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Janne and Her Cruel Daddy

Part 1

Notes from the seventies. I do not approve of even fantasies involving children as sexual beings. This is not exactly that. Although from reality a long time ago, I would characterize this as fiction.

Well she was like a child, flat as a board and very little pubic hair. "Is this what daddy wants?", she grinned, spreading her legs and showing me her tight cunt. "Or maybe you'd rather," she flipped herself half over and used one hand to pull her bottom cheek open, her taut rose-colored anus displayed. Then she licked her lip and started talking like a little girl, "daddy i been a bad girl will you give me a special spankie?" That always got me a little crazed. It sounded just a shade too close to real and I found myself responding like the completely evil man I knew I could be.

She had that long blonde hair, halfway down her back. green eyes and a tiny little rosebud mouth with sharp fox-like teeth. I couldn't wait to put my hands around her throat and feel the breath stop. I knew she'd just grin, daring me to go too far. That's the part she liked. Going too far.

We were in the backroom on the second floor of the house on Scarritt. It had been the room Gary had stayed in when he lived there. There was just a double bed and an uncomfortable cane couch.

"Come on," I said, taking her by the wrist and pulling her up. "I want you tied for this." She skipped a skip as I dragged her into the other bedroom, where I normally slept with my live-in who was at work. "Goody," she kept the little girl voice going. "Is it gonna hurt daddy?" She was breathing a little faster." Oh yes," I flung her on the bed. "That's why you have to be tied. So you can't get away."

She lay back on the bed. It had four posts, each extending about a foot and half above the mattress. I got some rope out, not using the socks that were already tied to each. Those socks were for the pretend bondage my live-in would do. They wouldn't hold Janne. And she would start fighting when I put my arm into it. Which I intended to do.

I tied her hands above her and her feet at the other end. She looked delectable, spread and tied like that. She was beautiful at that time. She looked at me hard, with those eyes. Slightly feral. "gonna use your belt daddy?" still the tones of the eight year old. She was good at that.

"First I'm gonna shave your pussy. Don't want nothing in the way little girl." I had decided to play out her ped fantasy to the hilt. "Oh my," she tugged at her ropes. "you've really got me so I can't move." I just smiled a small smile. "Oh, you'll move. You'll see. No safe word today little missy. Just sweet sweet agony."

She was breathing hard. I went and got the shaving equipment. There wasn't much to shave, but I did a thorough and careful job. I loved pulling and tugging her labia. I pinched her clitoris hard in its tiny hood. I used my finger nails. She squeaked a little. Her vulva was thick with its own fluid, highly perfumed. She knew I was deliberately taking a long time.

When I was done, I pulled off my jeans and t-shirt and stood there, naked, looking down at her. Her eyes were a little glazed from the pot we had smoked. She was biting her lower lip, coyly, her gaze focused on my stiff prick. "Feels like a baseball bat," I told her, putting my hand around the shaft and rubbing it. "mmm," she mumbled. She was spread wide, her genitals bare, her breasts flat, with just the hard tips sticking up from her chest. I wanted to rip her then, just tear her pussy open. But I stopped myself. It would be better when she was screaming, her face covered with tears. It would be really good when she was begging me for mercy.

I looked at her and grinned. I pulled my belt from my jeans and doubled it up in my right fist. "Is that what you really want," I asked her. She made a growling noise and tried to smile. "Come on baby girl, ask for it." I trailed the belt across her flat chest, and down her belly to her smooth mound.

"please Daddy, spank my pussy . . .:" she took a long, deep breath. I could see her trembling. She was graceful in her panic. "I want tears, little girl. I want to hear you sing for me." I raised the belt up over my head, holding my penis with my other hand.

I started out rather mildly, snapping the leather on her inner thighs, watching the flesh turn red. I brought the belt across her labia. There was a distinct thin note of melody, the way the leather met the flesh. She was making those small noises, drawing her breath in, steeling herself for the next violence. So beautiful, beginning to turn her head side to side, pulling those blonde locks back and forth, perspiration at her temples. "please, please" she murmured. "What do you want?" I was a little aggravated. "Say something." The tears were starting to form. "Harder" she croaked. "Hit me a lot harder."

I pushed my hard cock on her face. I pushed the red bulb to her lips, parting them. "I'll decide when it really hurts." And I barely brushed her genitals with the leather. And then, again. A whisper. A feather. Tears rolled from the corners of her eyes. "Make it hurt Daddy," she whispered in that little girl voice. "I love you, Daddy."

I nodded. "Okay my Darling Daughter." And I raised that belt up and pulled it down as hard as I could right across her bare, pink crease. "Ahhhhh!!" She screamed, and pulled at her arms and legs, her thighs trying hard to close before I could bring the belt down again as hard as I could Again. "Oh Goddamn!" She was crying then, tears running down her face. I shortened the belt to a about ten inches and got close to her pussy. I pulled the lips apart and pulled up tight so her clitoris stuck out a little. Then she got four very sharp pulls on the leather tongue, right across her clit. It was paradise. She was bawling like a baby and pulling hard back and forth.

"Do you love me?" I got down between her legs. She sniffled, sobbing, "Yes Daddy. I love you so much." I licked her tortured lips and sucked softly on her clitoris. "Oh my Daddy. Oh my!!" She started bucking again, coming hard against my mouth. She jerked and jerked.

"Now for some of my fun," I stood back, cock hard and pointing at her. "Are you gonna fuck me Daddy?" She was a sight, face covered with tears. Red and bruised between her legs. "Not quite yet, my darling girl. I still have some leather kisses for you, for your asshole that is." I felt invincible then, like I was speeding hard. Janne had that alarmed look on her face, as it sunk in what I meant to do to her. "I don't think I can . . ." she started in her regular voice. "You want me to stop here?" I asked her, pulling at my prick. "I guess not," she sounded resigned. "I'm scared," she told me. "You should be; now be my little eleven year old painslut." "Yes master," she replied tears running down her cheeks. "Please master, hurt my asshole. Make it burn. Make me sorry I have an asshole." All this in her little girl voice. She was a perfect fuck that was for sure.

I untied first her left leg from the post at the bottom of the bed, then I pulled it all the way up, to where her left arm was tied and fastened it. Then I did the same with the other leg, so that she was trussed up, wide open, her split displayed and her asshole stretched taut, ready for some violent savage loving. I could hardly control my dick. He wanted to rip that little anus, tearing her flesh, right then. But I slowed myself down, feeling my balls all tight in their sack, calming myself down for the real event.

Going to the closet, I pulled out the willow switch I had hidden there. Approximately two feet long, and very whippy. I whipped it through the air several times, listening to the lovely song it made. Janne looked scared. "Please don't hurt me too bad" She whispered. "What did you say?" She grimaced and tried to smile, "Please Daddy hurt my bottom real bad!" She licked her lips. I could actually see her trembling, her legs shivering over her head. "So sweet. It's gonna hurt little darling! Daddy wants to hear you sing that song." "yes Daddy, I will scream and cry for you." "That's my baby."

And I stood back, holding my cock and whisked that switch through the air and down onto her exposed anus, the tip catching the tender flesh. "Ahhhhh!! OW OOWW!" Rapidly, with no pause, I whipped her asshole over and over with the willow switch, while she screamed and cried and begged me for "mercy Daddy! Mercy!! Owwwwww!" And I threw the switch to the floor and climbed over her bent doubled body and brought my penis to her asshole. I wet just the tip, and brought it to the muscular ring and then I shoved it into her in one move, feeling the flesh tear open, that glorious, painful poem of feeling. "Oh Daddy it's too big, it hurts, it hurts, it hurts, it hurst, it hurts . . ." She kept moaning and screaming and I fucked her tiny hole as hard and as deep as I could, suddenly coming like a bomb going off, spasm after spasm of my juice, deep up her ass.

I stopped, buried to the hilt in her and looked down at that tearstained face. She smiled a brave smile up at me. "Do you really love me?" she asked. "Comletely. And forever, Darling." "Will it always be like this?" "How much can you take?" I drew back and slammed her again. "As much as you want to give me, Daddy." She frowned in pain. "I can take it all, for you."

"Then why don't you leave that dumb fuck you're married to and come be with me." I withdrew from her asshole and started untying her. "You know he has money. And my folks approve of him. He's catholic, more than you." She sat up, rubbing her arms, and putting a hand between her legs. "Now what am I gonna tell him about this?" She played with her pussy. I found a cigarette and lit it. "Tell him its what you give a man you love. He'll eat that up."

"Anywat,"She rolled over and kissed me, deep, "you're living with Pat." "She doesn't need what you need. She doesn't want what I want. It won't last forever." I blew smoke. "I want a picture." I got up and found the polaroid camera. Janne was shockingly beautiful, though her body was skinny. She had very small breasts. She might as well have been a child. With her pubis shaved and her little girl voice she could easily pass for a young teenager, almost a real child. She lay back on the bed and spread herself open. "Raise your legs up so I can get your asshole." She responded and showed me the tortured rear opening, all red and swollen, like a small peach. My cock startted twitching. "Oh no, not again?" She got on her knees, her bottom pointed at me. She reached behind her and pulled her bottom cheeks apart. "Go ahead. Hurt me some more, Daddy. You know you want to." And she was right, I did.

Review This Story || Author: asbjorn
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