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Sexhibition of Sheila

Part 1

The Sexhibition of Sheila Part I

Sheila was a sexy bitch and she knew it. So did every guy who saw her. Sure, she had a few kids and was in her mid thirties. But a lot of exercise kept her in tiptop shape. At 5'11", she had long shapely legs, a firm ass, and a set of good-sized tits. Blue eyes, auburn hair and an Irish peaches and cream complexion marked her as a woman still worthy to fuck.

And Randy planned to do just that - fuck her good - in more ways than one. Since she turned him down years ago in high school when she was even then a ripe piece of ass, Randy had burned with rage and lust at the desire to dominate, humiliate and fuck this proud bitch. And now he had his chance. Having a business as a loan shark helped make the right connections for his plan.

Randy had arranged to have one of Sheila's children kidnapped from school. Taken by a couple of masked men who owed him a favor and large unpaid loans, the kid was taken to a hide-out outside town. He had her tape, a phone message to her mother saying she was in good shape, but wouldn't be returned until Mr. "Jones" was ready to release her.

Randy then dialed Sheila's home phone from his portable one. When Sheila answered, he introduced himself as a Mr. Jones and then played the tape. Sheila's blood ran cold. Randy explained that the return of her child, in one piece, depended solely on her absolute cooperation. He told her if he so much as suspected she told of their conversation and demands to ANYONE else, he would kill the kid. Sheila said "How much money do you want? I'll get whatever you want; I just want my baby back safely." Randy responded "I don't want any money Sheila. I want you - ALL OF YOU. And I want you MY way. First, I want you to put on a bikini I am sending you in the mail, together with a pair of your highest heels. I will call you after you receive the bikini." Then he hung up.

Three days later, Sheila received a package though the mail. It contained a scandalously brief light blue thong bikini. No sooner had she opened the package than the phone rang. Picking it up, the caller identified himself as "Mr. Jones". He told Sheila she was to put on the bikini and the heels, and take NOTHING with her - not even her purse - except for several lipstick containers. She was then to drive herself to an intersection the next day in Camden, New Jersey and wait at the public phone booth there. She was to be at the booth at 1:00 P.M. and await his call. Since it was a warm late July, he told her she should be warm enough.

Later that morning, a red-faced Sheila, provocatively dressed in her revealing blue bikini and heels, got into her car and drove to the intersection. It was in a rough part of the black section of town, lined with bars, porno shops and adult theaters. Nervously, she left her car and proceeded to the phone booth. The booth was right in front of a Go-Go bar with a flashing neon image of a nude white woman with red hair in front of the bar. As she waited anxiously in the booth, numerous young black males passed her, taking time to brazenly ogle the scantily clad redhead in the phone booth.

Her anxiety grew as the number of young men steadily increased and she made a vain attempt to conceal her wide white ass cheeks, bulging bra cups (Randy had deliberately sent a bikini one size two small) and prominent nipples, rapidly erecting from their lewd stares and jokes (Randy thoughtfully had removed the bra cup liners.) As she squirmed uncomfortably, the scandalously thin thong kept creeping up her ass crack.

Finally the phone rang. She nervously picked it up. Mr. Jones identified himself and told her he was watching her every move from a distance and she had better follow each of his commands precisely if she wished to see her child again. He instructed her to go to another phone booth, two blocks away. He told her she had only two minutes to get there, and she had better hurry, then hung up.

The terrified woman quickly opened the door, and pushed past the leering crowd. "Hey sweetie, where are you going in such a rush?" "Come on honey, stick around awhile" and other more suggestive hoots and catcalls followed her as she ran quickly down the street. Her high heels added to the obscene spectacle by causing her bulging tits to wobble and her ass cheeks to jiggle lewdly. Her well-muscled calves tensed in her high heels as she ran...

Gasping and panting, her snuggly enclosed tits heaving, she reached the phone booth just as the phone rang, and then closed the door quickly behind her. The voice on the other end spoke, thick with lust, "Well Sheila, it looks like you have acquired quite a crowd of admirers!! Next time you're going to have to run a little faster though. I love to watch your boobies flopping up and down - and I KNOW THEY do too." At this point, Sheila noticed that a thick knot of young black men had gathered around the booth to watch her hungrily. Apparently the ones who were watching her before had picked up some friends and they all followed her. Her attempts to hunch over and conceal her tits only exposed her tight ass cheeks to the crowd.

"Now Sheila," the voice continued suggestively, "I want you to take out the lipstick, and write a message for me on the glass of EACH side of the phone booth - the message should be large enough for me to see, as I am in a building some distance away. The message should read 'Follow me for a REAL good time' - put the 'REAL' in caps and UNDERLINE it.". Mr. Jones said he would call her in a few minutes again after she had finished.

Nervously, Sheila wrote the message as the hungry black faces staring back at her body began to snigger and giggle. Excitedly, they pointed at the messages she was writing. Sheila began to get a sick feeling in her stomach.

Randy, continuing to pose as Mr. Jones, called about five long minutes after she finished the message. He told her to put her hands behind her head, look out at the crowd and wiggle her hips and tits. She was to do this 25 times in each direction, and leave the phone hanging while she did so. Red-faced, Sheila, followed his directions as the crowd of young black men stared at her wiggling hips and tits hungrily. She nervously noticed that each of them was sporting a bulging erection. Randy's cock hardened as he watched Sheila's obscene show and the obvious reactions of her horny young audience. As soon as she finished she picked up the phone. Mr. Jones said "Very good Sheila, you look like quite a slut. You must have spent a lifetime practicing for this role. Now, I want you to run to the next phone booth, which is two blocks to the right and one block to the left. You have exactly two minutes."

A very frightened and nervous Sheila ran from the phone booth, pursued by the group of ogling, catcalling young black men. No matter how fast she ran, she couldn't get out from he middle of the crowd of unwelcome viewers and harassers. Despite the fact that her obvious titty-hard-ons were made more visible by the tight bra, she was thankful it was a size too small as it kept her bulging, flopping udders from popping out as she ran.

As soon as she reached the phone both, the phone rang again. Mr. Jones said to her when she breathlessly picked the phone up "Very good Sheila. Now I want you to step out of the phone booth, ask one of the young gentlemen to get on the phone with me, and wait patiently outside with your hands behind your head, and your mouth open and legs apart. REMEMBER I'm watching your EVERY MOVE."

Nervously and apprehensively, Sheila did as she was told. She asked one of the nearest young black men to get on the phone, then stood outside the booth as directed. The crowd closed around her and they looked her over closely while making lewd gestures which became more and more emphatic as time progressed. The seconds seemed like minutes and the minutes like hours to Sheila as the growing crowd of aroused young black men stared and made obscene gestures and offers.

As soon as Jake, the black man, got on the phone, Randy told him to close the phone booth door. "Having fun?" he asked Jake. "Yeah, man, this sweet bitch is some sight". "Want to see more?" Randy asked. "Sure man", Jake said, "my dick is hard enough already!!" "Good" said Randy. "I'm going to get this stupid cunt to run to the next both. I'm going to tell her she has to make a collect call from that phone. She has no change with her. I'll tell her to ask one of you guys for the change. Make sure nobody gives her anything unless she turns over her bra!" "Yeah man", said Jake. "Now send that silly piece of ass back in here to me" Randy said.

As soon as Randy had Sheila back on the phone, he told her to run to yet ANOTHER phone booth, and wait. Again, the tired and increasingly apprehensive Sheila ran to the next booth. She noticed the neighborhood kept getting more and more abandoned and decayed, and the crowd following her became larger and more boisterous.

As soon as she answered the phone call, Randy told her, "Sheila, this is VERY important. You are to call this phone number - he gave her a number - in three minutes. I'll be waiting for your call. If I don't hear from you by then, I'll assume you really don't want your kid anymore" "But I haven't any change" she cried. "Ask one of the guys outside, slut." Randy said, "It's not MY problem", as he hung up.

Frightened and rushed, Sheila opened the phone booth door and asked for some change. Jake, sniggering while he exchanged knowing glances with the others, said, "Sure, lady, but I want your bra in return." "Looking more red-faced than ever, a frightened Sheila stripped off her bra to loud whistles and hoots and handed it to Jake who grinned evilly as he held out two quarters. When Sheila reached for them, he held them high above her head (he was over six feet tall) and said "Jump for them"

Sheila's face was now as red as a tomato. She had been vainly covering her hardening pale pink nipples with her hands, an effort successfully thwarted by the young black man when she was forced to jump for the quarters. "Look at those fucking tits" "Man I'd love to suck those" "Hey lady, you look like a regular milk cow" , "Ever work in a dairy, SLUT?" and other lewd comments embarrassed Sheila as she scampered nervously back into the phone booth. As soon as she dialed the number, Mr. Jones said "Sheila, you know what comes next. I want you to put your hands behind your head, put your tits out, and wiggle your body while you face all the windows. Hang up the phone. Don't stop until I call you back." Abruptly he hung up.

About five long minutes later, the exhausted and humiliated Sheila was stopped by a ringing phone. "Sheila, go outside the phone booth, stand with your hands behind your head, facing out, and send Jake back in." said Randy lustily. A very humiliated and red-faced mature redhead stepped out and exposed her tits to the leering crowd as Jake took up the phone. "Jake," said Randy, "the bikini bottoms are scheduled for the next phone booth, along with a bare bottom spanking later by all. Are you game?" "Yeah man" said Jake. "O.K. Send the cunt back in", Randy said.

A totally humiliated Sheila managed to shove her way past the crowd into the phone booth. "Sheila" said the voice on the other end of the line thickly, "still having fun with your friends?" "When will this be over?" she inquired nervously. "As soon as I say so bitch!" snarled Randy. "Now there is another booth two blocks down, and a block to the left. BE there in a couple of minutes!" With that he hung up.

Sheila, covering her bobbing tits as best she could, ran to the next booth, followed by an increasing boisterous crowd. As soon as she arrived there panting, the phone rang. When she picked it up, the caller identified himself as Mr. Jones. "Now Sheila, write this phone number down with your lipstick." he said, as he gave her another number. "And don't ask me for change - you have three minutes"

Sheila looked out at the crowd and again asked for some change. Jake, who had assumed the role of spokesman said "Sure Lady. But we want your panties first!" The red-faced housewife pulled down her panties and held them out the door of the booth, vainly attempting to cover herself. Jake stepped back and said "Come and get it bitch!! Show us your ass, we know you want to!!" Sheila was shamefacedly forced to run out of the booth, hand him the panties and run back in with the change. Quickly, she dialed the number. "A lust filled voice on the end of the line said "A little slow there, Sheila. Don't let it happen again, or you'll make me angry.

Now, go outside the booth, put your hands behind your head, and wait for Jake to call you. Now send Jake back in." "Pleaaassee," whimpered Sheila. "DO it Bitch!" Randy yelled.

The crowd parted as Sheila left the booth. The crowd of black, lust filled faces drew closer, as Sheila asked Jake to go back in. Leering at her nude body, evilly, Jake went back in. Sheila's rapidly blushing freckled tits and reddish brown cunt bush was exposed to the lewd comments and brazen stares of the randy young males.

"Hi Jake, do you like BONDAGE?" said Randy with emphasis on "bondage". Jake sniggered. Randy then spoke to Jake "At the corner of the next street is an abandoned factory. The whole front of the building is open. At the back of the open workshop is a door. It's unlocked. An open hallway is on the other side. There are three bags in the hallway, a small blue one and two large brown ones."

"I'm going to have Sheila run there and open the blue one,"he continued. "It has a cell phone in it with a phone number. As soon as she calls that number, I'll be there. Make sure your friends all fit in the hall. The other two bags have some "toys" you will able to use on Sheila. O.K.?" "I can hardly wait" said Jake, rubbing his lips and his crotch. "Now go outside, tell Sheila to turn around and face the phone booth, and wiggle her ass, keeping her hands on top of her head. Tell her to keep it up while you count to fifty, then have her come back in here and pick up the phone again."

Jake went outside and gave the humiliated housewife her directions. Jake slowly counted to fifty while the crowd ogled her gyrating body, hooting and making lewd gestures. Randy, sitting in a window a few hundred feet away, watched as the woman twisted obscenely back and forth, shaking her full ass cheeks and medium sized tits. He noticed her nipples were erect with embarrassment and her eyes red with shame. He also noticed the large erections visible through the pants of the viewers. At this point Randy had a raging hard-on himself, and Sheila's humiliation and shame added to his arousal and to his determination to break this proud bitch.

Eventually, after many pauses to discuss Sheila's tits, cunt, ass and long, full, shapely legs with his friends, Jake reached fifty, and the exhausted redhead dropped her hands to her tits and ran into the phone booth.

Randy spoke to her. He gave her the instructions he had given Jake, then abruptly hung up. The terrified woman ran out of the booth and down the street into the building. But with her heels on, she was no match for the large crowd of black youths, some only fifteen or sixteen, who followed her close behind.

They all crowded into the hallway while Sheila opened the blue bag and called the phone number written on the paper. Randy answered the phone and told her she was to do exactly as Jake commanded her. Jake was in total control, Randy hissed, and if she didn't obey him, he was instructed to call Mr. Jones back, and her kid's head would be mailed to her address the next day.

As soon as Jake got on the phone, Randy spoke to him. "Jake, in one of the two bags, the one with an "A" on it, is a set of wrist cuffs and a bondage sleeve for the arms. There is also a rubber dildo gag. Tie Sheila's wrists behind her back, and put on the bondage sleeve. The tighter you pull it, the more her tits will stick out. Then gag her and pick up the phone. There is a picture of the bondage sleeve to show how to use it." "I know how to use it" Jake chortled, "I read bondage magazines." "Excellent" said Randy.

Jake went outside, opened the bag and approached Sheila, who was standing nervously with her hands in front of her tits, as the crowd whistled and clapped when they saw he bondage equipment. "Don't hurt me" Sheila whimpered. "Just follow my orders" Jake snarled. He had her turn around and he fastened her wrists behind her with the wrist cuffs. Then he put on the bondage sleeve and pulled the belts as tightly as he could, making Sheila squeal involuntarily, as it pulled her elbows and shoulders back, thrusting her nude, freckled, pink-nippled tits obscenely forward. The he stuck the dildo gag in her mouth. Finally, reveling in his new found status and power, Jake held the shivering, nude bound woman by her arms and turned her around to display her quivering tits and milk-white arse to the lustful stares and lewd remarks of the large gang of young black men, who were getting more aroused and rowdier by the minute.

Jake looked at the crowd and saw a very muscular young black man, who was easily twenty years younger than the nude bound redhead. This young man was in the forefront of the group, frequently making statements about the "mother-fucking white slut," and how he'd like to feed her some black meat. The state of his arousal was obvious by the huge tent in the front of his shorts.

"Hey, Rashid, come here." Jake called. As the aroused youth approached, Jake told him "Hold this bitch while I get back on the phone. Don't let her get away, now." he finished with a leer.

As Jake walked back to the phone, he smugly noticed that Rashid was taking advantage of the opportunity to squeeze Sheila's tits, pinch her ass and finger her cunt. He pushed her around on her high heels to let all of his friends to cop a feel. Randy, watching the show from a distance, became more aroused than he ever believed he could be, knowing soon this proud bitch would soon be totally humiliated.

When Jake picked up the phone, Randy said "I think you are really getting the hang of this!" "Damn Right, brother" said Rashid.

"Do you know what a 'slut-strap' is?" asked Randy. "No" said Jake, "should I?" "You'll like this." Randy said. "It is a belt that goes around the bitch's waist. In the front is a long narrow leather strap. All along the inside is a row of hard rubber, dull-pointed studs. You pass the strap through the bitch's cunt lips and over her clit, pass it through her ass cheeks, run it through a loop in the back of the belt and then fasten it around the belt in the bondage sleeve that goes around her elbows. Then you pull - HARD - and fasten it. There is one in the other bag, along with a few riding crops. You will find the slut strap, properly applied, has wondrous effects on a bound bitch, especially if she is walking."

"Damn" said Jake. "You might need some help - Rashid looks like he is really enjoying this." Randy said. Jake looked around to see Rashid mercilessly squeezing Sheila's erected nipples, continually slapping her ass cheeks, rubbing his growing boner on her milk-white body and encouraging his friends to do likewise. "Good suggestion" said Jake.

"When you finish, you are going to walk Ms. BITCH down the hallway and into the next building, about three hundred feet away, and into the cellar. Since this is a timed event and there are more "toys" for you to use on her there, you can use the riding crops to move her along. You will notice she will not be too quick to move with the slut strap inserted if you do it

right. Appropriately enough, there is a dog collar and leash to put on this hot red-headed bitch in the bag too."

Jake hung up, went quickly over to the bag, and approached Sheila and Rashid.

Sheila was twisting uncomfortably in Rashid's hands as he continued to poke and prod her body. This added to the number and size of the erections in the crowd. Her white ass was pink in places from slaps and pinches, as were her long, full, shapely thighs and calves. After Jake explained to Rashid their plan, they both had a raging hard-on, a fact that did not escape the nude bound white woman, quivering in her stiletto heels.

Jake quickly belted the slut strap around Sheila's waist, tightening it so she gasped. Then, while Rashid held her arms firmly, Jake called over two other young assistants. To Sheila's mortification, they bent down and held her cunt-lips wide open. Grinning evilly, Jake whispered something to Rashid, as he grabbed Sheila's arms. Rashid bent over, and extending his middle finger in a lewd gesture, touched the red tip of Sheila's throbbing clitty! To the hoots of the crowd, Rashid began to stroke her clit, staring insolently into her reddened blue eyes as he started to finger-fuck her in front of the crowd. Just as she was beginning to gasp, he stopped. Rashid then fed the studded slut strap thong between her legs, through her ass cheeks, though the loop on the back of the belt to Jake, and who wound it around the belt on her elbows. Then Jake pulled - HARD!!

Sheila let out an audible squeal that even her gag failed to conceal. The effect on the nude bound red-head was immediate as the hardened rubber studs on the slut strap bit home..

She was forced to thrust her tits out even further than before, her nipples were rock-hard, and she tried, vainly, to ease the biting of the rubber slut strap into her open cunt, clit, and asshole by standing on tip-toe in her heels. This made Sheila's long shapely calves and legs stretch like she was wearing immensely higher high heels and was most arousing to the crowd of hooting young black men...

The gang of black youths howled and cheered and clapped at the lubricious lewd spectacle the nude bound red-head was providing. The red flush on her face had spread onto her freckled pink-nippled tits, she was covered with a glaze of perspiration, and a tell-tale fragrance was exuding from her dark, trimmed auburn cuntbush. Her ass cheeks and legs were quivering and twisting as she gasped for breath with reddened cheeks behind her gag.

"The final touch for the nude bound bitch" yelled Rashid, as Jake allowed him to put the dog collar and leash on her. Then the riding crops were handed out to the crowd who were instructed to use them gently on her legs and ass when needed. Then Jake told Sheila that since was such a hot bitch, they were taking her for a little "walk".

As Jake pulled her collar, Rashid seized one of her erect, prick-like pink nipples in his fingers and began to tweak and pull it as they moved her reluctantly forward. As Sheila was forced to move, the slut strap stubs bit mercilessly into her clit. Her nipples continued to harden until they looked as though they would explode from her chest. A thin trickle of fluid - NOT urine - began to run down her long legs as she was forced gingerly forward by the leash and the riding crops which bit viciously into her ass, as the lust mad crowd of young men hurried her to her next humiliating fate.

Every once in a while she stopped, squeezed her legs together and came in an embarrassing climax that was more humiliation and pain than pleasure. This led to a fresh series of whippings on her shapely calves and thighs by the lust crazed young men around her, some of whom were openly masturbating through their pants in front of the embarrassed nude bound red-head...

Review This Story || Author: Great Knufu
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