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A Visit from Daddy

Part 4

								September 19, 2004

Dearest Mommy

	How could you do such a thing! I am in shock that you would be so
foolish as to check yourself out of the hospital in your weakened condition.
Worse still, your decision to enter the monastery of St. Sebastian, dedicated to
prayer and the mortification of the flesh, shows that you are suffering from
some type of mental aberration which requires immediate treatment from a
qualified psychiatrist.

 	I am in contact with your solicitors; Graves, Mordant, Merciless and
Diapsid and they assure me that your current behavior does not easily lend
itself to being defended in a court of law. I fear that unless you renounce your
foolish decision and agree to suitable treatment for your physical disabilities
as well as your off-kilter mental state, I will have to force the issue through
the courts.

								September 24, 2004

Dearest Mommy

	I have just been informed that you have dismissed your solicitors who
have represented our family for three generations. I am appalled at your
capricious behavior, and take it as yet another sign that you have retreated
from reality. The fact that you have placed your estate and other holdings into
a trust that will be administered by the Sisters of Martyrdom is more evidence
that your mental faculties have deteriorated to the point that the court must
appoint a guardian to care for not only your holdings, but your person as well.
Naturally I have taken steps to be made that guardian. You should be served a
subpoena to appear in court within a day of receiving this missive. I regret
this action, but I must look out for the rights of our entire family, rather
than the one member who seems bent on destroying the hard work and efforts of
five generations of dedicated souls.

								December 20, 2004

Dearest Mommy

	I do so regret having to commit you to the sanitarium, but as I warned
you in a previous missive, the type of behavior you exhibited left me no
recourse. As per my instructions they are sending me weekly reports on your
treatment as well as how you appear to be responding to it. I am also receiving
photographs showing you undergoing the various procedures that they recommend.

	The feeding tube is a drastic but necessary step in order to sustain
your strength as you go through your therapy. The doctors tell me that you have
been a less than obedient patient and therefore are being disciplined by the
nursing staff. I certainy support this action and must confess that I am amused
that one of your punishments for disobeying sanitarium rules is a doubling of
the amount of gruel you ingest via the feeding tube. I did so enjoy the
photograph of your rounded belly after one of those double feedings. I also like
the fact that you are being restrained in a strait jacket as well as having your
ankles manacled to the bed frame, since you are not to be trusted at this stage
in your rehabilitation. I realize that it must be quite uncomfortable to sleep
on nothing but a thin mattress and a rubber sheet and to have a catheter
permanently installed in you until you are well enough to be discharged, but
this is the price one must pay for loosing control.

	It is my understanding that you are receiving daily electroshock
treatments in hopes of accelerating your recovery. I realize that this is a most
drastic approach to regaining your mental equilibrium, but since I had to
approve it, be advised that many hours of agonizing deliberation were spent
before I made the decision to press forward with this treatment. I am told that
to date you are showing no improvement, but I have urged them to continue to
increase the voltage they employ in hopes that a breakthrough will be achieved
before your mind is permanently damaged. I would greatly regret such an event,
but will assume responsibility and take the risk.

								December 26, 2004

Dearest Mommy

	I trust you enjoyed your little Christmas present from me, that bottle
of champagne. I am sorry that it had to be admistered by means of an enema.
According to the report I have just received you had a most difficult time
absorbing it into your rather weakened system, but you must realize that it is
the thought that counts. I also am told that you continue to be a source of
irritation to your nurses and that they are elevating the degree of punishment
that you now are receiving; I heartily approve of their actions. Further
increasing the amount of gruel you receive is an excellent method of punishing
you both psychologically as well as physically, knowing your abhorrence towards

	It is most enlightenng to observe how the nurses approach disciplining
you. Nothing that they are doing is causing any permanent damage to your body,
but they do appear to be rather vexing to one like yourself who wants to be
totally in control of things. I can imagine the fright and dismay it must cause
you when they shut off your catheter thus preventing your bladder from emptying.
I do so like the idea of forcing you to ingest their urine in return for having
the catheter reopened. As for those speculums now stretching your two nether
orifices, that is a reminder of just how vulnerable a woman's body is when
discomfort or pain is the objective. It is my understanding that they can be
enlarged to a dramatically increased size if it is done gradually over a long
period of time. I am most intrigued to see how much greater your openings will
have become in another week or so.

	You are proving quite resistant to the electroshock treatment and it has
been recommended to me that this procedure be terminated in the interests of
retaining the potential for a full recovery of your higher level brain
functions. I must bow to those possessing superior knowledge in this field than

	You must be wondering what has happened to daddy in the interim; at
least I hope you do still care about this poor creature. I will give you a
detailed description of the amazing things that have been happening over the
past three months between it and my inner circle, as well as the astonishing
changes in its physical appearance. That reminds me, beginning in a few days a
new component will be included in what you are receiving through the feeding
tube. It is a manifestation of one of the significant changes that has occurred
in daddy. I do so hope that it will act as a stimulus to encourage you to seek a
speedy recovery.

								January 13, 2005

Dearest Mommy

	This missive has been deliberately delayed so that you can have
sufficient time to realize that the new component being fed to you has some
fantastic properties. The picture showing your nether orifices being widened by
the very fine adjustments that the nurses are making to the speculums are proof
that your body is changing. You must have noticed the improvements in the
condition of your skin, as well as the fact that your eyesight has marked
improved. However to me, the observation that your vagina is so tight that it
nearly impossible to force it to the yielding pointis is proof positive that you
are truly recovering your youth. For all these things you must thank your
devoted slave, daddy.

	Let me begin this explanation by recalling my letter of the 4th of
September 2004, in which I described some of the strange changes that Magda and
Mistress Monica had created in daddy. I also recall sharing my concern with you
over the odd behavior of Jennifer who seemed to be turning into a stranger.
Worse still she appeared to be developing a rather obsessive relationship with
your slave to the detriment of our romantic attachment. The situation began to
quickly deteriorate and this was the reason for my insistence that you take
steps to allow me to return your slave to its rightful owner since its presence
was becoming an inimical force,tearing apart my happy home and the circle of
close friends that were sheltered here.

	It was Jennifer who finally revealed the miraculous power that daddy
possessed. I had begun to notice changes in Jennifer's body that could not be
explained rationally. The young woman's breasts began to shrink in size; I had
intimate knowledge of those pert beauties and they no longer fit properly when I
caressed or squeezed them. Even more amazing her labia began to narrow and
change color while it became more and more difficult to insert my toys into her
vagina. These changes seemed to accelerate with time until I felt almost
embarrassed to be bedding this child-like woman. I discussed the matter with my
two intimates and both confirmed not only Jennifer's strange behavior with
respect to your slave, but the fact that she appeared to be getting younger.

	In parallel with these goings-on, daddy was undergoing a metamorphosis
of its own. It was equally dramatic and just as unexplainable. Its genitalia had
grown to enormous size. Its appendage was measured to be forty centimeters in
length; at this point it was in a perpetual state of erection. Its girth was a
stupendous forty centimeters around. Neither slave Bonnie nor Bruno would come
near the creature; the poor animal would cower in fear if it spied daddy in the
vicinity. Bonnie was more frustrated than anything else, since she was unable to
perform the type of service on this misshapen creature that she was trained for.
Its testicles became so large and heavy that the creature was no longer able to
walk. Mistress Monica noticed that it was taking more and more power to control
its prostate which upon examination was shown to be much more dense and
significantly less sensitve to stimulation.

	It was Magda who came up with the thought that perhaps Jennifer's odd
behavior and the creature's strange metamorphosis might be somehow connected.
She was proven to be absolutely correct. We all had been quite taken aback by
the aggressive approach Jennifer was taking with daddy, totally out of character
for her. Magda had been reporting that she was spending an inordinate amount of
time punishing the creature's appendage and testicles with all manner of
implements. We also were aware that she was deliberately causing the creature to
provide substantial quantities of a clear fluid that would issue from it if its
appendage was deliberately irritated. I do believe I may have mentioned these
facts to you as well, but things have progressed at such a pace that I am unable
to keep them in the correct sequence.

	My story will have to be continued at a later time since the creature is
demanding that we service it, as we must in order to derive from it that which
we have grown to require. Please be patient with your daughter who still holds
you in the highest esteem and looks forward to a time when we may rekindle what
we once had.

Review This Story || Author: Lex Ludite
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