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Naked at Work

Chapter 3 Slavery

Chapter 3. Slavery

"I presume they're both on permanent contraception Jenny," Jack asked.

Jenny opened the files. "Yes. Claire never opted into the breeding programme and had the permanent shot six years ago. Ken wanted to be in the breeding programme but didn't pass the tests. He also had the permanent contraception shot six years ago. Both own a female slave so presumably they have sexual relations with them. I better get the works welfare team to bring them in. They won't be able to go out or get food for themselves. Looks like you'll have two more slaves for a few weeks."

The breeding programme was brought in more or less at the same time as the slave and discipline regimes. It was all part of a government package aimed at reducing costs. Even with contraception methods, the birth rate was high and the population was growing fast. In order to combat this all girls and boys when they reached puberty were given temporary contraception injections that were effective for a year and renewed annually. When a couple had been in a permanent relationship for three years they could apply to enter the breeding programme and would be allowed to produce two children before being given the permanent anti-contraception shot. No later than the age of 32 all males and females would receive the permanent shot. The injections in no way hindered sexual activity and males would produce semen but without living sperm.

"That's okay. I'm sure we can fit them in and I've no doubt others will wish to take advantage of this pair." Turning to Ken and Claire, "Come this way. Hold hands otherwise I will fit old-fashioned cuffs on you." He led them to the slave's dining room where dinner was nearly over. "Get yourselves some food. You may stand to eat. That bar over there is reserved for slaves who find it difficult to sit. Remember you have no status here. You are a slave just like they are."

Neither felt like eating and yet they were hungry, not having had any food since breakfast, which Claire never ate anyway. Claire murmured she didn't want anything except to lie down but Jack forcibly told her to eat and she wouldn't get to lie down until much later. All the while whilst waiting in line and carrying their food to the bar counter, they were conscious of keeping their tags in ray contact as well as all the eyes that were upon them. By now the effects of the painkilling injections were beginning to ease making each step a slow and painful movement.

All the worker slaves, male and female, wore blue tunic type dresses which covered their bodies adequately if not fashionably. They seemed a happy bunch and joked with the overseers. Claire and Ken had never seen this side of slave life. When working in the offices, slaves were always quiet and respectful but here in their own domain, they more than made up for it. From the moment they entered the pair were the butt of ribald comments particularly as Ken's prick had once more started to rise. Claire particularly, at first responded with acid comments but soon found these were greeted with whoops of raucous laughter which caused them even more embarrassment. In the end they ignored them or just smiled. The overriding issue was always the horrendous pain in their backsides. Through tear filled eyes Claire recognised one or two slave workers and vowed she'd make their life more unpleasant when she returned to her office again. Now as they stood a little apart at the bar pecking at the food, the pain was increasing as the effects of the drugs Jenny gave them wore off. It was painful to stand and they couldn't sit and there was no bed to lie on. Each now silently blamed the other for not still being in casualty on a nice soft bed. For the moment though, there existed a sort of armed truce between them.

"Aaaaahh!" The screams came from both mouths as their arms shot towards each other punching a person who'd come between them. The man, a junior overseer, unknowingly walked between them and started to caress both arses. The blows knocked him to the ground and as he stood again his hand freed the strap from his belt and was poised to lay it hard on the already sore flesh.

"No!" Jack Foreman yelled just in time. "Leave them Roy. It was your fault." Jack stood, called for silence and went on to explain to everyone about the tagging system. "To make sure this doesn't happen again, I will put some old fashioned cuffs on them as well whenever it is practical." To the tagged pair he said, "You must try and keep your arms and bodies touching so this doesn't occur again, even by accident. When you've finished your tea, Sarah, the woman with the maroon tunic, will take you to the sleeping quarters and explain the arrangements to you."

Sarah, a woman in her mid fifties introduced herself, "Hi," she said brightly, "I'm Sarah and I am sort of head slave here or an under overseer. I'll do what I can to ease your lot while you are here but my authority is very limited. I, and some of the others, were appalled at the thrashing you received. None of us have ever had anything like it, not in here anyway. We all get the strap and sometimes we think that's harsh but nothing like you two had. Even though most of us hate you for the way you've treated us, we still think they overdid your caning. Still you'll get over it in time and if you work with us, we'll help you. Treat us like shit and you'll return to work in a worse state than you are now." Sarah stated this factually and without showing much emotion. She went on. "Jack says you are to hold hands and come with me." She led them slowly to the slave dormitory, a large room with rows of double beds along each wall. Only a narrow space separated the beds and there were no lockers. There were pillows and the mattresses had a sheet covering but there were no bedclothes.

"Normally we sleep two in a bed," Sarah explained, "We all like sex in one form or another and most prefer a member of the opposite sex but there are some lesbians and a few gay men. Some have semi-permanent partners others change on a nightly basis. The overseers often take a slave to their room for the night and no slave, and that will include you two, can refuse to allow them to fuck you in any way they want. Between the slaves it is usually by general agreement but if a slave girl refuses to allow a slave boy to fuck her, or vice versa, he can appeal to an overseer. The appeal is normally granted so in reality there isn't much choice. Things may be different with you because you cannot be separated."

"So I will be forced to have sex with any man even if I don't want to," spluttered Claire.

"I expect you made your slave have sex with you," Sarah commented, "And refusal can be painful. Sex has to stop at midnight unless it is with an overseer so we can get enough sleep to do a days work. No one has a particular bed except I have the one at the end, and as you can see there are no lockers. They're not needed as we do not have any possessions."

"Not even a toothbrush?" Ken asked.

"No, not even a toothbrush. Toiletries and toothbrushes are disposable items and are replaced each day." She led them to the washroom. "We wash and do our business in here. There's no privacy for slaves but we're naked like you after nine o'clock when we have to hand our tunics in. We get fresh ones at breakfast."

"You mean we have to use these toilets with everyone watching? Oh God no!" Claire was nearly in tears again, "And I can't even sit properly."

Sarah laughed, "I guess that will cause some amusement. We're a pretty happy bunch and there will be a lot of comments and banter as you've already found out, but you'll have to learn to take that without getting upset. You're lucky they're keeping out of the way now to let me talk to you in private. Normally people would be in here and couples would already be screwing on the beds."

Jack Foreman came in. "I've found a suitable pair of old leather cuffs for you." While he fitted them on he explained, "They won't be locked or anything but it takes two hands to put on and take off, so you will have to do that for each other. The clip connecting them also requires two hands to open. One of you will have to pull the pin back while the other releases the clasp. You'll need to take them off in the shower but keep them on while you're working. It's for you own safety. Understand?"

Claire and Ken muttered something and then screamed as Jack's hand hit their arses. "You will answer, yes sir. You should already know that. I presume Sarah informed you of your sexual status?" Without waiting for a reply he went on, "Claire, I will be fucking you shortly, I like to have the first fuck with all the new female slaves although you don't have the most appealing body that I've seen. Your slave Dana has just arrived and I will be taking her to my bed for the night. She's certainly far more attractive and perhaps I'll find out if she's really a lesbian."

Claire started to make a comment but held her tongue. "He's just trying to humiliate me even more," she told herself but then she wondered how she would be able to take a man when she didn't dare put any weight on her bottom. "If you are… going to… rape me… how will I be able to…"

"I'll fuck you doggy style for the first day or two Claire and I expect Ken and the others will too." Ken smirked at the thought of raping the woman who, in his eyes, had brought this upon them. "And forget the rape notion. You're a slave. You're owned so there is no such thing as rape. You get fucked." Jack informed her.

"You mean I have to let that bastard rape me too?" She used the rape word again. "When he's the cause of my being here." Anger flared in Claire's voice.

"More than that Claire," Jack replied, "Like the other slaves he can fuck you any time you're free to do so but also the MD has ordered that he do it in front of witnesses at least once a day and preferably twice. I am to punish both of you if this is not done and I can use the strap on any part of your bodies, even your arses although Jenny might have a few words with me if I split the skin."

The full horror of their situation was beginning to dawn on them. They weren't playing at being slaves, they were real slaves for the next three weeks. No longer were they boss of their own little kingdom. The situation might not be as cruel as slavery was in the nineteenth century but they could still be punished and abused if the overseers and staff thought fit. Even the girls in their own office could complain and have them punished.

"Bend over the bed Claire, I've time for a quick one now and then I shall be recovered enough to satisfy Dana." Jack spoke firmly.

"No please, I haven't done it…" Claire started to plead.

"No man would have you…" Ken cut in.

"Cut the crap. I can easily order the others here to hold you both down while I colour your backs or fronts and then you'll be fucked anyway, even you Ken. A number of the men would delight in ravishing your arsehole. I shall forbid it for the moment because of the state your arse is in but I can easily order them to use it – and yours too Claire. Now bend over the bed."

By now other slaves had started to drift into the dorm. As each entered they removed their tunic, folded it and placed it in a plastic hamper for recycling. A new one would be provided in the morning. Naked, they watched as Jack unzipped his trousers and forced his cock into Claire's unwilling vagina. She screamed and yelled at the top of her voice but it only caused laughter and risqué comments from the other slaves.

"Mistress's too dry for that sir. Let me help. It will be better for you." Everyone turned and waited to see Jack's reaction to Dana's suggestion.

"I guess you should know Dana but she's not your mistress now. I'm your master but get to it and make it fast." The girl quickly placed herself between her ex-mistresses legs and she could feel the heat from the welted nates as she expertly applied her tongue until Claire's juices began to flow. She had mixed emotions on being there. In many ways she wasn't sorry that her mistress had been punished but she wondered what the repercussions would be when she returned home. Slavery in the works didn't worry her overmuch; it couldn't be more painful than being with Claire and at least here she would be with others and not live on her own for most of the day.

Soon Dana moved to one side and guided Jack's prick into Claire's hole. Again Claire screamed as much from indignation as the pain, although that was not inconsiderable especially when Jack's loins touched her tender flesh. It was over all too quickly for Jack. It wasn't the best fuck he'd ever had, but he'd wanted to continue to subjugate the woman. "Your turn Ken. She should be well lubricated now."

Ken found it very awkward. Being cuffed the way he was, meant her arm was pulled across her back and his was across his stomach. "Turn over Claire."

"No! You know I daren't put any pressure on my bottom. The pain is bad enough now, with your weight on it I'll pass out. Just leave me alone. I'm going to die." Claire protested.

"Of old age like the rest of us. Just lie with your back on the bed. Keep your bum over the edge. I've got to do this."

"Yeah. Like you don't want to. I bet you've fantasised about raping me for years. Pervert!" The altercation caused more comments from the others but despite more yelling, and help from many hands she was turned face up. Without being asked two male slaves took hold of a leg each and supported them level with the bed and as wide apart as they dared go. Ken thrust carefully into her and then began to fuck in earnest. It hurt to move his muscles too but at least he had the satisfaction of fucking the woman he hated. Another male slave took Claire's breasts in his hands and massaged them forcibly. They were still tender from the blow Jack had laid across them. When the nipples became erect he took one after the other into his mouth and despite her not wanting to, Claire started to become aroused. Normally Dana would have done this; done it much more gently otherwise Dana's backside would have felt the strap, but somehow Claire's response to the man's 'titty attack' as he put it, was similar.

Ken too soon finished and had to withdraw. "Make her suck it for you Ken. She should have done if for me but this little thing here," indicating Dana, "did it instead. Ken clambered awkwardly on the bed and knelt with his knees astride Claire's chest and his drooping prick aimed towards her lips.

"NO!" shouted Claire, "It's too disgusting." Hardly had the words left her mouth when she felt Jack's strap strike her hard across the lower stomach. She screamed again. Jack raised his strap and laid on a second welt.

"Shall I go on Claire?" Jack asked. Claire shook her head and opened her mouth. It was more the humiliation of having to suck it in front of others rather than the taste that she objected to.

"Your turn Kenny boy. Clean her cunt out. We don't want her dripping everywhere," Jack ordered. It was Ken's turn to look disgusted. He paused, then winced as Jack's belt caught him across the shoulders. "Get that tongue right inside her Kenny. She might even enjoy that." Still smarting from the latest stripe and from the use of the diminutive 'Kenny' which he had tried to get rid of even as a child, Ken started to lick and received another stripe for not putting enough effort into it.

"Okay, you can rest now," Jack said some five minutes later. "Lie on the bed face to face and give each other a cuddle." When he was satisfied they were in a tight embrace, Claire's tits tightly mashed against Ken's chest, Jack left them and attended to other business. Around them other couples copulated freely and openly and to Claire's amazement, with enjoyment.

"Dana, come to my room. I have to give you the standard slave's welcome and then we can have a good fucking session," Jack informed Claire's slave. The other slaves knew the standard welcome was ten strokes of the strap but doubted if Jack would apply it overly hard to the young and attractive girl he was going to bed for the night.

"God the pain in my bottom is getting worse, the pain injection has completely worn off," Claire whispered half an hour later.

"Mine too. You think we dare ask for another? I need to pee so we'll have to move. I can't go all night." Claire knew she couldn't either but wouldn't admit it. "If I slide off my side of the bed, will you follow?" Ken went on.

"I suppose I will have to. At least is should be better than the bottle."

Having lain for a while, their muscles were stiff and walking was extremely painful but they managed to keep side by side. Claire turned her head aside while Ken peed and then he asked the question that was plaguing her mind. "How are you going to do it?"

"Guess I'll have to stand as well. You know I daren't sit."

"I'll try and hold you." Claire wanted to tell him she could manage but doubted that she could. He put his left arm under her armpits and held her tight while she crouched down a little and did what she had to.

"Thanks," she murmured before she stopped to think what she was saying.

As they returned Jack was sitting on a bed talking and laughing with a couple of slaves. Dana was on his knee and seemed to be enjoying having him fondle her tits. Her eyes looked to have been crying but she was now smiling. Ken stopped in front of them. "Excuse me sir, would it be possible for us to have another injection to kill this pain? The one Jenny gave us earlier has worn off and the pain is pretty horrendous again. She did say she would give us another before bedtime."

"That was before you pissed her off with your behaviour. You could still have been in casualty in reasonable comfort."

"Would you ask for us though sir," Claire begged, "We really hurt so bad and we won't be able to sleep and may keep the others awake."

"I don't really see why I should bother," Jack answered enjoying the fact they were trying to beg for his assistance. "I don't see why I should disturb Jenny. It's not really an emergency and she probably in bed with some nice young patient."

"Oh please sir, please ask." Tears were running down Claire's cheeks.

"Look round this room. How many of the slaves here have you complained about for petty little things?" They looked. Most of the couples had stopped what they were doing and were looking back at them. Ken and Claire particularly looked guilty. "How many times have you strapped Dana here just for your enjoyment?" Jack went on. "We know they are slaves, we know there are times when we need to punish them but it shouldn't be done needlessly. You two on the other hand were justly punished and I for one don't have a problem with the severity. I believe it was well and truly justified and now you wish me to try and get your pain diminished. Perhaps we should get all your fellow slaves to vote on it? It's not often they get chance to vote. What do you say people?" Jack raised his voice so they all could hear, "Do I contact Jenny and get pain relief for this pair or not? Who says yes?" A few raised their hands including Dana. Ken couldn't see Rita, his ex slave. Then a few more hesitantly raised theirs and a few more. One of the junior overseers counted. "Who says no?" Again, first a few hands were raised, then a few more. The slaves were not used to being asked to give an opinion.

"What's the verdict John?"

"Very, very close Jack. Only one vote in it although some must have abstained." John paused, keeping the couple in suspense. "By one vote only, you are to ask Jenny to give them treatment." Ken and Claire sighed with relief.

"That of course doesn't mean that she will," commented Jack, "And after your abuse earlier I wouldn't blame her."

"Jack do you really want me to get up and come down there just to deal with that pair? I've just got comfortable with a nice glass of wine and Jake is massaging my feet."

"I'm not bothered Jenny. It's just that…" Jack went on to explain.

"Give me three good reasons why I should help them Jack."

"That's for them to answer Jen, if they can." He passed the video to Claire, "You heard her. You give her the reasons."

"Because we hurt so badly and it's getting worse again. Because we could disturb everyone if we are crying out in pain all night…" Claire answered and stopped.

"Because we are sorry for what we did this morning. Sorry Jenny. Please help us. We know you don't have to." Ken intercepted whatever Claire's third reason was going to be.

"I'll be over when Jake has finished," Jenny answered abruptly. "Ken, yours was the only valid answer."

The injection helped but they both spent a disturbed night. Baz a male slave asked to fuck Claire and when she hesitated he threatened to call Jack and Claire knew she would have to give in or receive a further strapping. He agreed to doggy style again and immediately he withdrew, licked her clean and then to a climax which Claire found rather unusual but quite nice. She took his member in her mouth without complaint this time, again knowing she would be punished if she didn't.

A girl called Sally wanted Ken to fuck her but she was unable to get him erect and had to give up. Pain and the exhaustion of the thrashing had taken their toll. When things quietened down and everyone started to sleep, Ken pulled Claire tight to his body again and they drifted off but seemed to wake many times during the night.

A siren woke everyone at six a.m. and all except Ken and Claire immediately jumped out of bed. Most headed for the showers and toilets. Only a few went the other way. Sarah came to them, "You have half an hour to shower, shit and clean your teeth etc. Then you line up for inspection and breakfast.

"But we can't work as fast as the others because we're tied together," protested Claire.

"You'll just have to do the best you can otherwise the strap will hurry you along."

"Unclip our cuffs then. We mustn't get them wet."

"Not unless you remember to ask properly."

"Unclip our cuffs please Sarah." Claire said the right words but her tone belied them. Claire made it sound like a demand.

"You have to learn to do it yourselves." Sarah walked off to start her own ablutions leaving the pair arguing and wasting precious minutes getting the clip undone and unfastening the cuffs. One of the showers was free so each washed quickly and only twice did the tags drag them together. It made them realise the value of the leather cuffs.

"There's two toilets together over there. If we sit side by side we can both go at the same time. I guess we've got to start and try to sit although it is going to hurt like hell," Ken pointed out. Claire didn't want to agree but she could see the sense in it. They were already behind everyone else with the washing. Both cried out loudly when they sat down even though they tried to support themselves with their hands. Ken was only halfway through shaving and Claire was brushing her teeth when a female overseer ushered them out and into line for inspection. Of course they failed.

"One not shaved or cleaned his teeth and the other teeth unfinished and hair not brushed. Both of you need also to get Sarah to trim that unsightly pubic growth. Get it done before tomorrow. I'll be lenient with you as it is your first day and you have the problem of keeping together but you've got to work that out by tomorrow. For today you will get one stroke of the strap across each hand…"

"Oh no, not more pain," cried Claire.

"…one stroke across each hand if you hold them out like schoolchildren did years ago. Four if we have to hold them for you. You first Kenny." Ken muttered something akin to swearing. "The reply should have been 'yes, ma'am. Two strokes now. Understand?"

This time Ken had the sense to reply, "Yes ma'am." From her badge he could see her name was Julie.

Ken winced each time the strap cracked across his palms but managed to hold them still. He feared he would receive eight if pulled back. After her first stroke Claire pulled her hand back and tucked it under her arm. Unfortunately it was the tagged hand and once more the tags pulled themselves together with some violence. Ken fell to the floor and landed badly on his backside. He writhed in agony and in doing so once again the tags couldn't see each other and dragged Claire on top of him. To the watchers it looked highly amusing. Even stern faced Julie had to grin but she soon had them on their feet again. They stood shaking with pain, tears and cries of anguish rending the air. A trickle of blood ran down the back of Ken's leg where his impact with the floor had opened a welt.

"The other hand now Claire," Julie commanded coldly.

"Please have mercy on me. Can't you see I can hardly stand for the pain?… ma'am."

"Do you wish for someone to hold your hand?" Julie asked icily.

Slowly Claire extended her palm. "How could they be so cruel," she asked herself bitterly. Even Claire noted she had not been hit hard this time.

"Finish your ablutions, get your cuffs and report to me in the dining room when you're done. You might just make breakfast if you hurry." Ken grabbed Claire's hand and they hobbled back to the ablution area.

"It's all your bloody fault Ken, or is it Kenny now?" Claire started baiting him.

"Shut up Claire, We're sore enough now…"

"Don't you tell me to shut up! You got us into this mess." They continued arguing while completing their washing. Claire turned her back on Ken and once more their magnatron links pulled them together causing Ken to snick his face with the razor.

"You stupid cow!" he yelled. Claire looked and almost felt a little sorry for him when she saw the trickle of blood.

Julie and the other slaves heard the altercation as they trooped to the dining room and smiled to themselves. They'd learn the hard way, sooner or later.

Finally they completed their washing and Ken fastened Claire's leather cuff. He offered his wrist for her to do the same and they worked together to fasten the catch. "Claire," Ken said quietly, "If we are to get through this, we can't keep blaming each other. That's what they want us to do. We're playing into their hands. They want us to cock-up so they can keep beating us. You've got to help me and I've to help you. Did you see how the others worked together almost as a team? Some went to the toilets first, others the shower and the rest did teeth and shave."

"We've been handicapped by the tags. That's not fair. That why we can't keep up."

"Yeah, that does make it a sod. Nothing we can't get over I suppose."

"In any case I don't see why I should…" Claire stopped, "You're bleeding." Claire noticed the drying blood on his leg for the first time. Without being asked she took a tissue and wiped the area. Even though she did it gently, Ken winced and the blood started oozing out again. "Maybe Jenny ought to look at it. It's not a long cut but it is still bleeding."

"That's a first for the bitch," thought Ken but out loud he said, "Let's try and grab some breakfast first. I'm dying for a coffee. We've still got to pass bitch Julie's bloody inspection." Seeing Claire's hair still needed doing he went on, "Give me that bloody hairbrush so I can get that tangle from your hair otherwise we'll be here until they collect us and we'll get the strap again."

Begrudgingly Claire muttered "Thanks."

"I'm only doing it so we don't get into more trouble. Do I look okay?"

"As good as you ever do. Does that prick of yours ever go completely soft."

"Not when it's near a naked, smelly cunt. Come on let's get back."

The breakfast counter was closing when they returned and yet they had to stand while Julie took her time thoroughly inspecting them. She lifted Ken's prick and made Claire bend over to make sure she was clean between her legs. Everyone knew Julie was doing it to humiliate them further. "After breakfast get that cut seen to. Then report to Sarah in the main dining hall," she snapped.

Only the coffee and tea machines were still open. "Looks like they're going starve us as well," Ken moaned. He noticed all the others were now wearing tunics. "They must issue them after inspection," he pointed out to Claire. "Don't suppose it will do any good us asking for one."

Sarah signalled them to come over. She slid her plate with a croissant on it in front of Ken. Another slave passed a plate to Claire. Normally she would have disdained to eat off another's plate but she realised this could be her only chance to eat until much later on and they could be making her do physical work. "Thanks," both of them muttered but neither of them decided to sit.

"That's okay," Sarah smiled, "We usually try and help those who are sent back at inspection. We're only allowed two croissants but one's enough for many of us. You're part of my group in the main dining room today and I am under orders to make sure you do a full day's work."

"We've to see nurse Jenny first thing. We hope she's in good enough mood to give us another injection and Ken keeps bleeding after the fall," Claire informed her.

"Wouldn't you normally say he's a bleeding sod?" Sarah questioned, laughing broadly.

Claire had to laugh a little too. She wondered why the slaves mostly seemed in good humour. Perhaps it was the lack of responsibility. Not having to make decisions, not having to make deadlines or targets. Might be something in being a slave after all. "Probably," she smiled back and even Ken had to grin. Rarely did he see anything but a scowl on Claire's face. He liked it – and the way her tits shook as she laughed.

"Get back to me as soon as you can otherwise I'll be one short to do the work. They're counting you two as one item or rather you are just two hands. See you later." Sarah turned to leave.

"Will we get tunics?" Claire asked.

"Sorry. I've been told to give you clean jobs as far as I can." Sarah looked sympathetic, "The boss wants everyone to see you naked and having to work and clean up after your own workers. You can guess why, I expect."

"Jenny seemed in a better mood than last night," Ken remarked as they headed for the dining room. She'd joked about not sitting around too much as she sprayed a covering of plastic skin over the wound and she'd given each of them a painkilling tablet. "I'll check on you when I go for lunch," she told them as they left.

Floor cleaning was well under way when they arrived and Sarah set them to taking the chairs back off the tables a wiping the surfaces. After a few tries they found a system whereby Ken lifted the chairs down and Claire wiped. By ten o'clock they were ready for the mid morning break opening. This was the embarrassing time. Workers, particularly from their own offices, would come in, stare and giggle and perhaps make a bawdy comment on their dress or the stripes on their arses. Sarah strictly warned them not to comment or answer back. "You know how slaves have to treat staff. Now you are slaves and you must act like them. It's going to be difficult but don't let them provoke you. I'm sure you're not wanting another dose of the strap which is the automatic penalty for insolence from a slave." They already knew that but still couldn't really consider themselves as proper slaves.

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