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College Broken Innocents

Part 1


"That was an excellent idea we came up with." Sam said. We really out did ourselves this time. " Setting up our contacts to throw an alcoholic free party." " This attracted exactly the type of female coeds we were looking for." Coeds that were very cautious about being taken advantage of once they had a little to much to drink." The party had so many attractive, innocent and virginal beauties to choose from. Another great idea was to have the party just before everyone was to go on spring break. By the time the girls were missed it would be to late to trace their whereabouts.

The group consisted of six guys. Their names were Sam, Pete, Phil, Jake and Ned. They were experts at taking a completely innocent coed and in a matter of a few hours transforming her into becoming a submissive obedient sex object. She would be made to obediently perform whatever command they asked of her.

Each member of the group also had a strong fetish for bondage. They enjoyed using their imagination to create the most stringent bondage positions one could imagine. Then they would work together on their lovely coed. Soon she be bound and gagged in a position she never thought her body would be able to endure. The pain and humiliation would be so intense, she would pray for unconsciousness. But they made sure this would never happen.

The other fetish they all shared was their love for the bare feet of these lovely coeds. To be able to caress and fondle their lovely bare feet was something they all lived for.

We were able to abduct three beauties. Two were already broken. They were still being worked on. We wanted to totally control them mind and body. The girls were kept below in small soundproof cubicles.

In the first cubicle was Heather. " Hi Heather, how are you doing." Heather answered with a " nnnnnngggghhhh." This was the best she could do in her position. Heather was of German origin. She had shoulder length blonde hair, her eyes were crystal blue, but now they were red from the tears rolling down her smooth cheeks. She stood almost 5 ft 11 inches, very willowy and athletically built. She had just turned sixteen.

Heather was perspiring profusely, beads of sweat dripping down her face. Maybe it was because of the stringent position she was bound in or it could have been what had been forcible shoved into her virgin pussy and anus.

Heather laid on her bare belly, the group had first forced an oversized dildo into her tight little pussy. They had worked for over twenty minutes to stuff her cunt with this device. Even with the dildo completely lubricated it was quite a task. They pushed a short length of it into her, then waited for her muscles to relax, then another length was forced into her. When it was finally deep within her virgin pussy another much smaller one was forced into her tight little anus.

Now a harness was secured around her waist, then a strap ran between her legs. It was attached to the harness, this firmly held both devices deeply in Heather's most private and intimate areas.

Her arms were brought behind her back and held in place while one of her abductors bound them tightly in place. Next her sweating smooth legs were bound at her ankles, then just below her knees and at her thighs. While two of her abductors bent her legs back, until her bare heels touched her ass cheeks, another quickly bound them to her already aching arms. This put a strain on Heather's body causing her back to arch. More ropes were secured around her thighs and calves further squashing Heather into a much more severe position.

Heather's ball gag had a ring attached at the back of her head. Thin rope was attached to the ring, then her head was pulled back into a painful and unnatural position. The rope was then attached to her aching arms.

The dildo's in her pussy and anus were also powerful wireless vibrators, her trainer worked them without mercy. Her body twitched uncontrollably causing Heather to experience strong powerful orgasms, one after another. Every time she experienced one her long slender toes would twitch uncontrollably.

Heather's entire nude and bound body sweated beyond normal. She shuddered from time to time from the strong orgasms she was forced to endure.

The group fondled her defenseless twitching body. They ran their hands over her bare sweating ass cheeks. They took great joy at the sight of her bare sweating feet. They caressed the bottoms of Heather's bare feet, then took turns sucking on her long slender toes. It was exciting to them to feel her toes twitch in their mouths when she experienced another orgasm. Heather's bare breast were strained upward because of the way her body was bowed from being bound in this stringent hog tied position. Her nipples were in plain view of the group. They could not resist this opportunity to play with them. They fondled them until they became involuntarily stiff.

Heather's orgasms were becoming much more intense, she shuddered and twitched so violently she fell over onto her side. When this happened her trainer would use a stun gun, set on the lowest setting to punish her. He would send an electric current through both her sensitive nipples, then her bare sweating toes would become his next target. This was done continuously until she twisted and turned to laying back up on her belly. Heather's body could not stand anymore torture so she tried very hard not to fall over.

"Heather your sweet smelling sweat gives me much pleasure." Heather answered with another strong spasm. She had just experienced another powerful orgasm.

Heather would have to endure this cruel treatment for another hour maybe two. This treatment would keep our lovely once innocent coed confused. Since she had already been broken some time ago, further torture and humiliation would work to cause Heather to fall much deeper into this new and confused way of life she was about to become accustom to.

This once innocent beauty was now becoming a sex slave, she was powerless to do anything about it. She never thought this could happen to her. She had such high standards. She took great care of her flawless body. Heather had a very high self esteem of how she felt about herself. It had taken just one spiked orange juice to start her on her journey into a future of pain and humiliation. Her lovely cared for body was to be used in disgusting perverted ways she never knew existed. Heather was completely powerless to resist. She was turning into a mindless sex slave, whose sole existence was to completely please these awful man whom had complete control of her mind and body.

Her trainer was enjoying the power he had over this helpless coed. He was working slowly at teasing her body with mild vibrations, then building them up until she thought she was going to explode. Then he would back off, then start again. When her body shuddered and hot sweat dripped endlessly from her body then he would send her over the edge. Her body would twitch violently into another uncontrollable orgasm.

In the second cubicle was 5 ft 10 inch Kathy. She had shoulder length blonde hair also like Heather she had a willowy figure and was also sixteen years old. Her blue eyes were bloodshot from her constant crying. Kathy was very attractive, with features of a seventeen magazine model. She would never look twice at any of these group members if she past them on the street. But now she was at their mercy to do as they pleased with her bound and naked body.

Kathy was bound in the most grotesque position possible. Her arms were pulled downward toward her waist. Then her knees were bent and pushed up to just touch the sides of her bare breast. This brought her ankles close to her wrists. They bound them together, left wrist to left ankle, right wrist to right ankle. They had her strapped her down on a padded table. Her nude body was strapped down to the table in a number of places. Just below her breast, another strap was secured around her belly, yet another was around her thighs, and yet another was tightly wrapped around her calves and ankles. This held Kathy's twitching body quite secure. Her mouth also wore a ball gag.

Her nude body was perspiring profusely, but for different reasons. Kathy's body had just endured a full hour of what the group called " Shock therapy." This was done with electrical impulse guns, these guns were used to test the response of certain animals. The shock was quite powerful, but left no marks.

No part of her virgin body was spared. Her nipples were still red from the constant shocks. Her pussy and sensitive anus were overflowing involuntarily with her own love juices. Kathy's exquisite little toes wriggled uncontrollably. Her bare soles were bright red from the constant abuse they had received.

Kathy laid twitching uncontrollably, her muscles quivering involuntarily. Spasms constantly surged through her bound and gagged body. Her bare slender toes twitched non stop, sweat dripped from them onto the floor.

Long before the shock treatment Kathy was tortured with the constant buzzing in her pussy and anus. Like Heather, Kathy was fitted with oversized dildo's. They were controlled by her trainer so she would against her will reach uncontrollably orgasms. Before her training Kathy had no idea of what an orgasm was. Now her body could not control the constant eruption of these powerful orgasms.

Between the strong powerful orgasms, then the constant shocks applied to every intimate area of her once innocent body. Kathy had been deeply broken.

Before moving on to the next cubicle, the site of Kathy's bound and gagged body, in such deep distress was to much to pass up. Her body shook from the constant orgasms her trainer was forcing upon her helpless body. Kathy's sweet smelling sweat dripped to the floor from every area of this once innocent coed. They glided nervous hands over every part of her. The electric shocks had pushed up her body temperature, her heated sweat excited the group to the extend that they all agreed their next coed could wait.

While one of them started rubbing and pinching her reddish nipples, another started on her bare foot, he excitedly held her bound foot, then slowly ran his tongue up the entire length of her sweating sole. He was excited with her delicate arch, it had such a deep curve. Now he sucked on each quivering toe starting with her pinky, working his way up to her big toe. He also licked beneath her toes sending shivers through her distressed body. He now put all her toes into his mouth and sucked feverishly on them.

Meanwhile another member was busy rubbing his stiff cock along the bare sole of her other foot, he pushed it between her wriggling toes. He could not believe he was able to experience such pleasure with such an innocent beauty. She shook with such great force from her constant orgasms, he though she was going to pass out. Her soft sweating toes was to much, he erupted his hot sperm all over her delicate sole, then completely soaked all of her toes. Sperm dripped off her foot to the mat below, her entire bare foot was covered with his hot come.

Satisfied they now moved on to the next cubicle, leaving Kathy to continue her training. She still had many more mind blowing orgasms to experience.

The third cubicle held our California beauty. Her name was Crystal, she had that sunny California appearance, tall blonde, blue eyed and well tanned. Crystal was only seventeen years old. " Let's take our time with this beauty." Sam said with much excitement. " She is the most attractive." " We saved the best for last."

Crystal had just been recruited. Struggling with her captors she still possessed a proud and haughty attitude. The drug was starting to wear off. Now realizing her situation tears started rolling down her lovely cheeks. Her eyes took on a frightened and scared look. She struggled violently as they administer an injection into her arm. This was a mild sedative. In a few minutes she would become very docile, she would be very aware of everything going on around her, but her ability to react physically would be stripped from her. She would be in this powerless state for at least an hour. By then she would be completely stripped of her clothing and bound in the most humiliating position. She would then be exposed to a much persuasive and fail-safe training session. Meant to transform her into a future sex toy. " Let's strip her so we can enjoy her naked body." Phil said.

Crystal's captors now started removing her clothing. Her tee shirt was pulled over her head exposing her lovely bra covered breast, next her shorts were pulled down her long legs and then over her sneakers. They now joined her tee shirt on the floor.

Her sneakers were being untied, then slipped off her wriggling feet. Crystal could not believe how powerless she was to stop them. Now her socks were peeled off her feet, leaving her lovely feet bare.

Her toes were long and slender, her soles silky smooth. They admired how lovely her bare feet were. They stopped to fondle them, some members licking her bare wriggling toes.

They now proceeded to unhook her bra, then slipping down the straps and off her shoulders. Once her bra was unhooked , it stayed on her soft mounds, her breast were so perfect and strong, that her bra just hung from them, then they flicked it off her breast to the floor. Once her bra was completely removed her breast glimmered from the sweat dripping from her body.

Crystal's nipples involuntary started to stiffen when one of her tormentors started to rub and pull at them. All that remained was her delicate panties. They were now pulled down and off her wriggling bare feet. The group had enjoyed stripping this lovely coed. They would now enjoy binding and gagging her. Soon she would be ready for her journey into becoming their next sex toy. " Wow she's the best we ever had. Just think we have the entire weekend to do as we please to this beauty." Sam said. " I'm happy her friends called her and told her to stop by the party, before the sedative took effect on the both of them. This is an added bonus."

They decided to savor Crystal's lovely body. It would be well over an hour before the sedative would wear off. After all she was the most alluring and attractive of the bunch. Her smooth breast were the first target of their lust, they massaged each nipple causing them to involuntarily stiffen, her smooth belly was caressed. Now her lovely legs were admired and stroked. Although Crystal was powerless to stop them, tears still were able to roll down her lovely cheeks. She never thought this could possibly happen to her.

Crystal's legs were spread open, now anxious fingers explored her virgin pussy, then slid up and down her tender pussy lips until they started to moisten, then they dug deeply into her. They wriggled around in her tight little pussy exploring.

Other members found her bare feet very inviting, her long slender toes were licked and sucked on one at a time, then her silky smooth heels and deeply arched soles were attended to. Soon they dripped with the hot salvia of her lust bearing captors.

Crystal,s body was now turned over so they could explore her lovely back side, her legs were spread wide. Two of her captors pulled apart her smooth ass cheeks. Then another ran his finges up and down her lovely crack. When he reached her anus he slowly pushed his moist finger into her.

They discussed how much fun it was going to be to work on this lovely innocent beauty. Watching her naïve innocents melt away as they introduced her body to experience feelings she never thought she was capable of.

Her high self esteem would be shattered, leaving her unwilling body open to becoming completely broken. She would begin to accept the new feelings her body started to experience. Crystal mind and body would be reduced to accept the fact she was becoming a willing sex slave, a sex toy for the entire group to enjoy. She would be powerless to prevent this from happening to her. Crystal's body was starting to show signs of becoming physically functional, her complete body was covered in sweat. The drug was wearing off, they enjoyed her nubile teenage body so much that they almost lost track of time. Her bare toes and fingers started twitching, her lovely torso shuddered and spasm from the constant poking and probing she had been forced to endure.

The group was anxious though to preceed on securing her body. They had just received a new piece of equipment they had ordered from an European bondage house. Crystal was elected to be the first to test this new apparatus. It was a new type bondage swing. It was designed to hold our lovely coed in the most humiliating position then suspend her at any height we desired.. It could be made to swivel or remain stationary.

To describe the bondage swing it consisted of a narrow leather sling, it was narrow so our lovely coed could be placed onto it, only a couple of inches of her lovely rear end would sit on it. Then a safety strap would be placed tightly around her so she would not slip out of it once she was suspended. At the top of it were two leather cuffs, this was for her wrists. Then about midway on either side were two more cuffs, these were for her ankles. Also at the same location as were the ankle cuffs, was a unique designed spreader bar. It was made to keep our lovely victims pussy widely spread open once the swing was raised off the floor. The metal piece was designed to curve around the back of our lovely coed, so as not to interfere or obstruct any vital area of it's lovely occupant. In this case it was to be Crystal. The swing was easily adjustable at many areas. These were to insure that our lovely coed could be bound in the most humiliating positions. Every tender area secret to herself would now be completely vulnerable to these uniquely trained conspirators.

They were well versed in the art of taking a fresh innocent coed like Crystal and transforming them into becoming a sexual craving addict. Living only for the physical moments experienced through orgasms, never quite getting enough. They would be broken both mentally and physically. They achieved this by means of total humiliation and torture. Their victims suffered much physical torture. This was necessary to crumble the mental barriers built from years of conforming to high standards of principles. They were experts on every nerve and muscle in the human body, especially the female body.

The sedative was starting to wear off, Crystal was starting move about more then they wanted her to. We started to prepare her for the bondage swing. Her lovely backside was placed onto the sling, then the safety strap was secured into place. Next Crystal's wrist were pulled high above her head. They were stretched and then positioned into the leather cuffs. These were then secured. Crystal's nude and sweating body looked lovely. Her breast were pulled upward because of the strain we put her in to secure her wrist above her head. Crystal's legs were now stretched open and pulled toward the cuffs that were situated about half way up on the sides of the swing. By pulling them open, then bending them at the knees to fit into the ankle cuffs caused her pristine pussy and anus to become quite accessible. Her bare toes started to wriggle from this quite intolerably position. The swing was now connected to the over head pulley. Before she was hoisted up a ball type gag was placed into her mouth. The gag had to be positioned behind her teeth, then strapped behind her head. The gag kept her mouth widely open.

Crystal's body was now hoisted up, she was starting to realize what was happening around her. But it was to late to do anything about it. She hung about four feet from the floor. They stood back and admired the innocent beauty and helplessness of their next sex toy.

The beauty of the bondage swing swing was that every intimate part of Crystal's body was easily accessible. Her breast could be worked on at the same time as her pussy and anus were to be abused.

Even her bare wriggling toes could be attended to. Soon Crystal would experience more pain and suffering she ever knew existed. Then she would be completely baffled at the way they could make her body experience pleasurable non stop orgasms.

The sedative now had completely wore off. Crystal was starting to realize her position. She moaned loudly through the gag, this was after she saw all her clothing had been removed. Then she realized the humiliating position she was bound and gagged In.

To make matters even more devastating, they had positioned a full length mirror in front of her. Tears rolled down her lovely cheeks as she struggled to free herself. The best she was able to do was wriggle her fingers and toes. The rest of her body was entirely immobile. They laughed at Crystal's reaction and watched her for a short while. Now they were ready to start her training. Crystal was now administered another injection. They injected her in her soft ass cheeks. This injection was going to cause Crystal's body to become highly sensitive. Anything done to her would be highly magnified. The stimulate was used to cause it's user to become much more aware of both her physical and mental state. It would not wear off for several hours. By that time Crystal would be well on her way to become broken.

She was told before we started her training to look up at the monitor. Each room had a monitor.. This was so we could monitor each girl. Crystal was horrified at what she saw.

On the first monitor was her best friend Heather. She saw what her best friend was doing. Heather was still bound tightly. Her facial expression showed she was quite frightened. But one could also see she was trying very hard to please this person.

She was working very hard, sucking the large cock pushing it's way down her lovely throat. " It didn't take long to persuade your friend, it would be very wise to cooperate, Heater sucked fervishly on his big cock. This was the first time Heather had ever performed oral sex. Soon she would become an expert at it. Otherwise she would be put through some painful punishment.

On the second monitor Crystal saw her friend Kathy. Kathy also was sucking feverishly on a large cock. Tears were rolling down her smooth cheeks, her body was sweating profusely. Kathy was also being ass fucked. Her rapist enjoyed her moans and struggles. Her virgin anus was so tight it took great effort for her rapist to push all the way into her. Even though she was excessively lubricated. Crystal was told in a few hours she would be joining her friends. She moaned and struggled to free herself after hearing this.

They waited about twenty minutes foe the stimulate to take effect. Crystal's nubile and soft body glisten with her own sweet sweat. Her nipples were becoming semi hard. The group was excited, she was ready for her training.

Her lovely nipples were worked on first, Jake and Ned worked on these. They rubbed them with emery boards, the type used to file down ones nails. Crystal's s body shuddered and twisted, this caused her nipples much pain because of the altered awareness that ran through her body. Never the less her nipples stiffened involuntarily. They became rock hard and lengthened at least half an inch. They now placed rubber bands st the base to keep them from returning to their natural position. This way they could make Crystal's body experience much pain and pleasure. They now produced some large feathers, they started tickling her lovely ears, then all around her sweating face. Now her bare feet were attended to, her bare soles and heels were caressed, then between her wriggling toes. In her heighten state this attention to her lovely bare feet as well as her hardened nipples caused her much distress. This was Sam and Pete's area of expertise.

They worked on Crystal's bare feet and wriggling toes, as well as her nipples and lovely face for over an hour. She twitched uncontrollably. Her sensitive body shook at even the slightest touch.

They now found another area that was highly sensitive. It was the tender area behind her knees, every time they caressed her there with the feather Crystal's body shook and twitched much more violently. They enjoyed torturing this beauty so much that they continued this phase for another forty minutes, Crystal's mind was already becoming confused. Her thoughts were of some type of release from this pain and torture. How that release was to come she had not even a clue.

Her tormentors were really enjoying themselves. They now were using their tongues to further along Crystal's inner urging. Her bare wriggling toes were now being sucked on, her ears and delicate face were being bathed in her tormentors saliva.

Last but not least her stiffen nipples were becoming raw from the constant sucking and rubbing from the emery boards. Now was the time to attend to her virgin pussy and anus. This would bring her over the edge. Even though she was still not a willing and cooperative coed. This would soon change.

Crystal's nevous system was starting to fail, Crystal's body would become defenseless. Before starting on her pussy and anus they had to add some other equipment to crystal. Ear plugs were inserted into her saliva soaked ears. This shut out the outside world. Crystal would become aware of only what was being done to her virgin body. Her eyes were now covered, this further created a feeling of helplessness. Crystal's focus would now be centered on only what was being done to her. No outside distractions would be able to interfere with her training.

The group laughed at Crystal's condition. Her pussy was soaked in her own juices. Her unwillingness was ignored. Her body was betraying her. Her pussy was flowing rather heavy, her anus was now soaked with her love juices. The position she was bound in caused the juices to flow from her pussy, between her ass cheeks onto her anus, then dripped onto the floor, creating a small puddle. Later this puddle of Crystal's love juices would be helpful. They loved to use the natural juices of their victims to lubricate their intimate and inexperienced pussy and anus.

Crystal's unwilling body and mind were in the early stages of complete betrayal. She was in a state of total confusion. They had played her body expertly, she would soon be totally reduced to accept sexual gratification from this group of experts.

Before her body was to experience a powerful release. They wanted to further bring her to the edge. They had their pen shaped mini vibrators ready to accomplice this.

Without the ability to see or hear her body would become much more vulnerable to the touch. They now with the use of a couple of feathers started to lightly caress her ultra sensitive pussy and anus. Phil and Don would enjoy this part of Crystal's training.

At the first touch Crystal's body bucked and twitched. The feathers caressed only the outer areas of her most intimate parts, the vibrators would complete her transformation.

They continued playing with her pussy and anus for another hour, Crystal's mind and body needed release from this torture they had put her through for the last three or four hours. She felt she would explode if this was kept up much longer. Soon she would be rewarded with some very powerful orgasms. Pleasue she never would have known existed.

They agree now was the time to complete Crystal's journey. They started up the small powerful vibrators, her pussy lips were stretched open exposing her pinkisk virgin pussy.

Slowly Don searched for the sensitive area that would bring her over the edge. Don probed deeply into her juice dripping pussy. Her body started to become flush in color.

The other vibrator was slowly being inserted into her tight little anus, Phil moved the setting up, Crystal's body bucked with the increase of speed. One of her tormentors laughed as he realized he had located the pleasure button he was seeking. He adjusted to the next setting and continued rubbing the delicate sensitive area that was starting to react so violently.

Crystal's body started to bounce and buck uncontrollably. She was now experiencing her first very powerful orgasm. The first her sweet innocence's had ever experienced. The swing was boucing around so much, they had to hold it still, afraid she would hurt herself.

Once her first orgasm subsided they again started to work on her pussy and anus with the vibrators, her anus was being stretched unnaturall with the insertion of the vibrator, it was pushed in very slowly then slowly pulled out. They worked it like a strong powerful piston while the other was working on her sensitive pussy. She exploded into her second strong orgasm. This one was more powerful then the first. Crystal's sweating twitching body was reacting just as her tormentors expected. She was experiencing her third now.

It had been about an hour since Crystal had started feeling these super powerful orgasms. This had all been done through the manipulative actions of her tormentors.

Her body dripped profusely with her sweet smelling sweat and the constant flow from her highly sensitive pussy. She twitched and bucked with each new orgasm. Crystal was reacting much faster to having her pussy and anus caressed. It took less of an effort for her to come.

This lovely coed just hours before was a petite lovely innocent coed. Never had she ever experienced an orgasm. Now she could not control herself, just the slightest touch to her sensitive little pussy sent her into a mind shattering orgasm.

It was now time to introduce her innocent pussy and anus to the feel of hard large cocks. They stopped with the vibrators. Jake was a tall black guy with an extra long cock, he smiles at Crystal's inquisitive nod when the vibrators stopped and were pulled from her body.

Then she felt something else starting to enter her virgin cunt. It felt much larger then the vibrator, she twisted and struggled not to accept this large intrusion. But she was in no position to resist. Slowly his large cock slipped into her moist hole. It soon encountered her defenseless cherry, he jammed into her faster and harder. Soon her pussy was dripping with the juices of her cherry. Now he started to slowly slide his cock deeply into her, then slowly pulled out just to the point of having the tip of his cock at the entrance of her pussy. He started working faster like a huge piston. Crystal's mind could not handle the pain, just when she thought she would pass out it seemed the pain changed into a feeling of pleasure. After another ten minutes or so Crystal again erupted into a strong orgasm. The next member now mounted Crystal's well lubed pussy and started pumping away.

What was happening to her. She could not understand why she was starting to welcome each new orgasm. Crystal did not realize it but they had succeeded in their quest. She was totally broken, she could not reject physically or mentally anything they wanted to subject her body to. She had become their willing sex toy.

They continued fucking Crystal for another twenty minutes, before they decided to start on her anus.

Crystal's mind was totally gone. Before the first cock was to be shoved up her tight anus, they scooped up some of Crystal's love juices on the floor, then smeared them between her ass cheeks and into the entrance of her tight puckered anus. Now the first cock entered her virgin anus, she welcomed the large intrusion. The large cock had little trouble entering her anus.

He had to attempt to push his way a little at a time. He would push about an inch then pull back and push a little deeper. Soon though he had his entire cock deeply in her and started pumping away. Even up her anus Crystal soon started to build to another enormous orgasm.

The next cock was soon bringing her to yet another strong orgasm. They fucked her ass for almost an hour. Crystal was a very strong girl, the amount of orgasms her body had experienced first with the vibrators then with their huge cocks was mind shattering. She was completely drained of energy. She had finally slipped into a very welcomed state of unconsciousness.

They took this opportunity to have her showered and then she would continue her journey into depravity.

Crystal's freshly showered body was now back in the swing. They had been fucking and raping her anus for about another hour now. She could not stop coming, she experienced numerous orgasms. Crystal did not realize it but they had completely broken her physically and mentally hours ago.

Jake had the biggest cock. He would be the first to rape her orally. Her gag was removed from her mouth, they also removed the ear plugs and blind fold. They wanted her to be able to see and hear the commands they would be shouting at her.

He slid his stiffened cock through the opening of her virgin mouth. Her warm mouth felt good, she gagged on his large cock. He continued fucking her mouth for another ten minutes. He could not hold back any longer, her mouth filled with the large load of sperm he sent down her lovely throat. Crystal swallowed as fast as she could so she wouldn't choke.

Now Don replaced Jake. " OK Crystal, I want to feel your warm tongue licking around my cock." With that Don slipped it into her mouth, then started to piston in and out. Crystal did as she was told, she swirled her tongue around his stiff cock as best she could.

While they were working on her oral skills they had inserted two radio operated vibrators into her pussy and anus, then they were secured in place with nylon belts. They turned them on as Crystal sucked on the large cock in her mouth. Crystal's anus reacted instantly to the humming vibrator, then her pussy started to flow again, soon she rocked with another powerful orgasm. Pete was next to ravish her lovely mouth with his large stiff cock. They had lowered the swing. The swing was lowered for another reason, Pete would now be able to fulfill his main fantasy. That was to ravish the gorgeous bare feet of this now broken coed.

He would easily be able to suck and lick this gorgeous coed's bare feet and toes.This helpless beauty would not be able to resist. Crystal's bare feet were completely accessible. Pete was able to do as he pleased with them. Pete glided his nose lightly over Crystal's bare wriggling toes, feeling the softness of each of her perfectly shaped toes, then he sniffed the area under her toes. The smell excited him. They had the clean scent he expected of this fresh young thing. Before he and the others started the group he thought, this was just a fantasy. Now it was a great reality.

She sucked feverishly on Pete's cock. While Pete started to pleasure himself with her lovely bare feet. First he caressed her bare sweating toes, he glided his hands over her silky smooth soles. Crystal's bare feet were as smooth as a babies. Pete was excited as he started to lick and suck on her perfectly shaped bare toes. He sucked on each one before he ran his tongue along the curved bare bottoms of her feet. The tender bare bottoms were sensitive to Pete's fondling. Her feet were never touched or attended to in this perverted way.

Pete sucked and licked her bare wriggling toes until her soles were dripping with his hot saliva. To be able to suck and lick the bare feet of such a beauty like this sent shivers of pleasure through Pete's body. Her helplessness made it even more exciting. Soon Pete could not hold back, he sprayed the back of her throat with his hot steaming come. Crystal almost choked on the abundance of come that ejected from his hard rock penis. Even after Pete came he continued sucking her toes and licking her pinkish heels and silky smooth soles. He couldn't get enough of this beauty's adorable sweet smelling bare feet.

Her body glisten with sweat. She shuddered and thrashed uncontrollably. The strong powerful vibrators sent her body into another new orgasm.

Just hours ago this innocent beauty was naïve in the ways of sex. Her body unexplored by any one. She was the only one to see or touch her most intimate private parts. Now she was a broken sex toy being ravished by a bunch of sex slavers. Her world as she once knew it was now shattered. She now joined her friends Heather and Kathy into becoming a sex toy, soon to be sold to someone to become their personel sex slave. But for the rest of this weekend they were the groups property to further fulfill their depraved fantasies.

As this wonderful weekend ended. Before the girls were shipped away. We devised a plan to have our newly recruited sex slaves help us with another abduction. We learned that Kristin and Penny were still on campus, but tomorrow they would be leaving on a trip to Cancun. No one would miss them until it was to late. With the promise of their freedom they helped us lure these two beauties to us.

They also came to us thinking there was a alcohol free party going on. Well the girls were shipped away on schedule and Kristen and Penny were now hanging by their delicate wrists in in basement playroom, both girls were still unconscious.

Kristin was a blue eyed blonde with perfect features. She stood about 5 ft 10 inches. Penny was also a blue eyed blonde. She was about an inch taller then Kristin. Both girls did some teen modeling for Seventeen magazine.

They also both played on the college tennis team and the gymnastic team. This kept their body's very firm. They both were still unconscious from the sedative we had slipped into their diet cokes. Soon when they were fully awake we would start putting them through their training sessions. This would be much enjoyed by the group.

These lovely beauties were tied in a much unique way. Their elbows were tied tightly together, then their wrists were tightly tied.

Both coeds were attached to separate over head pulleys. They were pulled up until they were in a kneeling position. The group had worked together on binding their legs. Their legs were pulled back and upward until their sneaker covered feet touched their dainty rear ends. Then they were bound into this stringently uncomfortable position.

Both had ball gags tightly secured into their lovely mouths. They now waited for the drug to wear off. They wanted them fully awake before they continued.

One other thing the group found would be quite amusing, in front of each girl was a full length mirror. This was done so each girl could see how helpless and vulnerable they were. Also we wanted them to see themselves as we put them through each step of their training.

The girls started to stir as the drug began to wear off. Kristin opened her crystal blues, she began to realize it was not a good situation she was in. She shook and twisted, then realized it was hopeless. She again struggled as she panicked. The group enjoyed the frightened and scared look in her innoncent blues. Tears started to flow down her silky smooth cheeks.

Penny was also awake, she too was shocked and frightened at her situation. She realized how helpless she was. That is when one of the group spoke," You girls are probabley wondering how and why you are here.,' " Let me help you understand." " Your best friends were tricked into setting up your abduction." " They too were also tricked into coming to the party."

" Once we had them we slowly enjoyed converting them into becoming broken sex slaves. Then we sold them to a sex slave ring." "We had so much pleasure in converting them, we were holping they would help us have an opportunity to do the same to both of you girls." We thought you would like to watch what had truly happened to your friends.'

The VCR that was set up in front of both girls was now turned on. The first image on the screen was Crystal's nude bound body, she was sucking on one of the members stiff cock, he was enjoying himself by sucking on her bare wriggling toes.

Then Heather appeared on the screen, she also was nude and bound, her anus was being raped with a large stiff cock jammed fully up her ass. The third image was Kathy, her position was quite different. She was bound tightly like a roped calf. Her lovely legs were bound at the ankles, her wrists were tightly bound. Then they were pulled together and bound. One could see the large protruding dildoes sticking out of both her pussy and anus. She moaned loudly but not much could be heard from behind the gag in her mouth.

They made Penny and Kristin watch the abuse their friends were experiencing. They could not believe their friends did not pass out from the abuse they were experiencing.

The girls were now hoisted up until they were fully off the floor. The girls watched with fright in their eyes while one of their abductors approached them with a nasty looking hyperdermic needle. " This sedative is very unique, once it takes effect which will be only a few minutes you will be powerless to resist , your mind will fully witness what we our doing but you will be powerless to resist physically."

" This is when we will slowly remove every stitch of your clothing, once you are naked we will enjoy exploring every intimate area of your luscious body." Then before the sedative wears off, you both will be tightly bound in your own bondage swing. Then the real fun begins."

With that both girls were given a shot through their tight pants in their lovely rears. Soon they could get started.

Shortly after both girls showed signs of being completely docile, they now couldn't wait to start on them.

" Let's start with Kristen," " I like the frightened look in her blue eyes." With that Kristin's jersey was cut from her body. Now they snipped her bra straps, after unhooking it in the back. It fell to the ground exposing her lovely breast. "WOW" " Look at those lovely nipples." With that they rubbed her nipples until they involuntarily became stiff. They enjoyed pulling and twisting them until they started to turn red from the abuse. Tears rolled freely down Kristen's cheeks.

Next her joggiing pants were pulled slowly down her long smooth legs. They were pulled over her sneakers and joined her cut up jersey on the floor. Kristen's eyes were constantly welling up with tears, that then rolled down her cheeks. She was being totally humiliated. They wasted no time slipping her panties down and off her lovely body.

" Talk about grade A pussy, this is unbelievable, her pussy is perfect." " Look at that tight little hole and those naturally blonde curls, She keeps her pussy well trimed." They enjoyed inserting their fingers into her tender cunt, while others busied themselves with her virginal anus. They pushed their unlubricated fingers into both of her dry defenseless holes. Even with the drug her body twitched involuntarily.

Now her sneakers were pulled off her sweating feet. The members were overwhelmed with joy. They have never seen such perfect feet.

While they bent her legs back and up toward her perfect ass cheeks, other members explored them with excitement.

Kristen's bare toes were long, slender and perfectly shaped, she had the deepest arches. They glided their hands over the smooth and soft bottoms. Her heels were smooth and soft. Even the aroma was sweet and exciting.

She must have just showered before coming to the party. They continued fondling them for awhile when one of the members said. " Let's see if Penny is as equally as sweet as Kristen, also we want to have them secured into their bondage swings before the drug wears off."

They agreed, but first Kristen's ankles were bound against her thighs. They wanted to further fondle and explore Kristen's attractive bare feet.

The other members walked over to a very frightened Penny. It was now her turn to be stripped.

Penny's jersey was cut off as they had done to Kristen, then her bra was stripped from her. " WOW" exclaimed one member, " Her nipples and breast are as great as Kristen's." With that comment the group was all over Penney's bare breast. Thy enjoyed twisting and rubbing her nipples until they stiffened, then they sucked and nipped at them.

Soon they moved down to her jogging pants. They were pulled slowly down her long golden brown legs, then tossed to the floor. Now her pink panties were pulled off her body.

Penny's pussy was pristine, her naked vagina was also smooth and hairless. She had shaved it completely. They explored her tender intimate holes.

Fingers were inserted into her virginal pussy and anus. They stretched apart her ass cheeks while other members attacked her virgin anus.

Soon her sneakers were pulled from her feet. She now hung completely naked. They came over to examine penny's bare feet." Her feet are just as gorgeous as her friends." one member mentioned.

Penny's toes were also long and slender, her arches were as deeply curved as her friend. Her feet were silky smooth and smelled delicious. They were starting to work on her lovely feet when one member said, " Let's secure them into their bondage swings before the drug wears off. Then we can explore every intimate area of their lovely bodies as we wish."

With that the group started the task of securing Kristen and Penney into their bondage swings. Now the group could take their time with the ravishment of these two lovely coeds.

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