I watched as she adjusted the height of the pole until it was less than two feet high. She plopped a menacing looking dildo on the top and used duct tape to secure it in place.

"Your next…don't worry my pet, you will get to cum now!" she said with a schoolgirl squeal. She quickly re-attached my wrists and elbows behind me. It was amazing how much easier my elbows came together his time. She directed me to step up on the books. She adjusted the pole, sliding the thick, deliciously feeling dildo into my hole. I could feel it bump against my butt plug.

The books were quickly removed, causing the impaling mass to press painfully into my cervix. I immediately popped up onto my toes, relieving the tension.

She playfully flicked the chain, which still swung from my throbbing nipples.

"I have some homework to knock out…it should only take an hour or two. I don't want you to get lonely though, so I have a surprise show for you to watch."

She turned on the TV and flicked a switch on the black box. It took me a few seconds to recognize my room, with Kristina sitting regally in a chair as I entered the room, naked, on all fours. Oh My GOD! She filmed this whole night. I wanted to die.

I looked around the room searching for the cameras. "Don't worry yourself with those, my pet, the equipment is a new, wireless advanced technology with micro-optic cameras and motion sensing switches. I have set up the whole house to a network I have set up outside of the house. The main controls are also wireless and are coded."

"Now, I want you to have fun and enjoy the orgasms you have earned. I was lenient on you, this being our first night and all. Be aware that I will make it much harder to earn them in the future. I'll see you later, pet!" She grinned as she picked up a small remote. The dildo started buzzing inside of my sex, causing a sensation so overwhelming that I set my heels down.

"OUCH," I grunted as I shot back up on my toes. The dildo not only vibrated, but it pulsed as well. Although not touching my clit, the severe vibrations of my sex caused my nerve endings to fire lustful sensations to my brain at a maddening pace.

As I began climbing to a much-needed orgasm, I stared at my image on the screen. It was almost surreal. We both looked sexy as hell. It turned me on and launched me into a massive orgasm. My thrashing caused the nipple chain to swing, pulling on my nipples. My sphincter squeezed hard around the plug. The orgasm was so tremendously earth shattering that I could not even catch my breath. I thought that I my clit would literally explode. Each time I dipped my toes, the dildo would crunch my cervix, shooting unwanted sensations encroaching upon my blissful moment. My orgasm lasted for minutes, exhausting me.

As I finally came down, I worked to catch my breath and to stay up on toes on my now straining legs. The image on the TV drove me right back up the ramp again. In just a few minutes, I was rocketing towards another cum. This one may have been bigger than the first. I spasmed violently against the vibrating captor plugged inside of me. My eyes rolled and I felt faint.

As I came down, I again struggled to calm my self and gather my wits. Sweat was dripping down my forehead. Looking down, I could see my whole body gleam with perspiration. I looked like one of my nastiest fantasies. As I looked back up at the screen, I realized that I was going to cum yet again, and real soon. The clock on the wall indicated that only 15 minutes had passed.

The next orgasm hit me more slowly, but with more intensity. My nerve endings were raw from hypersensitivity. I was moaning and grunting from the climb, my throat now becoming rough and sore. I screamed out as hit the peak. My body trembled. I was sure I would collapse. My head was throbbing. Each orgasm, though unique in and of themselves, was more mind blowing than the last.

Even before I could recover, I started launching toward yet another. It was at this time that I realized that yet another layer was peeled away. I was cum slut, a lezisluttoy, the living manisfestation of my darkest fantasies. I felt more alive than at any time in my life. I was feeling this ecstasy so intensely. The humiliation on the screen, the dominance of my little girl Kristina, the tight bondage, was fueling the feelings. I knew that, before this evening even ended, I had to have more.

Then the next orgasm hit me. And on it went.

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