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Memoirs of a Slave Girl

Part 6 Forced to Breed

Memoirs of a Slave Girl
Part 6: Forced to Breed

Nine months into my personal Hell, I became so catatonic from my treatment that
Mistress's parents decided to dispose of me.  I suppose I was fortunate, because they
could have just taken me to the incinerator, but they wanted at least a piece of their
investment back, so I was sold to a discount slave broker.  As a replacement, the family
from hell bought their daughter a young teen couple, brother and sister, twins.  They
arrived as I was leaving, and I could hear their screams before I was bundled off into
the transport van.

I was in extremely poor shape, so spent the next 18 months in rehabilitation center
where I was brought back to a semblance of health with nutritious food, good hygiene,
and retraining.  Some minor surgery was done as well, mostly cosmetic, to cover many
of the scars left from my recent abuse.

At the Center, I was fed initially fed four meals a day, very small ones, slowly
graduating to regular food.  It was high protein, low fat and high fiber, in order to assist
in the healing process.  Daily showers were mandatory, as were regular douches and
weekly medical checkups.  The best part, though, was that I was allowed to sleep in a
real bed for the first time in over a year.  It wasn't much of a bed, just a mattress on the
floor, but the room was heated, the sheets were changed every two days, and the
blankets were soft.  

In order to help support the Center, all of us slaves - about 70 of us at any given time -
were required to provide services to the facility, staff and guests.  At first, my physical
condition was such that I was more of a burden than anything else, unable to do much
of anything.  Other slaves were assigned to cleanse and bathe me, assist in my
feeding, and help me exercise.  Once I was finally able to take care of myself, I was
given my own chores.  Light ones at first, like folding laundry, but eventually more
demanding tasks.

Another way in which the Center was supported was through rental fees.  Each of us
was available for rent at any time, though the slaves who were in bad shape - like I
initially was - were quarantined and not open for use.  The Center had a number of
regular clients, all of whom understood that most of us couldn't handle severe abuse. 
Most came in just for a quick fuck or suck.  A few parents brought their sons in, for their
first introduction to sex, as well as to show them the advantages that a good education
might have as far as being able to afford a slave girl of their own some day.  During my
time at the Center, nine handsome young teenage men lost their virginity inside my

The other way the Center supported itself was through the sale of rehabilitated slaves.
As soon as  I was deemed fit for sale, it was off to the auction block again.  Although I
was nearing forty, a medical exam showed I was still fertile and had an extraordinarily
large number of eggs left.  I was, it was decided, to become the property of a breeding

Being a brood slave was good and bad.  I was fed well, and my medical condition was
constantly monitored.  My diet consisted of fresh fruit and vegetables, and just enough
meat (usually fish) to keep my protein level within the normal range.  Once in a while I'd
get a sweet, usually a small bit of chocolate. Treats like that were a reward, often given
out after a successful delivery.   It wasn't until many years later that I found out that
women, whether slave or free, often crave chocolate.  For me, chocolate was
something I would do anything for.

The breeding center was comfortable and climate controlled, but the process of
breeding was very clinical.  It was done very mechanically.  Our bodies were monitored
until the Breeders were certain we were ovulating, and then we were strapped to a
contraption we called the knock-up frame.  It forced us to remain motionless, bent
forward at the waist, with our legs spread widely.  Depending on the method of
insemination, either a number of male slaves would line up behind and deposit their
seed, or a large syringe would be used to infuse semen directly into the vagina.  There
was nothing even remotely sexual or pleasurable about the process, and we were even
prohibited from giving ourselves orgasms.  I eventually found out that the injected
semen came from a variety of sources...milked from Male slaves, donations from
adolescent Males, even from a few Masters who wanted to own their own children. 
Whichever process was used, we were bred four times each day until we tested

Once impregnated, we were permitted to do little more than lay on our beds.  Other
than four short exercise periods each day, using the toilet, taking the mandatory daily
shower and walking to and from the communal dining room, we were forbidden to even
stand.  No sexual use, and no masturbation.  Any slave caught masturbating while
pregnant would be bound to a frame, unable to move at all, until she went into labor. 
No drugs were given during childbirth, and no training or preparation like slaves get
now.  Many children were stillborn, and when that happened, the slave was beaten for
not giving a healthy slave baby.  We never saw the baby after birth.  It was always a
painful experience, especially in the following weeks, as the milk in our breasts

Eventually, a new theory on slave breeding took hold.  The thinking was that if a slave
girl were treated well, she'd give more babies, and those babies would be healthier,
thereby ensuring more income for the Breeder.  There were other changes, as well. 
Thanks to new scientific discoveries - more often than not made through
experimentation on slave girls - the Breeders no longer found it necessary to wait until
a slave girl was fertile before impregnating her.  The new process involved implanting
inseminated eggs directly into the womb...usually, three or four at a time, in order to
increase "yield," as they called it.  I understand they do this now with free women who
are unable to have their own children.

Many of us actually had our ovaries removed in order to completely eliminate the
birthing timetable.  Now, within a few days of delivering, the slave girl was taken into
the impregnation center and implanted with new babies to grow inside her.  It turned us
into perpetual baby-making machines, and through DNA type-matching, the Breeders
were able to ensure that we pumped out nothing but baby female slaves. In this
manner, a healthy slave could provide three full-term litters every two  years.  Many
times, labor was induced as soon as the babies were viable, again, to increase the
yield. Through this method, the yield could be increased by one-fourth, to nearly two
litters a year.   It was important that we produced as many female babies as possible,
because they were sold at a premium.  The demand for natural born slave girls has
always been high.   Much higher than for involuntary or even voluntary submissions. 
Males, on the other hand, usually entered slavery at adulthood, or very near it, as the
result of criminal convictions.

The other change that occurred, at about the same time, was that we were milked daily. 
Before, our milk had been allowed to curdle and harden inside our swollen breasts, but
now we were being attached to mechanical milking machines, much like you see in
bovine dairies.  There were two very simple, logical reasons for this: One, science had
shown that infants develop more quickly and healthier if they are fed breast milk, and
two, it taught the baby early dependence on Males.  You see, we still never saw the
babies we delivered, except for that few minutes after delivery.  They were immediately
taken and placed in a communal setting, where Male slaves took care of their every
need.  They bottle-fed the baby slaves our breast milk, changed them, cuddled and
nurtured them.  The Males were always naked, so as to acclimate the slave girl to
understand that she was totally dependent upon those with appendages between their

But the real impact of this philosophical change on the slaves was our treatment.  We
were treated as valuable commodities, as this is exactly what we were.  Given the fact
that a healthy slave baby could command as much as $10,000, and a fully trained teen
well over $50,000 - twice that if she were a virgin - a single breeding slave could earn
her Owners many thousands of dollars each year.  If the Breeder was willing to invest
the time and money to raise and train the babies, that single slave could bring ten
million dollars to her owners. Few Breeders looked at their slaves as a long-term
investment, though, so slave babies were usually sold to Trainers while they were still
in diapers.

It took the mainstream Breeders a few years to catch on, but, thankfully, I'd been sold
to one of the smaller, more exclusive houses where quality was more important than
quantity.  Admittedly, I was an experiment, as they'd never had a brood slave as old as
me.  Once the new philosophy started taking hold, I was treated very well, with good,
healthy food and regular exercise.  I lived in a well-ventilated, heated dorm with seven
other breeding slaves, and we each had our own bed.  We were permitted to use the
adjoining bathroom whenever we needed, and were required to shower daily.  Regular
medical exams, daily vitamins and plenty of time outdoor in the sun helped maintain our
health.  We were even allowed to have one orgasm a week, though this was strictly
controlled.  As with all slave girls, we were prohibited from cumming until a Master gave
us permission.  Orgasms were now permitted, but always as a reward to the newly
impregnated brood slave.  Sometimes, though quite uncommon, we were even
penetrated by the Masters...always while pregnant, and always from behind, while on
our hands and knees.  Again, the belief was that this would indoctrinate the slave baby
to her life even before she was born.

I was owned by this particular Breeder for ten years, and had given birth to 61 slave
girls (I miscarried once, when I was implanted with sextuplets and lost them all). As the
company which owned me was a very exclusive, selective and expensive Breeder, I
was finally determined too old to be guaranteed to produce healthy slave babies.  Once
again, I was sent to auction.  

I was 52 years old.

Review This Story || Author: Rocky
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